Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani opening the ghatbandhan. Kanak asks have you gone mad? How dare you to open the ghatbandhan. Dhaani says I am doing right, and says Raja is a very cheap man and that’s why can’t marry Shalu, and his family is more cheaper than him. Mami asks Dhaani how can she talk bad about Raja. Dasharath asks her to go from there. Viplav asks Dhaani if she wants to say something, if she knows anything about them. Raja’s mum says she knows us well, just like we know her. She says to whom you are saying cheap, and says she expect this only from her. Viplav asks Dhaani to speak up. Raja’s mum says she is Suman, and was married to my son, but she had killed him and ran away, and accusing us to be cheap. Viplav asks what are you saying? Raja says 1 minViplav….and asks why

you are calling her Dhaani? She is Suman. She is not your to be life partner, but my Bhabhi, who had killed my brother. She is a murderer Suman, I told you about her. Raja’s mum says Suman have been eloped since a year and they have been searching her since 1 year. Viplav says you people are mistaken. She can’t be Suman and she is my Dhaani. Kanak looks angrily. Raja asks Viplav to ask Suman. Viplav asks Dhaani to clarify. Dhaani says this is true that I am Suman and his elder brother was my husband. Viplav is shocked.

Dhaani says this is truth that I was their bahu, and this is also true that I ran away after my husband’s death. She says they have changed my name to Suman after marriage, and rest thing is all false. She says I have stopped this marriage as I know their truth. She says their elder son was a cheap man and used to behaved with me. A fb is shown, Dhaani is shown beaten by her husband. Dhaani says I don’t want same thing to be repeated with Shalu. They can do anything for their selfishness. Badi Amma sees stuff and asks Dulaari about it. Dulaari says tomorrow is Dhaani’s vidaai and tells her about Viplav and Dhaani’s secret marriage. Badi Amma says you are telling me now? Dulaari asks her not to get angry and says she herself was unaware of their marriage. She says Viplav will take Dhaani from here as Shalu will be married today. Badi Amma says so today is Dhaani’s last night here, and asks Raj Lakshmi and others to decorate the Ashram, and says it is a secret.

Dhaani folds her hands and asks Kanak not to get Shalu married to Raja and says they are very cheap people, will ruin Shalu’s life if she marries him. Raja’s mum asks Dhaani to stop her acting and says what do you think that you will put curtains on your crimes. Dhaani says I haven’t done any crime and haven’t killed my husband. She tells Viplav that’s why I told you everything. Viplav asks when did you told me? Dhaani says I told you. Viplav asks why did you run away from there, if you had not killed your husband. Kanak says Dhaani turned out to be dayan and tells Viplav that she will kill him also. Viplav asks her to keep quiet for sometime. Raja’s mum tries to raise hand on her. Viplav warns them not to touch Dhaani and says they respect women. He says I know Dhaani and she can’t kill anyone. Inspector comes there. Mami says she is Suman. Viplav asks who called you here? You can’t arrest her as the crime is not proved. Inspector says you have filed complaint against her, and says I got the proof file from Kanpur. He says she had killed Munna Avasthi. Viplav says I have filed the case and it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t know that Dhaani is Suman. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Dhaani. Viplav asks Dhaani not to worry. Dhaani asks Viplav not to get Shalu married to the devil Raja. Dhaani is taken away by the police. Viplav apologizes to Shalu. Kanak asks Viplav to stop thinking about Dhaani and says that naagin truth is out. Viplav makes it clear that he will not stop thinking about Dhaani and if Dhaani said that these people are not good, then they are not right for my Shalu. He goes. Kanak ties to talk to Dasharath. Shalu cries badly. Dhaani is taken by the police. Viplav goes to the Police station in his car.

Badi Amma asks Raj Lakshmi to do the arrangements fast, and says she will tell the good news after sometime. She tells Dulaari that Dhaani will get happy. All the guest start gossiping about Dhaani and Viplav, and says she have stopped the marriage. Pandit ji says marriage time is running. Raja says this marriage will not happen now. Dasharath requests him to marry Shalu as he has taken 4 pheras with her. Sushma also requests him. Raja refuses and says Viplav will fight case against them now, and refuses to marry. Shalu stops him and asks what mistake did I do? Raja apologizes and says I can’t marry Shalu now. I have decided and can’t change my decision now. The guest leave. Raja’s mum and mami smirks. Kanak cries and asks Raja to talk to Shalu once and see her condition. She asks Raja’s mum to make Raja explain. Raja’s mum says that dayan have ruined the marriage and your son have ran following her. She says my son can’t marry your daughter now. Kanak says it is a matter of my daughter now. Raja says Viplav had promised me that he will help me catch my brother’s murder. I need to go and talk to him right now. Kanak asks Raja’s mum to do something. Raja’s mum talks badly about Dhaani and says she has killed my son and have ruined us.

Raj Lakshmi tells Badi Amma and others that Dhaani is arrested. Badi Amma picks the phone and drops it shockingly, says Dhaani is arrested for her husband’s murder

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Swara

    Wow….live update …I can’t watch the episode cuz my cousin is watching cartoon. …..Thank u hasan mam……

  2. maha

    Thanks for the live update Hasanji!!!

    Hi friends how r u all.. was lil busy last few days and missed u ppl and ikrs..

  3. Yetty

    OMG, I’m crying for dhaani now, her words against theirs. Haaaaa who’s there to help.
    See you guys later. Trust me I’m coming back just a little busy now. The update is superb . Thanks Hassan ji .?

  4. Arey wah har roj live update .thank u sooooo much hassanji .ur really amazing person who understands our readers feelings. Thank u once again.

  5. SARAS

    chalo el baatkito tasalli huyi ki suman naam unlogone rakhithi… hamari parwathi to dhani hee hai…

  6. Ayo abhi power cut hona tha.last part nahin dekhpayi.very interesting story jarahi hai.super disappointing power cut.
    Koiparva nahin hamarey wu aur dhfp haina retelecast nahin tho kya.
    Is colors waley retelecast nahin karey tho hum hamari ikrs dekhne chodengey kya.
    Any time any way ikrs will be there.

    • Rajee

      U r right kavitha… Wu & fb pg of dhf of MR r life saver 4 us otherwise kya hota ikrs fans ka who r unable to catch the episode.

    • Nima

      hum to roz written episode n fb page Die Hard Fans of Mishal Raheja Video’s k sahare jinda hai warna daily power cut ki wajase #IKRS dekh nahi pate aur Colors tv wale #IKRS fans k sath bahoot nainsaafi kar raha hai 🙁

  7. SARAS

    oho viplav. . jab dhani apni ateet sunarahee thee tumto ghode bechkar sogayethe.. ab pooch raheho tum ye sab humein kab kaha??
    is ladke ka kyaa kare..

    • Louella

      Saras mam mujhe lagta hai humare vakil babu ne neend ki goli kha li thi kyonki unko apni shikayati pudiya ke bina neend nahi aati hai na. Aur dhaani toh viplav ke saath soyegi nahi isliye viplav ne neend ki goli kha li aur ghode bechke so rahe the. Ab aap samjhe ya main samjhau

    • Rajee

      Ha ha ha..saras hamein kuch nahin karna hai is ladke ka…ab Jo bhi karna hai uski biwi Dhani ko karna hai…

    • Nima

      hahaha..Saras ji aap ne sahi bola. hamara viplav hai hi nadan.kada pine k bad pet me relief ho gaya hoga so gaya 😀

  8. SARAS

    at least daadi should understand raj n family not right of dhani is saying so. ..
    if not others… just because she is little fat you will marry her to anybody? ????

  9. H Hasan

    H Hasan


    Hi to all my readers and thanks for liking my update. I wonder if you people are aware of my website which provides spoilers. Also we post the reviews of the shows written by the readers. Please visit our site once and see. Thanks again.

    • SARAS

      hi hasanji thanks for the information. . I did not know about tellreviews.. I will visit there thanks again

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Mam I asked me question to you if you record also then how you update both shows at 7.00pm correctly pls pls tell me and then you have 2tv in house?

    • Rajee

      Sure sure Hasanji we will surely visit the site as we r ur fan too along with ikrs.Thank u 4 the info.

  10. aish

    I felt very bad seeing dhani in that condition buh thank God our hero gave a me a kind of relief bcos he had so much trust in dhani. He said if dhani says they are bad then the marriage can’t take place.

  11. Thank god dhaani is her real name .suman was here in our page one fake suman was there.any way thank u directors for dhaani name will be permanent in story.our vidhaani will be always vidhaani only.
    Luv u ikrs luv u guys.

  12. aish

    I guess viplav is going to stand in for dhani, and both will fight the case together.
    Hope to see raja behind the bar or jail bcos he refused to get married to shalu thinking our dhani will marry him. I think it’s raja and her family that killed munna or he’s not even dead

  13. Swara

    Hi..frnds…yesterday I can’t reply. …
    My exams was superb……I did it perfectly. ….

    My best luck to ll of u who r preparing for xam….nd don’t take tension. ..have faith in urself…….

    Nd frnds what’s ur view for today’s episode? ?
    I didn’t watched. ..

  14. mangai

    thanks a lot for fast update 🙂 please keep it up coz of early slot time, we
    people r missed the show..

  15. Louella

    In today’s episode I was very relieved to see viplav fighting for dhaani. Now I think viplav will stand for dhaani and fight her case. Just waiting to know who killed dhaani’s ex husband and also eager to see Raja and his family in jail

  16. If Lazy viplav listened dhani before,den today scene might nt b happened. He was totally scocked as he knew d truth..anyway dhani acted lyk jhansi k rani today.but I feel sad for salu.everytym her marriage broken due to some reason.hope her ram ll come back again for her datswhy her alliance broken with raja.n according to spoiler viplav ll fight case for dhani.its d speciallty of our matter wat d situation is.der is a trust between third party can enter between dem

  17. Louella

    Today I was feeling very sorry for dhaani. I couldn’t see her crying and going to jail. Sometimes it has happened to my friend also, when she has not done anything, it was someone else’s mistake and she was getting scolded for that and was getting blamed for that mistake done by someone else

  18. Sonu

    Hi my dear loverly friends, how r u all? I am too busy with my work, so I couldn’t comment here.. Missed u all…

  19. Iam very happy for viplav bcs when dhaani said past without hesitating r doubting her he believed dhaani that she(dhaani) is innocent n she can’t do murder nor a wrong towards people.that’s called love.if a person loves him truely they should understand how that person.I like that very viplav u passed in ur love test.great.thank u directors for giving such true love story.

    • SARAS

      s kavitha. .. you cannot have any doubt about our viplav’s love for dhani. .. its devine n pure n unquestionable

  20. Sonu

    Vipu love u so much… Aaj phir tumnae hamari barosa jeet gayee… Mein wish karthi, Tum Hamesha Dhani ki saat raho, usko chodna mat.. I know u don’t leave her, u only the her Hubby, lover, truster, protector.. Etc. etc..

  21. Louella

    Hi Saranya, Saras mam, Kavitha, Kaviya, Meghs, Marees, Mangai, Varsha, Naty, Nima, Jesse, Kusanskar, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Rajee, Raj, Akshay, Sonu, Swara, Maha, Prachi, Dilu, Radha, AM, BR mam, Fatarajo, Flora, Maria, Aish, Arshi, Anisha, Renu, Sujie, Yetty, Anjum, Gopu, Gudiya, Swetha, Ranaji, Hritya, Sofeya, Shravani, Saraswathi, Swathi and all my ikrs friends. Share ur opinion on today’s episode

  22. Fatarajo

    Wow live update so good Dhaani arrested :O but I m happy that Viplav trusts Dhaani which is what is very good about our Vidhaani and I hope that Raja ban Gaya pagal and his family are exposed soon, kaabab main Sab se Bari haddi -_-

  23. Louella

    I m feeling sorry for shalu as well as dhaani also bcoz now shalu will start to hate dhaani bcoz in her eyes raja was like her rajkumar who had come for her. But in reality he is a vampire. I hope ram comes back and their marriage may happen.

  24. Sonu

    I am so happy in today’s episode, especially for 2 reasons,
    1. Vipu stands and trust on Dhani.
    2. Raja don’t get married on Shalu..

  25. Nima

    hlw my beautiful #IKRS family saranya..sujie..fatarajo..kaviya..louella..kavitha..swara..meghs..saras..varsha..florentina..prachi..AM..rojee..Anne..shanitics..mirsada..isha..nikzz..yetty..ahana..BR..anjum..aish..genita..natty..maha..jessi..swathi..ria n all my ikrs fans hw are you?I’m good.
    finally dhani’s past revealed..good news for all dhani name change nahi hoga…vidhani/vidha rocks!!! today’s episode was awesome…eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode

  26. Louella

    Where is sonu, akshay, raj, jyoti, rajee, josh? Where r u guys. Plz make ur valuable comments. We miss u so much

  27. Avijit(AM)

    big guys …episode was superb …viplav kya sath nivaya dhani ka ..are jota pati dharam 😛 ….hahaha ….nice ..viplav at least support her …poor shalu but she should trust his brother not raja ….
    kya raja tumnae to mera name ka kachra kar diya 😛 …my grandpa and grandma call me raja …
    so raja awasthi sudhar jao ..mera name matt dubao 😛 😛 😛 ….

    H. Hasan mam are great .really multi talented and super fast … 🙂 🙂

  28. Sonu

    Thank u so much Director sir, aaj aapnae Shalu ki shaadi ruknae se acchha kaam kar diya. Agar Raja Shalu se Shadhi kar gaya tho, he becomes the main villion of the Ikrs.

    I don’t want to Raja becomes permanent and lead negative role. I like more Swaha team ( especially our pp) than Drama team ( Raja, his mom and maami).

  29. SARAS

    I also felt very sorry for dhani as well as viplav. . he is so sweet n innocent. .
    how can he do vakalat I don’t understand

  30. Swara

    Frnds…now this viruses are making a great subject for us….but frnds we r part of our family we should think about our suggestions. …nd I knew they r crossing the limits. ..but this is a public page nd here we can expect both supporters nd criticisms. ..but the way is different. …wthr to allow virus or not is decided by moderation. .nd if they r allowing some we can’t do anything. …..whether we greet dm in whichever manner dey won’t change dr approach……cuz they r not deserving our response. ….so frnds instead of bothering abt dm we should IGNORE them……..
    Don’t reply to them. …
    I don’t know how many of u understand wht I want to say????……
    Frnds ignore these virus. ….

  31. Sujie

    hello everyone ….kinda relieved because our Vipu will fight for Dhaani…..
    dhaani ko dekhke rone ka mann kar raha tha…she was pleading ki shaalu ki shaadi mat karna psycho Raja se…. i liked the way viplav showed his faith on Dhaani …love you for that 🙂

  32. Rajee

    The episode was very very exciting… Thank god our heroine’s real name is dhani & not suman becoz Dhani is made only 4 viplav. It was suman who married muna awasthi & not dhani.
    Dhani is 4 Viplav & Viplav is 4 Dhani.

  33. Rajee

    Love u Viplav Tripathy for showing ur immense support 4 ur better half Mrs Dhani tripathy…this shows the strength of their love 4 each other..when Dhani was crying & Viplav consoling her was very touchy & emotional..

  34. Rajee

    Now the show is really moving awesome… Hope it will b more exciting in the coming episodes..

  35. Nima

    guys, my logo’s color n pattern has been changed….strange! coz of mistakenly extra letter adding in my email ID so sorry 😮

  36. Sonu

    What is her name of Raja’s mom? Whatever her name I don’t mind, how dare u ? Aapnae hamari Dhani per haat laganae ki? Aapko uss per haath laganae ki koi hakk nahi hai. Abb voo tumari bahu nahi hai, hamari Vipu ki biwi hai..
    Asli Gunaegaar aap hai..Aap Sabb logonae drama kar rahi hai.. This Triphati Khandhanki ki Sasur aur bahu aapko barosa kar rahi hai..

  37. BR





  38. Sonu

    It seems so many new commers in our family in my absence. Whoever new commers in our family, I am Heartly welcome to u guys… Keep commenting, be happy..

  39. Hi everyone How are you guys?
    I just knew Viplav won’t deceive Dhaani and will support her. Now that kanak will be in dhaani’s face now and call her names. Can’t wait till the day when they find out about vidhaani’s marriage, I just want to see how the react especially that kanak.

  40. raj

    good evening friends

    due to power cut 9 epi missd
    sri lankan govermnt also playng power cut game nowadays

  41. Sonu

    Director sir whatever u do.. But don’t do Vidhanis seperation,. We don’t bear that vidhans separation for Atleast one day. We fully addicted to Vidhani. If vidhani cry we also feel sad, if Vidhani happy we are all full happy.. Now a days Vidhani also part of our life. So pls don’t separate them even for one day..
    I hope u understand our feeling towards vidhani..

  42. BR

    plz share u r opinion
    rajee u r right saras yes he is support ing bcz of faithon dhani

    sonu u scored 100 marks for u r correct answer.

    I think all r eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi ….. I read all u r comments daily .. the judgement about the epi is same

  43. Meghs(megha)

    Hi varsha… br mam … joyee…
    saranya.. swara …
    kavi di …prachi
    sonu …sri … hrithu …. renu
    am …sujie… rajee …josh
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    nikz… sofeya… louella…aish.. amulya
    Saras …

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    Hi florentina Moldovan …
    Akshay… Saras… Arshi
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    N all ikrs fans…

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    @genita …
    Hi genita …. We r friendly so talk to us freely … We r like family ….
    Sry for late reply..

  46. Meghs(megha)

    Guys shalu will now definitely hate dhani as her marriage broken at last moment …
    I feel sad for shalu she was so kind hearted nice grl… But her marriage broken on mandap so surely she will misunderstood dhani..

  47. Meghs(megha)

    @sonu. Hegidiri sonu… Tumba dina nantara comments madthidiri … Tumba mushi aith nim comments odi…

  48. BR



  49. Louella

    Sonu u r right. This bethaal released u and captured someone else. ButI m happy at least u r released this bethaal’s custody. By the way u changed ur logo. But the previous one was more better than this

  50. BR


  51. Piya

    Oh my god….. Hope viplav fights for dhani and that stupid raja does not marry shalu……. It’s good that viplav has faith on dhani……

    Vidhani rocks….

  52. shanitics

    Feeling sad ? for Shaalu but happy also tat her marriage ? was broken with the psyco..

    Avasthi pariwar you feel tat thy will give you money ? & all there legacies then you are wrong ? once ur asili chahera comes in front of everyone..then u’ll be thrown out from Banaras or Varanasi itself not for hating Dhaani opps for you Suman but for having a eye on there legacies…

  53. shanitics

    Feeling happy tat Vip supported Dhaani..Raj you are kundli check karo..Thumhara burawaqt shura Hua..

    VIP is soo supportive…He is soo good..The way his Dhaani was superb…

  54. SARAS

    hey sonu n akshay glad to See u guys back…
    today only I mentioned about u (on ydays page) n u guys are here ibm do glad. ..

    @rajee nice to see u also commenting more. .. I m exited. .
    where is comedy princess saranya?

  55. shanitics

    Vidhaani’s bond is 4med by trust..This is called pure love ❤…Vip this is ur love ❤ test ..noo worries Vip we ,Telly updates IKRS family ?,are praying for you guyss u will definitely pass the test..
    Loved Vipu whn he stopped Raja’s mom from beating Dhaani…
    Vidhaani is forever..they are united with the bond of trust pure love ❤ honesty and everything ..
    If something happens to Dhaani..then vip can feel it and vis-versa..

  56. shanitics

    Love you Dhulaari and badi amma for supporting Vidhaani…
    Waiting for the day when past will be revealed..
    Vidhaani dreams
    Keep smiling ?
    Be positive

  57. Mirsada

    Wauu, our ViDhani therapy for the soul.?. Thas is love. Dani saved family Tripathi, Viplav she believes. Bravo. ?

  58. Sujie

    hello everyone …kinda relieved because our hero will help dhaani…felt sad seeing dhaani pleading to stop the marriage …..viplav love you for supporting dhaani

  59. Sujie

    hello everyone …kinda relieved because our hero will help dhaani…felt sad seeing dhaani pleading to stop the marriage …..viplav love you for supporting dhaani. 🙂

  60. Saraswathi.j

    I think that Dhaani is her real name because in the first episode some one narrate the story in that important lead role is Dhaani ,that itself indicates her name is Dhaani,and coming to the trust of Dhaani by Viplave his love for her is selfless and he loves for her bold truthfull nature .He never leave her and on the opening scenes they are together all these shows a positive attitude of Viplav towards Dhaani

  61. SARAS

    saraswathi j ji.. yes the story of ikrs itself is about impossible love of viplav for dhani. .. Who is a widow but because of such pure n genuine lover her life becomes rolemodel for all the young widows. ..

    so they have been sticking to this theme till now so I m sure they will in future also. .. viplav’s love for dhani is devine … so nice to even think about it. ..Thank you team ikrs for such a lovely serial

  62. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan, I can’t watch episodes til 8.30 here in UK and already we are about 6-7 hours behind SO updates are great .BTW every body, we get repeated episodes about

  63. Shanitics sonu is our old family member she was in leave for few days that’s it.ur new na so u both introduce ur self k.

    N naty akshay is sefie boy.he likes selfie very much that’s y we cal him like that.

    See guys ur not commenting regularly thats y our new comers don’t know u people that’s y u just say a HI comment with ur name as attendance.

    I want to see each n everyones comments one day then we come to know totally how many members r there in our family.but we have to fix some day for that.I think if everyone give comments may near by 70 members will be there.

    Hamari trp nahin tho kya hamari tu fan family was huge ikrs tu trp is 85% so we have to reach it 100% .can u all do this for ikrs.iam ready.

  64. Josh

    Hi I think show is not going to end dy might complete d story 1 by 1 waiting 4 ,d next episode. Still going good

  65. Yetty

    Hello everyone, could see we all enjoyed our favourite feel good dose of ikrs. Today’s episode is epic, the connection between dhaani and Viplav is superb, oh dear! Shalu don’t cry instead thank your star that Raja is not your husband.
    Is pay back time to Raja’s family for meeting up with an angel Luke dhaani.

  66. Yetty

    Hello everyone, could see we all enjoyed our favourite feel good dose of ikrs. Today’s episode is epic, the connection between dhaani and Viplav is superb, oh dear! Shalu don’t cry instead thank your star that Raja is not your husband.
    Is pay back time to Raja’s family for messing up with an angel Like dhaani.

  67. Gud morning friends,family, have a lovely Thursday lots of hugs guys………

    thank u saras n kavitha for explain……
    n those who have exam all the best!!!!

    plzz unite vidhani soon!!!

  68. Sujie

    Good morning my lovely family.
    I am feeling good today and waiting for tonight’s episode…
    Our ViDhaani’s love is not limited in 3 magical words or so….their trust,their love….. it gave me goosebumps….the way he said YE SUMAN NAHI HO SAKTI YE HAMARI DHAANI HAI……
    HAM USKE BAARE ME SOCHNA BANDH NAHI KARENGE….That bg music was quite good…… ViDhaani rocks

  69. Sujie

    Good morning my lovely family.
    I am feeling good today and waiting for tonight’s episode…
    Our ViDhaani’s love is not limited in 3 magical words or so….their trust,their love….. it gave me goosebumps….the way he said YE SUMAN NAHI HO SAKTI YE HAMARI DHAANI HAI……
    HAM USKE BAARE ME SOCHNA BANDH NAHI KARENGE….That bg music was quite good…… ViDhaani rocks ….ikrs rocks

  70. SARAS

    good morning dear family. .

    kavitha you said it. .. ikrs fans of tu rocks.. or family growing like anything n trp is steady bit to worry. .

    s one day all of us should comment but only one comment for tge head count for v that let’s post one dummy ff n all five attendance there. . iv think this is a better idea.. in that case even for two the attendance Window can be open ho’s my idea

  71. shanitics

    Vidhaani mornings
    Have a awesome superb thoughtful Thursday.
    Keep smiling ?
    Be +ve?
    Think differently ?

    Today I am in full mode

    • Swetha bcoz akshay everytime wants to take selfie whenever something good happens in ikrs. And also he was the cameraman of vidhaani marriage

  72. Louella

    Hi Saranya, Saras mam, Kavitha, Kaviya, Sujie, Swetha, Meghs, Marees, Zea, Mangai, Varsha, Akshay, AM, BR mam, Prachi, Ahana, Genita, Kusanskar, Dilu, Radha, Gopu, Sonu, Gudiya, Naty, Yetty, Josh, Anne, Saraswathi, Mirsada, Piya, Nima, Amjum, Vaishnavi, Sivaani, Rajee, Raj, Vinutha, Jonah, Maria, Isha, Sofeya, Hritya, Jyoti, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, flora, Aish, Arshi, Nikzzz, Renu and all my ikrs friends. Good morning to u all

  73. florentina moldovan

    good morning, my friends! wish you a wonderful day! yes, we are more every day, we are stronger every day and we are better every day! H HASAN, YOU ARE PURELY THE BEST, JUST LIKE OUR SHOW AND OUR FAMILY. IT IS a good exercise to say hi to everybody with his name, it help us to know each other very well and make stronger our bond.
    so, good morning, kavitha…saras….saranya…meghs…varsha…swara…louella…br…renu…sonu…rajee…anne…anne julia…mirsada…vaishnavi…sujie…prachi…aish…ahana…akshay…josh…shanitics…naty…yettty…shanitics…pyia…shivaani…nima…zea…anjum…avijit…genita…sabita….arshi…vinutha…isha….jessi…maha…ranaji….swathi…mangai…bharati…joyee…raj……and all of ikrs fans!!!!!

  74. In today’s episode viplavs every scene n dialogue was super.viplav u support our dhaani like this only.
    Ishq ka rang safed caption is viplav is saviour of god wat a show.hatts off to u directors.
    I think till this weekend viplav comes to know about dhaanis truth n get ready to fight dhaanis case.
    In next week viplav court case finished n also reveal the secret about vidhaanis marriage.
    Waiting for tripati families reaction.
    Guys tell me one thing if colors showed any promo about Sunday show.ithink nothing is there.

  75. Guys did u see the promo of golden petal awards. It’s coming soon. And I just saw that vidhaani r performing in it. Just waiting for it. And the whole ikrs team is there. Vidhaani r wearing a blue colour outfit.

  76. Avijit(AM)

    hi guys …good morning ….I just saw the golden petal awards promo …there was mishal and eisha romantic performance ….eisha’s award winning ….thoda thoda dekhaya ……nice ….
    bye bye ….aaj thoda busy hu …padai karna hae bohot …so aaj sabka name bhi nahi likha …but good morning to all my sweet mam ..sis ..bro ..and friends …..bye bye bye …… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Geni if u want to know who was married not married u join our ikrs telly updates fan page in fb group.then u will come know till then suspense.
    Frnds who didn’t join fb group pls join our ikrs group.
    Prachi were r u my dear give the fb I’d to our new frnds. So that they can join us.

  78. RG

    Many of u were asking my fav show. I didn’t watch these useless serials like ikrs. My fav ones include Naagin, swaragini, yeh hain mohabbatein and apart from these reality shows.

    • Avijit(AM)

      when we ask about your fav serials ??? …go and watch swaragini ..YHM ….go drama queen 😉 😛 😛 😛

    • ahanaa

      Dhyan se dekhiye is shaatir Jhoothi ko kese yeh IKRS ki comment badane ke liye jhoot ki madat leti hein……… 😛

    • Avijit(AM)

      who said this ??? silly yaar ….for your kind information eisha won the best debut actress female …don’t think too much ..bad for your help

    • Louella

      Helen I respect u bcoz my best friend’s mother’s name is also helen. But now if anyone talked anything bad about our ikrs I will also forget my manners. If u all know to talk bad about our ikrs then even I know to talk bad about ur swaragini. Sorry if I hurt anyone here who is a fan of ikrs and swaragini also but how much time we will bear all this. We r not mahaan atmas to hear all these cheap things

      • Avijit(AM)

        areh my cute sis …don’t be angry on this silly peeple …enjoy by commenting here and them too like me …hahaha

  79. AS

    They shd stop this show and start naagin 6 times a week instead of it. This show is a ‘kalank’ on progress of colors. Except this ikrs all on colors are good.

    • Avijit(AM)

      areh AS …thats mean Anuska Sharma … OMG …I rarely like your acting …good ….oh naagin fan ..go watch …bye bye …itna pyaar hum logo se Jo firse ae gayi …thank you … 😉 😉 …

    • ahanaa

      Actually you are the “kalank” for this page and also for being a fan of any show.. Even I watch naagin but i also respect every show…… and the fans who like their respective show… But people like you are soo dumb and i hate people who can’t respect other’s choices….

    • Sujie

      you know what you yourself are the kalank or black spot or dhabba of this page…go from here and don’t come back….. if you think IKRS is not good then don’t watch it …. watch rest of the shows…. get out

  80. SARAS

    just saw third segment oh my god it was superlative.. uff main to paagal hogayi. .. vidhani rocked..

    paarvateee tum jail chaleegayi???

  81. shanitics

    Dhaani has got best debut in I right??

    RG same pinch I used to watch yhm Naagin but nt Swaragni bt IKRS because in swaragini varun Kapoor has a very different character..I love Varun in saraswathichandra & hshl

  82. shanitics ur name itself tell kash..IKRS Crep show hota toh as Mein IKRS nahi dekhta..LoL

    Sorry Kashish if I hurt you

  83. Louella

    Guys this is too much now. I m in a very angry mood now bcoz of these viruses.
    Saras mam only for u I m not replying to these viruses. I can’t bear it now. Plz now u tell me what I do to control my anger. Shall I leave this ikrs page only? Or shall I give them a nice response.

    • Sujie

      Louella dear…no need to leave page because of cheapo….. You can reply them nicely later…we know how our ikrs is and we love it…so doesn’t matter whatever viruses say……
      Bhokne wale doggies kabhi kaaatte nahi…. If you know what I mean. Ignore them dear

  84. Genita

    Guyzz don’t mind these stupids. Let’s speciality of ikrs. Why it is diff from other serial, shall we?

  85. Louella

    Kashish I m not responding to u that doesn’t mean u will tell anything about our show. This is not only for Kashish but for all the ppl who r talking bad about our show. If u r coming here shall we go in ur page and talk bad about ur swaragini? I have been controlling myself from many days but now I will not sit quiet. Just get out from here. If u don’t want to go I also know how to throw u all out. Just get lost from here.
    Saras mam I know u had told us to keep quiet and ignore them but now I can’t control myself. Sorry if I have hurt u.

  86. Louella

    AS if u want naagin to be all 7 days a week then why don’t u stop watching swaragini. If u don’t watch swaragini the trp will decrease and swaragini will go off air. Then naagin will replace he swaragini and then u watch naagin freely

  87. saranya many viruses are crawling in.i am a little busy so that i didn’t commented till now and didn’t read older comments also.sorry for that guys.but i promise i will come back soon after finishing my studies and taking tutions.

  88. Avijit(AM)

    areh ..guys …viruses ko comment karke maja ata hae ..they are just for fun …enjoy guys …haha 😉

    • Louella

      AM for me it is a serious thing. They r going on commenting nonstop. There is a limit of my anger. From five days or more than that they r commenting only bad about our ikrs. If we would go and comment on their page then they would have given us all bad words. But we r keeping quiet that doesn’t means they will talk anything. There is a limit of my anger. And I have told this several Times that I m keeping quiet only for Saras mam but now they r crossing limits. Saras mam plz remove a solution for this problem. Sorry if I have hurted anyone by words but what was in my heart I told that. Plz forgive me if u can.

      • SARAS

        hey louella u r saying u r keeping quite for me but actually where did u keep quite?? You have been responding to everyone. . may not be harsh words but u haven’t ignored them. .
        any ways is Ok just chill. . Don’t read their messages at all that’s the solution I can give u at this moment-:)))

    • SARAS

      exactly am.. they r too funny don’t be angry at them. . if u want to comment also comment sarcastically or in funny way. ..
      understand louella dear. .

  89. sanjay

    i like ikrs very much. this one is the episode i watch regularly. but from last week i missed it. serching for it retelecast, but not find. i request to colors tv kindly re-aired this entaertainging serials likes others.
    in this serial. dhani & viplab’s chemistry is very lovingly.

  90. Sujie

    For those viruses who think that IKRS did not win a single award…go and check the list. Eisha Singh aka Dhaani has won award for best debut…… And please thoda spelling sikh Lena comment karne se pehle … whatever you wanna do…watch whatever you wanna watch …..don’t post your shitty comments against IKRs….go from here…and never come back….bhaago tum log ….. Dukhi aatmaao…..insult sune bina rah nahi sakte tum viruses… Don’t utter a word against our family…..

  91. saranya

    I can’t bear this anymore,i don’t care who u are,RG,helen,AS or Kashish or first i had only a dislike to swaragini,but now i hate it just bcz these viruses.i know all of these viruses are same.anyways i am saying u guys,i am not a follower of Gandhi,i love Ernesto Che Geuara and Bhagat Singh.stop ur nonsense virus.leave this page and mind ur work,u stupid people.go and watch whatever u like,naagin,swaragini or anything.just get out of here.

  92. Fatarajo

    I don’t understand one thing if some people doesn’t like to watch certain shows why do you comment here? I think you all also like the show maybe you all maybe frustrated or to promote your show, if u want us to watch we don’t mind watching it once but doesn’t mean you will insult the show we watch
    Respect a person’s choice

  93. Shri

    seriously getting irritated with ppl like dis… who bothers for their feedback..
    “come wt may” our one n only IKRS is the best

  94. shanitics

    Louella be positive…yaar be cool..noo worries if thy hate IKRS then let them…
    If someone hates something then it is because something is lagging…for them in our serial..when thy compare it to there likes…Or may be thy may be jealous of our family ? or serial..because may be in there page no one will be there like ours

  95. shanitics

    Saranya can I call u chechi..because My sis used to have a friend name Saranya so I used to call her Saranya chechi…tats y..

    If you have problem then ignore this msg?

  96. shanitics

    Guyss look all the viruses never reply to our questions this means thy are Dharboks…

    Sorry Viruses if I hurt you…

  97. shanitics

    Arey wah ad toh iss real life Mein bhi swaha team:-Rg,Hellen,kashish…

    Think differently my dearest sweetest persons?

  98. shanitics

    Guyss faro math..
    Jab IKRS family ? Ki event manager yaha hai to koi kuch nahi bikadd payeige..event manager sab kuch manage kareiki…??

    Think differently
    And be cool ?

  99. SARAS

    I m having a doubt who could be this virus? very thick skinned n very funny n jobless person..

  100. Pls some body told IKRS writer & director that do not do the such mistakes.

    Pls also know and note you guys that As per IPC act after Sun Set no police even Women police can not arrested a Woman suspect for any murder or any other case. Even Police can not wera the Hathkadi for suspect persons.

    As a VIPU a legal Lawyer how he forget and ignored such a crucial fact of IPC act of legal matters especially for Ladies and Women.

    I think Ravi Bajpai (Tania’s Father) entry is coming against Dhanni murder case and Vip will fight the case as always with Dhanni. Again the other story will be reveled the relationship of Ravi Bajpai (Tania’s Father) & Badi Amma (Indraniji).

    Guys your comments please.

  101. SARAS

    ydays hilight dialog:
    kt: tum us dhani ke baare mein sochana babd kardo beta uski sachayi saamne aachuki hain
    vip: uske baare main sochana aap band kardo maa… kyonki hum uske baate mein sochana kabhee band nahee karenge..

    wah wah viplav it was awesome n funny too. . I laughed a lot hearing that dialog

    • Sujie

      saras mam…. another one is also there….
      yeh suman nahi hosakti ye hamari dhaani hai…….
      and when Raaja’s mum raises hand on Dhaani how he came in between and shouted Khabardaar!!!!!!

  102. Sujie

    saras mam….last time you said we should ignore such viruses…i did control myself ..but today i could not control …instead of sarcastic comments i thrashed them directly….. but now no more thrashing ….i have another way…… i hope you won’t mind
    Thank you
    have a great day everyone and meet you after few hours

  103. BR

    good afternoon


    golden petal awards telecast date and time plz

  104. BR

    good afternoon


    golden petal awards telecast date and time plz

  105. Anne

    Good morning every IKRS fan. Can’t wait for tonights episode,also did someone say IKRS is to be shown Sundays? When is this does anyone know? Watched video of party of cast , wow kanak in v. short mini dress! Looked much younger.?

  106. Sowmya( Sonu)

    @Shanitics, hi dear I am sonu , from few days I am absence here because of my work. That’s why u didn’t know abt me..
    I am from Udupi, now working in Bangalore. Can I know abt yourself?

  107. florentina moldovan

    aswini, maria, genita,sanjay, lilly, warmly welcome to our family!!!! keep commenting!!!!

  108. Sowmya( Sonu)

    @Vinutha, Hi dear, I am also kannadiga. U seem to be new commer of our family. Can I know abt yourself?

  109. Sowmya( Sonu)

    @Saras, thank u dear for rembering me. What can I do? So much of work,so couldn’t comment here. Missed u all dear…

  110. Sowmya( Sonu)

    Our families real Vidhani, Rahul and Purple, where r u guys? R u busy with their exams? Pls make atleast one comment per day, miss u guys…

    • Avijit(AM)

      may be that accident make a big difference between they and us …they are not commenting after that

  111. florentina moldovan

    guys, the viruse is one and only, he changes his names and give reply himself! if he gets you angry or sad it means he won, please keep your peace and make abstraction on him…imagine he doesn t exist! AND we don t know if he is really Swaragini fan or just try to make mu btw us and swaragini fans! Ok???

  112. shanitics

    @Sonu,I’m from Kerala..Myself Swetha..studying in 10th…

    Just 2 more exams after that I am free..nothing to study ???

  113. Avijit(AM)

    tri shakti ke wajah se ikrs ke trp mae 0.2 drop hua hae …..also tpk and ssk have 0.2 drop …trishakti nae duba diya show ko …this is also for not retelecasting …no promos …that is too much ..trp mae kuch to locha ho raha hae

  114. Fatarajo

    Besides trishakti, the major reason for drop of trp is Asia cup. Now world cup have started and I m afraid trp may drop more but no need to worry for IKRS as match starts at 7.30pm and toss at 7pm so IKRS will remain unaffected wheras in Asia cup toss was at 6.30pm which is a reason why IKRS trp dropped

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.