Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya thinking about Dhaani. He gets Deepak’s call who informs him that Viplav met with an accident and is in the hospital now. Parshiya is shocked and thinks he can’t tell Dhaani thinking about her, then thinks Dhaani will get angry if she comes to know about it later. He goes to Dhaani’s house and knocks on the door. Dhaani opens the door ad asks what happened? Parshiya tells her that Deepak called and informed about Viplav’s accident. Dhaani gets shocked and runs from there. Parshiya calls Dhaani…and sees her gone.

Dasharath, Kanak and Sushma come to see Viplav at the hospital. Kanak scolds Kamini and asks if it is her trick and says she will not leave her if anything happens to Viplav. Kamini asks her to stop shedding crocodile tears, asks since

when you have started caring for him, says she has learnt to play tricks from there. Kanak is shocked. Dasharath asks them to stop fighting like jungle cats, and asks them not to forget that Viplav is not fine. Kanak says she insisted to come here and is responsible for the accident. She says if anything happens to Viplav then I will not leave you. Kamini asks her to stop it and says I am not Dhaani to bear it. Kanak says you can’t become Dhaani as your face is inauspicious. Kamini is about to answer her. Sushma asks them to stop. Dasharath asks Kanak to stop it. Sushma goes to hospital temple and prays to God. She asks God, why she gave pain to Viplav. She says Dhaani left 5 years ago, but Viplav couldn’t forget her and move on. She asks God to return Viplav’s life and happiness. Dhaani comes running there and asks receptionist about Viplav’s ward. Receptionist asks who are you? Dhaani says she is Mrs. Vi…..stops and realizes what she was about to say. Sushma hears her and looks on surprised. She calls Dhaani….

Dhaani looks at Sushma and takes her blessings, gets emotional. Sushma says you are alive, I can’t understand and hugs her. She asks why didn’t you come back home and asks what happened? Dhaani says I will tell you everything. Sushma cries. Dhaani asks her not to cry and asks her to take care of herself and Viplav. Dhaani asks where is Viplav? Sushma asks her to come. Viplav opens her eyes in hospital and feels pain. He imagines Dhaani and says Dhaani. Dhaani is seen stitching his shirt button, and she says what people will tell that I don’t care for you. Viplav asks her to come near him. Dhaani says no. Viplav smiles and closes his eyes. Dhaani stitches his shirt and says this color suits you very much. Viplav smiles. Dhaani asks him to drink juice. Viplav nods no. Dhaani asks him not to be stubborn like kids and drink it. She holds his face and asks him not to punish himself for someone’s mistake. Imagination ends. Viplav opens his eyes and realizes that it was a dream.

Sushma tells Dasharath to see who has come? Dasharath is shocked to see Dhaani. Dhaani looks angrily at him, recalls his cheap words. Kanak is shocked to see her and recalls her ill behavior. Dhaani recalls Kanak welcoming her on hot coal. Dasharath says she is our choti bahu….Dhaani. Sushma says she is alive. Our Dhaani……Kanak calls her name and asks where were you? Dasharath asks the same question. Dhaani asks where is Viplav? Kamini asks why did you come here, you would have call me, my no. is same. Dhaani says I came to meet him, will go after meeting him. Kamini says he is resting now, you can meet him once he gains consciousness. I will call you. Dhaani says I will meet him now. Kamini says I will call you, just go from here. Nurse comes and says who is Dhaani? Dhaani says I am Dhaani. Nurse says Patient is taking Dhaani’s name agai and again. Kanak thinks everything is changed. Kamini and Dhaani enter the ward. Viplav gets up, sees Dhaani and recalls Dhaani telling that Parshiya is her husband. Kamini goes near Viplav and says thank god you got consciousness. She gives him juice and asks to drink, says she has prayed a lot. Viplav asks her to go and says he wants to talk to Dhaani. Kamini says you are weak, and goes from there.

Dhaani looks at him. He asks I am wounded, then why you are crying? You said that our relation is over, then why did you come here? Dhaani looks on with tears in her eyes. Viplav stands up and asks what is my mistake? Viplav says you went suddenly, haven’t contact me or called me. He asks her to tell if she kept far from her to teach him a lesson. Dhaani asks him not to speak and says you are unwell. Viplav says I don’t need your concern but answer. He says everyone said that Dhaani is dead, but I never accepted and you have proved that my trust was concrete. He says you are understanding girl and asks her to tell what happened? Dhaani thinks Viplav saying he did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words. Dhaani says I will go. Viplav asks her to go, and says but I will take my daughter with me. Dhaani is shocked and turns to look at him.

Viplav says I know Vidha is my daughter. Dhaani says she is just my daughter. Viplav asks why did you name her Vidha…Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter Vidha. Dhaani says she is not your daughter, she is mine now. Viplav asks until when she will hide her truth and says I will see who can separate us. Dhaani is shocked. Kamini enters his ward. Viplav asks what do you want? Kamini says I came to see if you are fine, says sorry. Dhaani asks him to stay and says she just came to see Viplav. Kamini asks where were you? Viplav asks Kamini to let Dhaani go. Judaai song plays as dhaani looks at him. Kamini smirks.

Dhaani comes out, touches Sushma’s feet and asks her to take care. Sushma asks what happened? Dhaani says I will meet you later and leaves. Kanak says she didn’t touch my feet and says she has become egoistic and was angry. Sushma says time changes everything. She says when she used to touch your feet, you never blessed her, but now you want her to touch your feet and talk to you. Kanak looks on. Viplav tells Kamini that they shall return to Banaras. Kamini says I will make the arrangements. Viplav thinks I have suffered enough, now it is your turn. I will take Vidha with me.

Dulaari asks Dhaani about Viplav. Dhaani says he is fine, his wife is with him. He don’t need me and I don’t need him. Kamini comes to Viplav’s ward and sees him missing. She thinks he might have gone there. Viplav comes to Dhaani’s locality and looks at Dhaani and Vidha secretly. He gets emotional and teary eyes seeing Vidha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. just watched ydays episode . It was awesome superlative. . I think our writer is back in action.. sanjeeda too learning little acting. ..

    viplav viplav .. I can’t tell you how good u r… I was in tears seeing his dream sequence. . kya acting karte ho mishal…No words to describe. ..

    kanak was so cute today. .. “ye hunare paiyr chuye gee nahee” was so funny. ..
    daadi was cute as always. ..

    kamini will have to live n die with her insecurities. ..

    dhani.. How can you be stone hearted? ? when he asking what was my mistake how could you not answer him. .. Oh god I really feel so so sorry for viplav. ..

    overall ikrs rocks again

  2. Lara

    I have watched conjuring1 not conjuring2

  3. Anne

    When Kamini Is finally found out and punished,shall we have a Forum Party? I’ll bring a very large cake but need other food,especially indian,as I don’t know about it..?xxx????Please donate..

    1. Angel20

      Yes that’s a great idea!!

    2. Sujie

      a great idea 🙂 🙂

  4. Arshdeep

    Good afternoon everyone..!!

    Anne di we will surely be having party the day kamini is found out..
    And everyone will donate something 😛 😀

    Renu di the movie is very very nice depicting the harsh realities of drugs in punjab..
    All the actors have performed very veryy well.. Brilliant performance.
    A must watch movie to know the real plight of current punjab.

    1. Arshdeep

      But it really breaks heart when kareena kapoor dies 🙁

      1. Meena

        Waaattt she’ll diee!!?? So sad..

      2. KartikK

        it really breaked hearts in film kyon ki so emotional at l;ast

      3. Arshdeep

        Yes meena she dies
        Diljit’s brother will kill her

  5. Areeb

    Sanjeeda again proved her sincerity towards her work by her impressive acting. Now as they both have seen each other, we’ll get to see more scenes of them. Can’t say about Mish-Sanje scenes, how it gonna look. But I’m really liking her as Vidha’s mother.
    Can’t imagine anyone else doing this role more gracefully. ?

    Loved the way she totally ignored the evil party. ?

  6. Areeb

    Didn’t understand Dt’s reaction on seeing Dhaani alive. ? He himself was confused, may be. ? Lol, but when he said Chotti bahu I was like Oh, Please! ?

    Kanak was good. ? HAHA, she got excited thinking there might happen a Clash Of Bahus. ?

    Dadi was so cute! ? Was cherishing to watch Dhaani only talking to Dadi. ?

  7. How did Viplav know that his daughter is Vidha?

    1. By her name (viplav +dhani=vidha ) n her age.

  8. Areeb

    Poor Kamini. ?

    She can only smirks. ? Doesn’t she have any Sharam. ( Sharamless Bandi hai bari hi koi ? ) She has used her brains evilly to separate ViDhaani. But that fine day is no longer away when Vidha will make her weep.
    Shedding crocodile tears, like if anybody cares?? Nobody even bothered to see her face. ? Lol, her face had gone pale when Dhaani came to see Viplav. ?

    When Kam break-in Viplav’s room before Dhaani. I really wanted Viplav to get off his bed and smash her between his hands.. making a round ball.. getting out of room.. using the Kam-ball to hit the duo of evils.. Dt & Kt.. Boom, hit the goal.. trio landing into the trash can.. trio resting in peace there forever n ever.. ?

    Viplav taking initiative to take Vidha with him is gonna give more trouble to Kam. Hope she doesn’t show her filthiness on her by harming her.

    Just waiting to see that Deceived Kamini spilling the beans out on getting exposed before Viplav! ???

    1. Arshdeep

      Hahaha.. We will play with the ball too 😉 😀

  9. Areeb

    Mishal is such a phenomenal actor. Can not gather words to praise his intense performance. He was so real at his act! ?

    He was juggling between Good memories – Bitter present. Still in unconsciousness was dreaming of Dhaani. ? Aww.

    While watching this scene, these lines came in my mind;

    Thay jin sey dil ke wastey
    Kyn ban gaey ye fasley..
    Par dil karey, to kya karen
    Par dil karey to kya.. ?

    He clearly noticed her tears and again asked the reason but she didn’t reply, why!!! ? When he said; ‘ Han jao tum. ‘ I was like, no please. You can’t let go your Dhaani. ?

  10. Areeb

    Waiting for today’s episode where Mishal is going to meet Vidha. ?

    I want him to take Vidha with him to Banaras.. Followed by Dhaani & Dulaari.. Kanak inviting Dhaani to stay in the house till she get Vidha back.. All of Kam’s tricks falling flop.. Some cute fights amid Mom & Dad over Vidha.. Dhaani visiting the Ashram.. Viplav’s office location.. Vidha bringing her parents close.. Slowly misunderstandings getting cleared.. ?

    1. Anne

      Yes areeb!,hope the writers are reading this ?

    2. Sujie

      SO true Areeb……. Dairy milk silk for you if this happens 🙂 🙂

  11. Areeb

    What’s the matter with the makers!? ? If Mishal will leave the show, who the hell will watch! ?

  12. This true Areeb in the coming episodes nice to see those movements between parents of vidha.

  13. Gudaftenoon noon everyone. Just watch the episode. It was superb. Superb acting by both mishal n sanjeda.I think ikrs ll b back in track its turn for all evil people to suffer for der vidhani ll rock

  14. Ade1111

    Good Morning Family
    Have a lovely Saturday am so looking forward to the episode today. And hoping the story moves back to Benaras. And As for Kamini ?? slow painful death seeing Viplav Dhani and Vidha together just hope DT and KT support Dhanni now

  15. Latha

    I saw conjuring 2. It’s quite good.????

  16. KartikK

    wht a boring show should end it soon

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