Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Viplav that she is feeling immense pain. Viplav says Doctor said you will be alright and asks her to rest. Kanak says she wants to go back to Ashram, as she has to fulfill the oath which she had taken for Shambu’s soul peace. Viplav says until you gets well, you can’t go from here. He says he will go Ashram and see if everything is fine. Kanak asks Viplav not to tell Dhaani anything and asks him not to get angry on her. She says Dhaani forgot me as she panicked seeing fire. Viplav asks Dasharath not to let Kanak leave from home. Dasharath says okay and instigate Viplav against Dhaani, but then says don’t tell her anything.

Dulaari tells I don’t understand how the fire broke out in the Ashram, we all were here. Badi Amma says it all happened

because of lac. Dulaari says we brought it to make bangles and earn money. Badi Amma says I didn’t understand how did Kanak come inside the Ashram when she went to temple. Dulaari worries about Ashram. Viplav comes with his friends and says that he will paint the Ashram again. Dhaani goes inside seeing him as she is angry on him.

Viplav asks them to come to his house and stay. Sita Maayi refuses to go anywhere leaving the Ashram. Viplav says just look at Ashram’s condition, it will take 3-4 days to repair it. He asks Pankaj and Raj to do the arrangements for their stay in Ashram. Dhaani is in her room and thinks about Viplav’s words that he don’t want anything except her. Viplav comes to her and sees photo in her hand. He says everything is burnt, except our photo. He says I will get Ashram painted again. Dhaani refuses to take his help and says I want to stand on my own feet and will repair/paint the Ashram. Viplav says you are my fiance and says I do have the right to help you. Dhaani says I don’t want your help. She says she really don’t know how Kanak came back to Ashram. Viplav says he can’t ignore what he saw with his own eyes. He says nobody will get into trouble knowingly, and put himself/herself in fire. Suwarna comes and seeing them together, is about to leave. Dhaani stops her. Suwarna says Tripurari told him about the fire accident in Ashram, and says she don’t want them to get hurt in any way.

Kanak asks Raj Lakshmi how many lamps she will light and says nothing can happen until we get electricity back. Viplav asks why did you come here? Kanak asks him not to worry and says nobody can change her happenings written in her destiny. She says Dhaani will take care of her and asks him to repair Ashram fast. Suwarna says she will leave. Viplav asks her to have food. Suwarna refuses and says Durga is at home. Everyone sit for having dinner. Viplav tells Dhaani that ladies will not work today and men will serve food. Viplav along with his friends serve food. Badi Amma says don’t know how fire broke out inside. Dulaari curses the person who lit the fire to the Ashram. Kanak coughs. Everyone looks on. Dhaani says how did Tripurari come inside Ashram. Viplav says he have saved maa. Kanak says it is not right to doubt on him. She asks him to go as Dasharath might be waiting for him. Dhaani looks on.

Badi Amma asks her to have food. Viplav comes back to Ashram again and says I came to cheer you up. Dhaani says she likes when he gives her attention and gets upset when he gets angry on her. Viplav says whenever I get angry, I will kiss you. Viplav asks him to close his eyes. Viplav asks why? Will you kiss me? Dhaani insists him to close eyes. She kisses on her hand kept on his mouth. It was Viplav’s imagination. Viplav looks at her photo and thinks he have to cheer her up as she is angry, and also have to convince her to get Ashram painted. Dhaani wakes up in the morning and sees Kanak going somewhere holding the aarti plate. Dhaani follows Kanak. She sees Kanak meeting Tripurari and laughing talking to him. She recalls recent happenings, Tripurari’s confession, kanak giving CD to her asking her to keep it safe, and then Kanak saying she is going to temple. She concludes that her doubt was right and kanak and Tripurari are together in the conspiracy.

Dhaani and kanak are seen in the temple. Dhaani tells her that she is feeling as if the temple bell will fall on her, just then it fells down. Dhaani says it might have slipped and fell down, and nobody would have cut the rope. Kanak gets tensed. Later Dhaani tells Kanak that she made something for her. Kanak asks what? Dhaani says gajar ka halwa, which you also cooked for me on my birthday. Kanak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


      • Ranaji

        Thnx for replying to me no author reply me and thnx mam and can you pls tell atiba to update her shows fast pls mam I don’t want to hurt her bit she updates late

      • H Hasan

        H Hasan


        Sorry, but we can’t interfere in each other work. I believe, We, the writers at TU try to update as fast as possible, but sometimes we get late due to unavoidable circumstances. In such situation, we expect our readers to wait patiently. Best regards.

  1. Meghs

    Hi BR mam … Joyee.. Varsha… Sonu… Sri .. Saranya… Kavitha .. Louella… Zea… Florentina moldovan. Akshay . Swara… Prachi arshi… Maris.. Anne .. AM ahana … Sujie… Rajee… Renu .. Saras …

    How was today epi

  2. prachi

    Dhani is in action now.from tomorrow it ll b interesting. But wen viplav ll know d real face of her mother n DT??

  3. Awesome finally saw the brave avatar of Dhaani something good to see after many days want more awesome episodes like Vidhaani date and Dhaani drunk 😛

  4. prachi

    Guys who made dis poll”do u think ikrs is boring”.why sudden attack on ikrs.other seriels lyk patali devi ( sasural simaran ka) also too boring, but colors telecasts it on Sunday it is going to become a horror seriel..ikrs is far far better Dan dis.I know ikrs is slow moving nowadays,but every seriels hav ups n downs, without negative character how could d show ll move forward, may b der is some interesting story ahead,den why others complaing n made a poll..

    • Meghs

      I completely agree prachi …. In colours ssk is more irritated serial with all witches blakmagic etc etc…. But how can any one make poll like is ikrs losting its charm…. Its only show atleast not dragging …

    • Sujie

      Yes Prachee…. I agree with you …there are many more shows which should shut down immediately… And our IKRS is doing good…it has excellent concept, fabulous cast..charming chemistry of MiEisha aka ViDhaani…that is a treat to watch…..
      Still horrible shows are running and our IKRS is attacked…. I wanna say that IKRS has not lost its charm….. and will always be our favorite…… THIS SUDDEN ATTACK ON OUR IKRS IS INTOLERABLE…. am i right???
      I know the negativity might be increasing but looking at the concept no one can utter that its gonna be boring….. it is not much dragged…. We have intense scenes of Viplav and Dhaani that rekindles the definition of pure love…… we get to see each and every aspect of love in IKRS…

      How can anyone make polls about IKRS losing its charm…. don’t they think they should make the same polls for shows like SSK which shows constant battle of the protagonists with the supernatural powers……
      Come on …GROW UP people…. IKRS is a lovely show…it conveys such a good message…but still people are interested in daily saas-bahu saga…….
      At least IKRS is not about saas bahu …..but its about a widow trying to cross the hurdles in her life along with the love of her life which she found recently that filled their colors with joy……
      We are immensely blessed that we got chance to watch something like IKRS and the actors portraying their roles are doing a fab job…. HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THAT IKRS HAS LOST ITS CHARM…….. A BIG NOOOOOOOO….. ikrs has not lost its charm…… we viewers have to be little patient and we surely know that the lovers will meet and their love story will inspire many others…..
      Jo IKRS se jale wo thoda side se chale………..
      Love IKRS
      Love IKRS lovers 🙂
      Sorry for this much long comment….but i wrote what I felt…… 🙂

    • Rajee

      Sorry yaar prachi I didn’t think like & posted my comments there scolding the cvs..he he he..& now I realize that how can they make this poll? I also became brainless by watching dumbo Viplav. But previously also long back they made one poll but I don’t remember the question. Now I am going to rectify my mistake by voting in fav of my lovely vidhani. Obviously vidhani always rocks!

  5. Sujie

    Thank you for fast update Hasan … Want some more ViDhaani scenes…… Precap is good…. Kanak should be threatened like this in an indirect way…. Viplav should get to see his mother’s true face…..
    This DT…so ungrateful….how could he ??? Ehsaan faramosh Balloon……

  6. prachi

    According to d theme der should b a lot of abstacle n der marrige as dhani is a widow, same thing happens also in our society.coz till now our society cannt accept completely to d widow marrige,den how could b the seriel moves without obstacle

  7. Sonu

    Dhani you done a good job, I wish all the best for your cid work. I hope as soon as u only reveal the kt’s truth face..

  8. Sonu

    Hi my dear lovely ikrs family friends, how r u all? What’s your opinion about today’s episode, pls share it..
    I am so happy..

  9. Don’t make such cute romantic scenes as dreams or a thought.?
    Now its viplav job to make them real ?
    Our multitalented Rakshas ? even rocks in his imagination’s ?

  10. Sonu

    @Rajee, your name is too cute and must suitable for VR’2. So I want to RajDhani name for Dhani’s group. What u says friends? Am I right? Pls suggest me..

  11. saranya

    Oh my God Dhani became Iron Lady,superb its on the right track.till ystdy vampire thought that she is the owner of Banaras now look at her,she is like a fly trapped in fire.bravo Dhani is called tit 4 tat.all the best for your new detective agency.

  12. Sonu

    Dhani be carefull, don’t forget you play with VAMPIRE. That Vampire already tumari Bali chadanae ki kosis kar gayee, but unfortunately poor Shambu and Cat died. So tumari kayal rako..

  13. Louella

    This is the spoiler of the week
    Episode 165
    Dhaani suspects that kanak and tripurari have joined to separate viplav and her
    Episode 166
    Dhaani confronts kanak for all her misdeeds and crimes
    Episode 167
    Kanak confessed to dhaani she wants viplav and her to separate. But to manipulate viplav she accuses dhaani of suspecting her of having an affair with tripurari
    Episode 168
    Dhaani is caught in a web of lies and treachery where she has no other way than to apologise to kanak and resolve her differences with viplav.
    Episode 169
    Viplav is upset with dhaani for not apologising to his mother

    • saranya

      Little Princess,thanks a lot for the many boring things are going to happen this week.why is this writer not understanding our feelings.we want more romantic vidhani scenes.are they the fans of desi idiots-tp,vamp&balloon.why are they not understanding that our trp is very.experience is the best teacher but they r not ready to something for our show writers and creative something fast.

    • ArShi

      Hi Louella, tnx fr splr dude….
      Bt I’m supr hpy as Dhaani won’t apologize to Kank. Nd Viplav shud rmembr Dhaani has self rspct too. He knows it well. He told it her whn he broght food fr ashram ladies dung case prod.

    • Sujie

      Thanks for the spoilers Louella…… I am sure Dhaani and Viplav will sort out the differences and we will get to see some lovely scenes……
      DT TP KT ki dadagiri nachalegi nachalegi…….. We want more ViDhaani scenes…….
      little patience dear friends …everything will be alright…..

    • ahana

      Expected behaviour from kanak….. chudail…..hamesha chudail hi rahegi….what yarr itna MU that people are also losing interest and making such poles…writers plz do notice this……….

  14. Meghs

    I completely agree prachi …. In colours ssk is more irritated serial with all witches blakmagic etc etc…. But how can any one make poll like is ikrs losting its charm…. Its only show atleast not dragging …

  15. Sonu

    @Louella, My dear little princess Louella, thank u for your weekly spoiler.

    Oh God, what is this weekly spoiler? Now I get upset, mera mood bhi karab ho gayee.( my mood also spoiled)
    Hello director sir, wt r u doing? R u play with our feelings and emotional? Pls sir don’t do like that. Please change the track and as soon as reveal the real face of Swahaa team..

  16. aish

    Hi friends, I felt so good after today’s episode as I was getting bored and I decided not to comment again buh was kind of impressed with today’s episode

  17. Louella

    Hi friends. Even I m in the same condition as Jyoti is. I also am not able to comment bcoz of studies. But I will try my best to comment whenever possible

  18. saranya

    @Meghs,all the best for your Quiz competition yaar.i am not at all good in these things yaar but i am champion in race that i can say for sure.Quiz competition and me are not always cheated me by giving two or five marks out of twenty.bad very bad.

  19. Louella

    Hi saranya, Saras mam, Meghs, fatarajo, Jyoti, marees, br mam, AM, shri, sonu, aish, arshi, varsha, akshay, rajee, rahul bhaiya, Purple di, sheeba, anisha, ranaji, renu, sabita, prachi, sujie, ahana, kavitha, kaviya, swara, Florentina Moldovan, mangai, zea, Anne and all my ikrs friends.

  20. Rajee

    I didn’t like the episode that much. The SBAS segment was better than the today’s actual vidhani scene. It was OK as dream hi sahi he gave a peck on Dhani’s cheeks. But yes I loved the precap.

  21. Louella

    Guys don’t get disappointed with the spoiler. This is the spoiler only for a week and not for whole year. Cool down guys everything will be alright. Ok bye friends good night. My grandma is shouting at me for not sleeping early

  22. Fatarajo

    Hey all couldn’t comment much as I was busy teaching my cousin Tahu I told u about her before she’s having exams so I was teaching her lol not easy to become a teacher 😛

  23. Dhani go and tell to vi plav if u tell to kanak then she welll trap u and start acting in front of vip .writers plde let their marruage happen fast plseee dont exttend it.

  24. I too believe it is losing its charm. Because still this dasharath and kanak truh is not known to viplav .eveeyday there is a problem .fire,shambu death ,dead cat viplav should marryvdhani fast!?!?!?=?

  25. saranya

    Why is Colors sidelining Ishq Ka Rang Safed?there is no other show with such a social cause.
    A channels prime duty is to propgate social msg with entertainment but now it seems like “SELL STUPIDITY BUY TRP”.If not why are they giving so much promos for ssk.i just saw a promo of it.what are they trying to prove?ghosts are roaming in our society?i never saw such a stupid superstitious story.we don’t need a society with unrealistic values.purpose of a show is to educate with with these stupidity it is educating us that we live in a world ruled by unrealistic.we need story of gandhi ji and bhagat singh not the story of parthali devi.lets grow up with sense not non-sense.

  26. prachi

    Yes rajee,sujhe n megha,I cannt control my angrr wen I saw DAT poll,I never seen such type of poll for any other show before,why sudden for ikrs,do dey know wat is d plot of sasural simaran ka n any other seriel.the writers just showing der a large n grand house,n saash ,bohun,nanand,devrani k bich m jhgda nh to saziis,kuch agar nh Mita to bhoot ,pretty,supernatural power ko late h bich m.yehi SB dekhte rehete h sb

    • Sujie

      yes prachee…. IKRS is not bad..the ongoing track and upcoming track as per spoiler have spoiled my mood…. initial episodes of IKRS were lovely….. the charm might have reduced but not lost….serial of patali devi, etc etc are running since ages and beautiful concept and story IKRS is being sidelined….. Please writers get your senses back and bring those magical moments between Dhaani and Viplav back….
      We understand that antagonists are also necessary but too much of negativity is not done….

  27. saranya

    I didn’t saw today’s epi.i missed a beautiful dream use of this dream as a hopeless and disappointing spoiler is coming idiots are in full power now and also doing hawans.what the hell is this!give some good news writers.

  28. SARAS

    sonu.. siri is not really better.. hoping Tom she could be better. .

    meghs n jyothi all the best. .

    princess louella. .kaise ho?
    aaj kal hms chutti leraha hain. . reopening kab hoga nahee pata. .

    ( how r u princess louella. . hms is on vacation these days. . Don’t know when it’s going to reopen)

  29. SARAS

    I liked dhani’s attitude today. .
    I never expected viplav to act so immature . How can be blame or be angry with dhani?

  30. Hi meghs prachi sujie rajie n ikrs family u are absolutely right that ikrs is far better than idiotic n unrealistic serial like ssk n swarigini let people speak whatever but in the end truth wins which is ikrs is the best whosoever does not find it nice then can better be calm instead of unnecessarily commenting sone ko koi kitna bhi peetal kahe uski chamak khatam nahi hoti ikrs is gold rest all serials are brass bronze copper n at times iron too like ssk

  31. Rajee

    Louella as per the spoiler I think vidhani name should b changed to “vip-dha”. Vipdha means trouble & this B3 (baap,babu aur beta) r going to create more trouble in Vidhani life..God give us some immunity power to tolerate & fight with this B3 virus ..

  32. Rajee

    Even if Viplav was angry on dhani but their look to each other was so touchy …Today I was satisfied with Dhani’s behaviour. If Viplav is not ready to understand her then why should she take his favour. Apni bhi koi ijjat hai bhai…Good job girl!

  33. Rajee

    Viplav babu till marriage manage with all the dreams so that we can also watch & enjoy our lovely vidhani scenes. Who knows when vidhani going to marry, till then only dream & dream. I wish u should dream everyday like this so that we can get some relief from team swahaa crap…he he he…

  34. Rajee

    Guys! Any guesses reg Viplav’s next mission????

    Its “swachh ashram mission”.
    Vipu 1st of all u throw ur moma out of this ashram & take her to ayodhya niwas . Rest clean up Raj dhani & co. can do…

  35. Rajee

    Tomorrow’s episode seems interesting. Dhani got the brain but when our gold medalist vakil babu will get his lost brain..hope very soon!!!
    Bye to all !!! Good night!!?

    • Thank u for ur spoiler Louella dear.iam waiting from two days for this spoiler. But spoiler is filled of MU.but don’t know how I saw the news in fb is our vidhaani r going to maary soon.a much awaited episode.

  36. SARAS

    silly viplav. . angry on dhani but dreaming something else lol..

    today’s episode indeed was good. . but this week only vidha fight. .
    I hopefull vip may havr some dreams too..-:))

  37. Arey hamari dhaani tho cid nikali aaj.tho hamari viplav vakeel tho dhaani ko cid banna hai na.
    Pathi vakeel pathni cid.dono mijulkey kaam karleynge.

  38. And rajee n sujie pls don’t worry. Koi maaney ya na maaney hamari ikrs thabhi ek no ki position mey raheygi.we know our ikrs best then y ur taking pressure about other stupid pollings.if we don’t get any awards also for all of us ikrs only the best.
    In our fans opinion The best hero,best heroine,best music,best show,all for ikrs only .

  39. In spoiler we saw knk directly says dhaani that she want split vidhaani.then how she can manage her chotimalkin n vakeel babu with balance.
    Dhaani u have to do an idea like
    then only u can manage viplav cool.if not he will become again angry on u .

  40. Anne

    I want Viplav and Dhaani to marry and go to Boston for 5-6 years. Then return, Dhaani would be educated and mother to two babies.ahhh. Viplav could set up his lawyer business and they could fight for the rights of people who can’t fight for themselves.Tum kya sochate ho?? Kanak and Dasharath would only be able to see this happy family from a distance which is a terrible punishment for mothers and grandparents——unless they are forgiven which they would be of course. Sorted. Love to all wherever in this world you are.?

  41. Louella

    Hi Saras mam. I m fine. What about u? Ya I have taken holiday from our hms. Infact all of us have taken holiday from hms. I will be back only after my final exams. My exams will start in March and will end in April. And sorry for the late reply

  42. saranya

    I am very upset that it took many hours to post my comments ystdy.
    @Fatarjo,teaching is really a difficult job,if students are kids,then full problems.i started taking tutions when i passed my 10th i covered all classes now-Pre primary to higher secondary level.but the best part is about enjoyment.i enjoy a lot when i am surrounded by children.they continuously ask about many doubts and u know i started making stories for teaching them.its a real experience.

    • Yes Saran teaching is so hard and when I was teaching my cousin, my toddler cousins also came and my cousin got distracted 😛 but they are so cute couldn’t resist myself from giving them a break 😛

  43. saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,BR mam,Sonu,Shri,Sara
    All my family.

  44. Rajee

    Good morning to my lovely family!!!
    Anne ur suggestion is a perfect one. But I have one more suggestion 4 our charming viplav..
    I think its high time now.. Vipu u should opt for some other profession…
    Pest control,painting, boy, or else waiter… Masha Allah u r too hot & charming… trust me acche tips milenge…
    But pleeeeeease never ever think abt ur vakalat. Its not ur cup of tea. Forget it as a bad dream..
    And dhani yaar u call vipu by some diff name like janu,sweet,darling,swthrt..anything..its ur choice…but stop calling him vakil babu…its really very embarrassing u know…
    Do some mercy on us!!!

      • raj

        oohh sry jst i saw ur rply
        life suuper & yes thodisi busy yaar…
        hey comedy princess. ur story, kt’s paint bucket comedy, tp ka schl entrnce& evrythng booohooooth acha..ezpzly tht tp and teacher conversation very funny yarr but i m sad bcz i missd to commnt ther… plz 4give me ok

      • saranya

        My God,u still remember these conversations,i am really happy yaar.i am ok even if u not commenting 4 my conversations as i very well know that u are busy.but try to post atleast one comment.ok?

  45. saranya

    @Akshay,in my higher secondary level i studied Psychology and u know its partical test was real fun.we had to perform personality test&IQ test.we got our juniors as subjects to study for these was a real experience to study them as many of them had high IQ and super intelligence.that time i realized i am nothing in front of our relief our teacher was full busy and we got enough time to discuss wonder we all scored full in that practical tests.

  46. aish

    Good morning joyee, saranya, rajee, louella , philo, Sara, Am, br mam, florentina, Rahul and purple, akshat , sonu and All other IKRS family. I love you all an stay blessed.

  47. SARAS

    actually from two days my mind is only around my daughter so my obsession for ikrs is little suppressed. not able to actively comment. .
    with all your good wishes she is little better still not walking but she is ready to try walking. .

    rajee your comments were really funny. . how r u kavitha. . florentina n anne.. all seem to have forgotten me. .

    • florentina moldovan

      Hi my dear friend! Never forgotten about you! My heart is always with you and with your little Siri! i am sure that you are the best mother and you will make everything for your sweet Siri recover very soon! Many , many hugs for you and for your princess!

  48. @saranya,even me too ,same here.
    In 12 biology practical exams, teacher herself helped me to cracked some questions ? as externals went for a break.
    It was too much fun ? and on the top friends were there as an important helpline during exams

  49. @saranya,even me too ,same here.
    In 12 biology practical exams, teacher herself helped me to cracked some questions ? as externals went for a break.
    It was too much fun ? and on the top friends were there as an important helpline during exams .EVen in today’s exam .?

  50. Rajee

    Most shocking statement by Viplav in yesterday’s episode. He said that it does not matter how tp entered ashram. Even he is not in a mood to hear agst tp then how can we expect him to doubt his own mother..supporting his mother is still digestible but not doubting tp is too much.
    Ok ..vipu I think u r over stressed. U need a brk. Take ur moma to home & stay away from Dhani & ashram. Take ur own time & get back to track with a cool, sharp mind!!

    • Sujie

      yes Rajee… Vipu is not supposed to be dumb…… Viplav see your mother, grandfather and that TP are conspiring against you aur tum naaraj ho dhaani se… this is not done……
      I want to see Swaaha gang’s plan failing miserably so that our Viplav and Dhaani are not separated …….

  51. Rajee

    Looking forward 4 today’s episode. Precap seemed promising. At least once we can c fear on kanak’s face…bahut maza ayega!!!
    Pareshan karke rakha hai…

  52. saranya

    @Akshay,u are right.some teachers are student’s my 10th std exam my Social teacher helped us in marking rivers on the map.oh that was a great that i got a A for that subject but A+ is reserved for excellent students not for me.

  53. saranya

    @Sara,ur daughter’s name Siri means no worries,she can overcome any crisis with a the by smile is the best medicine for every pain.tell our little angel to smile and try walking with determination.and i have another idea,tell her about me and my rotten jokes.her mood will light up atleast for scolding me for writing these stupid

    • SARAS

      Thanks saranya. . hmm siri means smile in tamil also. . but in kannada siri means wealth… actually a synonym to godess laxmi..

      today she is bit cheerful n putting small rounds in the house with my support..

      I told her yday all of you have wished her she was very happy. -:))

      thanks once again to all. ..

  54. Rajee

    I wonder from where Dhani got that paint bucket??? Saranya it may b that nerolac paint bucket used by her MIL kanak!!!

  55. Rajee

    Guys! Vote 4 mishal,eisha& vidha in colors golden petal awards!!! Cast ur valuable votes as many as u can ..Let’s show our immense love & support 4 the show.. Thank u all!!!

  56. SARAS

    oh no dhani. . ye tumne kya kardiya.. ab to kanak tumhari band bajayegihee . uska saara makeup items tumne deewarpe laga diya? ?…
    (oh dhani what have you done. .. now kanak will not leave you. .. you painted the wall with all her makeup items??)

  57. SARAS

    just watched repeat telecast now. .. the episode was really good. . their feeling expressions. . ibhibition anxiety. . everything was shown with their expressions. . amazing. .

    viplav.. you are such a dumbo…
    let me tell you. . please be sure weather you want ur mom or ur love (dhani)… you can’t have both in ur life. .

  58. Hi saras take care of siri.sorry dude yesterday I post comment for luvly siri. I think u didn’t saw that.but any how be cool our cute girl siri will be fine soon.take care dear. N don’t think that we forget u.ur all in my heart. Because our ikrs gave us such alovely family which have this much luv n concern.really really we very lucky to be part of this luvly family.

    • SARAS

      Thanks a lot kavitha. ..
      seriously good knows how we are all bonded thru this ikrs serial. . n we have so much love n concerns for each other. .
      thanks ikrs..

  59. Guys don’t u think the story going in laagi tujse lagaan type that show also dattu is fully believe in his family (sisters) they cheet him.same like that only here viplav believes in his family n his mother only cheeting same track was going in ikrs also.see how innocent viplav he don’t know how his mother is doing culprits in his life.poor viplav .I pity u.

  60. saranya

    U are right Rajee that must be that paint bucket of kanak.nerolac excel specially made for saas aur bahu.

  61. Hi gud afternoon saranya, Sara, swara,sonu,sujie,rajee,raj,akshay,br,prachi,rahul,purple,Louella, joyee,jyothi, kaviya, MM,AM,arshi,aish,zea,ranaji and all my dear ikrs family had ur lunch my frnds.

  62. Lol Kavitha have not watched a single episode of LTL so can’t say much looks like Mishal likes these kind of shows 😛 yesterday somehow I managed to watch IKRS and then my cousin came and she started saying Jai Bajrangbali whenever Viplav was shown I was like what and when try show Viplav again she again started Jai Bajrangbali I ask her why r u saying this she say that Viplav reminds her of bajrangi bhaijan strange but lol 😛
    She say she loves Viplav’s body couldn’t resist myself from laughing that time

  63. SARAS

    hey kavitha ur logo changed?

    about the ikrs loosing charm poll actually I m confused what to vote for. …
    option one says .. yes its loosing charm due to negativity…
    or no as it is its fine. .

    which one to vote guys???

  64. SARAS

    Thanks rajee n florentina for the reply. tight hug flori…
    I don’t know if I m best mother but for sure I try to do my best for her…
    thanks again. . for being with me..

  65. prachi

    Oh don’t remind me abt lagi tujhse lagan kavita.otherwise I ll stop voting n continue watching DAT seriel,I m in love with DAT seriel.wat a brilliant performance of mishal n mahi:-):-)

  66. saranya

    I just saw a promo of IKRS,thapki&simar for thursday-thrisakthi.when i saw dhani in b/w thapki&simar i felt that IKRS gained some imptc finally.i am so happy but promo news was not such good as said by spoiler.anyways atleast it got a promo.i am very very happy.

  67. Omg ya sara my logo was changed I didn’t observed it .oh saranya like urs my logo also changed.but my purple logo was bright n colourful.

  68. Director’s pls we don’t want this stupid MU between vidhaani we r eagerly waiting for vidhaani marriage.
    We don’t to see pathali( kanak) in ikrs also.

  69. Saranya tell me how to change this logo.I want my I’d I’d is purple ,brightn colourful. I think in telly page my logo is identified easily.pls tel me how to change this saru.

  70. ahana

    Follow karu Twitter pe
    Tag karu Facebook pe
    Tere quiz mein Google ko beat kar diya
    Mirror mein tu dekhta hai
    Neend mein tu tik tha hai
    Tere madness mujhe dhet kar diya

    Tu hai sodde ke botal
    Main banta tera
    Main toh handle karu
    Har tanta tera
    Mere dil ke mobile ka
    Tu unlimited plan ho gaya

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    Maine tujhpe kari PHD
    Mera luck mera haq
    Tu hi only wajah
    Main toh sachi, ho jaun touchy
    Koi tere jo baare mein bole boora

    Tera yaar haaye
    Mujhko bukar haye
    Jaane sari colony mein
    Tere liye insane hogaya

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    Tere tak jo aati hai
    Line saari kaafi hai
    Koi kitna bhi roke
    Main toh na ruka
    Tune jo jo kaha
    Maine ditto kiya

    Kabhi jeb mein rakha
    Kabhi dil pe liya
    Teri aankhon ki garmi mein
    Sar se, per tak, fan hogaya

    Main tera..
    O tera o tera Fan hogaya..

    Main tera haaye re jabra
    Hoye re jabra fan hogaya
    O tujhe dekhte hi dil mein dhan te nan ho gaya
    Main tera haaye re jabra
    Hoye re jabra fan hogaya

    songs for fan’s… this is for IKRS…..
    whom will you dedicate this song to???

  71. Meghs

    Too disappointed spoilers of this week..
    Dhani will came to know about kanak truth …

    Dhani & kanak reach temple. there is big confrontation between them…
    dhani remind her how bigball was made to fall to kill her. …she also reminds kanak about poisonous halwa. .
    kanak get worried her plan no longer hidden from dhani..
    dhani realises tp & kanak join hands to seperate vidhani …
    she confronts kanak for her bad deeds & plotting she did to ruin her love with viplav..

    kanak gets furious & confess all crimes she did against dhani… She tells dhani she wants her to be away from viplav…
    viplav reaches them at last moment he didn’t heared their confrontation …
    so kanak easily starts to manipulate matter.
    kanak tells dhani suspecting kanak to have affair with tp…
    dhani gets shocked along with viplav …. viplav gets hugely disappoint with dhani & ask her to apologize kanak…

    many of u know may know this spoiler … am very disappointed with this week spoiler..

  72. rezmi

    Can ny1 tell me wot happend to purple.. last time i askd no1 rplied.. is is sumthing serious??. I was not der in dis page for long tym i donno.. wat is it? Plz tell me

  73. #reZmie

    Can1 plz tell me wot happened to Purple.. ? I asked it earlier pn14th wen i came n afta dat am cuming nw.. i found no rply for dat..
    Vaise thanks to all who wishd me nd am sorry for d late rply… i juz saw d wishes nw…

  74. #reZmie

    Can ny1 tell me wot happened to purple ?i asked it earlier on 14th … nd afta dat am cuming nw.. an i found no rply for dat… is it sumthing serious?

  75. saranya

    @Rezmie, purple made a suicide attempt and was in a critical condition but now she is ok as per Rahul’s comment.there was some mu b/w the couple.and sorry for the late reply dear phone was under repair that time so that i didn’t replied u and all the very best for your Exams.take care.

    • #reZmie

      Thank u saranya for d rply.. actually nw i wish if i havnt knwn it…. relieved to knw dat she is kie nw.. and rahul is also wid her na… :-/ 🙁

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.