Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s dad slapping him. His mum asks how can you slap your son. His dad says I won’t let you ruin Shalini’s life. Raju asks what are you saying. His dad calls a woman, and says this woman is Raja’s first wife, and this baby is Raja’s son, my grandson. They all get shocked. Viplav asks Raja is your dad lying, show pics uncle ji. Viplav shows Raja and his wife’s marriage pics. He says now Raja will say these pics are lie. Raja tells Shalini that they are lying. Viplav and Dhaani are doing this. He tells Dasharath that Viplav has done this by bringing fake people. Raja’s dad says no Shalini, don’t trust Raja. Raja says I love you Shalu. Shalini slaps Raja and asks how dare you cheat me, I madly loved you Raja, you did fraud with me, this girl is not lying,

you are lying…….

Shalini says this is your son, you cheated me. She breaks down and cries. Kanak asks Raja’s dad what is he saying. Raja’s dad says Raja and his mum planned this, their greed ruined my house, my elder son was drunkard and younger son a gambler, I apologize to Shalini for all this. Shalini cries and hugs Sushma. Raja’s dad apologizes to Dhaani too. Raja says I m your son, and you are favoring this Dhaani. Raha says if Dhaani agreed to me that day, I would have not killed my brother, we would have living a happy life. they all get shocked. Dhaani smiles and says you accepted your lie infront of everyone. His mum worries. Raja asks her not to worry. Raja falls down and Kanak gets wine bottle from him. Kanak says its proved that he added wine in gangajal intentionally. Raja says fine, you know my truth, I will say why I came here and who called me here. Dasharath starts shouting calling Raja a sinner, and asks everyone to beat Raja. The people beat Raja.

Viplav stops them and says what happens to you, always ready to beat anyone, Dada ji call police as Raja accepted his crime. Dada ji says police would be coming, take Raja away, sinner…. Raja is taken away. Shalini apologizes to Viplav for not believing him.

Viplav too apologizes. Pandits apologize to Dasharath. Dasharath says its fine, and asks them to come for maha aarti. Raja takes a metal rod and asks the men to be away. He goes inside the temple and shouts Dhaani. They all get shocked seeing him. Raja says you ruined my life Dhaani, and goes to stab her. Viplav comes in between and gets stabbed. They all get shocked. Viplav gets wounded and falls down. Dhaani takes the flower bell and beats Raja angrily. She beats Raja and he rolls down the temple stairs. He gets wounded. His wife cries. Police comes there. Dhaani beats Raja more. Maha kaali…..plays……….. inspector stops Dhaani and arrests Raja. Raja apologizes to Dhaani. Dhaani asks inspector to take Raja way. Raja is taken away. She rushes back to temple, and does not see anyone in the temple. She shouts Viplav. She says where did everyone go, and calls out Dada ji…..

Viplav is rushed to hospital. Kanak stops doctor and says nothing happened to my son. Doctor says he lost blood, let me attend him. Dhaani rushes and runs on the road. She meets a servant and asks him about Viplav. He says he is taken to hospital, I m going home to get Dasharath’s puja beads. She worries and rushes. Sushma asks Shalini to call Dhaani. Shalini says I called but her phone is not connecting. Kanak says don’t dare to call her, I hate her, she is responsible for all this. Sushma asks whats Dhaani’s mistake in this, trust Lord. Kanak says Viplav is fighting with his death today. Doctor comes and says Viplav needs blood. Kanak says take my blood, I m his mum. Doctor says we are transplanting blood to him, don’t worry.

Kanak and Dasharath pray for him. Dhaani reaches there and asks where is Viplav, he would be annoyed that I came late, I will convince him. Sushma stops her and cries. Dhaani says he would be joking with us, he is very strong, nothing will happen to him. She says I know Kanak does not like me calling her Maa ji, this is Viplav’s right, bless him, a mother’s blessings always works, and hugs Kanak. Kanak pushes her and asks her to be away from her and Viplav.

Dhaani prays and ties thread around a tree. Viplav’s breath stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. raj


    Thank u to everyone who wished me happy birthday
    ur wishes really touched me
    and made my birthday all the more special
    i m so lucky to have someone as sweet as you as part of my life
    once again a bigggggggggggg thank to alllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. AM

    mar gaya viplav 😛 😛 …
    so raja track is end …. areh don’t worry guys … itne details mae dekha rahe hae to nahi marega viplav …. enjoy IKRS …. I have 1 fear about the new show “shakti” … which show is going to end … finger crossed …

  3. Anne

    Not watching this episode .
    Will read updates and if viplav survives will watch again otherwise it will be goodbye I’m

  4. saranya

    Raja baba,accha hua tumhe police lekar gaya varna aaj tumara moth pakka tha,dhani ke haat se nahi,ham sab ke haat se.u idiot, u stabbed our dare u cheap Psycho,killer,dump and idiot psycho.

  5. surya

    Hope dhaani s prayers bring Viplav bak….i don’t want safed ishq…..

    How cruel is rajas mom??? She supported her youngers son even after he murdered her elder son…

    M curious for coming episodes…..and worried too…
    They should bring piya and her dadi and solve their mystery with dulaari….hope this rajas track ended and wont come bak…

  6. Saraswathi.j

    Thank you for quick written update ,writer Ji punish that violent lady Kanak tripati and cunning Gomukha vyagram Dasarath tripati then all the mesaries of Dhaani will go ,we know by Gods grace Viplav will alive do not make any twist between the loving couple show a happy ending.

  7. saranya

    Raja ji,yeh ka hua,aapko tho chot laga hai chehre pe.koyi baat nahi,mein hoon na,mere paas ilaj hai.u just wash ur face with extreme hot water.i will make hot water for u and to make ur handsome face more handsome,i will add a special essence called sulphuric acid.ok and for ur body i have a special ingredient,just massage ur wounds with salt and can give u a relief from pain.jai shankar raja ji and don’t forget to take some mosquito coils with u as u are going to mosquito house yani jail.

  8. vaishnavi more

    nahi ye nhi ho sakta vipu’s breath stops nhi ho sakta i hope kuch aisa magic ho jaye jisse vipu ko hosh aa jaye kuyn guys what do u think???

  9. saranya

    Guys,don’t bother if i am scolding Raja bcz there is dhani and many people to pray for our wakil babu so what i can think now only is revenge.after all our viplav baba is bhole baba nothing will happend to him.

  10. eshani

    Oh god what a episode….what d hell is d precap horrifying hoping viplav will be fine soon really can’t c vidhani like this

  11. Fatarajo

    OMG Viplav, I m sure he is alive he can’t die makers cant just kill his character like this. But finally that Raja is arrested. But I hope dhaani’s prayers bring him back to life.

  12. eshani

    Hey AM reading ur first line of the comment i actually got angry then yah nothing shed happen to him

  13. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update…….
    Aaj agar police Dhaani ko nahi rokti toh Raja Awasthy ko maarr daalti Dhaani……
    Had a hope that KT will develop a soft corner for Dhaani but NO….. kutte ki doom kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti……….
    And I am hopeful that nothing will happen to Viplav…….
    I am damn sure nothing will happen ……agar Viplav ko kuch hogaya aur ViDhaani ek dusre se alag hogaye toh IKRS ka conccept khatre mein padh sakta hai….whatever happens ViDhaani should be together … i right friends???

  14. Sujie

    I am afraid of one thing…..if IKRS comes to end because of the upcoming serials…… i hope IKRS aane waale 1 2 saal chale….. story progress karti rahe…..there are many other serials that should end ASAP….so I pray ki IKRS ki gardan pe yeh jo talwar hai off air hone ki probability ki…..woh na rahe

  15. SARAS

    good evening dear friends. .
    today not so good evening. .
    vipu really got stabbed? ?? Can’t believe this..
    When trp goes low. . makers go mad n they bring in any silly twist.. god knows what’s going to happen. .

  16. akdhora pesnirotc

    oh no … I choose bad day to disguised comment. . nobody interested in knowing me…
    its not dr sweety..
    good guess sujie it is inspector daroka .
    but main asal mrin koun hoon???

  17. Kyun nahin Jo humari writers achanak viplav ki babuji(shambuji) ko achanak hi Mardala.aaj kyun nahin viplav ko.isliye mein tho kal se dargayi thi.
    Lekin agar viplav margaya tho is show bhi Latham karlena hi hai.
    Per ektharaf iss bath ka aur ek tharaf who bachajayegi humari dhaani ki duwawon se.
    Aisa Mann ghumraha hai.
    Dekthey humari directors ka twist kaise hoga.

  18. akdhora pesnirotc

    One more hint. .
    Initially commented with a different name. . changed or on public demand..

  19. Anne

    Writers,when I said you were good at surprising us and keeping us guessing,I didn’t mean this..
    Don’t go overboard, I like surprises——not shocks !???xxx

  20. shanitics

    I think the person who gave our vakil babu blood is the other story which is the hidden mystery….

  21. Yetty

    I know he can’t die, but why another horrible precap?
    Kanak is evil how is it Dhaani’s fault that you trust a complete stranger and entrusted your daughters life to him.
    It’s serves Raja right, never knew he was married in the first place, I don’t think dasharath knows as well.
    Now tha Raja has been arrested, dasharath too will be exposed soon.
    So this is not a dream sequence, Viplav actually got wounded, poor Viplav he doesn’t need an enemy when he has family like dasharath and kanak.
    I hope he gets well soon.
    Dhaani’s courage is superb today, she dealt mercilessly with Raja.
    I believe with dhaani by Viplav side all will be well.

    • Nimisha ?

      Very well said Yetty!

      Dhani does need to be by Viplav’s side, but that evil with KT won’t let her be.

      And the who needs enemies when you have DTband KT in your family is soooo true.


  22. aish

    Since this is not a dream then I’m quite sure viplav will survive with dhani’s prayer even if she will have to walk on the stairs kneeling down to the temple as she did in sarlah kaki’s house.
    Pls Don’t PANIC

  23. BR


  24. Sujie

    Please God nothing should happen to Viplav…….please please please……
    KT ko thodi buddhi dedo…… DT the balloon mein ched kardo…but viplav ko much mat karna. …please God…don’t let anything happen to Viplav

  25. BR





  26. Anne

    Aisha was superb as a woman in shock ,not wanting to believe what was happening.. The way she hit raja!! You go girl !!
    Raja !married , I never saw that coming ??xxx

      • Anne

        Hi Yetty, I’m about the same, just doing something to eat. It’s raining heavily plus with sleet..So basically its a stop in day.
        Waiting for IKRS and shaadi Vaadi.x

  27. Anne

    Raja was going to shout that it was Dasharaths fault but Dasharath started to shout to get the mob going so he couldn’t . But surely now the police have got him he will tell all ?xxx

  28. Guys did u observed one thing dhaani was giving nice punches to raja at Tempe steps only n then police took away raja.
    Then how DT n KT took viplav to hospital suddenly that too when dhaani returns to temple they all missing n shown in hospital scene.
    I don’t know in which way they took him to any another way in temple to go outside.then how.wat guys wat u say.

  29. Maria

    Guys chill I don’t think vipu will die becoz the story is abt Vidhaa and widow remarriage so if vipu dies dhaani will again become widow. So I don’t think so it will happen. I hope what I think comes out to be true…. Fingers crossed!!

  30. But our dhaani is not less than them (tripati family) she reached hospital by running race only even not by auto.
    She was proved once again that she was gud racer. So she can participate in Olympics also may be India will get one gold already we fans gave her suggestions. Wat frnds be cool.

  31. Gud eveng guys..I think nothing ll happen to viplav…dhanis prayer ll save dis track dularis past ll reveal I think.dhani ll visit chandi temple again n der she ll visit dulari Kakis home

    • Randy

      okay suman now you tell me thereafter what you watch to suggest us??????
      i am ready to watch anything….. bholo bholo

    • Nimisha ?

      Suman dear… Grow up! If you don’t like the show, fine, don’t watch it. But don’t come and be a total and utter idiot all the time. It’s boring! You’re being a bore!

  32. Mirsada

    Viplav will survive, l hope no consequences. Dashart idiot is upset, gues he realized what he was doing Vipiju, trash man, KN is a witch or admit to hating Dahni, but Dashart again Pulle.

  33. Porkodi

    Couldn’t watch the episode… after reading updates I m not going to watch.

    Poor dhani and viplav. Scary recap.

    Will watch the episode after viplav is normal…. He is the one reason, I watching this series.

    Pls bring back our old viplav.

  34. Anne

    The producers know we only watch for mishal ,they are experts at knowing their targeted audience.
    They have got us on a string and they are pulling it..? xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Ooh I’m hoping my recording worked. I’ll be watching it as soon as I can. Soooo looking forward to seeing it (and Mishal) on the to, rather than on my tablet.

    • Nimisha ?

      So true Anne, the precap yesterday was horrific and today’s one sounds as bad if not worse. I wasn’t expecting them to kill Shambu off quite so easily and that was a shock so I don’t really trust the writers anymore. I too like twists and turns in the plot but I also have hated the shocks of the last two days. I hate the way they use these sorts of ‘cliff hangers’ to keep us hooked. For me it’s having the total opposite effect! Hate it!

  35. Nimisha :-)

    Omg!!! Another horrible precap. I’m just in the car on my way home. I won’t watch today. Thanks Hasanji for the update but I’m with Anne. Will watch again if Viplav survives.

    How can DT get away with this again!
    How can KT do this to Viplav. I guess she believes that their,arguments were real but even so… What a blo*dy evil nasty mother she is.

    I knew the show would end on yet another horrible precap.

    DT really should be exposed.

    Hope everyone’s had a good day. Xxx

  36. Mirsada

    Namaste, l’m so happy, Vipi is at home, the new kisses, beautiful scene,Vidha together again.??????????????????

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi MIrsada

      I was just over on IF again, looking for clues and there was a link to a new OLV which mentioned a kiss, I couldn’t watch it as its nots available to me for some reason… But I’m wondering if maybe that is a dream sequence.

      Is it?

  37. Nimisha ?

    Okay, so back home. I missed being on here today, although had a lovely day out with my cousin and her two girls, one of whom was the birthday girl and my two sisters.

    Had a couple of glasses of champagne, a lovely afternoon tea where I ate far too much. Then went back to their house for a surprise party which all her friends had helped her dad organise. Played some games, had some more yummy food, a bit of a boogie and feel very stuffed but happy after a lovely day.

    However, I was every so often thinking of what might be happening in the show. I think another horrible precap is a cheap tactic of the creators to keep us hooked. The update is brilliant as I can visualise it clearly. Clearly enough to make me not want to watch it. ?

    If anyone knows where I can see this new OLV showing Viplav back home can you point me in the right direction please? I am worried that this will be a dream sequence, so not sure I will watch it until I know that Viplav survives.

    So, how was everyone’s day? Hope you all had a good one!

  38. Nimisha ?

    BR Mam. Hello again.

    hope you,re well and having a good day,

    You’re right, there are a lot of unanswered mysteries in this show.. My biggest one though is how did raja get away with hiding everything about his marriage and son from everyone. How did DT and KT marry shalu off without even checking his credentials. Or Viplav for that matter.. Dhani had warned him that he should check that the boy lined up for Shalu should be a good man and come from a good family, Viplav then went to she they came from, Kanpur maybe??, and talked to a paan seller and that was the extent of his research.

    Also, how can DTnjust shout someone down and get them beaten up? I really hope raja reveals all to the police and that DT is investigated. He probably won’t be but as much as I love the show, the evil ones keep getting away with their evil deeds which is quite a depressing thing to have to see constantly. DT and KT have hit away with attempted murder on so many occasions and so did Tripurari.

    I didn’t watch the epi today but the justice system, religious types and the police all seem inept or corrupt with the inept ones helping the corrupt ones stay corrupt.

    Very frustrating.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope that wasn’t your last comment and I hope I will watch the show again but I honestly won’t if Viplav doesn’t survive.


  39. Nimisha ?

    It’s quite late here now so I bid you all goodnight. Although for most of you it will be morning soon, so Good Morning Ishqaholics, Hope you all have an amazing Sunday.


  40. inspector dharoka

    good morning dr sweetie. .
    and good morning to all. .

    I will wait for an hour n I will reveal who I m..
    may be arshadeep would have found out. . but he has exam today. .
    all the best arshadeep. ..future. . dr…

  41. raj

    good morning safed family

    once again thank you friends for the bday wishes
    and enjoy your weekend

  42. AM

    good morning friends …have a great great Sunday …. Raj happy to see your comments come many days after ..happy happy …have a great day ahead 🙂 🙂

  43. Nima

    shuv pravat my dear ikrs family.
    avi YouTube pe coming episode ki vidhani k romance dekh kar aayi hu I’m soooo happy to see our hero vipu’s health is in good condition…
    kal k episode ne toh mujhe ruladiya ??

      • Porkodi

        Sujie u can watch it on YouTube .
        Just search for ishq ka rang safed and filter it for today…. now u can watch the olv.

      • Sujie

        Thank you Nima and Porkodi….watched it now as Varsha posted the link….. i am so happy seeing their romance…seeing them back on track

    • Nima

      mbl ma link copy garna Milena ?
      YouTube ma ”ishq ka rang safed-dhanni Biplav romantic scene /Btown” type garer search gara vetinxa ☺

  44. Anne

    Good Morning IKRS fans,have a lovely day, hope by tomorrow our minds are at rest.
    Going to try to find the olv ?xxx

  45. shanitics

    Life is a game there will be bad times and happy times… Its ur attitude tat changes ur bad times… So have a cool attitude… Happy Sunday to all
    Keep smiling ?
    Think positively ?
    Be unique ?

  46. shanitics

    Misha didi I am sure u will be happy seeing Viplav back in his good health… And I told u na tat there will be a Romance waiting for we fans… I am sure u will be more happy than Dhaani to knw tat Viplav is back with his naughty romance…. I was waiting for romantic scenes.. Happy Happy More happy to knw tat there is a romantic scene waiting for we fans..?

  47. shanitics

    Sorry for the late and my parents usually talk in Konkani…. Rarely in Malayalam,mother tongue ? of Kerala…

    • Nimisha ?

      No worries Swetha. Konkani! I recently heard someone speaking that and it’s interesting as I really couldn’t understand a word of it. It sounds very different to Hindi or Gujarati, or maybe it was to my untrained ear.

      Hope you’re well. Xxx

  48. Nimisha ?

    Hello everyone!

    So you all seem happier this morning due to this OLV. Do we know it’s def that Violav is alive and well? I’m worried that it could be Dhani’s dream?? I really hope not but can’t decide whether to watch it or not….

    I’m super annoyed at the creative team about the last two precaps so am sort of on strike! (Folds arms stomps foot and huffs like a stroppy child!!!). ?????????

    • Anne

      Morning. Nimisha, i had the same thought about a dream. Hope not but still nervous. But they couldn’t be that cruel.??? Xxx

    • Yetty

      Good morning Nimisha, yes we can relax now for a bit .
      Our Viplav is in a safe zone.
      Glad you enjoyed your outing yesterday.

  49. Nimisha ?


    All the best today lovely! Hope you got to the exam centre OK! And hope you nailed the papers!

    Miss you lots on here and looking forward to seeing you back as soon as you’re free.

    Big hugs and lots of love

    Your di. Xxxx

  50. Jyoti

    Hi frnds i m back from my exam. Hi Saranya, Kavita, BR mam, Raj, Rajee, Sonu, Varsha, tamil, Shri, Fatarjo,Sara, purple, gudhya, Kaviya, Meghs, Rezmie, Vaishnavi, AM, Hritya, Gennipher, Marees, Subhani , Sabita, Louela . Sorry for if I forgot any names. Hw r u all ?

  51. BR

    varsha thx …….. i wrote one para give the reason for not die vip ………

    first i gave comments for precap …2 i completely analyze the story and write the comments …… so many reels r done this is another one ……. poor sambu that was real…… raja chapter closed …… i think his elder bro chapter was also closed …… so many un answered questions ……… director sir remove all knots one by one ……. i hope so …….


    • Nimisha ?

      Hello again. I replied on the previous page. You raised layouts of interesting points Mam.

    • Sujie

      Hello BR mam…..
      Happy to see you back….
      regarding the episode i have already expressed my views…. though not thoroughly analysed like i did much before…….
      But I am hopeful that makers of IKRS will definitely unveil the mysteries that are unsolved till now….. I had been giving examples of Dhaani’s past..when the scene was shown between Viplav and Dhaani in the ashram where Viplav laughed on Dhaani oblivious of her past….at that time we thought makers are forgetful….but they brought Dhaani’s past and I am sure that so many mysteries like Dulaari’s photo in Piya’s home…… , Viplav’s brother’s existenceas mentioned in some of the initial episodesDT Tripurari relation….DT’s true face….Shambhu’s death mystery, Badi Amma’s relation with Tanya and her dad……. so many are left……and RL should also get her true love……. I am utterly hopeful that one by one these mysteries would be solved and ViDhaani’s love will blossom for sure in each coming days…..

    • Anne

      Hi AM, i think everything. Is connected in some way, and wil lbe revealed slowly. I dont know what Dasharath is more frightened of, losing viplav or being exposed as a cheat and liar. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        I think he is most afraid of losing his status. That’s why, despite knowing raja’s truth, he still blessed him when raja tricked everyone in the temple with the alcohol.

  52. Louella

    Saras mam even I didn’t knew who is thay guruji but I knew that whoever he or she is it is a teacher so I wrote guruji.

  53. Saraswathi.j

    Raja picked iron Gunapamu or palugu in our native language Telugu,it is used to dig earth and also used to lift heavy boulders ..

  54. Louella

    Swetha I m a catholic and in our family we only speak in konkani and my native place is in Karnataka in Mangalore.

  55. Louella

    Vaishnavi main catholic hu na aur mera gaav Karnataka mein Mangalore mein hai na isliye mujhe konkani aati hai. Aur mere ghar mein toh mere grandparents bhi hai jo hamesha mujhse Hindi mein baat karte hai. Also my whole family speaks in konkani so I know it well but I don’t know a bit of kannada and tulu

  56. Louella

    Swetha I think u misunderstood my name. My name’s spelling is Louella but the pronunciation is Loyala. So I m a Christian and also my native place is in Karnataka but I live in Mumbai.

  57. Nimisha ?

    BR Mam, Sujie, Anne, there’s also the mystery of the ashram being sold/taken by DT. He said he bought it to turn into a hospital or medical facility for Viplavs older brother, but again nothing from that story was concluded.

    Obviously the ashram still houses the widows, but I’d still love for Viplav to talk to the original owner who left town after faking his own illness and staying in hospital, to discover the truth of DT.

    • Anne

      Yes ,there were some papers that went missing ,as far as I can can remember DT put them in his bedroom drawer. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Or in his safe, together with the dvd recording that Viplav took of Tripurari talking to bijli about killing shambu.

        Probably lots of other evidence in that safe.

        Actually, didn’t DT return the papers to Dhani at one point implying he’d found them in Viplav’s room, or something like that. When he kept trying to create misunderstandings between them both, to break their friendship.

        Gosh, when I think back to just how many thingsDT, KT Tripurari and now raja have got away with, it’s ridiculous. Esp as Viplav is a lawyer and therefore an upholder of the law but is blind to all the law breaking that goes on in his own home. ?

  58. shanitics

    Ohhh so tats how u knw Konkani…lols

    @Vaishnavi more,may I knw how come u know Konkani….

    • vaishnavi more

      ohh i am sorry actually i am little confused in between “kokani” n “konkani”
      i am talking abt “kokani”language n marathi peoples used this language n i am marathi
      but i dont know abt “konkani”
      i think there is difference between these two words

    • AM

      in this page there is a menu option … click on it and tap on “submit your article” …and you will know that

  59. Louella

    Swetha r u also going to start an ff or r u going to submit an episodic analysis. If u r doing so I m very excited for it

  60. shanitics

    Nope lols.. Actually I do not want to submit ff or episode analysis I just want to write an article…. So on what I have to submit.. Its just an article so can it be submitted as episode analysis????

  61. Nimisha ?

    I am sooooo impressed and in awe of how so many of you speak soooo many languages. It’s phenomenal! ????????

    Really looking forward to hms, so I can try and learn some Hindi.


    • Anne

      Nimisha! I was going to say that! Lol I feel quite ashamed sometimes I can only speak the Derbyshire’ English.
      BTW did I tell you I’m on Street View? Cutting my hedge ,not very exotic ! Xxx.

      Can’t wait for update .

      • Nimisha ?

        I think us English folk are famous for not speaking many languages though aren’t we???

        Lol at being on street view. At least you’re doing something to help your street look nice and tidy and lovely. Although it’s a bit weird yo get snapped without knowing you are.

        Hmmm, still don’t trust the writers so not sure if I am looking forward to the update. I’m not watching the show until I know for certain Viplav is safe.

        Honestly I can’t believe how I am so affected by a to show. But I honestly feel very upset and angry about the current events. It’s great raja has been found out but it could have been done without it having been such a violent outcome for Viplav.

        Anyway, I feel like I need that guy of the to to come and tell me ‘calm down dear, it’s only a TV programme’ lol, ???

      • Anne

        I don’t know whether to give you the direction for street view or not , perhaps too much info on the internet eh?
        I’ve watched on desi five its OK just aLOT of shouting mostly from kanak , who else…..
        But not seen update yet so no idea what about lol .!.

      • Nimisha ?

        Keep refreshing obsessively siting for the written update…

        Just saw over on if that KT applies sindhoor onto Dhani’s forehead. She says she doesn’t want anything inauspicious to affect her son which is why she does it, but it actually sounds rather lovely and very surprising.

        Hmmm, nit sure if I should go and watch it now. Honestly I’m like a spoilt brat. Lol!

      • Nimisha ?

        Would love to see you,on street view, but yes, prob not a good idea on an Internet forum…

        I’d love to see what everyone looks like on here.

        By the way, I just watched shaadi vaadi. Loved it even more on the tv and have it recorded, I started to read a book recently a sophie kinsella one and I think the film was based on that.

        I was also wrong… Was convicted there was a kiss in it, but it was just a very lovely moment where they nearly kissed.

        A lovely little film and feel all warm and fuzzy now. ????

        Mishal in that light blue jacket in the coffee shop… Swoon..wobble….faint…thud… ????

      • Anne

        Refreshing obsessively lol sounds so familiar!!!
        Er no, not lovely OR surprising shes a lady dog sometimes….??xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Just you and me on here at the mo Hun…

        How are you feeling now? Hopefully much much better. I still have a pesky cough, but it’s surprisingly better after my few glasses of champagne yesterday. It was purely medicinal though… Hic! ?

    • yetty

      Hey guys, I can only speak English, I tried other languages like french, Romania and Hindi but could only get to the greetings which I don’t hesitates to flaunt at anytime.

      • Anne

        Hey Yetty, so pleased someone else can only speak English .
        Feel like auntie Flo sat in the corner with a cup of tea sometimes, there but not part of the proceedings.
        Nobodies fault of course but just how things are..Its difficult sometimes,when there is a l o n g conversation and you know you’ve missed everything except the bare bones.
        Anyhow going to refresh again……lolxxx

  62. Sujie

    waiting for the update…. Nimisha and Anne…..refreshing the page is applicable for me too….can’t think of passing this night without knowing about today’s episode by any means….. could not watch it on TV…because there was no light…….
    It will not be updated in fb till monday……..
    the only savior is TU page….. waiting eagerly and patiently ……………

      • Anne

        I’m better thanks nimisha but only just it takes some getting rid of .
        Shaadi vaadi had SUBTITLES yea !!
        Yes it is a Sophie kinsella book I think.
        Sujie you must have super patience I think ,IKRS Is on later tonight In UK so we are waiting

    • Nimisha ?

      Sujie, I think all us Isqhcholics must suffer the same refresh obsession.

      There are snippets available of IF. Still haven’t figured that forum out but have been trying to figure out what might happen for my own sanity. I was so totally overwhelmed after seeing outer lovely Viplav get stabbed that I had to distract myself with something.

      There were some tweets today saying that someone had confirmation that IKRS wasn’t going off air. But they wouldn’t say who confirmed it, so it seems there are still people worried that the new shows might replace IKRS. Really hope not. Genuinely don’t understand the trp side of things. IKRS is by far the best of the ones I’ve attempted to watch or watch so it’s a total mystery.

      The only promo I see is on Colors where they are advertising themselves with a montage of lots of shows including ours. Wish I worked in the industry so I could understand why a channel like Colors wouldn’t promote all their shows equally. The other thing though is that advertising and promos must be to raise awareness for shows that are maybe not doing well, so inform that perspective, them not promoting IKRS could be a good sign. Maybe it simply doesn’t need it.

      I do think it’s poor tho that Colors don’t respond to the many many requests for more repeats.

      With us viewers the channel wouldn’t exists so it’s curious how they seem to not acknowledge or make an announcement of some sort. Ignoring your audience in this age of social media supremacy seems crazy.

      • Anne

        Don’t they make money through selling advertising, and they call the shots i presumr.
        No idea what ads in India but usually very attuned to audience…. So..
        Root is usually money. Xxx

      • Yes nimisha mee too like that shaadi waadi n ll tat that short movie was very gud.mishal expressions n cute smiles were very impressive. He was amazing n that girl I don’t know her name she was simply superb.nice attachments I was repeatedly watched it .simple conversations more matter in that very nice.

  63. Nimisha ?

    Right… Better go and wrestle my kids off the wii and see if I can get them bathed and fed.

    I’ll be back later.


  64. Hi frnds I’ll update today’s episode briefly not like hasanji.
    First part of show in hospital knk says dhaani y her maangh was so blurry I mean her maangh was in blurry she says dhaani u know I don’t accept u as my bahu but my viplav accepted u as his wife n his name sindoor in ur maangh so don’t keep ur maagh empty n she(knk) puts sindoor on dhaanis maangh.dhaani fall on knks feet and takes ashirvad.

    • Nimisha ?

      Thanks Kavitha.

      See I think KT is too proud to say she was wrong, so maybe this is her way of accepting Dhani as her Bahu, but in her own ‘special’ style. She is accepting what Dhani means to Viplav, which is a huge thing.

      Feels like a very positive step to me. I still wouldn’t trust her, but she saw Dhani defend Viplav against the mob, then I front of all the pandit a, then when she went after raja with the bell after he stabbed Viplav.

  65. In second part DT also cries wat happen to our family everything comes upon our viplav only y says n cries.then knk comes to him n ask this was happening due to dhaanis widhwa yog in her kundli na.DT says y ur asking this now its not time to dicusss all this at same time dhaani hears this n becomes sad then she runs from there.after that DT says to knk that was really lied by them that her widhwa yog kundli is totally lied by them.

  66. And in third part dhaani runs to a pooja tree n makes pooja bye tieing an pooja thread to it.viplav looses his breath n doctors says he stopped breathing at that same time dhaani was tired by making pooja she faints saying viplav doctors gives heart pressured treatment viplav gains his breath again.then RL comes to dhaani wakes up her saying jiju ko Josh agaya.
    Next scene shown in AN at shalus room viplav was fine shalu asks viplav sry that was happen every thing by her blind luv on raja.viplav says don’t say sry any way raja family got out from AN that was gud.don’t be blind in luv u must see how is persons character.suddenly we wake up from bed he got pain dhaani scolds him cutely y u getup from bed if u want any thing u can ask me na everyone laughs but knk get irreked.

  67. Precap: some new character entered dadi buwa asking viplav y ur alone in this room no body is there to care of u DT ,shusma,shalu KT everyone is there.then dhaani enters .dadi buwa asks who is she .viplav says she is my wife dadi buwa gets shock by seeing dhaani.

  68. Sry guys I know my update is too bad .but this also I know everyone is waiting for updates and how was viplavs position so that I was updates.sry for any mistakes.bye frnds take care.

    • Nimisha ?

      Wow kavitha. That’s a great update and I wil def watch the show again, thanks to you.

      Honestly it’s brilliant and you shouldn’t be apologising, lots of us will be super relieved after reading your update.

      Thanks again soooooo much. I’m so happy I could skip and leap with joy… But it might look weird so I won’t. Lol. ?

      Super happy that I can go back to watching now I know he,s okay. Xxx

      Thanks again! Xxx

    • Anne

      Please do not apologize Kavitha you have done very well I’ve been waiting to find out what happened all day !!
      You are a lovely thoughtful person xxxx

    • Yetty

      Thanks dear kavitha, you gave us something to look forward to.
      We’re still waiting to watch ikrs here, colors is starting late today.

    • Sujie

      no need to apologize Kavitha dea…. sigh of relief….but Dhaani should have listened to what DT and KT discussed about kundli and widdhwa yog which was all lie……
      but no worries Viplav thik hai…romance chaalu hai….. looking forward to watching the episode with my own eyes …… 😀 🙂

    • Nima

      thank you kavitha for the update ?
      don’t say it’s a bad update. you did well..WU read karne ki jo aadat hai wo aapne puri ki hai do once again thank you ?

  69. Meghs

    Cutie u know Kannada and tulu thats nice to here Mangalore is my neighboring state.. I am in udupi .

  70. Nimisha ?

    Based on the update I take it back what i said about KT maybe apologising and maybe it being a nice thing she did to apply Windhoek on Dhani’s mang. She,s not nice. Nope! She,s still a prize b*%ch!

  71. Nimisha ?

    Hello again peeps,

    Did you miss me ?

    Just watched the episodes from yesterday and today.

    Gosh KT is something else. No matter what she will always blame Dhani.

    Really didn’t like the episodes but Eisha is an amazing talent, the scene where she,s looking through the window to the OT was amazing, her tears and sobbing were very believable.

    Loved watching her hitting raja with the bell.

    At the end of today’s episode, what was DT on about her being a nurse for. Honestly, he just doesn’t stop does he. I’m so angry at that stupid old man,

    Anyway, still hate the show creators for putting us through all that stress and those horrific precaps, but Viplav is ok. Hurray!

    PHew, was wondering what I would have done if he hadn’t made it,

    Thanks again Kavitha for the updates, you’re a star! ?????

  72. Anne

    Is the woman in the pre cap a nurse?
    Does she know Dhaani? They haven’t wasted much time with a new person .I was hoping for some sweet romance .?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too Anne.
      I don’t think she is the nurse. She was saying why was Viplav left on his own, who was looking after him. Dhani walks in and as Viplav tries to tell the old woman that Dhani is his wife, DT says Dhani is a nurse from the hospital.

      Ridiculous. But I may have that wrong,.. I don’t think so tho. I wondered if the old woman is DT,s mum or aunt the way she was being all matriarchal.

      Why they need another annoying person so soon is mind boggling, I was hoping for some sweet romance too or at least some happy times. But no, we have yet more lies and those again from DT, the super idiot. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

  73. BR

    phir se vip aagaya…….. very good …… that old lady is dadi …….. dt :s maa dt …..becomes kushi …… shalu realized her mistakes,,,,,,,,good .. new entry dadi …….


  74. Louella

    Meghs I think I had written wrong or u read it wrong. Actually I meant to say that I don’t know a bit of kannada and tulu. But I know konkani very well.

  75. SARAS

    Very good morning dear ikrs family.
    thanks a lot kavitha for the update. . we really needed it. . you have done ac good job. . thanks again

  76. Sujie

    just watched the episode…… Happy that Viplav is fine…..but in the precap DT says Dhaani is nurse sent from hospital to take care of Viplav, When Viplav is about to say Dhaani is his wife….what is this??? Dadi Bua ko pata chalne dete ki Dhaani is not a nurse but Viplav’s wife….iss DT ke dimaag mein kuch chal raha hai sayed…what was the need to lie???

  77. BR

    mirsada and sujie v good morning no up date for 17 april….. ……it is all right..

    how r u are u fine …….. here bangaloru is too hot …….tamil nadu and andra r hotter than Karnataka……. mirsada plz send some cool clouds here …..
    sujie how is there?

  78. BR

    loulla r u Konkani v good … magalorians… tulu… konkanis” kannadikas … coorg..different types of Karnataka people r in my apart ment …. super … u r also belongs to Karnataka …….. but all r one we r ikrs family

  79. Yetty

    What a show, I think dhaani might be pregnant, don’t maybe she fainted by tree due that or she’s tired.
    Who’s the new entry?

  80. Nimisha ?

    Hello everyone.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

    Anne, looks like the new person is DT’s mother.

  81. Mirsada

    BR. today and snow fall, rain, cloudy, cold, so it Alpama, send me sun and I will you all this rain and snow. But Vidha all beautify.

  82. Yetty

    Hello everyone, how is your day [email protected] ,thought I chart a little.
    Hey Nimisha and Anne what are we expecting in ikrs today ? A totally new twist hena

  83. Keerthi

    Guys…. Watched a interview of dhaani in fb 2 new characters in the show…hope it will have twists and turns

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.