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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani checking doctor’s number in the diary, but could read anything. Kanak asks her to call doctor. Dhaani says she couldn’t find doctor’s number. Kanak scolds her and asks her to bring medicine which is kept on left side of table. Dadi Bua goes to call doctor. Kanak tells Sushma that Doctor will come. Dasharath is brought by the Police to the police station. Asthana says you haven’t done right, and needs much strength to get me arrested. He says I will ruin you and your daughter in law, so that you will never forget this day 17th May. Lady Inspector tells Asthana that threat are not advantageous in jail and only intelligence can work. She says I want this day to be noted in the history as an ordinary girl have filed complaint against a popular judge. She says

you will not get bail. Asthana says you might be new and asks her to be in limits. Lady Inspector asks Constable to take him and show his limits. Dhaani brings two strips of medicine and shows to Kanak. Kanak asks if you will kill Sushma and asks her to give some medicine fast. Dhaani gives some medicine as Kanak pressurizes her.

Viplav comes to the Police station and says he wants to talk to Dasharath for 2 mins. He says he will get permission. Inspector refuses to let him meet Dasharath, and says court permission is not easy to get. Viplav says you are talking about Dasharath Tripathi, he is maha pandit. Inspector says people do wrong work behind big names. Viplav gets angry. Inspector says I can get you behind bars for raising hand on on duty Inspector. Kamini comes there and shows permission letter. Inspector asks Constable to take Kamini with him. Viplav says why can’t I meet him. Inspector says your name is not written. Kamini asks Viplav to trust her and calm down. She smirks.

Sushma’s condition deteriorates and she faints. Dadi bua brings Doctor. Doctor checks her and says her condition is serious. She asks why you haven’t given her medicine. Kanak says they gave medicine. Kanak shows the medicine. Doctor says it is a wrong medicine and says her health worsened. Doctor says she is a heart patient and her BP has increased. Dhaani says I didn’t know, I gave that medicine as it was kept on left side. Kanak tells doctor that Dhaani is an illiterate. Doctor asks why did she give medicine then. Kanak says she was taking care of Sushma and was at her side. Doctor says why you asked her to bring medicine. Dadi Bua says he is saying right, if you wouldn’t have come, then Sushma would have died. Kanak says she is studying in school, but may be she goes there to have fun. Doctor says he has given medicine and asks them to be at her side. He leaves.

Dhaani says I did a big mistake. Dadi Bua says I am hearing this since I came here. Asthana thanks Dasharath for opening his eyes. Dasharath says you are wasting your anger unneccesarily. He says what will I get to send you here. Asthana says I remember Viplav threats which he has given me. He asks how did you come here? Dasharath says I made Viplav understand not to get trapped in court case etc. He says money and jewellery was stolen from his house, and says someone must be planning to trap him, and says that person will not be successful. Kamini comes just then and looks on.

Kamini says Dada ji. Dasharath asks her about Viplav. Kamini says Viplav came, but I took permission to meet you from court, asks him to trust her. She looks at Asthana and smirks. She comes out and tells Viplav that Dada ji is fine, but one thing is strange as Asthana and Dasharath are kept in same lock up. Viplav says Dhaani told me about filing case against him. Kamini says I wish Dhaani would have involved you before filing the case. She says Asthana is a sitting judge and will take revenge. Viplav says he will support Dhaani, and if he raises his eyes towards Dhaani then I will pulled out his eyes. Kamini says Asthana will not do anything to Dhaani, but will trap Dasharath. Viplav says it is a conspiracy. They see Phool Chand and lawyer coming there. Phool Chand says Judge is a simple man, and does puja for two hours daily, and is trap in a fake case. Kamini smirks happily. Phool Chand says Asthana will be freed now. Kamini asks Viplav to relax, and smirks again. Inspector asks Constable to leave Asthana. Viplav argues and asks how can you leave Asthana and says his crime is so big. Inspector says they have bail papers. Kamini gets a call. She tells Viplav that Sushma is admitted in the hospital, and asks him to go to hospital and says she will take care here. Viplav thanks her and goes.

Viplav reaches hospital. Doctor comes out and says she is stable, but we can’t say anything because of her age. He says wrong medicine effect will take time to go. Viplav asks who gave wrong medicine and looks at Dhaani. Dadi Bua asks can we meet Sushma? Doctor says anyone of you can meet her. Dhaani cries and says I didn’t do it intentionally, there were two tablets there. Viplav goes to the ward ignoring Dhaani. He goes to Sushma and asks her to get up. Kanak calls her inauspicious witch and says someone or the other gets ill in our house. She says she had eaten my husband after her engagement and asks you will kill whom now? Nurse comes and asks her to maintain silence. Asthana is freed from the Police station. Dasharath says this time will be over. Kamini smirks and signs Asthana. Doctor asks Viplav not to worry and says she is fine now. Viplav says I am going to Police station and goes. Dhaani looks on sadly.

Kamini is eating something sitting outside the police station and thinks if Dadi died. She sees Viplav coming and throws the food paper plate. Viplav asks why you are sitting here. Kamini makes an excuse and asks about Sushma. Viplav says she is better now and says Dhaani gave her wrong medicine. Kamini asks how can she gave wrong medicine if she don’t know how to read. Viplav feels helplessness. Kamini keeps hand on his back with lust and says she talked to Asthana. Viplav asks what? Kamini says now Asthana can help Dasharath come out. Kamini says nothing can happen now as Dhaani got him arrested. Viplav says I would have filed the complaint. Kamini says Dhaani would have taken your advice and should trust you. Viplav says we will talk later and asks her to go home. He says I will go and meet Dada ji. Kamini feigns as fainting and gains his sympathy. Viplav makes her sit and thanks her. Kamini says Tripathi family is mine. Viplav says we thought you as our dear one. He goes inside. Kamini holds her hand which Viplav had touched and smirks.

Viplav asks Dhaani, how can she give wrong medicine to Dadi. He says you would have asked someone. If anything happens to Dadi, then…..Dhaani says no. Viplav asks why did you file complaint against Asthana without telling me. Dhaani says I wanted to tell you, but seeing Dada ji upset…..Viplav asks her not to make excuses and says it seems you have gotten to do the things alone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sujie di.. Nice to knw that u r retaining ur health back? …

    1. Thank you Swetha

  2. Well said everyone, dhaani should give him space but not too much for kamini realty to come out.
    I think in the coming episodes DT will exposed and that will lead many hidden secret coming out.
    Fingers crossed.
    Good day to you my dear ones

    1. Ishqoholics❤

      Its high time for all truths to come out now

    2. Hello Yetty ?

    3. Hey Yetty!! ???

    4. I’ll look forward to DT being found out, esp by Viplav!

  3. Ishqoholics❤

    Anne di SC and ST stands for scheduled caste and scheduled tribe

    1. Gosh ! Still don’t under stand, Is caste system still there?

      1. Yes. It does here. Lots of people will still look for girls or boys from their caste…

        People don’t dissipate in other ways so much but some stigmas are still there.

      2. Discriminate.

    2. Caste? Tribe?
      Fish on a bike !!!

      1. Having said that ,the English ( I am English first and British next, I do find it insulting when we are referred to as U.K.)
        We have a class system that can be unpleasant and very rigid .so can’t throw stones at any other country…??????

  4. Ive just had a thought, I think they are writing the script on a weekly basis..
    Because if Dulari did not come back , would Dhaani be going back to Ashram? Tripurari left so that must have altered the story line.
    Seems like they are writing on a short term .
    I still want know how long Kaminis contract is for.!lol
    Garima said that she left because her character Dulari was not becoming what she was promised at the beginning, but now she says it will be. So that may mean she becomes a main character again .
    Any thoughts ?????

    1. I tweeted, surprise surprise, a while ago and said that IKRS is now about widows will never be happy, remariried or nit and this was after we knew Garima was leaving, she liked that tweet so I guess she felt the same…

      I think the turnaround time from writing to filming to telecast is quite short. Like when Mishal was unwell recently and they changed the track.

      I suspect the Garima story at Sarla Kakis is the thing she meant, I.e. dulaari’s story being told.

  5. Ishqoholics❤

    You all are making Mishal a villain. ? Showing your sympathy for Dhasni is good. But what’s Viplav mistake in all this. His anger was justified, don’t you guys think? ? He took out his frustration on Dhaani as he loves her the most. We can’t suppose him to take out his frustration on Kt or kamini right? ?

    1. Hello. I’m not making Mishal a villain.

      I have a slight issue with Viplav

    2. Oops. Meant to add, I really do love Viplav, I’m just irritated that he takes his frustration out on Dhani, which I do understand, but he takes it outbox her, when she’s the one that everyone else is also blaming. She must already be feeling like sh*t but he still does this. I can’t imagine how awful she must feel. Again!

    3. Would love to see him take it out on VK or KT. ✔️✔️✔️✔️

      1. Ishqoholics❤

        I too want this! ??✌ And that aggressive anger which was for Asthana, I want the same for VK. ??

  6. Mahira, I really really really think/hope this is what is hoovering when Violav tells her to go! ????????????

    You have cheered me up ALOT!!! ?????

    1. Eh? Lol ?

  7. Oooooh Magic is back!

    1. Oops, lol! I said that and it disappeared. That’s my kinda magic. Lol!

  8. Ishqoholics???

    hey guys going to watch todays epi….?????????????????

  9. Arshdeep did youask why I called myself Anne? My names are Julia Anne,and when I joined TU I did not know what it would turn out to be,so did not use first name as precaution…Silly now…?

  10. @Sujie get well soon dear

    1. Thank you Nima…. Feeling better now…

  11. In 18th again Dhaani trapped in Astana and pool chand trap , how Viplav will come and save her,what is in store in tomorrow’s episode,please cvs close the Kamini immediately ,we are much irritating about her negative role ,God help Dhaani she is taking very hasty step it may not be possible for viplav also to save her.

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