Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dasharath that Asthana has not only insulted Dhaani, but also their family. How can I let him go. Dasharath says it is a matter of our family’s respect and says I sit with these people in society. He asks him to forgive Asthana. Viplav agrees and says okay, I will not go to Police, but this man have to apologize to Dhaani while rubbing his nose on the ground. He asks Dhaani if she agrees. Dhaani says I agree for my Dada ji. Viplav asks Asthana, will you go jail or apologize. Asthana bends down and apologizes to everyone. He rubs his nose on the ground and apologizes. He thinks he will take revenge for this insult. Kamini apologizes to Dhaani and says if I would not have sent you to school then this wouldn’t have happened. Dhaani asks her not to worry and

says Viplav is with me. Once Dhaani goes, Kamini says stupid girl…..

Dadi Bua asks Dasharath to say. Dasharath says I feel that Asthana has a misunderstanding about Dhaani and thought wrong things happen there. Dadi Bua says when people will ask us, what we will say. Dasharath says we are equally ashamed and insulted. Viplav shows the papers and says she went to study. He asks Sushma, don’t you feel proud of Dhaani. She works all day at home and goes to study at night. Sushma says we had just one complaint with her that she is not educated, but now it is no more. Dadi says but what was the need to study at night. She says anyone can doubt on her, and says what was judge’s mistake. Kanak says if anyone wants her to sit on his lap in the name of teaching, she would sit. She says she would tell that she was studying and we will clap and do her aarti. Dasharath says I would have hired tutor for her. Viplav says she wanted to surprise me and make me happy. I am very happy. Kanak says what about blackening family’s reputation. Viplav says I thought you all will support Dhaani and tell her that you people are there with her, and will ask her that you didn’t do any mistake. He says today I left Asthana, else would have taken his life. Dasharath says thank me as I have saved you, else you would have fall badly. Viplav says you might get scared of him, but not me.

Viplav asks what about justice. Dasharath says judge will make a case which will prove that Dhaani is a characterless. He says he dropped Dhaani home many times and return jhumkas. He says he can file a case against Dhaani. Dadi Bua says don’t know why Viplav couldn’t see her big mistake, and says if there is other man then he would have kicked her out. She says don’t know what magic she has done on him. Viplav says this will never happens. Sushma asks Viplav to take Dhaani to room. Dasharath says if we have to live in this society then have to understand the ways. He says if anyone raises finger on my bahu, then I can’t bear. Viplav says I am saying that. Sushma asks them to go. Kanak says I am sure that Viplav is influenced by the chudail. Sushma says Dhaani is really a nice girl and asks why they are against her.

Dadi Bua comes to Kamini and says you have played a big conspiracy. Kamini acts innocent. Dadi Bua says she knows that it was her plan. Kamini accepts that everything was planned by her. She says Dhaani used to go to that night school daily in night and she sent Asthana after her. She says my hard work was going to pay, but everything was ruined. She says doesn’t matter, I will not accept defeat. She asks Dadi Bua to bless her for her victory. Dadi bua blesses her.

In the room. Dhaani gives Viplav’s clothes to him. Viplav asks him to keep her book safely which he forgot downstairs. He says it was good that we didn’t study in the same class, else teacher would have pulled my ears and ask me to learn from you. Dhaani asks why you are joking and says she has difficulty writing his name. Dhaani says I wanted to tell you, but you never asked me anything. Viplav asks her to tell just I love you. He holds her closer and asks her to look in the mirror. He says I used to apply sindoor on your forehead, and make you wear mangalsutra daily, but may be I might not be there with you. Dhaani keeps hand on his mouth and asks what you are saying? Viplav says I mean to say this luxurious life might not be tomorrow, but your education can’t be snatched by cheap people or time. He says you will be educated all your life, and says he has forgiven her. He kisses on her forehead and says Kamini has changed your life. Dhaani says I wanted to tell you, but Kamini told that you will feel proud once you know it. Viplav says my wife’s determination is so great. He asks her to say I love you. Dhaani smiles and shyly says I love you Viplav. Viplav gets happy and smiles.

Asthana fumes and says Viplav Tripathi. Phool Chand asks why did you call me here. Asthana says I called you to take revenge of my insult and tells him something. Phool Chand says you have chosen a right guy for the game. When I play the game, I just play it, lets start the game. Dasharath comes to his room and sees the jewellery bags missing. He wonders where it went. Phool Chand thanks someone and gets jewellery bags from his/her hands (may be Kamini), and she sits in the car again. Phool Chand thanks her.

Kanak tells Dhaani that gangajal fell on her and scolds her for spoiling her puja. Viplav comes and says you have become impure. Kanak asks him not to argue with her because of Dhaani. Dhaani is silent. Viplav asks Dhaani to say something, and says you are tired after trying to win her heart. He says Maa will not change and asks her to keep on smiling. Dhaani says you are my smile and it is in my heart, nobody can snatch it. Viplav says my filmy wife and hugs her.

Kamini sees them hugging and says I will snatch Viplav from you. Viplav is not only my love, but my junoon…..Dadi Bua comes there and takes her with her. She asks what is going on in your wrong mind. Kamini says this is what you want? Dadi Bua says there is a difference between our thinking, I never want this. She asks what is your plan? You have crossed limits. Why did you send Dhaani to night school and with whose permission. Kamini asks her to try to understand and says if Viplav doesn’t doubt her then how will he hate her. Dadi says you have put Viplav in trouble and says you have ruined our respect. I wanted to make you bahu of my family, but not that kind of bahu who will ruin our respect. She says you didn’t ask me before taking this step. Kamini says I didn’t know that things will go wrong this much. Dadi Bua asks her to stop her mind games. She asks her to promise that she will not let anything wrong happen to Tripathi family’s respect and keeps hand on the flame. Kamini is forced to take oath. Dadi Bua says you have to plan according to me. Dadi Bua threatens her if she does same thing again. Kamini is angry.

Dasharath tells Dhaani that he is angry about yesterday’s incident. Dhaani comes to Police station and gives statement against Asthana. Inspector arrests Asthana. Kamini is seen hiding in Asthana’s home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Rubbing nose down is nice.. Why dhaani still believes kamini??thnx for the update mam

    • Arshdeep

      Kamini is very clever…she has earned dhani trust.. And dhani is so naive that she trusts her blindly

    • surya

      I think most people in ikrs believe others blindly….
      1. Vips belief in dhastrath….thinking he has a big heart
      2. Dhaani s belief in everyone she sees
      3. Dadi buas belief in dhastrath.
      4. Sushma s beleif in dhasrath even after his extra marital relationship and many other happenings…

  2. Maria

    Wow today’s episode was again awesome the way Viplav supported Dhaani was just mind blowing… His acting was superb!!!! Awwww me uski jabra fan hogayi once again… I fell in love with him once again????? ???

  3. Honestly speaking among all the colors drama I must say that among all the guys Viplav’s character is the best only charade which is not yet spoiled love te way he support Dhanni at every step
    Viplav deserves a round of an applause from all of us right?

  4. Arshdeep

    Viplav again in angry mode was outstanding..??
    Loved to watch viplav supporting dhani in front of DB and family too..??

    Vidhani scenes were awesome???
    I love you viplav was the best line
    And mishal’s expressions after listening that were breath taking???????????

    Loved it how viplav was trying to cheer up dhani??
    They look so cute???

  5. Maria

    And Mishal’s acting today nothing to describe.. No words to express he won my heart once again?????? Love you loads Mishu

  6. Arshdeep

    Kamini sahi me tumhari zindagi badal degi if u dont get alert at right time..
    Good kamini was scolded today by DB ???

    DT tumhara khazana to gya????

    Only this can be expected from phoolchand✋

  7. Maria

    Good to see kamini jealous today, she is a very good actor, no doubt her expressions were also superb…

  8. Maria

    I would like to say one thing after watching today’s episode

    Mishal rocks
    Eisha rocks
    Vidhaa rocks
    IKRS rocks

    • Mishalian❤

      HAHA! Seriously! ? Asthana should also consider her instead of Dhaani. Kamini is more of his type. ?

      • Arshdeep

        Or kya..

        Itni attractive hai..baar baar ladko par girti rehti h.. Use hi pakad le na

  9. Mishalian❤

    That Phoolchand will never leave Trpathi family. ? But Anyways, I love the way he calls Viplav’s name! ??

  10. Mishalian❤

    Finally DB got her eyes on Kamini’s deeds! ? But still I’m Kamini is again going to do something really really bad! ?

  11. Mishalian❤

    Just a thought came in my mind. ?

    Dhaani has always defeated or can say flopped DT’s ‘Dirty Games Of Thrones’ Lol, not Thrones, ‘ Dirty Games Of Money Making ‘ ? Apparently, unknowingly. ? But still she did it all the time of course with the help of Mishal! ??

    Like when, DT was eying on the Widow Ashram, Dhaani defended back without knowing the ring master is DT himself. Viplav supported her throughout and they won the case ultimately. ?? – Also when, DB made entry reminding Viplav’s Marriage Promise. Dhaani again unknowingly became the reason of DT’s diminution. – And now the Asthmatic Asthana! ? Again because of Dhaani, DT’s dream of grabbing the temple fund is at stake. ? And after all these miserable defeats DT is still not getting a life! ? Poor fellow. My sympathies are with him. Hope he get a punch in throat by Viplav someday soon. ??

    Dhaani wasn’t alone! Grandson of DT, Viplav was the one who fought from Dhaani’s side. ? And made her Queen Victoria! ? Lol. I mean Victorious. ?

    Now you all know the main and strongest reason of DT’s hatred for Dhaani. He hates her because she always bombs his money grabbing plans. ? He really doesn’t care that she was a widow and she snatched his grandson. All he worries for his wealth and status. ?

    Hope you guys enjoyed my lame theory .?It was just for fun, don’t take it on your heart. It might cause you a laughter attack. ?

  12. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan,you are the best.?
    The trouble is nobody seems to think things though, what did the judge think was going to happen when he’s chasing a screaming girl through the house?.Now kamini is impersonating Dhaani . ???
    Anyhoo, love IKRS fans we are the best, you’d better believe it.?

    • Arshdeep

      I wondered how loong dhani kept on running but still could not come upto tha party hall..

      • Nimisha

        I know it was a loooooooonnng hallway!

        By the way Anne, I LOL when I read your

        MIshal for dessert comment on the previous thread! Really funny! I did comment then but it went pfft!

    • Nimisha

      Anne, what do you mean impersonating Dhani? You mean the sari she wore yesterday?

      She was back to her, erm, dirty alley style today!

      • Anne

        Nimisha. In the precap i thought i saw kamini hiding as judge is arrested but got doubts now?? Mmm

  13. Jessi

    Guys shakti serial 30th may se 8pm slot par start hone wala hai iska matlb ikrs safe hai na

  14. prachi

    gudeveng ikrsians.
    yar aaj k episode dekh k m viplav k bahat bada fan hgayi hun.m wish krti hun kash sb ko aesa pati mile,kya unconditional pyr n support krta h yar .really dey r made for each other.n many many thanx to d writers who write such a beautiful dialouges lyk “ye aishon aram kvi v tumse dur jaskti h per tumhre gyan kavi sath nh chhodta h”i love dat dialouge.i never seen such a beautiful concept with such a inspring ikrs strtes giving social msg.hope i ll continue in future.luv u ikrs team

    • Arshdeep

      Yes didi bhagwan sabko aisa pati de
      And our ikrs is sooo beautiful..our vidhani is lovely..!!

    • Arshdeep

      I loved when dadi bua said tumhe ise dhake maar kr bahar nikalna chahiye
      and viplav said aisa kabhi nhi hoga..!!

      • Nimisha

        Twice! Gooooo Viplav!

        I seriously wanted to see him take dhanis hand and walk out the door at the nonsense that DT and then KT were spouting!

        Good on Dadi for standing by Dhani! I hope she begins to become more vocal.

        So whooooo is the thief who stole the thuladaan stuff that DT stole?

  15. prachi

    hope ki ikrs k msg dekh k sb k mind chage ho k liye wodows n women kliye respect ho..

  16. Meghs

    Hi everyone i am here after so many days i think ..

    Wow viplav performance today was awesome his acting his dialogue n all… Viplav ne tho mera dil hi jeet diya… Just a thought wish i can get life partner like viplav supporting n caring… Wow i am happy after seeing today epi… Couldn’t be silent anymore …

  17. Meghs

    @ louella..

    Cuttie sry(holding ears) i am sry i not commenting now but i try to comment whenever possible from now for sure..

  18. lekshmi

    viplav rocksss…i really loved his exprsssn when he replied DB saying ”
    it wont happn im not gonna leave dhani”….thinking who is helping phhol chand…may be TP is back……..

  19. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow I m first to comment hahaha and thanks makers for not at least dragging IKRS till now just end kamini track or make her positive we fans will be even happier

  20. Sujie

    Thank you hasan mam for the update……
    Mishal ……u rocked today…….. This is the reason I keep saying every girl should get a husband like Viplav….. 🙂 🙂 The way he stands with Dhaani and supports her is just so adorable….
    I wish Kaamini jail chalijaye… Waiting for that day

  21. Louella

    Today’s episode was soo cute. Today I didn’t miss it and now I m feeling I did the correct thing.

    Viplav supported Dhaani in front of his family especially DB. His angry look was so cute. I was smiling while seeing him in an angry young man look.

    Today first time I loved DB. She scolded Kamini. Wow!! Now just she should catch her going to Asthana’s house. She should have just put kamini’s hand on that diya. At least she could not phone anyone.

    Vidhani scenes were just so cute. When Dhaani told I love u Viplav with that cute smile that was the moment I felt that episode a very cute one.

    Today we had gone for shopping in the evening and only five minutes were left for ikrs. I just rushed home to watch it. I was feeling as if I was missing a train.

  22. Kartik

    Sry to all for my todays misbehaviour dont know what hppnd today
    i am really sry by heart arshi i am so sry i commennted on yur studies i felt guilty
    when reading yur cmmts i said a lot bad wrds but yu didnt said
    some pple were saying right i am sry for today so so sry arshi nimi soije anne santitcs
    As yu all know
    Ek galti toh sabse hoti ek galti ke liye toh bhagwaan bhi maff kar deta hai
    i am really saying it by heart please all forgive me
    Its my real sry yeh hai mohabbatien ki kasam
    if if possible please forgive me
    Arshi i hope yu top in neet 2 and become a good doctor god bless yu
    and make yur every wish possible
    ek galti toh viplav ne bhi ki thi maff kar diya tha na
    please please
    sry sry a hundred times sry

    • Hi kartik sorry for jumping in but we should think twice before speaking u must have heard juban se nikle hue shabd aur kaman se nikla hua teet kabhi vapis nahi hote.

      • Kartik kumar

        i have heard but mein ke juban se thodi na kahe the yeh toh mein likhe the
        to likha toh sab wapas ho sakta hai no
        please forgive me renun
        a sry by heart

    • Nimisha

      You’re welcome. And I’d happily report them again. A couple of my posts also went pfft, but we don’t need those types here!

      To be honest I’m not interested in anything they have to say so if they come back then we should ALL report them.

  23. Louella

    Arshi di how’s those kidney stones? Have they become alright? Does it pain till now? Sorry I forgot to ask these many days. Take care dear.

    • Arshdeep

      No problem dear..
      Thanks for asking 🙂

      I dont think they are out.. But they didnt pain from many days.. I think 5 or 6 days are over.. And they havent pained 🙂

      • Nimisha

        Hey that’s great news! Keep doing the soda and sleeping and resting and smiling! ???

        Louella, thanks for asking, I’ve been wanting to but felt like I was nagging a bit! You asked soooo nicely so ???

      • Arshdeep

        Yep thanks di

        and bdw building up a lot of courage i am going to go tomorrow to my coaching centre.. Tmrw i will be starting with the neet stage 2 test serie theres

      • Nimisha

        Awww good luck lovely! I know you’re nervous but you have nothing to be nervous or ashamed of. Just focus on the next thing which is the second chance exam. You e had a practice session now this is the real thing,

        Your coaches will support you. I’m sure and tell me if they don’t, I’ll tell the off,

        Hope it goes well tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you!

        Big hugs! Xxx

  24. Mishalian❤

    Me nahi khel rahi. ? Lagta hai zayada comment karny sy I got a suspect. ? Sary meri tarf focus ho gaey. ? Feeling ajeeb! ?

  25. Nimisha

    So goooooood epi today!

    Best bits were obviously Mishal defending Dhani. His family are idiots, esp DT and KT! They will burn in hell one day!

    Loved Dadi defending Dhani. Gooooo Dadi!

    DB! Hmmmmmm! I always felt she was ok and would have mellowed towards Dhani once Viplav revealed that she was his wife, but then DT and KT pulled the white rabbit out of the hat, the video of Dhani dancing whilst drunk, and that seemed to catapult her to instigate VK against Dhani. So is she going to turn good?? I Hope so!

    The way she cottoned onto VK was awesome! I was willing her to force VK’s hand lower to the flame but my telepathy wasn’t working…

    I think I said on the previous page, but I really wish Viplav would take Dhani and love that poisonous house and take Dadi with them.

    I think Asthana is quite a good villain, much better than phoolchand! But can’t stand too much more of VK! Hope she goes soon!

    Viplav was awesome today. He defended Dhani and didn’t let anyone say anything against her. THats more like it Viplav!

    The only bit I didn’t like was when he credited VK for changing Dhani’s life. Also Dhani said VK told her not to tell Viplav the truth but that sort of didn’t make an impact on him! Wish he,d heard that and put it together with how VK was behaving with him during their study time.

    Mishal ?????????????????????

    • Nim….mu dear ?hi . I agree that viplav was at his best today truly rocked n defended his wife standing against everyone. Really he has set a brilliant example. Good atleast dadi became vocal n stood by vidgani??u r right they should leave the ayodhya niwas n no point staying at a place where there is no LOVE; TRUST; SELF RESPECT N HONOUR

      • Nimishap

        the only thing missing with Viplav today was that he listened to DT and didn’t report the judge to the police, that was a mistake and kinda shows that his character is being dumbed down a bit.

        A bit like dhanis except she is being dumbed down a lot. I watched online and totally missed the point of the Precap. I was feeling all proud of Dhani for going and reporting the crime to the police. I missed however that this is all VK’s doing again.

        It feels like we’re on a merry go round…

        Kam needs to turn DB against Dhani, so she instigates Dhani to report the crime which she does, probably without telling Viplav. Judge is arrested, all hell breaks loose in AN. Viplav yet again defends Dhani and is proud of her bravery, dhani says it was VK,s idea, Viplav praises her, they hug, Kam see’s and gets jealous and the next round of her onslaught begins.

        Why doesn’t the judge drop VK in it? Why is he not telling the truth?
        What are the writers making VIplav the lawyer nit think like a lawyer? Where are his principals??
        Why are they slowly making Dhani into a bimbo. She is bright and intelligent but she keeps believing VK that it’s ok to keep things from Viplav.
        And Viplav seems to be honest and open with Dhani but recently she just lies to him, so as she goes to the police by herself, does that mean she has kept this from Viplav too?
        Their bond is the USP of this show and Dhani is being shown to not respect that bond as much as Viplav does, but that’s not how she is with him.

        Anyway, someone on Twitter explained what is going on and I’m feeling slightly frustrated by the whole let judge off if he apologies and begs forgiveness. Not very believable.

        But otherwise an awesome episode.

        Sorry to go on..

    • Kartik kumar

      sry nimi di a very big sry forgive me for my mistake
      i promise not do this mistake again

  26. Nimisha

    By the way, lovely lovely IKRS family, yesterday’s thread was very very very funny!

    A few times my kids asked me ‘what?’ As I burst out laughing!

    Thank you For the belly laughs! ???????????????

  27. Nimisha

    Ooooh Arshdeep, I saw on the other thread that your sister finished her BSc and is now back Home.

    Tell her HUGE congrats from me and hope she’s well and give her a bIg hug from me please. ???

    And ask her to give you a hug from me too! ???

  28. florentina moldovan

    i think Kamini is the thief!!!!!!!
    She will be Triparti s family punishment!
    She will ruin Triparti s family respect, she will stole every thing from them….money, respect and…life!!

  29. florentina moldovan

    i keep thinking for some days…maybe the makers should find a good man for Kanak,…
    sometimes i feel sorry for her…she was bound in a marriage without love, she doesn t understand love because she never loved….
    I think a good man, for her age will be more exciting…she is young and beautiful…

    • Nimisha

      She’s too long in the tooth to change I think. All she values is gold and money and position. I think it would be more interesting, and humorous to me, to have her stripped of those things and to be on the receiving end of what she readily dishes out to those less fortunate. A bit of the taste fonder own medicine.

  30. florentina moldovan

    I think db is better than the rest of Villans…i am very curious how she will act about Kamini s behavior…
    and in the end of this track i hope Kamini will be raped herself…this is the fair punishment for her…
    sorry if my words are rough…that it is what i feel…

    • Nimisha

      I hope VK just goes. Quickly,
      If she is rated she would get sympathy and the she would be the victim.

      I would much rather she was found out and then had to face the appropriate punishment. I would love to see Dhani whacking her down the temple steps with a bell. Literally knocking sense into her dumb head!

  31. florentina moldovan

    Rajee, we miss a lot your funny comments!!!!
    Please come here at leat sometimes!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you!!!!!

  32. Arshdeep

    I dont think kamini is the thief as h. Hasan mentioned doubtfully.. As she was there at the party

    • Till now it has not been clear who bolted the door from outside when DT N VIPLAV WERE ALONE N REST EVERYONE WAS AT PARTY COULD BE KANAK OR VK.

    • Nima

      rangeela channel me aati hai ikrs yeha kux v ho sakta hai kavi patali vairab to kavi makkhi?? toh kamini….kyu nahi?

  33. Amisha

    I loved today’s and yesterday’s eps so much! ? You did a great job viplav by supporting your wife 🙂 ! ??

      • Nimisha

        Ooh Renu I mentioned that to my dad and he tried it, but for 1 day. He’s going to try it again a Dan I’ve been meaning to say Thankyou for mentioning it on here for Arshu,s sister, xxx

      • Zee

        Hi Renu, How are you? Read yday’s thread and commented few times also but went out in eve.
        Too many virus attacks yday na? You and other freinds gave moonh tod jawab. But….
        Wt is the mind set of such ppl, why do they come and bother others who are not part of their world. If we are wasting time on a low TRP show its our time to waste,
        Why does it concern them. Then they also come back and say sorry. I am really confused. I would like to get inputs from you and others. Pl respond.
        Saranya – pl send some gifts for the virus walas yaar
        Have a great day friends and like I always say do keep commenting!!

      • Nimisha

        It is very strange! Some people just don’t have a live and let live attitude.

        i am not interested in their hollow apologies so will be ignoring them from now on.

        Their behaviour yesterday was utterly disgusting so I will report them again and again. Thankfully the moderators are awesome and can see that we are all genuine fans and a proper little family.

        Hope you enjoyed your evening out and that your studies are going well.


      • Zee

        I am just curious to understand the pschycholgy and motivations behind ths whole circle. Apologising is not an easy thin to do – we think 10 times befr we apologise. Smtimes we do it to keep the peace. But we are virtual ppl here, so why wd anybody see apolgies?

  34. I assume vk would be caught when those goons r caught either by raj or police. They will spill the beans n make it evident that they were hired by VK TO WIN DJANIS TRUST. ISNT IT.

    • Nimishap

      Ooh Renu, I am waiting for that day. Not sure where the police are with that investigation but fingers crossed its imminent!

    • Nimisha

      In fact, you e reminded me to ask them about that on Twitter. I,ll tag you on it too! ?

      Oops I’ve been Nimishap for a few posts. Lol.

  35. Hi all, it is very much glad to see comments for last 2 episodes. I am very much happy to all our Ikrs members that our Ikrs is coming back on track. I am requesting you guys to support as much as you can to give as much as mailed, tweet, facebook comments to our Ikrs actors to support and encourage to see and watch again and again the unique show like Ikrs.

  36. Nimishap

    No Renu. Really. Two days ago BV was moving to 6pm, then yest IkRS was moving to 6PM and BV to 630 and now this. The rumour mill is churning away. Lol!

    Do you think this is the final slots decided now.?

    No idea what’s going to happen here as apart from lots of promos for shanti, which I don’t like the look of, there’s been some shuffling of programme times on rishtey but not on Colors as far as I can tell.

    Currently IKRS is on at 830. It will face Kasam on rishtey at tech same time slot,

    It’s a shame Colors don’t just announce these things

  37. Kartik kumar

    Also one thing i know ikrs also gave good message
    But as to tell i agree with yu that yhm was good in the beggining
    but got destroyed in middle
    But now it has become good
    It also gives messge that
    “A step mother can give more love to child than a real mother”
    Once agin igf possible forgive me a hundred times

  38. shanitics

    Misha di whch cmnts u deleted frm yesterday’s episode???

    App ko tho abb arshi di chahiye… Mujhetoh nahi jahiye na? Aapko toh pehele humne di bulaya tha?

    Mein toh ab dream Bhaia se kehthungi Ki aap toh em… Bhul gayi kya kehne keliye aagayi thi ? Jab dekhungi toh aapke bareme bolungi…?

    • Nimisha

      Swetha, I’ve been feeling a bit jealous myself that you and Arshu are chatting on FB. We need to get you Twitter sorted and then we can also chat.

      Please don’t think that, I love you very much!

  39. Sujie

    Good morning IKRS family…..
    A very very good morning….
    Keep smiling ….love you all….have a great day….
    And a big welcome to all the newcomers… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. shanitics

    @karthik… Gussa karne se hi pyaar badthi hai.. And siblings Mein fight nahi hai toh kya Massa….. If u don’t mind may I know abt u like ur native place and ur studies ? only I u don’t mind

  41. shanitics

    Just like when rain comes cool breeze come and hug us .. Let fortune come and hug u and let today be a stepping stone ? of success …. Happy morning ?
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  42. shanitics

    Thankss Renu di for giving such a good news#ikrs is safe and shakthi replaces……
    Love u renu di…

  43. shanitics

    Lols, arshi di.. Tum loogon ko raath Mein needh nahi hai kya…

    Tum log jab sothe Ho???

  44. shanitics

    Misha di… Really thanks for reading my ff once again… I was soo happy to knw that u cmnted on it?

    • Nimisha

      I’m sure I’ve read and commented before but not sure why on some occasions posts go pfft!

      You’re amazing so keep going and keep reminding me to read them.

  45. shanitics

    Arshi di,lols,misha di… I do not know whether u feel this or nt … Bt I feel this … When I cmnt here I just feel like this is a group chat btw we 4 sisters… Do u feel???

    • Louella

      Yes I feel it very nicely. Even when Arshi di was in pain I could feel that from far. Even without her telling I felt pain in my heart. I do feel it everytime. Afterall we r sisters.

    • Sujie

      Swetha….. Mishalian is actually Areeb… a girl from Pakistan with much love for IKRS…… pata chala????

  46. shanitics

    Geni chechi… Aniyathikutti is fine.. An du?? For the late… Naan appoyum late aaa….? whn is ur wedding and hws ur nivin chettan???? Are u thr on FB???

    • Nimisha

      No no… I think it’s between you and Sujie! You really poured your hearts out so ?????? to you both!

  47. Sujie

    Sometimes I think ….. DB will start liking Dhaani….when DB will fall in some trouble and kaamini will leave her to suffer but Dhaani will come forward to help her…that will ultimately bring Kaamini’s truth out…… Would be happy if Kaamini’s intentions of stealing other’s husband…….that too our hero……fails miserably……

  48. Louella

    Yes yes specially mine. While writing ff also I had used the contact us page then they posted my ff. And now also. Tellyupdates know my name very well.

  49. Sujie

    Who is the winner of MISHAL IS MINE competition…….. Judges dear…you did not announce….. Badi judge….. Chhoti judge…. Decision pending hai na ☺️??????

  50. Zee

    Good morng friends and good morning to the bringer of good energy!
    IKRS shaping well many interesting things
    DB undrstands Kamini and does not support her wrong-doing, is good
    DT does not want a court case bec he has many things to hide, I dont think he will have to return the gold, bec a daan is not returnable
    Why is Asthana not exposing Kamini? He can.
    Why are Viplav/Dhani still so stupid – Asthana publicly said Kamini is a liar, Dadi warned Dhani abt Kam – they shd have suspicion now and link the chain.
    The way Asthana attacked Dhani was poor scripting. There are dirty old men in the world who hv wrong intentions abt young women. But if he really meant harm he wd have called her to a quiet place and attacked (She is so stupid, she wd have gone). Not in a party hosted by him where her entire family and 500 guests are present. This was a planned attack and a judge knows that crimes are done in places whr there are no witnesses.

    • Nimisha

      Everyone in the show is being portrayed as dumb at the moment compared to VK. Most annoying! Even our hero decided to not report his wife being attacked. Errrrm like that would happen. Viplava is a lawyer and has always believed in letting the police do their job!

  51. Louella

    Swetha main raat 11 baje soti hu. Mera koi fixed timing nahi hai utne ka. Aaj main 8 baje uti phir kal pata nahi kitne baje uthungi. Main ekdum ajeeb hu. Kal toh mujhe 8 baje utna hi padega. Swimming class jaana hai kal.

  52. florentina moldovan

    good morning, my dear friends!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!
    Love you all!!

    someone is eating my comments and i do not understand why!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of them , even are deleted….

    Msg from Team: Only comments related to the show are allowed. GM messages don’t fall in that.

    • florentina moldovan

      ok, dear team!
      i understand ….
      what i do not understand is why you published insulting comments from haters of ikrs but you delete my gm comments…
      So, dear friends, if you will find another way to meet and have discuSSIons, i will join you…,
      but not anymore on TU!!!!!!

  53. Louella

    Everyone r so eager to know the results. But where is the badi judge? Oh ya now I remember she had gone for coaching. Arshi di all the best dear!!

    Okay so results r……. I don’t know!!!
    If I will tell one name the others will kill me…… Okay so let the badi judge come. We both will together decide,okay?

  54. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    I wonder how mish will react if he sees this everyone here fighting about him like u wanna be his wife Hahahahaha well for me Mish Bhaia all the best best wishes from ur behen jo 😛 see I m unique so I decided to choose the most unique one behen 😛

    • Louella

      Oh very nice Fatarajo. U took him as ur brother. U took behen. But for me he is Mishal and Viplav. If he is reading all those comments posted yesterday he will never marry. Because if he will Maria our devis will get so angry that they will directly reach Mishal’s house. Mishal if u r reading our comments be careful. These devis have also held a competition named ‘Mishal is mine’. Nimisha di is the first one to participate. I wish Mishal would comment once. Eisha had commented on September but that time I was not even interested in IKRS. From December I followed ikrs with all my heart. Eisha and Mishal plz come here and read our comments. Waiting to see ur lovely comments. But this will remain my dreams, I think….

    • Mishalian❤

      HAHA! For me also he’s a Celeb Crush Only! ?? And loves him as a Handsome Bruh! ??

  55. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I need to tell one thing… Among all actress on colors TV serials.. Eisha is sooo pretty.. And good.. While other shows… Second is aaradhya from krishnadasi..

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Well I also like Eisha but my fav is Teju which means Ragini from Swaragini among all the colors actress followed by Eisha in terms of beauty 🙂

  56. Guys,

    Any one of you observe the 2 mail dilogues which main highlite in last episode.

    The first dailogue is when Vipu says he will never let dhaani out of his life n his house when confrontation with AN members.

    The second one with Dhani about uncertainty of life but education will always be there to help n support her.

    Please share your observation.

    • Mishalian❤


      I got a little upset when Viplav told Dhaani that life may not remain the same. He might die someday. ?? But felt so good and proud when he said her that among all Education is most powerful weapon to deal with every situation in one’s life! ?

    • Nimisha

      Yes, definitely very profound dialogues!

      Infact a lot of what he said was brilliant! I loved the way he reiterated the first one, as if to make sure had heard him!

      KT is becoming a bore with her, get her out of this house routine! Surely the Cv’s could debtor her character to be melting slightly as she can see Dhnai is good but is too stubborn to SEE it.

    • Nimisha

      PJain, the second dialogue was a bit worrying, when he said if things don’t remain the same, Ie if he wasn’t there.. Was sad, but very true also. I love the way Viplav is always bolstering Dhani and making her realise that she needs to do things not just for him or the family but also for herself. He is very proud that she is studying for him, but he wants her to realise and do it for her.

      The only problem with this is he’s give credit to VK at the same time.

      • @Nimisha & all the IKRS fans

        I think this is my observation as per the story is going on. Y’day DT’s all collection money through Tula Daan has been stolen by someone who is the family members and handover to Phoolchand because DT is very much obsessed for Money and Fame in the Society as already mentioned by Dadi Bua earlier too.

        When Dadi Bhua has snatched her property from DT which is belong to her and also snatched the Mahant Status too.

        In the previous so many episodes so many times KT has been blamed and insulted Dhani to her poor family status, low profile & not status like Tripathis family.

        I think Dadi Bua will hand over all the property to Kamini or Kamini will play the trick with Dadi Bua to snatch the property from Tripathi Family and will be thrown out from AN.

        After the reveal the Dulari Mai past family status which will come in coming episodes every body shocked except our Hero Vipu the Rich family status of Dulari Mai.

        So guys please give your suggestion, comments & feedback.

    • Sujie

      You’re right right Pjain…. Superb dialogues….
      He is making Dhaani realise that even if things gonna change in future…. The education she is getting right now would be her strength for her whole life….was sad when he said about dying and all

  57. Zee

    Dear Florentina,
    I feel bad about the msg from TU team. But I wd not see it as an INSULT to you. More like somebody had a bad night and decided to be mean.
    To be fair to them, they have put up many personal msgs – good morning, birthday, best of luck and festival msgs. They have also put up nonsense from virus walas and later their apologies.
    TU cannot draw a lakshman rekha on what we write ad mostly dont. What happened today was possibly a mistake and why wd they have any thing personal against you. So please IGNORE it my dear. As they say gussa thook do or spit your anger!
    We all Love you very much. Please please please dont go.

  58. Mishalian❤

    Hello! Good Day Everyone! ??

    Thank you guys, for accepting a new member. ? It feels so good to be here! Amidst such whip-smart people! ? And the exceptional brainy discussions about the show hightens my love for the IKRS! ? MORE & MORE! ?

    • Mahira

      Assalam-o- alaikum! ? Areeb right? Just read your comments! Good to find a country mate here! ??

      Haha! Also applause for your theory on DT’s hatred for Dhaani! You truly spoke the well word! ?✌

      Will love to catch up with you! ? Take care!

      • Mishalian❤

        Walakim Asslam! Mahira! ? yes Areeb! 🙂

        HAHA! After reading Fanfic only. I got a feeling to join this family! ?

        HAHA! Mera koe kamal nahi ismey! Parhny wali ki nazar ka kamal h! ??

        Yeah, me too. But where were you yesterday? Hope everything is well! ?

  59. Mahira

    Kesey hen sub? ? Bhool gaey mujhy! ? Haha, kidding! ?

    Arshdeep how are you?? ? Wish you a healthier and studious day! ? Would definitely instruct you to focus on your tests preparation, the more you learn, the more you ear. Okay? ? Best Of Luck! ?

    Maria, Renu, Sujie, Nima and everyone else how you doin all? ?

    About the resent episodes would just say ‘ Bang Bang’ IKRS is back in it’s ‘ Uniqueness ‘ form! Loved Mishal’s acting when he got to know about Dhaani’s night school and her attempt to write his name! ? Eisha was so so good in these episodes!!! Her expressions were so real at times! ?

    No comments about that Kamini & Asteen Ka Saanp Asthana. ?

    Fonally, DB shows her anger to Kamini! ?? Kamini got scolding!! Hurrah!! ??

    • Nimisha

      How could we forget our lovely Mahira!!! As if!

      Good to see you back and yes IKRS is def Bang on at the moment! Xxx

    • Maria

      Hi Mahira appi where were you, was missing your comments, we all are good how are you?? ?

    • Mishalian❤

      HAHA! Yes Back with a Bang! ?✊?

      I will also join you in the Khushi wala Dance!! ?? Soon Kamini will be kicked out from there!! Will party hard that day!!! ?✨ ?

      Mahira I wanted to ask you, when you are coming back with your next story!!! Really want to read some good stuff!! ?

    • Arshdeep


      I am good?? how are you???
      Thank you????

      Yes i am trying hard…and my test went very well today??

    • Nima

      hlw Mahira, everyday i’m feeling ishq ishq…. ?????? eagerly waiting to watch ikrs .

    • Nimisha

      Ohhhhh. Oops sorry moderators. I decided to say hello to everyone this morning, individually for the first time as I didn’t understand.

      But thank you again for sorting out the viruses, they’re were awful weren’t they. One is back today apologising but it’s too little too late,

      Thanks again and apologies again.

      Renu, thank you too!

  60. Hi flora ?i agree with zee that till date all msg pertaining to festival n general issues were all posted there would have been some error today. Pl dont take as personal ascif tu wants only msg related with shows then it applies to whole family why r u feeling hurť. U r the energy n inspiration behind this family n always motivates everyone why r u acting like a pessimistic pl come back dear love u.

  61. shanitics

    Best pathi award… Best kabhi ladna nahi award and best handsome guy awards belongs to Viplav …. Isn’t??

  62. Anne

    I think Dadibua has plans of her own, how did she meet kamini? At the temple? All suspicious. I wonder how long kaminis contract is for lol.
    Btw, good morning allxxx

  63. Arshdeep

    @nimisha di my teachers did not ask me much..
    Just my chem sir asked that if i am going to give again and i said yes..thats it..

    Anyways my test today went very well..scored good marks??..happy me?

    And hug for you too (((((((((nimisha))))))))

  64. Arshdeep

    Many of u are saying its VK…now only i think it maybe bcoz when family discussions were going on she was not present…soo maybe….she went to give that to phoolchand that time..

  65. Arshdeep

    Renu di…yesterday i was asking my papa to please say didi to do that karela treatment…but didi is not at all ready..?? but still we thot we will try somehow..
    I forgot for how many days it was…so i checked on youtube and i found that they clearly said it is for people with type 2 diabetes and didi is having type 1 where insulin is almost mandatory to take..???

  66. Arshdeep

    @ swetha why are you saying that dear???
    Obvio she is ur didi first..
    We both love u a lot?????

    • shanitics

      Patha nahi kyun asa laga… Mujhe kya kya hoga hai.. Kya kya nahi.. Main jab kya bolthe huun mujhko hi nahi patha….

      And sorry for that.. Patha nahi kyun ase post kiya…? lagtha hai gusse Mein thi…

  67. Arshdeep

    Winner isnt yet decided..
    Itni jaldi kisi ko mishal mil jata to baat hi kya thi..???????

    @maria dont think i will be bias and make nimisha di the winner…

  68. Arshdeep

    Please dont leave flora…please…please…??
    We all love you sooo much and love to read ur commnts?

  69. florentina moldovan

    and it is happening for while, they published and they deleted it…
    some weeks ago, i sent a comment about widows, it was on subject …i put in it a lot of my soul, every thing i do, i do it with my soul….i put in it my energy, my time, pieces of my soul…and they…simply ….deleted it….they hurted me a lot…..i can t waste my energy this way…

    i love you all but i will not accept this….not anymore…
    i can t waste my time and energy like this…i better do something else….

    • Arshdeep

      We all understand dear..
      We will talk to moderators but please dont go..
      Please stay for us..please…

      We love you????

    • Anne

      Same thing happened to me Florentina, long messages not posted.
      It looked like I was not here.?xxxx

    • Nimisha

      Florentina, the moderators deleted a lot of virus post yesterday as both Louella and I complained to them. I think in that process others may have also been deleted. A couple of mine also went,


    • shanitics

      Pls do NT go.. Take it as a something ? bttr u leave it and take pride that moderation team has choose ur cmnt to write there cmnts….

      Pls do nt go.. U r our senior member

  70. Hello moderator team respect u a lot n appreciate yr help n support in posting the conments though at times process is slow probably due to high traffic or valuation sometimes its a winkk of an eye.all said n fone REQUEST U NOT TO DELETE GENUINE MESSAGES FLORENTINA MALDOVIN IS A SENIOR MEMBER WITH HIGH VALUES N SHE ALWAYS POSTS EITHER PERTAINING TO SHOW OR SOME MORAL BOOSTING THEORIES WITH SONE POSITIVE ENERGY WHICH IS A MUST ON THIS PAGE. SINCERE REQUEST TO RECONSIDER ALL DELETED POSTS EXPECT A LOT FROM YR GENEROUS TEAM THJS IN ADVANCE. BEST RGDS IKRS FAMILY ??????????????????????

    • florentina moldovan

      Renu, dear…you made me cry… much love and respect from you…i do not know if i deserve it….
      Sorry, maybe i was selfish…i didn t think about you and all our family….
      Please, forgive me, you and all our beautiful family….
      Moderators do not understand that we are what we are-a beautiful and lovely family just because this show broth us together! We share ideas about life, culture, love , customs….we share opinions about people behaviors, about people weaknesses ….we learn every day…


  71. shanitics

    Misha di I’M jealous of u because u can chat with arshi di on watsapp.. And u r jealous because I chat with arshi di on fb.. Wow ?!!! Tats great… Soo arshi di u r the centre of jealousy ness?

      • Arshdeep

        Ohh anne di i forgot to tell u about my dream..stupid me…

        I had a dream that u are living in my colony here…i still remember the house that i thot is of urs in my dreams…a very clear dream it was… and i was coming to your house to meet u…we were just going to meet but then my muma was calling me arshi uth jaa…wake up arshi..
        I was speaking while sleeping…. unse mil to lene dete…??? my mumy was kisse milna hai???? (whom do u want to meet)
        Dont know why this dream came… maybe i had read ur commnt just before sleeping??

        Love u??

    • Nimisha

      Anne, Swetha is on Twitter now. And so is Renu so we should set up a group. Xxx

    • Anne

      I don’t think anyone has dreamed about me before !!! Haha ?
      Hope I was a good person. You woke up before we met so
      BTW I am young,very beautiful and clever just so you will know me next time……ummmm?????

  72. florentina moldovan


  73. Arshdeep

    My reason for not competing was
    Ek to main apni behn se compete nhi karti..

    And secondly mujhe itni romantic batein krni nhi ati.. Like nimisha di..sujie di..nima..maria were saying..haaye…m to abhi bachi hu …yeh sab nhi ata mujhe??? Mujhe to sharam aa rhi thi tumhari batein sun kar??

    • Mishalian❤

      Lol! Same here! Abhii tow hum buchy hen! ?

      Top of all Maria’s dream date was so romantic! ??

      • Maria

        Aww you all think like this about me, I am also very small yaar, I’m only 16, please don’t say like this and these romantic ideas come to me just because I have watched many serials before so I create such scenes in my mind.. Sorry if I hurted you by my comments???

      • Nimisha

        That’s why I gracefully bowed out. After reading hers even I was willing for it to be true! ????

  74. Mishalian❤

    Hello guys I was thinking of a quick short game well actually kind of game. ?? Only you want to. Okay?

  75. Mishalian❤

    So here it is a short one! Reply to this comment only and do post only one comment. ? Okay?

    So the thing is, you have to Write your name and then reveal your name’s meaning. Okay? One more thing, you have to tell if your name matches your personality? Okay? ?

    Game begins! ? Will tell mine also but in the end. Don’t try to Google it! ? Okay?

    • Arshdeep

      My name ARSHDEEP KAUR…
      Arshdeep means a ‘candle in the sky’ or ‘Light of the universe’

      I had googled it much earlier?

      And offcorse my name suits my personality… i am the light of universe..hahahah?????

      And KAUR means ‘PRINCESS’ and that i am for my parents??

    • Sujie

      okay Areeb….
      My name is SUJITA PANDEY
      Sujita means someone with a winning spirit…..
      and Pandey …just a typical surname……
      ofcourse my name suits my personality…… having a winning spirit is always good isn’t it???
      My parents kept this name and told me the meaning…so i never bothered to Google it…. 🙂

    • Nimisha

      Hi there

      My name means twinkling eyes, apparently! I was told by someone years ago that it means ‘keeper of the neem tree’

      I’m not sure if it suits my personality or not to be honest!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.