Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav taking Dhaani inside the room while keeping hand on her eyes. Dhaani asks him to say what is it? Viplav says if I wanted to tell you, then I wouldn’t have kept hand on your eyes. He asks her to see. Dhaani looks at black board, chalk pieces and books. Viplav says I thought when my wife couldn’t go to school then I shall bring it at home. Dhaani gets glad and asks him to teach her. Viplav says I don’t want you to stop your studies. Dhaani asks him to teach. Viplav asks her to write down something on the board which she has learnt. Dhaani says ok. Viplav says I want you to get educated and become lawyer, then we will fight case together and have fun. Dhaani thinks about Kanak’s words, and says I want to learn and want people not to think of women as weak. Dhaani

writes his name in hindi. Viplav writes Dhaani in english and writes Shakti. Dhaani asks what is this? Viplav says this is your name Dhaani…means shakti. He says nobody will think women weak from now onwards. Dhaani hugs him happily. Viplav says your dreams will come true and asks her not to hurry up and study well. He says everyone will be proud of you.

Dasharath thinks where did that bags go? He kicks the servant who is massaging his feet and says your nails have pierced into my skin. Dhaani comes and helps servant to get up. Dasharath apologizes to Dhaani and says he is troubled because of yesterday’s incident and is angry. Dhaani thinks Dasharath might be angry as they didn’t take any step against Asthana. Dasharath asks her to leave him alone for some time. Dhaani thinks to do something and goes.

Kanak comes and asks Dasharath if his mood is not good. Dasharath asks how do you know? And says it means you have stolen the things. Kanak is shocked. Dasharath says two bags is missing and asks where did you keep those bags. Kanak says you are saying wrong, why will I get the things stolen. Dadi Bua comes and asks what happened? Dasharath says I am angry and worried about yesterday’s incident. Phool Chand comes and calls Dasharath. Dadi Bua asks Kanak to come.

Dhaani comes to the Police station and says she was silent as she thought of family’s respect, but her family is hurt. She says I thought Asthana should be punished for his doings and he is using his powers wrongly. Inspector says we need a witness. Dhaani says my family will support me and become witness.

Dasharath asks Phool Chand what is the matter? Phool Chand tells Dadi Bua that he will build Sita temple and trust and is taking everything from Dasharath’s hands. Dasharath says it was my plan and mission. Viplav says it was Dada ji’s decision to build temple and trust for widows, and he has worked hard and get charity. He says how can you say that he can’t work any longer. Phool Chand says we have decided to take up the responsibility. Viplav says you have never thought about widows’ betterment. Dasharath says I doesn’t know why you people are snatching my responsibility. Viplav says they are greedy and wants gold. He asks him to give gold to Phool Chand and announces that he will build temple on his own. He calls Ram deen. Dasharath asks Viplav not to get involved in this. Viplav asks Ram deen to get the bags. He asks Phool Chand to take the gold and says I am giving it back as you people are doubting on us and have insulted my dada ji. Phool Chand talks ill about Dhaani’s character. Viplav gets angry and grabs his collar.

He says I don’t care who is Pandit and who is judge, I will bury you right here. Dadi Bua asks Viplav to leave him. She says if pr*stitutes study in school then why our family name is ruined. Viplav says just because of their thinking. Dasharath asks them to pick the suitcase and leaves. Phool Chand says there is two more bags. Viplav asks Ram deen to bring the bags. Ram deen says there is no bag there. Dasharath says I have this much stuff only. Phool Chand threatens to call Police. He informs Asthana. Asthana gets happy and says he will get him rotten in jail. Kamini comes there. Asthana points gun at her. He says wah Kamini, you have played such a game with Tripathi family, that they will fall on my feet all their life. Kamini says I have played a big game. Asthana praises her and says I wish I would have love you. Kamini asks him to stop the crap and concentrate on Dhaani. Door bell rings. Asthana says may be Dhaani have come. Inspector Aarti Shukla comes inside with constables and says Dhaani Tripathi has filed against you, and asks constable to arrest him. Asthana says she is a liar. Kamini is hidden in the room and thinks what Dhaani has done.

Dhaani comes home and says she has filed police complaint against Asthana. Dasharath is shocked. Other Inspector comes there and asks what is missing in this. Phool Chand says something. Inspector asks where did you hide it? Dasharath says someone has stolen it, why I will lie. Phool Chand smirks. Inspector says arrest him. Kanak says you can’t arrest him. Sushma says he had kept things in the almari and can never steal. Inspector arrests Dasharath and takes him. Viplav asks Sushma not to worry and promises to bring Dasharath back home. Dhaani asks Sushma not to cry. Viplav comes out and asks someone to move the car. He sits on the bike. Kamini comes and asks where you are going? Viplav says Dasharath is arrested. Kamini says I will also come with you and sits on his bike happily. Sushma tells Dadi Bua, don’t know what happened wrong? Dhaani asks her to drink water and says Viplav will bring him.

Kanak scolds Dhaani. Dadi Bua scolds Dhaani and for wearing backless blouse in the party. She says Viplav has insulted Asthana for you, and now he is taking revenge. Kanak says Asthana will not leave us, and asks Dhaani why did you do this? Dhaani says Asthana should be punished. She says Dada ji will get justice. Kanak scolds her for wearing revealing saree in the party. Sushma asks them to stop it and her condition worsens. Kanak asks Dhaani to call doctor. Dhaani couldn’t read anything and worries.

Dhaani makes Sushma have medicine. Doctor comes and says her condition is worsened. He checks the medicine and says it is a wrong medicine and have increased her blood pressure.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    The opening scene of episode was just outstanding..?
    I also love the smell of new new books..
    “padaiye masterjii”.. So finally viplav will himself teach dhani.

    Dhani you show your smartness where you dont have to. DT clearly said he dont want any police complaint.. Then why dhani??
    Atleast you should have consulted viplav once before filing the complaint..
    Still it was good..he deserved that..!!

    Viplav in angry mood was Superb?????
    “Vidhwa shadi nhi kar sakti..
    Padh nhi sakti..
    Aurat apne haq ke liye lad nhi sakti..
    Pandit kehte ho apne aap ko banaras ka”

    1 thing.. Why DT did not lock his almirah??

    Omg precap is so scary.. ?? Dhani will be blamed now..
    Daadi ko kuch na ho.. Please..

    All those who said kamini is behind the theft..well done ????

    No sympathy for DT.. he deserved it..??

    • Yes arshu viplavs dialouge was bitter truth n well narrated. Dhani has invited problems for her literally pair pe kulhadi mari hai. Wonder why did Dt not lick his almirah.

    • Nima

      Good morning Arshi
      OMG ? Mishal’s angry looks haaye maar dala ??? and his dialogue read karte waqt v Mishal k voice meri kano me gunj gayi Shukriya Arshi ☺

  2. Maria

    I think I commented a lot about Mishal that day.. Don’t think wrong about me I am also very small only 16, I can create such romantic scenes only because I have watched many serials.. Pls don’t misunderstand me, areeb, arshdeep.. I am sorry if I hurted you by my comments…???

  3. Guys,

    I am sorry to say to the Creative Team of IKRS what the the held again and again become Dhani a Victim of every situation.

    How much time Dhani has been given Ordeal (Agni Pariksha) why they have ruin their 1st episode message.

    Why the held again played again typically Saas Bahu Drama to ruin the original subject.

    Sorry Guys I am highly disappointment with the Creative Team of IKRS again and again shows the bad Circumstances and situations which against the Women Dignity & Respect.

    Sorry guys to say that much hard language.

    • Pjain i agree with u . But i suppose circumstances r created in a way such that it falls upon dhani. Now she has complained against asthana though dt didnt wanted it n infact viplav had agreed to it then who instigated dhani to lodge the complaint probably VK OR someone else. Now when dt is arrested due to missing gold which he is totally unaware of it ageinvomes on dhani as now they would say that if dhani had not spoke against judge it would have beenaverted. Also dressing up for party was done deliberately by VK N she had forced dhani to change but now kanak n dadibua r blaming her that if she hadnorwirn the revealibg sarin backless blouse no bodywould have dared to eye her. DISGUSTING N ACTUALLY IT US THE MENTALITY OF PEOPLE IF A GIRL IS BEING MOLESTED THEN HER DRESSING SENSE IS BLAMED WHY????????????? WHY NOT THE BOY PROBLEM IS NOT IN GIRLS DRESS BUT MEN IF THIS IS THE CASE MEANS FULLY COVERED WOMEN R SAFE NO WAYS . IN THIS WORLD FULL OF CHEAP MEN WHO HAVE TO FULFILL THEIR LUST CAN DEFAMEECENA BURQA CLAD WONEN. IAM SORRY I BACAME emotional n totally went out of track. Better i should hault

      • Renu, you said is very true & correct but It really hurts me so see again and again the same drama which I really not at all like. In today busy and competitive life the situation is becoming is so critical. Why we are creating problems for those persons which we beloved them especially women.
        I am telling you that after watching the IKRS I had great……. respect for Women which shows some respect & dignity for Women.

        But again and again the blo*dy TRP creative team again and again shows the same drama to hurt me a lot.

      • Arshdeep

        Ohh didi i agree with you..
        Being a girl i seriously face all such problems.. why are we asked to wear good dresses… why cant the boys shut their eyes??
        We cant wear acc to our wish…we cant roam around at night…why only with girls???
        Dont know when the mentality of society will change?????

      • Zee

        I agree with you all that a woman should have the freedom to choose her attire and NEVER ever be blamed for it.
        However, Dhani in the black sari was a bit out of place for the occasion. She was going for a social thing with family and elders and not with Viplav for a candlelight dinner. Also, we dress in what we are comfortable in. if my best friend tells me to wear a mini skirt tomo, I will not wear it because I am not comfortable in short dresses. Woman power is not abt clothes but the ability to take decisions!
        In that sense Dhani was so unique – beautiful yet understated, Assertive yet not aggressive. Now look at her doing all kinds of nonsense to please AN ppl.

      • Yes zee I agree with u.woman power is nt all abt short n stylish dresses. One should wear DAT free in which she feel comfortable.woman power lies on ability of taking decision, handling d situation in a perfect manner wat men can’t nt do mostly
        I’m DAT day dhani was wrong.she should apply her mind fir wat she must do wat nt.being uneducated nt means even u also cannt take ur own decision.if u feel uncomfortable in dar saree u should deny strongly

  4. Nimisha

    Apart from the first bit epi sounds awful!
    Poor Dhani… Again!

    Not sure I want to watch it now!

    • Zee

      Watch it for Mishal, he looks v good in both segments.
      Somehow Dhani’s stupidity is getting worrisome. If she cant read English yet, she shdnt have given the medc.
      She totally didnt get what DT said abt Asthana. It turned ok for now, but who knows…

      • Arshdeep

        Yes zee already she has to bear a lot at hotel for not being able to read it..
        And now again..

        She bears all insults…so what was the problem if she could have asked kanak to read herself..

      • Nimisha

        It all sounds very reminiscent of the meat momos in the Chinese restaurant. Mayb ether script sip rites aren’t getting pains well so they are coming up with new scenes by only changing a few words.

        Dhani, you can’t read so why did you order

        To now

        Dhani you can’t read so why did you give the medicine

    • Theres a saying that a dogs tail can never be straightened. VK HAS BEEN SCOLDED BY DB NOT TO EXECUTE ANY PLAN WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE N ALWAYS THINK IN FAVOUR OF TRIPATHI FAMILY HONOUR STILL SHE HAS gone to asthana n planning further.?

      • Arshdeep

        And against tripathi khandan prestige
        Once DB comes to know abt it… she should be badly punished

  5. Omg dhani in double trouble! !first she got asthana arrested against wishes of Dt n now given wrong medicine to dadi. DB n kansk GETS another chance to criticise het.

  6. Why kt n db r scolding dhani for wearing revealing sari n backless blouse in party. Vk weats the same daily n she is sanskari as per them. Moreover if they didnt like her dressing style then they could have told to change prior to leaving why now?????

    • Porkodi

      Yes Renu u r correct. They r scolding Dhani for wearing backless blouse but why not kamini…

    • Nimisha

      Hang on its because they are …. Erm…., what’s that word…… Oh yes…. Hypocrites!

      • Zee

        Hmm talking about hypocrisy and double standards, why are Ashram ladies expected to follow vidhva dharm and not KT. KT has conveniently switched to coloured clothing make-up and jewelery. So widow rules apply to the poor and not the rich?

  7. lekshmi

    good ep DT deserve all this…plz vip dont waste ur time bcouse DT…. hope this track wl reveal d true color of KT n DT infront of viplav..

    • Arshdeep

      Only that scene was best today

      I loved dhani being courageous and complaining to police…but all that drama happened..DT asked viplav again n again to not to complain in police still she….??

  8. Jessi

    Guys ikrs ki timing bv ko diya new serial ko chod kar purana serial ko diya 6:30pm slot colors walo bahut galat kar rahe ikrs ke sath woh bhi so called bv ke liye

  9. Maria

    Today only the start of the episode was good, Viplav teaching Dhaani wow it was so cute…???

  10. Anne

    May watch repeat tomorrow morning when I’m feeling stronger…
    Get so frustrated at dim behavior.

    • Nimisha

      Same here Anne.

      Renu you’re right, I should watch to support our Nishal but reading that VK gets on Viplavs bike was one final straw, then reading about Dhani,s repeat meant by the women of the house, excl Dadi, I feel like I’ve had enough.

      She has been created to be so lovely and we’ve all fallen in love with her, but the constant attacks are depressing p, spli stressing and well ermmm boring! KTBis a stuck record. DB is a bore.

      I dunno, I feel like they give us a bit of vidha time and expect us to take the rest of the rubbish. They have created Viplav and Dhani to be intelligent sounds but are dumbing them down with every episode.

      Arshu said it up there that Dhani knew Dt didn’t want the police involved, so why did she go.

      Too many baddies have got away with too many things, this Kam track needs to end, now! But she is given more screen time and constantly being made out to be the clever one,

      Reading the update has put me off, but then in Twitter I saw a pic of vidha and I’m like oooooh wanna see that. I am addicted and I need to go to IKRS anonymous I think. Lol!!

      Well done my brave family members for watching it, I might tomorrow,

      • Nimisha

        OMG OMG OMG, you see I am upset. I miss typed the name of the man I love most in the world. Lol! Of course I meant MISHAL!! Lol, ?????

  11. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update…..
    Watched the episode for Mishal and Eisha….. Loved the way Viplav wrote Dhani=Shakti……
    DT deserves that jail yaatra…… But that would be double trouble for Dhaani……why she is shown stuck in awful situations…..but I’m sure that Viplav will support her Dhaani…..
    Loved the way how Mishal aka Viplav delivered the dialogue….in his angry mode…..
    Precap is scary…. ?????
    Feeling like punching that Kaamini,db and kt??????????

  12. Porkodi

    Tthanks Hasan mam for the update. Again Dhani is in trouble…

    Dt deserves worries for him..

    • Anne

      Please Don’t !!! I’m not at all pretty and quite old,so would be embarrassed. When I said I was young n beautiful I was joking .Oh dear wish I hadn’t said anything now ???.EMBARRASSED?

  13. Amisha

    Kt knew Dhani that Dhani is not educated so why in the world would she told to call the doctor or mention pills to her. Dadi bua and Kt need to give Dhani a break. ?

  14. Br mam ; flora; sujie; nima; meghs; prachi; saranya; kavitha; sonu; shri; swara; joyee; louella; saraswathi; mahira; avijit; phillo; naren; yetty where r u. Missing yr comments ??

  15. Nimisha

    Goodnight everyone!

    I’m off to bed, will catch up with your comments and thoughts tomorrow, will then decide whether to watch or not. Nit looking forward yonder another Dhani bashing session! Poor girl!


    Good Morning everyone, have a terrific Tuesday!

  16. Arshdeep

    Hellooo everyone..!!
    Can anyone guess what is going in writer’s mind?? What is he upto??

  17. Genita

    Guyzz i geard that shakti new serial it is on8pm and balikavadhu on6:30pm.. From 30th may.. Is it true

    • Nimisha

      Lots of rumours abound! BV is either at 6 or 630 depending on the rumour that day. I think there’s lots of speculation so a case of watching and waiting.

      No idea what’s going to happen with the U.K. schedule.

  18. Arshdeep

    Yesterday areeb asked us a question
    Will ask it again
    Everyone should answer…and areeb you too..?
    Tell ur name..its meaning.. and do u think it suits your personality??

    • shanitics

      Swetha… Meaning safed… It suits my colour? and the name of the serial…? white means peace hai na??? I am a peace lover… Bt i am violet at times….

      Shanitics it’s suits me.. Die hard fan of shahid Kapoor…. Shahid bhai Ki Behan Hu …. Unknowingly Bhaia Ki fan hogayi.. Tu Ki Sana Kapoor ?

      Arshi di wats ur meaning

  19. Saraswathi.j

    Today I read all your comments. I think most of you are young so for you modern dresses backless and exposing most of our body dress you may like it the dressing vary from state to state country to country ,even from time to time if you see old classic move Europian,American there dresses are not like the present type,we can not generalise dressing habits according to their culture each and every society has a particular unique dress,for example even in India the way the saree ware is very different from state to state, here in this show warring see through backless dress is appropriate or not is the question ,depending upon situation and profession we ware different types dress ,for glamour profession to ware see through topless backless no matter because it is their profession ,but for office,school,college,etc it is not advisable,like that for Banaras like city it is not so modern like Delhi or Mumbai, and that to orthodox people party warring see through is not advisable that to Dhaani she is not used for it her role is potraited as a self respect woman for a self respect woman dress is immaterial her strength is her strong convention about life ,good and bad ,in India the situation of women is quite different the are not allowed to step out side ,slowly we move from that situation to liberal thinking,now many girls are educated and doing jobs ,and worked in different professions ,the present generation are lucky they do not even know what problems our previous generations of women in the society,so dressing properly to suit to the situation according to your culture is always good .

    • Arshdeep

      There is nothing like that saraswathi mam.. Being young i also feel dhani was wrong there.. I also said the same thing earlier.. I accept that dress should be worn according to occasion and situation..

      I was only telling it as a general case for girls and women

  20. Gudmrng all..
    I lyk d idea DAT viplav ll teach dhani.he should think abr it first..its better to teach dhani Dan kamini.n I lyk whn he wrote “dhani=shakti”.coming to other scenes dhani did well unknowingly by ludging complaint again as than a.its fun to see two villains r in jail.but we r waiting for kamini farewell.bcoz as long she is in ayodhya niwas she ll play dirty game

  21. Precap is nt gud.its nt dhanis fault at she is nt educated why u people told her to call doct n give medicine in such a situation. Anything may happen. So plz wakil babu make dhani educated as soon as possible ..otherwise u can’t control d situation every tym

  22. Zee

    Hey Arshi,
    Kaisi ho? Happy to know that you got good marks for your tests. Keep it up and best of luck for future test and mock tests until the BIGGIE!

  23. shanitics

    Wow… Really dadi.. Now the time of our serial will change to 6…. Hurray my brother will reach home almost by 6:20-6:30… Thn i will be able to c the opening scene of epi….

  24. shanitics

    Opening of the epi was good…. So Viplav from a lawyer to a lover to a protector to a hubby to a teacher… Wow…

    Now we can c board romance?…. So chocolate romance shower romance now will be thr a board romance ?
    First I think we have to teach thm to close the door.. Isn’t???

    • Arshdeep

      Nimisha didi has taught them a lot many times… but what can we do if they dont listen..??
      They listen all other things of her bdw..?

      • Nimisha

        Hello my little sistas!

        They have learnt and they did close the door, when Kam was in their bedroom studying with VIPs. Dhani was also there. (Really need a palm face emoticon) lol!


  25. shanitics

    Thn abt dadi via.. She is scolding Dhaani for wearing such blouse…. Why thr was only Asthana as a men thr… No na!! Tgr were men othr than asthana too… Thy didn’t did anything wrong ? with Dhaani …. So that means the attitude of boys are bad… NT the type of dress worn by the girls…
    If DB can scold Dhaani for wearing such a dress… Thn y she is nt scolding her heart… Ie, Kamini for wearing saree in such a manner…. Wat abt Kamini??? She used to wear such blouses that time DB has no problem….

    • Arshdeep

      Yes shanitics she daily wears sleeveless blouses.. That kamarband..armlet… She is not a married woman?? Do we all wear such things normally at home??
      DB and kanak are really disgusting.. The way they blame and scold dhani for every little thing i just feel dhani punches them back… But dhani is our mahanaatma she will never do that..

      I really wish to see dhani as a very very strong girl who answers them back and shut their mouth.. Its a saying jab ghee seedhi ungli se na ungli tedhi kar leni chahiye…that is what dhani needs to do..

      The way dhani answered kanak when they were pretending to fight.. Kanak reaction was worth watching… Such people can come on right line only by this way.

  26. shanitics

    PRecap is scary…. Kank knows that Dhaani not educated thn y she askd Dhaani 4 calling Dr. Taking medicine and all…?

  27. Mishalian❤

    Overall a ” Horrible Episode ” . ? But still I enjoyed! ?

    I totally agree with what you are saying about the story, they are again victimizing Dhaani only. But think about it, they are showing us the bitter reality of society. Right? Dhaani portrayed the role of widow and faced the cruelty of society, they showed us the real problems widows are facing. And only then Viplav became her Savior he took her hand her sorrows too. Then, Dhaani became a wife again. But still society is not letting her to live a happy life just because she was a widow. And those who are disappointed with the typical saas bahu story are right but my friends that’s the story na! if they will not show the hurdles then how they will be able to give a positive message? they will show the bitter reality then only the solution to the problems will come na? And that’s how a story goes right? IKRS is currently the only Indian Serial i’m watching not only watching I have gone damn crazy about it! Reason is Mishal and the purity and Uniqueness of story. At least, IKRS is showing the real life hurdles which a girl, wife or a Widow faces in the society! Is better then the other shows on the channel like Lady is transforming in a Makhhi! like seriously!! does it happens in real life!! God! ? Sorry, but it was only a bad joke. Avoid it. ? My intention was not to criticize any other show. 🙂

    And please, don’t quit watching! Agar aap log show dekhen gy nahi tow TRP nahi ayegi. Obviously, phir consistently low TRP k sath show nahi chal sakta .Channel will shut it, for sure. And if show will go off air then how will you watch Mishal acting. ? Do Not Quit Watching I Request! Don’t Miss A Single Episode! If you are not willing to watch then, just switch on the show and leave it like this! and do your some other work but don’t switch the channel. If you truly loves IKRS then you should take part in it’s support also practically not only by words. Okay?

    Sorry if my words seemed harsh to anybody, but trust me I was only saying what I felt is right.

    • Arshdeep

      I agree but i know many people left here only bcoz they werent enjoying the track..
      I enjoy or not but i was here and will always be here ..!!
      I dont really contribute to trp.. My muma dont allow me to watch it at 6.30 bcoz live telecast from golden temple is coming.. So she dont let me change the channel.. I am very sorry for it

      • Mishalian❤

        I too got bored at times with the story but never missed a single episode. ?

        When they were in Sarla Kaki’s house. I couldn’t watched those episodes was busy in my cousin’s wedding. But watched them online after her marriage! ??

        IKRS really needs our support. And after seeing show’s fan following here, I’m happy and proud that I choose this show to watch! ?

      • Arshdeep

        Those sarla kaki scenes were just superb??
        And actually we got to watch those scenes after lots of figts between vidhani.. so we were over excited??
        Same here i am proud to watch this show??

  28. Mishalian❤

    The start was so so so good!! ?? Viplav again gave her the moral lessons!! loved it!! ?

    Lol, when Viplav write Dhaani means Shakti. I was so damn excited that at first sight I thought he is writing Dhaani – Shikayati Purya. ? I jumped out laughing! but then on realizing, I composed and spoke to myself Calm Down Areeb it’s a serious scene. Control your laughing butterflies! ??

  29. Mishalian❤

    Ahh!! Viplav why don’t you shout at Kamini!! Take out your frustration on her and then, ask her sorry, simple! At least, seeing her being scolded by you will give the fans energy boosters to watch the show! ??

  30. Mishalian❤

    Asthana is right, he should love Kamini. ? Kamini will also get a tutor. After all Asthana is a judge himself. He is more experienced in law. ?

    And then, will only give tuition to her beloved wife! Romantically on terrace! ?? Lol, A cheesy thought came in my mind! ??

  31. Mishalian❤

    Come one! Guys Director is not that bad. As long as he is showing ViDhaani’s cute hugs in every episode, I have no issue! ???

    I will always love to watch Mishal, Eisha, Dadi & Dada, Kanak, Ashram ladies, Shalu, Raj & Pankaj! ❤

  32. Mishalian❤

    It’s like AGAIN I’m speaking way too much! Sorry! ?? But why sorry? ? Give me my apology back. I’m not feeling guilty At All! ??

  33. Mishalian❤

    Here is my answer Arshdeep. 🙂

    My name is Areeb Mughal meaning is ‘ intelligent, skilful, adroit, wise’ add some more synonyms by yourself. ?

    Basically, given by my Anni ( Aunt- mother’s sister ). Once, some patient came from Dubai to her for treatment ( was know family friends. ) A girl was with them having this name, Areeb. My aunt liked the name and the meaning also. So, she granted me with this name. ? Apparently, it is used as boy’s name. Trust me it wasn’t in my hand. You believe me, right? ??

    I can’t say it by myself if the name suits me or not. ? But yeah, apparently it does. ?

    So it was a tiny miny essay on my name origination. ?

    • Arshdeep

      Okay okay
      not a mini essay at all.. 😀 😀 hahaha… Much more.. 😛

      but i loved it..
      I really like muslim names mahira..aahad…areeb…aaliya..zain…many more

      • Mishalian❤

        HAHA! ? Aliya & Zain were the lead names of a show… I think it was Beintiha on colors.

      • Arshdeep

        Just those names came in my mind so i wrote them..
        I loved that show…❤ harshad is sooo smart and alliya was very cute
        Their nok jhoks too were lovely to watch just like vidhani??

      • Maria

        Yes Aliya and Zain were the leads of Beintehaa my favorite serial just loved it… And you know what a coincidence today in my dreams I saw that I met Zain and Aliya and was telling them that I loved their serial and I have watched all episodes infinite number of times and I know all their dialogues, learn them all???

        Seriously telling after IKRS Beintehaa is my favorite serial…??

        But colors did the same thing with Beintehaa also
        First they changed its time slot just to give time to that Big Boss which I really hate??

        Secondly no repeats, no promos just like IKRS and finally it ended because of low trps ???

        I hope the same doesn’t happen with our IKRS…

    • Maria

      Hey areeb i also thought its a boys name but later i understood, and give me hi 5 i am also a Muslim, but not from Pakistan i am from India..

      And btw a loved your logo yaar it so bright and attractive as i scroll down the page only your logo attracts me and i come to know that you have commented!!

      • Mishalian❤

        That is why when I told my name at first, I cleared that i’m a girl. ? I know people misunderstood it sometimes. ?

        Hey Hi5! Yep I know you are Muslim. Actually Maria is my friend’s name also. She recently got married. Was elder then me. ?

        Ya, I too loved it!! ?

      • Arshdeep

        I even misunderstood before you told that..
        And i too face the same problem

        I still remember varsha called me arshdeep bhayia here…and i was embarrassed????

      • Maria

        No i told i am Muslim because some times people think i am a Christian because of my name…

  34. Louella

    Arshi di I don’t know the meaning of my name neither any of my relatives know. I want to search but not in a mood. If u want to know the meaning of my name Plz search it in Google. I think I m ordering u. Sorry for that. But now not in a mood. Want to comment more and more and nothing.

    • Louella is compound of louis n ella Louis is famous french warrior. Louella is also famous English fashion label

      • Louella

        Thanks Renu. Even I want to become famous. Practising from now onwards by writing ffs. At least I can become famous by writing books.

  35. Louella

    Renu I m here. Happy to know that u r missing my comments. But I m here. I had gone for swimming classes. Just came back. Now I will comment the whole day.

      • Louella

        Swimming classes r very fun. While going its a lot of fun in the car. We all cousins go together. My two cousins r of my age and other two are of 5 years. More two r there with us but they r my friends. It’s lot of fun. Today while coming back home, my brother Aaron came walking and we were in car. My cousins saw him running towards our car so they shouted Aaron Aaron!! My uncle stopped the car and says did he fall? He thought that my cousins were shouting because Aaron fell down. We just burst out laughing. Even when the song Sab tera was playing, my cousin who is of 5 years was sitting near the speaker. He is listening and then telling me gaana idhar se gaa rahe hain. He is so funny and we all r having fun. I think I m becoming more and more talkative. If I sit telling u about swimming classes the scenes will never end.

      • Arshdeep

        Hehehehe lol..???
        I like it when you talk like this..really..????

        Good that you are having fun but please take care of yourself during swimming..water is quite dangerous too…

    • Louella

      Arshi di don’t worry. There r many ppl there to take care of us. U know even a 3 year old boy is doing diving in the deep water. It’s very good scene to watch. Oh so u like my talkative nature. In my family everyone gets irritated when I start talking because they know that my talks will never end!!

  36. Louella

    Coming to the episode it was good only at the beginning. Vidhani scenes were so cute. Luckily when I came at home to drink water ikrs was going on and I watched the vidhani scenes. I was so happy. What a timing Louella!!

    This DB and Kanak r disgusting. They were blaming Dhaani for wearing backless saree. When VK wears it, they become blind but when Dhaani wears their eyes come back to them. Such disgusting ppl!!

    Dhaani did a good thing by going to the police. But she should have gone with Viplav. IT would be more better.

    Dt in jail would be very nice to see. He deserves this.

    That VK!!! How dare she sit with Viplav??? Viplav u would have let her halfway only. It would be best scene to see.

    Okay so this was my opinion about yesterday’s episode even without watching it. I had thought to watch ikrs at 5:30am because they retelecast it and I had set the alarm also but then when the alarm rang I just put it off and went to sleep!! This shows how lazy I m!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Hahahaha lazy girl

      i really wanted to push her back when she said i will go with you and that too on bike…arggghhh

    • Louella

      My school will reopen on 13th June. Waiting for school. Want to see if my enemy is there in my And unfortunately she is there. Don’t know how my school will go with that girl.

  37. Arshdeep

    Where is ahana?? She did not even complete her ff.. Hope she is well..

    And i saw BR mam comment on dehleez page.. So she is well 🙂
    Just not commenting here 🙁

  38. Louella

    Friends I want to ask u all a question. What is your zodiac sign? If u don’t know tell me your birthdate I will find it in I think I m becoming stupid because of swimming. All the water has gone in my head I think that’s why I m telling to give your birthdate inspite of knowing that u all can also check it in Google. Okay so tell me fast I want to know.

    Well if u want to know mine just find it by yourself. I want to know who guesses mine correct. Nimisha di u don’t tell mine. U know it very well. I had told u so if u will tell it will be cheating.

  39. Arshdeep

    As of my name i commented at previous page too
    Arshdeep means light of the universe..or a candle in the sky….

    And Kaur surname was given to all sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh ji…which meant PRINCESS..!!

  40. Louella

    Arshi di I want to comment but I m confused when to comment. In the morning I have to go for swimming then I come back at 10. Then i have my breakfast and come here to comment. In the afternoon I have plenty of time but I have to post my ff(which I have not posted since three days), then also I m learning embroidery by myself at home, then I love to draw and paint, also I have got my seventh std books so my mom and granny have told me to study so I have to do that even in vacations. Just think I m doing so many things in one day. Not only this, in the evening I have to go for play. In the evening I come back and I start watching tv. First tpk, then bahu humari rajni kant, tmkoc, swaragini, kasam, krishnadasi and then I sleep. These many things I do in a day. So I can’t comment more nowadays. After five days on Monday I m going Konkan for vacations and will be back on Saturday. There also I will not be able to comment. My relatives do not give us to touch our mobiles while trips and all that so that time also I will not be there. Reading this u will understand how many works I have to do in a a day. But here also I m lazy at times. Today I m feeling very lazy. I dived five times today in the pool. So very tired. But I m here to comment.

    • Arshdeep

      OMG you literally work sooo much in a day…
      You are more busy than anyone else?
      Still you find time to come here and comment…so sweet of you??

    • Maria

      You are so busy dear, still you say you are lazy..

      I am more lazy, i just sit in one place and be on my mobile, my mom dad keep on shouting read newspaper or do something else but i am very lazy to do that.. Everyday my mom tells i will keep your phone inside.. but she dosent thats the best part…

      seriously telling i am very lazy…

      • Louella

        Arey this is my schedule but then also I don’t keep my phone aside. Even my parents and granny say the same thing but I m a lazy girl. Sometimes I even skip some things. So don’t think I m not lazy!

  41. Louella

    Another reason of not commenting is my phone battery gets low everytime when I comment. Then I have to wait for an hour to let the battery go till 100.

  42. Louella

    Arshi di I want to comment a lot today but I need a topic to comment on. Do u have any topic??

  43. Louella

    Arshi di read my comment above. A long comment in which I have written the reason for my less comments.

    • Arshdeep

      I read it dear
      You are working so hard daily…
      I sit at one place keep sudying…commenting here…go and have breakfast …lunch…dinner…come back sit..and keep studying…and then finally sleep at night

      And i am doing it from past 2 years?? i have grown soo fatty coz of this??

  44. Mishalian❤

    Lol! I had answered that zodiac question 13 minutes ago . Still it is in moderation. ?? Pitty. ?

  45. Viplav

    hey i have a question for u all….
    who will be here if the show gets ended…….i mean agar bandh ho bhi gaya toh aap log aisi hi yahaan rahengi na??? dont misunderstand me guys

  46. Viplav

    and guys do u remember tanya….now she is in a show in dd national…..same character and same style those in ikrs…..and our beloved suwarna……she is now one of the main lead in a show that too in dd….she is very different that of ikrs?☺

  47. Louella

    Areeb Arshi di said correct. Don’t ask my age. U will faint. Then who will come to help you out? Okay if u have the strength to read then I m just 12 years old. Yes u read it correct I m 12 years old. Hope u r okay.

  48. Mishalian❤

    Hey Everyone let’s pay a tribute to our show IKRS by changing our names on this thread for today only.

    But decide mutually, one from these ?

    Or suggest something else by your own. ?

    Do not change your email – id. So that you can be recognizable by others from your Logo. So, first decide the name. Okay? ?

  49. Louella

    Areeb playing with my emotions. I was so excited when u told we will play a game but then u don’t have a game only. Okay then I will start with my talks. Anyone here to listen??

  50. Nimisha

    Hello everyone!

    From a very sunny beautiful morning in London!

    So have woken up remembering just how much I love Viplav,Dhani,Dadi and the ashram ladies! I’m ignoring the others. Frustrated at the constant attack on Dhani still but will probably carry on watching as they are like my daily dose of a mood tonic.

    Lovely chit chat on the thread today.

    Lovely meanings of names. I am fascinated by things like that so from what I know of you all from here, I’d say they suit your personalities VERY well.

    Renu, I am also a Virgo! A very typical one! ????
    Louella sounds like you’re having a lot of fun.
    ArShi, you are not a fatty! I have seen you and you are very slim and beautiful!!!
    Anne, I have also seen you and I think your name suits you. You are a lovely friend and the way you come across on here you are a truly beautiful person.
    Swetha, soooo good to speak to you on Twitter yesterday! Looking fed to seeing what you look like. I sent you my pics so you can show your family just to make sure they’re happy with you chatting to a sort of stranger miles away. Make sure they are ok with you doing this.

    This is a really very happy thread today! Thanks for making my already good morning, even better.
    Love you all! Lots!

  51. Nimisha

    Viplav, Sujie, Maria I am sorry for saying what I said happened in my dream. I was ‘trying, to be funny but it maybe didn’t come across that way, like Arshu, I wouldn’t ever compete with any of you in real life. In fact if I ever met the man I would probably talk non stop about you all.

    The other truth is that I say a lot on here about my love for Mishal, but never in a million years would I say it to him. If I passed him in the street I probably would even ask for his autograph as I am not that brave.

    Anyway, apologies again if I was a bit rude. Xxx

    • Vidhaani

      No yaar who said you are being rude, I didn’t feel that and what I said was also impossible I don’t have that guts to say anything to him so chill??

  52. Nimisha

    By the way, I do totally love and adore Mishal, just in case the was any doubt ???????

  53. Vidhani

    Okay everyone. I have assumed the brace position. I am going in.

    In other words I’m about to watch the episode! ???

  54. Vidhaani

    Arshi di want to see u. But I don’t have fb account. I will come soon with my fb account. Till then I will be here.

    • Vidhani

      Lol! We are all agent Vidhani!

      Just had a thought… How cool if someone could do that scene but With Mishal! One of all of us then. Bagzee the original though ??

  55. Annie my dear pl note that some people are really pretty grom heart n u r inw of them i think i consider br mam ; flora; nimmy;p jain ; mahira kavya … list is too long as pretty from inside n u r one of them.
    I dont know about your external attire but u r beautiful from inside n internal beauty is evergreen but external is just specific temporary. Moreover u r JULIA THAT MAKES A PERFECT PRETTY EOMAN☺?


  56. Vidhani

    This is hilarious! Great idea Vidhani!

    I’m already at my limit of which logos I can remember!

    Brilliant idea!

    In about 5 more posts I,ll be cross Eyed! Lol ?????????

    Love you Vidhani! Like totally! Xxxxx

  57. Vidhani

    Kamini’s medicine replacement trick
    Dhani gives wrong madicine to dadi which reacted.
    Viplav blames dhani for his dadi’s condition while madicine replacement was all kamini’s evil plan.

    Got this on die hard fan of mishal fb

  58. Vidhani


    Thank you so much for my message. Love you lots!

    You have made my day today! Xxx

  59. Vidhani

    This one too

    The upcoming episodes of Ishq Ka Rang Safed will show Sushma’s life getting into danger because of Dhaani.
    Dashrath gets arrested by the police as the bags of gold are missing from his house.
    Everyone starts blaming Dhaani for this as they know that Asthana is taking revenge from their family.
    Sushma starts falling ill after Dashrath’s arrest.
    Dhani gives a medicine to Sushma but the doctor informs that it is a wrong medicine and Sushsma’s health has become worse.
    Dhaani is again blamed for being illiterate and causing Sushma’s life to be in danger.Asthana to seek revenge from Dhaani after getting arrested

  60. Vidhani

    I just posted this on Twitter after watching the episode.

    It was much better than I thought but glad I watched it after sleeping on it.
    Viplav ✔️
    DT arrest ✔️
    Astana arrested ✔️
    KT/DB ✖️✖️
    Kam ✖️✖️

  61. Vidhaani

    Arshi di thanks for the spoiler. But it’s very bad spoiler. Why is Viplav blaming Dhaani? But I will try to see it at 5:30

  62. Vidhani

    Was convinced that VK would have instigated Dhani to report Astana, but feel very relieved and proud that she did it herself. She also had the upper hand for a change!
    About time DT was arrested, poor Dadi, she really believes he couldn’t steal. I feel sorry for her but she can’t really believe he is innocent, can he?
    Was really willing Asthana to shoot VK

    Poor Dadi. Honestly KT and DB never miss a trick to attack Dhani. Poor Dadi, last thing she needed was that pair looking after her.

    Poor poor Dhani, or is going to be a repeat of the meat momo’s.

    Stupid writers, wimpish they’d stop that constant attack on Dhani!

  63. Arshdeep

    Episode – 250
    Sushma falls sick after Dhaani gives her wrong medicine by mistake.
    Episode – 251
    Upset with Dhaani, Viplav vents out all his frustrations on her and blames her for Dasrath’s imprisonment.

    • Vidhani

      Oh dear the writers are determined to dumb him down.

      When he finds out just how low DT can stoop and just what he’s been involved in Viplav will feel very bad for what he says to Dhani.

      That needs to come out. But by bit DT needs to be exposed. As does KT. And of course the first should be VK.

  64. Arshdeep

    Bdw renu and anne di didnt reply
    So thot of telling u
    Renu di 11th september
    Anne di 9th september

    • ViDhaani❤

      HAHA! Shukriya Shukriya! ? mery bagair hi sub logon ny start kr diya.

      Anyways, I was in favor of Ishqoholics! ❤ It we would all have switched to this would look more lovely! ? Anyways, also good with Vidhaani. ?

  65. shanitics

    Mishalian… Actually after watching the promos of this serial.. I was excited to watch this serial… Due to lack of promos I forgot abt this serial (NT due to shortage of memory ? only because lack of promos…)Thn I thought abt that serial … I started to watch it after struggling a lot with my bro?… Bhaia ko serial dekhna aacha I lagtha … Thn I started to watch… I was impressed by the unique plot.. Bt once I came to knw that the story is almost the same … Bt the way of presenting it is different….
    Later I thought wat made this serial soo beautiful… I noticed that it was the acting of main leads made it more lively…
    Thn this show tuk a great position in my heart after I started to cmnt here… Really….

    This story shows the difficulties a girl faces in her life during every stage of her life… Very nicely adding up with dazzling and sizzling romance?

    Sorry for the lng post?

  66. shanitics

    Guyss I promise to u hwever the story may go.. I will always cmnt here…
    I think most of thm started to leave this page because of bad track…
    Bt I will be here till the end of this serial with u guyss screwing u up…

    And be proud.. To have a relationship with shahid Ki behan

  67. shanitics

    Missing those Sarala kaki’s scenes… Those were the best vidhaani scenes till time…. Even the chocolate romance or shower romance can’t beat… Those Sarala kaki scenes

  68. shanitics

    Mishalian… Same here whn Viplav wrote Shakthi I too thought it was shikayathi pudiya…?
    Bt it remained as my Dreams…….

  69. shanitics

    I wish VK’s truth will soon be xposed….
    Asthana weds Kamini… Nice hope it happens… Bth will look awesome…. Fatty weds skinny…?

  70. shanitics

    I texted Ahana… Bt No reply hope she is of good health…. Br mam too…

  71. Vidhaani

    hey guys one more question for u………..if a new show comes with main lead as mishal then who would u like to see opposite to him?????? except eisha and newbies……

  72. shanitics

    Lols… U r telling u r a lazy girl… U write 3 ff… Go to swimming ? classes… Study… Me fed with writing a ff… Thinking ? hw to complete it asap…?
    And I smpy sit at home and scroll over fb fight with sibilings…. And again mobile… Mom keeps shouting always on mobile…
    Lols u have a personal mobile???

    • Vidhani

      She is seriously so hard working
      i m awaiting my vacations to go on sleeping and sleeping

  73. shanitics

    VIPLAV…. Via FB we can be in contact or else via mails we can be in contact or lols u write a ff…. Thr we all can chat….. Hws the idea of rajkumari lazy?

  74. shanitics

    Misha di.. I tried to snd u my photo.. Bt failed…? bt I will keep trying?
    And my mom is happy with having a relation with u… Because u r a girl and a mom?

  75. shanitics

    Lols… If u don’t mind would u pls give me ur mobile number or mail ID if u r active in g-mail…. I am damn interested in talking to my chotti sis…

  76. shanitics

    Arshi di… Is amazing she remembers all the date.. I remember only my… Sisters and brothers b’day dates…
    Misha di and I share same memory it seems…?

  77. Vidhaani

    Swetha di I m really lazy. Today I only stitched for 10 minutes. Then afterwards everything over. No drawing no studies nothing. Only tv and mobile. If u don’t believe just see my comments. I posted so many comments. I agree I go for swimming but this is only for fun and play. And in fun and play there is no word like laziness.

    Yes I have my personal mobile but it was my mother’s mobile. She gave me my last birthday as a gift and took a new one for her. But more than her phone I love my phone most. And I want this phone till I finish 10th.

    About my enemy it’s a very long story. Will tell u when I m in mood. Heparin her name I get angry. There is shuffling this time. All the teachers together decide about which student to put in A/B/C/D. I m in A and that girl is also in A. She is my best friend’s best friend. But never think that I m jealous of her. It’s a very long story. I will tell u when I m very happy.

    Swetha di I m very sorry. I can’t give my number to u in this publicity. If u can plz try.

  78. Vidhaani

    Swetha di even I remember my family, relatives and friends birthdate. Here I don’t know even one. Arshi di is really amazing.

  79. Vidhaani

    guys watched the vidhaani’s scene in fb page of die hard fans of mishal raheja…… time to watch full epi……….wow what a handwriting !!!!!!!!! viplav’s and dhani’s !!!!!!!!

  80. Vidhaani

    this site r not posting the comments when i came here to comment………ah what a timing????

  81. Vidhaani

    Swetha di waiting to chat with u. If u can give me ur number, plz give I m very excited to see u. At least we can chat on Whatsapp.

  82. Vidhaani

    hey guys u know something… for two days its raining and raining…and my sis makes boats with paper (i think u also does the same in ur childhood days) and one of them is in the name of IKRS…..she wrote in the boats “ISHQ KA RANG SAFED VIPLAV TRIPATHI MISHAL RAHEJA DHANI EISHA SINGH” ETC ETC…..i just laughed seeing her…… 🙂 😉 😀

  83. shanitics

    Arshi di… My results most probably 30th of this mnth?

    Ur’s mst probably 27th of this month

  84. Anne

    I hope Kamini falls off the back of that bike,not usually so nasty,but will make an exception in her case.?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.