Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Viplav that she is feeling immense pain. Viplav says Doctor said you will be alright and asks her to rest. Kanak says she wants to go back to Ashram, as she has to fulfill the oath which she had taken for Shambu’s soul peace. Viplav says until you gets well, you can’t go from here. He says he will go Ashram and see if everything is fine. Kanak asks Viplav not to tell Dhaani anything and asks him not to get angry on her. She says Dhaani forgot me as she panicked seeing fire. Viplav asks Dasharath not to let Kanak leave from home. Dasharath says okay and instigate Viplav against Dhaani, but then says don’t tell her anything.

Dulaari tells I don’t understand how the fire broke out in the Ashram, we all were here. Badi Amma says it all happened

because of lac. Dulaari says we brought it to make bangles and earn money. Badi Amma says I didn’t understand how did Kanak come inside the Ashram when she went to temple. Dulaari worries about Ashram. Viplav comes with his friends and says that he will paint the Ashram again. Dhaani goes inside seeing him as she is angry on him.

Viplav asks them to come to his house and stay. Sita Maayi refuses to go anywhere leaving the Ashram. Viplav says just look at Ashram’s condition, it will take 3-4 days to repair it. He asks Pankaj and Raj to do the arrangements for their stay in Ashram. Dhaani is in her room and thinks about Viplav’s words that he don’t want anything except her. Viplav comes to her and sees photo in her hand. He says everything is burnt, except our photo. He says I will get Ashram painted again. Dhaani refuses to take his help and says I want to stand on my own feet and will repair/paint the Ashram. Viplav says you are my fiance and says I do have the right to help you. Dhaani says I don’t want your help. She says she really don’t know how Kanak came back to Ashram. Viplav says he can’t ignore what he saw with his own eyes. He says nobody will get into trouble knowingly, and put himself/herself in fire. Suwarna comes and seeing them together, is about to leave. Dhaani stops her. Suwarna says Tripurari told him about the fire accident in Ashram, and says she don’t want them to get hurt in any way.

Kanak asks Raj Lakshmi how many lamps she will light and says nothing can happen until we get electricity back. Viplav asks why did you come here? Kanak asks him not to worry and says nobody can change her happenings written in her destiny. She says Dhaani will take care of her and asks him to repair Ashram fast. Suwarna says she will leave. Viplav asks her to have food. Suwarna refuses and says Durga is at home. Everyone sit for having dinner. Viplav tells Dhaani that ladies will not work today and men will serve food. Viplav along with his friends serve food. Badi Amma says don’t know how fire broke out inside. Dulaari curses the person who lit the fire to the Ashram. Kanak coughs. Everyone looks on. Dhaani says how did Tripurari come inside Ashram. Viplav says he have saved maa. Kanak says it is not right to doubt on him. She asks him to go as Dasharath might be waiting for him. Dhaani looks on.

Badi Amma asks her to have food. Viplav comes back to Ashram again and says I came to cheer you up. Dhaani says she likes when he gives her attention and gets upset when he gets angry on her. Viplav says whenever I get angry, I will kiss you. Viplav asks him to close his eyes. Viplav asks why? Will you kiss me? Dhaani insists him to close eyes. She kisses on her hand kept on his mouth. It was Viplav’s imagination. Viplav looks at her photo and thinks he have to cheer her up as she is angry, and also have to convince her to get Ashram painted. Dhaani wakes up in the morning and sees Kanak going somewhere holding the aarti plate. Dhaani follows Kanak. She sees Kanak meeting Tripurari and laughing talking to him. She recalls recent happenings, Tripurari’s confession, kanak giving CD to her asking her to keep it safe, and then Kanak saying she is going to temple. She concludes that her doubt was right and kanak and Tripurari are together in the conspiracy.

Dhaani and kanak are seen in the temple. Dhaani tells her that she is feeling as if the temple bell will fall on her, just then it fells down. Dhaani says it might have slipped and fell down, and nobody would have cut the rope. Kanak gets tensed. Later Dhaani tells Kanak that she made something for her. Kanak asks what? Dhaani says gajar ka halwa, which you also cooked for me on my birthday. Kanak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. good morning friends n all the best akshay. ..
    let us know how u did the paper. .

  2. actually from two days my mind is only around my daughter so my obsession for ikrs is little suppressed. not able to actively comment. .
    with all your good wishes she is little better still not walking but she is ready to try walking. .

    rajee your comments were really funny. . how r u kavitha. . florentina n anne.. all seem to have forgotten me. .

    1. No problem.we understand. U take care of siri who is the priority. I Wish her to get well soon!!!

    2. florentina moldovan

      Hi my dear friend! Never forgotten about you! My heart is always with you and with your little Siri! i am sure that you are the best mother and you will make everything for your sweet Siri recover very soon! Many , many hugs for you and for your princess!

  3. @saranya,even me too ,same here.
    In 12 biology practical exams, teacher herself helped me to cracked some questions ? as externals went for a break.
    It was too much fun ? and on the top friends were there as an important helpline during exams

  4. @saranya,even me too ,same here.
    In 12 biology practical exams, teacher herself helped me to cracked some questions ? as externals went for a break.
    It was too much fun ? and on the top friends were there as an important helpline during exams .EVen in today’s exam .?

  5. Most shocking statement by Viplav in yesterday’s episode. He said that it does not matter how tp entered ashram. Even he is not in a mood to hear agst tp then how can we expect him to doubt his own mother..supporting his mother is still digestible but not doubting tp is too much.
    Ok ..vipu I think u r over stressed. U need a brk. Take ur moma to home & stay away from Dhani & ashram. Take ur own time & get back to track with a cool, sharp mind!!

    1. yes Rajee… Vipu is not supposed to be dumb…… Viplav see your mother, grandfather and that TP are conspiring against you aur tum naaraj ho dhaani se… this is not done……
      I want to see Swaaha gang’s plan failing miserably so that our Viplav and Dhaani are not separated …….

  6. Looking forward 4 today’s episode. Precap seemed promising. At least once we can c fear on kanak’s face…bahut maza ayega!!!
    Pareshan karke rakha hai…

  7. @Akshay,u are right.some teachers are student’s my 10th std exam my Social teacher helped us in marking rivers on the map.oh that was a great that i got a A for that subject but A+ is reserved for excellent students not for me.

  8. @Sara,ur daughter’s name Siri means no worries,she can overcome any crisis with a the by smile is the best medicine for every pain.tell our little angel to smile and try walking with determination.and i have another idea,tell her about me and my rotten jokes.her mood will light up atleast for scolding me for writing these stupid

    1. Thanks saranya. . hmm siri means smile in tamil also. . but in kannada siri means wealth… actually a synonym to godess laxmi..

      today she is bit cheerful n putting small rounds in the house with my support..

      I told her yday all of you have wished her she was very happy. -:))

      thanks once again to all. ..

  9. I wonder from where Dhani got that paint bucket??? Saranya it may b that nerolac paint bucket used by her MIL kanak!!!

  10. it is now totally waste of time.. I am not seeing this..

  11. Guys! Vote 4 mishal,eisha& vidha in colors golden petal awards!!! Cast ur valuable votes as many as u can ..Let’s show our immense love & support 4 the show.. Thank u all!!!

  12. oh no dhani. . ye tumne kya kardiya.. ab to kanak tumhari band bajayegihee . uska saara makeup items tumne deewarpe laga diya? ?…
    (oh dhani what have you done. .. now kanak will not leave you. .. you painted the wall with all her makeup items??)

  13. just watched repeat telecast now. .. the episode was really good. . their feeling expressions. . ibhibition anxiety. . everything was shown with their expressions. . amazing. .

    viplav.. you are such a dumbo…
    let me tell you. . please be sure weather you want ur mom or ur love (dhani)… you can’t have both in ur life. .

  14. Hi saras take care of siri.sorry dude yesterday I post comment for luvly siri. I think u didn’t saw that.but any how be cool our cute girl siri will be fine soon.take care dear. N don’t think that we forget u.ur all in my heart. Because our ikrs gave us such alovely family which have this much luv n concern.really really we very lucky to be part of this luvly family.

    1. Thanks a lot kavitha. ..
      seriously good knows how we are all bonded thru this ikrs serial. . n we have so much love n concerns for each other. .
      thanks ikrs..

  15. Guys don’t u think the story going in laagi tujse lagaan type that show also dattu is fully believe in his family (sisters) they cheet him.same like that only here viplav believes in his family n his mother only cheeting same track was going in ikrs also.see how innocent viplav he don’t know how his mother is doing culprits in his life.poor viplav .I pity u.

  16. U are right Rajee that must be that paint bucket of kanak.nerolac excel specially made for saas aur bahu.

    1. ya… secret oh the safed bhootni… ‘nerolac…nerolac…’

  17. When kt returned to ashram Dulaari’s reaction was super…

  18. Hi gud afternoon saranya, Sara, swara,sonu,sujie,rajee,raj,akshay,br,prachi,rahul,purple,Louella, joyee,jyothi, kaviya, MM,AM,arshi,aish,zea,ranaji and all my dear ikrs family had ur lunch my frnds.

    1. Good afternoon my dear….

  19. Lol Kavitha have not watched a single episode of LTL so can’t say much looks like Mishal likes these kind of shows 😛 yesterday somehow I managed to watch IKRS and then my cousin came and she started saying Jai Bajrangbali whenever Viplav was shown I was like what and when try show Viplav again she again started Jai Bajrangbali I ask her why r u saying this she say that Viplav reminds her of bajrangi bhaijan strange but lol 😛
    She say she loves Viplav’s body couldn’t resist myself from laughing that time

  20. hey kavitha ur logo changed?

    about the ikrs loosing charm poll actually I m confused what to vote for. …
    option one says .. yes its loosing charm due to negativity…
    or no as it is its fine. .

    which one to vote guys???

    1. Best option don’t vote for any which is what I did as I m also confused 😛

  21. Gudafternoon kavita

  22. Thanks rajee n florentina for the reply. tight hug flori…
    I don’t know if I m best mother but for sure I try to do my best for her…
    thanks again. . for being with me..

  23. Oh don’t remind me abt lagi tujhse lagan kavita.otherwise I ll stop voting n continue watching DAT seriel,I m in love with DAT seriel.wat a brilliant performance of mishal n mahi:-):-)

  24. I just saw a promo of IKRS,thapki&simar for thursday-thrisakthi.when i saw dhani in b/w thapki&simar i felt that IKRS gained some imptc finally.i am so happy but promo news was not such good as said by spoiler.anyways atleast it got a promo.i am very very happy.

  25. @kavitha u changed your logo.but its good.its much better than that logo i got.

  26. Omg ya sara my logo was changed I didn’t observed it .oh saranya like urs my logo also changed.but my purple logo was bright n colourful.

  27. Director’s pls we don’t want this stupid MU between vidhaani we r eagerly waiting for vidhaani marriage.
    We don’t to see pathali( kanak) in ikrs also.

  28. Saranya tell me how to change this logo.I want my I’d I’d is purple ,brightn colourful. I think in telly page my logo is identified easily.pls tel me how to change this saru.

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    songs for fan’s… this is for IKRS…..
    whom will you dedicate this song to???

    1. Wah wah kya baat hai ahana!!!
      No charge in mob.

  30. Appropriate song for fans.I ll dedicate to ikrs

  31. Too disappointed spoilers of this week..
    Dhani will came to know about kanak truth …

    Dhani & kanak reach temple. there is big confrontation between them…
    dhani remind her how bigball was made to fall to kill her. …she also reminds kanak about poisonous halwa. .
    kanak get worried her plan no longer hidden from dhani..
    dhani realises tp & kanak join hands to seperate vidhani …
    she confronts kanak for her bad deeds & plotting she did to ruin her love with viplav..

    kanak gets furious & confess all crimes she did against dhani… She tells dhani she wants her to be away from viplav…
    viplav reaches them at last moment he didn’t heared their confrontation …
    so kanak easily starts to manipulate matter.
    kanak tells dhani suspecting kanak to have affair with tp…
    dhani gets shocked along with viplav …. viplav gets hugely disappoint with dhani & ask her to apologize kanak…

    many of u know may know this spoiler … am very disappointed with this week spoiler..

  32. Can any one help out with the meaning/translation of the song “for fans”

  33. Can ny1 tell me wot happend to purple.. last time i askd no1 rplied.. is is sumthing serious??. I was not der in dis page for long tym i donno.. wat is it? Plz tell me

  34. Ny1 der??????????????

  35. Can1 plz tell me wot happened to Purple.. ? I asked it earlier pn14th wen i came n afta dat am cuming nw.. i found no rply for dat..
    Vaise thanks to all who wishd me nd am sorry for d late rply… i juz saw d wishes nw…

  36. Can ny1 tell me wot happened to purple ?i asked it earlier on 14th … nd afta dat am cuming nw.. an i found no rply for dat… is it sumthing serious?

  37. Where is today epi …

  38. Where is today’s update?????

  39. @Rezmie, purple made a suicide attempt and was in a critical condition but now she is ok as per Rahul’s comment.there was some mu b/w the couple.and sorry for the late reply dear phone was under repair that time so that i didn’t replied u and all the very best for your Exams.take care.

    1. Thank u saranya for d rply.. actually nw i wish if i havnt knwn it…. relieved to knw dat she is kie nw.. and rahul is also wid her na… :-/ 🙁

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