Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dulaari to take hot water and put on Dhaani’s hand, and then wipe it out with cotton. He asks her to apply ointment then. Dulaari puts the bandage after applying ointment on her face. Viplav asks her not to bandage tight and bandages her hand. Everyone looks on. Viplav asks them not to stare him else he couldn’t bandage her hand. He asks everyone to rest and says tomorrow we have to go to receive the honor. Kanak tells Dasharath that widows will be honored. Dasharath says that function will be to honor Viplav, and we will present Viplav as if he has put an end to the theft of idols. Kanak says ok, but I was saying……..Dasharath asks her to go and help Sushma.

Viplav thanks Dhaani for protecting his life. Dhaani says you have saved my life

and I saved yours. She thanks him. Viplav says you never keep anyone’s favors. He asks can we be friends from today. They look at each other. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………………Viplav asks what happened, if she is angry? He calls Dhaani…………..Dhaani leaves.

Dasharath and his family come to the function. Someone greets Dasharath. He sees Viplav coming with the widows. Viplav makes all the widows sit on the chair. Dasharath looks on. He hugs him and says I am very proud of you. Today my son will sit with me. Viplav says I have to sit with ladies. Dadi asks him to sit beside her. Viplav says he has a duty towards them and she taught him about her duty. Dasharath asks Kanak to sit, and then asks her to sit somewhere else, as this place is for my wife. Kanak sits at back seat.

Everyone sit for the function. SP saheb gives the speech and says Viplav Tripathi has helped the Police nab the thieves and says this function is to honor him for his bravery. Viplav comes on stage. Dasharath hugs him and says today is the happiest day of his life. He says people were doubting me, but Viplav cleared all their doubts. He thanks the government for honoring Viplav with a prize. Viplav says he wants to say something. He says he can’t give speech being young and unexperienced. He says it would not have been possible if a girl wouldn’t have stopped knife from coming towards me. He says I am standing here alive is because of her, and she is the one who helped us in catching the idol thief. Dhaani looks on. He says people think of widows as inauspicious, but they are the one who protects dharm and god. He asks them to come on stage, and accept prize/honor with him. Dasharath is shocked. All the widows are surprised. Dulaari tells Badi Amma that they shall go from there silently. Viplav goes to them and asks to come on stage. They go on stage hesitantly. Viplav requests everyone to clap for the women. Kanak is irked. Dasharath thinks of his egoistic words and hatredness for widows. He hesitantly gives the prize in Dhaani’s hand. Everyone claps for them.

At the Ashram, Dulaari tells Badi Amma that they got the honor now. Badi Amma says people will respect us now. Someone knocks on the door. Viplav comes indisguise of a aloo chaat guy. Nobody identify him and asks to leave. Viplav removes his moustache and says I am Viplav. He says I have brought boiled potato variety of chaats. Dhaani asks what is this drama? Viplav says I brought this for celebration. Everyone tell about their preferences. Viplav gives chaat to Dulaari as well.

Viplav gives chaat to Dhaani and asks her to take it. She takes chaat surprising Dhaani. He asks can we be friends now? Dhaani is surprised and looks on.

Viplav is surprised to see Dhaani bringing Aloo Chaat for him. Dhaani says my friend likes it. Viplav gets happy and says atleast you called me friend today, instead of Rakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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