Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav and family coming to the temple. Raja tells his mum that everyone’s eyes are on Viplav now, but when we leave from here, everyone’s eyes will be on me, today Tripathi family will see which they did not see till now. Viplav asks Dhaani is she having fun, I m lawyer, I just said to take temple responsibility, but I can’t do this. She says its your duty to manage Dada ji’s work. He asks how. She says you have to do your duty anyhow. He says we have to end this Raja’s game in sometime.

Dasharath starts the aarti and does tilak to Viplav. Raja thinks to ruin Viplav’s respect infront of Banaras using his same idea, and then these people will stop Viplav from becoming the rightful heir of Dasharath.

Viplav does the aarti. Raja sees everyone

has closed eyes. He makes his kerchief fall and sits. He adds wine in the temple kalash. Kanak looks around and sees Raja sitting down. Raja picks the kerchief. Raja thinks now Viplav will bath shivling with wine, not gangajal. Dasharath asks Viplav to lift the kalash. Viplav takes the kalash. Everyone get the bad smell. Pandit says I think bad smell is coming from the kalash and checks the kalash. He asks Viplav to give the kalash. He says its worst thing again, its wine, it was going to bath the shivling. He asks everyone to see what is Dasharath making his grandson do. Viplav asks him to remember what Dasharath did for Banaras, think well before blaming him. Pandit Phoolchand says its sin, you will be punished. Kanak sees Raja smiling. Pandit says Viplav will get punished.

Phool chand reminds Dasharath that Dhaani has put wine on shivling, you punished her, now even Viplav should get same punishment. Dhaani recalls that moment. Dasharath says but this is not Viplav’s mistake. Phool chand says you are taking Viplav’s side and defending him, as he is your grandson, will we let him become the rightful heir, no way, Lord Shiv will be angry and such problem will come that we can’t bear it, that’s why Viplav should be punished. Dasharath says this looks someone’s plan, why don’t you all understand. The pandits get angry and beat up Viplav. Kanak and Dhaani try to stop them. Dhaani comes in between and says Viplav did not do any sin, do you know anything about good and bad deeds, Phool chand did sin when he was burning a girl. FB shows Phool chand was burning Dhaani and Viplav saved her. She asks the people where were they when the girl needed help, just one man stood with her, that was Viplav Tripathi.

She holds Viplav’s hand and they look at each other. She says he has saved me that day, you all are the same people who were burning widow ashram without any reason, and today you all will decide whats good and bad deeds. She says Viplav is the one who has found happiness in other’s happiness, who stood for widows. She asks Viplav to let her speak, how can they call him a sinner. She asks the people is there anyone from them who is like Viplav. She scolds them. Raja says Dhaani is right, I know Viplav does not believe in puja, but it does not mean he did this.

Pandit says its sin and the punishment for Viplav is that he can’t become the heir of Dasharath. Dasharath asks him to think once before saying. The pandit says we all decided this, opt for anyone else from your family, else your Mahant status will be taken away from you, if you choose Viplav only, then we will not keep relation with your family. Dasharath gets shocked.

Phool Chand asks Dasharath to go away, he has served Banaras a lot, and now he has no right to sit on the head chair. Raja praises Dasharath. He asks Dasharath to bless him that he accepts this responsibility. Phool Chand asks Dasharath to bless Raja. Dasharath blesses Raja. Raja and his mum smile. Viplav and Dhaani look on shocked. Raja tells Viplav that I told you I will win this game, and you will lose, see I won, then no one can do anything, congratulate me now, I m going to get blessings from Dasharath. Viplav says congrats. Raja’s dad comes there and asks Raja to stop. He slaps Raja. Viplav smiles. Everyone look on shocked.

Raja goes to kill Dhaani and Viplav comes in between. Viplav gets stabbed. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Dhani u r right actually in todays world each n every godman ìs wearing a mask of goodness n does all evils in name of god.

  2. AM

    I did not comment much because I was busy in study … …
    areh precap is horrible ….mar gaya viplav ..gaya serial …viplav khatam to serial khatam … but serial hae ae …aur chinta mat karo production bhi jante hae ki viplav gaya to serial bhi gaya ….so chill guys ..viplav will not die … 100% sure

  3. Sujie

    Hello everyone
    Thank you Hasan ji for the update…….. loved the way Viplav and Dhaani stood together and Dhaani defending Viplav…….
    But what is this precap…..Viplav gets STABBED……
    Kanak sees Raaja smirking …that means she will come to know about Raaja’s true face…… but scary precap is frightening me

  4. Fatarajo

    Epsidoe good but shocking precap :O :O I think is dhaani or someone’s dream please don’t kill Viplav’s character 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Rajee

    Thank u Hasanji!
    Omg!!!! Horrifying precap. Really terrifying… I am getting restless. I feeling like crying. What is the meaning of this terrifying precap?

  6. Rajee

    Episode was mind blowing. Loved the scene when dhani praising Viplav. It was very emotional but no…this precap left me shocked..?

  7. mangai

    tears rolling out :(((((( I can’t watch tomo epi :(((( I can’t even sleep today.. what a scary precap … oh my god…

  8. eshani

    Thank u for the super fast update….loved d way dhani spoke and viplav’s reaction….also KT reaction when DT gave his blessings for sure she loves viplav very much

  9. Rajee

    Why why why????? Why Viplav & why not that balloon or anybody else except dhani & dadi.. Oh god!! Its really painful..just hope that he will be fine very soon. I just hope Mishal is not leaving ikrs.?.sorry just my scary imagination??????..

    • SARAS

      rajee… dear don’t worry. . for sure vip will recover with dhani’s prayers n service. . that time kanak will start looking her(I hope so)…

      still I feel it could be an imaginary scene. . it was appearing like that. ..

      so relax and sleep well. .

  10. Louella

    Nimisha u were asking na that what I will play. I was telling that I will play with my friends and u all will enjoy watching ikrs.

  11. Anne

    Can any one explain please; I thought when DT said he would make Viplav his heir I thought he meant the house and all the responsibility for the family etc. Where does the temple rituals come in ?
    I thought DT was the religious one ,I didn’t know he could hand this

  12. Keerthi

    Good evening’s episode was not as expected…. I guess kanak knows raja has done it…. Precap is interesting….

    Hope viplav s okay… I need him alright.. Unexpected precap…. Director made it interesting…. But mishal…. U r amazing don’t leave man…..

  13. vini

    Precap dekthe hi mein depress ho gayi patha nahin viplav ki eh haalaath dekh paaungi yaa nahin.plss viplav jald se jald teek hona hoga..kal ka ep mujhe bahut rulaadega.

  14. Louella

    Friends if u all want to know that who is the winner then plz do what I m going to tell u.
    1) Plz change ur logo to the one u used in the morning to make others guess who r u.
    2) Also change the jumbled name u used in the morning.
    3) Now u have to comment and tell who u r, what is the answer for the jumbled name and most important-1)who guessed only ur jumbled name correct
    2)who guessed only ur name correct
    3)who guessed ur jumbled name as well as ur name correct.
    Plz friends if u want to know the winner then u have to do what I have told u to do.

  15. vini

    Actually I can’t see viplav getting depressed in the show but how can we fans digest the scene of viplav getting stabbed .its really a very big shock to mishalians.isn’t it guys??

  16. Louella

    Friends I have two more awards for u all.
    But both the awards is taken by one person.
    And the award is
    1) Most guessed jumble names of ikrs family members{which was asked by me}
    2) The first one to comment three days in a row.
    And the lucky person who won both the awards is the one and only Arshdeep.
    Arshdeep when u get ur admission u come to Mumbai and collect both ur awards. Don’t forget, okay?

  17. Haaidn Piavvl Piihratt

    Hi friends. The answer for this jumbled name is Dhaani Viplav Tripathi.
    The ones who guessed only the jumbled name correct are
    1) Saras mam
    2) Prachi
    So both of u got half marks.
    The ones who guessed only my name correct are
    1) Arshdeep
    So Arshdeep u got half mark.
    The ones who guessed my name as well as the jumbled names correct are
    1) Porkodi
    2) Dr Sweety
    3) Sujie

  18. Mishani ?

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Viplav got stabbed.

    Didn’t like the episode very much today. TOo much screen space to raja, DT and that idiot phoolchand! Hate all 3 of them.

    Loved the echoing slap that raja,s dad gave him.

    Horrible horrible horrible precap. Poor Viplav.


  19. kaviya

    hi friends this is kaviya (sri) love to see all comments, maria said today is comments day of ikrs, i am right or not? anyway all the best for full ikrs crew…….keep going
    And all new ff was awesome, louella maria, sujie, lakshmi……keep rocking…..all the best

    • Porkodi

      Hi kaviya why r u not commenting here daily. We all miss u and ur ff. I send u a friend request in fb.
      Pls try to comment regularly.

  20. Louella

    Friends tomorrow I m going to announce one more award. The person commenting the most tomorrow will be the winner. So friends start ur practice if u want to grab ur award. All the best to all of u including me also for tomorrow.

  21. Mishani ?

    Thing is I bet DT is behind raja tempting to kill Dhani and as usual Viplav is the one that’s on the receiving end. The same happened when he asked trips to kill Dhani and Viplav got hit badly on the head, also at the tree place where the people tried to burn Dhani and Viplav got hurt, at the stoning outside the ashram and also when DT and KT tried to get rid of Dhani with the big bell at the spooky temple.

    In one of the earlier episodes, after a phone call DT said something along the lines of Viplav and Dhani’s kundli’s are tied so that if anyone tries to harm Dhani that Viplav will be the one to suffer.

    It’s often the woman that is the shield of protection, but in this case it’s our lovely perfect in pink Viplav.

  22. Mishani ?

    Where is everyone… My posts are waiting for moderation no none others have appeared.

    I hope we didn’t wear out the moderator team with the 600+ posts on the last thread. I can see them all slumped over their desks, exhausted with all the extra work. Thank you again moderator team. ???

  23. Mishani ?

    Someone come and talk to me…. Otherwise I will talk to myself… And you know I can…




      • Nimisha ?

        Thanks Yetty. I was also traumatised and there were no posts in the comments so I had a mad few moments.

        Hope you’re well.

    • Nimisha ur right dear when ever some one tries to hurt dhaani our viplav become a kavatch of dhaani.
      Really I think no person be like viplav character. He was really took an amazing character.I dont know in real life also he will be like this r not.
      But he rocks in his character.
      Mishal ur crazy of all our fans so pls directors don’t take the stry in such way that we all fans stop to watch ikrs.
      If viplav was injured severely r dies in ikrs character no one will watch it.n don’t its trp will be – o.

    • Anne

      Hi Nimisha, its me from darkest Derbyshire,well wet n cold.
      I had the same trouble with moderators 3comments of mine took hours
      Especially bad as I was traumatised having just watched Mishal get stabbed!
      I had the same thought….that the moderators are telling us ….we rule!……..
      Viplav can’t die,can he ?.The writers can’t be that cruel to Dhaani or ME…,I keep thinking that that is what its all about…a widows life.
      And Viplav has taught Dhaani to stand up for herself…….
      NO Julia don’t be silly!!!!!! Tell me it ain’t so ….?xxx

      • Arshdeep

        Even if viplav is seriously injured that tripathi family? wont leave dhani…all blame coming to her..!!
        I wish dhani saves viplav with her prayers…
        Just like viplav saved dhani in kaviya di ff ?

      • Nimisha ?

        It’s crazy, but I feel super sad.

        In that same OLV he Mishal did mention murder as well didn’t he.

        They better blo*dy not have killed him off!

        It’s been cold and wet here too. About as miserable as I now feel.

        I’m actually out tomorrow but I might have to find somewhere to watch it on my phone.

        That look at the end was as haunting as when Dutta is in the back of the black van when Mishal left LTL.

      • Nimisha ?

        Thanks Porkodi. I feel we all need a group hug!


  24. Omg if viplav ko kuch hogaya again ishq(dhaani) ka rang safed hojayega.
    Dhaani will become again widow .
    I think our director planned to bring new role that is viplavs elder brother.
    My mind was wandering here n there now wat will happen.guys pls anyone have spoiler about tmrs episode tell yaar.

  25. Episode was gud.loved d way dhani stood with her der chemistry n caring for each other. But precap is horrible. Viplav should nt die at any cost.otherwise trp ll b director never make did happen.without mishal ikrs is nothng

    • Porkodi

      Yes all were happy since morning.. but this precap and raja made us so sad.
      Today also u have won the first comment. Cup is sure for u. Dont forget to collect it from Louella.

    • SARAS

      s arshadeep. . I was in such good mood n sat down to watch episode. . I didn’t find the episode interesting at all so watched in bits n pieces. .. but precap is even more horrible. .. I m feeling not good at all. .
      no mood to play the game also

      • Arshdeep

        Ya mood completely spoilt,..?

        But i will share my award for guesses of family mambers which louella asked with you mam.. i also felt bad wen many of my guesses were lost..
        So we both will share the award ??

  26. Yetty

    Oh my! I’m short of words just hope viplav is OK, I guess this will be the last of raja because everyone will be focusing on viplav now.
    It will be a good time for dasharath to come clean in order to save his family ( repentance time).
    Horrible parenting on the part of raja’s mom, she knows the deal already but she can’t be bothered —– greedy set of people.

  27. The episode was gud. Love d way vidhani. Care n protect each other.the mist beautiful scene is when dhani protected her husband.but precap is horrible. If viplav ll die den trp ll b director ll nt take any risk without viplav.

  28. vaishnavi more

    in todays epi i liked dhaanis speech excellent n very good acting eisha
    but the precap is too much scary i hope vipu ko kuch na ho

  29. Sujie

    Precap is scary….. too much scary…… I seriously don’t want anything to happen to Viplav……. Really don’t want ViDhaani to separate by any means

  30. Arshdeep

    Louella according to me award should only be given to the person who guessed first.. others should not get a point for that.. they can simply copy others and write
    My opinion is this.. accept only if u think it is right
    Otherwise ignore please

  31. Yetty

    Agrrrrrr, comments are hanging somewhere, I’m tired now
    Will be back later when I can post my thoughts without any hindrances

  32. Anne

    Poor Shalu,I hope she finds a nice boyfriend to take her out and about. What does she need to marry for….she’s too young anyway
    She just needs s bit of fun with boy and girl friends for a few years..
    Surely kanak wants her kids to be happy, she should realise now that Dhaani and viplav will never part and accept it.?

  33. Yetty

    On a lighter mood, well done guys, you did very good today comments day.
    It was hilarious, I personally enjoyed every bit of it.

  34. pmaiatianrv

    yes I’m Nima ?
    jumble name is nima parvati.
    arshdeep got full marks.
    Dr sweety got half marks. ☺

  35. Porkodi

    In todays episode viplav looks so tired. Because of this raja Viplav had forgotten to smile. Diretorji pls bring our old naughty viplav. Remove aswathi family from ikrs. Totally irritating to see Raja and his mom.



    you are the first thing to enter my mind in the morning
    and the last thing to leave my heart at night

    how many friends here agree with me???

    • Yes anneji I too want to know this .
      Guys pls make note this who hided the names today come out with ur original names with duplicate .we all want to know who r all inn .in yesterday comments day.
      For example I made dhaani viplav tripati in jumbled name today I change it into clear form with my original u all people do the same thing so that we can know which people at wat name.pls do it.

  37. BR

    good evening

    to days epi ………? dhani asked super question and the best answer …….. i read all the epi now only 1 RL ENTRY WASTE……2…. WHY RAJA WANDERING IN BANARAS ?….. 3 WHIT OUT KNOWING ANY PERSON … AND ROWDY RAJA …….. HOW DT TOLD RAJA TO MARRY SHALU IF HE FINISH DHANI …………4… MAHA BHOG ONE CANNOT COOK FULL MEAL . WITH FEW VEG ….. SOME THING REAL ALL R REEL

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Renu. Me too. Missed you today.

      Horrible episode, wasn’t it? ???

      I do hope he’s alright, I mean Viplav but also Mishal. Xxx

      Hope you’re well and that you had a great day lovely. Xxx

  38. rupitarir

    yesterday who guessed my correct jumbled name are

    1. Maria
    2. Mishal( I think u r Am )
    4. Prachi
    5. Shanitics

    Who guessed my original and jumbled name are



    I am Porkodi (Tripurari)

  39. Arshdeep

    @louella dear thank you so so so much for the awards…
    I will surely come to receive these awards ?????
    I m sooooo happy !!!!
    Thnks a lot ??

  40. Arshdeep

    Okay guys here i take a break from you all….
    I really enjoyed today..!!
    Thanks to everyone ?? specially louella and swetha..
    It was a memorable day for all of us ?
    Guys all the best for tomorrow !! Rock it as today ??
    I wont be commenting anymore.. dont really have tym now.. will come back on 30th april to get ur best wishes and relax myself before exam..
    Hope you all will remember me !! ?
    Pray for my exams please… ?
    And please announce the winner asap.. i will be delighted to receive more awards ???

    • Nimisha ?

      Aww Arshdeep. Will miss chatting with you but we’ll be here when you’re finished with the exams!

      Good luck with your journey to the centre. And remember you are amazing and wonderful and super intelligent so you’ll be fine. Just e you and do the best you can.

      Will be thinking of you on the 17th.

      Lots of love and hugs and all the best

      • Arshdeep

        Thank you soo much di ??
        Talking to you makes me feel like i am talking to my elder sister..????
        You are a good guardian for me..??
        Love you ??
        Will give my best in exams?

      • Nimisha ?

        I am your older sister Arshdeep. Honestly you come across as such a lovely, happy, down to earth but extremely intelligent person, you are gonna do fine. And I’m proud to call you my little sis! ???

  41. saranya

    Sorry guys i was on a sick leave but now i am alright,hope u all are fine and everything is going good.i didn’t even read any of ur comments on past few days bcz of fever and of course a big hai to everyone here.

    • Nimisha ?

      Sorry to hear you weren’t well Saranya, get well and look forward to seeing your comedy genius back in action soon.

      I think we all need cheering up today!

      Take care

    • nima

      hamari pyari saranya pata hai hum logo ne tumhe kitna miss kiya….ab kaisi ho? feeling better now….take care of your health dear ?

  42. saranya

    Tmrw will be a memorable day in that cheap Psycho’s life.bcz i am going to cut his hands.he made a big mistake by thinking to kill dhani and made a big big big big mistake by stabbing viplav.nothing will happend to dhani’s viplav,that’s 100% sure.but Raja has to pay for this,that too is 100% sure.

  43. Nimisha ?

    The whole episode was odd today,

    Viplav seemed to nit have much to say at all. When he was being accused, when he was being attacked, and then when he got stabbed, there didn’t seem to be any fight in him… Also his expression at the end was a bit haunting.

    Really enjoyed comments day, but feel thoroughly depressed. I really hope they haven’t killed him off as he has been the energy in the show, the catalyst for change.

    A lot of the programme montages only featur the female characters so I wouldn’t read too much into it just being Dhani on the IKRS poster.

    I would normally watch it again on the to, but can’t bring myself to. Too much screen space to the mega creeps.

    Dhani’s speech was good, but it felt a bit out of place in that situation.

    Don’t understand why Viplav’s character was so quiet. Was it almost like a eulogy… ???

    • Yetty

      Nimmy dear, the is another twist to bring out Raja’s reality in the open.
      The whole team will be sympathetic towards Viplav now.
      Just waiting to see the actual reaction that dasharath and kanak put forward, we will then know if they’re in it together.

  44. Nimisha ?

    On a positive note, Mishal is ok. It’s just his character that hot hurt.

    I,m going to keep repeating this to myself. Over and over and over,

    • Anne

      Feel the same Nimisha, sort of deflated like LTL all over again .
      If DT and kanak still hate Dhaani after this ….#*”&”*=+:;(
      I think Misha! Is quiet ,cos as an actor he realises its a big scene for Aisha and is giving her space..
      Prob 2 hours afore you see this lol.

      • Anne

        And absolutely chucking it down now ((raining)) with a promise of snow for morning.
        Oh joy…..the weather in India always looks hot and sunny part of the reason I watch I

      • Nimisha ?

        How ridiculous is it to feel so blooming sad over a TV character. I need to get a grip! If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know.

      • Nimisha ?

        KT and DT will blame her for him getting stabbed, hurt, or worse. They tried to make out it was written in her stars that she was destined to be a widow. They are utter b*^%#rds!

      • Nimisha ?

        The chance of snow… In April…. Lucky lucky you. We,ve had about 3 flakes this winter. Love the stuff but never see any.

        I also love watching serials partly for the glorious sun.

        That and Mishal.

        I actually hate the show makers for ending today’s epi with that precap, I’m properly scared to watch tomorrow, don’t think I could cope with him not being okay.

    • Anne

      B&Q do a good range , I know what you mean though , sometimes I feel sad that I’m too old ,too plain,and too BL**DY tired after a life time of flogging myself,and for what?..To get a crush on some unattainable TV actor… !!!!
      Never mind me..just get uncomfortable moments of clarity.
      They don’t last long ?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        B&q do a good range of….. What?

        I feel exactly the same. I still feel, in my head, about 18.. Ready to start off my adventure in the world and then spi see myself in the mirror or see a saga ad and am reminded that that was a very very very long time ago.

        I feel exactly the same. I have never known what I wanted to ‘do’ in my life and now that I am probably too old to do my dream job, it finally comes to me.

        Also feel the same about getting a huge mega crush on an unattainable actor, but I figure I can dream, and be younger than I am and slimmer than I am and def prettier than I am in my dreams.

        Time can take away my yoof, but it’ll never take my dreams!

        I,m sending you a very big empathetic bear hug Anne. I total let where you’re coming from… Apart from the what you can get in B&q bit ?

      • Yetty

        Hahaha, Nimisha and Anne calm down its Friday night, watch a film, go out with some friends, invite the grandkids home, go to spa or go window shopping this are my therapy, it works wonder

  45. Yetty

    Ahhhhh, just finished watching ikrs .
    I hope Viplav is going to be alright. when I read stab, I thought it was a knife but alas it was an iron rod.

  46. Nimisha ?

    Ok, so just had a nosey over on IF and the consensus there is that Viplav will be okay, but will be in hospital fr a while/few days. Folks over there are going for/predicting a separation track.

    DT and KT will accuse Dhani and make her believe that Viplav got hurt because of her vidhva yog/kundli’s dosh. So Dhani returns to the Ashram(some saying in white) and then she and her mum will leave to go to the place where Sarla kaki’s place was at, which will start the Dulaari Ma story.

    Meanwhile VIPs will recover, and after a short seperation he and Dhani will be reunited.

    To be honest, this sounds better than Viplav not surviving… But, of all the stories that have been unanswered to go back to blaming Dhani and making her leave feels like a repeat of what’s already happened…

    Some other folks believe it will be that Viplav suffers memory loss and Dhani leaves but he doesn’t know this.

    The funniest one, was that Dhani is made to believe Viplav is dead, but he has memory loss, she is oreggars with VIPs child and Pankaj steps in to save the day and look after her. Then 2 years kater VIPs gets his memory back and comes looking for her to find her married to Pankaj.

    Anyway, I don’t feel any better but it gives me a teeny bit of hope that it isn’t a forgone conclusion that they are getting rid of Viplav.

    • Yetty

      Is this real, will the coming episodes go in this direction? I won’t be happy if it goes this way, why would pankaj marry dhaani,.
      So many questions to answer.
      I want a different twist, oh my dear vipu will be without his shield for two years that’s alot.
      Also I wouldn’t expect dhaani to marry someone else so soon. (2years)

      • Nimisha ?

        Yetty, I think the Pankaj Dhani thing was a joke over on IF. I was just looking for answers and came across those things being talked about. Sorry if I confused you by implying that it will happen. It’s just what the folks over there were talking about.

  47. Nimisha ?

    I need to distract myself so am going to go and watch LTL.
    Mishal Mishal Mishal my cup runneth over with love for you!

    Anne, Yetty and anyone else who is still awake, I’ll be back.

  48. Anne

    Crikey !!!! Don’t like any to be honest.but anything is better than death…at least it leaves us with hope .
    I think he’ll survive but I think there may be more milage in rajas story. Why did Dhaani marry his brother ? Rajas dad must be a mine of information about stuff. I hope we find out tomorrow how Viplav is and they don’t drag it out for days.?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes, me too Anne. To have that dragged out any longer than I overnight tonight would be too painful.

      Goodnight to you and Yetty!


  49. Nimisha ?

    Goodnight to everyone over here

    Good morning to everyone over there.

    Hope you all slept well. My head is still replaying that awful precap.

    Love and hugs xxx

  50. Sujie

    Good morning everyone……..
    Precap abhi bhi windmill ki tarah dimaag mein ghum raha hai….ab toh hoga vo aaj ke episode mein hi pata chalega…… hope its an awful dream….. please don’t let anything happen to Viplav

  51. saranya

    Oh Mr.Silent Reader Raj,so today is ur birthday.Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Raj.may God bless u to fulfill all ur dreams and all the best to enjoy ur busy active life ahead.

  52. saranya

    Thanks everyone for wishing me a speedy recovery and welcoming me back.i am perfectly alrighty now.hope i can comment from today evening.

  53. Hi frnds we all enjoyed our comments day but yesterdays episode gave most disappointment to all of us with its stupid story.I was still in kharab mood.
    Saranya iam happy ur back pls give us energy with ur funny com to tolerate this yaar.
    And pls take care of ur health dear.

  54. AM

    only for the horrifying precap …we all forgot about today’s comment day …. 🙁 🙁 .. comments day become flop little for today ….

  55. shanitics

    Happy good morning to all… Life is short So enjoy it Do every stupid things Do something wrong… Because even wrong train can take u to the right station…. Live not for life but live for the moments my family ?….
    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?
    Keep smiling ?

  56. shanitics

    Precap is horrible but I think knw we can c hospital ? romance… Hihihi
    Or it would be dream… I think Raja is gonna bid a gud bye for the time being and someone is going to say hi… It seems According to our family ? source,misha didi, thy have shot 4 two songs.. Soo some romance is waiting for us

  57. shanitics

    Nice to c many old members back like Raj.. Anya chechi… BR mam… Renu and so..
    Anya chechi missed u… Hows ur health and by the way I have sent friend request to u on FB.. My name is swetha Swetha

  58. shanitics

    Happy birthday ? Raj bro…
    May all u be able to achieve everything in ur life…. May God shower all his blessing on u

  59. ahanaa

    The story is progressing in a slow pace and giving some amount of dissappiontment…… I can also imagine kanak blaming dhaani and bringing about that vidhwa yog………. hmmmmm lot of things to unfold

  60. ahanaa

    I cannot feel the same jhosh or energy as yesterday….. hmmm is our interest fading…. keep commmenting and have a wonderful day 🙂

  61. ahanaa

    Hmm but i must say when dhaani came in front and spoke about good and bad deeds and also stood up for viplav was amazing…. hats of to u dhaani….. hope we can seee more of this hidden courage in you…..
    Wat say frnds……….. ????
    when they know that if dhaani is harmed, viplav willl also get harmed why do they try……………….. DT u r too cunning and i present to you,…..The award for being such a selfish sly person…. Do accept it DT

  62. aish

    Good morning friends, how are u all. Comment day was interesting though I didn’t make a guess still very interesting.

  63. aish

    I think we shouldn’t think of death towards viplav as I blv the serial is incomplete without him.
    To Mr director I know u do read our comment or u have someone close to you that reads it, WE IKRS FANS AND VIDHANI DIE HARD FANS SAYS IT A NO TO THAT. THINK POSITIVELY

  64. Sujie

    I am hopeful that nothing will happen to Viplav…….
    Now if Kanak blames Dhaani inspite of seeing Raaja smilrking when Viplav was being questioned….then she would be a fool….. AND DT the biggest hypocrite…when he knows whenever someone tries to harm Dhaani, then that would ultimately harm Viplav…then why do they try to separate them…aaram se jine kyun nahi dete????
    One more thing….when Dhaani’s relation was fixed with Tripurari,then that kundli and all was not considered…then why talk about that now….. Viplav Dhaani ka pyaar hi unki kundli hai …….samanjhte nahi hai morons….
    Praying that nothing will happen to Viplav…..and DT tu toh narak ki aag mein jalke bhasm ho jaayega…..bata rahin hoon main

  65. Nima

    good news frns go n check the slam book on IF, die hard fans of MR page on fb n YouTube they posted Mishal Raheja’s video ?

    • Sujie

      checked….. 🙂 even a simple interview of Mishal with his to die for Smile makes me feel so good

  66. Sujie

    I realised kal ke jitna josh nahi hai..aaj comments day ke din…… probably because of the precap…..but friends….keep commenting…..and expressing your views…..

  67. Eshani

    i have a strong feeling viplav (Atleast am hoping for it) will not die may be hurt for few days and ya KT for sure wil blame dhani….the story could have been like raja trying to kill viplav and dhani comes in between n gets hurt so tht KT and DT wil know how much thy love each other may be this could have transformed them….

  68. VIPLAV

    hey friends watched slam book of mish wow i came to know more about him by this
    thanks to india forums
    is there anyone in twitter?????????????

  69. shanitics

    Misha didi how are u hope u r fine.. VIP has been stabbed I am sure ur heart has been got a small crack… Is it???

  70. shanitics

    I think now Vip will come to some problem but due to Dhaani’s prayer he will come back to life..

    • AM

      tere muh pe ghee shakkar …year bat sach nikla to 😛 😛 …. sablog fb pe mujhe dat rahe hae because I gave a false spoiler about viplav’s death on April fool day …. 😛 😛 … tera bat sach nikle ye mera dua hae 😛

      • Fatarajo

        Mujhe bhi Bohot dat mili because I also did April fool that day that vipu’s charcter will die , I hope whatever you say becomes true

  71. shanitics

    Since our director always give a new idea behind every scene.. I think it would be a dream sequence or director is trying to unfold another mystery…
    Just take the example of tat kitchen romance when every one falls from stool in all serial thy will fall down but in our serial thy didn’t fall down but stood upright… And romanced…
    So director is always trying to bring out unique scenes ao donot worry guyss.. Be cool

  72. Yetty

    Happy Birthday Raj, enjoy every bit of it.
    Many more beautiful years ahead with fulfilment of destiny. Have a blast

  73. Yetty

    I will see you later everyone, yesterday was very except ikrs precap.
    Looking on the bright sides, we are all here to cheer each other up?

  74. keerthi

    Hi Guys… yeah Shanitics.. Even I guess soooo.. But director should not mess up a lot… bcoz without mishal I cant imagine IKRS….

  75. Louella

    Happy birthday Raj.
    Have a great weekend and a great day.
    May God bless u with the gifts of happiness and joy.

  76. Louella

    Friends, plz don’t take tension about the precap. It can never happen that our vakil babu aka viplav will die. The writers at least have this much sense that the show is going on only bcoz of the beautiful chemistry of Viplav and Dhaani. So be happy and enjoy ur comments day as well as the weekend. If u all will take tension then how will we enjoy our comments day. And also the old members r back. So we should be happy.

  77. Hlo frnds.i just checked mishal interview on dir hard fan Page. He is very simple n honest person.his smiling face n simple smile n frank nature make me fall for him again n real lyf he is also a gud person

  78. I don’t think Vipu’s character will die, because if his character die IKRS would have gone off air . But it didn’t , anyways we can get the answer by today’s episode

  79. shanitics

    Prachi di if misha didi saw tat interview then surely she will start to love mishal instead of Viplav and will touch heaven

    • Nimisha ?

      I try and watch ALL his interviews as I LOVE him. My Mishal Mishal Mishal my cup runneth over comment last night was after watching the slam book. OMG never was a more gorgeous man created! I mean personality first and then his outer gorgeousness! ( swoon, wobble, faint….thud ?????)

  80. shanitics

    Ikrs is incomplete with vidhaani… IKRS is Vidhaani.. Its there ethernal love story… Dhaani is incomplete without Viplav and Viplav is incomplete without Dhaani…. If ikrs has this much fans and trp then its only because Vidhaani… There nok jhok chocolate ? romance shower romance… All completes ikrs soo my dear friends live the moments Think positive

  81. Anne

    Good morning / afternoon to everybody, have a great day and I hope we are all relieved after today’s episode.
    Nimisha ,thanks for your reply I could have written it myself ,,I know exactly what you are saying..Even on here I feel too old sometimes……
    Yetty , thanks I will take your advice .
    Any way.onwards and upwards.

    Finish each day
    And be done with it
    You have done what you could
    Some blunders and absurdities
    no doubt crept in
    Forget them as soon as you can
    Tomorrow is a new day
    Begin it well and serenely
    and with too high a spirit
    to be encumbered
    with your old nonsense.

    Anyway ..looking forwards to tonight pray Shaadi Vaadi has subtitles llll?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      I’m always soooo relieved if what I write makes sense. As I do ramble on. I too feel too old on here sometimes, but I have gained two sisters, swetha and Arshdeep and lots of lovely friends and there’s no age limit to that.

      Yes Yetty, thank you for your wisdom.

      Anne, that Emerson poem is lovely. Thank you.

      And even if shaadi vaadi doesn’t have subtitles, you can probably still figure it all out esp when Mishal is on screen. He’s not in it that much, but boy he knows how to make an impact! Mishal on the screen…. Boom, I’m floored! Lol!!!

  82. Nimisha ?

    Good morning/afternoon ishqaholics!!!

    Hope you are all well.

    I feel like Sujie, woke up and that scene is still going round and round in my head too.

    Sorry for all my down beat comments last night, I actually felt properly traumatised. See Mishal is too good of an actor, even in silent scenes and his eyes in yesterday’s were filled with shock and fear and that meant I was filled with shock no fear.

    Anyway, Swetha, I did see the slam book yesterday and Mishal is AMAZING!!! He does seem like a genuinely lovely man. When he was talking about his cloud 9 moment, he was genuinely bashful. Lovely to see.

    Anyway, fingers crossed about the 2 song sequences spthat were mentioned on that OLV. Can anyone else remember seeing that?

    Also fingers crossed that the murder he mentioned wasn’t Viplav’s.

    I also saw some comments about Viplav’s brother coming into the show over on IF but didn’t read too much about it.

    Right then, let’s get ready for another comments day, shall we? I’m around for only a short while today as am out celebrating my nieces 18th birthday with a lovely posh afternoon tea at a nice hotel in London and then a party back at their house. But I will be eager to watch the episode later and also to check back with you all later.

    Happy Saturday everyone! Xxxx

  83. SARAS

    good morning friends. . I know all are worried for vipu..
    I will tell u two probable options. .
    1. It’s a dream sequence as raja is not foolish to show his anger in front of everyone he is very cunning like snake. .. if he tries to kill in front of so may purple he will definitely go to jail. .

    2. even if he does its a plan of vip.. he would be prepared to face stabbing so nothing will really Happen but will bring out his true colors to everyone. .

    just chill guys

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi SARAS

      If it is a dream sequence, that would explain why Viplav was soooo quiet and why Raja was given sooo much to say… But… Would raja have had Dhani defend Viplav so vehemently in his own dream??

      Also, in the mandir, alllll those people, and raja still managed to spike the Kalash? That could have been a dream.

      Also, Anne asked yesterday about why DT,s religious duties would be passed down to Viplav, is that normal? I felt sorry for him, esp as Dhanni seemed to be suggesting it was his duty. Like he said he,s a lawyer.

      Anyway, hope it is a dream sequence. And hope he didn’t get stabbed. But hope raja gets caught and gets arrested. I don’t think I could handle it if he went on the run, and the prospect of him reappearing would be too much of a dark cloud. A bit like when tips went in the run.

  84. Anne

    Good morning / afternoon to everybody, have a great day and I hope we are all relieved after today’s episode.
    Nimisha ,thanks for your reply I could have written it my self
    Anyway ..looking forwards to tonight pray Shaadi Vaadi has subtitles llll?xxx
    BTW have u seen MR s entry in Wikipedia
    Link to old interview at bottom. Hearth and Home. ??not sure
    Any way,gives very precise details of his address !!! Don’t know if he still lives there, but almost invites stalkers and burglars!
    Shame no street view !!??
    See you later tesco here I come….. Oh the glamour !!!?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Morning/afternoon Renu!

      How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday so far.

      Loved all your comments yesterday, my kept getting stuck so hen they all came through about 4 hours later I sounded like the complete loon that I am. ?

    • Sujie

      Renu…raj ko thodi na purple ke bare mein pata hoga….its Rahul and Purple…. Raj nahin…..
      Hamare TU page ke ViDhaani hai Rahul and Purple……..

  85. Nimisha ?

    Everyone…. I’m worrying about the 2song sequence thing I mentioned yesterday?

    Did anyone else see that in the OLV interview? I’m sure I didn’t imagine it…

    Could the 2 song sequence ps have already been shown? The first being the kitchen net scene, and the second being the scene where Viplav gives Dhani her floor jewellery for the mahabhoj?

    I feel like I’m giving false hope of more romance, although the creators haven’t let us down in that regard.


  86. AM

    hi anyone know the new show ” shakti” replacing which show ?? there was a rumour that balika badhu was going to offair ..but that will not happen because it is taking a leap and mahi vij( LTL lead ) will be in lead role .. so khatra ke talwar IKRS ke siir pe puri tarah se hae …agar ikrs end nahi hua to timeslot 6 pm ko change ho sakta hae …
    crossed your finger guys 🙁 🙁

    • Nimisha ?

      I saw on another thread on here someone speculating that it could be IKRS because of the low trp. ???. I sincerely hope not.

      I watch
      TPK, Kasam, krishndasi, and of course IKRS and I really don’t get the TRP ratings because in my honest opinion, IKRS is by far the best. And I mean by a long long way.

  87. Nimisha ?

    Anne, I linked to the slam book above, but if it doesn’t work, then, Google India forums Mishal Raheja slam book and you should find it.

    Not sure why it’s called a slam book, but it’s basically an interview. A very good one too.

  88. Nimisha ?

    Just wondering about the two song sequences that he mentioned in that OLV…. Did anyone else see that?

    I’m worried that I’ve imagined it and am giving you all false hope.

    I’m also wondering if we’ve had them both, the net in the kitchen scene and also when Viplav gifted Dhani the flower jewellery for the mahabhoj. But they were both to the ishq vishq song, I thing so assumed that wasn’t what he meant… But maybe it was.

    Apologies if this appears twice… I typed it out and then it went pfft…


  89. shanitics

    Misha didi just u fall behind Vip in the same manner I use to love shahid kapoor only difference is that u love him as ur hubby and I love shahid kapoor as a brother…. During my school days my friends used to tell something bad abt shahid Kapoor and I used 2 scold them.. Misha didi never ever say tat u are old… Age is just a number…. Its ur feelings and thoughts tat make u aged or young always do some stupid foolish things It will male ur brain and heart feel young and I am sure u will forget abt age…
    Misha didi sometimes we have to do some stupid things then only we can say we have enjoyed our life.. We can do stupid things only to our loved ones so u can do stupid things here. Because we all love u.. We have to enjoy every bit of our life…. So do Watever u want to do..

    • Nimisha ?

      Swetha, how did you get to be soooo wise at such a young age.

      You’re absolutely right!

      I don’t always feel old. Quite the opposite. Growing up I was always known as paagle/pagli by my family as I have always been the clown. My sisters and cousins affectionately call me Miranda, after an English comedian who is hilarious.

      It’s just that Anne’s comment about moments of clarity, really hit home. I also have those, but worry not, they are few and far between.

      I have my kids who are 8 and 6 to help keep me young.

      My Mishal thing is very weird for me as I have never felt like that about an actor before. When I first watched him, I wasnt drawn to his looks. It was his amazing acting ability. I think I find his personality the most attractive, like a delicious cake you can never get enough of. I now think he is utterly gorgeous but his outer gorgeousness is just like the icing on that most delicious cake, if that makes sense,

      Anyway, I’m waffling, how’s your Saturday so far?

  90. akdhora pesnirotc

    continuing the spirit of jumbled comments day..

    pehechano koun???
    I m almost regular commentor..
    These days I m more interested ib ikrs family than ikrs serial lol…

  91. Nimisha ?

    I said up there somewhere that I’m eager to watch today’s episode. I’m not though… I’m actually scared… ???

  92. SARAS

    nimisha that song sequence isv telecasted already. . One shower scene the other dance during mahabhog..

    n the murder he was talking about was a joke. . he told everything ppossible in a story need not be here in ikrs.. n that too even actors will not story so much in advance. .
    everyday when they arrive at sets they will know what will happen next. .

    • Nimisha ?

      Thanks Saras.

      I was living in the hope of the 2 new song sequences too. The shower one was awesome.. So I shouldn’t be too greedy. ?

      Thanks m’dear! Xxx

  93. shanitics

    Since there is no school nowadays I don’t even know which day is this?
    Totally went out of connection

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi again.

      I am Gujarati so speak that with my family.

      I try and teach it to my kids with odd phrases here and there but my other half is English so at home we are very much English speakers.

      What about you? Xxx

  94. Nimisha ?

    Right, I’m going to head off soon so everyone, have an Amazing comments day 2.

    I might check H Hasan,s next update thread before watching the episode as not sure I’ll be able to go into it without knowing what’s happened.

    See you on the other side of that.

    I may have a glass of wine or 3 so apologies in advance if my rambling is even more erm… Rambley than usual.


  95. Yetty

    Hello everyone, hope your Saturday is going on fine.
    Mine is great, just finished working, it’s half a do today so I’m all in for the comment day 2

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.