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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dashrath calling out Viplav. He asks where is he. Shalini says he has gone to apologize to that widow. Dashrath gets angry and asks did Viplav go to apologize, who have sent him, I know him well, he won’t apologize to anyone on his own, maybe anyone forced him. Sushma says I have told him to go. Viplav sees the white color over him and asks the kids to run. Jeevan ka rang safed hai………plays………. He sees Dhani. She runs seeing him. He runs after him.

Dashrath asks how dare you give such worst suggestion, Viplav is my grandson, even if he does anything wrong, he does not need to apologize. She cries and says I felt he did mistake. He asks her to speak when she is asked to, she is just a bird and will always do mistakes. Viplav’s mum says I would have

not let him go if I was at home. Sushma’s son consoles her. Dhaani tells Badi Amma to take her home. Badi Amma sees Viplav and says I won’t leave him today. Dhaani says no, we shall leave.

Badi Amma asks Dhaani to be away from him, and asks her to promise. Dhaani says yes, he is devil, he always puts in problem. Badi Amma asks her not to tell this to Dulaari. Viplav says strange girl, foolish she does not understand, I will tell Dadi that I apologized, I will lie. Shalini asks Sushma to cheer up. Viplav comes home and Sushma asks him what happened. He says paint fell on him. Shalini jokes on him. He asks her to stop it, he will slap her. He says he has apologized to her and that girl was not ready to talk to him. Dashrath comes and asks who? He asks does he know what he did going there, he did not care for his respect.

Viplav says I was joking, it was my mistake. Dashrath says why did you go to police and apologize to that widow, you came in this women’s words, women’ work is to clean home, wash utensils, nothing else, tell the not to put hand in Dharm, else their hands will burn in havan fire. Viplav apologizes to him and says I did not know my joke will be bid issue, its not Dadi’s mistake.

Dashrath says I know its her mistake, she gets peace by ruining my respect. He gets hyper and unwell. Viplav asks him to calm down, his BP is increasing. He says I have come for few days and go back to America, I don’t want you to get unwell. Dashrath says its big problem that his elder brother is not interested in his work, and he wants Viplav to take his work higher. He requests him to think about him, if he does anything in future. He blames Sushma and leaves. Viplav’s mum asks him to forget anything and tells Sushma that BP is not good for Dashrath. She asks her to think before teaching Viplav. She taunts her and leaves. Shalini and Viplav hug Sushma and they cry. He says he felt bad that she had to hear all this. She says this is my fate, I will never wish that this happens with any other woman.

Badi Amma asks the man to give flowers at 20rs. He asks for 25rs. Badi Amma buys it. Dhaani sees a girl going and her wallet falling down. She runs to help the lady and takes the wallet. She runs after the rickshaw to give the wallet. She gives it to the girl and the girl thanks her. She says you are lovely and honest. He gives her visiting card and says she works for NGO who helps women, you can call me, I will be glad to do anything for you. Dhaani and Badi Amma thank her. They say they did puja and are taking flowers to make garlands. The lady asks them for a favor, and says its her son’s birthday and kept puja at home, and them to help her, she will pay. Badi Amma says we will help without money. The lady asks her to make clothes and garlands. Dhaani says don’t worry, your work will be done. The lady gives her money as she will need it to buy flowers. Dhaani refuses. The lady insists. Dhaani takes it and thanks her. The lady says my address is on the visiting card.

Viplav’s mum tells Dashrath that she has explained Sushma, and said we have big status in society. She sees Sushma coming and stops saying. Dashrant acts rude to Sushma. Viplav’s mum takes the keys. Ramu Kaka says Tripurari has come there. Dashrath goes to talk to him and asks how is he. Tripurari looks at him and greets him as Bau ji. Dashrath does not bless him. Tripurari says Viplav made fun of himself. Dashrath asks him to go to police station and ruin that cctv footage. He says he will punish that widow.

Dhaani tells everyone about the puja of making garlands and clothes for Lord. Badi Amma says she gave 2000rs for advance. Rachna says you bought the items. Dhaani says we will get money after finishing the work. Badi Amma asks Laxmi to do the work. Dashrath comes to the temple and prays. He shuts the temple and the pandit requests him not to do so. Dashrath locks the temple and goes to address everyone. He says that widow did big sin by insulting Lord and whole Banaras, its big joke of Dharm. He says this temple has become impure, Lord idol will be replaced, it will be closed for one year. The pandit says whats our mistake in this.

Dashrath asks can they punish that widow, whom police left. Dhaani and all widows make the garlands. Dashrath says law did not do work, it does not mean we fire the widow ashram, or throw stones at them, I m helpless that I m Dashrath Tripathi, my hands are tied, I can’t do anything, he can’t punish women holding their hair. (He gives all the wrong ideas to them!!) He says this temple will be closed for one year, sorry. He leaves from there.

Tripurari tells the pandits that Dashrath forgives big sinners, but we are ordinary people, we are devotees and can’t bear this insult. He provokes them to take revenge and punish that widow. The pandit says I know where is her ashram. Dhaani makes tea and gives everyone. Tripurari tells Dashrath that angry mob is going to ashram. Dashrath says just Lord can save that widow now. Viplav thinks Dada ji was right, I should have not gone to apologize, poor woman showing attitude to me, I did not see such ego in anyone. Dashrath says I can’t go against people, that widow made my grandson apologize, she have to pay for this. Dhaani makes clothes. The angry mob goes to the ashram with sticks.

The angry people ask the women to give Dhaani to them, else they will burn the ashram. Dhaani comes out and asks them to punish her. Viplav sees her. His friend tells him that his foolishness made Dhaani face all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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