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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Kamini to sit down. Kamini asks Viplav to take her back to hotel room and says I will go mad here, what is happening with me. Viplav sits. Kamini says I am sure that Dhaani and Parshiya were there. Viplav asks her to relax and says you are drunk. Kamini says I didn’t drink for first time and says Dhaani was there. Viplav asks her to stop it and asks why you are saying Dhaani..Dhaani..Dhaani. I am here with you. Kamini says yes, you are doing so much for, I don’t want to ruin this moment. Viplav says I will just come. Kamini asks him not to leave her. Viplav says I am going to washroom. Kamini says okay. Viplav goes to Dhaani and says everything is working as per plan. He says I am waiting for the moment when we will be together once again with Vidha,

family once again. He tries to kiss her….Ishq Music plays…….Dhaani turns her face and says this is not the right time to get romantic. She says if Kamini sees us then everything will be ruined. We have to be careful till she is exposed. Viplav says I have waited since 5 years and says then you can’t make Kamini’s excuse. He looks at mangalsultra in her hand and says it got his real owner. Dhaani says I am waiting for the day when you will make me wear it and thank him for keeping it safely. Viplav says if you talk like this, I will not go. Dhaani asks him to go, before Kamini comes there. Viplav goes.

In the hotel room, Kamini sees a threatening message (your true face will be revealed) on the mirror and gets scared. Viplav comes and asks what happened? Kamini says something is written on the mirror. Viplav says there is nothing there….Kamini turns and sees message vanished. Viplav says you are imagining things. Kamini says it was written that my true face will be exposed and says she saw handcuff also. Viplav says you are scaring me Kamini and asks why she imagined hand cuff. He asks can’t you handle happiness. Kamini thinks she got Viplav after a long time and says she can’t go mad. Viplav gets a call from chawl, and says we will try. He tells Kamini that chawl people call him as he won their case, and says we will not go. Kamini asks why we will not go? Viplav says he don’t want to see Dhaani and Parshiya. Kamini asks you don’t want to see them together right? Kamini says I am not scared of them, says we have to make them believe that we are happy together. She says we shall go there before leaving the city and convinces him. Viplav says okay, as you said. Kamini goes to get ready. Viplav thinks it is good that this vanishing ink is useful, and thinks Kamini couldn’t figure out this. He thinks Dhaani and I will expose your true face.

Viplav and Kamini come to chawl with Atharva. Atharva goes to play. Viplav says it is okay, he is a kid. Dhaani looks at Kamini, thinks she is sitting calmly even after doing this. Parshiya taunts Viplav and asks if you don’t have any work to do than coming here. Viplav says I know you don’t like me, and asks him to mind his work. Parshiya says don’t do any wrong things here. Viplav acts to fight with him and asks him to get out. Parshiya says what do you know about me….Viplav gets angry and says shall I expose you? Kamini smirks, and asks Viplav to calm down. Parshiya asks them not to try to become smart and asks them to have food and go. Kamini asks Viplav to relax. Viplav says I fought his case and that’s why I was invited. Dhaani is standing there. Viplav looks at her. Kamini turns to see Dhaani, but she goes at the right time. Viplav gets up and tells Kamini that he will go and see Atharva. He admires Dhaani…Dhaani comes to him, smiles shyly and looks at him. Ishq Ka Rang Music plays………….Viplav moves his fingers on her hairs, holds her hand and kisses on her hand. He then makes her wear chain/mangalsutra. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…….It turns out to be Dhaani’s dream. Kids ask if you are sleeping. Dhaani says no and serves them cold drinks. She sees Viplav playing with kids and asks them to jump while wearing rice bag. He looks at Dhaani. Kamini comes there.

All the kids take bag in the walking competition while wearing bags. Parshiya asks them Vidha to win. Vidha wins. Next announcement is made, and says everyone should find their partner while blind folded. Viplav holds Dhaani while blind folded. He signs Parshiya to start act. Parshiya asks what is happening? Viplav says she came infront of me and held my hand. Dhaani asks him not to lie and calls him characterless. Kamini asks her to mind her language. Dhaani says I called him characterless. Kamini asks how dare you? She says how dare you to talk to my husband like this. She says Viplav said right, we should have come here. We thought these basti people will feel good and feel pity on them. Parshiya gets angry. Dhaani says leave them, don’t spoil your mood. Kamini asks her to be in limits. Dhaani says our value is more than you. Kamini says we shall go and not talk to these mad people. Dhaani says you are mad and not me. Kamini says you are used to play cheap tricks, and says you called us to insult us. She says you don’t know what I can do? Dhaani says I know what you have done. Kamini asks what do you know, tell us. Viplav says kids are here, else I would have explain her. He asks her to be mind her language while talking to his wife and says she is mother of my kids…. And my wife. He tells that we will leave for now, but will keep a party and will show everyone what is your right place.

Kamini gets ready for the party. White sarees women come there. Kamini asks who are you? White sarees women says that they are Ashram women who were burnt alive. They say we will not leave you. Kamini is shocked and shouts no…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

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      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Hey Areeb .. hope u are doing well 🙂 thanks re but its not me 😛 dhoka mat khana 😀

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        Oh yes I’m doing extremely well, thank you. ?

    2. Porkodi

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      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Thanks Porkori :-* even I am amazed after seeing my comment at first 😀

    3. Meena

      May I ask something… Is ikrs going to end????

      1. Arshdeep

        Yes 28th august

  2. Porkodi

    Thanks mam for the update..

  3. Gold medalist and I don't care about others

    I am 1st to commenttttttt…. yipppeee

    1. Areeb

      Hi – Gold medalist and I don’t care about others. ?

  4. Thanks Hasan mam for the update ??

  5. thanq hasan maam fr d frst update
    really liked d episode …

  6. Shrinjal

    Hi everyone.

    1. Areeb

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  7. entertaining episode. .. do they plan to drag this only till 28th??

    Any way it’s funny n nice …

  8. After the long time viplav nd dhaani’s romantic scenes……??? I loved it much….. viplav u r always rocks….???…

    1. Areeb

      Yes. Felt happy seeing Viplav is finally happy. ?

  9. Wat a lovely episode…?? viplav’s romantic face s fabulous…. Oh wow….. he breaks my heart???

  10. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan ma’am for the update…..

  11. Areeb

    Episode – 331

    Dhaani, Viplav and Parshya continue to manipulate Kamini and compel her to confess all her crimes. Later, Kamini flaunts her new-found closeness with Viplav and tries to make Dhaani jealous.

    Episode – 332

    When Kamini sees the ghosts of widows, Viplav tells her that she is hallucinating and pretends to support her. Meanwhile, Parshya tells Vidha that he is not her father.

    Episode – 333

    Parshya manages to convince Vidha and makes her accept that Viplav is her father. They all reunite and celebrate together as a happy family when Kamini reaches the ‘basti’.

    Episode – 334

    Viplav trails Kamini as she meets Tripurari. He eavesdrops on their conversation and learns about their misdeeds. He decides to seek Dhaani and Parshya’s help to compel them to confess their crimes.

    Episode – 335

    While Tripurari is sent to jail after he confesses his crimes, Kanak too makes a confession which shocks Viplav.

    Episode – 336

    Dhaani encourages Viplav to forgive Kanak and move on, while Kamini is thrilled when Viplav tells her that he is going to publicly announce her as his wife.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Areeb .. excited for upcoming episodes 🙂

    2. Porkodi

      Thanks for the spoiler areeb…

    3. Porkodi

      Interesting spoiler…. finally kanak truth is out in front of viplav… when will dt’s truth cone out… how viplav will come out of all pain given by his family

    4. Areeb

      Pleasure! ? Oh yes spoilers are good!

      1. Meghs

        Interesting spoiler

  12. Areeb

    Another fun full episode! ??

    Today ‘ Basti packed episode ‘ really gave the laughter shocks. ? Also got to see Vidha!! ?
    Every scene was bit by bit perfect! ? ?
    Viplav asked Kam to mind your tongue while you are talking to my Love! That was best!!! ????

  13. Sujie

    Finally….some romantic ViDhaani moments…..
    And fun filled episode it was…. Maza aagaya….
    Undoubtedly Mishal….. Love you Maaaaannn!!!!
    And yes….. Kaamini Pagla gaee hai..
    she can die anytime 😉 😉 😛 😛 😛 😛


    Show is running like train…. plz be little slow and show happy ending..

    1. Renuverma

      Hi shraddha from spoilers it seems a happy ending.


        From which day spoiler???

  15. Porkodi

    Fantastic episode… After long time Viplav and Dhani scenes…. The BG played when Dhani’s dream took me to old ikrs???

  16. Arshdeep

    Awesome episode??
    I just loved it❤

    That moment when Dhani says "Abhi romantic hone ka time nahi h"..? Dhani time to kabhi aata hi nhi h?
    Both Dhani & Viplav looked so amazing?❤ Together after soo long. Family once again?

    Kamini keeps giving me laughter attacks?  Especially in the precap that deadly horrible scene??? her face? Ishita you seriously need an applause???

    Viplav came hurriedly inside as soon as Kamini shouted. Like he stood there waiting for her to shout??

    Love when Dhani and Viplav give each other glances telling their plan is working. I am loving the way they are threatning Kamini being so polite at face and trapping her in the ways she used to follow.?

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Arshi ur display is uff !! <3

      1. Arshdeep

        Clicked it yesterday while watching?
        Loved the episode❤

      2. Areeb

        Wah. Wah. Nice photography. ??

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      1. Arshdeep

        Hello akka. College days are going good?
        And result was out yesterday. It wasnt good one. I couldnt get the results clearly. It says i am not qualified in neet 2016 but not eligible for counselling under 15% seats something like that

  17. Porkodi

    For the first time Loved mishal and sanjeedha chemistry…. she improved a lot in her acting…

    1. Renuverma

      Hi porkodi ?

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        Ohh is she fine now??
        And r u taking care of yourself?

  19. Nice episode

  20. Awesome episode………loved every moment……too short…..wished it would go on and on and on and on…………..

  21. very nice spoiler. .. looking fwd to episodes

  22. You young fans where are you why you are silent?
    Why the writers did not expose Viplav,s marriage to Kamini?
    What happened to Dt ? Where is he ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Maybe it will be exposed while Kamini talks to Tripurari and secret behind Atharva as well

  23. As I assumed Kanak becomes approver and confess her misdeeds in the coming episode

  24. Finally all culprits are dragged to jail except Kamini and Dt ,why ?

  25. Why Viplav is going to announce publicly Kamini is his wife in 336 episode , what is secret twist in it ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Probably it will be a part of plan

  26. Shanitics

    Yesterday’s episode was ?? Dream too was the same.. Awesome.. Lovd yesterday’s episode ?

    Don’t know why I again had a feeling that eisha would hace nailed the dream sequence mre beautifully

  27. Shanitics

    Areeb di thankss fr the spoilers.. Good spoilers this time..??

  28. Shanitics

    May i knw who removd those wrds from the mirror ?

    1. Areeb

      Invisible Ink Swetha. We have to accept Viplav using his brain quite well after many days! ?

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        Read about your mom in law. I hope she gets well soon. And you too take care. 🙂

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  30. Excited to watch upcoming and cuteness in viplav and dhani’s face looks amazing and pleasant….kamini has to understand about true love.

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  37. Sujie

    One thing….
    Yesterday’s background music…that melody..
    Reminded me of that KARWACHAUTH WALA episode….
    Viplav having chocolates…offering them to Dhaani ….
    Vidhaani’s face glowing under the moon…..
    ViDhaani silent WALA nokjjhok adorned with that sweet bg music …….

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