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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Kamini to lets go. Kamini asks Atharva to come. Atharva refuses. Viplav says it is okay, I will take him. Kamini says okay, and goes. Viplav smiles, and turns to talk to Parshiya and Dhaani. He tells them that Kamini is very much jealous, and says our plan is working. He says I will leave before that witch ruins our plan. Parshiya asks Viplav not to take tension and says we will handle. Viplav asks them to come on time and goes to Kamini. Kamini says I did a mistake by bringing you here forcibly. He says Dhaani was talking to you very rudely. Viplav says these people are like this only. He says now we will think about you and me…He says there is no Dhaani in between you, just you, me and Atharva. He says we have to think about our lives and bring those

5 years back. He says lets go and celebrate. Kamini falls in his trap. Dhaani and Parshiya looks on. Dhaani says everything is happening as per our plan.

Dhaani calls some women and asks them to come. Parshiya says I will explain what to do. Kamini and Viplav come back to hotel room. Kamini says finally….I am so have accepted me and new relation will start between us. She places her head on his shoulder. Viplav moves and says yes, you said right, our new relation will begin. He says what is the hurry and says entire live is left. He comes to the window and signs at Dhaani and Parshiya who are standing out. Kamini says you said right. Viplav says I have never seen you so closely and never talked to you. He asks her to change her clothes, and says we will sit and talk. Kamini gets glad and goes to change her clothes fast.

She comes to the room. Electricity goes off. She thinks it went now. Just then she sees widow women behind her in the mirror and gets shocked. She turns and sees widows standing with veil on their faces. She asks who are you? Widow says whom you have burnt alive…Kamini is shocked. Widow says we are Ashram ladies whom you have burnt alive. They say we will take revenge. Kamini is shocked and shouts Viplav. She runs to him and says ghosts are here. Viplav laughs and says ghosts. He says I know you are tensed are freaking me out. Kamini says yes ghost…those Ashram widows will kill me. She says I am not joking. He says are you mad? Why Ashram women come to you. He says you can’t kill even a housefly? Kamini says just because I have done bad…Viplav asks what? She realizes what she said and says someone is taking revenge of previous birth. Dhaani and Parshiya laugh seeing Kamini is scared. White sarees women come to Dhaani and Parshiya. Viplav tells Kamini that her mind is getting mad, and says you are just imagining things. He asks why did you light the candles. Kamini says light went off, so I lighted the candle. Viplav says light is on, I have switched it on. Kamini looks on.

Viplav says we are in Mumbai, not in Banaras. He says if we have been in Banaras then light might have gone. He says there are generators here. He asks why you are missing Banaras. Kamini says because it happened in Banaras. She says those widow women think that I have killed them. She says they think me murderer and will kill me. Viplav says why on earth will someone think that you are a murderer. Kamini says because I have killed them…Viplav acts to be shocked and asks her to continue. He asks did you kill them? Kamini says I don’t know what is wrong with me..She says I think I am getting mad and asks him to save her. Viplav asks her to calm down and says I won’t let anything happen to you, just relax. He thinks until you accepts your crime, we won’t be at peace. He thinks now see what will happen with you. Kamini is worried. Viplav asks her to relax her mind, and says if you couldn’t forget anything then I will take you to psychiatrist. Kamini says am I mad? She refuses to go. Viplav says psychiatrist will help you in dealing with this. He asks her to sleep and gives some medicine. He says you will feel fresh in the morning.

Dhaani tells Parshiya that Kamini couldn’t sleep tonight. Parshiya says let her sleep tonight on five star hotel bed, she can’t sleep in jail tomorrow. He says she has troubled you a lot, and says nobody can build their own house by breaking other’s house. Dhaani looks on. Vidha comes, calls him Papa and asks Parshiya to play with him. Dhaani says baba is tired, will play with you in the morning. Parshiya thinks it is not right for Vidha to call me Papa, and thinks he can’t snatch Viplav’s right. He thinks to do something. Dhaani asks what happened? Parshiya says you was saying that tomorrow is Viplav’s birthday. Vidha gets happy and asks Dhaani to call him, says she wants to wish him. Dhaani says he have birthday tomorrow. Vidha says I will not sleep early tonight. Dhaani says okay, we all will wish him. Vidha calls Viplav at 12 am and wishes him happy birthday. Viplav thanks her and asks to give a kiss. Vidha gives a miss. Viplav also says muah. Vidha asks for a return gift. Viplav says he has brought return gift for her and she will get happy. Vidha says okay and says my papa wants to talk to you. She gives call to Parshiya.

Parshiya wishes happy birthday to Viplav. Viplav thanks him. Parshiya says I want to give a special birthday gift to you. Viplav says no..I have you all. Parshiya says you don’t have your daughter with you. He says I want Vidha to call you Papa. Dhaani hears him and smiles. Parshiya says you will get your daughter, and this will be my special gift. Viplav says I am yearning to hear this from her and says I don’t want any gifts. He asks him to be his friend all life. Parshiya says our friendship is for forever and asks him not to be senti. He gives call to Dhaani and goes.

Dhaani wishes him happy birthday and prays for his happiness. Kamini gets up and looks for Viplav. Viplav says today I accept simple wish, but tomorrow I will take colorful and heavy kiss…Dhaani blushes and says I can’t hear your voice. She asks did you say anything. Viplav says no worries, I will repeat my words tomorrow. He says I am birthday boy, and my wish couldn’t be refused. He sees Kamini coming in mirror and asks her to make diamond necklace for his wife. He says it will be a surprise for my wife and asks not to call her. Dhaani asks if Kamini came. Viplav says yes. He cuts the call. He turns and sees Kamini standing. He asks why did you get up and takes her to room.

Dhaani sees Parshiya bringing cake. She asks why did you write happy birthday papa on the cake, and says Vidha will ask me many questions. Parshiya says I will explain to Vidha. Vidha comes there. Parshiya says I will talk to her. Dhaani thinks how will Vidha react? Will she accept that Viplav is her Papa and gets tensed.

Kamini looks for Viplav and thinks if he went to Dhaani. She comes to Basti. Viplav and Dhaani are seen in her house, and doing cute pillow fight. Viplav is about to get romantic with Dhaani on the bed when someone opens the door. They look on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank u saraswathi ji:-)

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    And yes….undoubtedly…… Yesterday’s episode was suuuuuuuuperb ???????
    Had not loved the CHUDAIL word soooo much before Viplav spoke it …..
    And yes…. The blunder of birthday ……chalo maaf kiya??????

  3. Yesterday episode was too good.vidha wishing bday to viplav was damn cute.excited for upcoming episodes.

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  6. hi all. .
    I wonder y dhani is hesitating to tell vidha about her papa??
    not so convinced. ..

    1. Yes Saras…she had so many chances before but she didn’t ….and now ??????

    2. Arshdeep

      She is worried how will she answers when Vidha will question why she didnt tell her earlier? And why was she ready to marry parshiya when her father was there? She will doubt her rakshas uncle as well

  7. Esh

    Hello ppl am in love with d way kamini is getting tortured

  8. Renuverma

    Rakhi is the combination of five meaningful words.
    R: rock strong relationship
    A: acceptance all along
    K: kindness to the core
    H: heartwarming presence
    I: idealistic relationship,
    Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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      Because of Twitter it’s the first time I’ve not missed rakshabandan. My mum has always reminded me but I’ve always forgotten.

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        Basically rakhi is a festival in which only a molly thread (red cotton thread tied on hands) was tied
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        No issues if u forgot to get rakhis a sa simple cotton thread cud suffice but its great that they did with bracelets.


      2. Nimisha

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        The Pokemon rakhri’s made me lol ???

        Might have red thread so will do it with that again tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

        Hope all’s well with your family Renu. Thinking of you lots. Xxx

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        Helloooo Maria! Hope you’re well too!

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  17. Hello all.
    Hope all well! So the countdown for end of the show has begun!
    Hi Areeb you asked what i thot – so I have a bitter sweet feeling about it. Sweet off course bcoz many of the things I wanted for so many months are finally happening and bitter bcoz its all going to end so soon.
    I am off course happy abt Kamini’s downfall, but wd have been happier if it happenned while she was in her full hosh o hawaas (senses i think in English) and being beaten in her own game.
    Hope there is a proper closure and not just maafi for DT/KT as – he was the main cause of Dhani being thrown out of AN and off course Kanak who was ready to kill her own grandchild.

  18. hi mishalians…..
    wish u all happy raksha bandhan…
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    renu di….saw ur comment abt the wishes to mishal and raksha bandhan….
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