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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Pratibha that she is misunderstanding the things. Pratibha says she knows everything and says Parshiya told me everything. Dhaani is shocked. Pratibha says he don’t hide anything from me, and calls her sakhi (friend). She says Parshiya likes you a lot. He wasn’t telling me first and praised you a lot. He says once I asked him, do you like her? Parshiya laughed. I said you are caught now then he agreed. Dhaani says it is a misunderstanding, I will explain you everything. Doctor comes and says Parshiya’s report came and everything is in control. He says let me explain the report. Pratibha asks her to tell her to be bahu….Dhaani is surprised. Doctor says our medicines are affecting him and he will come out of coma soon. Dhaani thanks him and recalls

Pratibha’s words that she will get them married once Parshiya gets well. Dhaani is shocked thinking about it. Pratibha and Dhaani see Parshiya. Dhaani asks Pratibha to let him rest and they come out of ward. Dhaani asks shall I bring something for you to eat. Pratibha asks did you have anything? Dhaani says I will eat later. She is about to clear her misunderstanding, but just then Dulaari comes and asks about Parshiya’s condition. Pratibha asks is she Parshiya’s saas and hugs her. Dulaari is stunned. Pratibha says Parshiya is lucky to get a girl like her. Dulaari smiles.

Kamini calls Inspector and asks about Viplav. She shouts at him and asks to get some clue leading them to him. Dasharath asks her to be polite. Kamini asks him to inform them once they get to know about him. Sushma asks Dasharath to do something. Dasharath says I can’t do anything, and says he will return home. Kanak says he will not return as he is blamed for murder. She says if he has hidden somewhere. We shall ask Dhaani, she always roams around Viplav. Sushma feels the same that Dhaani must be knowing about her. Kamini says I will bring my Viplav back, and says she will go to dirty basti to get Viplav. Dasharath says you are saying right and says he will get all police force to find him.

Dulaari asks Dhaani, why she is thinking like this. Dhaani says Parshiya can never think me this way, may be just because I addressed him as my husband infront of Viplav. Dulaari says all the misunderstandings will be cleared once Parshiya gains consciousness. Dhaani says she can’t wait till then and says she will tell the truth to Pratibha. She asks why the relations get complicated, and asks what mistake she has done? Dulaari says things are not in our hands sometimes and asks her not to worry. Dhaani wipes her tears and looks on.

Dhaani comes to ward and thinks about Parshiya’s words that he can wait for her all his life. She thinks Parshiya wanted to tell me something. A fb is shown. Dhaani thinks how can he think like this? She asks him to wake up and clear the misunderstandings. She says I think of you as a good friend and nothing else. She says I have nothing for you in my hand, I can’t think of anybody else than Viplav. I love him so much. She realizes what she has just said and thinks he is stull in my mind. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Rahul comes and tells Dhaani that Pratibha wants to see Parshiya’s room. Dhaani asks him to sit with Parshiya and goes.

At the chawl, Pratibha is having food and asks if she is worried for Parshiya. She says I am not worried for him now, as I know he will come back home after getting fine. She says he is not a loser, and says he will marry you. Dhaani says it is not like that….Pratibha asks her to get her batwa/pouch. Dhaani gets it and tries to tell, but then Pratibha asks for water interrupting her conversation. Pratibha takes the tablet and drinks water. Dhaani asks why you have taken the medicine, are you alright? Pratibha says she is worried about Parshiya. Dhaani asks if you have high BP. Pratibha says I am fine with medicine. Dhaani thinks Parshiya should tell her, I have to keep quiet. Pratibha asks her to take her to Parshiya’s room and thanks her for food.

Kamini sees Tripurari in the hotel and asks what you are doing here? She asks have you gone mad and asks him to go. Tripurari says I have done work which you can’t do. Kamini asks why did you come here. Dasharath comes just then. Kamini changes the track and asks if you have kidnapped my husband? Dasharath says you will get rotten in jail. Kamini asks him not to be smart. Tripurari says I would have hurt him if I wanted long back, even I know what is right and what is wrong. Dasharath says I will have an eye on you. Tripurari says Police will find out who have kidnapped him. Kamini says I am going to Dhaani, and may get clue about Viplav. Dasharath thinks something is hiding from him.

Vidha talks to her friend and says Rakshas uncle went somewhere and baba is in hospital. She prays for them. Dhaani takes Pratibha to Parshiya’s room. Vidha comes calling Dhaani. Dhaani opens the room and takes her inside. Rahul takes Vidha to buy chocolates. Dhaani lights the lamp near the God and asks him to make Parshiya fine.

Kamini comes to Dhaani and asks where is Viplav? Dhaani asks if Viplav haven’t return till now. Kamini asks what do you want? You want to have relation with both. She asks him to go to Kota/brothel. Dhaani slaps her angrily. Kamini gets a call from Inspector informing her that they found a dead body. Kamini says he can’t be Viplav and asks what is the proof. Inspector says Viplav’s ID. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi ikrs family , shouldn’t die….my class starts tommorow

    1. Renuverma

      All the best molu

      1. Latha

        Renu good morning and sorry this server maintenance was irritating to the core.

    2. Arshdeep

      All the best nidhi?

  2. Sryyy I meant viplav shouldn’t die

    1. Renuverma

      Yes molu viplav should not die

  3. Areeb

    That’s so sad that they haven’t shown for once, Dhaani recalling Viplav’s words about the matter.

    1. Renuverma

      Areeb day before yesterday’s precap has not been shown till yet.

  4. Hello Viplav is still in IKRS?

    1. Renuverma

      Fingers crossed dear.

  5. Areeb

    Can’t say that I will continue sticking with this show anymore with Mishal’s departure. ?

  6. Good night ? sweet dreams ?..

  7. Arshdeep

    The last episode of “Mishal Raheja” as “Viplav” yesterday(probably)?
    So i had to definitely come❤

    You were amazing today as you are always. You had given life to “Viplav” character…completely justifying the role? You are the soul and heart of show?
    With you leaving the show and the story taking a wild turn i dont find a reason to watch IKRS anymore?

    You were awesome throughout the series..daily had to gear up myself..wait for 6 pm(earlier 6.30) just to watch you onscreen? You had always created a magic on our TV screens. An amazing actor with an amazing voice who dont need words to express anything. Your eyes speak more than everything else? Never watched an actor as perfect as you? Yes you are Perfect? Lucky will be the girl who comes in your real life? You made the show so beautiful and lovely. Your each and every scene be it a happy one…emotional…romantic…fighting…crying…everything was superb.?? Your dedication and commitment for your work reflects onscreen.

    Just want to shout loudly and say, “Mishal please dont go.. I want to watch you more…” ??
    But i know no one is listening.? Need to accept the fact that you are finally gone and wont be seen as “VIPLAV” anymore.??

    You are like an ocean full of expressions. Someone whom anyone cant avoid to watch. Undoubtedly you are the best.? Loved you in all your attires be it of a young..bubbly guy or a romantic husband or a matured loving father or as a lawyer or a caring son in law. You were always worth watching and your performances always breath taking.??

    I totally support your decision. Afterall you must had taken it very sensibly but will definitely wish to watch you back soooon… Also a selfish part of me wanted to see Viplav with a happy ending. Will Always regret that i couldnt see Viplav smiling even in his last episode.

    “MISHAL RAHEJA- THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION”   You are one in a million man❤
    May God bless you with huge success and happiness in your life.? A huge round of applause for you..for your talent??? Infact a standing ovation for you?

    I really hope and pray you return back soon. Gonna Miss you Mishal. Need a sweet si interview of yours..Please ? Thank you Mishal.. Thank you sooo much for being “Viplav”?
    Love you lots? God bless you??????
    Fan forever?

    1. Areeb

      Arshi ? You have put not only mine but everyone’s emotion right here. ? We’ll always love him forever and ever. ❤

      And yes I literally smiled when I saw the page with Arshdeep comments. ? How are you? Studies going good?

      1. Arshdeep

        Aww Thank you?? Exactly we will keep loving him and wish him to come back soon for us ❤ Hope he listens us…..

        Missing me han??? I missed you all too?
        I am good. Studies also fine. I got a call from my coaching centre today to come and take more test papers for practice..and the receptionist said she will take them out especially for me? They care for me a lot han? But that increases pressure on me actually.??
        And was quite disturbed when heard about Mishal’s news. Literally i broke down hearing it? And i was like Mishal couldnt you wait for my exam to get over????

        How are you??

      2. Areeb

        HAHA. Good luck!! ?? I’m also good enjoying vacations with cousins. ?

        Still praying he stays in the show.

      3. Arshdeep

        Enjoy Enjoy..!!
        Thank you?

    2. Renuverma

      Arshu u have expressed ocean of views in which all of us r diving. Seriously i agree to each n every word of yrs n probably if someone from cvs or ph reads it n change the track as need happy ending with viplav. Ot would have been great if in a single episode they would have shown that someone had seen tripurari hitting parshiya n ehen tripurari would have been interrogated he eoukd have spilled bean s of VK THUS ALL SECRETS TO BE OUT LEADING TO UNITING OF VIDHANI N SEEING HER DHANI WOULD HAVE GONE TO ANSHUMAN. N THE END. SERIOUSLY IT CUD BE DONE IN 1 OR MAX 2 EPISODES.

      1. Arshdeep

        Exactly they could have done but as per news the show got an extension of about 6 more months too. Although i was initially happy knowing the news but whats the use if Mishal is not there.

        And even if everyone gets punished now or their truths come out but Mishal is not there that wont make me happy anymore?

    3. Arshi I was having tears in my eyes .. I can’t imagine ikrs without mishal 🙁
      Hate filmfarm hate colors .. they didn’t gave value to talented actors they will regret for this 🙁

      1. Arshdeep

        How can they make their actors work in so inhumane conditions and then expect them to work on same wages only????

  8. Areeb

    In precap.. want Kamini to show mirror to Dhaani! What actually she has done! Be it five year back.. leaving Viplav or the current accusations!

    Writers have honestly Ruined the Leads Strong and Positive characters by making them dumb to the reality!

    1. Arshdeep

      Exactly the writers have forced us to question on Dhani’s love for Viplav too??

  9. Arshdeep

    Hasan mam,
    Thank you mam for the update. And a big big thanks for all the previous updates till date of IKRS. Your updates were just like watching the show going in front of my detailed with every point included. Your have helped me a lot in times of my exams when i wasnt having the time to watch the complete episode.. When times were so bad in Ikrs that i didnt have the guts to watch it.. Your updates were so beneficial to know the story. Thank you mam. Lots of love to you.?????
    I am probably not going to be more active on this page. I want to but i seriously cant without Mishal.? So this is just a sincere message for you appreciating your efforts. May God bless you with lots of love and happiness in your life.??

    1. H Hasan

      Thanks Arshi for reading my updates and liking it. I think the show is going to be interesting. I hope Mishal’s exit isn’t confirmed yet.

      1. Arshdeep

        Aww my pleasure mam??
        I whole heartedly wish he comes back. Lets keep the hopes alive. ✌
        Till then i will satisfy myself with your written updates only ?

        Thank you for replying?

      2. Areeb

        Praying in every Namaz that he stay back.

      3. Renuverma

        Wow hasan mam wish yr words come true. Love u mam

  10. Areeb

    Still praying talks of Mishal leaving the series all end up laying under the term RUMOR! ?

    1. Arshdeep

      I wish,……

      Feeling as if i am sleeping and i will wake up with a jerk now and realise it was all a dream.? Wont it happen???

      1. Areeb

        Yaar, Actually! Me too! I felt bad when Eisha left but this time it would be huge heart break! ?

  11. Arshdeep

    So coming to episodes-
    Finally Viplav gave up. He needed to do that. He has tried hard fact much more than enough. He tried so hard to get back his love and his daughter but everything in vain. Dhani is so lucky..that even after so much humilitaion.. Viplav was still sticking to her..
    I can never imagine someone like Viplav in real life. And especially men are always so arrogant and can never handle rejection. He was handling..bearing torture..humiliation and still pleading her to come back….. I am speechless for this love.❤?
    Kaaash aise log real life me bhi hote.. ?

    Anyways All over now. “Vidha” love story left incomplete. Had lots of hopes post leap..all shattered today. The way story turned forced us to question over Dhani’s love for Viplav? Wasnt it a true one that she could never understand him.,she could never see the truth in his eyes..the pain inside him of living without her for 5 years?
    Mishal you were phenomenal always..?? Your bestest last performance as Viplav.? Your eyes wet..calling Anshuman to take care of Vidha and Dhani..and then walking away(as per precap). Maybe the writers changed the story or didnt show that scene intensionally to make the viewers still stick to the show. But Everything about you was brillaint. I respect your decision but its still taking me lots of courage to accept that you have actually left the show. I am teary eyed right now while writing.. Everything is over now.. It would seem to be just an entire new show for me and i am definitely not going to start a new show anymore. And never again going to get so attached to a show ever in my life.? It hurts..and is actually hurting now.? Such a heart breaking news. No no no Mishal????? Tears flowing down my cheeks again? Cant wait to see where his work takes him next.

    Post leap, Viplav wasnt even seen smiling except the times when he was with his daughter…”Vidha”… I will try watching the show sometimes for you girl and for Garima mam too.??
    Such an awesome show with an awesome cast and with an awesome story has now nothing left in it. I regret i got so involved in the show.

    1. Hi Arshi!
      Till now I hold my heart very tight ,But after reading all our members comments I cant able to stop my tears now.You are right Arshi I too will never ever to get attached to anyone like these in my future.It is really hurting a lot.Now i am not able to type also.Sorry Byeeeeeeeeeeee.

      1. Arshdeep

        Awww Vinny..
        Dont say that yaar..i will again start crying??
        My hands were literally shivering and my head taking rounds when i first read the news.?
        I just commented because i had to tell my heart out?
        Cant imagine how will the days go now without watching him daily??

    2. Sujie

      Arshu…… Why did you do this to me….. You made me cry….
      Your post has made me cry ???

      1. Arshdeep

        No intensions to make you cry di..sooorryy???

  12. Arshdeep

    The precap was an action packed with the most awaiting moment “Dhani slapping Kamini..” ?????? But showing the coming up as precap is worst thing??

    Finally Dhani knows about Parshiya’s feelings…so getting the result of over-trusting someone.? And she atleast accepted that she can not think of anyone else other than Viplav and loves her even now. Wish you had woken up long ago dear.??

    Yesterday’s episode sounded a bit weird.
    Why Dhani called Parshiya’s aayi as aayi???
    And how come Dhani not know about her? Did Parshiya’s aayi never visited or met him in past 5 loong years???
    Also aayi didnt notice sindoor on Dhani’s head and question her?
    And i thought dhani would try asking rahul about parshiya’s feelings for her. But she didnt??
    Even Parshiya’s room was quite big and well maintained with pictures hanging on walls. It didnt seem to be in a chawl??

    No words for Kamini. Yesterday she was saying what is my fault in all this? Villain Kamini the complete fault is yours only. Who tried to snatch other’s husband? You destroyed yours.. viplav and dhani and vidha’s life too. Thats the reason you are paying. Tit for tat. God sees everything. Love to see you restless and helpless. Only if you had never existed? i would not have to leave watching the show??

    1. Renuverma

      Ya arshu what dhani has done in precap should have been done 5 yrs ago . Anyways i agree to u that instead of calling parshiyas mom as ayi she shud have said aunty or kaki. Also surprising she didn’t notice sindoor on dhani’s head. Parshiyas room was actually not looking like a chawl . It was well furnished with a nice mansir which cant be expected in a bachelor’s room.

  13. Arshdeep

    Hello IKRS FAMILY?????
    A- Arshi, Aish, Anne, Areeb, Avijit, Akshay, Aaditya, Ansa, Ahana, Amisha, A’isha, Anju, Alia, Aiswarya
    B- Br mam, Bharathi, Brity, Butterfly, Batool
    C- Cool
    D- Dilu, Dr. Sweety, Devga, Diya
    E- Elizabeth, Enemy(Anjum), Eshani, Eisha singh
    F- Florentina, Fatarajo, Fates
    G- Genita, Gayu, Gundia, Gopu, Genipher, Gatathri,Gracy
    H- Hritya, Harika, Hussain
    I- Isha
    J- Jessi, Jingo man, Jyoti, Josh, Jasmine, Joy
    K- Kavitha, Kusanskar, Kaviya, Kavitha(mishal raheja), Khushi
    L- Louella, Lakshmi, Latha, Lara, Lifna, Loveleen
    M- M.R., Maria, Maha, Mirsada, Meghs, Marees, Mangai, Mahira, Meena, MM, Molu
    N- Nimisha, Nima, Naty, Nim, Niks, Nkhan, Neema
    O- Ola
    P- Pjain, Prachi, Purple, Porkodi, Pooja
    R- Renu, Ranaji, Raj, Rahul, Rajee, Rezmi, Rids, Ria, Rosy, Ramya
    S- Sujie, Saras, Shwetha, Sara, Shruthy, Saranya, Saraswathi, Swara, Sonu, Shri, Subhashini, Sabita, Sofe, Sandy, Sudiksha, Shah, Swarna,Siddhi
    T- Tamil didi
    V- Varsha(philo), Vaishnavi, Vinny, Vini, Vish
    Y- Yetty, Yogi
    Z- Zee, Zea

    1. Hi arshi .. loved it posts and was missing them alot ?? .. hope ur exams and studies are going well .. best wishes?

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey Maha?? Thank you so much
        I missed you all too?? Couldnt stop myself after hearing about Mishal’s departure?

        Everything going good
        Hope you are well too??

    2. Areeb

      Hellooooooo!!! ?????

      Okay jokes apart but want to confess something. Arshi when you have posted this IKRS Family Members Directory I had copied it to my clipboard. Don’t know why but was very happy. Though I’ve talked to very few members but still was smiling all the time reading all A to Z! * Specially My Name Obvio! * ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Hahaha great?? So you can post it too in my absence?

        I generally feel whenever i post it do all of you search for only your own name or read everyone else’ too???

    3. Hey Arshi hope studying is going well
      Thanks for the shout out still very upset that Mishal left but I totally respect his decision I hate FilmFarm
      To me IKRS is over so don’t think I will watch it again but will be here time to time to say Hi to everyone but I have no reason to watch again. It’s a shame that we never got a closure.
      You take care of yourself and same goes for everyone too. ???

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey Ola.. Yes going quite well but was quite disturbed with the news??

        Same here Ikrs over..with “Vidha’s love story” left incomplete?
        Aww thanks i will be here too for meeting you all but i had few plans to discuss. Here everyone still have hopes so i am having the hopes as well. Till they show a new character for Viplav or make him die in the show? which will be worst i will keep my hopes alive and wont discuss my plan. Need to shut my mouth for sometime? I have gone mad seriously??

    4. Greeting ??❤?

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey Mirsada? Hope you are well.

      2. Renuverma

        Hi mirsada
        Good to see u back.?

    5. Latha

      Hai arshi how are you and hope ur studies r going well. Loved your long posts and missing too for last few days. Whatever I fe

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey Latha??
        I am good. Hope you well too.

        Thank you. I missed you all too?????

    6. Latha

      Arshi I accept each and every word in ur posts and whatever I feel u have written here. After hearing the news that they are going to kill the character in Ikrs it’s hurting too much. I request makers, writers whoever please make happy exit to our mishal. Love you mishal sooooooooo much and come back with power packed show. Best wishes arshi.

      1. Arshdeep

        Thanks Latha??
        I feel so bad that we all had to see our Viplav defeated at the end. Atleast he deserved to have a happy exit???

    7. Harika

      hi arshi…. don’t cry dear….. mishal will be back soon..
      We can’t do anything… but we can pray the god to bring mishal back asap
      All the best for ur exam…

      1. Arshdeep

        Thank you Harika??
        Yeah keep praying ?

    8. I feel bad – I couldn’t say anything – episode going bad – writer’s lost the story line

  14. All actors in IKRS are still in the show except lead actors Dhaani and Viplav,both hero and heroin gone why Producers , why you remove them ,you get back Dulaari. Like that bring back Viplav without him the show has no life .?

    1. Arshdeep

      Hate filmfarm????

    2. Areeb

      The writers are really playing with fans? It doesn’t seem that the show makers check or observe viewers opinion on the show.

    3. Renuverma


  15. Oh God toooo much of dragging… it’s irritating… wt happened ikrs writers .. Wen these misunderstandings r cleared…. again nd again viplav only hurts…

  16. Is mishal is quitting the show .. please tell me otherwise this news will gonna kill me .. I think it’s not true and if it’s true many of us will stop watching this serial..

    1. Renuverma

      Not sure maha. Wish this news is a rumour.

    2. Areeb

      True that. Many will quit watching with Mishal’s leave. But He’ll stay InshaAllah InshaAllah!!!

  17. Arshadeep hats of to your memory,do not cry I think he will come back to IKRS in different get up,because in the next episode the cvs make him die,I hope he will come back in disguise,may be the PH is creating it for TRPS I still hope he will come back like Dulaari ,hope for best.

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you mam. You have increased my expectations now. I wish whatever you said comes true. It will be like bringing back life to all “Mishalians” ❤

  18. Fans of Mishal Raheja, we have some bad news for you all at this late hour.
    Before reading the entire piece, we request the diehard fans of Mishal to get hold of a handkerchief as you might sob uncontrollably.
    Mishal, who returned to television after a long hiatus with Colors’ drama Ishq Ka Rang Safed (FilmFarm), is all set to exit from the series.
    Few days ago we reported about the actor having issues with the production house considering the financial matters. Now, we hear that even after many meetings both the makers and the actor couldn’t agree on the same line, resulting into Mishal’s exit from the daily.
    When we buzzed Mishal about the same, he replied to our text messages stating, “My contract is over, legally, so there is no quitting. They won’t reappoint me.”
    Mishal added, “We started as a daily, airing from Monday to Friday, which later on became a series airing from Monday to Saturday to seven daysa week series. We shot quietly though under inhumane conditions for one year because as professionals are ought to under contract. And then the channel and production houses expect you to keep working at the same cost for another year without increasing the money of the actors who give 90 percent of their life on set shooting, blood and sweat for 15-16 hours in a day. I believe it’s unfair to not give an increment to an actor who shoots 29-30 days every month. Before concluding I will add that this is absolutely my personal opinion.”
    We can understand that Mishal.
    Before Mishal, even Eisha Singh, the female lead of the series, quitted from the soap opera for creative differences with Sanjeeda Sheikh replacing her. Only time will tell whether the daily will see a new entry or replacement, or it wraps us!

  19. Arshdeep

    My profile pic not getting changed. Any idea why??

    1. Areeb

      If it’s not getting load when you are uploading then it might be picture size issue..

      But why changing Vitharv picture. ??

      1. Arshdeep

        I too thought that but the max size is 1 MB and mine is less than it??

        Actually i was going to put mine and Mishal’s pic together❤? so was continuously trying to change but it wasnt getting uploaded?
        Will try decreasing the size.

        I know “Vitharv” picture is beautiful but you can understand mine and Mishal’s will be just amazing… hahaha?????

      2. Areeb

        Okay. ? Yes the edited pictures are mostly small sized, most probably in KBs . I was too having many pictures that I had edited but they were in KBs though I try hard to increase the size but was in vain. ?

      3. Arshdeep

        But now it isnt uploading a simple pic also… Exhausted exhausted??

        Let it be Vitharv only??

  20. I have seen Parshya,s mother in two shows ,one as mother positive role ,other as sister in “Gangaa” creating misunderstandings among family members of her sister,s house ,……we have to bear all these for few weeks until Viplav came back.

  21. A very sad news .. Mishal was the life of ikrs .. he gave life to viplav first they changed dhani but we accepted that now they think we will accept anyone as viplav .. no we will not, we are not fools, they don’t care about what viewers want what viewers loved .. Film farm and colors tv disappointed us alot .. they always did injustice with ikrs we tolerate each and everything but we can’t bear anymore .. If film farm have guts they should stop mishal from quitting but no they love their ego .. Ok fine let’s see who will watch ikrs without mishal. Now if the show gets over or the time slot changes or if they will show any crap … I don’t care because not only i we all were watching this serial for Mishal Raheja… Now when he is quitting then no means of watching it further.. the day after leap we did’nt see mishal laughing whole heartedly because of that cheap cvs..
    Now no excitement left for ikrs no excitement left for 5:30 pm everything is over
    Thank u Mishal for giving viplav tripathy,the best ever character on TV.My admiration & respect for u is not enough to praise u. U r extremely talented & very honest person which is the best quality in u.we love u the way u are. Still the reason is not clear but I am happy that u took the right decision. U deserve better & the best. Wish u all the best for a brighter future.. U are a rockstar nobody can take ur place .. we love u aloooot… still I hope u will stay in this drama because I want to watch u till end but my all desires are finished
    It was the first hindi serial which I watched from 1st episode till now because of u mishal, I will miss u alot please come back with a new serial we all are waiting for u :-*
    Big big hugs for u 🙂
    I will comment often from now on because of my lovely family but not for this serial Thank u H Hassan mam for the beautiful updates .. may u get many many more in ur life love u alot for ur efforts..
    Mishal Raheja is the best ..

    1. Harika

      Me too maha……… it was the first hindi serial I watched from starting…… only because of mishal acting……..
      For me ikrs is ended…
      BUt I am silently reding all our comments when I am free..
      Can’t imagine anyone in place of viplav…..
      I hate colors….
      I wish mishal will get back soon on television…….

      1. Renuverma

        Hi gautham don’t get disheartened. I am still optimistic.

  22. Nima

    Hlw Arshi, good morning I’m here only for you dear. No Mishal No ikrs :'(
    Bt still hoping Mishal jaldi wapis aa jaye onscreen taki hum rose unko dekh sake 🙂

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey Nima?
      Same here. No Mishal no IKRS..??
      Pata nhi usko daily dekhe bina kese rahenge hum sab?? Aadat si lag gayi h uski smile ki?

  23. Nima

    And what happened on this TU everytime server has down 🙁

    1. Areeb

      Yes. ? Every time I’m browsing the site it says try after sometime.

    2. Arshdeep

      Maybe they are making some new changes.?

  24. Good morning

    1. Arshdeep

      Good afternoon jasmine?

  25. The conversation in between Kamini and Dhaani is very good, now Dhaani will realise how stupid she is in regard to Parshya ,she her self told how much she loves Viplav to Parshya ,so there may be good episodes in coming future until Viplav comes from his rest .Now Dulaari also knows her mistake regarding her behaviour to her husband ,

  26. Bad news mishal k bina ikrs an koi nhi dekhega
    Or TRP badhne ka ab bhul jao chenal walo.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi jasmine. I feel mishal would be there.

  27. When Dhaani take Parshya,s mother to his room iam astonished to see such a big room with decorations ,but how he take loans from other goons to celebrate vidha birthday,and that Dhaani cleared loan with her bangles ( may the bangles given by Viplav) the blankets on the cot of Parshya room may be again Viplav,s old ones.

  28. Areeb

    Morning Morning Morning. ??

    All charged up for today’s episode. With my hopes HIGH HIGH.. expecting a good show with some sensible scenes. Hoping to see Mishal. ❤

    P.s. After many days I got up in morning otherwise would be sleeping till 2 pm. ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Omg 2 pm??

      When will my turn come to sleep till 2?????

      1. Areeb

        Abhi tou Nanu ke ghar ayashi chal rahi hai warna apnay ghar me to tight routine follow karty hen. ?

      2. Arshdeep

        Haha okay??

  29. mishal is quieting the show…

  30. Arshdeep, darling just read your posts and you made me cry,a beautiful comment ,I’m in mourning for my lovely Viplav ,as well.I’m upset at the way things have turned out.
    Love to all of you on TU.???????????????
    I’m going to keep watching for a while and see what happens.?????

    1. Arshdeep

      Aww Thank you? Love you loads??

      No intentions to make you cry but i know we all loved him dearly that his departure makes us cry..?

      I cant watch but will keep reading updates for a while.

  31. Hello fans of Viplav today in Fb there is a hot topic whether the name of father in passport is necessary,because he abounded us……..our Dhaani also said the same and she did not mention Viplav,s name in school admission of her daughter ,but I have a doubt,how a child come to this world without father and mother, it is supported by Ministry of women welfare……there are so many like Dhaani in this society..

    1. Renuverma

      Ya saraswathiji had seen this article in paper yesterday. Infact that girl claims that kn knowing its a girl hir father had left leaving the mother daughter. Every coin has 2 sides. They have told their side n earned sympathy from maneka gandhi n ministry. But who knows the other side as in our IKRS. COMING TO YR POST I THINK THAT HOWEVER BITTER N STRAIN THE RELATION IS IN BETWEEN THE COUPLE BUT THEY SHOULD COMPROMISE FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR CHILD . ELSE THE CHILD HAS TO FACE SOCIAL STIGMA OF SINGLE PARENTING N LACKS DEVELOPMENT. EVEN IF ITS A DIVORCE THEN TOO BOTH PARENTS HAVE AN EQUAL R8GHT ON CHILD N ITS NOT JUSTIFIED IF ONLY EITHER OF THEM THINKS TO OWN 100% RIGHTS TO AN EXTENT THAT HE OE SHE WANTS THE OTHER NAME TO BE WIPED OFF FRON ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS. RIDICULOUS IS ALL I CAN SAY.

  32. Sujie

    Hello everyone…. Read all your comments …… And was eager to express my views too…
    Let me pour my heart out….
    I had no idea Mishal would be my favourite all of a sudden…. I did not have any even a single glimpse of Mishal would make me happy like nothing else….. Thanks to those episodes of IKRS…
    Mishal Raheja….. I love you…..more than loving you…. I respect you…..You didn’t only played the character Viplav…. You lived the role of Viplav…. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role of Viplav…. I had know idea IKRS would be my fav serial one day…..
    The chemistry with Eisha… Those sparkling eyes….telling so many things….. That charisma ………love you Mishal for making me respect you…. Your personality… Your dedication….your honesty…. I am glad that I am your die hard fan and no regrets for that …….
    Today…I am praying so that I don’t have to see the end of Viplav ……. I don’t want Mishal to leave the show because he is the soul of the show…..

  33. Sujie

    Coming to Viplav….. Everytime he supported Dhaani… times their love was tested….. But they emerged victorious ….
    In any other typical serial….we can witness wife being questioned by husband every single time without trusting them… Then came Viplav with his immense trust on Dhaani….he never doubted her…… This was one of the reasons we love Viplav….. Ultimately our love for Mishal also increased…
    The episodes were bringing totally unexpected twist from last few days ……..thanks to our talented makers……. ?
    Eisha left the show….because makers could not agree to her demand… Her demand was just a change in plot…. She wanted the plot not to make her mother….. Makers could not agree…and Eisha left….. We were upset Like this that time also….. But we kept hoping something good because Mishal was still there…..
    We adapted ourselves to watch a new Dhaani….started liking Sanjeeda…. No hard feelings for her though…
    Now…. Mishal is also leaving ….. Its a huge loss for the show….and I bet makers won’t even regret a bit because their ego gets hurt…. HATE MAKERS FOR THIS…
    Till we do not watch next episode….we can only pray Mishal is in the show… Fingers crossed….eyes closed….praying from heart …..
    But if he is not shown as Viplav anymore…the. Our hopes are gonna be shattered …and no one will notice …because it’s all done…….

    Viplav tried so hard to convince Dhaani…but he is tired now…so tired….. That precap is still moving on my mind…and that slap to Kaamini by Dhaani…. Only one question ……could you not slap her 5 years back…..agar 5 saal Pehle hee you had slapped her toh story would have been different….
    No more words….sorry for long post…but I’m lost …..totally ??????????

    1. Renuverma


      1. Harika

        I tweeted him so many times renu mam……..

  34. hii everyone….why is mishal leaving. is this news true…. sorry will not b able to reply to u all .little busy……just now got some time…so i thougt of posting a comment….will mss u alll……..luv u????????????

    1. Renuverma

      Hi geni congrats for yr marriage dear. Wish u a happy married life. Bless u.

  35. Arshi di.. U r back.. U deactivated ur fb.. Uh???

    Geni chechi.. Wishing u a happy married ? life…

    Yesterday’s episode was quite bad.. Yup was nt much bad… I love vidha in tat black dress ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Just for a day
      Yep fb deactivated hai

  36. Hi ikrs first day at my new college was super..i got new frnds…arshi u are back…good to read your comments again..good luck for your exams..

    1. Harika

      congrats molu….
      enjoy our college life

      1. Harika

        sry your*

    2. Arshdeep

      Thank you molu?

  37. Viplav is taking rest some where do not worry he will come back to IKRS

    1. Areeb

      Hope so!!

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