Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi starts..! Dhaani sees Trip and KT..!! she leaves…! KT and Trip look at the tree she was hiding behind..!!
Vip thinks about Dhaani, he calls her..!

Call doesn’t get connected. Dadi comes and says Vip to call later. Dhaani finds laq on KT’s saree in ashram..!
Vip makes space in his wardrobe for Dhaani’s clothes.Kt in ashram..!
Dhaani brings halwa for KT..!

KT says she has vrat! Dhaani keeps the bowl there and KT wonders if Dhaani added something in it..!
Vip has called bandwaale..!! Vip with Dadi, he says its my shaadi. he wants the best band. Dadi asks about the wedding date. He says to ask about it to her bahu..!

KT is in ashram..! Dhaani brings laq in a big vessel and keeps it under her bed says it will be safe if KT guards it..

KT’s hand is trembling…she seems to be afraid or maybe she is acting..!!
Dhaani says i know u are troubled as from the time u came here there are so many problems..!!

Dhaani notices the so-called secret door.
KT in mandir, Dhaani comes there. KT is trembling. Dhaani looks at the bell. KT asks her about looking at the bell.

Dhaani says the bell may fall down.

Dhaani drags KT as the bell falls. Says no one has cut it, and its a small bell not like the big bell that fell on Vip.
KT is afraid of Dhaani and thinks to leave ashram. She goes away to ashram. Dhaani comes there. Kt asks her about whats in her mind.
KT says whats going on with this bell, halwa and fire. Dhaani says she didn’t talk anything about fire.
Dhaani confronts KT, says she knows everything.

Dhaani says…bas! choti malkin…! she says that she won’t allow KT to destroy her ashram. And says she(KT) took help of TP and got inside ashram through back door..!

Dhaani asks her the answers about everything…! KT pushed Dhaani..! that chudael..! dhaani fell down.

KT confesses and said she did all this..!

Precap- Dhaani said she will reveal all this to Vip. KT stops her. Dhaani says she will leave Vip’s life but before that she will reveal everything about the aag kaand. Vip comes there and asks-“Maa, Dhaani kya nahin keh payegi?”

Update Credit to: Spreeti98


  1. ArShi

    Well done Dhaani. ….If I was Dhaani, I also leave Viplav. Viplav is only Dhaani’s love nd ashram is like her house. Girls like as Dhaani will sacrifice own happiness for others. Bt she prpmised Viplav too. Nd if Viplav dn’t trust her thn it’ll easy fr Dhaani to leave Viplav.

  2. Meghs

    Too disappointed spoilers of this week..
    Dhani will came to know about kanak truth …

    Dhani & kanak reach temple. there is big confrontation between them…
    dhani remind her how bigball was made to fall to kill her. …she also reminds kanak about poisonous halwa. .
    kanak get worried her plan no longer hidden from dhani..
    dhani realises tp & kanak join hands to seperate vidhani …
    she confronts kanak for her bad deeds & plotting she did to ruin her love with viplav..

    kanak gets furious & confess all crimes she did against dhani… She tells dhani she wants her to be away from viplav…
    viplav reaches them at last moment he didn’t heared their confrontation …
    so kanak easily starts to manipulate matter.
    kanak tells dhani suspecting kanak to have affair with tp…
    dhani gets shocked along with viplav …. viplav gets hugely disappoint with dhani & ask her to apologize kanak…

  3. SARAS

    as per spoiler n trishakti promo. tomn misunderstanding. ..

    dhani when u know kanak has done all that what’s the need to all her only?
    dhani tumto bachi ho..

  4. SARAS

    good morning friends. .
    Don’t hit me.. but from two days I m feeling dhani should tell vip if he doesn’t trust her.. leave her n be v with his lovely mom n dadaji n chacha..
    dhani can live her life with self respect. .
    idiot viplav how can b he believe his mom’s crocodile tears?

    • Louella

      Ya saras mam. If viplav doesn’t trust her then why is he marrying her. Viplav first u decide whether u want dhaani or ur mom. And dhaani u should also bring one proof against kanak and give to ur vakil Babu. Then let’s see if viplav will trust u or not.

    • Rajee

      Good morning Sara!!!! In frustrated mood!!! Hi hi hi hi….watch some good vidha moments like me! It may help..haan..
      Guys! Vote 4 mishal,eisha & vidha in cgpa but take note that only 100 votes allowed per id..
      Thanx 4 the update spreeti98!
      Bye to all.. Have a grt day!!!

    • SARAS

      oh akshay. . sad to hear u had to mix oil in water.. was it thick castro oil or refined oil??? u know refined oil is easy to mix .. hahaha. . anyways its good you tried ur best. ..

      study well for next exam..

      siri is much better. . she is able to walk with support .. she is enjoying watching tv n ipad whole day as she is not mobile. …

  5. saranya

    Dhani,viplav always supported you but this is the time to show his real support if he genuinely believes you.if it happends otherwise then no need to complete this relation as basic foundation of a relation is trust.but don’t give up until u prove your innocence.but after that u should tell him”u didn’ believed my words,u don’t have trust in me then what’s the need of relation b/w us.u hurted me a lot”.but don’ forget to give him a second chance because,a son can’t disbelieve a mother.more than a daughter a son is attached to mother.she is a mirror through which he sees the world,so how can a son easily disbelieve mother by forgetting this sacred relation b/w them.and about vipu he is a straightforward guy.he is not aware of his mother’s deeds.and no son can bear hearing an illegal relation of u should give him a second chance.

  6. Omg wat happen to hasanji .there is no ur update.pls take care sir.
    Hi my dear ikrs saranya,kaviya,shri,sonu,sujie,Sara,swara,
    jyothi,arshi, joyee,br,Anne,akshay,
    Raj,Louella and all my frnds a very gud
    Mrg to u all and have luvly day.take care.

  7. Hi guys wat happened to u all so many of members of our ikrs r not commenting guys pls give ur valuable comments at least one for day. We Mis u guys.especially
    Kaviya, shri,br mam,AM,MM and all others pls come on to this page we really Mis u all.

  8. Hi saranya,br,Anne,Sara,swara,sonu,sujie,
    Joyee,sabita, rahul,purple,rajee,raj,AM,MM,
    Jyothi,divya,kaviya, shri ,ahana,zea,and all my ikrs frnds gud mrg to u all.have a luvly day take care.??☕☕☕?????

  9. saranya

    Viplav is making space for Dhani’s clothes.whenever these over expectations happened many wrong things also happened.this is natural over expectation is not good for anyone as it can lead us to a disappoinment.

  10. #reZmie

    I wish if dhaani was a bit advanced dat she had used a pockect cam recorded kanaks confession..

    《This is to purple di
    First of all.. wid a huge hug lemme tell u from bottom of ma heart…
    “Get well soon dear”..
    i deeply got hurt wen saranya tld abt u… i realise hw much i love dis ikrs family.. its a new realisation for me…may its bcuz i dont use to b social in social media so its a rare thing for me conversing wid d ones whom i hav neva seen am not using watsapp and fb..
    Nywayz ..purple,
    if i c u directly i wanna give a !tuck! on ur head as a sister for ur bakwas.. -such a posessive gal..-..jeej(rahul ) takee care of her..i knw u r doing dat…
    Nd elders.. plz dont hit me c-ing ma comment during exam time.. 😛

    • gothel

      Wot foolishness.. !!! Such a boring serial and such a boring ppl.. commnting..
      I used b a silent reader of dis serial.. hopefully waiting for sumthing interesting…and nothing yet still blo*dy drama..
      Nd wot all things do u comment here.. check d above.. a girl tried to attempt suicide to mourn dat many unseen siblings wat a foolishness.. !! May be u r soo sad at her condition wot can a cmmnt do wid dat… nd c der is not a single rply for dis commnt of urs is d reality.. no1 liked it or doesnt believe in such sentiments.. i really dont care wether it hurts u or not..
      See.. all these r too much to digest a suicide attempt mourning sis..

      • SARAS

        Please gothel use ur time n effort in something good n useful not educating us. .thanjs for your concern for our ikrs serial’s n family’s betterment. ..

      • Sujie

        hey gothel….. one Question for you…. if you don’t like IKRS then why the hell are you reading the update and comments…get away…sit back dude…. don’t try to be an attention seeker!!!

    • gothel

      Wot nonsense is dis?.. i feel like laughing.. am a silent reader of dis serial and ur comments .wot nonsense r dey showing in dis serial nd wotoll nonsenses are uall commnting ..
      Bigger drama dan d serial is going on through ur comments!!
      Sum1 trying to suicide nd to mourn dat many unseen sisters and brothers.. Rubbish..see d above commnt not a single rply for dis .. dat means no1liked ur commnt . Rezmie and all the other…are uall in a fantasy world ..? WOT A DRAMATIC PEOPLE ARE YOUALL.. !!

      • ahana

        we did not regard this to you and what buisness you have to comment bad on anyone… we don’t want a horrible set of critics who don’t understand the bonding between our IKRS family…..and don’t you dare talk about anyone like that…….
        hope you understood this gothel……If u want to talk ill about us then THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO SO…… SAMJHE KI SAMJHAYEN ….HUH!!!!!

      • raj

        u GOTHEL aka VIRUS…. 1o nimishathukulla virus ellam vandikulla irukkanu,, vandi inda forum vitte velila irukkanu…..
        ( virus, should be in the vehical in 10 mins… and the vehical should be out from this forum )
        – from kaththi movie vijay’s punch dialogue-
        ( sry 4 the translation )

      • Meghs

        Gothel don’t need to be so harsh .U think we r dramatic well u know how it feels if someone become close to us tried to end her life…. We will broken n be sad its not drama… We care for them even if didnot see…
        U know something seeing people is not necessary people here r like family … We love n respect each other it may be dratic to u … If u really care others u don’t say like this…. Humanbeings usually be sad if others getting hurt its quite common …
        But wt do some people r so selfish they don’t think about others. .

        If u feel it dramatic never ever comment here we all r not fool like some people who really don’t care for others ….

  11. Louella

    Hi sAnidhaaranya, Saras mam, kavitha, renu, sabita, meghs, marees, akshay, raj, rajee, rahul bhaiya, purple di, zea, swara, AM, MM, shri, br mam, arshi, ahana, aish, anisha, kaviya, Anne, Florentina Moldovan, sonu and all my ikrs dear friends. Good morning and have a joyful day!

  12. sandy

    I saw a location video kanak tells shallu that aaj humane viplav ki Jindgi dhani k naam ko humesha k liye meta diya hai viplav sun leta hai kanak ki ye baat..

  13. Louella

    Hi friends I m in a very happy mood as today and tomorrow is a school holiday for me. So I can comment as much as I can. But now I have to complete my homework. So bye friends I will come after I finish my homework. Till then post lovely comments for me to read so that after I come I can also post lovely comments like u all. Bye

  14. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    As I was little busy yesterday, I could not post any comments… I read the updates and spoilers and guessed that this week might be little tough…. So I decided to watch all those old episodes of IKRS showing Viplav’s stay in the ashram and ViDhaani in Sarla Kaaki’s house…. I am repeatedly watching that 10 11th September episode….. and 18th december episode too… watched that love confession episode too….. I realised those episodes had a different mesmerizing feeling in them… today also they give goosebumps….. OMG ..whenever I get bored by the ongoing track , those episodes are best treat for me…..
    And one more thing voted for MIshal aka Viplav as best actor
    Eisha aka Dhaani for rising star
    ViDhaani aka MiEisha as Best jodi ….do keep voting friends for GPA…..

    I also watched some wonderful scenes from LOVE STORY … and nowadays I am addicted to the song Teri Yaadein of Love Story 🙂 I am in love with this song..especially the male version…. my friends you will feel good …..
    Bye friends …will comment more later…
    love you all….

    • I also watch those episodes sujie daily. those r sleeping pills for me if I can’t watch I didn’t get sleep also.really those episodes r epic of our ikrs.I don’t know y now because of continuous kanaks sadist behaviour the show was changed into some cid track.always same track will also gets bore that’s y our directors has idea of three months luv story,three months cid story,three months tragedy story like that they would planned so we can watch all masala of ikrs.any how our ikrs is always best, best,best…..

  15. Sujie

    I really wished Dhaani or someone else had recorded safed bhootni’s confession….. and that Swaha gang’s activity should have been recorded as well…I really wish this happens….so that when Viplav gets annoyed with Dhaani for blaming his mother, Dhaani could have shown it and we could have hooted
    Dhaani rocked !! Kanak shocked!!!
    what say friends???

  16. SARAS

    good morning all. .

    siri is much better with support sge is able to walk. .
    sge is having great time watching tv n ipad.. as I also don’t say anything as sge cannot move around. . These kids are so funny n lovely. .
    Thank you all for the concern n wishes. .

    • Rajee

      Sujie I was watching mahamaitri episode & ahem ahem…kiss wala scene…lol…
      Eisha’s drunk acting was fantastic,specially when she got upset on vipu 4 calling her shikayati pudiya… aww…it was so cute!!!
      In that dream sequence too Dhani’s expression was perfect..
      Yesterday I cud watch only 2nd part & it was fun to watch a scared kanak…precap & spoiler not at all interesting… So may or may not comment today anymore..

  17. saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,BRmam,joyee
    And all my family.

  18. saranya

    thapki replaced retelecast of IKRS at 10.30am.what’s this guys?what is colors doing?once again they showed their partiality.i am really upset.

  19. saranya

    Wow,Viplav hears kanak’s conversation with Shalu.superb.thanks writers.but pls don’t agian start kanak’s drama to manipulate everything.we don’t want a mu b/w vidhani.pls.

  20. Today’s my friends HSC 12 BOARD exams are started .
    So yesterday I was busy giving him some tips and tricks of how to crack the exam and bit of teaching also .
    And after teaching him ,I came to conclusion that teaching (specially boys) is a headache? ?

    • How were ur exams bro, missing u all alot. Busy with preparation.
      Anyway have a great day guys
      Totally mood off with IKRS track this Kanak is just disgusting.
      Bye take care guys.?????

  21. Hi Sara happy to hear that siri was enjoying her holiday.but u take care of her if she moves her ankle unknowingly she will be hurted again o be careful and take care of luvly siri.convey My sweet hugs to my sweet siri.

  22. Ya I agree with u sujie dhaani can keep a can with her to record pathalis confession. But I think that is not enough to prove her character is wrong.
    Like sandy said viplav must see n know directly that his mother was how cunning in her character n how she played a stupid role to split vidhaani.then only he realise how dhaani is pure in her character.

  23. saranya

    Kanak attends interview in canteen
    Owner: pls be seated&what’s ur name?
    K:kanak aka kanak shambu aka kanak shambu tripathi aka kanak tripathi
    O:what!!!ok what’s your qualification?
    K:MA BF
    O:u are a graduate in MA then why this job?
    K:oh,MA BF means Matriculation Applied But Failed,samje ya samjao
    O:then show me a demo of how to make a tea(she asks 4 a match stick)
    O:what is it!
    K:u told me to make ‘T’,so i made it with match stick,if it was with pearls it will be colourful.
    O:u stupid,can u make atleast a bullseye?
    K:of course but give some sleeping pills
    K:ya,so that i can make bull sleep fast&take its eye otherwise it will be a bit difficult.
    O:u idiotttttt.get out with ur nerolac buckettttttttt.

  24. Guys wat happened to hassanji update was in another name is she alright.pls hasanji take care.
    OK guys my mobile battery was low so catch u later in evg.bye frnds.

  25. saranya

    @Akshay i am also taking tutions.u know i have a bunch of crazy students.they are regular in class but their only intention is doing the christmas eve they brought gifts to fellow students. They brought rotten vegetables,waste papers,empty boxes,and the most impt thing dead cockroaches and lizard.thank God they spared me but i really enjoy their pranks and u know they brought me a bunch of beautiful flowers at my birthday.they are very good at heart and they taught me the innocent beauty of life. Childhood is really an experience.

  26. saranya

    Sincerely saying hasan ji’s update is more beautiful,clear and simple.i am used to it.what happened to hasan ji?

  27. saranya

    Oh my God in trisakthi promo they said that tmrw VIDHANI IS GETTING MARRIED.i am really excited.what is going to happend.OMG i can’t wait for tmrw.

  28. Louella

    Saras mam u had told me to call u by ur name but I can’t control myself from calling u madam. So I will call u mam is it ok for u? And u had told that after doing homework I have to study. So I m going to study now ok saras mam.

    • SARAS

      sure dear call me with what ever u want to call. ..
      very nice u r going to study. . good girl. .love you dear. .

  29. prachi

    Gothel if u don’t know anything den don’t comment her lyk a dumb,if u r nt interested den who complled u watch dis. Show ,der r many shiw go n watch dem,why u comment here.we don’t invite u to comment here n we don’t need ur certificate for did GRP,better u stay out of here

  30. Louella

    Hey saras mam happy to know that siri is now ok. Convey my regards to her as she is like my younger sister

  31. Rajee

    Guys! My mood is totally off. I need a break . Thank u all for a wonderful time here & forgive me if my comments hurt to any of u. I don’t have a bitter feeling 4 anyone. I hope IKRS runs successfully & will leave a strong impression in the mind of all its viewers. All the best to ikrs team & all my friends here.. With a heavy heart I am leaving from here.. Bye…miss u all & love u all!!!

  32. Guys I also came to know thtuogh FB that vidhaani r going to marry.but don’t know when it was.iam also eagerly waiting for their marriage only.

  33. Anne

    I think the only thing wrong with Viplav is that he’s a man! Men don’t think like females,they see everything in black and white ,women have a better picture of the whole issue AND are more sensitive to emotions.I know you can’t speak for all,but men can be a bit blind to issues of the heart.Anyone agree? And sons can worship their mothers even if she’s horrible.?x

    • SARAS

      good analysis anne…

      one more thing I wanted to share is ..
      These men however good they r sometimes make us feel really like a third person… its not that they don’t understand is goodwill towards his family but they act like that..
      I felt they have really shown how men behave (after that fire incident)..

      I wanted to write it from that day but missed out. .

  34. Hi gothel I think u got jealous of our family so u said like this.see if u also want to join our family u can join .but don’t try to imitate our ikrs show n family. So its better to u don’t come in our way.pls u can leave this page respectfully.

  35. saranya

    @Rajee don’t leave yaar.we will really miss u.pls.we will miss your poetry.we will miss your funny comments.take a break but come today evening itself.pls

  36. sandy

    New spoiler update. Well Dhaani who has been unaware about her would-be mother-in-law, Kanak’ cunning planning and plotting, has finally come face to face with the truth. And, we hear that the courageous soul will confront Kanak about the same.
    A source shares, “Infuriated with Kanak’s attempt to stop Viplav’s (Mishal Raheja) marriage with her, Dhaani will confront Kanak. Upon sensing that Dhaani will disclose the truth to Viplav soon; she will blame Dhaani for suspecting an illegitimate affair between Kanak and Tripurari (Dakssh Ajit Singh)”.
    Such allegations will enrage Viplav and he will be disheartened with Dhaani’s behaviour. Viplav will also ask Dhaani to apologize to Kanak for misbehaving with her. Even Dhaani will be shocked with such allegations on her.
    Doesn’t it seem that the cold war between this saas-bahu duo is indeed taking a nasty turn?

    • SARAS

      depends anne… sometimes they will telecast it next day or if they have content for few days it can be telecasted after a week too..

      so far in ikrs they don’t seem to have so much buffer it gets telecasted within a day or two…

      • Anne

        Good Lord! Not much time between! Here they film about 6-8 weeks in advance so they have a good buffer. BTW,our soaps NEVER end, our oldest soap started in 1962 and the only original actor left in it started as a young man and is now in his 80,s.!!

  37. SARAS

    rajee please reply back. .
    @sonu.. dear where are u y have become eid ka chaand these days. .
    you appear once in a while-:((

  38. Louella

    Hey rajee plz come back for ur ikrs family and for ur little princess. If u r reading our comments then u have to reply or ur princess will get angry on u

  39. Louella

    Hi friends. I m back. I think have forgotten about our hms especially our principal mam. Ab hum kya kare. School bandh kar de kya? Principal mam aapka kya kehna hai.

  40. Rajee

    Dhentenen….again I am back…I can never get angry on ikrs family…i am upset with the new virus in the block. How can it insult us?who gave this right to it? Its very disturbing yaar….but I am overwhelmed by all of ur concern. Now that virus will make fun of this also…disgusting…
    Keep commenting. Love u all…

  41. Subashini

    Hi, everyone…. Now our story is in the right track but I think saying the truth to viplav will be a mess…

  42. Meghs

    @ gothel… U said na y we care for purple who tried suicide without even seeing or knowing her …. I know something this ikrs is like family …. N in family if elder sis get hrt we will care….
    Family tretment is not a drama it may u think as dramatic the fact is that humanbeings with kind hearted will surely get hrt seeing other hrt even they r not related to us…

    Family is not only made blood its by heart…. Heart make us emotional knowing someone illness or something …. If i tell u start about truth value for our feeling it become lecture ….

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