Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tania convincing Dhaani to do embroidery on her dupatta. Dhaani agrees and says it will be gift from all of us. Tania invites them for her engagement. Raj Lakshmi says we will come. Dhaani says but. Tania says she don’t want to hear again about the inauspicious thing and asks to come. They agree. Tania thinks she loves him very much and thinks even Viplav loves her, but is hesitant to confess his feelings being shy. Viplav sees Tania getting ready and wearing gold bangles. He thinks of promising Dhaani to bring bangles for her. Tania asks why you are looking at me hidingly. Viplav says my mind was mad. She asks him to bring her dupatta from the Ashram and says Dhaani did Zari work on it. Viplav agrees and leaves. Tania thinks Viplav loves her very much and that’s

why agreed. She blushes. Dhaani does the zari work on the dupatta and gets thinking. Just then Dulaari opens the door and sees Viplav standing. Dhaani opens the dupatta and sees Viplav through it. She lowers down the dupatta and Viplav sees her. Raj Lakshmi congratulates him. Viplav thinks they must be talking about Shalini’s engagement.

Dulaari asks him to come inside. Dhaani tells him that she got happy hearing about the alliance and prays for his happiness. Viplav says it is good that you are smiling. Suwarna shows the dupatta and says Dhaani designed the dupatta. She covers dupatta on Dhaani’s head and asks him to see. Dulaari takes the dupatta from her head while Dhaani looks on shocked. Viplav says he brought a gift for her and shows colorful bangles. He says I said that I will bring. Everyone is shocked. Raj Lakshmi thinks may be someone bring it for me also. Dulaari apologizes to Viplav and says my daughter can’t accept colorful bangles. She says this is no existence of color in widows life and says she can’t accept it. Viplav is tensed as he didn’t know about widows’ reservations. He tells bye and leaves.

Tania’s mum says Viplav should know and I will inform him. Tania stops her and says this plan has been planned by Dasharath and Kanak, let them handle him. She says it is her dream to marry Viplav, and asks why she want to inform him. Tania’s dad says it is okay and tries to convince his wife. She agrees. Tania says I love you and asks her not to inform Viplav. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Tania is a good natured girl and hopes Rakshas behaves well with her. Dulaari opens the desk and finds broken red bangles. Dulaari asks her to throw the bangles and forget her past life. Dhaani asks her not to ask her to throw the bangles as it is her last memory. Viplav looks at the bangles and thinks of Dhaani. Tania sees bangles and thinks it is for her. She opens her dupatta and wears it, saying Dhaani is very talented. She says you used to fight with her always. Viplav says she fights with me. He says I won’t fight with her. She asks how she is looking? Viplav imagines Dhaani and is taken aback. Shalini tries to wake up Viplav, but he didn’t wake up. Dadi wakes him up and he gets up. He asks Shalini to become mature as she is getting engaged today. Shalini says today is your engagement also. Viplav asks with whom? Dadi changes the topic and makes excuse. Viplav goes to get ready. Shalini says if Kanak comes to know that they was about to inform him, then she will kill them. Dadi hopes Viplav gets to know about the truth.

Ram tells Viplav that they are looking good and people will see both of them. Viplav asks why people will look at me. Ram says today is your engagement with Tania. Viplav is shocked and recalls the happenings.

Viplav takes out thorn from Dhaani’s feet. Dhaani feels pain. Later Viplav shows bangles to Dhaani and smiles. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I knew… Dhani’s husband ran away or soldier who didnt return so long… So her family thought he dead nd she became widow

    It become family drama only after somedays as her old husband return nd all… Second marriage cancel nd all…

    pls for god sake keep it gud love story not family drama as u u did wid Ashiqui tum se hi serial…

    Hope god give some mind to colors…

  2. No 1 can say Eisha’s first serial… How talented nd beautiful she is… Mature actor… She have grt future…

  3. Viplav…kho gaya na!!!!! ViNi jodi jst rockz. Dhaani is so cute.

  4. Agane viplavinu dhaniyodu pranayam thudangi… superb…iam so excited…..i love ViDhi 😉

    1. wow… first time reading malayalam comment……

    2. Ivide malayalikalum undenn ipola arinjath ?

    3. Wow mallus also watching …. Njanum malluva….. Valare santhoshamayi arinjathil ??

  5. wow…….. Its a awesome episode….. Viplav….. U r amazing…. U feel the love with dhaani its excellent….. I froze…. ♥♥♥… Nd thank u for the quick update…..

  6. Lovely episode…
    Dhanni you are sooo cute…
    And your Rakksh is also cute like you…
    But Tanya is getting a big misunderstanding…
    I think she will turn negative when she will got to know about Viplab’s mind…

  7. THANK YOU Amena….
    It’s sooo fast update…

  8. THANK YOU H Hasan….
    It’s sooo fast update…
    Where is Amena???

  9. Huhh….just waiting wat goin to happen 2moro. Hope Viplav cancel his engagement wit Tania….I dunno how he goin manage …..good goin tq for fast updates…..ishq ishq ♡;)

  10. Nice epi

  11. Nyc episode especially viplav and dhaani scenes were rocking.the scene of viplav imagining dhaani just made me mad and crazy

  12. Did that rain incident already happen? It was precap few days ago but still n

  13. Did that rain incident already happen? It was precap few days ago but still not showing

    1. Its 10th and 11th September episodes. Watch it ❤

  14. Whoovvvv… Its a dream serial…
    But it may b so gud if they fight little more…
    Crazy… I watch usual 6.30 Nd repeat telecast also…
    Waiting for tomo…
    (Pls keep it light not family dramas as in usual serials)

  15. Earlier it was said that dhani killed her hubby,that’s y disowned by her family.hopefully if tht track comes up it would b interesting.haaaa viplav baby is falling yarr that’s niceee

  16. Common no track showed she killed her hubby common…
    Nd Dia rain scene over… See last week…

  17. I luv dis serial

  18. I hope dat tomorrow the total episode will be full of vip-dhani nyc if my wish becomes true

  19. Soo swt…dhaani and viplav

  20. njan e episode miz cheythu… Plz arkekilum ariyumo repeat time? Enik ariyila….

    1. nxt 10.30 am n 3:00 pm

  21. Whaav just saw 1st repeat telecat nd next @3.30am…
    now time to study…
    I too started loving Dhani…:(

  22. Each and every episode is so damn good. I love the chemistry betwn them . Finally viplav premikyan todangi dhaani ne

  23. l juz love ths shw…awsm jodi Vidhani♥ mishal n eisha vry gud actin n both r cute..eisha z juz 17 yr grl..♥♥ m damm sure dhani’s husbnd died on her marg dy oly aftr thr marg n she became widow…
    ishq♡ishq♡rang♡rang♡ juz love ths song♥

  24. i love viplap nd dhani Epo 2 perum love panna porangalo im just waiting for that

  25. mishal..superb takented actor…..what an act…

  26. Please don’t kill the mood of watching this episode…. My recent favourite show….Don’t want him to marry Tania!

  27. wow dhaani you look so cute and your hair wow super. viplav and dhaani both are nice pair. I loved this serial so much.

  28. Malayali frnds a big hai

    1. Hi Susan , innu first time njaan Malayalam comments kandathu …… Ennikkum ViNi Jodi bhayankara ishtta ??

  29. luv todays episode<3 ….viplav and dhani are simply awesome….btw thanks for updates

  30. Day by day so many ppl watching…..all crazy waiting to see Viplav n Dhaani love each other….hope director of tis serial read tis comment all make our dreams comes true very soon…..ishq ishq make me crazy until I think abot tis Vidhaani while working…hehehe ;)♡

  31. Viplav so sweet of u.luv u viplav.viplav dhaani pair is just killing me and making me mad

  32. bahut hi acha that
    mujhe apne gharvbubla lo girl
    con**m me me aaaunga
    s*x karunga.bacha pedha nahi karung

  33. If Dhani say YES then usse glass ki chudiyoon se nahin, sone ke chudiyoon se tol deta…:)
    Princess of Colors channel…

  34. Tks shazna.

    1. wlcm dea..malayali ano..whr r u frm..?

    2. Hai, this sweet Jodi ishttamano ..

  35. Its for sure that Dhani and Viplav will marry under circumstances that will be orchestrated by their fate. Dashrat Tripathi ( Dada ji) won’t agree to it. Neither will the widows in the ashram. What do you think will be the reason (ofcourse it is love)…but will be the event that will change Dhani’s life?
    Viplav’s knowing of his Dada ji’s deeds

    1. Whoov Dhani in transparent saree nd totally wet… Man fantasy of every boy…
      Iss tarah Viplav babu ka man nahin kakchayega kya??

  36. Today’s ep is a worst one. I hate it.previous are far better than today’s. Till now viplav is not interested in any woman and he has no such feelings for dhaani

  37. hai shezna.. Njan malayali anu. Frm calicut..u frm?

    1. Kasaragod 🙂

  38. Hyy shazna njhanum malayaliyanu from ksrd ( but never commented here)

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