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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sushma asking Dhaani not to get scared and come inside. Dasharath thinks Dhaani will feel that she is very poor and low caste seeing Viplav’s room. Dhaani enters the house. Kanak asks Sushma, where you are taking her. Sushma says to Viplav’s room and asks her to ask Dasharath. Sushma takes her to Viplav’s room and asks her to sit down. Dhaani sits on his bed and looks at the photo frames on the wall. She recalls Viplav sleeping on floor. She looks at the room and looks at his wardrobe collection. Sushma comes back and gives tiffin.

Viplav gets up and thinks about Dhaani’s words that they should respect even smallest things in life. Sushma asks what you are looking at. She says you might be thinking why this room is so clean. She says Viplav always messes

up his room. Dhaani says I know his behavior as I clean his room. Viplav gets up and cleans his room, thinks he is very much tired. Sushma says I know one thing that he calls you Shikayath ki Pudiya……She says I miss him very much, and I don’t have any work to do now. She asks her to come.

Kanak and Shambu come to Dasharath. Kanak asks why did you send widow to Viplav’s room, and says Shambu wants to know. Dasharath says you would have use your mind in problem solving. Dhaani and Sushma come outside. Dasharath asks her to give tiffin to Viplav. Sushma says I made this food for you all. Dasharath says I know you people take care of him well. Dhaani recalls giving him boiled potatoes. Sushma and Shambu ask her to give laddoos to Viplav. Dhaani says okay and leaves. Dasharath asks Sushma to come inside.

Viplav cleans his room. Suwarna says I will clean your room. Viplav says Dhaani didn’t come, so I thought that I will do my work from now on. Suwarna asks him to have food. Viplav says I had enough of popcorn. Suwarna leaves. Just then Dhaani comes and sees room all cleaned up. She asks if Suwarna cleaned the room. Viplav says no, and says I have cleaned the room. Dhaani asks him to come and have food.

Viplav comes downstairs. Dulaari talks to him and asks why did you clean the room. Viplav says I will also do the cleaning. Dhaani comes and asks him not to clean anything. She says you are guest here. Viplav says I am your wellwisher and knows I am guest. He says I am not ashamed to work. Dhaani gives the perfume and says it is sent by Dasharath. Viplav asks her to try it. Everyone say no. Dhaani gives laddo and food tiffin. Viplav says we will eat together. Badi Amma asks him to have it alone. Viplav says I have to eat for a week then. Dhaani says Dadi asked them to eat and says it is not Utara but love. Viplav says ok.

Viplav says your thinking is changing slowly. Just then someone knocks on the door. Suwarna opens the door. Servant comes and tells Viplav that Dasharath has sent his stuff for him. Viplav makes Nani wear his googles. He plays his volley ball. Servant gives him keys. He goes out and sees his jeep. He tells Dada ji sent my jeep also, and asks who is ready to watch film? Dadi says how can we go to films. Viplav says theatre will come for us and asks if they have clean white saree. They see the film on a projector and enjoy it. Dhaani thinks he is not staying with us for money, and says he has done much for us. What we have given me, a poor hungry life. When the film ends, he asked did you also order food by seeing the rates. They say yes. Viplav promises to show them film every week and says he needs to get ready for his friend’s birthday party.

Dhaani goes after him. Viplav says you are not smiling till now, and gives her water proof bandage. Dhaani asks why do you want to see me happy? Viplav says as I am your best friend. Dhaani says this is not right answer. Viplav asks her to bring Geeta. Dhaani says you can get as much money as you want, and asks why you are staying here. She says your Dada ji and Dadi ji loves you a lot, asks him to return to his house, and asks why he is staying with them forcibly. Viplav sits down and says shall I tell truth. He says I……you…..He says I have realized that you have been hurt and suffered enough because of me…….He says I thought to bring happiness in your life, and asks her to go as he needs to get ready. Dhaani thinks you are making me feel guilty by staying here.

Dulaari sees Dhaani and Viplav making garland together in night. In the morning, Dulaari asks Dhaani, why did she wake up late? Dhaani tells her that she made mala in the night. Dulaari asks her not to roam around Viplav, else she will bury her in Ashram. Dhaani thinks I can understand your emotions lawyer ji, but can’t take your advantage. She says you have to go back to your house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
    Dhuhari… You are too much… Dhaani nooo… Don’t do so as you are feeling his emotions and pain…. Don’t get him away… VIPLAB… DO SOMETHING DUDE…..

    1. Whaav…:)
      I hate romantic, sweet scenes… Bcz something wrong happen it hurts a lot…:( So no very Ishq ishq scenes den no hurt…:)

      1. Britto, missing u yaar…

      2. Don’t say so ….Dude… After that day I am little concerned about comment… So can’t chat…. But we can discuss about our IKRS…

  2. WOAAAHHH!!!! … *THUMBS UP!!* :* wonderfull episode!!

  3. I hate dhaaniiizzz MoM…sHe iS irritating…….

  4. dulari is very irrteting…..
    Viplav nd dhaani…lv u..,

  5. Wow gradually danni is coming close. Nice episode precap nice. Love this series

  6. Loved the episode but What the hell is dulari’s freaking problem??!!!!!!……I’ll tell you dulari is worse than dadaji…..she seems like the actyal villain……VIPLAV BABA KACCHU KIJIYE NA….AISE KAAAHE MUH PE TAALA LAGAKE BAITHIYO????

  7. wow…. Its the best episode of tis week….. Viplav expressions nd smile excellent….. Dhaani also feel his feel soon♥♥♥… Stupid dulaari…

  8. From society’s dhani’s mum is right. Any normal ssimple person will do what she is doing.her reaction is not a surprise at all.because they belong to the society in which even thinking about a widow’s marriage is considered a sin.

  9. Ths shw goin gud..nt mch draggin n dy by dy intrestin track..vidhani jodi awsm lyk ma ishveer♥♥ fr me xpression king s shakti frm MATHS n nw includin mishal lso..both r cute n thier smile juz awsm ♥♥ eish lso doin a grt job 🙂

    4 me Ahiqui♥n Ishq ♡♡ rockxx

  10. I really like this show especially the rapture between dhaani and viplav. Can anyone tell me the reason widows are looked down upon I really want to understand, thank you.

  11. Nice episode… Cute smile on vip’s face 🙂 🙂

  12. I really don’t understand why its trp so low compared to other irritating serials?????

    1. Dats my question too… common how ppl like same ghassi peeti story serials???

  13. M jus waiting for tomo. I hope viplav vl do sumthing!!!

  14. My fav show!!!

  15. i think this show will deserved no 1 position coz the story of the show is very unique n interesting hope they will get high trp soon.
    n nice episode dhaani viplav ko samjhne lagi hai ,good dhaani.
    vidhaani rocks…ishq ishq♡♡

  16. awsome jodi vipluv n dhani ,I luv your show tooooooo much.

    i found female voice jeevan ka rang safed in this site

    1. Thanks Varsha…:)

  18. please watch dhanee and viplav marrage

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