Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav and family coming to the temple. Raja tells his mum that everyone’s eyes are on Viplav now, but when we leave from here, everyone’s eyes will be on me, today Tripathi family will see which they did not see till now. Viplav asks Dhaani is she having fun, I m lawyer, I just said to take temple responsibility, but I can’t do this. She says its your duty to manage Dada ji’s work. He asks how. She says you have to do your duty anyhow. He says we have to end this Raja’s game in sometime.

Dasharath starts the aarti and does tilak to Viplav. Raja thinks to ruin Viplav’s respect infront of Banaras using his same idea, and then these people will stop Viplav from becoming the rightful heir of Dasharath.

Viplav does the aarti. Raja sees everyone

has closed eyes. He makes his kerchief fall and sits. He adds wine in the temple kalash. Kanak looks around and sees Raja sitting down. Raja picks the kerchief. Raja thinks now Viplav will bath shivling with wine, not gangajal. Dasharath asks Viplav to lift the kalash. Viplav takes the kalash. Everyone get the bad smell. Pandit says I think bad smell is coming from the kalash and checks the kalash. He asks Viplav to give the kalash. He says its worst thing again, its wine, it was going to bath the shivling. He asks everyone to see what is Dasharath making his grandson do. Viplav asks him to remember what Dasharath did for Banaras, think well before blaming him. Pandit Phoolchand says its sin, you will be punished. Kanak sees Raja smiling. Pandit says Viplav will get punished.

Phool chand reminds Dasharath that Dhaani has put wine on shivling, you punished her, now even Viplav should get same punishment. Dhaani recalls that moment. Dasharath says but this is not Viplav’s mistake. Phool chand says you are taking Viplav’s side and defending him, as he is your grandson, will we let him become the rightful heir, no way, Lord Shiv will be angry and such problem will come that we can’t bear it, that’s why Viplav should be punished. Dasharath says this looks someone’s plan, why don’t you all understand. The pandits get angry and beat up Viplav. Kanak and Dhaani try to stop them. Dhaani comes in between and says Viplav did not do any sin, do you know anything about good and bad deeds, Phool chand did sin when he was burning a girl. FB shows Phool chand was burning Dhaani and Viplav saved her. She asks the people where were they when the girl needed help, just one man stood with her, that was Viplav Tripathi.

She holds Viplav’s hand and they look at each other. She says he has saved me that day, you all are the same people who were burning widow ashram without any reason, and today you all will decide whats good and bad deeds. She says Viplav is the one who has found happiness in other’s happiness, who stood for widows. She asks Viplav to let her speak, how can they call him a sinner. She asks the people is there anyone from them who is like Viplav. She scolds them. Raja says Dhaani is right, I know Viplav does not believe in puja, but it does not mean he did this.

Pandit says its sin and the punishment for Viplav is that he can’t become the heir of Dasharath. Dasharath asks him to think once before saying. The pandit says we all decided this, opt for anyone else from your family, else your Mahant status will be taken away from you, if you choose Viplav only, then we will not keep relation with your family. Dasharath gets shocked.

Phool Chand asks Dasharath to go away, he has served Banaras a lot, and now he has no right to sit on the head chair. Raja praises Dasharath. He asks Dasharath to bless him that he accepts this responsibility. Phool Chand asks Dasharath to bless Raja. Dasharath blesses Raja. Raja and his mum smile. Viplav and Dhaani look on shocked. Raja tells Viplav that I told you I will win this game, and you will lose, see I won, then no one can do anything, congratulate me now, I m going to get blessings from Dasharath. Viplav says congrats. Raja’s dad comes there and asks Raja to stop. He slaps Raja. Viplav smiles. Everyone look on shocked.

Raja goes to kill Dhaani and Viplav comes in between. Viplav gets stabbed. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. good morning friends. . I know all are worried for vipu..
    I will tell u two probable options. .
    1. It’s a dream sequence as raja is not foolish to show his anger in front of everyone he is very cunning like snake. .. if he tries to kill in front of so may purple he will definitely go to jail. .

    2. even if he does its a plan of vip.. he would be prepared to face stabbing so nothing will really Happen but will bring out his true colors to everyone. .

    just chill guys

    1. Hi SARAS

      If it is a dream sequence, that would explain why Viplav was soooo quiet and why Raja was given sooo much to say… But… Would raja have had Dhani defend Viplav so vehemently in his own dream??

      Also, in the mandir, alllll those people, and raja still managed to spike the Kalash? That could have been a dream.

      Also, Anne asked yesterday about why DT,s religious duties would be passed down to Viplav, is that normal? I felt sorry for him, esp as Dhanni seemed to be suggesting it was his duty. Like he said he,s a lawyer.

      Anyway, hope it is a dream sequence. And hope he didn’t get stabbed. But hope raja gets caught and gets arrested. I don’t think I could handle it if he went on the run, and the prospect of him reappearing would be too much of a dark cloud. A bit like when tips went in the run.

  2. Good morning / afternoon to everybody, have a great day and I hope we are all relieved after today’s episode.
    Nimisha ,thanks for your reply I could have written it my self
    Anyway ..looking forwards to tonight pray Shaadi Vaadi has subtitles llll?xxx
    BTW have u seen MR s entry in Wikipedia
    Link to old interview at bottom. Hearth and Home. ??not sure
    Any way,gives very precise details of his address !!! Don’t know if he still lives there, but almost invites stalkers and burglars!
    Shame no street view !!??
    See you later tesco here I come….. Oh the glamour !!!?xxx

    1. I haven’t Anne, but will defo be checking it out.

      He said in his slam book interview, he lives by himself and likes to go grocery shopping. I think he might need a maid, cook, housekeeper, type person. That person could be me…
      But ssssshhhhhhh, don’t tell him I can’t really cook very well. I make a mean cuppa though! Lol!!!

      And Tesco… Really….. Wow…. On a Saturday… Anne, you’re sooooooooo lucky ?

      1. What’s a slam book please?

  3. SORRY, comments in a mess….xxx

  4. Happy birthday raj wish u good luck n a great day n years ahead . Hows purple

    1. Morning/afternoon Renu!

      How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday so far.

      Loved all your comments yesterday, my kept getting stuck so hen they all came through about 4 hours later I sounded like the complete loon that I am. ?

    2. Renu…raj ko thodi na purple ke bare mein pata hoga….its Rahul and Purple…. Raj nahin…..
      Hamare TU page ke ViDhaani hai Rahul and Purple……..

  5. Everyone…. I’m worrying about the 2song sequence thing I mentioned yesterday?

    Did anyone else see that in the OLV interview? I’m sure I didn’t imagine it…

    Could the 2 song sequence ps have already been shown? The first being the kitchen net scene, and the second being the scene where Viplav gives Dhani her floor jewellery for the mahabhoj?

    I feel like I’m giving false hope of more romance, although the creators haven’t let us down in that regard.


  6. Happy Birthday Raj,have a great day!xxx?

  7. hi anyone know the new show ” shakti” replacing which show ?? there was a rumour that balika badhu was going to offair ..but that will not happen because it is taking a leap and mahi vij( LTL lead ) will be in lead role .. so khatra ke talwar IKRS ke siir pe puri tarah se hae …agar ikrs end nahi hua to timeslot 6 pm ko change ho sakta hae …
    crossed your finger guys 🙁 🙁

    1. I saw on another thread on here someone speculating that it could be IKRS because of the low trp. ???. I sincerely hope not.

      I watch
      TPK, Kasam, krishndasi, and of course IKRS and I really don’t get the TRP ratings because in my honest opinion, IKRS is by far the best. And I mean by a long long way.

    2. Ooh, I loved Mahi Vij in LTL. It’ll be nice to see her back.

  8. Anne, I linked to the slam book above, but if it doesn’t work, then, Google India forums Mishal Raheja slam book and you should find it.

    Not sure why it’s called a slam book, but it’s basically an interview. A very good one too.

  9. Just wondering about the two song sequences that he mentioned in that OLV…. Did anyone else see that?

    I’m worried that I’ve imagined it and am giving you all false hope.

    I’m also wondering if we’ve had them both, the net in the kitchen scene and also when Viplav gifted Dhani the flower jewellery for the mahabhoj. But they were both to the ishq vishq song, I thing so assumed that wasn’t what he meant… But maybe it was.

    Apologies if this appears twice… I typed it out and then it went pfft…


  10. Misha didi just u fall behind Vip in the same manner I use to love shahid kapoor only difference is that u love him as ur hubby and I love shahid kapoor as a brother…. During my school days my friends used to tell something bad abt shahid Kapoor and I used 2 scold them.. Misha didi never ever say tat u are old… Age is just a number…. Its ur feelings and thoughts tat make u aged or young always do some stupid foolish things It will male ur brain and heart feel young and I am sure u will forget abt age…
    Misha didi sometimes we have to do some stupid things then only we can say we have enjoyed our life.. We can do stupid things only to our loved ones so u can do stupid things here. Because we all love u.. We have to enjoy every bit of our life…. So do Watever u want to do..

    1. Swetha, how did you get to be soooo wise at such a young age.

      You’re absolutely right!

      I don’t always feel old. Quite the opposite. Growing up I was always known as paagle/pagli by my family as I have always been the clown. My sisters and cousins affectionately call me Miranda, after an English comedian who is hilarious.

      It’s just that Anne’s comment about moments of clarity, really hit home. I also have those, but worry not, they are few and far between.

      I have my kids who are 8 and 6 to help keep me young.

      My Mishal thing is very weird for me as I have never felt like that about an actor before. When I first watched him, I wasnt drawn to his looks. It was his amazing acting ability. I think I find his personality the most attractive, like a delicious cake you can never get enough of. I now think he is utterly gorgeous but his outer gorgeousness is just like the icing on that most delicious cake, if that makes sense,

      Anyway, I’m waffling, how’s your Saturday so far?

      1. I agree with you, l watchend a lot of series,there are good actors, but l first fan of someone and that’s Mishal.

      2. MIrsada, great minds think alike hey? ?

  11. Wow no moderation

  12. Wat doing misha didi…. Hws ur day going

    1. I’m having a lovely lazy morning, how about you my lovely girl?


  13. happy birthday day raj.. Welcome back on comments day…

  14. Oh my god I think Balika vadu will nvr come 2 an end

  15. akdhora pesnirotc

    continuing the spirit of jumbled comments day..

    pehechano koun???
    I m almost regular commentor..
    These days I m more interested ib ikrs family than ikrs serial lol…

    1. hi Doctor sahiba …

    2. inspector darogha ji…… dr sweety how are you???
      Kabhi doctor kabhi police???? what is this???

  16. I said up there somewhere that I’m eager to watch today’s episode. I’m not though… I’m actually scared… ???

  17. nimisha total temple event cannot be dream sequence. . I m talking about the precap. .

  18. hey it takes even wrong email ids I checked it

  19. nimisha that song sequence isv telecasted already. . One shower scene the other dance during mahabhog..

    n the murder he was talking about was a joke. . he told everything ppossible in a story need not be here in ikrs.. n that too even actors will not story so much in advance. .
    everyday when they arrive at sets they will know what will happen next. .

    1. Thanks Saras.

      I was living in the hope of the 2 new song sequences too. The shower one was awesome.. So I shouldn’t be too greedy. ?

      Thanks m’dear! Xxx

  20. Misha didi having a lazy Saturday

  21. Since there is no school nowadays I don’t even know which day is this?
    Totally went out of connection

    1. I love that feeling Swetha. I,m the same during school holidays. Love it!!!

  22. Misha didi wat language do u and ur family speaks there

    1. Hi again.

      I am Gujarati so speak that with my family.

      I try and teach it to my kids with odd phrases here and there but my other half is English so at home we are very much English speakers.

      What about you? Xxx

  23. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Viplav goona killed today?? Tell me.

    1. He,d better blo*dy not!

      I’ll be devastated.

  24. vaishnavi more

    happy b’day RAJ…

  25. Right, I’m going to head off soon so everyone, have an Amazing comments day 2.

    I might check H Hasan,s next update thread before watching the episode as not sure I’ll be able to go into it without knowing what’s happened.

    See you on the other side of that.

    I may have a glass of wine or 3 so apologies in advance if my rambling is even more erm… Rambley than usual.


    1. Have a great day Nimisha. ???xxx

    2. Hey Nimisha, enjoy your niece’s birthday.
      Don’t get drunk, we love to hear all about your day.?

  26. Hello everyone, hope your Saturday is going on fine.
    Mine is great, just finished working, it’s half a do today so I’m all in for the comment day 2

    1. Hi yetty, just done shopping ,lunch etc and waiting with heart in mouth for xxx

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