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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dasharath that it was his mistake not to believe him and asks not to hurt himself being great Dasharath Tripathi. Dasharath says I love you very much and you are most important to me. Tania asks Badi Amma to take good care of herself and asks Dhaani to make sure she takes rest. She says lets go. Badi Amma blesses Tania and says our relatives behaved like strangers to us. Tania says I feel like I am your relative. She says I will drop you to Ashram. Badi Amma says they will go. Tania convinces them. Kanak comes to Dasharath and asks what was Viplav saying? She says he didn’t tell her anything and asks what is the matter. Dasharath signs that he kept maun vrat and asks him to write it down so that she can help him. Dasharath writes on paper. Kanak gets

shocked reading it and asks how can it be possible.

Lala calls Dasharath and thinks he is not picking my call. Viplav comes and holds on his head. He says how dare you blame my Dada ji. He says Police will beat you for trying to snatch Ashram and accusing Dasharath. He says he will file against him for trying to ruin Dasharath’s image. He comes out and sees Dhaani. Dhaani tells she is worried about Badi Amma. Viplav says I will get the medicine. Dhaani says she got it. Viplav says I will drop you to Ashram. Dhaani refuses. Viplav asks her not to argue, and says he wants to see Badi amma. She agrees. While they were going in car, Viplav is angry and thinks about Dasharath’s words. He drives fast. Dhaani gets scared. Viplav does an accident and offers money to the man, who suffered loss. The man refuses to take money from him and says Prabhu did a big favor on me.

Tania comes home. Kanak asks why you are sad. Tania says she is calling Viplav since long and he is not picking the call. Dhaani says I felt bad as you broke up his pots. She says you should have given him money forcibly. Viplav asks her to stop lecturing him and says he tried, but he didn’t take. Kanak asks Tania, if you both love each other. Tania says we love each other very much and want to marry. Dadi smiles. Tania says I came here to meet you all and that’s why came to Banaras. Kanak promises to get her married. Dadi smiles and looks happy.

Viplav and Dhaani come to the Ashram. Dhaani gets out of car and thinks if he is really worried about Badi Amma or tensed about something. He sees medicine in his car and thinks Dhaani forgot it. He knocks on the door and gives medicine to Dulaari. He sees Dhaani making the pots and smiles. He buys the decorative rotating fan and keep it in the Ashram. Kanak asks Tania to take Dasharath’s blessing. Tania touches his feet shyly and leaves. Kanak asks Dasharath, what is happening and she is not understanding anything. She says I did what you asked me to do, and asks him to tell what is going on in his heart. She says Tania is the same girl, because of which Viplav is fighting the case. She asks why? Dasharath says woman is the woman of the enemy, and Viplav’s mind will be diverted once his marriage is fixed.

Viplav comes out after meeting Badi Amma. Dulaari tells that Dhaani is making pots for the potter as he suffered loss. Viplav feels moved by her goodness. Dulaari goes to bring something for him. He adores her while she is making pots. Jeevan ka Rang plays………………He tries to help her make the pot. Dhaani makes it again. She cleans her face and the mud gets applied on her face. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………Viplav looks at her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No precap…
    Please don’t do so…
    Episode was too good..
    But Tanya should not say so cause Viplab has no feelings for her (He told that to his friend in Delhi)…
    Kanak I thought you can help but…

  2. Wow nyc episode.
    Feeling so happy for viplav and dhani but little worried about tania and viplav’s marriage

  3. dhaani is unconsious. viplav lifts dhaani and places her before god statue. this was the precap.. wats going on yaar.. i m so excited.. love u viplav and dhaani..

  4. Ohh… many things goin happened after tis….good goin kept it up…..happy to c Viplav n Dhaani together at end of tis episode….ishq ishq ♡;)

  5. Thanks for the precap kalai…
    Where are Ritu,Yogi,mehbeer???

    1. Hi Britty, good episode. Banaras does seem to be a screwed up place, though if people like Dashrath hold this much clout over their families and communities. That budhha can run circles around his lawyer grandson – makes you wonder about sonny boy’s intelligence level. He grew up without figuring out that gramps is a morally bankrupt sleezebag???

  6. Oops sorry Mehbeer..
    You are already here…
    And Torndo don’t become Rakksh,update is here…

  7. I saw a promo dat dhaani is unconscious n viplav lifts her tellng he wont let nethng happen to her,,he takes her to da temple place in da ashram n covers her wid a red colour chunni of matarani….
    Great promo n viplav hav startd da feelng 4 dhaani.

  8. Finally Viplav has turned to a lover avatar…. Wanna see more of this

  9. My guess is that tania wil be turng negatve. Tania and viplav’s marge’l be fixd. Bt tania finds that he loves dhaani. So she gets upset. She joins kanak n her bapuji team to take revenge on both cos she loves viplav. Tania is realy sweet so i hope my gues doesnt turn real. 🙂

  10. I started seein swaragini but got really fed up with it. Bakwas tracks. I got attrackd to IKRS promo and startd seeng it. Its goin wel. Viplav n dhaani live in my heart. I hope the track wont do any stupid twists like wat the writers do with other serials. Love viplav n dhaani=vipaani, vidhaani, avaani <3

  11. Super episode:-)

  12. viplav nd dhaani so beautiful…. Viplav’s smile fabulous…. both r acting very well…. Nice precap…. Im so excited….

  13. woow nyz episode…

  14. Wt a super epi!!!! I wanna no dhani‘s past… & her cuteness…

  15. Hi Brity….sorry for delay today episode looked very romantic Viplav lifts Dhaani n place her infront of god statue….but tis scenes looked like a dream moments….I think may be t oldguy dream abot Viplav & Dhaani today precap…..but Viplav started to have a feeling towards DhaanI now. Hope Tania give away to Viplav love Dhaani…ishq ishq make me flying ♡;)

  16. Nice episode vini rockzz

  17. Hi am frm kearala…we used to see IKRS …GOING WELL

    1. I am also from kerala

  18. guys where are u wacthing the promo ? i tried to see the precap in you tube but could not see, any way iam happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for see dhaani and viplav his smile was awesome

  19. Same story like other serials…tani-viplav ….after all the rituals dhani-viplav marriage.. Same story again again..shit

  20. Luv u viplav

  21. Todays episode was awesome…luv viplav and dhani scene….hope to see more of theor chemistry…bt i dnt think tania will turn negative…

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