Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Viplav that she can understand his pain. She says there must be a reason and says even we got married and have a home. Viplav says just let the marriage go to hell and you also go. He asks her to leave him alone. Parshiya stops Dhaani and asks why she is very angry? He says I would have make him right, if you haven’t stopped me. He says I have understood what he had done with you. Dhaani says you will not go and asks Parshiya not to even touch him. Parshiya is shocked. Dhaani says I want to say that whatever had happened, I have no relation with Viplav now. She says this is end of the matter. Parshiya says okay, if he leave you alone and don’t trouble you. Dhaani is still sad. He is about to keep his hand on Dhaani and asks if you are fine. Dhaani says

yes and asks him to go, says she needs to be alone for sometime. Parshiya says okay. Kamini eyes Dhaani evilly and smirks. She thinks Dhaani is a devi and haven’t married this Parshiya, still having sindoor of Viplav’s name, you are really great. She comes to Dhaani and apologizes to her, saying I did a big mistake. She says I couldn’t tell Viplav about our temple meeting. She says everything was complicated, and thanks her for not telling him anything. She says I wish everything happens like before. Dhaani asks Kamini to go from there. Kamini says I can understand, goes far and smirks victorious. Dhaani cries badly.

Vidha comes to Party and calls Baba. Parshiya says you are looking good and asks who brought you here. Dulaari says I brought her. She asks where is Dhaani and why is he looking tensed? Parshiya asks Vidha to wait for 2 mins and goes to talk to Dulaari. Dhaani is still crying thinking about Viplav. Viplav is also crying and is heart broken. Judaai song plays…..Viplav sits down shattered and cries miserably. Dhaani recalls Kamini saying she has a son with Viplav, named Atharva. Viplav recalls Dhaani saying she don’t love him now. He recalls Dhaani telling that Parshiya is her husband..

Vidha comes there and asks why are you crying? Did you lost your mask and asks him to take her mask. She tells that she has his coat. Viplav says if our love and promise was a lie. Vidha says I will ask mamma to pray for you. Viplav hugs her and smiles. Vidha also hugs him. Parshiya comes there.

Parshiya asks what are you doing here? Vidha says Rakshas uncle is crying, I want to sit with him for some time. Parshiya says your mumma is searching for you. Viplav is sad. Waiter asks if you are fine? Viplav stands up and says I am fine. Waiter says shall I get taxi for you. Viplav is devastated. Kamini comes to himand asks Viplav to stop drinking. Viplav asks her to go and asks why do you interfere between us, when you have nothing to do with me. He asks her to just get lost. Kamini says everyone is seeing us, and asks him to control. Viplav asks her to just go. Kamini asks waiter not to let her husband drink more and goes. Viplav asks for the drink. Waiter refuses and says your wife instructed us not to give you drink. Viplav hurts his hand as he breaks the glass. Waiter asks someone to bring first aid box. Viplav says he feels good in pain.

Dhaani comes home and recalls her meeting with Viplav and his painful words. She thinks have I done right by telling Viplav that I got married. She thinks I have separated Viplav and Vidha and cries. Parshiya comes there and asks her to talk to Vidha. Dhaani says she can’t go to her now. Parshiya brings masala tea and asks her to drink. He asks her to tackle the problem and be strong. He asks her to take care of Vidha, Dulaari, him and herself. He asks her to think about Vidha’s education, and says you are lucky to come here from banaras. Everyone gets a chance and you will also get. Dhaani smiles and says this can’t happen. She thanks him for supporting her in her lie. Parshiya says I am your friend and have to support you. He says I can understand that you will never hurt anyone. Dhaani says when I met Viplav for the first time, he filled colors in my colorless life. She says her life with Viplav was like a fairy tale. She says she couldn’t forget the words which Viplav told. Parshiya consoles her. Dhaani says I will be alright in sometime and cries.

Viplav is driving his car and recalls Dhaani’s words that she loves Parshiya and is married to him now. Viplav says I was waiting for you since 5 years and have yearned to hear your voice. You would have told me atleast that you are alive, I would be at peace thinking you are living your life. Just then Viplav’s car meets with an accident.

Deepak informs Parshiya that Viplav met with an accident. Parshiya is shocked and comes to Dhaani. Dhaani asks why you are shocked. He informs her about Viplav’s accident. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Mishal love you?? Your expressions were again mindblowing??❤
    Sanjeeda was awesome too…She cried brilliantly??

    Kamini tel me ghee dalne ka kaam krti h..??
    But you can never ever get close to viplav. Love the way he replies to you???
    “Why dont you just get lost from here??”
    I thought she lost her chance. She could again misuse drunkard viplav as she did 5 years back? Thank god. Directors didnt use their mind much this time?

    Aww cutie vidha..? Viplav needed someone and that hug??❤ And then that smile on his face stole my heart??❤
    Saath jeene marne ki kasam to tumne bhi khayi thi viplav fir kyu dhani ko 5 saal pehle chod dia tha??

    This is going to be extended a lot. Things have messed up so much now. It will take a loong time to get everything settle down.

    Still Waiting for the next now? and not losing hopes

    • Renu

      Yes arshu it was best when viplav asked her how come u come in the middle of every thing which is not related to you. Get lost from here. ??

  2. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    I am sorry if anyone was hurt by my words yesterday.
    My purpose was not to support dhani or viplav but to justify dhani’s pain.
    I even agree today both are pained..both are crying.. And i believe i am very young to decide who is more hurt.
    Every coin has two sides and so is here..we have both their mistakes and good deeds too.

    And thank you everyone for the views.?

    • SARAS

      Come on arshu dear no hard feelings. .. Please don’t bring in age here. . After all its story . but we are all so involved sometimes n affected emotionally …(I hate it still can’t help -:(( )..

      both could be right n both could be wrong at different instances. . so it’s not quantifiable. .. after all is feeling..
      so everyone can n will have their own view… which should be respected. . still at times it’s fun to debate on too..

    • maha

      Arshi I am 100% agree with u .. I was reading all the comments and all were right at their places and I know we are quite young to judge but in my opinion dhani is correct at her place because according to her viplav has moved on in his life so she showed herself married.. one more thing did viplav forget everything happened 5 years back he broke all relations though he was in anger but he did that even he didn’t tried to find out the truth so viplav is wrong.. and we are not talking about sanjeeda and mishal we are talking about dhani and viplav and being a girl I truly support dhani because she suffered very much .. sorry if I hurt someone

    • Renu

      Hi arshu u need not be sorry dear. Its freedom of expression n i did like your views. Infact most of us r right . As far as fsult is concerned just like marias ff ; ( it wasn’t my fault ) both viplav n dhani r correct. They love each other madly but just due to 2 small mus ( dhani confronting DT N viplav in vks arms in abbreviated condition ) a thick wall of hatred is developed between them but we all know that their love n cutie pie vidha wud break it to unite them forever. In a happy married life ( i can say with an experience of 20 years??) both husband n wife have to adjust n compromise just like front n back wheels of vehicle which move together to drive. Here both wheels r moving in opposite direction. Lastly though u r young dear but with matured views even louella who is younger to u expresses like a matured persson so keep expressing?☺ BINDAST VIEWS

  3. shanitics

    Mishal’s was mind-blowing ?
    His tears will surely bring a small pain in viewer’s heart ♥ isn’t???

  4. shanitics

    Vidha is stunning… Hw cute she is… It was the bst hug viplav ever reserved… Isn’t???

  5. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was very emotional. Felt like crying. Mishal your expressions were just killing me. How can u act so good yaar? Really hats of to u. Sanjeeda’s acting was ok ok for me. Kamini was also acting very well.

  6. Ishrat

    My god what is happening. Did they say they were going to cancel the show? I would have preferred that than see all this mess. Literally no one is happy. I’m not happy. My mom is not happy. My fish isn’t happy. STOP HURTING MY BABIES.

  7. SARAS

    so true irshat…
    I didn’t dare to watch today’s episode.. I just can’t handle so much pain. ..

    writeterji please bring in something good soon n end the show with a happy note. ..

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      No Sara’s with these episodes only I was loving ikrs bcs don’t know y I was really impressed with yesterday n today’s episode. That too mishal was too gud.bcs I saw one olv too in that he was acting as really affected guy that make me to praise him a lot.I have no words for him.pls watch it with love u too can accept was really awesome.
      U know in today’s episode when he was in car riding he said arey boldethi ki tum jinda ho kumse kum sookoon miltha that.jee reheho apni jindagi.omg god then he met an was very heart touching yaar.
      In that word I saw him as if u love me r not its not the matter but I love u ,u were living ur life as happy leading.that was too amazing.
      Dry this is my opinion.sry if I hurt to dear.

      • SARAS

        hey kavitha I have no words to express mishal’s acting. . bcos of that only I feel nore pain… I will be immersed in his sorrow the whole day. .. so so difficult for me. . amazing actor he is. ..n I have been telling it all the time I love the character viplav.. It’s so nice. .. but when he is in pain.. seriously my heart cries…

      • Saraswathi.j

        Yes you are right Kavita Viplav is a good actor I have seen all his serials and film,he has taken action as a passion. Coming to IKRS his love here is selfless once he told to Dhaani whether love me or not I will love ,many times she give her concern to marry him ,when he knows that his mother played all the troubles in ashram,he immediately meet Dhaani and applies her for his rude action towards her,by that time Dhaani also decided to tell him truth and she give her opinion about her willing to marry him,his immediate action at that time is so you are willing to marry me then we will marry immediately before you change your opinion ,then they married in the temple Viplav is the bridegroom and the priest to celebrate their marriage systematically according to Hindu system,really that marriage celebration looks very awesome one can marry systematically without skipping any step with simple available things I like that marriage .But the production house and the so called creative writers completely spoil the story,even now they unravel allthe misdeeds done by main culprit DT,kT,Tp,Kamini the nasty jackal,Dadi bua etcetara and run the story in between vidha,Viplav and Dhaani…best of luck….

  8. prachi

    Thank u my lovely frnds for ur lovely wishes n making my bday so special. Luv u all:-)
    Sry for late reply .actually I m trymg to reply u all from eveng but could nt do due to bad server..

  9. prachi

    Yes today’s episode was too imotional.. But all ll get over from it bcoz viplav is going to know all d truth waitng fir DAT episode only

  10. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hey frnds r u all enjoying the show mishal was tooooooooooo gud in his expressions ,acting all r mindblowing.I was really enjoying it from two days.he was giving life to ikrs.bcs of him it became awesomeawesome show now.after a long time bcs of mishal I like the show even if eisha is not was really really superb na.I think u all toooo very exited to watch. Mishals cute show right.wat u say frnds.

  11. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Ya swetha I too loved it when viplav said kamini just get out of here. I thought to tel u kamini just get too.omg its really amazing there s no words for mishal

      • Kavitha

        |Registered Member

        Then its ok renuji.I saw someone mentioned like this i think swetha only so worried for her health but happy now.ofcourse this too also my family was just iam happy for nimi.

  12. Genita

    |Registered Member

    I dont know why the writers spoiled such a beautiful serial…. Just remember the earlier episodes.. How nice it was… And just look at the present state of the serial.. Its disgusting

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Hi geni yes ur right our ikrs earlier episodes no matches to other shows it was an epic story,concept n luvable actors too.I too can’t forget in dreams too.

  13. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear liku darling many more happy returns of the day dear.I wish u lots of happiness in upcoming years.and may all ur dreams come true dear.luv u keep smiling always baby.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Elizabeth

    Hi All..hows everybody ..whats happening in Ishq ka rang Safed..feeling a bit sad yet excited about whats going to happen in the upcoming episodes..when everything will resolved and the evil face of Kamini will be revealed..But for the time being as a consolation atleast the meeting between Dhaani and Viplav was a welcome break..I am waiting for the day when Viplav will also come to know that Dhaani is a well spoken lady now..:) and they have child too Vidha..Here’s hoping that the team of IKRS has duly thought about the storyline and gets things back on track..Otherwise the way the other serials coz of too much negativity had lesser TRP’s and got wrapped up sooner than expected..Keeping our fingers crossed as always for beautiful and heart wrenching episodes..

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      No elezibeth viplav already know that kamini is an evil that’s he avoiding from first day of leap.he was just gave her his family name not his luv n no worries about kamini.but her evil plans r going to workout.I think she will bring a duplicate son named atharva to split vidhaani. It affects viplav n vidha love also.
      Me too eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes like u dear.

  15. maha

    Thanks H Hasan mam for the update
    Episode was very sad yaar? .. vidha and viplav scenes were very heart touching vidhani were crying miserably.
    Their meeting has increased misunderstanding instead of clearing. Yar I have seen many serials and in each serial why always girl suffer. Before wedding each boy do big promises and when time come he forget everything why ? Why he support his family one experience should be enough for him when he was cheated by his mother. He should think for awhile that she was the same girl who never raised her voice against kt and db tortures than why she misbehaved with dt and her attitude changed suddenly. Vidhani relation was based on trust dhani always trust him more than herself that’s why she never doubt kamini but when viplav’s turn came he forget everything. It’s a fact that viplav is also in pain but the pain which he did to dhani 5 years back us ka Kia .. vidhani will unite for sure after many hurdles but that 5 years which dhani spent alone with much problems can’t be return at that time dhani need viplav but he wasn’t there for her. They wasted their 5 precious years. Why drama industry always show a horrifying image of married life they should show some light moments, some happy moments like they were showing before. I know I am getting very emotional but this is true. Ikrs was started with the social message, for giving respect to widows which was amazingly showed but now everything has changed but still we love ikrs and whole team alot but please show some positivity also.
    And I have accepted sanjeeda as dhani because eisha left the show at her own will in my opinion doing a mother role is not bad but we wish her all the best .. I have seen an interview of mishal and sanjeeda both were quite compatible with each other and both were happy also so we should also move on for the sake of other members who are still working hard to make this show brilliant we should thanks mishal and sanjeeda for supporting ikrs
    Love u mishal sanjeeda and ikrs??

  16. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Frnds I hope this will happen.thatthat now viplav met an accident of course he will admitted in hospital next dhaani will run at him and says that I love u stillstill n parshya is not my husband I lied with u n vidha is our daughter.
    If it happens means nice butbut in spoilers I saw in hospital too viplav gets angry on dhaani isn’t it.wat u say guys which one u luv it.

  17. Genita

    Kavi. I dont think dhani will say but definetly she will go to him.. Writers are not anning to end that kamini track and now this prashiya track..

  18. Genita

    |Registered Member

    In earlier days thete was some magic in vidhani’s love but now it is missing.. That magic is what mafe me watch this serial.. But that magic is mot seen which makes me uninterested.. Earlier they dont need to communicate before that they understood each other’s heart.. But now they are not even rady to communicate or clear the misunderstanding

  19. Saraswathi.j

    So Viplav met with accident and Dhaani is running to meet him to hospital , what about Dulari she likes bachuvaji very much ,is she not go to hospital ,? I think Dadiji,DT,kT will also come to see Viplav ,why Deepak called Dhaani ? He should have called Kamini ,why Dhaani ? It means they know that Dhaani is his wife.

  20. amisha

    I am confused about deepka and rishi know about Viplav and Dhani relationship if they never mentioned to them. I am so eager to know what will happen to Viplav when he gets into the car accident.

  21. Satish kumar

    Dear director you are pulling toomuch of negative side of the serial , we need to see the positive side also , when will it happen waiting to see Dhani and viplav together.
    Satish kumar

  22. eshani

    What a performance by mishal amazing…..loved d way he replied to kamini and also few dialogues kitni aasani she keh diya pyar nahi karti and batado deti ki zinda ho dial ko sukoon to mil jata

  23. eshani

    Am jus hoping viplav gets to knw everything and so as dhani and must sorts out within no time as it happened in d case of KT ….directors r sometimes too fast to close certain things jus hoping it all happens in a single episode and may be we get to see it soon

  24. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good morning family……
    I read all those opinions regarding who suffered more…Viplav or Dhaani….and loved reading those….
    This analysis by most of the viewers was done because they are so engrossed in the show…..
    Like never before…….

    I don’t wanna say anything about Kaamini now….because mere pass ab words nahi hai…… All the words to curse KD is finished now ?????
    But glad that Viplav does not give a damn to her… the way he responds her ?????????
    Yes…… But Mishal Mishal ??????????????….star performer….. Emotional episode…. Rule dala Viplav Ne… ?????
    That hug was much needed for Viplav….and that scene was a touchy one…..
    Hope that everything sorts??

  25. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    And a dose of entertainment ….. No one is at fault neither Viplav nor Dhani…… The only person at fault is STORY WRITER ??
    So chill guys.. I hate it when I get emotional watching the show…but I can’t help it…. And so do people out here……
    When it becomes unbearable…. Then comes the dialogue……
    Serial hai Bhai …kuch bhi ho Sakta hai……anything can happen ??????

  26. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear ikrs frnds a very gud mrg to u all my lovlies.have a wonderful day frnds.keep loving, keep smiling,enjoy ur day.

  27. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    My god frnds viplav baba ne Dono bachon ki baap bangayi.I can’t accept this yaar.
    Vidha the cute child I can accept her but how this atharva said by kamini but till now they didn’t shown him but eagerly waiting to see new child .don’t know kamini said really or lied to dhaani that viplav n kamini had a male child.bcs if it is wrong then how viplav must know no really confused about viplav ,kamini,dhaani,n new atharva character.eating eagerly for todays episode.

  28. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning everybody, have a lovely day.
    I can’t wait for the next few episodes, I want to find out about the son that Kamini says is hers. There are SO many clues that Viplav and Dhani are just not seeing.Viplav has no curiosity about the ashram bomb..The one person who probably knows a lot of secrets is Tripuraris mother,if the CVs have let her live!
    It should all start unfolding soon…I hope Perhaps the accident will start Viplavs brain working again!!
    When Dhani finds out that its Kamini that has ruined her life I hope there is a huge fight.Waiting for the day ?

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Ooh yes Anne, hoping kam he gets attacked whilst falling down the temple steps while Dhani whacks her on the head with a very heavy bell.

      • Anne

        |Registered Member

        Oh I’d forgotten about the temple bell.!
        I can’t understand why I feel so violent towards Kamini, iim usually so nice

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        It’s cause she’s a major beeeeeeeeyatch of a character.

        Me too, mild mannered until I see her… Then ?⛏???????????? on,y death will do ?

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Morning Hun
      Yes I can’t wait for the next few episodes atleast Viplav knows now Kamini meddles so hope his brains start working soon too ???

  29. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone.

    Another amazing episode.

    I said yesterday that Viplav has been pining for Dhani and repenting for 5 long years and Dhani has been replaying his words and what she saw over and over. They are both where they are because of this and Dhani at the end of the episode admitted this to Parshiya.

    Loved how Viplav hates the sight of kam. Let’s hope he doesn’t allow her to manipulate him of Dhani further. She is a total psycho and the sooner she leaves the better. She really added nothing to the dynamic and is a surplus character.

    Parshiya, is a good guy. He also loves Dhani and is very protective of her.

    Loved the scene where Vidha gave Viplav a hug. There something very energising and relaxing and loving when my little people hug me and I felt that in that scene lots!

    Of course MIshal was awesome. I need to find some other words to describe him. The way he collapsed on the floor and didn’t have the strength to get up. Very believable.

    Also why did the barman listen to kam? That was the unrealistic bit. Viplav was drinking quietly and didn’t need to be stopped. When he said he likes pain was moving.

    A really good epsiode. Sanjeeda did really well too. Dhani loves Viplav dearly and it broke her heart to tell him the lie that she doesn’t love him.

    Hope everyone is well and having a lovely day.

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Hey Twinnie I agree with you Kamini makes is just a manipulative person and I sincerely hope they both start realising that she is just a b***ch. hope Viplav lets DT or KT know Dhanni is alive then maybe they could tell him about the events of 5yrs ago.
      I swear we could write a good better story

  30. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Guys another news that as I said after viplav met an accident dhaani runs to him n and reveals the truth about her real relationship with parsia.from this viplav should be happy that dhaani is not married in past n vidha is his daughter….
    But in weekly spoiler they said that viplav will get angry n says that vidha is his daughter n took her away from dhaani.don’t know y but I think this is also a game of kamini.waiting eagerly for viplav n vidha confrontation as viplav feels that vidha is his own daughter.waiting for his cute n luvly expressions as father.
    As a husband he passed in national level let’s how he was as father.wat u say guys.

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Hi Kavitha

      I imagine Viplav will be an amazing father. That’s what’s so confusing about this other child that so far hasn’t been mentioned or seen apart from when kam answers a call from a. Child she called beta.

      If they have a child, then Violav wouldn’t have been so caught up in his own sadness. Does t make sense so hope it’s another lie by kam or that it’s maybe someone else’s. Anne suggested it could be Shalu’s.

      The other thing is Viplav hates kam sooo much that if it was shallus he wouldnt want her anywhere near him.

      Lots of questions.. I hope the spoilers are wrong about this other child.

      • Ade1111

        |Registered Member

        I have to say I agree with you Twinnie even though Viplav hates Kamini he would still be a great dad and would not wallow. I think and pray it’s s lie I really do

      • Kavitha

        |Registered Member

        Hi nimisha hope so dear as anne mentioned hope it become true.thank u for clearing my confusion yaar.
        But one thing makes me sad that mishal quit news hope it will not become true.

  31. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Sometimes Vidha cakes Parshiya baba and sometime mamma,

    Also why didn’t Dulari say something to Viplav? I wish we had seema that interaction before he had the accident. They always got on so well so would have loved to see Dulari giving him a piece of her mind.

  32. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    It is said that today is a meeting of Mishal and makers of IKRS. Then it will be decided whether Mishal will stay or not. He wanted a hike in salary so he requested them. But no response was given to him. Any ways his contract is till 5th July. So he may quit!!

  33. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hey frnds I have news for u all mishal was quitting the show but not conformed yet.his agreement closed on July 5th.if production house pay much to him ad he demanded he will be continued if not khel khatham dukaan bandh.
    See this link u will get the news.
    Don’t know to be happy or feel sad for mishal quitting news .

  34. SARAS

    didn’t our vskeel baabu know driving after drinking is illegal???

    anyways hope kavitha’s spoiler cones true…

  35. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Beda Gark is on the way….. ?????????
    The law of mishalian says that Mishal also quitting IKRS is directly proportional to fans quitting IKRS….?????

  36. Lara

    |Registered Member

    I just hope kavita’s spoilers came true and if mishal quit the show i will also quit it because i m only tolerating ikrs because of mishal 5 to 6 months ago ikrs was my fav show and now it became more irritating than sasural simar ka i just hope mishal will not quit the show

  37. Saraswathi.j

    Today’s episode is good our old Viplav coming back to his senses Dhaani looks beautiful in his dream sequence , now it is returned to its good track…….

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