Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani checking doctor’s number in the diary, but could read anything. Kanak asks her to call doctor. Dhaani says she couldn’t find doctor’s number. Kanak scolds her and asks her to bring medicine which is kept on left side of table. Dadi Bua goes to call doctor. Kanak tells Sushma that Doctor will come. Dasharath is brought by the Police to the police station. Asthana says you haven’t done right, and needs much strength to get me arrested. He says I will ruin you and your daughter in law, so that you will never forget this day 17th May. Lady Inspector tells Asthana that threat are not advantageous in jail and only intelligence can work. She says I want this day to be noted in the history as an ordinary girl have filed complaint against a popular judge. She says

you will not get bail. Asthana says you might be new and asks her to be in limits. Lady Inspector asks Constable to take him and show his limits. Dhaani brings two strips of medicine and shows to Kanak. Kanak asks if you will kill Sushma and asks her to give some medicine fast. Dhaani gives some medicine as Kanak pressurizes her.

Viplav comes to the Police station and says he wants to talk to Dasharath for 2 mins. He says he will get permission. Inspector refuses to let him meet Dasharath, and says court permission is not easy to get. Viplav says you are talking about Dasharath Tripathi, he is maha pandit. Inspector says people do wrong work behind big names. Viplav gets angry. Inspector says I can get you behind bars for raising hand on on duty Inspector. Kamini comes there and shows permission letter. Inspector asks Constable to take Kamini with him. Viplav says why can’t I meet him. Inspector says your name is not written. Kamini asks Viplav to trust her and calm down. She smirks.

Sushma’s condition deteriorates and she faints. Dadi bua brings Doctor. Doctor checks her and says her condition is serious. She asks why you haven’t given her medicine. Kanak says they gave medicine. Kanak shows the medicine. Doctor says it is a wrong medicine and says her health worsened. Doctor says she is a heart patient and her BP has increased. Dhaani says I didn’t know, I gave that medicine as it was kept on left side. Kanak tells doctor that Dhaani is an illiterate. Doctor asks why did she give medicine then. Kanak says she was taking care of Sushma and was at her side. Doctor says why you asked her to bring medicine. Dadi Bua says he is saying right, if you wouldn’t have come, then Sushma would have died. Kanak says she is studying in school, but may be she goes there to have fun. Doctor says he has given medicine and asks them to be at her side. He leaves.

Dhaani says I did a big mistake. Dadi Bua says I am hearing this since I came here. Asthana thanks Dasharath for opening his eyes. Dasharath says you are wasting your anger unneccesarily. He says what will I get to send you here. Asthana says I remember Viplav threats which he has given me. He asks how did you come here? Dasharath says I made Viplav understand not to get trapped in court case etc. He says money and jewellery was stolen from his house, and says someone must be planning to trap him, and says that person will not be successful. Kamini comes just then and looks on.

Kamini says Dada ji. Dasharath asks her about Viplav. Kamini says Viplav came, but I took permission to meet you from court, asks him to trust her. She looks at Asthana and smirks. She comes out and tells Viplav that Dada ji is fine, but one thing is strange as Asthana and Dasharath are kept in same lock up. Viplav says Dhaani told me about filing case against him. Kamini says I wish Dhaani would have involved you before filing the case. She says Asthana is a sitting judge and will take revenge. Viplav says he will support Dhaani, and if he raises his eyes towards Dhaani then I will pulled out his eyes. Kamini says Asthana will not do anything to Dhaani, but will trap Dasharath. Viplav says it is a conspiracy. They see Phool Chand and lawyer coming there. Phool Chand says Judge is a simple man, and does puja for two hours daily, and is trap in a fake case. Kamini smirks happily. Phool Chand says Asthana will be freed now. Kamini asks Viplav to relax, and smirks again. Inspector asks Constable to leave Asthana. Viplav argues and asks how can you leave Asthana and says his crime is so big. Inspector says they have bail papers. Kamini gets a call. She tells Viplav that Sushma is admitted in the hospital, and asks him to go to hospital and says she will take care here. Viplav thanks her and goes.

Viplav reaches hospital. Doctor comes out and says she is stable, but we can’t say anything because of her age. He says wrong medicine effect will take time to go. Viplav asks who gave wrong medicine and looks at Dhaani. Dadi Bua asks can we meet Sushma? Doctor says anyone of you can meet her. Dhaani cries and says I didn’t do it intentionally, there were two tablets there. Viplav goes to the ward ignoring Dhaani. He goes to Sushma and asks her to get up. Kanak calls her inauspicious witch and says someone or the other gets ill in our house. She says she had eaten my husband after her engagement and asks you will kill whom now? Nurse comes and asks her to maintain silence. Asthana is freed from the Police station. Dasharath says this time will be over. Kamini smirks and signs Asthana. Doctor asks Viplav not to worry and says she is fine now. Viplav says I am going to Police station and goes. Dhaani looks on sadly.

Kamini is eating something sitting outside the police station and thinks if Dadi died. She sees Viplav coming and throws the food paper plate. Viplav asks why you are sitting here. Kamini makes an excuse and asks about Sushma. Viplav says she is better now and says Dhaani gave her wrong medicine. Kamini asks how can she gave wrong medicine if she don’t know how to read. Viplav feels helplessness. Kamini keeps hand on his back with lust and says she talked to Asthana. Viplav asks what? Kamini says now Asthana can help Dasharath come out. Kamini says nothing can happen now as Dhaani got him arrested. Viplav says I would have filed the complaint. Kamini says Dhaani would have taken your advice and should trust you. Viplav says we will talk later and asks her to go home. He says I will go and meet Dada ji. Kamini feigns as fainting and gains his sympathy. Viplav makes her sit and thanks her. Kamini says Tripathi family is mine. Viplav says we thought you as our dear one. He goes inside. Kamini holds her hand which Viplav had touched and smirks.

Viplav asks Dhaani, how can she give wrong medicine to Dadi. He says you would have asked someone. If anything happens to Dadi, then…..Dhaani says no. Viplav asks why did you file complaint against Asthana without telling me. Dhaani says I wanted to tell you, but seeing Dada ji upset…..Viplav asks her not to make excuses and says it seems you have gotten to do the things alone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    Finally updated mam!!!i am per varsha madam told..i will tell her that i am gonna quit Fb due to some problem..tmr i will delete my account becoz i don’t know how to delete so i need to ask my Bye..from today i will be silent reader of this show

      • Zee

        What happened Ranaji, why are you quitting the forum – did any of us say or do something that upset you? In that case pl clear the misunderstanding and stay.
        Hari said that you slit yourself. I dont know what made you do that, but surely something must be disturbing you deeply, talk it out my friend, share it with someone close. but dont give up on us and your other friends. Remember tough times never last, but tough people do. SO hang in there and this too shall pass. Wish you loads of strength and courage to endure this difficult phase.

      • Abcde

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        and you can fool all but not me …okay …. and don’t blame varsha … you just go hell ranaji

    • abcdefgh

      I can help you ..go to settings in fb ..and deactivate your account …. simple …and please stop your drama …

  2. Anne

    Kamini should never be out of work in tellywood, she is the Smirking Queen of India.?
    Thankyou H.Hasan for your update.superb as usual.?

    • Nimisha

      That’s what I think!
      Poor Dhani! I felt very sorry for her.
      Viplav was calm, but he looked defeated both outside the hospital room and also in the Precap.
      The way he brushed dhanis hand off his arm I found upsetting.
      VK always having the upper hand is disturbing. A bit like all the other baddies Esp KT and DT. Doesn’t say much about justice.

      Ermmm the scene with Viplav and Dadi was good. Poor Dadi though having to lie there unwell, listening to K and DB attack Dhani again. No wonder she lost consciousness. Those two don’t miss a single opportunity to attack. They are like a couple of hungry wolves!

      Precap is a bit off putting.

      To me it does feel like a repeat of the momos scene. Except this time it’s duvva and Dadi.

      The way KT was shouting at Dhani, she was like a deer in headlights. The doctor even said why did you let an illiterate girl give the medicine, but they still carried on attacking her.

      Honestly, I think if I was Dhani I would run very far from there.

      • Agree nimmy in entire episode dhani was crying n feeling guilty???? for no fault of her n was shouted at by baddies. ?? Viplav was looking devastated to an extent that he didn’t listen to dhani too.? Vk had deliberately not mentioned viplavs name in court permission. VK was merrily enjoying snacks at police station n on seeing viplav changed like a chamaleon n started to misguguide him on pretext of consoling.

      • Arshdeep

        Exactly i would have done the same..
        Day before yesterday when i saw the precap i was continuosly thinking if dhani dont k ow she should have taken both the medicines and she actually took them but that kanak how badly she was talking to dhani
        Poor dhani?

        And now viplav also leaving her side

        Let him go to VK.. when he will come to know the truth he will himself return??

  3. Anne

    Not watched yet ,update looks scarey,will force myself to watch prob for mishal with sound off lol .
    Ranaji please don’t leave us ? Why,what has happened????

    • Arshdeep

      I even did not watch complete episode…it was so disappointed
      Watched a few bits only.. kamini fainting…dhani giving wrong medicine…viplav holding kamini hand…keeping his hand on her shoulders…??
      And he did not even once listen to dhani in precap

  4. Vidhaani

    How irritating this episode was yaar, I didn’t see but read the update and I am not even going to watch it, that stupid kamini she is getting onto my nerves now????

  5. Hari

    Hi guys I am Narendran brother.. He has cutted his right hand.. Doctor told no problem still he is resting.. Do anyone knew why he did this?? He was commenting on fb.. With someone.. He cried and cjtted his hand.. Parents are not there at house.. So no problem or it would be big issue.. Anyways.. I came here to tell he can’t comment for 1day…

  6. florentina moldovan

    everybody wants Dhani to show Viplav his family real face ,….everybody says Viplav will support her but just 1 time, Dhani tried to show him true face of Kanak and he didn t listen to her, more,he had a bad behavior with her…
    now, he is just doing the same mistake….

    Viplav supports Dhani but , always, his family is 1st place…

    • Zee

      Yes true. Even that time when the ashram fire happened he believed Kanak’s lies and not Dhani until he himself overheard Kanak. V. sad indeed.
      Florentina – pl keep commenting and sending your good energy to all of us.

    • Arshdeep

      Yep when he was saying to police inspector…woh Dashrath tripathi h…mahapandit…yeh wo…. he blindly trust him????

  7. florentina moldovan

    i can t bear to see this non sense anymore…
    i think if they do not end this track soon, ikrs will have only 0, 01 trp!!!
    omg, ISHITA is now the lead!!!!!!!
    no more, ikrs…ishq ka rang…ishita!
    i agree she is a good actress but we do not need her in our film, we only need VIDHANI!!!

  8. Maria

    Why every time everyone wants to blame Dhaani, she is so innocent but at times I also think she is not. Before filing the complaint at least she would have asked Viplav once, and she didn’t know to read then why to give medicines she could have asked kanak to read, but I doubt kt is also illiterate???

    • Nimisha

      Maria, please don’t apologise. The great thing about this forum s that we can all say what we think without getting flamed for it.

      And as Renu says I also think you are right to an extent,

      Dhani is being dumbed down so much it’s upsetting to see and even I find myself thinking she can’t be this naive. If VK wasn’t in this I’d be well and truly fed up of Dhani, but knowing it’s all VK,s doing is keeping me supporting Dhani. But she is frustrating.

      The scene where the medicines are needed, I was screaming at her to just say she doesn’t know which medicine she should take, but I think she tried and was shouted down. She was like a deer in headlights, stunned by the attacking witches who just nerner miss an opportunity to put her down. I’m surprised she Has any confidence left. She was basically bullied out of her senses in that scene.

      She also stood up for herself like Viplav encourages her to do. He told her Dhani = shakti so she decided to report Asthana which was defo the right thing to do, she believed in herself and then VK takes afvantage of it. I’m not sure what the cv’s are trying to say, but she can’t win. Whatever she does she is wrong.

      I think that’s what’s is soooo depressing about this current track,

  9. florentina moldovan


  10. Porkodi

    Thanks hasan mam for the update. After reading updates, I don’t want to see this kamini’s face. So decided not to watch today. Dirctorji pls end this kamini track soon.

  11. florentina moldovan

    I say this thing to my son every day! if you want to have power to change things in your life and others you need knowledge!

    • Arshdeep

      And u remember i told you the story of my cousin..
      She could stand up for herself…she moved ahead…only because she had knowledge… she was so intelligent…

  12. florentina moldovan

    i think the principal guilty is Dularii ….
    She didn t gave to her daughter the most powerful weapon on self defense …THE KNOWLEDGE!
    i always think parents are responsible for children s actions…

  13. Anne

    Not watched IKRS today,cos don’t need to get upset ,going to watch a comedy, if I can find one lol.????

  14. Nimisha

    Folks, a word of warning,,,

    There is a new OLV on die hard fans I think and it shows more unpleasantness towards Dhani as well as VK stopping Viplav and Dhani taking, I think by answering calls.

    I won’t watch it but I get the feeling from the people on Twitter who have watched it that these more of this rubbish to come with more nastiness towards Dhani.


  15. Nimisha

    Also, I didn’t notice it but apparently in a new montage on IKRS it states that this will be on at 6pm fromMay 30th.

    I don’t u der stand why if BV was moving and the 6pm slot was freed why they didn’t just move that to the 6pm slot.

    Is 6pm a better time for all of you.?

    No idea what will happen in the UK in the big show reshuffle.

    • Arshdeep

      For me 6 or 6.30 almost same thing..
      But the question is really why they didnt move bv to 6 pm slot???

      Or maybe ikrs is gonna off air so they had to again change the time slot of bv after that

  16. Anne

    I am looking forwards to Viplav finding out about kamini,but if she is found out she will take the judge down with her,who will take phool chand and Dasharath..
    I wonder why Kamini knows the judge and how long for.
    Maybe every thing is tangled together.Dhaanis family fortune,the judge.
    Viplav has yet to find out that Dasharath bought the ashram .
    Just thinking out loud ..

  17. Amisha

    Dhani to leave The TRP house and go to ashram and take a break from them and Viplav was to come with go if not than he can stay with his family. Plus you are to young to stress yourself over the same thing over and over again.

    • Arshdeep

      Seriously she needs a break now
      She should go to ashram where people love her unconditionally and truly

  18. Zee

    Good morning friends,
    Overall a bad ep. not just bec Dadi is sick and Dhani finds herself in troubled and polluted waters once again, but bec every epi shows some bad but some nice things as well. This one was bad throughout and the precap was worse. I think the makers like the protagonist (Dhani) are together on a path of self-destruction! I am not the deeply religious types but God help them out!

  19. Arshdeep

    Hy nimisha di gdmg (short form)
    How r yu di
    I posted a cmt at 4 am but tu team deleted it
    Now only able to read updates only

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Yes.I knew it is not u arshdeep.. Guys now my hand is OK.. But hand is still paining.. Commenting with left hand.. So happy to see many concern about me.. So anyways.. Take care… Fake arshdeep for u r kind info.. Don’t even dare to us my friend name.

  20. shanitics

    Guys… From may 30th our serial will gt the time slot of 6:00…
    I think arshi di will be happy to know this because from 6:30 live telecast from gurudwara.. Na????

  21. shanitics

    Lols… If I gave u my no. Would u pls call me!!! Actually I have no watsapp… It gt outdated… So needed to be installed again? bro told he will install it after his exams….

  22. shanitics

    Dekho arshi di lols… Main toh morning Ki time slot se shuru Ho jathi huun yahaan cmnt karna.. Raat nt allowed… NT allowed nahi mobile nahi miltha… Ye hamara personal mobile nahi hai… Aur hamko personal mobile ….. Arshi di aur lols… Night tum logoon ka hai… Mera toh morning ka hai…. Isiliye, raat se hi shuru ha javo.. And I will cmnt at nght rarely only?

    • Arshdeep

      Main to subah or raat ko dono time comment karti rehti hu..hahaha…
      Ab raat ko kam hogyi hu..coz i study at night..boht peaceful atmosphere hota h

  23. florentina moldovan

    good morning, friends!
    i saw too the olv, omg Kanak behavior with Dhani is too much…
    i hope Dhani will go far away…
    so much humiliation….
    Viplav won t be there and he will not support her…
    i hope Dhani disappears at least for few days….
    Triparti family do not deserve her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Good morning flora mam..!!

      I wish the same..

      We realise someone’s value only when we dont have them.. Same dhani should disappear for sometime

  24. Arshdeep

    Enough of the viruses now.. I thot i wont be commenting much today but these viruses forced me.. Fed up..
    Anyways just a big note… I will always be commenting only with this light green logo.. Never ever believe anyone else …please…

    • Zee

      OK. Arshi. But pl also report this.
      In general changing names and logos is not a good idea, it is confusing and gives more scope to the virusy types.

  25. shanitics

    Arshi di… I was impressed by your cousin sister’s story….
    I think love and knowledge are the most imp element of our life?

  26. shanitics

    Mw I think it’s the best time to go for honeymoon trip or ashram even after cmng back from trip …. VK is thr go to Sarala kaki’s house…

    • Sujie

      Indeed swetha….those were the golden episodes….. Thanks to YouTube and all other sources…..we don’t get tired of watching those scenes again and again….. ???

    • Arshdeep

      Yep correct shwetha…
      Viplav’s expressions when he realised he is in love with dhani… The hugging scenes..falling over each other.. Dhani making viplav bath..change his clothes…awwww loved them

  27. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..good morning…
    I am glad that I did not watched yesterday’s episode…… reaching the middle of this update…I stopped reading….. Came back to read precap…and I’m regretting that I read it……
    Viplav….this ignorance….this annoyance does not suit you…… I know you are attached to your grandmother….but uss se Peale dekhlo Dhaani Ki Kya haalat hogayi hai because of the continuous taunts from KT and DB……
    Seriously wanted to ?? those ladies…….. And kaamini …the smirking queen…… I wish I could break all her teeth….wished to break her hands looking which she was smirking remembering Viplav holding it..and keep her in her another hand……..
    Viplav will regret for sure…but he is helpless too….hope this kaamini track ends soon…..
    There are lot more things to focus on ……
    Galti Se olv bhi dekhliya.?????… Dhaani seriously it’s time for you to move out from AN ??????????……. Viplav will eventually be on your side…..if that does not happen..come back with a bang…..educate yourself???..and face them

    • Saraswathi.j

      Absolutely correct ,by marrying Dhaani Viplav made her life miserable he did not know how his household people humiliating Dhaani ,in addition to this this woman Kamini try to snatch him ,and he is behaving as if Kamini is his childhood friend and he also completely in the grip of Kamini and see how he feel when she act fainting scene ,for few hours who can faint at her age.viplav mend your ways .

      • Arshdeep

        The thing is dhani hides a lot of things in her… It is always said to a girl that you have to bind the family..
        So she hides a lot of humiliation she suffers from viplav…like DB putting ganga jal on her..kanak’s humiliations…and many more..
        And at times viplav dont let her speak.. The way he did when kanak falsely blamed dhani about her and tripurari relation and the same now..
        Viplav will regret a lot once he comes to know the truth

    • Saraswathi.j

      Absolutely correct ,by marrying Dhaani Viplav made her life miserable he did not know how his household people humiliating Dhaani ,in addition to this this woman Kamini try to snatch him ,and he is behaving as if Kamini is his childhood friend and he also completely in the grip of Kamini and see how he feel when she act fainting scene ,for few hours who can faint at her age.viplav mend your ways .

    • Ishqoholics❤

      Apparently , this happens in every love story. Woman faces a lot trouble as compared to the Man. ??

    • Zee

      Yes. I agree with all of you. Dhani was so smart and efficient before marriage. Remember how she saved the little girl from child abuse. I think Dhani is under a lot of pressure bec she is married and also in that khadoos and rich family. She tries to be what she is not and messes it up. viplv supports but he does not understand her inner turmoil.
      Btw Sujie, where are you? I read in one of your earlier posts that you are drenched in rain. How I wish I could be there!

  28. Nima

    hlw good morning my dear Hasan mam, moderators, ikrsian. yesterday’s episode was so boring isse jyada aap log aachche ho, aap k logos, names n comments read karne k bad dil ko sukun mila.
    I dont knw why writer ne viplav ko itna kamjor wakil kyu banaya hai Shamboo murder case me, Dhani k case suru me milne nahi deta court k permission magta hai bt Daadi n Raja ko bina permission milne deta hai n now again jb trainee wakil Vk permission le aa sakti hai to Viplav kyu nahi?
    n kal k epi me Dhani ko janbujh kr torture kiya hai wo clearly KT se puchti hai KAUNSI dabai? BT writer ne KT k 1 hand ko paralyzed kr diya. jinti KT ki juban chaladi usse achcha mdcn dekhkr daadi ko khila dete ya fir writer indirectly hume ye batana chahte hai ki KT v uneducated hai

    • Arshdeep

      Good morning nima

      sachi yaar wo chudail kanak khud to unpadh h..
      Isse better to dadi hosh me thi.. Usi se puch lete..dadi apki dawa konsi h.. 😛

    • Sujie

      Hi Nima…
      Maile hijoko episode hereko vaye gharko TV sure phut thyo….. I am telling you …..if I had watched yesterday’s episode…mere TV ka raam naam satya ho jaana tha B-) B-)

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe chill

      If directors are doing it for trp..they are again gonna lose the trp this time..

      I feel we dont value happiness when we have it… When we will get it after a lot of struggles and bad moments that would again bring cheerfulness back in us

  29. Nima

    precap also horrible Mann to kar raha hai na dekhu BT want to support Mishal n his entire team. let’s see writers n director saab hume kya kya dikhate hai

  30. Arshdeep

    Ranaji thank you soo much..
    These fake people are these days creating a lot of problem.
    Good to see you are ok.. 🙂
    I have no idea why you did it.. But please never do it again… Please..!!

  31. Arshdeep

    Yes zee i will complain if he/she comments again with my name

    Bdw how are you?? Howz ur studies going??

    • Zee

      Yes going thik thak Arshi. Tum toh VIP ho. Maine suna thha ki bade bade logon ke hi fake ids. bante hain 🙂

      • Arshdeep

        Hahahaha bade log to hum h…????
        Hume UK se card ate h… Humari fake ids banti h..??
        Hume sab log amazing kehte h..?? Hmare jaisa dimag chahte hai…?? Hahahaha… ????
        Zada taareef hogyi na khud ki..???

  32. Louella

    Hello everyone!! Yesterday’s episode was very bad. This Kanak is disgusting. She knows Dhaani doesn’t know to read then also she asked her to give medicines.

    Even Viplav could not control himself. He is so angry with Dhaani. Hope everything becomes fine soon.

    Precap is horrible. How can Viplav scold Dhaani? It’s going to be a very sad episode for all of us.

    This VK is too much. The smirking queen award of IKRS goes to Kamini.

  33. Louella

    Swetha di if u give your no. It will be of no use. I can’t call u because in my phone I m not allowed to call. There is no talktime in it. I call by my granny’s mobile. But she will also not allow me. By the way when will u install whatsapp? Then we can see each other and also we can chat.

  34. Arshdeep

    A person with a rape case can get bail so easily than a person with a theft case?? They both were arrested almost at same time. When phoolchand can get ready with bail papers what the hell was viplav passing out time there talking to kamini??

    • Ishqoholics❤

      When you don’t find any clue about where the story is leading towards just say it in loud and cheerful voice ” Drama hai bhae, anything can happen here! ” ?

      • Arshdeep

        Ditto yaar
        i exactly say the same thing

        Especially when my sister watches TPK.. She says how can this happen and i am like… Indian daily soap hai.. Yaha kuch bhi ho sakta h.. 😀

  35. Anne

    Good morning IKRS fans, we are clinging on aren’t we?.
    Not watched the episode yet,and don’t think I’m going to. I’m fed up seeing Dhaanis crying face..
    I realise that a strong story has to develop in order to keep interest of viewers,and it can’t just be vidhani love scenes,but threatening to split them is not the way to go. I don’t know what Kamini is hoping for in the future,Viplav to love her and get rid of Dhaani? Fat chance!!!???

    • Arshdeep

      Exactly after watching soo much of love between them..still she feels viplav (a man who respects women a lot..who married dhani against the wishes of his family)..will leave dhani…come to her..and marry her… How ridiculous

    • Sujie

      Exactly…. This kaamini thinks Viplav will marry her…. that Viplav…who respects women….that Vipla who loves Dhaani unconditionally…who went against all those restrictions to get his lady love ….
      Kaamini does not love Viplav… her eyes are lustful…. Sorry to use this word….but Kaamin thinks that if Viplav spends even a single night with her…then her so called love would be successful….
      Madam kaamini does not know that the thing from Viplav is not love but actually a one night stand ……shameless kaamini

  36. Ishqoholics❤

    Trying to divert my attention from this miserable episode. Watching clips of my another favorite show. ?

    It’s like countering the sadness. ?

      • Ishqoholics❤

        HAHA! I see.. with your laugh I can be sure that, you got the show? Right? ?? Yep watching Mann Mayal clips! ?❤

        By the way, aap kahan gayab hen?

      • Mahira

        Haha. I knew it. ? Carry on! ??

        Actually, yaar i’m at my relatives home. Kinda busy in meeting up cousins, chit chatting, roaming at the mall. ? Sort of enjoying. Not getting much time to use phone this purpose.

        Also about the Fan fiction. I have started it 5 days back. But now not getting time to think and write. So will post it when I’m ready with the half of the story written down at least. 🙂

      • Mahira

        I too want to watch Mann Mayal coz I missed few previous episodes. But It will be more fun to watch them all at once. ? Will watch it once I get back to my home. ?

  37. Guys,

    IKRS again is going off the track and another bad news is that on 29th It will not telecast the show because re telecast the Akshay Kumar Film Airlift from 4.00 pm IST.

  38. shanitics

    I hope.. Thr is no misunderstanding track… That is nt a gud track.. And it was only the uniqueness abt our she no misunderstanding … Hope no misunderstanding track is thr…

  39. Anne

    Dhaani should leave viplav and go to ashram saying she can’t stand any more.Then viplav would immediately go there and she tells him how unhappy she is and they go and find a lovely small house to live in . visited by Dulari and Badi amma they set about solving the mystery of Dhaanis family past.
    This looks really boring now I’ve written it!,but how much would I love to sit down to watch with a smile instead of dread,and no stress! ?

  40. shanitics

    Arshi di… Wat u said abve is crrct… Whn a girl reaches her marriage stage.. Mst of the un knowledged parents are teaching thr daughters to bear the pain in order to keep the name of bth the family good and to keep the family united… Therefore most of the girls bear the pain… And will not disclose the cruelty done to thm…
    Bt I am happy that now most of the girls are educated enough to protect them selves from the cruelty done to thm…

  41. shanitics

    Ranaji happy to knw that u r back to good health… I do NT knw y u took such a breath taking step…. Bt pls do nt do such things again….

    Happy happy to knw u have no much injury ?

  42. shanitics

    Arshi di… It’s india
    I don’t know whether it is a correct news or nt… Bt a girl was raped by a boy ? who is a 18 below… And he was nt arrested telling that he is a young boy….
    A few days before I read a post… It mentioned that a rapper was arrested bt he died in the jail… Due to this reason the police in that station were dismissed…
    Isn’t it bad???

    Punishment of rapper’s are less brutal compared those who theft…

    • Ishqoholics❤

      Exactly i mentioned the same thing other day
      When nirbhaya was gang raped in delhi… a boy under 18 wasnt given the harsh punishment only because he was a minor…what the hell…?????
      I hate indian government…literally i hate them…these cases run for years and years…

      Also i really dont like these reservations..india where people are equal now…i believe earlier there were differences…but now… all these reservations must be canceled asap…
      Today it is better to be SC or ST than being in the general quota

  43. shanitics

    The entire development will utterly irk Viplav, who will ask Dhaani to leave his home. Viplav will start believing that Dhaani is not keen about taking care of his family members and is responsible for the misfortune hitting his family. Hurt with Viplav’s words, Dhaani will leave Tripathi house and will come back to the Ashram.


  44. Maria

    Bad news!!
    Viplav is going to ask Dhaani to leave Ayodhya nivas and she will go to ashram..
    He will blame Dhaani for all I’ll happening in his house, he will ask her to leave????????

    • Anne

      I think this is tellychakka and I m not sure it is reliable
      Any how Kamini may feel as tho she is winning ,and become too bold.Er as if she’s not bold enough!! ??????
      May be Viplav may be removing Dhaani out of harms way so he can get to the bottom of things. ??

    • Nimisha

      I warned you all about the OLV,s they are all utterly horrible by all accounts!

      I think he says it I anger, but he still says it!

      • Ishqoholics❤

        I did not watch it and i dont think m gonna watch few of the next episodes.. they sound so scary

  45. This is obviously a creep mind of every where. In our life it is very unfortunate that those people are very unhappy that your relatives, neighbor, friends etc. are happy and well.

    In every situation there is 2 ways of life to live one is good and other is bad. we are listen the one parts of ways of views, life and circumstances which good only for us. We are not thinking of other persons views and thinking towards the live we live

    In the every where in the world men can always dominate to women which very – very much bad. In so many circumstances the women also can blame to women also.

    How this creepy things can be happen to our civil society.

  46. Nimisha

    Wow! Hello everyone. So many comments and agree with you all!

    Anne, we are clinging on!

    I also want Dhani to get out of that house.

    Am fed up of seeing her being knocked down so much that she has no confidence left. Get out and leave them to it. She deserves better than that and was honestly better off before she got married.

    I love Viplav but he hasn’t managed to stop the attacks on her so enough is enough Dhani. I a old enough to be your mum and I would not let you put up with it.

    Dhani gets into strife but it’s because she,s easily manipulated because she is made to feel grateful that she has a second chance at a colourful life, or because she is constantly put down than she no longer knows her left from her right!

    Viplav the vakil is actually a bit of a joke. His ‘trainee’ gets to visit his client, DT. And the his trainee blames his wife for the arrest of DT. It’s just utter non sense at the moment! Like Anne said Viplav needs to start using his CRIMINAL Lawyer brain.

    There’s more of the same to come I feel. It also is annoying to see the educated, honourable Viplav being sooo easily manipulated by the bunny boiler.

    Why are the cv’s dumbing Dhani and Viplav down so much? They work d hard to create this amazingly believeable bond, and now are determined to destroy it.

    I trust Viplav but don’t like the way he is standing by and allowing his wife to be put thru that kind of treatment,

    It’s all very sad!

    • Ishqoholics❤

      Not only he is not able able to manage the fact now he is gonna attack her himself and that would be worst for dhani??

      I too want dhani to move out of that house but by herself..not because viplav ask her to move out

      • Nimisha

        Exactly. After he walked out in her in the Precap yesterday I want to see her pack her bag and leave. And not say a word. Viplav is right Dhani = shakti. Of course she won’t though but agree Arshu that she needs to go because she’s had enough not because he tells her too.

  47. Nimisha

    Arshu, if your sister is watching Thapki, point her to the written updates on here. There are some really funny posters on there who are very entertaining! Xxx

    • Ishqoholics❤

      I had many times read for her the written updates from there and sometimes the comments too..
      THey are actually too funny…roshni..thapki..santhosh i think.. hain na??

      I will ask her if she wishes to join them

      • Nimisha

        Yes, that’s them! they are like our Saranya as Renu said a while ago, but there’s three of them. Look for the one from a few days ago when Thapki wants to feed Bauji the cake. It is sooooo funny!

      • Ishqoholics❤

        I checked it …
        Hahaha they are ridiculous..??

        Seriously Whats the need for a doctor then?? ??
        Feeding cake to a person in coma with whole family in icu…stupid writers i would say..

        Tpk from a loong time has been same where i keep on saying anything can happen in this show..??

      • Nimisha

        You prob saw my comment but just in case there’s any doubt, I would come back to life if someone fed me ca ca ca ca cake. Lol! ?????

  48. Nimisha

    Sujie, glad you enjoyed the rains but sorry you’re not well. Hope you’re feeling much better soon!

      • Nimisha

        That’s good to hear Sujie! I did ask earlier but what were the SATs for ? And when do you get your results?


  49. florentina moldovan

    guys, this is the best thing that can happen….Viplav asking Dhani to leave the house…
    only this way he can see how bad is his family …
    i hope Dulari goes with Dhani far away and he can t find her so easy!
    sorry, guys, 2 nd time he is hurting Dhani for his family…
    i think it is his turn to suffer…

    • Nimisha

      Very well said Florentina.

      I hope they gonto Sarla kaki,s and that Piya helps her with educating her and also building her confidence.

      I also want to see Viplav suffer.

      No doubt he’ll apologise or something and be lovey Dover and I’ll be Viplav ????? again but if I do that feel free to shake me out of it ????. I am fickle!

      • Ishqoholics❤

        Dont worry i will shake you out of it??

        It would be great if piya educates dhani but she will say again that all men are same?? the thought which they had changed of hers

      • Nimisha

        Dhani needs to learn some life lessons though. She needs to get more street wise so that next tim she’s in the red light are, she recognises it!

  50. @Nimisha I think you said right now enough is enough.

    For the sack of Dhani life and uplift of her life with full of dignity and respect. Dhani you should be separate from Viplav and also leave from Banaras. I think Viplav does not deserve such a beautiful, pure and beloved wife. After he realized that how he will do the mistake for not believe his wife.

    Nobody is perfect in the life and everybody is not getting everything is in the life.

    • Nimisha

      I think that’s what Makes Viplav and Dhani special, they have never been portrayed as being perfect and they both have made mistakes and have both always been Humble enough to apologise. They are both very human, if that makes sense,

      But Dhani really has endured too much. Xxx

  51. Maria

    I want Dhaani to go far away from Banaras and Viplav madly searches for but still could not find her, will love to see him suffering that will be good, he has hurted Dhaani a lot!!???

  52. Ishqoholics ??

    Now enough is enough….. Dhaani has cried much……. Now it’s Viplav’s turn to bear the pain….. I wanted Dhaani to come out of AN …. All by herself…not after Viplav asking her to leave….. If possible Dhaani should leave Banaras…and settle somewhere…so that she can continue her studies and come back as a.Viplav should know his family’s truth..and no one would be there to console him….. ??????

  53. Mahira

    Just read the new article. ? It’s good! ?? It would be a change to watch her again in ashram.

    As for Viplav asking her to leave, obviously he would be saying it in anger, If does! ?If this sort of spoiler is correct ,then I wish I wish.. Viplav does this deliberately to find out who is behind all this mess! ? I want him to act smart like when he take out Tulsi’s real face, when he planned against Raja with Rajlaxmi amd Dhaani. I really want this sort of story ahead! ?

    • Nimisha

      But why doI s he have to hurt the person he’s supposed to love in the process of proving this. Unless it’s to get her out to protect her.
      Hmmmm good thinking Mahira!
      If he asked her to leave nicely she wouldn’t leave. Oooooh! I really hope this is the reason behind his outburst! Xxx

    • Nimisha

      Although, in my romantically obsessed imagination, I would prefer Viplav to get angry and pack for both of them like he did last time, hold her Han, fingers intertwined, and they would leave together, and go back to Sarla Kakis house, and leave the AN wallas, or wallys to their dramas! I’d miss Dadi though!

  54. ishqholic?

    It is truly said one will start to value a thing once it is lossted..
    I think Viplav will realise more love ❤ towards Dhaani

  55. Yetty

    Well said everyone, dhaani should give him space but not too much for kamini realty to come out.
    I think in the coming episodes DT will exposed and that will lead many hidden secret coming out.
    Fingers crossed.
    Good day to you my dear ones

      • Nimisha

        Yes. It does here. Lots of people will still look for girls or boys from their caste…

        People don’t dissipate in other ways so much but some stigmas are still there.

      • Anne

        Having said that ,the English ( I am English first and British next, I do find it insulting when we are referred to as U.K.)
        We have a class system that can be unpleasant and very rigid .so can’t throw stones at any other country…??????

  56. Anne

    Ive just had a thought, I think they are writing the script on a weekly basis..
    Because if Dulari did not come back , would Dhaani be going back to Ashram? Tripurari left so that must have altered the story line.
    Seems like they are writing on a short term .
    I still want know how long Kaminis contract is for.!lol
    Garima said that she left because her character Dulari was not becoming what she was promised at the beginning, but now she says it will be. So that may mean she becomes a main character again .
    Any thoughts ?????

    • Nimisha

      I tweeted, surprise surprise, a while ago and said that IKRS is now about widows will never be happy, remariried or nit and this was after we knew Garima was leaving, she liked that tweet so I guess she felt the same…

      I think the turnaround time from writing to filming to telecast is quite short. Like when Mishal was unwell recently and they changed the track.

      I suspect the Garima story at Sarla Kakis is the thing she meant, I.e. dulaari’s story being told.

  57. Ishqoholics❤

    You all are making Mishal a villain. ? Showing your sympathy for Dhasni is good. But what’s Viplav mistake in all this. His anger was justified, don’t you guys think? ? He took out his frustration on Dhaani as he loves her the most. We can’t suppose him to take out his frustration on Kt or kamini right? ?

    • Nimisha

      Oops. Meant to add, I really do love Viplav, I’m just irritated that he takes his frustration out on Dhani, which I do understand, but he takes it outbox her, when she’s the one that everyone else is also blaming. She must already be feeling like sh*t but he still does this. I can’t imagine how awful she must feel. Again!

      • Ishqoholics❤

        I too want this! ??✌ And that aggressive anger which was for Asthana, I want the same for VK. ??

  58. Nimisha

    Mahira, I really really really think/hope this is what is hoovering when Violav tells her to go! ????????????

    You have cheered me up ALOT!!! ?????

  59. Anne

    Arshdeep did youask why I called myself Anne? My names are Julia Anne,and when I joined TU I did not know what it would turn out to be,so did not use first name as precaution…Silly now…?

  60. Saraswathi.j

    In 18th again Dhaani trapped in Astana and pool chand trap , how Viplav will come and save her,what is in store in tomorrow’s episode,please cvs close the Kamini immediately ,we are much irritating about her negative role ,God help Dhaani she is taking very hasty step it may not be possible for viplav also to save her.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.