Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Tripurari’s house as Suwarna called her. Viplav holds her hand and asks her to come. Dhaani takes back her hand and says she will call later, and asks him to go with Kanak. Viplav says no need to come and leaves. Dhaani thinks Kanak will feel bad if she goes with him. Dulaari cries and tells Badi Amma about widow Yog in Dhaani’s kundli. Viplav tells Kanak that there is no kundli dosh and says Tripurari is the one who have killed Shambu. Kanak thinks why did Viplav doubting on Tripurari and thinks to clear his doubt else he will find about her truth. Raj Lakshmi tells Suwarna that if Viplav is saying that, then Tripurari might be guilty. Dhaani says why he will do that, and there should be a reason. Raj Lakshmi says it will be revealed soon. Suwarna

tells her that tripurari was sleeping with him when the incident happened. She asks Dhaani to explain to Viplav that Tripurari didn’t do anything. Viplav comes home and goes to bring Kanak. He runs back and informs everyone that she was not in her room. Kanak is sitting in the lawn and do Ram Jaap. Viplav asks what you are doing? You don’t need to do this? He asks her to come. Kanak says no, and says she will follow the widow dharm from pure heart, and says she is not like other widows who does things of a married woman. Viplav says it is enough and says I can’t bear anymore. He asks why do you take Dhaani’s name always.

Kanak tells Viplav that she hasn’t taken Dhaani’s name and asks him not to lie. She cries and says her husband died, and her son is mad about Dhaani, and takes out his anger on her. Viplav says again you have taken her name. Kanak cries and asks Sushma if she has done anything wrong. Sushma says Viplav is tensed and that’s why got angry. She asks her to come inside. Dasharath wonders what happened to Kanak suddenly and asks why she is doing drama. There is definitely something. Viplav comes to meet Dhaani in the night. Dhaani asks what is the matter and asks him to come inside. Viplav says I have tried many times not to get angry. Dhaani says I will be always with you all your life. Viplav asks why you haven’t come with me when I asked you to come. He says he got Tripurari’s ring in Dada ji’s room and says he will get him hanged for his father’s death. Dhaani says if Tripurari is guilty, then he will be punished, and asks him to take care of Kanak. Viplav says what shall I do? Kanak talks badly about you, but you cares so much about her. I should thank God. Dhaani says I can feel what she is going through and says you are her strength. Viplav says he is going to ghat to do asthi visarjan and asks her to come. Dhaani says okay.

Next day, Viplav is doing Asthi Visarjan at the ghat. Pandit ji asks him to put the ashes in the river. Viplav does the ritual. Dasharath asks Viplav to come. Viplav asks him to go and says he will come after sometime. Tripurari comes and asks Viplav, what you will do with that ring? I was thinking to wear that ring in my other hand, and says now Shambu is dead. Viplav gets angry and beats him. He is about to throw something on his dead, but Dhaani stops him. Viplav says he was a snake and will bite us. He was instigating me and saying that Dad is dead. Dhaani asks Tripurari to go from there. Tripurari defends himself and says I haven’t taken your dad’s name. Viplav gets angry. Dhaani and Dasharath ask Tripurari to go. Viplav says I will not stop for proofs next time and your death will happen with my hands. Dhaani says leave it. Viplav asks her not to come near him. Dasharath asks Viplav to come. Dhaani looks at Viplav. Ishq Ka Rang plays……………..Viplav leaves angrily. Dhaani cries sitting near the ghat. Viplav is in the car and looks on.

Dhaani asks Suwarna, if Tripurari was with you. Suwarna says yes. Dhaani slaps her. Tripurari tells her that Suwarna is saying right. Dhaani holds Tripurari’s hands. Just then Kanak and Viplav comes in the car. Kanak tells Viplav that Dhaani and Tripurari are same, who make hole in the plate in which they have food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    I think dhaani found the truth and I hate kanak I hate suntv shows so that only I watch Hindi but here also same drama???????????☺☺

  2. vini

    Writers please for god sake stop creating misunderstandings between viplav and dhaani especially regarding tripurari.we can’t tolerate this again and again.we need some nice moments between vip-dha.plssss this is a sincere request

  3. Guys lets have a WhatsApp or a Facebook grup of all our ikrs members,so that we can interact more easily .
    Its all your decision ,so don’t hesitate to say no ? .
    Don’t misunderstand me ,I just kept my opinion in front of u ?

  4. vini

    We the fans expect vidhaani’s union.i don’t think that viplav completely trusts dhani.this makes me sad.

  5. kaviya

    I think Dada ji will find the truth about shambu death before viplav do. Lets Wait and see what twist our writers have.

  6. Hi guys how are u alllll today’s episode was full of misunderstandings I mean the precap scene and Hrityaaaaa iam Happy to see ur comment dear

  7. I m not asking u to leave this comment section ,I cant even think of that.
    I just want to add places(WhatsApp or facebook ) where we can meet each other more often.
    but my priority will always be the telly updates ?.

  8. AM

    today’s episode is very much awesome ….very emotional but liked vidha scenes in ashram ….last scene was awesome to see angry viplav …viplav have an improvement in his voice ..before when he shouts it sounds quite feminine and childish ….but now it has great improve …when he shout today his voice became matured ….liked it ….
    but according to the precap cv’s bring that MU back …that was same like dhani’s MU about vip …that time viplav did all things good for Dhani …but Dhani didn’t believe …not it is viplav’s turn ….but he is intelligent than Dhani so they should not drag that MU again …cannot see this 🙁 🙁

  9. AM

    hii BR mam ,varsha,joyee,Tamil ,saranya,shri ,sonu,brity,Sara ,jyoti,akshay and all ikrs family …share your opinions ….

  10. Fatarajo

    Aiyoo misunderstanding again nowadays m liking Dhaani more than that Viplav, Dhaani rocks, u did a good job by confronting Tripurari, uff Viplav wake up I have a gut feeling that Viplav is acting, I also like Eisha’s acting more than Mishal nowadays, if I meet Eisha in real life will treat her ice-cream and if I meet Mishal in rea life I will treat him toblerone chocolate 😛

  11. varsha

    hai joyee one help my post is not getting posted i dont know what to do it is showing submission failed help pls

  12. Hritya

    pls writers, don’t make this show as a boring one.sucess and strength of this show is our vidhani.if u write against them this show will also become will lose a huge no of fans.sooooooooooooo don’t create misunderstanding between them.remember misunderstanding track will ruin the show.luv vidhani…………..

  13. First thank u hassanji for fast update. I don’t y yesterday updates r not there. I thought hassanji had took leave at event of makara sankranthi hai na hassanji.
    Guys as per I said in previous updates aakhir Nanak tripati has succeeded in her criminal plans to separate vidhaani.
    But guys I know viplav can do any expression by his own that is his talent. He is the expression king Wat is that he can do NAVARASALU.(hasna,Rona,sharamkarna,gussahona,pagal,etc) ise kehethe hai navaras.
    And dhaani how good in his character my god she supports her friend as well as viplav also.but after recap scene she definitely finds the shambus death truth that tp ,KT r the murderer’s.
    Then viplav will be against dhaani that she blaming his mother by believing tp and gets more disturbed.
    Finally nafrat ka rang safed hojatha hai.

  14. And guys yesterday only I commented that there is no title song and all. But today we got it in today’s episode.
    I like this song very much as well the show ends with both vidhaanis tragedy scene.
    Very nice na.
    Do u know in previous episodes also we got this type of episode endings so they r very interesting and again now.
    I think the show is getting more interested than before episode’s. So guys keep watching nkrs(ikrs) going to rock.

    • AM

      I like that song very much …they played after a long time …missed it very much ….and guys keep watching ikrs …don’t lose hope … 🙁 ….

  15. Upto now we know that viplav is only the lawyer but now DT also started to intragate KT as a lawyer that something is wrong with her.
    Come on DT and VT go on through investigation that not only a ring Is the witness ,there is tprs shall piece that strucked into window and teared trips that he kept that shall in an old suitcase. With that witness viplav will find that tpr is the murderer.
    I have another doubt about recap if knk success to separate vidhaani then its is easy to blame dhaani and tpr r the murderer of shambu,y can’t she change the topic and diverts viplav mind ,so its very horrible I can’t imagine also.
    This directors bhi na is weekend pe aisa suspense dikhathe hai hamari dimag confusion ,tension se papad hajathe gain.
    Ab Monday Thai inthajar karnahi hoga.

  16. AM

    hey guys now all are watching and loving this show …I see a fan page of colors which have 80000 likes ….they also admit this serial good …new post of them is …
    Mishal is truly a Multi-Talented Versatile Actor
    who’s Acting is so Natural & Perfect in every
    Scene & he simply ROCKS as # VIPLAV
    Without any Promos #IKRS is still doing very well
    in the TRP Charts &
    It’s all down to the Unique Storyline & Strong
    Don’t forget to tune into the latest Episode of
    #IKRS this evening” …

    but they should not drag that MU ….that drops the show before also .. 🙁 …

  17. AM

    I have a question to all …plz answer it …it is to increase the comments …..
    share your most favourite track of ishq ka rang safed …… 🙂 🙂 …
    plz reply it by all . ..joyee. ..varsha. BR mam ..Tamil, saranya, sonu,jyoti, akhsay, Sara ,hritya and all ikrs family. . .come on and do it ….make comments up to 300 ….

    mine was the dhani’s kidnapping by TT and then the honeymoon part of vidha in piya’s house . it most ….

    share your also .

    • Sujie

      AM i also liked that track when Dhaani was rescued by Viplav and they landed in Piya’s house.. those moments were really very awesome.
      Next one is Viplav’s stay in the Ashram and ViDhaani’s daily nokjhok…their cute fights…..
      How can we forget the moment when Viplav saved Dhaani from the angry crowd of idiots and declared his love… His blood filling Dhaani’s maang….. Dhaani’s silence and the way she expressed her emotions through her eyes… really very awesome
      Dhaani and Viplav’s love confession…….. truly awesome
      Last but not the least That Chocolate and Karwachauth fast scene…. How Viplav made her have water and fed her chocolate breaking her fast unknowingly….

      I am sure there are other moments as well …please comment guys

    • kaviya

      1viplav stayed in ashram is my favorite track
      2Pot making , car break down, pooth and cockroach scenes are my favorite

    • Fatarajo

      My fav tracks were
      1) Viplav’s stay at ashram
      2) Vidhaani at Sarla Kaki’s
      3) Vidhaani love confession and date

    • Jyoti

      Viblap dhani ki shadi honeke baad wo akele rehenge tho acha lagega. Jyada love thodasa jhagada rahegatho acha lagega

  18. Sujie

    Hello everyone
    A sincere request to writers :
    Please do not let the misunderstandings ruin ViDhaani moments….
    I hate Kanak…. She does not even have the grief of losing her husband because of her own conspiracy and that idiot Tripurari… She is blaming Dhaani…
    Please Viplav find out the truth soon….. DT must change for good now…… please

  19. Hi AM ur right we have to share this so that we can know how ikrs attracted people.
    My best scene’s r all ashram scene’s of viplav and dhaani.
    But every scene of vidhaani r lovable.
    Cute couple haina isliye.

    • AM

      go to Facebook and search ” colors TV couples” ..

      and if you are a mishal fan then you can follow him on twitter …he is only on twitter ….if you want I will send the link of twitter … 🙂

  20. BR




  21. Really I don’t have words to say which one is best but ikrs amazing,misllenous,rocking and every thing.
    This much is there in this show but don’t know y there is no promos,SPL episode’s regularly.only one SPL episode was shown.
    I think directors and writers r very suspense persons they don’t show any promos and all.
    And our mishal also like that type only because I saw some videos of personal interview of mishal he don’t reveal any seceretes r upcoming story because he thinks if we reveal any story about show people will get less interest to watch the show.
    Now if there is no promos r anything about the show we r eagerly waiting for upcoming episode’s. So ikrs team decided to don’t show any promos about the show.

  22. BR


  23. BR

    MY FV





  24. BR



  25. Guys as AM said pls all of u mention that which scene was best for u in ikrs show.
    Hurry up.
    Br mam,shri, Sara,saranya, sonu,Sofie,fatarajo,jyothi,vidhya,akhay,hritya and all ikrs fans come on ur comments soon.

  26. Jyoti

    Hi friends. Aaj tho hasan ji bohut jaldi update kardiya lekin kaal tho kiyahi nahi the! anyway today’s episode is good bt i would like to see more love scenes between viblap dhani.

  27. Hi akshay nice thought also am :its good u asked about favourite scenes must say that varsha; saranya fatarejo kavita n kavia are seriously contributing a lot for me all vidhàni scenes except for misunderstanding are favourite

  28. AM

    hi guys and good morning BR mam,varsha,joyee,saranya,Tamil,sonu,shri,kavitha,brity,jyoti,akshay and all ikrs family …
    I am happy that you all share your fav tracks …who commented ,,, thank you and who not commented ….plz comment as much as can …… plz …..happy Sunday 🙂 😀

  29. Tintin

    Viplav was great as the angry hurt grieving and loving man. Dhani is a bit of a dumbo; she should be supporting Viplav 100% and be with him rather that with TT/suvarna.
    Best scenes of IKRS have been, when Viplav was living in Ashram, Dhani saving Viplav fromTT/river, Vidhani’s stay @ Sarla Kaki/ Piya’s house, Viplav saving Dhani from the crowd/filling her maang with his blood, Viplav-Dhani’s confession of love for each other.
    EPlease give us more of Vidhani’s love, romance,marriage and their togetherness.

    • AM

      hey tintin …don’t expect much ….their marriage will not happen so soon 😛 …. and tintin is a nice name ….he is my favourite cartoon character in my childhood 😛

  30. sara

    What should I say? I love everything. .. lol..
    not just vidhani scenes I liked vip saving his dad from kanak’s scolding. . all scenes of dadi n vip.. especially the one during tp n dhani’s wedding ritual he stands out n dadi comes n asks him to come inside ..
    pot making. . tyre puncture .. piya’s house.. n vip’s dress gift are most fevoritest.
    countless scenes .

    it can go on like this. ..

  31. sara

    @br madam.. in ydays episode there is a mistake ..
    While doing astivisarjan viplav is not wearing the janivara (sacred thread) which is a must for a brahmin..

    since u have not watched you did not know. . When I was watching I was thinking br madam will mention this ….

  32. AM

    the first track I like was the tulsi track ….it is the beginning of their strong friendship which end with love 😀 ….

  33. AM

    back to yesterday’s episode. I liked the last scene most ….viplav without shirt threatening tripurari was awesome and it is fully completed with tripurari’s evil smile (Chery on top 😛 😛 ) …..loved it ….share your opinion about this guys ….don’t be lazy …come on. …..

    • really tripurari is mad i like to comment in tamil so
      vangunadhu adi aana podura senooo yamma thanga mudiyalada swami
      idhula kannu thriyadhavan mari cooling glass vaera vomit varudhu

      • hai AM i said that “he gets beated but he’s looking at viplav like he is the hero (stupid) when he wore the sun glass he looked like a blind man and crazy man so only i commented it in tamil

  34. prachi

    Gudmrng favourite scenes are ashram scenes,every cute fight scenes of vidhani,sarla kaki home scenes and viplov’s confession

  35. Saranya

    AM my favourite and TOP 15 EVERGREEN scenes of IKRS;
    1.viplav’s intro boat scene.
    2.vidhani first meeting
    3.bag fighting and bangle breaking scene
    4.tyre puncture epi
    5.pot making scene
    6.ashram episodes saves dhani from catching fire in saree
    8.dadaji drama hospital vidhani scene
    9.sarla kaki house episodes
    10.dhani realizing love after hair cut epi proposal and dhani’s confession
    12.dress gifting epi
    13.vidhani’s first date
    14.dhani’s late night coming to vip’s house
    15.dhani’s support to viplav by staying outside his house.

  36. Saranya

    Friends,don’t be upset by thinking that again Mr.Twist Man will drag with the same MU track.i really hope this track will n’t go so long bcz dadaji started thinking against kanak vampire i feel like calling him CID Dasharath Thripathi instead of Mr.Balloon.

  37. Saranya

    Hai Hritya,i just came back from my village and also i was not feeling well as i was very busy there.every day i spent there i got up at 3.15 at the morning and had to go to temple for sankranthi pooja.full busy schedule and my health went in to an unhappy much tired with cold and weakness but now i am recovering so that i came to comment.

  38. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    Florinta and all my friends.

  39. Saranya

    Hai Tamil,Rajee,Brity,
    Raj,where are u guys?

    Brity what happened to u?now a days no comments?pls comment yaar.

  40. Saranya

    Yes Fatarjo,actually i did n’t missed even a single epi of IKRS.When i miss one epi i just go to desi tv and download it.and sincerely saying i found Mishal rocking in that epi 2 in which he throws gulaal towards Eisha.he lived in that epi.what expressions!when he went behind Eisha with colour plate by remembering that fb(prasad chadawa ko kehathi hai utthara ko nahi)oh i just loved that expression of smiling by him.

  41. Saranya

    Guys,now everyone is on the opinion that now a days they miss vidhani scenes very much.but i think i didn’t miss vidhani scenes much,do you know why?it’s because of our fan fictions.they are giving a treat to IKRS fans.i really appriciate divya,sujie,fatarjo,kaviya for that pure and sincere treat.thanks guys for making me not miss vidhani scenes and to keep these humble fans alive and good.thanks a lot.

  42. Fatarajo

    Hey guys , we should be happy with the fact that our dear loved show IKRS is making a steady process, so what if it’s not in top 10 or whatever? At least it’s consistent in improving okay I will show u IKRS trp monthly based:
    Aug: 1
    Sep: 1.1
    Oct: 1.3
    Nov: 1.4
    Dec: 1.94
    IKRS has had a big jump from Nov to Dec so we should be happy with the show’s process on how trp is increasing

  43. Saranya

    Suwarna,are u really idiot or acts like an idiot?seeing u now a days is unbearable.viplav saved u on that day.and what u said on your wedding day.u want to marry him to take revenge.but now it seems not like revenge only fulfulling patni dharm.go to hell yaar if u have no common sense.i think Raj Lakshmi is emerging as heroine in this drama.bcz he always believes viplav.

    • kaviya

      saran do you know one think it really hard to say but i have to say dhanni and swarana are really dumped they can’t understand the situation and dwell in one matter they can’t discerning. but rajlakshmi is different, she understand viplav and she had a view on what is good and bad. but dhanni ,swarana not like that directer show their character very innocent,soft and humble so they can’t tolerate any one. sometimes i thought why dhaani character is so weak, i don’t know maybe dhaani character like that, its my opinion saran what you think.

      • Saranya

        Kaviya,i think dhani is not weak she is strong very strong but what makes her weak is her innocence and compassion which i think writers shows as a must for all heroines.see,its like this,who like to see krishna without a flute,like that who like to see a heroine without innocence and compassion.

  44. Hi saran u mentioned ur health not well in previous comments now how is ur health.take care dear.
    I think u was full of enjoyment in ur festival works and also tired. Take care and pls go on commenting.
    I was also went to my native n busy in festival works and now only I was returning to Bangalore. Now iam in train.
    In one way there is enjoyments and another way there is full house hold works due to heavy relations at home but it is also one type of happiness na.I luv this festive seasons.

    • Saranya

      Hai kavitha,sorry for late reply.and i am doing well now.u said it right kavitha,festivals always bring people more closer that’s why i love them a lot and i don’t mind if it makes my health unwell bcz nothing is important as being together and happy.

  45. Hello guyz Br mam,gennipher,Akshay,varsha,Am,saranya,jyothi,fatarajo,sonu,sofe and all ikrs family gd afternoon…………….

    varsha i truly like your ff nice!!!!!

    i everything will be ok… waiting monday epi…..

  46. Guys u know one thing mishal has so many names which the fans will cal him very popular names.
    1.datta shriram patio
    2.dattu bhau
    3.datta sap
    4.viplav (usually in ikrs evey cals).
    5.viplav beta(sadi,dadaji,knk,badi amma)
    6.vakheel babu(dhaani,RL,SUV)
    7.bachvaji(dulhaari kaki)
    How cute na every one cals him with his characterized name.
    Most of them don’t know wat is his real name.because he was fully immerged in his characters.
    But I like bachvaji name very much
    .because in previous episodes there is the scene dhaani went to viplavs room in that episode I like the dulhaari and viplavs conversation very funny and lovable scenes.
    Guys when ur in tensions r any not feeling wellsituation pls watch ikrs ashram scenes u will get free from all tensions. Acha haina.

    • Fatarajo

      I didn’t watch a single episode of LTL so I have no idea about that show at all , I just wanna say datta sounds so weird it means a vegetable in my language lol

      • ArShi

        #Joyee, LTL was actly an ntrstng luv stry. I saw mny of it’s epi in utub (evn tday also). I tnk Mishal looked cute & hndsm in tis show.

      • Fatarajo

        Oh I see I didn’t have colors that time but I think I saw one episode, but that was not Mishal it was Shabbir Ahuwalia who is seen as Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya, so that’s why I m a bit confused, I remember Mahi Vij was also in the show I m not 100% sure about the name though it was laagi something was he replaced?

  47. sara

    well said saranya. .. I was about to write on similar lines. ..
    only badi amma n rajlaxmi have some sense and think n act sensibly. .. all others idiots..

    I sometimes think rl was better suited for viplav than dhani but what to do. .
    pyar to pyar hai..

  48. sara

    I think now dhani will expose tp n kt on her own.. my feeling. ..

    hey guys that mu track was necessary for both of them to fall in love (though it was stretched bit too long).. now that they are in love mu cannot come can only be little fight n difference of opinion that’s all. ..
    I think we have to just enjoy each episode n leave it at it. .. as the writers are really giving us very nice story with amazing twists n turns..
    see nothing goes as per predictions. .

  49. Guys I like the that scene viplav motivates dhaani to fight with phoolchand .it was very motivating not only for dhaani but all helpless girls.they should themselves fight for their rights and also one who blames them they should be brave and solve their problems. Really it very well done by directors,writers,and all actors.thank u ikrs .for giving this show

    • sara

      s kavitha that’s my fev scene too..
      its always make anybody independent than guarding them…
      if they r self sufficient they can face any situation. ..

  50. meghs

    gud evng AM.. purple genipher.. shri… BR mam. tamil.. joyee.. purple… hrithu swasthi n other ikrs fans..
    now a days i cant comment as my clg reopened …. i miss some ikrs part also after viplav confeassing dhani
    so can anyboday pls tell me how kanak husband died

  51. ArShi

    Yes my desi grl he was rplcd. In fct I didn’t hv colors tht tim. I saw Mishal 1st in IKRS. As I like his actng so I get intrst to wtch his prvus show.

    • Fatarajo

      Oh desi dosto that’s the case. Hmm I see. I did search about LTL in Wikipedia and then i realized he was replaced. It’s quite shocking as he’s a good actor, no doubt Shabbir is also a good actor, but Mishal is no less. When I read the cast, I thought LTL was an ekta Kapoor show

      • ArShi

        I think Mishal is thousand times bttr thn Sabbir. I dn’t lik his actng. Nithr as Abhi nor as Dtta.
        Mishal’s actng is jst fbls. When I watch LTL I dn’t think it’s Viplav. Agn, whn watch IKRS I jst frgt tis is Dtta Vaau.

      • Joyee give me ur ff link pls .now only I saw kaviyas ff It was different from real ikrs very nice story.very interesting.
        Give me ur link also I have to see how it was.very eagerly waiting.

    • Shwetha

      Mishal is much much better and versatile than Shabbir, Shabbir acting is not extra ordinary.But Mishal minute expressions even, perfect..

  52. Jyoti

    YouTube mein upload nahi karrahehein last 1 week se . Sabhi serial kaar rahehein. Ye tho jyada poltics horahahai.

      • AM

        you can download it from Facebook ….go to ” die hard fans of mishal raheja video’s ” page .. there they upload episode daily …

    • I don’t know y colors doing partiality towards our ikrs .it’s not fare at AL.pls colors u have to give importance to our ikrs.
      Pls we need retelecast after 11 pm
      We need retelecast on Saturday n Sunday also.
      We need regular promos and so episodes.
      Wat guys all of r supported a.

    • sara

      no jyoti other serials bhee nshi karrahe hain. . may be only weekend shows kar rahe hain. . not regular serials

  53. prachi

    In big boss finale dey invited castes of nagiin,thapki,ashoka,comedy nights bachao,but der is no members of ikrs:-(

    • Rajee

      Let them not invite our IKRS cast…becoz one IKRS is equal to these bunch of other shows. Ek taraf IKRS alone with more weight & dusri taraf other shows…

  54. Omg our ikrs frnds r writing ff that to very awesome stories really its very happy to hear that ur part of our ikrs.
    All the best for kaviya and joyee for ur ff.
    Keep on going.

  55. sara

    good knows y they r promoting tpk dp much is such a silly serial I can’t tell you. . silly cooking. . kite flying stone saas bahu contest etc.. what’s there in that serial just no story…
    from the time thahan’s marriage at least 1000 times they had eyelock so silly. .
    I like bihan both charecter n acting nothing else.

    • Haha lol Sara. In sg, they always promote all the reality shows so I have no complain, but they always promote Udaan, Swaragini, Ashoka. They even stopped promoting MATSH which is still better than some serials. They also don’t promote TPK much , but nowadays they are promoting TPK also but still they don’t promote IKRS. I don’t understand IKRS is one of the most popular hindi serial in sg they even published Mishal and Eisha’s pic in a sg local magazine so I m really surprised

  56. I do agree , but I m so shocked to see that a very good actor with excellent expressions Mishal Raheja got replaced by Shabbir Ahuwalia. Honestly speaking overall I like Mishal much more than Shabbir cause of his acting and also looks, he is still more good looking than Shabbir, Shabbir is also not bad but I prefer Mishal as an actor. I am sure Mishal himself must have quit the show he’s a really good actor, but why?

  57. @prachi Really they did invite oter show also? I know they invite Ashoka, Bachao cast. Didn’t know they invited Thapki and Naagin cast also, they invited Naagin cast twice also. I was looking if they invite IKRS but they didn’t? But good in a way that IKRS didn’t come to a biased show like BB, I used to watch it a lot but they have started evicting contestants in unfair means, when they evicted an deserving candidate I only read the updates of Bb from then. And I heard that two years ago Mishal Raheja got an offer to participate BB but he directly rejected it. Good he didn’t go in that show.

    • AM

      hey joyee ..don’t think like that …we all want your ff to continue …
      my princess ff have more comments because it is a different story from real ikrs …so it is good …..

  58. AM

    hi guys and good morning to BR mam,varsha,joyee,saranya,Sara,kavitha,jyoti,akshay,Tamil,meghs,hritya,sonu,shri,marees and all my ikrs friends ….how are you all …
    yesterday in SBS they are showing that in shambu’s pinda Dan rasam there will be a “bawal” for coming of Dhani ….in that viplav is scolding shalu and then shalu says to Dhani in angry mood
    🙁 🙁 …itna MU achcha nahi …jaldi katam ho jaye to achcha .. . 🙁 :'( ….let wait and watch …..

  59. Radha

    Hi, missed all your comments from last 4 days..because went to my hometown for Sankranthi festival…no internet at my hometown…I saw all the episodes now…All the episodes are good despite of few misunderstandings here and there…

  60. Radha

    I don’t see any other serial other than IKRS in Telugu or any other language….somehow I see some freshness in the story and Mishal acting is giving the life to the serial…Better to show more love and less misunderstandings to make this serial as different one than others….

  61. AM

    we have nothing to discuss today …so so much less comment …I gave an topic …
    write your favourite scene of that past week …..or say your opinion about the past week episode …if it is a trp increasing week or decreasing …. 😀 …
    thank you .. I will wait for your opinions ….

  62. AM

    I got a new on location video …the link and short written update is . …

    there is some shanti path at the ashram and the
    safed gang is discussing.
    seems that viplav was there and tripurari too
    came there which again made viplav very angry
    and he left.
    dulaari mai is tense over this that viplav is all
    badi amma explains that this misunderstanding
    is not natural its being created and tripurari is
    creating it.she says even dhani knows this.
    just then they receive maha panditji’s call.

    • sara

      Thanks for the update am..
      I love badi amma n rajlaxmi. . they are the only two having some brain. . all other idiots. ..

      I badi amma play a role in clearing misunderstandings

  63. Fatarajo

    Looks like my comment is being misunderstood like the current track in the show 😛 I didn’t mean by other ff I meant by my other ff for other shows which means I tried to say I write ff on IKRS,TPK,TEI n YVR among which IKRS has least, not among my princess, pure love story or Vidhaani story no way. We are here to write ff so I m happy to see them. And I just realized my YVR ff has even less comments so doesn’t matter n even my ETRETR ff don’t have a single comment n I also don’t watch it kuch nowadays so I discontinued it , so according to me my IKRS ff is going good but as u know I want more 😛
    And I love Sujie, Divya and Kaviya’s ff a lot , it has got nothing to do with my displeasure on my ff not at all. Once again sorry 😛

  64. AM

    oh …sorry joyee ..same mu like ikrs now a days 😛 … I like all ff of yours but I only see ikrs ff of your ….I already commented …all want your ff … 😀 😀

    • Fatarajo

      Haha thanks 😛 I already gave the names na, oh the similarities between all my ff is that it’s name of the show with the English meaning of it that’s my ff 😛

  65. Rajee

    Good afternoon to all! How r u guys! I missed few episodes last week & all ur comments too due to vacationing.. but I feel there was nothing interesting to watch too. Hey fatarajo! Sorry for not commenting on ur ff as yet to read it. Feeling very happy to c many ffs but I am getting confused too . I need some time to read all d ffs.. Finally today I will b able to watch IKRS today but I found the precap from WU very annoying…

  66. sara

    my one more fev scene is.. vip convincing dhani he loves her inner beauty after that haircut drama…

    Also i loved dhani’s love realization where she is shedding tears unknowingly…

  67. Saranya

    Gud afternoon Varsha,BR mam,tamil
    And all my friends.

  68. Hi frnds gud afternoon guys today I got an idea after reading joyees ff that in our ikrs show if shambu I’d dead the elder son of shambu must be honoured in all rituals of if not his elder son may be knks past life son and shambu and their children’s r present life children’s. So knk also have some flsah back.
    There is another twist devudaaa how many twist and turnings in this ikrs.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.