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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Dulaari, why this has happened? She says Parshiya kept birthday party happily and asks Dulaari if he will be alright. She says 4 hours have passed. Dulaari asks her to have patience. Dhaani says proofs are against Viplav. Doctor comes and says patient got consciousness, but he is still weak. Dulaari thanks God. Dhaani goes to ward and asks Parshiya how it all happened. She asks can you hear me? Doctor asks Dhaani to let patient rest. Dhaani asks Parshiya who had done this. Parshiya says Viplav….Dhaani asks if Viplav had beaten you. Nurse comes and asks Dhaani to let him rest. Dhaani is in shock and gets teary eyes. She recalls Viplav threatening him and then Doctor saying that he is critical. Inspector comes and says they came to take his statement. Inspector

tries to take his statement. Nurse calls Doctor. Doctor checks Parshiya and says he has slipped into coma. Dhaani is teary eyes. She comes out of ICU. Inspector asks Dhaani to come to Police statement. Dhaani says she will come. She tells Dulaari that Parshiya is in coma because of Viplav. Dulaari says there is a misunderstanding. Viplav can’t do this. Dhaani says Parshiya has done so much for us, and if anything happens to him then she will not spare him.

Dasharath, Kanak and Kamini come to Police station. Dasharath insists to meet Viplav. Inspector says you can’t meet him. Kamini says she is his lawyer. Inspector asks her to file papers first in court. Dasharath threatens the Inspector and tells about his position. Inspector says this is not Banaras but Mumbai. Dhaani comes there. Kamini asks how did Viplav reach here. Dhaani says Viplav tried to kill Parshiya. Kamini says who is your lover cum husband. Dasharath tries to talk to Dhaani. Dhaani says you have lost right to question me. Dasharath asks her to take the case back. He says I know that you have filed this case. Kamini says how can you accuse Viplav. Sushma says Viplav can’t harm anyone. Dhaani says Parshiya and Viplav couldn’t mingle anytime, and says Parshiya took Viplav’s name when he got in senses. Kanak asks what is your relation? Dhaani says my relation is with him is of friendship and humanity and says you will not understand. Kanak says you are having illegitimate relation with him. Dhaani says I will not hear anything against him. Dasharath asks him to take the case back. Sushma also asks her. Dhaani says I have always supported truth, it will be revealed who has done this.

Viplav asks Inspector to let him talk to his wife (Dhaani). Constable comes and says your wife got your bail. He thinks Dhaani knows him so well. Kamini comes. Viplav asks where is Dhaani? Kamini says she is in hospital with Parshiya. Viplav asks her not to take advantage of the situation, and goes to talk to Dhaani. Kamini thinks poison is being mixed now. Viplav comes to Basti. Parshiya’s friends pick the sticks and follow him. Dulaari makes Vidha drink milk and asks her to sleep. Viplav knocks on the door. Dhaani asks her to sleep and opens the door. She sees Viplav and asks what you are doing here. Viplav says I came to tell that I am innocent and hadn’t hit him. Dhaani says Parshiya got consciousness and he took your name. Viplav says he has a misunderstanding or lying. Dhaani asks why did you come back here and says you have ruined everything. Viplav says I want to see you and my daughter happy. Dhaani says she was happy without him. She says I will not forgive you if anything happens to him. Viplav says I trusts you very much and never trusted on Asthana when he accused you. He asks her to trust him.

Dhaani says there is no trust now. Parshiya’s friends come and hit on Viplav. Dhaani asks them not to harm him, and says I accept that he is responsible for Parshiya’s condition. Parshiya’s friends leave saying if anything happens to him then we won’t spare him. Viplav asks Dhaani, what she said that Police will decide. Dhaani asks him to go and never come back again to chawl. Viplav cries….Judaai song plays….Dhaani also cries in her house. She recalls Parshiya taking Viplav’s name. Khogaya song plays as Viplav recalls her words. Chandariya… plays…….Viplav stands outside the house and leaves.

Viplav and Kamini are in the car. She says you are hurt, this is all happening because of Dhaani. She don’t care if you live, die or get hanged. She says Dhaani hates you. Viplav asks driver to stop the car and tells Kamini to take care of his son and family if she loves him. He gets down the car. Kamini shouts Viplav. Viplav calls Anshuman and asks him to take care of Vidha and Dhaani. He says you said right that everything is over.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thks mam for the update.

  2. Today was bad than yesterday. Precap is more worst as viplav in tears n telling to anshuman every thing is over. One line is enough to explain everything ??????

    1. Didn’t watched the episode was out for the picnic. What is this precap man!! ????

    2. Nima

      yes Renu, this line touch my heart and then ???????

    3. Latha

      Renu precap makes me to cry yesterday??????

      1. Renuverma

        Yes latha same here

  3. First time i liked kanak scolding dhani.

  4. Meghs

    Thanks mam for update

  5. Meghs

    Its unbelievable nw what vip trying to do its scary precap i am scared

  6. Viplav was thrilled to know that his wife got his bail but next moment it was vk who came in. Still viplav asked about dhani’s where abouts n vks reply was enough to hurt viplav to the core.

  7. Meghs

    Wts wrong with ikrs its draging nw… dhani dhani hw can u do this.. trust in important in every relation u have no trust on vip right that’s it… u don’t desrve vip..


  8. i just wanna say that i hate u dhaani after watching todays epi
    n shocking precap what is going in vipu’s mind

    1. Yes vaishnavi dear current track has developed hatred for dhani in our minds.

  9. Ade1111

    Horrible just Horrible

    1. Yep ola n tomorrow it would be worst.

  10. Nima

    thank you Hasan mam for the update

  11. Nima

    thank you tellyupdate finally page khul gaya

  12. Areeb

    Site wasn’t responding? ?

    1. Yes areeb since yesterday server maintenance problem is coming.

  13. We all know that it was VKs plan n so she had come from banaras along with DT; KT N DADI. But viplav should think that when he did not tell anyone abt his arrest then how come they all knew about it.

  14. Nima

    OMG, what’s going on… I read some bad news that Mishal quit the show bt I can’t believe and now today episode’s last scene n precap gives me lot of pain? really I’m ??????????

    1. Yes nima precap is scary. Cant see viplav in tears n saying i am going everything is over.

    2. When vk tried to badmouth dhan said dhani is eith parshiya n least bothered about u still viplav had faith in her n he scolded VK for taking advantage of the situation n went to dhani to convince about his innocence. Little did he knew that meeting with dhani would shatter HIS TRUST; LOVE N FAITH .

  15. Atleast kanaks question about dhani’s relation with parshiya can force dhani to think . According to her it was freindship n humanity but now she should think that world would not see her perspective n take it wrongly.

  16. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update… what happened to this telly update page… how long I m trying to open ?? … after watching episode felt very sad for viplav… I know it is drama.. but my heart is not accepting…. totally my mood spoiled after seeing the precap…. now I m worrying , is really mishal quitting ikrs? No mishal… without u I can’t find any reason to watch ikrs… still I m having hope that all rumour… but after watching precap may be that Mishal’s quit news was true…

    These all happened only by colours channel… who asked to telecast the show all days? Actors r here to entertain us… but they also need some holiday… all days shooting means it’s too boring yaar… and one more thing trp… this colour is doing more partiality with ikrs… this show need to be telecasted after 8 clock to gain trp…and no retelecast…

    Actors r doing 100 % best hard work.. still no output… mishal kind request to u.. pls never ever come to colors channel after ikrs… we all with u and support u… u r a good and best actor..

    1. Renuverma

      Hi porkodi totally agree to u. Colours Channel is really sidelined IKRS with odd telecast time no promos n no retelecast. Still the show was at its best. But then cvs went crazy n introduced VK N THE DOWNFALL BEGAN. IF MISHAL WOULD QUIT THEN IT MIGHT END BUT MISHAL WOULD NOT QUIT.

      1. Porkodi

        Hi Renu , finally u registered… congrats…

      2. Latha

        Hai renu good morning and finally u registered congrats…..

      3. Renuverma

        Thanks porkodi ☺

      4. Renuverma

        Thks latha

  17. feeling horrible. . how can cvs betray loyal viewers so badly??? They could do a happy exit of viplav no? They have made dhani worst villian than kamini n kanak…she is (was) heroin of the serial yaar…

    I m not able to express my frustration n feeling of betrayal by makers.

  18. Latha

    Precap was scary and what viplav thinking in his mind. Too much of frustration. Makers what are you going to do this viplav character and made dhani’s character worst day by day. Please do a happy exit to viplav.

  19. Love u viplav dont cry u will get a best show

  20. Love u viplav dont cry u will get a best show Hate the makers

    1. Latha

      Me too Jessi hate the makers…

  21. one song for viplav n our situation. .

    “tadap tadapke is dilse aah nikalti rahi mujhako sazadi pyarki aisa kya guna kiya ke luta gaye.. haan lutgaye lutagaye hum tere mohabbat mein” -:(((

    can’t tell how bad I m feeling

  22. Hei guys its me molu..bad episode..hate u dhaani ..dhaani u should marry that parshiya ? and viplav us dhaani ke piche piche jaana chod tho ..she don’t deserve you.viplav aap us vk saath raho at least she loves u madly

  23. Harika

    ikrs is re telecast in rishtey channel from 25th july at 8:00 PM…..

  24. “Mohe rang do laal ” IKRS is coming in Risthy channel number 157 in tata Sky on 25th July at 8 pm

  25. Sujie

    Good morning family….

    Could not comment much because I was frustrated as TU page was not opening

    1. Renuverma

      Good morning sujie

      1. Meghs

        Good afternoon sujie

  26. Next scene is viplay forget everything right ta

  27. When compare to part 1 and part 2 viplav is main character he only loves dhani so much from part 1 to second part today eposide i hates so much because viplay is hurt

  28. hi good morning … some bodies r telling . he is going to quit . see the precap … centimentally he is telling to kamini to take care of his family and father in law also. . is he telling indirectly to others ……..with out mishal no ikrs

    yes 6pm I could watch …..after 9 pm right …..actualy pershiya also hurt in real hand and head …..
    ellaru madovthu battaghagi ,,,, janu ottagagi … all r working for a piece of cloth…and one jan stomach for food …..that is all ….dir sir the story should not become golden duck….then u cannot get a golden egg daily . it will die ,…
    just like . if the works become over load .. they will quit main vip only

  29. Sujie

    Kaamini CHUDAIL aagayi…..
    That moment when inspector said your wife has bailed you out….. That face of Viplav…… And the transition in that face the moment when he realised Kaamini was there instead of Dhaani….. It hurts to see Viplav hurt …….
    No anger on actors….but for cvs…. They messed up the story line…..
    Viplav had been really strong character fighting for justice…. But the behaviour of Dhaani …post leap has made Viplav weak..,.,
    Too much disrespect,humiliation…… Akhir koi kab tak tolerate Kare??
    This is the reason precap seems scary….. Viplav won’t be going back to Dhaani’s place for time being….as he is returning with pain in his heart….. He won’t go to Kaamini as well….

    Viplav it’s too much now…… Stop wandering around Dhaani ….let her marry that goon….
    She will get married for the 3rd time …… and would be happy as she thinks Viplav took her happiness away…. That Parshiya will give her happiness…..??
    Viplav….. Don’t do any thing scary….. Please…. You can go far from them…but not that far…..don’t think to do such thing…… If anything happens to Viplav …Dhaani you will be the sole reason…
    Viplav lived all these years in your memories….. In the hope that you will come back yo him..and they will live happily….but Dhaani has changed… So …..move on viplav….

    It hurts to see him in tears ???

  30. Sujie

    Sau Dard hai….. Sau rahatein …. Sab Mila dilnashin …ek tu hi nahi..
    Perfect song for Viplav…. That makes us cry…dedicated by me for Viplav….. ????

    1. Which movie song is this suji??

      all of us are also feeling same amount of pain as viplav..

  31. Hi, this is swarna.
    Precap is not good. Viplav, nothing is over……

    1. Renuverma

      Hi good morning swarna r u new.

  32. Siddhi

    Can I join ur family?

    1. Renuverma

      Hi siddhi welcome to our family.?

    2. Renuverma

      Sure dear siddhi welcome to our family.?

      1. Siddhi

        Thank you Renumbered for ur sweet welcome

  33. Kavitha

    Hi frnds how r u all.don’t guys till mishal is in show I’ll be too here after that I too quit the show to watch n to be here in tum page too.sry but I can’t be without misha both even if mishal is there it can survive but no life to show without him.

  34. Good evening ?

  35. Areeb

    Today’s episode. ? Not sure if it would bring a good twist or will made me to quit watching the series.

    Keeping my hopes high.. expecting a thrilled episode. ( Eventually Praying Hard ) Want Dhaani to talk once to Viplav at least fpr old good time sakes! ?

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