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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to the police station and says he wants to talk to Dhaani. Inspector says you have himself filed the case against her and refuses to let him meet her, and says he will loss his job. Viplav calls someone. Dhaani waits for Viplav. Raja comes there. Viplav turns his face seeing him. Raja asks what happened today? You have promised me to get my brother’s murderer punished, so what happened now that he is refusing? He says I didn’t know that your Dhaani is actually Suman. Viplav says I know just one thing is that Dhaani can’t lie. He says Dhaani seems to be scared, the way she stopped Shalu’s wedding. He asks what you people have done with her. Raja says that day Suman and Munna got married and we thought Lakshmi came in our house. Dhaani recalls the past….A

fb is shown, On their wedding night, Munna comes to the room in a drunkard state and asks Dhaani to drink wine. Dhaani refuses.

Raja cooks up a story and says they have so much for Suman, gave her much respect and love. Dhaani recalls Raja torturing her with his psychotic behavior. He calls her tum ho meri suman and tries to touch her. Fb ends. Raja tells Viplav that his mum wanted a daughter, and when Suman came in the house after marriage, my mum gave her love of a mother. He asks if any mum in law give love to her daughter in law. Dhaani recalls. A fb is shown, Dhaani asks her mum in law to make her husband understand not to drink much wine. Her mum in law attacks her with knife and says why did I bring you here if I could make him understand. Fb ends. Raja tells Viplav that he saw Dhaani running away from the place leaving her brother injured in a pool of blood. He says why she is staying here in Banaras with a changed name. Viplav says I am sure that there is some reason behind her move. May be you are not informing me and says some things are unknown.

Badi Amma tells Dulaari that Viplav will come with band baja and will take Dhaani with her. She gets emotional and cries. Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi to wake up Dhaani. Viplav asks Raja, why it was written in the case file that Dhaani have eloped with the jewellery and money. Raja says they wanted the case to be concrete and that’s why made that accusations. He tells him that Dhaani is not right for you and not a good woman. Viplav says this is what Dhaani is saying to me, that you people are not right. He says once I talk to Dhaani, everything will be alright. Raj Lakshmi tells everyone that Dhaani is not in her room. Just then Badi amma gets a call and drops the phone shockingly. She tells everyone that Dhaani is arrested on the charges of her husband’s murder. Raja’s mum tells Kanak that they are going to police station. Kanak tells Dasharath to do something and says my doubt was right. Viplav was meeting Dhaani secretly. Dasharath says first he will get Shalu’s marriage complete and then will deal with Dhaani. He says he won’t let Dhaani come in Viplav’s life.

Dulari comes to police station and cries. She asks Viplav to help Dhaani get freed. Viplav assures her that he will not let Dhaani suffer and goes to bring water. Raja’s mum comes there and says your daughter will rotten in jail. Raja’s mami tells her that Dhaani have trapped Viplav after killing her nephew as he is more rich, and says she is bad than a pr*stitute. Dulaari slaps her. Viplav comes back. Raja’s mum says look at her Viplav. Dulaari tells that these people used to torture Dhaani to the core. My Dhaani tried to make your son alright and have done all the possible try. Dulaari’s condition deteriorates. Viplav asks Raja’s mum and mami to go. They leave. Viplav makes Dulaari have water and asks to call ambulance. Someone comes and says you got permission to meet Dhaani. Viplav says he will meet her later and says he need to take Dulaari to hospital first.

A fb is shown, Dhaani recalls Raja trying to rape her while she tries to protect her. Munna comes and asks Raja to leave Dhaani. Munna falls from the balcony while coming towards Raja. Dhaani gets shocked. She goes near his body and take out the glass piece from his body. Raja says what you have done? You have killed my brother. Dhaani says I haven’t killed him. Raja asks her to agree to him and says he will save her from murder. Dhaani runs from there. Dulaari comes. Dhaani asks her to come and they leave.

Raja asks Dhaani to agree to him and he will help her come out of jail. Dhaani refuses and says you will be punished. Later Viplav says that he will not let anything happen to her. Dhaani waits for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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