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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak warning Tripurari that she will send him to jail. Tripurari reminds her that Dasharath is still alive and asks her to worry as Viplav and Dhaani will be married soon. She asks her to plan and stop the wedding. He says you should be thankful to me for this and smiles. Kanak looks on angrily and goes. Tripurari thinks he will ruin Dasharath and his entire family.

Viplav calls Dhaani. Dhaani asks if he had something. Viplav mourns over his dad’s death and feels bad as he couldn’t spend time with his dad. Dhaani asks about Kanak and asks him to be with her as she needs her. Viplav says he is ashamed of her behavior. Dhaani says it is okay and asks him to take care of Kanak. Viplav asks her to come for the shradh puja tomorrow. Dhaani says I am always with

you and will come.

Everyone gather for the Shradh puja. Durga gives her condolences to Sushma and says she felt very sad. Dhaani comes with ashram women. She is about to put flowers near his photo to give Shradhanjali, but Kanak holds her hand stopping her.

Dhaani says I want to give Shraddhanjali to Baba. Kanak says you have killed him and now giving shraddhanjali. Viplav asks Kanak what she is doing and asks her not to do any drama. Kanak says I will not let you do it. Dhaani agrees and says she shall not stay there anymore. Badi Amma and others take Dhaani from there. Jo Tu Mera Hamdard Hai…..plays……..

Viplav thinks Kanak is behaving badly with Dhaani and he can’t bear. Dulaari asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani says I want to stay here. Badi Amma asks her to come else Kanak will do drama. Dhaan says she will stay outside only. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav is unaware that you are outside, then what is the point to stay here. Dhaani insists. Raj Lakshmi says she will come when she want to and asks everyone to come. Dhaani is sitting outside.

Later in the evening, Viplav sees Dhaani sitting out through the window and runs out. They hug each other. Viplav apologizes on Kanak’s behalf. Dhaani says it is okay. He asks why you are standing here, and asks if she is staying since then. He asks her to come inside. Dhaani says Kanak will not like to see her inside. Viplav says it is cold here, asks her to come inside. He covers her with shawl and says you was sitting out till 7 pm, as you are worried for me. Dhaani says I get worried just like you worry for me. Viplav apologizes again. Dhaani says no need. Viplav says I will drop you to Ashram. Dhaani says I will go, asks him not to worry and says I am always with you, take care. Viplav says thank you Dhaani…….He holds her hand and gets teary eyes.

Dasharath tells Viplav that Doctor told that Shambu got a heart attack because of some shock, and says I don’t know why it had happened. Now I am doubtful. Why he was shocked, as everything was fine. Servant comes and says someone came. Dasharath says I will come. He asks Viplav to sit there and leaves. Viplav happens to see the ring on thr floor and realizes it is Tripurari’s ring.

Tripurari asks Durga why she is crying for that Shambu and asks her not to cry. Just then Viplav knocks on the door, and drags him out. He tells Tripurari that he has understood his conspiracy. Durga asks why he is blaming her son. Inspector and constabke also come there. Inspector asks what is the proof? Viplav shows the ring and asks Tripurari if he identify his own ring. He asks Suwarna if he identifies her husband’s ring. Tripurari shows the ring and says he has his own ring. Viplav says you have lost this ring and that’s why got this new ring made and asks him to confess. Suwarna calls Dhaani and asks her to come fast as Viplav came to her house with police. Durga tells Viplav that Tripurari is bad, but he can’t kill family member of Dasharath. Viplav looks on.

Viplav asks Dhaani to come, but she refuses and asks him to go with Kanak. Dulaari tells about the widow yog and worries. Viplav tells kanak that his father was murdered by Tripurari. Kanak is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally written update

  2. Hi dear ikrs I wish u a happy sankranthi to u all and to ikrs team,to hassanji and all our ikrs frnds.

  3. Thnx for the update

  4. Sorry frnds now we r in my native Andhra Pradesh near thirupathi we were celebrating sankranthi very happily and very even busy in festival preparations so can’t comment because of poor network in our village.but I was trying to comment it was not happening now I got network and going on through .iam eager to see ur comments and to comment also now it happened .its ok guys now i watched all the shows of ikrs .very interestingly going na our ikrs.

  5. finally u updated this my god

  6. hai AM and joyee i cant understand what u both said can u pls translate it to english

    1. We r saying that u r right moderation is very fast

  7. Thanks for the update Finally 🙂
    Bach gayi 😛

  8. OMG wat a story yaar.shambu knk is widow.viplav expressions towards his fathers death was a power pack .no one can beat him in his style.and our dhaani wat a role she played she well supporting of viplav very nice.
    Totally this is very lovable.
    But during this festive season y director shots this sad situation. Instead of death he can made any another arrangements like shambu gone to coma stage or something else.very sad to see sambhu had died, knk wearing white saree,viplav crying,
    Ellaam sogam.

  9. after some days a good episode liked the vidhaani scene but waiting for todays episode
    wish u a happy kannum pongal to all my IKRS friends

  10. But I m happy that there were at least some Vidhaani scenes in yesterday’s episode

  11. And guys is there any another big MU is going on between vidhaani.I was really tensed and also eager to watch upcoming episodes.
    Because knk even though she failed to kill DT and lost her husband but I think she will be succeeded in splitting vidhaani. I have this fear.wat to do guys.
    I think today’s episode is going to be a twist for this weakens an tomorrow there will suspense episode.

  12. Guys when I was watching the shambus death episode I got tears because of viplav crying.oh god wat a performance . i think in this show he cried first time it showed him as how he has lovable affection with his father.really I got tears also my relations teased me that I was crying by watching this searial.very very sad that shambus role ended without any dramatic scenes of him.I think DAT director didn’t gave him much powerful role to him.
    Any way let’s see wat drama will takes place through shambus death.

    1. Ya this week’s episode was so sad and emotional I even felt bad for Dadaji and Kanak a lot, I still feel bad for Dadaji but not Kanak she will never chang, even though Dadaji is bad at least his feelings were genuine

    2. But guys in recent episode’s there is no title song nor ishq ishq song nor any manthras .our used to played any other something different one to rituals of shambus death and so on.
      I was missing that music and songs and manthras.

  13. guys one quiz for u all

    a boy has a cash box with cash
    but when he entered his room he saw the box empty
    and then he says 7 letters wat it could be

    reply ur answer

    but it is only 7 letters

    1. O mg I b c y 😛

      1. no ur answer is not correct joyee any other ideas

      2. Okay that was a bad guess by me 😛

      3. hai joyee good guess bot the answer is

        Ans: o i c u r m t

        (oh i see you are empty)

  14. lifna.gaya,hirtya,sherya,swasti,radha wat happend to u guys no comments

  15. Hi guys atlast serial updated hmmmmm view ur opinions guys

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    Have nice week end .enjoy safely.take care by.

    1. same too u kavitha

  18. In this episode when Dhaani went out of Viplav’s house after Kanak scold her and Viplav looks at Dhaani and they gave that song Jo Tu mera Humdard hain I just love that song a lot since I listened it for the first time when I saw Ek Villian, is there anyone who loves the Humdard song ?

    1. Yes i love that song ….n the movie too….n d situation where they played it was superb…!!

      1. Same pinch that song made the scenes in that song more hear touching

  19. super vidhani scenes………….hello my dear friends……….i am ur hritya i changed my mail id……how are u all………

    1. hello hirtya

  20. Hey friends if they don’t put the written updates how are we going to chat.I missed you all very much.Love you guys.

  21. y past 5 episodes not uploaded in youtube?

  22. I can’t find this episode in YouTube.why? Anybody tell me a solutions for this please my dear friends.all serials episodes are missing after 9 th Jan .swaragini thapki all

    1. Go to desitvbox website you may find it there if not apne tv website not only for IKRS also for other shows and other channels alsop

  23. Hi gud evg frnds had coffee. I think due to late updates there r less comments.very bad hassanji pls update our episode as soon as the show is aired.

  24. Try Facebook ‘. Die- hard-fans-of-Mishal Raheja ‘. From Pakistan I believe. Videos on before my telly broadcast. Can try at least.

  25. Plzz update fast…n..

  26. Love story is just fantastic…….worry about dhani…….how she can bear all this things.

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