Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Tripurari’s house as Suwarna called her. Viplav holds her hand and asks her to come. Dhaani takes back her hand and says she will call later, and asks him to go with Kanak. Viplav says no need to come and leaves. Dhaani thinks Kanak will feel bad if she goes with him. Dulaari cries and tells Badi Amma about widow Yog in Dhaani’s kundli. Viplav tells Kanak that there is no kundli dosh and says Tripurari is the one who have killed Shambu. Kanak thinks why did Viplav doubting on Tripurari and thinks to clear his doubt else he will find about her truth. Raj Lakshmi tells Suwarna that if Viplav is saying that, then Tripurari might be guilty. Dhaani says why he will do that, and there should be a reason. Raj Lakshmi says it will be revealed soon. Suwarna

tells her that tripurari was sleeping with him when the incident happened. She asks Dhaani to explain to Viplav that Tripurari didn’t do anything. Viplav comes home and goes to bring Kanak. He runs back and informs everyone that she was not in her room. Kanak is sitting in the lawn and do Ram Jaap. Viplav asks what you are doing? You don’t need to do this? He asks her to come. Kanak says no, and says she will follow the widow dharm from pure heart, and says she is not like other widows who does things of a married woman. Viplav says it is enough and says I can’t bear anymore. He asks why do you take Dhaani’s name always.

Kanak tells Viplav that she hasn’t taken Dhaani’s name and asks him not to lie. She cries and says her husband died, and her son is mad about Dhaani, and takes out his anger on her. Viplav says again you have taken her name. Kanak cries and asks Sushma if she has done anything wrong. Sushma says Viplav is tensed and that’s why got angry. She asks her to come inside. Dasharath wonders what happened to Kanak suddenly and asks why she is doing drama. There is definitely something. Viplav comes to meet Dhaani in the night. Dhaani asks what is the matter and asks him to come inside. Viplav says I have tried many times not to get angry. Dhaani says I will be always with you all your life. Viplav asks why you haven’t come with me when I asked you to come. He says he got Tripurari’s ring in Dada ji’s room and says he will get him hanged for his father’s death. Dhaani says if Tripurari is guilty, then he will be punished, and asks him to take care of Kanak. Viplav says what shall I do? Kanak talks badly about you, but you cares so much about her. I should thank God. Dhaani says I can feel what she is going through and says you are her strength. Viplav says he is going to ghat to do asthi visarjan and asks her to come. Dhaani says okay.

Next day, Viplav is doing Asthi Visarjan at the ghat. Pandit ji asks him to put the ashes in the river. Viplav does the ritual. Dasharath asks Viplav to come. Viplav asks him to go and says he will come after sometime. Tripurari comes and asks Viplav, what you will do with that ring? I was thinking to wear that ring in my other hand, and says now Shambu is dead. Viplav gets angry and beats him. He is about to throw something on his dead, but Dhaani stops him. Viplav says he was a snake and will bite us. He was instigating me and saying that Dad is dead. Dhaani asks Tripurari to go from there. Tripurari defends himself and says I haven’t taken your dad’s name. Viplav gets angry. Dhaani and Dasharath ask Tripurari to go. Viplav says I will not stop for proofs next time and your death will happen with my hands. Dhaani says leave it. Viplav asks her not to come near him. Dasharath asks Viplav to come. Dhaani looks at Viplav. Ishq Ka Rang plays……………..Viplav leaves angrily. Dhaani cries sitting near the ghat. Viplav is in the car and looks on.

Dhaani asks Suwarna, if Tripurari was with you. Suwarna says yes. Dhaani slaps her. Tripurari tells her that Suwarna is saying right. Dhaani holds Tripurari’s hands. Just then Kanak and Viplav comes in the car. Kanak tells Viplav that Dhaani and Tripurari are same, who make hole in the plate in which they have food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. @prachi Really they did invite oter show also? I know they invite Ashoka, Bachao cast. Didn’t know they invited Thapki and Naagin cast also, they invited Naagin cast twice also. I was looking if they invite IKRS but they didn’t? But good in a way that IKRS didn’t come to a biased show like BB, I used to watch it a lot but they have started evicting contestants in unfair means, when they evicted an deserving candidate I only read the updates of Bb from then. And I heard that two years ago Mishal Raheja got an offer to participate BB but he directly rejected it. Good he didn’t go in that show.

  2. Here’s the link for my ff by any chance if u didn’t read it:
    U can find the links for the intoduction and episode 1 in this link also
    Please comment it so that I can have a rough idea if i should continue it. I really desperate for comments. And among all my ff IKRS ff has the least comments

    1. hey joyee ..don’t think like that …we all want your ff to continue …
      my princess ff have more comments because it is a different story from real ikrs …so it is good …..

    2. dont worry i am sure many people read it but do not comment, plz keep writing

  3. hi guys and good morning to BR mam,varsha,joyee,saranya,Sara,kavitha,jyoti,akshay,Tamil,meghs,hritya,sonu,shri,marees and all my ikrs friends ….how are you all …
    yesterday in SBS they are showing that in shambu’s pinda Dan rasam there will be a “bawal” for coming of Dhani ….in that viplav is scolding shalu and then shalu says to Dhani in angry mood
    🙁 🙁 …itna MU achcha nahi …jaldi katam ho jaye to achcha .. . 🙁 :'( ….let wait and watch …..

  4. Hi, missed all your comments from last 4 days..because went to my hometown for Sankranthi festival…no internet at my hometown…I saw all the episodes now…All the episodes are good despite of few misunderstandings here and there…

  5. I don’t see any other serial other than IKRS in Telugu or any other language….somehow I see some freshness in the story and Mishal acting is giving the life to the serial…Better to show more love and less misunderstandings to make this serial as different one than others….

  6. we have nothing to discuss today …so so much less comment …I gave an topic …
    write your favourite scene of that past week …..or say your opinion about the past week episode …if it is a trp increasing week or decreasing …. 😀 …
    thank you .. I will wait for your opinions ….

    1. Maybe trp maybe neutral

  7. I got a new on location video …the link and short written update is . …

    there is some shanti path at the ashram and the
    safed gang is discussing.
    seems that viplav was there and tripurari too
    came there which again made viplav very angry
    and he left.
    dulaari mai is tense over this that viplav is all
    badi amma explains that this misunderstanding
    is not natural its being created and tripurari is
    creating it.she says even dhani knows this.
    just then they receive maha panditji’s call.

    1. Thanks for the update am..
      I love badi amma n rajlaxmi. . they are the only two having some brain. . all other idiots. ..

      I badi amma play a role in clearing misunderstandings

  8. Looks like my comment is being misunderstood like the current track in the show 😛 I didn’t mean by other ff I meant by my other ff for other shows which means I tried to say I write ff on IKRS,TPK,TEI n YVR among which IKRS has least, not among my princess, pure love story or Vidhaani story no way. We are here to write ff so I m happy to see them. And I just realized my YVR ff has even less comments so doesn’t matter n even my ETRETR ff don’t have a single comment n I also don’t watch it kuch nowadays so I discontinued it , so according to me my IKRS ff is going good but as u know I want more 😛
    And I love Sujie, Divya and Kaviya’s ff a lot , it has got nothing to do with my displeasure on my ff not at all. Once again sorry 😛

  9. Hey Kaviya and Divya can tell me where u find the cover pics of ur ff I love them a lot so cute

    1. Hey Joyee search in die hard fan of mishal raheja fans fb page, they post well edited pictures its looks very nice.

      1. Thanks my friend has a crush on MR so when she saw the page she instantly gave like 😛

    2. I got it from google

      1. Oh really, I tried that but didn’t see them , just found some

  10. oh …sorry joyee ..same mu like ikrs now a days 😛 … I like all ff of yours but I only see ikrs ff of your ….I already commented …all want your ff … 😀 😀

    1. Haha thanks 😛 I already gave the names na, oh the similarities between all my ff is that it’s name of the show with the English meaning of it that’s my ff 😛

  11. Good afternoon to all! How r u guys! I missed few episodes last week & all ur comments too due to vacationing.. but I feel there was nothing interesting to watch too. Hey fatarajo! Sorry for not commenting on ur ff as yet to read it. Feeling very happy to c many ffs but I am getting confused too . I need some time to read all d ffs.. Finally today I will b able to watch IKRS today but I found the precap from WU very annoying…

    1. No sorry, time is precious I understand 🙂

  12. my one more fev scene is.. vip convincing dhani he loves her inner beauty after that haircut drama…

    Also i loved dhani’s love realization where she is shedding tears unknowingly…

  13. Gud afternoon Varsha,BR mam,tamil
    And all my friends.

    1. Gud afternoon saranya.

  14. Hi frnds gud afternoon guys today I got an idea after reading joyees ff that in our ikrs show if shambu I’d dead the elder son of shambu must be honoured in all rituals of if not his elder son may be knks past life son and shambu and their children’s r present life children’s. So knk also have some flsah back.
    There is another twist devudaaa how many twist and turnings in this ikrs.

    1. Okay, I m a little confused with ur comment 😛 kanak’s past life very confusing

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