Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani secretly looking at Viplav and wears mask on her eyes. Viplav also looks at her and turns his face. Parshiya asks Dhaani, if he is troubling you. Dhaani takes Parshiya to side. Viplav looks on. Parshiya asks if he was troubling you, tell me. I will make him alright. Dhaani stops him and says that man is my husband and Vidha’s papa..Viplav..Parshiya is shocked and disheartened. Dhaani looks on. Mrs. Kaushik thanks the guests for attending the reception party of Richa and Deepak and asks everyone to dance. Kamini asks Viplav to dance with her. Mrs. Kaushik comes to Viplav and takes him forcibly to dance floor. Even Richa and Deepak ask Dhaani and Parshiya to dance. Viplav and Kamini start dancing. Kasam Kasam song plays………Viplav and Dhaani look at each other,

even though everyone is wearing masks. Dhaani-Parshiya, Viplav-Kamini continue dancing while the song plays….

While dancing, they change the dance partners. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hands and dances with her…She tries to go, Viplav holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. He looks at her hand and feels her touch….Dhaani runs from there. Viplav says Dhaani and goes near her. Dhaani is crying and gets emotional. Viplav comes to her, keeps his hand on her shoulder and turns her towards him. He removes mask from her eyes and gets emotional seeing her face. He thinks about the bomb blast in Tarni Ashram. Viplav holds her and says you are alive….He gets happy and smiles. Viplav hugs her happily. Dhaani pushes him. Viplav asks what happened? Dhaani…I am Viplav, your Viplav…He says so many years have passed, why didn’t you call me. He says Police and everyone told that you are not alive, but I was sure that you are fine. He asks why you didn’t return home and asks what you are doing here? He says I was yearning for you for 5 years.

Dhaani asks him to leave her hand and says that Dhaani is dead now. Viplav asks what you are saying? He says Dhaani is alive for me. He says everyone said that you have died, but I was sure. He asks what happened? Dhaani says I don’t love you Viplav….Viplav is shocked. Dhaani says I don’t love you. Viplav says you are lying and says I will die really. He asks why didn’t you come to meet me there, ad asks her to tell. Dhaani says I am not your client and don’t want to tell you. Viplav holds her and asks her to answer him. Dhaani asks him to leave her hand and says my hand is paining. Viplav says what about my pain? He says I thought my Dhaani is alive and will come infront of me one day. He asks her to tell and cries. He asks why you didn’t come back to me, tell me…shouts Dhaani’s name. Dhaani says I don’t love you Viplav…Viplav is shocked.

Dhaani says I don’t love you and have no relation with you. Viplav says you are lying and asks how can she do this. Parshiya comes and asks Viplav to leave her hand. Viplav asks him to go and says it is a matter between him and his wife, and asks Dhaani to tell. Parshiya asks him to leave Dhaani’s hand else. Viplav asks him not to interfere between them. Parshiya asks him not to touch Dhaani. They start fighting and beating each other. Viplav asks what is your problem, and asks him to move from their way. Dhaani asks Viplav to stop it and says he is my husband. Viplav is heart broken and shocked. Parshiya is shocked too. A fb is shown, Dhaani asks Parshiya to act infront of Viplav, and says she wants to show him that she has moved on and have no place for him in her life, Parshiya agrees, fb ends.

Dhaani says she got married to Parshiya and says this is truth. This is the reason that I didn’t return home, and have broken all relations for him. She says I love only Parshiya…Viplav is shattered. Kamini comes there and sees Dhaani…She acts as seeing her for first time. Viplav tells Kamini that Dhaani got married. Kamini says how can you marry someone else, as Viplav waited for you since 5 years. Viplav says I was waiting for you since 5 years and asks her to tell the truth. Dhaani says this is truth and asks Parshiya to tell. Viplav asks her to tell the truth. Dhaani says I told everything truly and asks him to leave her hand. She asks Parshiya to come. Viplav holds her hand. Ishq Ishq Rang Rang plays……Dhaani goes. Viplav cries. Kamini smirks.

Parshiya says I have understood what he has done and says he will teach him a lesson. Dhaani asks him not to touch Viplav. Kamini comes to Dhaani and apologizes to her. Viplav is shattered as a big lie hit his trust and life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. cool

    stupid dhanni for long days vip is waiting
    for her but she easily said that she is married
    ooo no i coudnt bear it

    • Saraswathi.j

      Do not worry Meena Viplav will cry be cause he loves Dhaani from the depth of his heart,in that he really cries without glycerin,

  2. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone….
    Viplav Dhaani met finally but again……
    Why Dhaani….. What was the need to say that Parshiya is your husband… And Parshiya whay was the need to agree to Dhaani….you could have refused her…YOU ARE HER FRIEND RIGHT??? So its a friend’s duty to stop other friend from doing wrong….
    Makers why are you complicating things???
    Parshiya seems good as friend only… Can’t he see the vermillion on Dhaani’s hairline….. Its of Viplav’s name…. DHAANI IS VIPLAV’S AND VIPLAV IS OF DHAANI…..

    For god’s sake please. Do not make Parshiya a villain …and most importantly another puppet of Kaamini to make things worse

    • Saraswathi.j

      They copied it from ektakapoor “karo itna karo pyaar”there also heroin did same asked her friend well wisher doctor to tell like this before her husband they three or four Childern

  3. eshani

    I expected something like this from dhani….Ohh mishal expressions jus super was so emotional one…..I didn’t like sanjeeda’s acting I feel eisha would have done it better

  4. Saraswathi.j

    I am very sad today for no fault of Viplav he is betrayed by his Dhaani – wife.He even cried in the scene — really cried not with glycerin!!!!!!!

  5. varoley

    Dhaani changed indeed……but not intelligent at all….how can she think that Viplav is not going to know the truth…Now if the drama is to be on realistic track then the misunderstandings between them shoild clear and the show should move towards unfolding the evil.

    Otherwise dragging can go forever and the leads will somehow know the truth upon getting 100 years old.

    And if writers are going to introduce Atharva…then…our gol medalist lawyer of this modern age should know that DNA tests exist and find out the truth……but but but how can show wala make use of modern technology…….i think it will end pathetically just like Eshani-Ranveer wala show.

    I m deeply hurt by the pace and direction of the show.


  6. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Poor Viplav!!! Dhaani is just so irritating now. How can she make Parshiya her husband?? In the whole world did she got only him for this stupid acting?? When I heard the dialogue ‘Viplav unhe haat mat lagaana. Woh mere pati hai’, my mouth was wide open with shock. I thought arey Dhaani pagal ho gayi hai kya?? Kisko apna pati bana rahi hai??

  7. sheetal(joya)

    I watched today’s epi of IKRS………as usual after watching his performance i fallen in love wid his acting Skill……………


  8. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    So coming to the episode

    Mishal rocked with his expressions.????? The way he held dhani tightly..the hapiness on his face watching her alive..??
    Sanjeeda was good too.?
    Well done..!!???

    Dammit dhani..dammit.. What you said girl??????
    Something i actually expected from you.??
    But the thunderstorm was when she said that now i only love parshiya.. ??????

    Dhani was acting in front of him as if she had never ever loved viplav. Not even a slight change of emotions seeing viplav. No pity for viplav. That meant she has become strong and has really moved forward in life and dont want to look behind now.

    I was continuosly screaming vidha come fast..come and see your parents.. But nah.. Vidha to aayi nhi.. Parshiya zarur aagya ????

    Still dhani is not listening to her mother but believing kamini
    Atleast once clarify from viplav everything..??

    Precap was good with dhani still caring for viplav and with mishal’s awesome expressions??❤ but very difficult to watch him crying

    Thank you hasan mam

  9. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Mishal in white suit!!! He was looking soooooo handsome!!!!!! His expressions were just killing me. How can he be so talented??? I was just hell shocked with his expressions. Those dialogues with painful expressions were just mind blowing!!!!

  10. SARAS

    worst episode of ikrs..

    oh god I can’t see viplav’s pain. ..
    it was better dhani was really dead.. than he seeing this day in his life. ..
    viplav got only pain n more pain ever since he met dhani….

    oh god how do I get out of this?? I m so so upset. ..

  11. Ahtasham Husain

    HIiiii Freinds Its Ahtasham….
    Viplav Is rock
    today its husband And Wifes Matter Don’t Interfare
    i think old charm of Ikrs will be Return soon…………

  12. Anju

    |Registered Member

    What is happening?? Why dhani?? Are you mad?.. It was heartbreaking episode… And I missed to see the confrontation between dhani and viplav…

  13. maha

    Thanks H Hasan mam for the update
    Episode is very sad and disappointing.. dhani why u lied yaar there was no need to lie .. she should tell him everything and then she should ask him the reason of marrying but no she herself showed her married woh bhe to pershia ..
    And I want to kill that pershia how dare he beat our hero yukh !! But vidhani dance was incredible? and viplav’s heart broken expressions were very paining? .. seriously last scene and ishq ka rang safed song bring tears in my eyes? ..
    Cvs please unite vidhani as we can’t see them in pain. I am wondering if viplav will come to know that vidha is his daughter. What is the need of atharva yaar already we had have enough. Huh !! Don’t know when the truth will reveal in front of viplav and when cvs will stop dragging
    Viplav please pata lagao, dhani is not married yaar she only loves u .. apne lawyer skills use karo ..

  14. prachi

    Finally most awaiting moment came..BT it shatters us in a few second.its true DAT dhanis acting is right at DAT moment but we can’t tolerate der separation any more…again hidden sick game ll start. May it bring d feel of old ikrs
    N today our expression king is superb.really he is d precious Jewell of Indian tellyvision..he deserves d big screen. We want such type of talent in our u steal d hrt of ur fans by ur u..

  15. vaishnavi

    very very very sad epi i cant c vipu like this after 5 yrs dhaani vipu ke samne aayi aur happiness hone chahiye tha but yaha toh sab kuch ulta hai sirf vk ki wajah se
    but dhaani u did very wrong with vipu why u said that parshiya is ur hubby tumne khud mu create kari vk ko kuch bhi nhi krna pada
    ab firse vipu tume hate krega tum vipu se hate karogi ye ‘hate u hate u’ wala game aise hi chalta rahega kya???
    ab pata nhi ye mu kab khatam hogi

  16. maha

    I was too much excited for today’s episode but my all happiness vanished because of this awful scene “Pershia humary pati hai hum Pershia se pyaar karty hai” yukh??

  17. Vimi???

    Oh my viplav….really sad for him….literally crying while reading this epi….watched the olv earlier….oh what an act….this is the victory of the actor mishal….feeling bad for dhani as she never try to know viplav before 5 years and after 5 years….moreover sad for cute vidha…..and who is this a stupid entry atharva..? Want to kill that vk….she will remain only a vamp….

    In between this i forgot to tell thanks to hasan ji…….thanks…..

  18. maha

    I want to kill kamini and pershia both have become kabab mein haddi .. all happened because of kamini’s big lie.. atharva urgh!! I know Pershia is a good guy but he is overreacting now?

  19. Vimi???

    Oh dulaari maai is right….dhani why r u not hearing her words..? U just trusting that blo*dy idiot vk…she is just fooling u….when will u came to know the truth….i think it will be already late….viplav starts hating u by that time…..
    Arey yaar ye writer logo ko kuch storyline bhi chahiye na..? Its like a hate and love game…..
    And i noticed one thing in todays epi….i dont know how many of u found it….
    Todays mask scene… meri pehli ff sanam re main bhi thi….remember it guys..?

      • Vimi

        ya i remember it arshi di…….i hope the writers r now reading the ffs and including it also in the story……..not in real but i was just blabbering it out…..time pass

  20. eshani

    Viplav anger was jus awesome he would have done something to parshiya if dhani wouldn’t have stopped him and parshiya was also acting too much not letting viplav speak to his dhani

  21. eshani

    I guess viplav will do something n find out the truth hopefully writers won’t drag it further now

  22. Renu

    Hi friends today i read yesterday’s n Mondays update. Thanks for rembering n loving so much. I don’t have words to express my feelings. Luv u a lot?

  23. maha

    Mishal was looking handsome in black and dhani was looking stunning in black? .. uff mishal was giving incredible expressions.. when they feel their presence and when viplav feels her touch oh God lovely beautiful? but suddenly all changed in to sadness because of dhani lie ..
    I don’t know why I loved today’s episode very much though it was too painful?

  24. Renu


  25. Renu


    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      How are you renu
      Lovely Episode today I think me, Nimisha?Twinnie and Anne expressed all our emotions on Twitter today. I loved Mishal’s Expression so much today he was phenomenal I enjoyed it very much as for Dhani saying she is married I won’t say anything on that don’t want to ruin my image of today. Loved it ???
      Have a lovely night all

    • maha

      Yeah I made it Renu di it was too delicious.. yummy!!? Thanda thanda?I drink it in sehri and iftaari too.. and all were praising me but I was like don’t praise me all credit goes to Renu di?
      One more thing my mom was saying thanks to u because I made something first time as I don’t like cooking at all and even when I was making it my family was like maha kuch bana rahe hai khair tw hai lol?
      Thanks to u Renu di for this amazing recipe of aam wanna??

      • Porkodi

        |Registered Member

        Wow maha first time u tried to cook with Renu’s recipe guide… finally it came very well na…. credit goes to you and Renu????

      • Renu

        Wow maha great u made it! It would have been better if i would have told personally but it is amazing u could do only by reading. ????

    • maha

      Yeah Renu di and Porkori I also didn’t expected that it would be soo yummy but yeh tw magic hogaya? Thanks Renu di and u have told the recipe in quite detail tw mushkil nahe hoe bilkol?

  26. Renu

    Maria read yr final episode of it wasn’t my fsult. It was awesome. Great story. Best is u have showed what we want to see in the real ikrs m vidhani together with vidha ????

  27. Renu

    Nothing much about today’s episode. Only vidhàni s discussion leading to further mus. Top of it VK n parshiya r there to add spark to the fire.?

  28. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Thankyou H.Hasan.?Mishal is magnificent,but angry at Dhani for all the negativity. Why go down that road?.Missing Vidha too.Looking forwards to tomorrows episode.??

  29. Aj

    Really a Great & Rocking Story of IKRK story isn’t it.

    Dashrath had relations with 2 women.
    Viplav married with 2 women.
    Shalu married with 2 men.
    Tripurari had relations with 2 women.
    Kamini had relations with 2 men.

    This biggest learning of this Great & Rocking story is always maintain with 2 persons relations and always married with 2 persons in your life.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Not two Ji multiple relationships ,illegal illegitimate,grabbing of another husbands,humiliations in the hands of in laws what not all nasty backwas ….

  30. M


  31. M


  32. A'isha

    Ermmm why is everyone feeling bad for Viplav only? What about Dhaani who raised a child single handedly for 5 years? Dhaani has every right to bed angry with him. Did he even leave from Banaras to even try his luck and find her from other cities no right? Then he can get emotional as much as he wants and also how can he not find out about Kamini’s true colours in all these years? I think Sajeeda is an amazing actress and she done justice to the drama ek hasina thi but i think on this drama she should tone down her facial expression a little other then that she goes well with Mishal as pair ????

    • Saraswathi.j

      Because in Banaras DT managed to tell every one through media that every one died in the ashram ,Viplav become heart broken ,shattered,and he lost interest in every thing,some how the family members and Kamini manipulate the situation to marry Kamini,he become very passive ,for Banaras people all ashram people died in bomb blast,but Dhaani knows the truth bomb blast is by Suvarna -Tripurari,so she can enquire about Viplav how he is ,she knows in her inner heart that he loves her very much that is why when ka minit told she married to Viplav and had a son she cried uncontroleble,because her confidence shattered ,if we fallow and analyse the situation ,Dhaani ,s problems are created mostly by her not Viplav ,every time he supported her,if any thing happens will you go back to your home or quit the family members ,in marriage the couple will face problems that they completely cut off their relation ,some they will sort out and life goes on do not fallow tv or filmy stories life is different here the falt is Dhaani not Viplav

    • SARAS

      well said saraswathi…
      viplav was Straight in everything. . He never let any misunderstanding bw them he always confronted her when ever he had any doubts. . That’s the way. … This dhani always nistook him n never trusted him even today age is believing kamini without trusting viplav. . How could she be so so cruel to a man who fought against all odds n stood by her all the time n everytime…

      I hate dhani more today than I did when she was marrying tripurari

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Just a second mam
        Did viplav even once try to ask why she did all that to DT? Did he try to clear the misunderstandings then?
        He took her out of mandir and said i did biggest mistake marrying you. He broke all his relations with her. He left her in ashram..
        Did he try to clear to the misunderstandings then? Nope..

    • A'isha

      Arshdeep exactly my point , but then again we dont share same opinion with others and they can feel bad for Viplav all they want ??

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes Arshdeep in anger he did like that when he saw that Dhaani pull his DT shirt and scolded him naturally the boy …Viplav will get anger and in that anger he slapped her,he do not know what his Dadaji told ,he has full confidence and faith about his Dadaji,he do not know the other side of Dadaji,he knows about his mother but not DT ,after this incident with in two days bomb blast occur ,even when he is taking with Kamini resting his head on her shoulder he utter I am in fault why I get such anger and slap her this is what he said,but Kamini manipulated other sentences ,Dhaani hear those words she shattered while she saw them very close and feels bad and stunned all these incidents took place within a day this immediately followed by bomb blast and death of all ashram people…

  33. Isha

    Wow one of the killing episode. After eisha singh living from this show, today’s episode made me crazy. So much love to vidhani.

  34. Saraswathi.j

    KT will help Dhaani ,Renu Ji how it would be she hate Dhaani ,Dhaani is very stupid it is true unpada people (Viplav,s words) does not understand properly now Dhaani go to hell how dare you are,you hurt Viplav …..

  35. Saraswathi.j

    Parshya becoming a hero he will teach Viplav a lesson , should he know who is Viplav ,low class thinking,a basti man teach a lesson to Viplav how redicules it is? Dhaani if you do not love Viplav no problem ,for you drunkerd first husband,goonda Tripurari,now this Basti slum dwellor nice keep it up ….good proposals,OK. But you should give Viplav,s daughter to him ,because it is very difficult for you to made her well educated in this big Mumbai city just give her to his father and you enjoy with your new husband.

    • shanitics

      Sachi.. Now I started to totally hate this serial especially Dhaani’s character… Wat us this??? Wat abt Viplav.? He was is and will be waiting for u…. Dhaani’s character evolution was good @ first bt now?

  36. shanitics

    Mishal was aww ?.. He was killing me with his expression ?
    Only the person in tat serial who knws acting..?

  37. shanitics

    Who the hell parshiya is.. He is gng to teach Viplav lessons…. It is he who needs the lesson… No person can love someone like this… If someone loves thr soul mate this much thn it should be only the character viplav..
    Sleeping with the second wife.. Moving with second life.. Even then maintaining distance only because of his first love…
    Tats love…

  38. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Very emotional episode… I totally cried when viplav confronted with dhani… what a brilliant acting ?? how can anyone act like that… mind blowing… mishal u deserve to become a Bollywood hero… we all will support you… Dumbo dhani.. simply lied with viplav??

  39. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Stupidity by Dhaani……?? and Parshiya bhi tapak pada….. I wonder where was Vidha…..
    How dare Parshiya say that he will teach lesson to Viplav… You need lessons Parshiya…… You helped Dhaani in difficult times….that’s are his friend…. A good job done by you…..
    But don’t dare to give this relation any name other than friendship…..
    You don’t love Dhaani… It’s a sudden like you feel something like love……
    Love me baare mein kuch pata bhi hai??

    I know I am not the only one who cried seeing Viplav crying….. I mean I cried because I know Mishal really cried ???? no glycerin……natural acting….. Once again he made me his jabra fan….
    My heart was ? seeing him crying
    I know Dhaani had to face many hardships in these 5 years…but that does not mean she should become stone hearted…. ????

  40. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Stupidity by Dhaani……?? and Parshiya bhi tapak pada….. I wonder where was Vidha…..
    How dare Parshiya say that he will teach lesson to Viplav… You need lessons Parshiya…… You helped Dhaani in difficult times….that’s are his friend…. A good job done by you…..
    But don’t dare to give this relation any name other than friendship…..
    You don’t love Dhaani… It’s a sudden like you feel something like love……
    Love me baare mein kuch pata bhi hai??

    I know I am not the only one who cried seeing Viplav crying….. I mean I cried because I know Mishal really cried ???? no glycerin……natural acting….. Once again he made me his jabra fan….

    My heart was ? seeing him crying
    I know Dhaani had to face many hardships in these 5 years…but that does not mean she should become stone hearted…. ???

  41. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Stupidity by Dhaani……?? and Parshiya bhi tapak pada….. I wonder where was Vidha…..
    How dare Parshiya say that he will teach lesson to Viplav… You need lessons Parshiya…… You helped Dhaani in difficult times….that’s are his friend…. A good job done by you…..
    But don’t dare to give this relation any name other than friendship…..
    You don’t love Dhaani… It’s a sudden like you feel something like love……
    Love me baare mein kuch pata bhi hai??

    I know I am not the only one who cried seeing Viplav crying….. I mean I cried??? because I know Mishal really cried ???? no glycerin……natural acting….. Once again he made me his jabra fan….

    My heart was ? seeing him crying
    I know Dhaani had to face many hardships in these 5 years…but that does not mean she should become stone hearted…. ???

  42. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Good morning friends.. pls all go and visit die hard fans of mishal rakeja page in fb… they posted fantastic interview by mishal and sanjeedha… mostly all questions r answered in English.. no hindi… so all can easily understand… ??

  43. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Will it be kamini who will tell viplav that vidha is his daughter?

    And if all the previous spoilers coming true.. Is it possible the “adopted child spoiler” will also come true?

  44. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Heyy renuu didi..
    By god i was very veryy hopeful yesterdayvthat you will come..
    How aare you didi??

    Preparations are going well but results werent so good. I got 15562 rank in jipmer and there are only 200 seats. So no hopes actually
    But i checked last year cut off and it was about 80 percentile for general categiry and mine is 86.

  45. varoley

    Now Dulari Kaki should come into action…..beti ne maa se koi sanskaar nahi liye…..maa ki baat sunti hi nahi…stupid…what kind of love is it….no gut feeling…..

  46. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Saw the new olv. Parshiya tells dhani that viplav met with an accident. Dhani shocked. Then runs. Parshiya runs behind her..
    Uske baad samjh nhi aya 😛

  47. SARAS

    @arshadeep.. see every one is human so is vipu… in anger he did that .. But he was eager to meet her in the ghat n was terribly upset when she didn’t turn up n he was repenting. … n would sincerely apologize to her n bring her back home. . By then blast happened n he was living with that load all these years. … she behaved rudely with him all her life n she never repented for that. . She has always taken vip n his love for granted. ..
    When she heard vip married kam y did she get shocked??
    does she think years after her death also vip should live a dead life? ?(Which actually he is doing)…

    All dhani supporters please don’t take viplav for granted. ..he too deserves true love b someone who truely trust him… Not dhani.. I hate her more than kamini

  48. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Dhaani is truly stupid. I now hate her character a lot. Also Parshiya is stupid. He says he loves Dhaani so can’t he stop her from doing any wrong? Instead he is busy acting like her husband. Dhaani says she has no relations with Viplav. Then why does she have vermillion applied on her forehead?

  49. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Sorry to say but yesterday Kamini was looking more beautiful than Dhaani. I m very sorry if anyone is hurt but this was what I felt. If anyone is hurt I m sorry.

  50. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Maha, Areeb, Maria and all those who r keeping fast. How is your fast going on?? May God give u the strength to keep the fast. God bless u all.(choti hu phir bhi aashirwaad de rahi hu. Le lo bahut kaam aayega.)

  51. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Mishal cried without glycerine. Truly he is the best actor ever on tv. He should join Bollywood. The movie he will act in will be the bestest movie ever!

  52. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Where is Saranya di, Meghs di, Arshi, Aish, Anisha, Ahana di, Nimisha di, Ola, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Rajee, Raj, Avijit bhaiya, Akshay, Kavya, Shruthy, Mahira, Goldie, Kavitha, BR mam, Gennipher, Gudiya, Fatarajo, Marees, Varsha, Flora, Zee, Zea and all our ikrs old members. Plz come back and comment.

  53. Vinny

    Hi Guys,

    How are u all? Commenting here after a long while. of course i am pinging in fb . But missing to comment for.Hope you all didn’t forget me 😛 .

    Hey Prachi,
    Wish you many more happy return of the day dear.

  54. Vinny

    Now regarding serial.
    Viplav has become a top most lawyer in banaras that.But till now he didn’t able to solve his father’s case. Eventhough he know who is mudrer and collected proofs against him a while ago.

    And about today’s episode.
    Viplav’s acting superb.

    and can anyone tell how to get Registered and also how to add profile pic.

  55. sandy roxx

    Worst ….. Now Ikrs become most worst show on television. ….. Without eisha show is nothing….. Sanjeeda acting is to fake… No face expression. .. No magic work…… No charm is left in show.. ….. …because real dhani dead ashram blast…… Plz just stop watch duplicate dhani………. Plz plz mishal quit the show.

  56. shobhita

    vipluv and dhani dono apna nature bhool gae h….specially dhani…..vipluv k pyarr se poochne par dhani sab sach sach bta deti thi……ye tha dhani ka character….or aaj itana bada jhooth bola…….dhani bhool gai hai kya ki vipluv uske sath hamesa khada rha h…..apni family k against jakar……ek bar use sab sach sach bta kar to dekhe……..or last episode me agar…old dhani hoti…to episode was aaaaaawwwweeeessssooooommmeeee……………….

  57. Saraswathi.j

    Some how from the first episode he loves her that he did not know never he scold not even in a single episode always Dhaani is ready to scold him not Viplav ,out right he loves her that he fully realised while they are Sarala kaki house,marrying Dhaani by Viplav is not a simple thing as all thought ,his family is orthodox religious Brahmin family ,one of the rich family in Banaras ,as in Indian families the boys are much pampered sons ,so he is more pampered by hi DT and kT good advise is only from Dadi and he is egoist ales because of his status any one never utter a single word againist him,such type of boy marrying a simple uneducated ,poor,widow girl is not an easy task ,he has to face all the humiliation from society and his family never accept it ,because such actions not accepted in vaidikulu religious head,to get his love he fight all these adds and also win the heart of Dhaani ,he is the who fought in the court of law and freed her from murder case. how can forget all the good deeds he has done to her,she is advised first by Rajyalaxmi. ,then Dulari ,then Dadiji ,Dadiji very clearly straightly advised Dhaani ,the night tuition of Viplav and Kamini not good she is crossing her limits be careful as elderly experienced woman iam advising you be careful.because she knows DT has illegal relationship with pr*stitute Durga and Tp is her son ,what Dhaani did just ignored and fall into kamini trap ,still Viplav stand by her side and protect her from that nasty judge,the miserable life she experienced is by her innocent positive ,ignorant. Unpad nature not by Viplav ,so do not scold or curse him,when he is crying in yesterday’s episode for no fault of him , my Herat bleeds with pain , he pained the loss of wife,guilty for very long period really his love for Dhaani is safed not Dhaani,s

  58. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Saras mam and saraswathi mam..
    I am sorry if i am contradicting much
    But i want to clear my points.
    I had never been engrossed in a serial to this extent because that disturbs me and my studies.
    From yesterday i am unable to decide who is more wrong? Who is more hurt?

    We always say viplav loved dhani so much. He always save her..trusts her. So what
    Dhani also loved him the same. Counting the times when dhani saved viplav
    ~From tulsi
    ~When she jumped in river with viplav when tripurari had kidnapped her
    ~At sarla kaki house..going to mandir
    ~When raja stabbed viplav..she prayed for him

    She also beared all tortures to keep family united.

    She also trusted viplav many times..
    When trpurari again tried to make dulaari against viplav..she stood by him.
    When she saw viplav with kamini with kamini lipstick mark on viplav shirt.
    When dadi was saying about vip-kam, she said she trusts viplav.

    These incidents are actually countless..!!

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Dhani was always shown as a person who trusts others easily(i have an example-my sister at home). So that was her nature. Even viplav trusted kamini too.

      For a second keeping ourselves at her place and think what would we feel when someone says ill about our mother.. So dhani was fully justified there.

      Then next dhani wasnt allowed to prove her action for a moment. Who was wrong then?

      Still after knowing biggest happiness of her life she wanted to meet viplav because she trusted him. Who showed the trust then??

      Dulaari maai tried to contact viplav too and what viplav did at that time. Whose fault then?

      Dhani waited for him for 2 hours at temple. The misunderstanding was created by kamini. No fault of dhani again?

      Biggest thing when you feel your husband knows he is going to become papa but he dont turn up. I would be like he dont care at all.. Even then she went to AN to talk to him.
      But what she saw was not her fault again?

      After 5 years she became ready to make vidha meet viplav but kamini met her. Not her fault again i guess.
      She trusts people easily.. Thats her nature..not her fault? For her it was like what she saw 5 years ago became true

      So my question is why is everyone blaming dhani yesterday. For me both are pained..
      Why everyone saying hate dhani’s character now. You are hating dhani or sanjeeda??? Tell me guys.

      • Mariyam123

        |Registered Member

        Arshi di this question’s answer u know very well what I will say. So I will not answer it.

        When Dhaani had gone to meet Viplav in his house hidingly she saw Viplav resting on Kamini’s shoulders, right? Then she saw him saying that he did a mistake. But she never heard what mistake he was telling.

        All misunderstanding was been created by Kamini I understand but when Dhaani had gone to meet Viplav why didn’t she meet him. Why she came back crying hearing his words? She should have once met him and talked to him. But no she just came back.

        Even fault was of Viplav’s and I agree. Why did he say that he did a mistake by marrying Dhaani? Why did he break his relation with her? Just because she was against his family.

        I agree fault is of Viplav’s also as well as Dhaani’s. But why did Dhaani say that she is married? If Kamini says she is married to Viplav then was it necessary for Dhaani also to say that she is married to Parshiya? Now she will say that Vidha is Parshiya and her daughter.

        Couldn’t she not ask Viplav that is he married? Does he has a child? She never asked. In fact it was Viplav who was asking her. Couldn’t she see his pain? Couldn’t she see his care for her? I agree that she was deeply hurt by his behaviour five years ago but now he had that guilt. Couldn’t she see him crying for her?

        And plz don’t say anything about Sanjeeda and Eisha especially in front of me. I m trying to forget about our old Dhaani but everytime someone or the other says that Eisha should have continued and about Sanjeeda acting. I m watching this show just for Mishal and Vidha and I know many of u r also doing the same.

        I m trying to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani but again when I read some of the comments about Sanjeeda and Eisha I again fail to accept her. If Mishal would have left the show would anyone bear it?? Everyone r saying to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani but my question is if Mishal would leave then would u accept anyone else as Viplav? No na? Then same is happening with me. This was the biggest shock I ever got. So plz try to understand. If Mishal would not be there then no one would watch ikrs. Same is happening with me. If Eisha is not there then it’s difficult for me to watch ikrs but I m watching it just for Mishal and Vidha as I have told before.

        Arshi di u asked na that if Eisha would be in place of Sanjeeda then would I say the same to her or no. So my answer is no. I would not say anything to her. Because I m a die hard fan of hers. I can’t say anything about her. Sorry to say but I want to ask u all that if Mishal would leave the show, would u watch it?? Would u not say that u hate Viplav’s character? Would u not say that the person is not acting properly? Would u watch the show? Plz answer me.

        In anger I just become very emotional. I talk a lot when I m angry. This is my anger. All anger is flown out in comments. If anyone is hurt by my comments I will not say sorry this time because what I said was right for me. If u r hurt by this comment then just don’t talk to me. No one can change my opinion about Eisha and Sanjeeda. So if u r hurt plz just don’t talk to me. I will understand u r hurt by me

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        I knew it louella and that is the reason i asked
        I know your point of view will definitely change if it was eisha

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      So if it was eisha in place of sanjeeda would your reaction be the same?

      Everyone has a soft corner here for mishal or viplav???

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Good question Arshdeep!

        Dhani doesn’t owe Viplav because he loved her, she loved him too.

        Anyone who has ever been in love and been hurt by someone who was supposed to love them, would behave as Dhani is. It’s very realistic in my opinion! On both Viplav and Dhani’s part.

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Exactly didi thats what i feel
        Once you are hurted you become really stone hearted
        And dhani had beared it twice..once from her former husband and then from viplav

  59. Nima

    |Registered Member

    hi louella, I’m here?
    quite bg so not able to comments
    bt ha! yesterday’s episode was superb for me…Mishal performance n his expression was brilliant ?????

  60. Saraswathi.j

    You are true,Arshdeep,how tulasi entered ashram,because Dhaani believe her as good. Viplav told her she shady live she every scold him,why she saved from knife ,because he entered the ashram to save Dhaani inspire of resistance from his family,then Tripurari jumped river,why he is there,because he came there to save her from kidnapers ,they planed to sale her for 50 thousand rupees by Tripurari he paid one lack as an Arab in desguise,then Tp find out he tried to kill Viplave ,because he will get his property as illegal son of DT ,why they are in kaki house ,because while saving Dhaani he is severely injured by Tp,in Raja,s case it is purely hers issue he is her husbands brother, because of her he is stabbed by Raja,praying God every one should do it ,if we analyse like this the intensive love is Viplaves towards Dhaani ,any how LOVE is an instinct towards one person it do not have any reason we like some people it is an good impulse we can,t go against it our heart won,t listen that is why there are great lovers in our midst the bonding is equal between two people ,they won’t play with one another like Dhaani,s false statement of marriage if her love is like Viplav she never utter that word of marriage she knows very well it hurt him immensely and shatters his confidence and make him mad and he may develop angry towards women and society also

  61. dreamgirl

    by the way i still think that if viplav and eisha(dhaani) would have been there the episode might go in a nice track,,,

  62. Saraswathi.j

    Arshdeep as you are very young you feel why all hate in yesterday,s episode Dhaani ,first here the person is immaterial whether Eisha or Sanjeeda,that is not a question we talk about the charecter not about the person here according to writers wish the actors play,so we will discuss about the charecter not particular person if Eisha is here she has also play like that only, woman should have good patience ,then only the family where she is living has peace of mind and flourish ,and had good development,another one ,the wife or the husband should consult each other while doing any important action ,many times she did not do it,even now she did not disclose the reason for her angry,even in the past she did not told him that the file of ashram was given to her by DT,in between husband and wife no secrets,they should walk harmoniously

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I agre mam i am very young to understand all these things
      Thats the reason i am asking everyone views

      Thank you

      And i know person is immaterial but i know many people here as you can see above comment of louella..i know many would have different opinion in dhani if it was eisha yesterday..i am sure about it

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        You are young Arshu, but I think you’re wise.

        I’m about 30 years older, more experienced in life use because I’ve been around longer, have seen lots and been through lots and you and I share the same views! Pretty much exactly!

        Age has nothing to do with it. You are fair and see it from both sides.

        I also totally agree that people would have seen it diff had it been Eisha. It’s interesting that soooo many people over on Twitter can’t distinguish between the actor and the character they play.

        Watching MIshal play Viplav yesterday, made me believe even more that Sanjeeda is Dhani now. There was no hint of doubt in Viplav’s eyes or words so if he accepts her then why can’t we all.???

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Not so wise actually

        I was unable to understand the situation and when i saw everyone criticising dhani thats what created doubts in my mind

        I know many of you here are more experienced than i am and can tell me things i am unable to see..

        But i am happy your views match mines??

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        I agree for this thing too that if he can..why cant we accept?
        And saw that interview. It was just fantastic???

  63. eshani

    Hi guys how u all sorry could not comment much

    So d discussion is on who is at fault? According to me its both….communication gap being a issue as many ppl have cited many incidents where viplav has stood by dhani and vice versa…..both of them have done really a lot for each other

    Viplav having stood by dhani all d time even when she was at fault like at d case of night school asthana wrong medicine to dadi hot oil on KT drama during d pooja these were too much but viplav supported her but dhani scolding DT n holding his collar was too much for viplav to see hence that reaction was obvious specially when he trusts DT so much again he knows abt dhani as well she wouldn’t simply blame anyone so he shd have given her a chance to speak

    Coming to dhani after all d torture from everyone and knowing d reality abt ppl in AN and DT talking such cheap things abt dhani n her mother her reaction was also obvious but since she already knew abt those ppl she shd have tried talking to viplav as she knows those ppl can do anything to separate them

    Also abt her pregnancy she could have jus called and informed him instead of that letter drama

    After what she saw that night n later knowing abt kamini marriage and thy having a son was too much for her to tolerate also kamini told her that viplav is thinking only abt her so instead of lying abt fake marriage with parshiya she could have told him d truth

    Also dhani’s character was shown as she doesn’t be friendly with guys not even a hand shake(remember ashram scenes) where r all those now she is even ready to tel someone as her husband she shd have at least had a big fight as y viplav did this to her that would have bought d reality out

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      She did call him, but he cut the call… Or maybe that was Dulaari,s call, but he didn’t want to listen. And that letter was about showing him how much she loves him as well as about telling him about the child.

      Why she didn’t call out yo him, when she saw him in the bedroom with kam, and also when she saw him after she got distracted by the old man outside the gate.., I don’t understand…

  64. maha

    Happy birthday to u Prachi?
    May everyday bring something new and exciting for u. May this birthday turn out to be as amazing as u? Hope ur special day brings u all that ur happy desires?. Sending u smiles for every moment of ur life??. Have a great and wonderful time☺?
    From: all ikrs family

  65. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Renu Ma’am you came back. ? Hope you are good. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Prachi. ? May you live a colorful & blissful life ahead!

  66. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone.

    Renu, hope you had fun with your guests,

    Louella, thanks for the shout out!

    Arshdeep, are you me? When I read your posts I feel I could have written them… With more typos of course.

    This is not a competition of who love who more. The fact is they both love each other. Completely. But they have both made mistakes, neither are perfect which is what makes them soooo loveable,

    Dhani has always tried to do the right thing by everyone and it’s good to see her being portrayed as the hurt and betrayed woman. I have no doubt she still loves Viplav, but she was deeply hurt by him. She was wrong to keep Vidha from him, but she was also scared, she nearly lost the baby and her life was in danger so she fled, under the misunderstanding that VK helped create. She decided if Viplav really thought he had made a mistake marrying her, then she would give him space to rectify that, with kam. 5 years later she is still wearing sindhoor in his name, but finds out from VK that they are married and have a son. Of course she wants to show him she has moved on too. She is deeply hurt.

    Viplav in the other hand, has been living simply for her memory, as that’s his way of keeping her alive. He also loves her deeply, but he also made mistakes. He told her to her face that he made a mistake marrying her. He told her their marriage was over, he didn’t make any efforts to find out the truth… Just sided with DT after the temple scene. He should have given her a chance or at least the benefit of the doubt he must have had. He seems to have put all that to one side as soon as he sees Dhani. She can’t easily forget, ape socially as the knife that was already a in her heart, was twisted further by VK.

    The interesting thing is VK only capitalised on everything, she didn’t make him slap her, and she didn’t make Dhani run away. She simply made the best of the situation for herself. I hate her and think her character is totally unnecessary by the way so am not supporting her.

    Anyway, MIshal was awesome yesterday, everything about his performance was stunning, on point and perfect. That man can act and even though Sanjeeda was hood and also Parshiya, MIshal was on another level altogether.

    It was sooooo good to see him do what he does better than anyone else. What an amazing talent,

    Today’s epi looks good and I am excited to see more from them all. Felt like a long wait for this but it was well worth it, the saying good things come to those who wait was never truer.

    Happy Thursday everyone! Xxx

  67. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Series of Length comments. ?

    In my peace of mind, they both are correct on their own sides.

    Husband got angry on witnessing his family disgrace by wife. NORMAL?
    Wife got shattered on witnessing another woman with his husband. NORMAL?

    Basically, what I’ve observed in Indian television soaps is The female protagonist always has a upper hand on the male lead. Woman is shown more kind, sensible, cultured ( as a wife & daughter in law most presumably. ) In many stories, it’s more likely that Heroin bear all hurdles Alone . Although his initially his husband wants to help but she doesn’t bother him and when the things get worst then the husband don’t feel the need to listen to his wife.

    Same happend in IKRS. But If I say my call is for Dhaani. ? She has always been so pathetic. What she did, stayed away from his husband for 5 year! Like seriously!! At least for once she should have gone to him. Also she raised her child alone, without letting him know for once. She thinks Viplav betrayed him. Oh god! Kal ke emotions dekh k to koi andha bhi bta sakta hai Viplav loves her ot not. ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I agree with nimisha didi she was scared they will kill her child and why will she think of returning to viplav when he didnt once turn up even after knowing she is pregnant(i know he didnt know but acc to dhani). She thought he would run upto her but that didnt happen

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        I agree Arshu, which means I agree with me .. Lol ???

        Sometimes I think people forgive the man in soaps more than the women.

        Why should Dhani have gone back to him, she tried to send a letter, to go and meet him at that place plus the house, from her perspective he didn’t try. He let her down not only by slapping her, but by leaving her at the ashram. After seeing him on the bed with kam, his words must have been ringing very loudly in her ears, plus the attempt on her, her mums and her unborn child’s lives, I,d have run vary far away too.

        But I see it from both sides.

        It’s interesting that people are always more forgiving he male than female. I read a comment somewhere where I had said why doesn’t he stand up for her against his family when he knows they are wrong, I was told this sort of thing goes on all day everyday and it’s ‘hard’ for men to stand up to their families for their wives… Obv this was just one persons view but why should a man not stand up for what’s right… No matter what.??

        I obv have different ideas of what a woman should put up with… So maybe that’s why I find it so shocking that so many people are angry that Dhani hasn’t forgiven what
        Viplav did to Her.

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Exactly that what mkes me angry.. Why everyone is behind dhani?? I mean why?

        Everyone was scolding viplv when he slapped her.. And now suddenly his love turns to be very pure and dhani’s love is all fake.. Why?? I dont understand..

        I still have the video downloaded when viplav was talking to dhani outside mandir.. It makes me cry stilltoday.. Thats what shows love marriages arent much successful?? A day comes when family becomes more important and then the man leaves.

        Somebody said above he is human and commit mistakes.. Breaking a relation with someone is not just a mistake in my senses. You need to think 5 times before taking such a step

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      It was like Viplav forgot everything he had done and said. Anyways am glad that now they have seen each other so it’s going to interesting to watch them clear up MU and get back together hopefully.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Viplav has spent years regretting and pining after Dhani.

        Dhani has spent 5 years replaying his words and what she saw and heard between him and kam.

        Their positions are totally understandable and make way for hopefully an amazing reconciliation… Eventually.

  68. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Yesterday’s episode was a does of real emotions. Mishal was beyond Perfect!! ? The whole Mish-Sanje scene was astounding! ❤

    This week’s spoiler killed me literally! But thank goodness, yesterday episode was a relief! ? Dhaani again put the paddle wrong but alt least Viplav didn’t shout at her for being invisible all these years! ? If I would have at his place, I would have slapped her hard. ? ( Don’t get angry on me. ? my perspective may be different from your. )

  69. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Looking forward for today’s episode. Probably a saddest one. ? Mishal with tears! ? Delightful sight. ? All set to watch some really intense emotional scenes! ❤

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Like time is playing a game with thehm

      Dhani was on her knees 5 years back when viplav left her outside ashram

      Now viplav will be at his knees.

      Dhani is hurt too.. And viplav was hurt that time too..!!

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Exactly Arshu.. She was on her knees.

        They are STILL both very deeply hurt, by each other but also by what has happened to them both as a result of all the attacks on their unique Union.

        Neither are perfect, which is what a makes them perfect together.

        Relationships aren’t perfect 100% of the time, and that’s ok. It’s work and sometimes hard work to make things work. It’s not always up to the woman to make sure that things run smoothly. A relationship is about two halves working together to make a whole. It’s simple. But if one side has to work more than the other, it will always unravel. Dhani always tried for Viplav, took the insults etc as that’s what she thought she should do. When she tried to tell. Iplav the truth, he forgot all that and pretty much ‘dumped’ her.

        Like I say, if it had been me, I’d have not gone back for more. We can see what’s going on but the characters don’t see that. I was pleased when MIshal said in that q&a thing that he would also have moved on in real life. Most people would try up to a point but beyond that you would have to walk away. Which is what Dhani did.

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        I would have been the same

        Once someone break my trust i can never be the same person to them as i was before so i would totally stand by dhani for running away

        Exactly no one is perfect.. We arent god obviously.

        I seriously oppose this mentality why women has to work to keep up the family together. My mum even says that these days girls are more educated too so they usually dont settle in a family. When they feel they earn equally.. But why they have to compromise everytime??

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Agreed Arshu.. Why donate women always have to be the ones responsible for the family’s harmony. It’s not even about money. It’s about men and women being equal and in a relationship working together. Just because a woman stays at home to look after the kids doesn’t make her inferior. Or vice versa if the man stays at home.

  70. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Thanks Louella for asking of me am good thanks Hun.
    Hope everyone is having a good Thursday and glad that TRP went up a bit.
    Enjoy your day guys

  71. Renu

    Happy birthday prachi dear. Wish u a fabulous day. May all yr dreams come true. Enjoy ??????????????????????????

  72. shanitics

    Now a days I cannot cmnt much because of my school bt I’m trying to cmnt here all days…

  73. SARAS

    so many analysis n angles. ..
    whatever one may say. . its nothing to do with tge actor. . I m talking about the characters. . From the beginning I have always felt dhani most of the times has mistaken viplav n never repented. . but vip has always stood by her n trusted her. .. ..

    had it been dhani not aware that vip thought she is dead n still didn’t search her ..I could understand her position. . but she knew he believed her to be dead still she didn’t bother to chk how he is living without her in five long years. .. initial Daus her anger was understood but later…. If she had really trusted him she would at c lay try to peep in to see if he v is five after hearing her demise…
    To me dhani is for sure wrong in her behavior. ..

  74. SARAS

    one more thing. . when you know a person well. .. it means you understand what he/she says n doesnt says.. and most importantly says but doesn’t mean…
    The words he said after temple incident fall in the last category. .unfortunately dhani didn’t understand him .. Even in ydays episode also dhani’s words fall in the same category .. vip for sure understands… let’s see

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I wished viplav would have understood but his expressions did not mean he understood

      And dhani understood very well that moment. She even said to ashram ladies that he is not wrong

  75. Sparsh singh

    Thank god????????. VIPLAV aur DHAANI ka milan toh hoya. Bus vipalv ko dulaari\dhaani se pata chale ki vidha viplav aur dhani ki beti hai and than.Saaaaaari misunderstanding will be shoooout out. ??????????

  76. Saraswathi.j

    I have seen 16th episode Viplav met car accident, because he drink heavily and drive the car with Dhaani,s memories why she behaved like…..he did ,t controls the car and met an accident by hearing this through Deepak dhaani left to hospital…..Arshdeep now you think telling lies to Viplav leads to accident to him ….what Dhaani did to teach him a lesson how she grieves when she heard about his marriage and son with Kamini,her faith on Viplav shaterred,she wants to show him how once confidence lost how the pain for him or her…but in kismet what happened he become a drunkerd and met an accedent ,in between wife and husband ,tit for tat not advised,patience is essential ,see now both Dhaani and Viplav are facing the pain both of them love each other ,if Dhaani behaves just like old Dhaani with Viplav how peaceful their life may be ,how lovely they enjoy their life with their little one ,for women revenge is not advised , love your family now a days mostly nuclear families always develop positive attitudes………

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Mam do you remember kamini words?
      She will never like to separate viplav from atharva even? How will they live peacefully when knowing viplav has a child from kamini too. Bearing a child isnt a small thing i hope.
      That was the biggest shock she could get

  77. Saraswathi.j

    Arshdeep here I will tell you a small social change in our olden days man feel proud if he has more than one wife.In present days also many cine people have more than one.even the ex cm karuna Nidhi has two wives.i have one class mate in my school days her father married is not common to us but in some places it is common.they are accostemed like that…..our Ithihasas Ramayanam I studied as a text book in my native language true copy of Valmiki ,s version.if we go through the social system in those days of Tretayugam we feel that we are so fortunate that we present in this kaliyug .Ramas father has 350 wives ,Rama after observing the problems in this system he take a oath “he will marry only one girl in his life time “that he called “Ek patni vratam”.in joint families all these are very common.

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