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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dhaani that he was trying to help her. Dhaani shows the mirror and they smile. Viplav asks her to give water so that he can wash his face. Dhaani asks him to wash his face and get water from the well. Viplav says I am your guest so give me water. Dhaani asks him to go and get it. Dulaari looks at them and asks Dhaani to have food. Dhaani says she is fasting. Dulaari asks them to eat. Viplav asks Dhaani, if she didn’t get acidity through fasting. Dhaani says she has shraddha/belief towards God and he sends someone to help us. Viplav says if I won the case, then you will give the credit to God sent man. Dhaani thinks to return his jacket. Raj Lakshmi is seen wearing it and says she can feel his smell. Dhaani says Viplav came to take his jacket. Raj Lakshmi

says I will give it to him by myself. They come out and see Viplav not there. Dhaani says it seems he left, I couldn’t return him jacket even today. Raj Lakshmi handover the jacket to Dhaani and asks him to return.

Suwarna apologizes to Tripurari and says she didn’t break TV intentionally. Tripurari says I will get you another TV and asks about Ashram. Suwarna says we have full faith on Viplav and Tania, and says that he came today itself. Tripurari is surprised. Suwarna asks when we will marry? Tripurari says my house is very small as of now, and marriage will take time. Dadi talks to Viplav about his marriage. Viplav says people will come and eat, and enjoy the marriage. Dadi says Tania is a very good girl. Viplav laughs and says there is nothing between me and Tania, she is a guest and will go in some days. Kanak comes and tells Dasharath has kept maun vrat. Dasharath talks to Tripurari and warns him not to break his trust. He shares his plan with him. Kanak tells Dadi that Viplav should not know about his engagement with Tania. She asks Dadi to take care of Dasharath instead of talking to her son. Viplav comes and sees Dasharath talking. He says you did right, by breaking maun vrat. He takes the call and asks Tripurari. Tripurari lies to him and says he want to help school children.

Viplav asks Dasharath, why did you hide this from me. Kanak comes and says don’t know how he manages to convey his message. Viplav asks Tripurari to find out Lala’s whereabouts. Tripurari says okay. Viplav tells Dasharath that he did a mistake and asks for forgiveness. He sings the song. Dasharath pulls his ears. He thinks I am doing this for your betterment.

Dhaani tells Badi amma that she is tensed about the case, and hopes Lala gets well so that they win the case. Badi Amma says this lawyer is good. Dhaani says she can’t trust him. Badi Amma says he did a mistake before, but he did work in Ashram’s favor and asks to give him a chance. Kanak asks Tania not to inform Viplav about her engagement. Tania agrees. Tania’s parents come to attend the engagement. Tania gets happy. Tania’s Dad tells that they left just as Tania called them. Kanak tells Dasharath has kept the fast for Viplav and Tania’s good future, and says he want the engagement to happen tomorrow. Tania says this was the surprise. Kanak says Dasharath wants engagement to happen tomorrow. Tania’s mum asks for 1 month or 1 week, afterall Tania is their only daughter. Kanak tells Tania is like their daughter and asks them not to worry. She says we will do the arrangements. Tania’s parents agree. Shalini’s to be inlaws come there. Kanak introduces them. Tania selects non heavy dress.

Later Tania comes to the Ashram and tells Badi Amma that tomorrow is her engagement with Viplav. Dhaani congratulates her. Raj Lakshmi says she lost him. Dhaani says I will bring something for you. Tania asks her to sit and says she needs Zari work to be done on her clothes. Suwarna says Dhaani knows it well. Tania asks her to do it. Dulaari says engagement is very auspicious thing, and I don’t think we should help you with the designing.

This friday, Viplav will color Dhaani with his love and shows her bangles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I can’t believe !!! So fast update ?

  2. Why friday? Why not tomorrow? Anyway not very nice episode. Hope engagement doesnt happen.. Plz viplav cancel it

  3. Track is going fast…
    any ways waiting for friday’s episode………….

  4. Nice update. I fast forward each and every scene that has kanak and Dashrath in it, rest is a good show. Just can’t handle looking at those sleezebags. Eww, she flirts with her gropy leering father in-law. This is the big problem with India – all is well so long as you have sindoor in your maang, mangalsutra around your neck and serious cash in your pocket. You can be a complete dhongi hipocrite hinding behind false Izzat , but God forbid if you end up a widow or worse a divorcee for dumping a cheating lying morally corrupt man.

    1. Cannot agree more with Ritu. Very well-written about the creepy father-in-law and the sleazy daughter-in-law (viplav’s mom). That’s so disturbing to watch. Ugh.

    2. I too does the same thing…:-P

  5. Tqvm for early updates……omg they doin t arrangement without Viplav knowledge…..hmmm when he goin to knew abot tis & i don wan tis to happen….ViDhaani made for each other….good goin ishq ishq ♡;)

  6. I didn’t understand the percap…
    Anyway…Thanks for fast update Amena…

  7. Precap is making me crazy

  8. Fast update…thank u Hasan

  9. I can’t wait till friday.friday gonna be day of viplav’s germination of love

  10. ViNi is so nic. Viplav ki eye xprson jst adoroable.. Kitna emotions he uske akhonme.

  11. This serial is just awesome
    Actually now a days star plus serials are not worth watching
    I was excited abt this serial from the beginning bt this is the first time I am commenting,….
    Viplav and dhani make a gud pair
    Ikrs lovely…..

  12. Serial is gng toooo good… dhaani and viplav chemistry is working too well… viplav ur eyes are soo cute..and ur xpressions too… keep smiling always viplav…. waiting for the next episode..

  13. Yeah truly said SP’s show r jst a waste of tym…colors gves opportunity to new cast n new thnkng wich is needed in india….grt show n grt performance by evry1….viplav haldi mat karna pyar ko samhajne mein…da development of love shdnt b so fast

  14. Wooww so cute cupple daani nd viplav.. Am w8ing frdys episode…

  15. todays epi was fast but i enjoyed it…..i actually like to see how will dhaani fall in love….w8ing for friday episode 🙂

  16. starting vidha scene nice waiting for friday episode…..

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