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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani, can we be friends now? Dhaani says potato chaat is good, and spices are delicious. Dadi asks how did you make delicious chaat? Viplav says his dadi taught him chaat making. He praises his Dadi and misses her. Dulaari says you miss her a lot and shall go to your Dadi. Viplav says ok, but please give me 1 Lakh rupees. Everyone looks on. Dhaani asks him to have mirchi. Viplav asks her to answer something. Dhaani asks him not to ask stupid questions. Viplav goes.

Few Pandits come to Dasharath and apologize for thinking him wrong. They return the temple keys and apologizes again. Dasharath says only God can forgive you. The pandits leave. Kanak and Sushma looks on. Dasharath picks the keys and looks on.

Viplav is having tea in a mud pot.

Dhaani sees him and asks how did you wake up so early. Viplav says my habits have changed because of you all. Dhaani says your habits have got better as you are staying here. She gives him roasted potato chaat. Viplav says Aloo chaat in Ashram, for me without any festival…..He takes it surprisingly. Dhaani says my friend likes it very much. Viplav is surprised and stunned. He says you called me your friend, thank you. He says it is more spicy and less salty. He asks Dhaani to check. Dhaani tastes and says it is good. Viplav says it is awesome. Dhaani says I am going to temple to get flowers. She tries to pick the tokri, and feels pain. Viplav picks the tokri and says I am also coming with you. Dhaani refuses to take him with her. Viplav says I am your friend, and argues. He says I am behaving like you. Dhaani asks him to come.

In the temple, Dhaani picks the flowers slowly. Viplav says I will pick the flowers and add it in tokri. Dhaani says you are adding all dry flowers, and asks him to stay far. She asks about the rate of flowers. The seller tells that 50 Rs. He asks her to buy it or leave it. Viplav says how can you speak like that to Devi. He makes him read his pamplet that customers are God. The seller says I already did a favor on them by buying her flowers. Viplav gets angry. Dhaani asks him not to fight, and gives 50 Rs to seller. She apologizes to him. She tells Viplav that they have to go inside the temple. Viplav says I am tired. Dhaani asks him to go to Ashram and rest. He asks her, how much money they get for flower garlands. Dhaani says 10 Rs for mala and 40 Rs for Diya Baati. She says it is enough for our needs. Viplav thinks those people are fooling them and thinks to make them aware of the rates.

Tripurari brings Durga to temple on her lap, and says we shall go to hospital. Durga says she will do darshan and asks him to bring the garland. She gets inside the temple and is about to faint, but Dhaani holds her and makes her sit. She sees her burnt leg and asks what happened? Durga tells her that her house had catched fire, but Tripurari saved her. Tripurari comes. Dhaani asks where you are staying? Tripurari says in Dasharath’s home. Tripurari takes his mum.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she will apply lep on Durga’s wound. Dulaari refuses to let her go to Dasharath’s house. Dhaani says I know about the treatment and says Durga Maayi have protected my respect. Dulaari says she couldn’t forget the insult. Dhaani says Kanak apologized to me, and praises Dasharath. Dulaari asks her to go.

Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house. Watchman stops her. Dhaani tells she wants to meet Durga and apply lep on her wound. Dasharath signs the watchman to let her in. Dhaani goes to the outhouse. Kanak tells Dasharath that Dhaani wants to get in their house, and says she will teach her a lesson. She says she has made our house dirty. Dasharath stops her and says your son is also staying with the widows in their Ashram and asks if he has become apavitra. Kanak gets irked and goes inside.

Dhaani comes to Durga and says she wants to apply lep on her wound. She asks her to show leg and applies wound. Durga says you are really a good girl, and is taking care of me even though you are a stranger. She says I am very happy.

Dulaari and Badi Amma are talking. Viplav comes and asks about Dhaani. Suwarna says she will do it. Viplav says he have some work with her. She says Dhaani went to apply lep to Tripurari’s mum. Dulaari says she can take care of herself and asks him not to worry. Viplav gets worried.

Tripurari tells Dasharath that Dhaani came to his house to apply lep on his mum’s leg and asks shall I throw her out of house. Dasharath asks him to give kundli to Shukla ji, and asks him to do as he says. Durga says you came again to apply lep on my feet again, and asks her not to worry. Dhaani says you will get well soon. While she is going, Dasharath stops her and asks to come there. Dhaani greets him and goes towards him. She touches his legs. Dasharath blesses her and asks about Viplav. Dhaani says he is very hand working and humble. Dasharath says he is his son, and says he is silent as he is doing their betterment. He calls Sushma. Dhaani greets her. Dasharath asks Sushma to bring Viplav’s stuff. He asks Dhaani to go inside with Sushma to bring the stuff. Dhaani is shocked.

Dasharath asks Dhaani to think his home as hers. Kanak asks Sushma, where you are taking her. Sushma says to Viplav’s room. Dhaani looks at the room. Dasharath says Dhaani will now know that they are very rich than her. Dhaani tells Sushma that she knows about Viplav and she cleans his room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Gud episode.. Lovely vidhaani scenes. But I don understand the plan behind dhasarath calling dhaani inside home!!!

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      2. Why didn’t you came yesterday?? You missed a amazing episode Dude…

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  4. Amazing..this episode made my day…

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  7. I am loving it ….

  8. What is dhasarath plan to enter viplav s room???

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