Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with dhani looking at viplav from door. Fb comes to her mind where viplav asks her why people come to mandir more than one time? Does god becomes more happy by that? Dhani says who will says you are mahant’s grandson. Viplav laughs. She says not to make fun of god..not a good thing.. He says sorry. Dhani says please god give him some mind and says it is only god who rids us of all the problems. Just then she slips and viplav holds her. Viplav asks so now who saved you.. Dhani says bhagwan ji. She says for me you and gpd are same. Vippav says no no i dont want to become god. I am happy as a simple common man and says i will never leave your side. Fb ends. Dhani wipes her tears and says enough viplav now open your eyes. Look your dhani is standing here. You always say me to remain in front of your eyes. Why are you troubling your dhani. Open your eyes. You always

listen to me. She breaks into tears and goes from there.
Kanak comes and asks her why your maang is so light? It should be red. Your maang has my son’s name sindoor. Always keep it filled. She fills her maang. She says i can never accept you as my bahu but you are my son’s wife. So always fill this maang. She says maaji to tell dhani..maybe she doesnt know meaning of suhagan bit you teach her so that she never forgets the colour of sindhoor. It is not white but red. Dhani fells on her feet and ask for forgiveness. Shalu consoles dhani.
Then doctor comes and says his condition is very serious. Next 24 hours are very critical. Dt says i can give take him to big hospital if needed..can arrange special doctors..but please save him. Doctor ask him to trust god and have patience. They are trying their best.
Kanak ask DT you have seen dhaani kundli. If it has vidhwa yog in it? Is it because of that vidhwa yog that my son is in this condition? DT ask her to stop it. This is not the time to talk about all this. Dhani goes from there crying. Kanak again ask DT to tell if it is true? DT says no its all false.

Dhani reaches temple. She says she will fight against everything for viplav. She asks god to either give her viplav’s life or to take her life. She starts tying thread around the tree barefooted. In hospital nurse says his condition is deteriorating. Call doctor. Dhani continues to tie thread. She fells and continue tying on knees. Doctor comes and checks viplav. Slowly he loses his breath. Doctor is shocked. Dhani fells there. Just then viplav breathes and comes back to life. Doctor gets happy. Raj lakshmi comes and wakes dhani says jeeja ji has waken up. Dhani gets happy. They hug each other.
Next everyone is shown at home. Viplav is laying on bed and everyone around him. Shalu asks for forgiveness from viplav and dhani. Just then viplav tries to get up and feels pain. Dhani scold him for doing it himself. Everyone laughs. Kanak gets irked and goes from there.

Precap- a lady is shown asking viplav how he got so much injured. And why he is alone. Why no one is there to take care of him? Dhani arrives. Viplav says dadi bua she is my nurse and was going to say further..then DT says she is nurse who has come from hospital to take care of viplav.Lady is most probably DT’s sister.

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