Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak and Tripurari smiling happily seeing Dhaani and Ashram ladies shouting as the fire broke out in Ashram, thanks to Kanak. Viplav calls Dhaani, but her phone is switched off. He calls kanak, but she doesn’t pick the call. Viplav thinks something is wrong, and rushes to Ashram. Kanak sees Viplav coming there and tells Tripurari that she needs to go inside the Ashram, else Viplav will doubt on her. He asks how and tells the Ashram is on fire. Kanak says she brushed lac only in the lawn, and tells that room is safe. She says she knows a secret door to Ashram, and gets inside. She sits in room and laughs. She sees Dhaani and Viplav photo together, and says she can’t let Dhaani stay with Viplav even in photo. Viplav gets shocked seeing the fire and tries to break

open the Ashram door. Meanwhile Dasharath does the puja. He talks to Durga, and thinks Tripurari is following his orders, and Kanak and the Ashram ladies will die in the fire. However he saves everyone. He asks about Kanak. Dhaani says she went to temple. Just then they hear Kanak’s screams for help. Viplav turns to Dhaani and is shocked.

Tripurari thinks it is his turn now. Dhaani tells Viplav that she will also come with him to save Kanak, but Viplav says he will save his mum. Tripurari brings Kanak from the room, and tells Viplav that she was fainted. Dhaani tries to make Kanak have water, but Viplav jerks her hand and makes Kanak drinks water. Dhaani feels Viplav indifferent behavior. Shalini also comes there and says Maa. Kanak tells Viplav that it is good that you came, else I would have died. She acts and says nobody heard my screams. Viplav gets angry at Viplav and asks how can you be so careless. Kanak says leave it. Thank god everyone is saved. He asks Shalu to go with Kanak. He asks Dhaani what did you do? I would have lost her. Dhaani says she went to temple and I didn’t know when I returned. Dulaari says why she will lie? Viplav says my baba died few days back, and if I would have come late then……..He gets angry and leaves.

Dasharath asks Tripurari to tell him good news. Tripurari tells him that he had to save Kanak as Viplav saw her. He says Dhaani and Viplav were fighting today and the day is not far when they will separate. Dasharath hopes it happens soon. Dulaari tells Dhaani that Kanak had blamed them wrongly and acted innocent infront of her son. She says she can’t bear Kanak anymore. She tells Dhaani why did you not told him anything. Dhaani says leave the matter. Kanak comes back home and blames Tripurari for trying to burn her. Tripurari says he saved her. Kanak thanks him. She tells Dasharath that his plan will fail. Dasharath threatens Kanak and shows her pic with Tripurari, and tells that he has many proofs against her. Tripurari tells them that he has also many proofs against them, and says don’t think to harm my mum else I will show the proofs and will tell everyone that you are my father. Kanak asks why we are fighting when our motive is same. Dasharath agrees with her. He says he wants Dhaani and Viplav to separate and asks them not to betray him. They say Swaha and puts something in havan fire.

Dhaani and all the Ashram ladies get inside the Ashram. They see the Ashram’s wall turned black because of fire. She recalls Kanak saying she is going to temple and will have breakfast after coming back. She recalls Tripurari’s words that the killer is from Dasharath’s family. She opines that Kanak is that person who planned Shambu’s murder.

Kanak comes back to Ashram again. Dulaari curses the person who lit the fire to the Ashram. Kanak coughs. Later Dhaani follows Kanak when she goes out, and sees her meeting Tripurari and laughing. She thinks her doubt is right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. mangai

    the three musketeers are together once again in same motive !!!! I ll pray to god to save our beloved vidha !!!!

  2. mangai

    I m hoping that dhaani will change kanak into positive after hearing tripurari s warning about harming viplav n getting back his father’s name unless he’ll snatch everything from DT s family!

  3. I saw three jokers today doing some crazy stuff in front of hawan ???
    I also like the way each of them threatening one another and doing swahaaaaa ?
    I assure u that they will mess up all their plans themselves in the future ? which would be a treat to watch ?

  4. Sujie

    Hello everyone
    The three villains are back as a gang…. i hope all their plans get failed and Viplav gets to know their truth….atleast Dhaani will know the truth by next episode…..
    This TP and Kanak…..real headache….and DT….this balloon forgot that Dhaani saved him from aghoris….instead of helping ViDhaani unite…he is with printed pyjama and safed bhootni….omg save vidhani….. 😮 😮

    Friends did you watch the video where there is news about ViDhaanis romance…..hero viplav will kiss Dhaani…omg ….

  5. Finally the three idiots r together to split again dhaani .but don’t worry its not that much easy to split our vidhaani.they r tute lovers.
    And this is my wish before hawan chahey kuch bhi hojaye him viplav aur dhaani ko ek karke hi rahengey.woh hai hamari best jodi.swahaaaaa….

  6. Today’s episode one thing was good that finally that Dhaani is doubting Kanak and she will hopefully get to know bout her true colors soon and then typical drama will start as Viplav will not believe her and bla bla bla I don’t want that to happen just want Viplav believe dhaani

  7. Meghs

    Today the way viplav behaved with dhani i felt bad…. But viplav was correct in his place….

    Wish vip came to know soon his mom real face …

    N guys share ur views….

  8. Sonu

    In yesterday I hope Vipu don’t get angry on Dhani. But my hope was wrong, why Vipu? I know your feelings abt your mom, you already lost your dad. You know one thing? This all type of drama doing your moms only. Don’t love and trust your mom too much. Voo tumari pyaar aur barosa ko paanae mein laayaki nahi hai..

  9. Sonu

    @Akshay, I am also enjoyed that scene, I am loughed when three of them told Swahaaa.. Especially TP’s Swahaa..

  10. Louella

    Today’s episode was ok. This kanak should be thrown out of the house as soon as possible. And this work only vidhani can do. Dhaani has come to know about kanak’s evil plans now after viplav comes to know kanak will be out of the house soon.

    Hey comedy princess saranya welcome back with ur cute blue logo

  11. Saranya

    I am back with my identity card:Blue Card.i missed u guys a lot.
    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    All my family.

  12. Sonu

    @Shri,Hi my dear Gelathi, hegiddiya? Rumba kushi aaytu nin comments nodi, after a long time.How is your Husband? Yenagittu avrige? Take care of yourself, Tarun and your husband. I am so happy dear, keep commenting GELATHI.. Miss u….

  13. Sonu

    Now our heroine(Dhani) starts CID work. But don’t tell the truth ( I.e your doubt on KT) to Vipu without a strong proof. You only hide that matter(if u want share this matter u share it on Rajlakshmi, she definitely help u). Now without proof, Vipu don’t believe u..
    Agar tumari pass proof bhi hotae huae, vipu suddenly not believe on u, whatever KT is his mom haina? He is trust on her so much.. So u must wait for proof and time to reveal the KT”s real face..

  14. No ,it not that simple, kavitha .
    i think She will try to tell truth of kanak to viplav but angry viplav will not accept the fact and as a result more misunderstanding between them.
    This is my opinion after watching today’s episode.

  15. Sonu

    Finally Balloon shown his real face and again showed that he is never change. One more thing, today again u proved that he is not suitable for anyone’s trust.
    Today u break our all of us trust and faith.. Go to hell..

  16. Sonu

    @Renu, Naanu chennagidini, neenu hegidiya? ( i am fine, how r u?)
    GELATHI, it is also Kannada word, it means Female friend..
    Sorry for the late reply..

  17. Sonu

    Hi my dear lovely friends, where r u all? Why no comments? as same as me, All are still now in our beloved BETHAL’s custody?

  18. Sonu

    Our weekly spoiler man AM is busy with his exam. Whoever knows the this weeks spoiler please tell us, waiting for spoiler.
    @AM, all the best dear, study well. Don’t take stress, be calm..

  19. saranya

    Oh that was from another email id friends,so that was my green id.but why are my comments not getting posted.what is this!

  20. Don’t worry meghs in tmrs episode viplav goes to ashram n convinces dhaani and there their romantic track goes.dhaani said that this was first romantic shoot in ikrs. N it was good . i think this was first romantic kiss of dhaani for vippav.n i saw this in India TV SAS bahu aur sajish show.dr
    And iam waiting for spoiler but our AM is busy with exams n studies .guys can any one give me this weeks spoiler.

  21. prachi

    Guys I just watched mishal’s music video .mishal is so so so swt n childish in dis video with DRM grl hema malini jee..n babul supriyo is awesome in dis video

  22. SARAS

    good evening family. .
    how u r all doing good. ..

    swara good to hear us mom was cheerful. . she will be fine very soon don’t worry. .

    rahul n purple nice to see you guys commenting. .. hope purple will come back home soon. . all our prayers are with you purple darling. ..

    see I was not commenting much from yday so soo less comments. .n offcourse saranya too. .. -:((

  23. SARAS

    today my princess hurt her ankle during annual day rehearsals. .
    she is not able to walk also. . felt so sad.. hope she will be fine soon n gets back to her rehearsals. .

    • prachi

      Saras all d best to our little princess .hope she ll recover soon n get back to rehearsal..convey our wishes on behalf of us:-):-)with lots of love n well wishes…

    • Saras take care of siri .because if children’s r hurted it affects parents only.I understand ur feelings about siri.
      Dear siri take care my child get well soon n do ur rehearsals and attend the function successfully.all the best.take care dear.

  24. SARAS

    rajee sorry for the delayed response. .
    enjoyed your antakshari.. it was a stressburster for me. . thanks n appriciate your efforts. . n knowledge of bolly wood songs with lyrics. ..

  25. SARAS

    kavitha .. mujhe nahi lagta bina saboot ke dhani viplav ko kuch kehpaayegi..
    agar kahegibhee to vo maanega nahee…
    translation :
    (I don’t think dhani will disclose kanak’s truth to viplav without proof as even if she tells he will not believe)

  26. Saranya

    @Swara u know,my mother’s elder sister suffered from cancer.she fought and won and i am really proud to be a daughter of her and the other thing is her daughter left her study temporarily and stood beside her mother and took care of her.i am proud of her for her determined mind to be with her she completed with first class and also working under central government as she got a job in SSC graduate level exams.

  27. saranya

    @Sara take care of our princess Siri and u know i feel like coming there hugging her and say i have a lot of stories to share with u dear,come let’s walk together and make merry. But unfortunately i can’t do that so pls convey my msg in behalf of me.ok?

    • SARAS

      how sweet of you saranya. .. I will tell her for sure. . thanks so much. ..
      I m really touched by your gestures. .

  28. Saranya

    @Sara take care of our princess Siri and u know i feel like coming there hugging her and say i have a lot of stories to share with u dear,come let’s walk together and make merry. But unfortunately i can’t do that so pls convey my msg in behalf of me.ok

  29. saranya

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  30. saranya

    I found dhani more cute and beautiful than thapki in maha maithri acting too i loved Eisha more than Jigyasa in that epi.sorry its only my opinion.actually i too love jigyasa’s innocent and beautiful face as well as her brilliant acting as i used to watch it earlier in my vaccation time but not now.but abou that epi i think Eisha rocks.its completely my opinion.jigyasa fans pls don’t kill me for this comparision.

  31. saranya

    @Rajee,u are awesome,what humour sense yaar.i think viplav consulted u to writing those birthday dil mang more.

  32. I don’t have a cute and small sister to show my love for her or to be loved
    I know that SIRI will recover soon as saras mam is always there her, as well all our wishes .
    Take care SIRI ?

    • SARAS

      Thank you so much akshay. .
      my being with her cannot make her walk now. .-:((.. feel so helpless. .

      akshay don’t worry you have love of whole of ikrs family’s love. ..

      ek paper kya easy aagaya tum padhayi chodhi diya lagta hain. . jao padhayi
      karo..(since one paper was easy you seem to have stopped studying. . Go n study now)

    • sandy

      You said that you not found 10 September episode or not able to download episode if give your mobile no or fb id then I able to sent episode through whatsapp or fb

  33. prachi

    I watched SBS segment of ikrs.der is no mu track rather der is some romantic scenes in today’s episode. Writers trying hard to increase trp,but trp increase wen d story line ll change …frnds keep voting for our leads..

  34. Sujie

    hello everyone…..good morning
    waiting for today’s episode…..
    Please vote for ViDhaani as favorite jodi…..Dhaani( EISHA SINGH) as rising star and Viplav (MISHAL RAHEJA) as best actor …go for it….
    yesterday I posted 21st part of my ff…. and i saw nobody read it….please read it and leave your comments….

  35. No its not like that.saras mam.
    I give priority to the things that I love to do and exams r quite boring .
    So I’ll never leave all of u even in exam time ?

  36. saranya

    So today’s epi will be romantic then i am going to miss it.i will be busy this evening.what to do.better watch it from desi tv,the unmuted version.

  37. saranya

    @Akshay u are 100% correct,how can we leave our dear one in name of is our priority and of course responsibility towards our parents too.but responsility also grows from love.right?

  38. SARAS

    last two episodes I liked tp a lot.. he is really a good actor has great screen presence. .
    but because of his role all his talent.. swaahaaaa..

  39. Sonu

    @Saras, sorry to heard that your cute princess got injured. Don’t worry Siri baby, your mamma abmnd we are all with u.. Saras don’t get upset, she recover soon..Take care Siri baby..

  40. Sonu

    Good morning to my lovely BR mam, Shri, Saru, Saras, Kavi, Kaviya, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, RahulPurple, Swara, Swasti, Swati, Megha, Mangai, Florentina, AM, MM, Renu, Prachi, Joyee, Akshay, Jyoti, Vaishnavi, Sujie, Radha, Nisha, Louella, Varsha, Tamil, Hritya, reZmie, Sofe, Dilu, Arshi, Anne and all of ikrs family members.

  41. Sonu

    Now evils DT, KT and TP created one group. I hope Dhani, Raj and Rajlakshmi will also create one group.
    Friends now tell me, what name we put that two group? Suggest your opinion..

  42. Rajee

    Prachi I too watched the hema malini video.. I found it very funny… Lol..
    That song is also not good.
    Dear kavitha now I completely agree with u after watching this video that mishal is a bad dancer. I only hd seem his jeena jeena song performance where he was not that bad..may b it was becoz Tanya is a good dancer. Now I am imagining what will happen when mishal & eisha will have to perform a dance together???
    Sorry kavitha for my late realisation. U were right that mishal is not a good dancer but no problem he is best in his expressions…

    • florentina moldovan

      Rajee, for me dancing is body language, i think our Viplav and beautiful Eisha have a great chemistry and they will dance superb together! I dream that, after kissings scene Ikrs will explode!

  43. florentina moldovan


  44. Hey suman pls don’t tell this to us.we r fans of ikrs.we know wat to watch n wat not u pls….
    We luv ikrs
    We like ikrs
    We eat ikrs
    We drink ikrs
    We walk with ikrs
    We dance with ikrs
    We r all ikrs .so pls stay away.

    • Rajee

      Ooooo…kavitha !!! What a reply!!! Well said & totally agree with u. We ikrs keeda…& we r proud of it…

    • prachi

      Wah wat a reply.we r dedicated to ikrs can’t b loyal to any other show,we watch sometyms but noone touches us lyk ikrs.dats why we spend whole day here only

  45. Guys do u know from yesterday on wards iam commenting no comments r posted.yesterday only two n today only one.I don’t know y it was because of poor net work r due to moderation.
    Saranya welcome back dear with ur livable logo.n this my third msg for u but its not posted.

  46. Hi rajee,saranya,shri,sonu,Florentine,joyee,br,Anne,akshay,rahul,purple, marees,Tamil,hritya,britty,varsha,
    Louella, renu,Vinny,arshi,kaviya,
    Raj and my dear luvly ikrs family members gud evg to u all.

  47. Sonu my opinion is we have to keep the names as kauravas n pandavas.because always kau plans to spoil the pan but they always fail and in war also pandavas only won.
    So like that our DT,KT,tp r trying to spoil vidhaanis life but always they fail.and at last our vidhaani must I think this one is correct.
    Pandavas vs kauravas.swahaaaa….

  48. Rajee

    Ya Florentina u r right mishal & eisha have an amazing chemistry. They both complement each it does not matter whether they r good in dance or not.if they r together they can burn the stage with their sizzling chemistry & this coming scene…omg very hot!!!

  49. Rajee

    Saras u changed ur name for Sara khan but after that day she has not posted a single comment. Then I can call u Sara itself…

  50. Hey joyee wat happened to u .today no comments.come to our page n comment yaar.we Mis u dear .
    Kaviya,br mam n others who r not commenting pls take time and give valuable comments to our show . waiting for u guys.

  51. OK frnds iam waiting for today’s episode .today our vidhaani will compromise each other.and their romantic track starts.I think this was first romantic shoot of our vidhaani .so iam eagerly waiting for ikrs.bye guys .catch u later in today’s episode updates.

  52. SARAS

    s rajee .. sara khan to ek jhalak dikhalaye kabhee… ksbhi aachal mein chup jaaye..

    I felt” swaaha” group is a good one. ..
    soon their bad deeds will become swaaha in fire . hahaha ha

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