Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi starts..! Dhaani sees Trip and KT..!! she leaves…! KT and Trip look at the tree she was hiding behind..!!
Vip thinks about Dhaani, he calls her..!

Call doesn’t get connected. Dadi comes and says Vip to call later. Dhaani finds laq on KT’s saree in ashram..!
Vip makes space in his wardrobe for Dhaani’s clothes.Kt in ashram..!
Dhaani brings halwa for KT..!

KT says she has vrat! Dhaani keeps the bowl there and KT wonders if Dhaani added something in it..!
Vip has called bandwaale..!! Vip with Dadi, he says its my shaadi. he wants the best band. Dadi asks about the wedding date. He says to ask about it to her bahu..!

KT is in ashram..! Dhaani brings laq in a big vessel and keeps it under her bed says it will be safe if KT guards it..

KT’s hand is trembling…she seems to be afraid or maybe she is acting..!!
Dhaani says i know u are troubled as from the time u came here there are so many problems..!!

Dhaani notices the so-called secret door.
KT in mandir, Dhaani comes there. KT is trembling. Dhaani looks at the bell. KT asks her about looking at the bell.

Dhaani says the bell may fall down.

Dhaani drags KT as the bell falls. Says no one has cut it, and its a small bell not like the big bell that fell on Vip.
KT is afraid of Dhaani and thinks to leave ashram. She goes away to ashram. Dhaani comes there. Kt asks her about whats in her mind.
KT says whats going on with this bell, halwa and fire. Dhaani says she didn’t talk anything about fire.
Dhaani confronts KT, says she knows everything.

Dhaani says…bas! choti malkin…! she says that she won’t allow KT to destroy her ashram. And says she(KT) took help of TP and got inside ashram through back door..!

Dhaani asks her the answers about everything…! KT pushed Dhaani..! that chudael..! dhaani fell down.

KT confesses and said she did all this..!

Precap- Dhaani said she will reveal all this to Vip. KT stops her. Dhaani says she will leave Vip’s life but before that she will reveal everything about the aag kaand. Vip comes there and asks-“Maa, Dhaani kya nahin keh payegi?”

Update Credit to: Spreeti98

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  7. Guys I also came to know thtuogh FB that vidhaani r going to marry.but don’t know when it was.iam also eagerly waiting for their marriage only.

  8. I think the only thing wrong with Viplav is that he’s a man! Men don’t think like females,they see everything in black and white ,women have a better picture of the whole issue AND are more sensitive to emotions.I know you can’t speak for all,but men can be a bit blind to issues of the heart.Anyone agree? And sons can worship their mothers even if she’s horrible.?x

    1. good analysis anne…

      one more thing I wanted to share is ..
      These men however good they r sometimes make us feel really like a third person… its not that they don’t understand is goodwill towards his family but they act like that..
      I felt they have really shown how men behave (after that fire incident)..

      I wanted to write it from that day but missed out. .

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  14. New spoiler update. Well Dhaani who has been unaware about her would-be mother-in-law, Kanak’ cunning planning and plotting, has finally come face to face with the truth. And, we hear that the courageous soul will confront Kanak about the same.
    A source shares, “Infuriated with Kanak’s attempt to stop Viplav’s (Mishal Raheja) marriage with her, Dhaani will confront Kanak. Upon sensing that Dhaani will disclose the truth to Viplav soon; she will blame Dhaani for suspecting an illegitimate affair between Kanak and Tripurari (Dakssh Ajit Singh)”.
    Such allegations will enrage Viplav and he will be disheartened with Dhaani’s behaviour. Viplav will also ask Dhaani to apologize to Kanak for misbehaving with her. Even Dhaani will be shocked with such allegations on her.
    Doesn’t it seem that the cold war between this saas-bahu duo is indeed taking a nasty turn?

  15. Does anyone know the time taken between filming an episode and it being broadcast??

    1. depends anne… sometimes they will telecast it next day or if they have content for few days it can be telecasted after a week too..

      so far in ikrs they don’t seem to have so much buffer it gets telecasted within a day or two…

      1. Good Lord! Not much time between! Here they film about 6-8 weeks in advance so they have a good buffer. BTW,our soaps NEVER end, our oldest soap started in 1962 and the only original actor left in it started as a young man and is now in his 80,s.!!

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  21. Hi, everyone…. Now our story is in the right track but I think saying the truth to viplav will be a mess…

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  23. @ gothel… U said na y we care for purple who tried suicide without even seeing or knowing her …. I know something this ikrs is like family …. N in family if elder sis get hrt we will care….
    Family tretment is not a drama it may u think as dramatic the fact is that humanbeings with kind hearted will surely get hrt seeing other hrt even they r not related to us…

    Family is not only made blood its by heart…. Heart make us emotional knowing someone illness or something …. If i tell u start about truth value for our feeling it become lecture ….

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