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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s dad slapping him. His mum asks how can you slap your son. His dad says I won’t let you ruin Shalini’s life. Raju asks what are you saying. His dad calls a woman, and says this woman is Raja’s first wife, and this baby is Raja’s son, my grandson. They all get shocked. Viplav asks Raja is your dad lying, show pics uncle ji. Viplav shows Raja and his wife’s marriage pics. He says now Raja will say these pics are lie. Raja tells Shalini that they are lying. Viplav and Dhaani are doing this. He tells Dasharath that Viplav has done this by bringing fake people. Raja’s dad says no Shalini, don’t trust Raja. Raja says I love you Shalu. Shalini slaps Raja and asks how dare you cheat me, I madly loved you Raja, you did fraud with me, this girl is not lying,

you are lying…….

Shalini says this is your son, you cheated me. She breaks down and cries. Kanak asks Raja’s dad what is he saying. Raja’s dad says Raja and his mum planned this, their greed ruined my house, my elder son was drunkard and younger son a gambler, I apologize to Shalini for all this. Shalini cries and hugs Sushma. Raja’s dad apologizes to Dhaani too. Raja says I m your son, and you are favoring this Dhaani. Raha says if Dhaani agreed to me that day, I would have not killed my brother, we would have living a happy life. they all get shocked. Dhaani smiles and says you accepted your lie infront of everyone. His mum worries. Raja asks her not to worry. Raja falls down and Kanak gets wine bottle from him. Kanak says its proved that he added wine in gangajal intentionally. Raja says fine, you know my truth, I will say why I came here and who called me here. Dasharath starts shouting calling Raja a sinner, and asks everyone to beat Raja. The people beat Raja.

Viplav stops them and says what happens to you, always ready to beat anyone, Dada ji call police as Raja accepted his crime. Dada ji says police would be coming, take Raja away, sinner…. Raja is taken away. Shalini apologizes to Viplav for not believing him.

Viplav too apologizes. Pandits apologize to Dasharath. Dasharath says its fine, and asks them to come for maha aarti. Raja takes a metal rod and asks the men to be away. He goes inside the temple and shouts Dhaani. They all get shocked seeing him. Raja says you ruined my life Dhaani, and goes to stab her. Viplav comes in between and gets stabbed. They all get shocked. Viplav gets wounded and falls down. Dhaani takes the flower bell and beats Raja angrily. She beats Raja and he rolls down the temple stairs. He gets wounded. His wife cries. Police comes there. Dhaani beats Raja more. Maha kaali…..plays……….. inspector stops Dhaani and arrests Raja. Raja apologizes to Dhaani. Dhaani asks inspector to take Raja way. Raja is taken away. She rushes back to temple, and does not see anyone in the temple. She shouts Viplav. She says where did everyone go, and calls out Dada ji…..

Viplav is rushed to hospital. Kanak stops doctor and says nothing happened to my son. Doctor says he lost blood, let me attend him. Dhaani rushes and runs on the road. She meets a servant and asks him about Viplav. He says he is taken to hospital, I m going home to get Dasharath’s puja beads. She worries and rushes. Sushma asks Shalini to call Dhaani. Shalini says I called but her phone is not connecting. Kanak says don’t dare to call her, I hate her, she is responsible for all this. Sushma asks whats Dhaani’s mistake in this, trust Lord. Kanak says Viplav is fighting with his death today. Doctor comes and says Viplav needs blood. Kanak says take my blood, I m his mum. Doctor says we are transplanting blood to him, don’t worry.

Kanak and Dasharath pray for him. Dhaani reaches there and asks where is Viplav, he would be annoyed that I came late, I will convince him. Sushma stops her and cries. Dhaani says he would be joking with us, he is very strong, nothing will happen to him. She says I know Kanak does not like me calling her Maa ji, this is Viplav’s right, bless him, a mother’s blessings always works, and hugs Kanak. Kanak pushes her and asks her to be away from her and Viplav.

Dhaani prays and ties thread around a tree. Viplav’s breath stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is the woman in the pre cap a nurse?
    Does she know Dhaani? They haven’t wasted much time with a new person .I was hoping for some sweet romance .?xxx

    1. Me too Anne.
      I don’t think she is the nurse. She was saying why was Viplav left on his own, who was looking after him. Dhani walks in and as Viplav tries to tell the old woman that Dhani is his wife, DT says Dhani is a nurse from the hospital.

      Ridiculous. But I may have that wrong,.. I don’t think so tho. I wondered if the old woman is DT,s mum or aunt the way she was being all matriarchal.

      Why they need another annoying person so soon is mind boggling, I was hoping for some sweet romance too or at least some happy times. But no, we have yet more lies and those again from DT, the super idiot. Aaarrrggghhh!!!


    1. Good Morning BR mam … are you

    2. Hi br mam Avery gud mrg mam have great day.hope ur all well.

  3. phir se vip aagaya…….. very good …… that old lady is dadi …….. dt :s maa dt …..becomes kushi …… shalu realized her mistakes,,,,,,,,good .. new entry dadi …….


    1. BR.Good morning, ???

    2. Hi my dear ikrs family Avery gud mrg to all my frnds.have a wonderful day let’s start our luvly week keep smiling n keep luving always.luv all.

  4. Meghs I think I had written wrong or u read it wrong. Actually I meant to say that I don’t know a bit of kannada and tulu. But I know konkani very well.

    1. This is my 1st post for IKRS….
      Pls read it and post ur valuable comments

  5. Very good morning dear ikrs family.
    thanks a lot kavitha for the update. . we really needed it. . you have done ac good job. . thanks again

  6. just watched the episode…… Happy that Viplav is fine…..but in the precap DT says Dhaani is nurse sent from hospital to take care of Viplav, When Viplav is about to say Dhaani is his wife….what is this??? Dadi Bua ko pata chalne dete ki Dhaani is not a nurse but Viplav’s wife….iss DT ke dimaag mein kuch chal raha hai sayed…what was the need to lie???

  7. mirsada and sujie v good morning no up date for 17 april….. ……it is all right..

    how r u are u fine …….. here bangaloru is too hot …….tamil nadu and andra r hotter than Karnataka……. mirsada plz send some cool clouds here …..
    sujie how is there?

  8. loulla r u Konkani v good … magalorians… tulu… konkanis” kannadikas … coorg..different types of Karnataka people r in my apart ment …. super … u r also belongs to Karnataka …….. but all r one we r ikrs family

    1. BR. epi IF, I hope Dashart joking that he Dahni a nurse.

  9. Good morning everyone, I wish you all a wonderful day

  10. What a show, I think dhaani might be pregnant, don’t maybe she fainted by tree due that or she’s tired.
    Who’s the new entry?

  11. Typo error – don’t know

  12. Update 17th on episodic analysis

  13. Hello everyone.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

    Anne, looks like the new person is DT’s mother.

  14. BR. today and snow fall, rain, cloudy, cold, so it Alpama, send me sun and I will you all this rain and snow. But Vidha all beautify.

  15. Hello everyone, how is your day [email protected] ,thought I chart a little.
    Hey Nimisha and Anne what are we expecting in ikrs today ? A totally new twist hena

  16. Guys…. Watched a interview of dhaani in fb 2 new characters in the show…hope it will have twists and turns

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