Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav calling on Ashram’s number and hopes Dhaani picks the call. Suwarna returns to Ashram. Badi Amma asks her about Dhaani. Just then phone rings and hears Viplav asking her not to cut call. She apologizes to her for talking in high tone, and asks her to vent out her anger on him. He says someone is conspiring against me and creating misunderstanding. He asks her to give call to Dhaani for 2 mins. Badi Amma refuses and disconnects the call. Dulaari asks about the caller. Badi Amma says Viplav wants to talk to Dhaani. Dhaani comes and hears her. Dulaari says it is not needed. Badi Amma asks her to think about Viplav’s perspective. She says may be there is some misunderstanding. Dulaari says I am understanding your point and asks her to cut down the rotten wound.

Badi Amma calls Viplav and tells him that Dhaani will go out of Ashram at 7 am to deliver the order. She asks him to talk to her and clear the misunderstanding. She disconnects the call without hearing him.

Tripurari brings Suwarna near the river and asks her to do Surya Puja for their baby. Suwarna gets tensed. Tripurari says I will leave and goes. Suwarna walks inside the water and was doing puja. Tripurari comes indisguise of a woman wearing white saree while she is busy praying. He then pushes Suwarna in the river and suffocates her. He then runs away. Suwarna sees someone running from there. Some ladies rescue her.

Dhaani tells that she is going. Badi Amma hopes that all the misunderstandings shall be cleared between Dhaani and Viplav, and they become friends again. Dhaani walks on the road to go, and feels Viplav is around. Just then some goons kidnap her and take in car. Viplav was there, but doesn’t see her.

Dasharath calls Tripurari and asks why he was not picking his call. He tells him something. Viplav says your work will be done. Dasharath says well done. Dulaari asks Badi Amma if Dhaani went with the stuffs. Badi Amma says yes, and she told me. Dulaari gets a call and she is informed that Dhaani didn’t bring the stuff. Dulaari tells the lady that Dhaani went two hours ago. She wonders where did she go. Raj brings Viplav to pub and asks the waitress to take care of him and he leaves. Waitress gives drink to Viplav. Viplav refuses to drink. Just then he gets Badi Amma’s call asking about Dhaani. Viplav tells her that Dhaani didn’t meet him. She gets tensed and drops the phone. Dulaari asks Badi Amma what is going on? Badi Amma says she told Viplav to clear misunderstanding with Dhaani when she goes out. She says Dhaani didn’t meet me but….Dulaari cries and says my daughter’s life is in danger. She says he will do something to my daughter and is Rakshas. She asks her to come with her to Dasharath’s house.

They come to Dasharath’s house. Kanak insults them and asks if they don’t have shame. Dulaari says they don’t wish to come there and asks her to enquire with Viplav about Dhaani. Kanak asks if Dhaani is a princess then Viplav will roam around her. She misbehaves with them. Dulaari also shouts. Kanak asks them to go else she will get them kicked out. Dasharath comes and asks what you are doing? Dulaari greets him. Dasharath scolds Kanak and apologizes to Badi Amma and Dulaari. He asks what is the reason for your visit. Badi Amma says Viplav took Dhaani somewhere. Dasharath asks how can they be so sure. Badi Amma says I thought Viplav should clear the misunderstandings with Dhaani so that’s why I called Viplav and asks him to meet Dhaani at 7 am, but today when I asked him, he said that he didn’t meet her. She asks him to help her. Dulaari asks Dasharath to help them find Dhaani. Dasharath says if Viplav took her somewhere then I promise that I will bring her. He says Dhaani will be in the Ashram by evening and says it is my promise. They leave. Dasharath tells Kanak not to blinded in motherly love so that she forgets about his respect. He calls her rotten mind. Dasharath thinks to attend Badi Amma’s call asking him to meet Dhaani. Dhaani is seen in the kidnapper’s captivity.

Dhaani gains consciousness. Tripurari asks if she is fine and tells her that he is brought by Viplav to his farm house. He tells her that Viplav used to visit farmhouse with a girl. Dhaani breaks the photo frame and says she hates Viplav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Saraswathi .j

      Yes you are true in today’s episode Kanak very correctly said that Dhani is not a princess to roam around her by Viplav ,:dhani mother is ready to marry her daughter to Tripurari indicates they are also low class people.

  1. Aj

    Disgusting tripurari nd dashrath. Pl do clear the misunderstanding between vidhaani soon. Not able to watch this much of dragging :-/!!!

  2. AB

    all conspiracy against one man……and those who had a little faith in viplav also started distrusting him…….i cant imagine what the hell r these writers thinking…….ab is chakravyuh se kaise niklega viplav

  3. varsha

    hai tamilselvi and gaya day by day misunderstanding is increasing between viplav and dhaani today bade amma also doubts viplav

  4. AB

    i think the spoilers r much more interesting than this 30min episode……at least we get a hope of seeing viplav n dhani together again

  5. Mangai

    these days trp isn’t doing well!!! yet another back stabbing track is going on. no more interesting on the show. gonna stop watching .. switch on to the another channel here after.. good bye ikrs whole team 🙂

  6. MM

    This episode is very very sad.How long you all are going to drag this misunderstanding.Poor Viplav. something to get Viplav & Dhani together.I don’t feel like watching this.

  7. Ragini

    one more serial off d list… y r d writers doing such things.. dont they understand ppls sentiments or they r just using der weird imaginations to write such stuff…

    i had hoped dis week wud have been abt viplav and dhani’s misunderstandin being sorted out.

    alas… i have now stopped watchin dis show….

  8. manu

    Oh no..its becoming complicated day by day…im gonna stop watching this bakwass track until they clear their misunderstanding

  9. K.praveena

    I waiting for the merriage epi. Now a days so many misunderstading b’w dhani and viplav. Any wrong happens to dhani life it’s all blame goes to my swt viplav. How disguesting.

  10. raj

    keep dragging more and more finaly viplav and dhaani together eesha singh to end of 40yrs [ this writer go to h-l]

    • Shefali

      ?OMG!! Look at you… Why are you becoming so restless?? I personally find these little misunderstandings have taken this show to another level. Just wait for the episode when Viplav gets to know about the MAN behind the whole conspiracy(his dadaji). It’s really gonna be too interesting to know what is in store for Viplav.

  11. BR

    I watch only this serial . no tamil. kannada and hindi . because of story and mishal. this story main theme is young widows remarriage .they have to treat well. but here but DT, TP, KANAK are cheating, insulting, irritating others ..viplav knows what is pub and he does not drink not necessary to go there. dulari always insults him . he is rich. not to explain every things and I am innocent to ashram ladies . writer sir plz no idiyappam chikkal clear it . BECAUSE OF FLOOD IN CHENNAI TAMIL AND GAYA TAKE CARE.

  12. Meenu

    Very boring serial. Why does producer is dragging so much. Poor viplav not able to see his acting. Dulari should be send out

  13. yaak….. Cheapest storyline.whats wrong with d story writter….. Every episode is going against female respect now every time they are adding misunderstanding between leads. Plz stop showing unbearable n rubbish story. Enough of tripurari…. Plz end his roll as soon as possible… There’s nothing remains to see this serial anymore. Trust me I was diehard fan of this serial n used to see only n only this serial but since last few episodes I have stopped watching it for d worst things they r showing especially against main hero who I think is d oxygen of this show. Can’t even read the updates.really upsetting. Guys pls do something…. U Ppl r losing viewers and trp.

  14. Dais

    After some time all the serials become dragging daily soaps before one month the story line was perfect n now everything is topsy turvy.

  15. Viplav you got the clue dhani,viplav msu more so it is not lala & tirupthi wanted mrg dhani it is findout tirupthi easily. Viplav must think about that..

  16. raj

    don’t upset ikrs lovers think a moment when the day revealing all this cheat people to dhaani then how much love she return to viplav can u imagine? its should be heart touching all of u right? really this couple act awesome pure romance [ anything not longer without problems ]

  17. Ayush gupta

    I think we have to understand the title of the serial next 4 month there is no love b/w dhani aur viplav… Ishq ka rang saphed……

  18. @[email protected]@

    Hi lifna, I dnt hv net cnctn 4 prvs days..Pls dnt stp watchng IKRS.PLS..Hey tamil guys hw was floods&raining.??

  19. Rajee

    I hope vidhani and all their fans ke achhe din ayenge…. Very soon…I also become restless while watching the show, but I agree with Raj & Shefali…wow…when that moment will come????

  20. Shri

    Oh gosh ! lots of Misunderstanding ,feeling blue..was so so happy with the writer ,they way he tuk the episode each day without boring , but wr as now totally lost the intrest. and with the hero like viplav ,hw can u make him luk sad.. Macha viplav u dont worry All IS WELL !!

  21. varsha

    hai tamil and gaya day by day i am losing interest in IKRS what do u think . very much misunderstandings between viplav and dhaani

  22. varsha

    i am happy tamil that u miss my comments u and gaya u both r my frnds in IKRS i hope that today episode will be better

  23. Gayathri

    Such a irritating episode….hello tamil and really sorry my net pack got only I saw ur comments….and BR thank you yaar…but im from ooty…here no flood and tamil selvi and varsha u ppl take care…and thank you BR

  24. Gayathri

    Actually today my semester result…dats y…sorry yaar…actually this serial is really irritating yaar…enaku romba pidicha serial ithuthaa but ipa ithaum ipadi panitanga….really very sad…and what about naagin…it’s really good know?

  25. Gayathri entry who is dat?…what character he/she playing…eagerly waiting…I think after the new entry may be the story will be good….tamil and varsha take care pa…I will pray for u guys palaya maathiri aydum…don’t worry…

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