Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani saying that Rakshas knows everything. She says she is afraid that he will betray them and says she should not go. Raj Lakshmi comes opening her hairs, and says she is ready. Dulaari asks Dhaani to go, and asks Raj Lakshmi to help her in kitchen. Lala comes to Dasharath and tells there is a case hearing again. Dasharath asks why you are worrying, when you refers me as your God. Nobody can harm me as you are under my shelter. He says your destiny is changing for good. Viplav and Tania are standing outside the Ashram and plans about the bill. Dhaani comes and says we have to rush. Viplav and Dhaani start fighting verbally. Dhaani says I have enmity towards your jokes. Viplav says you are so rotten. Tania says lets go. They sit in the car and goes. Dhaani requests

the electricity dept to give 3 years bill slips. The man refuses to give her 3 years slip and says he can only give 2 months bills. Viplav comes and asks the man to understand the woman’s problem. He shows the note and tries to bribe him. Dhaani says it is not right. The man says time is up and the counter is closed now. Viplav shows the money. The man agrees to give her bill in the morning. Dhaani says I convinced him to give bills without a bribe. Viplav says okay. He gives her chocolates. Dhaani gets happy and says Maayi used to give her same chocolates. Viplav says atleast you have taken something from me. He says you should stopped fighting with me. Dhaani asks when did I fight? You start again and again. Viplav says when did I start and argues. Dhaani says you are strange and shouting again.

Next day at the court, Badi Amma asks Tania to call Viplav as he didn’t come till now. Tania calls her Nani and says she will call Viplav. Badi Amma gets moved by her goodness. Tania calls Viplav. Viplav tells that he gets duplicate papers and asks if DM came. He says he is reaching in 2 mins. Dhaani is still in car. Viplav locks the car unknowingly while talking on phone. Dhaani shouts asking him to open the door. She tries to open the door. Viplav comes inside and tells Badi Amma that they will not lose the car. Badi Amma asks him about Dhaani. Viplav recalls locking the car and runs to bring her. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..He holds his ears, apologizing to her. He opens the door and says sorry. Dhaani scolds him and says don’t know how you will fight the case. Viplav keeps hand on her mouth and apologizes. Tania comes out and asks them to come.

Dasharath does some puja. Viplav is being informed that the case is postponed as Lala ji got heart attack. He says it is a very bad news. Until the case comes for hearing again, I will go to America, then how will I fight the case. Badi Amma faints. They bring her to hospital. Viplav asks Tania to wait and says he will do the paper work. He asks Dhaani not to worry. Viplav hears Lala talking to his wife and tells he is acting as Dasharath told him to do so. He says don’t know until when I have to be in the hospital. Viplav is shocked and enters in. He says if you obey me, then you don’t have to stay here even for a day. If I proof your lie then you can get jail term. Lala feigns heart attack again. He asks his wife to call the doctor fast. Viplav asks him not to act infront of him and asks to tell the truth. He asks why did Dada ji told you…..Lala says he took Dasharath’s name by mistake. Viplav asks him to tell truth. Lala says Dasharath is the main person behind this and asks to question him. Lala says I am saying truth. Viplav gets angry. Lala cries. Viplav comes home.

Kanak tells Dasharath is sleeping as he got tired after doing havan. Viplav goes inside his room and calls him. Dasharath acts to wake up and asks you both, what happened? Kanak says Viplav wanted to talk to you. Dasharath says if Viplav have some work with me, then he shall not wait. He asks Kanak to go from there. Kanak says okay. Dasharath asks do you have any problem? Viplav asks did you asked Lala to feigns heart attack? He says I don’t trust him. Dasharath says I don’t know what he is saying? How can you trust him. He says if anyone tells me anything against you then I will not believe me. He emotionally blackmails him and says I will keep maun vrat from now. Viplav is shocked.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First of all the update is late and now missed the percap also…
    Please if anyone saw precap then post it.
    Episode was good…

  2. Brity, I don’t believe the person doing the recap is under any obligation to do so. Apologies may be in order here.

  3. update was soo late ….and still missed precap? :@

  4. Actually Ritu,it was one of my best series.
    And outside the India,some colors channel are original.
    Only the original channel shows the series on time.
    So that’s why I got panic.Sorry Amena…

    1. Hi Britty, these days it is hard to find any good Indian serials. I am amazed that Amena doesn’t just give up in disgust after watching yet another episode of Tere Shehar Mein. I am outside of India and some of these serials are positively scary if what they depict is anywhere close to reality.

  5. I’m late…Huhh very slow updates ….even i got slept adi while waiting for t updates & dreams abot tis couples Vidhaani….hehehe.Brity,….t precap was awesome ….Dhaani helps t claypot seller to make pots bcos of Viplav’s mistake…. so when Viplav got knew about tat from Dulaari he also start to helps to do t pots together wit Dhaani….. (Dhaani sarees n faces all looked dirty while doin pots)…..happy watching ishq ishq ♡;)

  6. I hope today we will get quick update…
    Please Amena…

  7. Please update quickly. Its really irritating when u update 4 5 hours late..

  8. Precap was very nice in precap dhani was faint in viplavs arm viplav covers her with red chunni and very worried and says i am with u you’ll be alright. Wait for tom

  9. Now I am gonna become rakshash ..why update is slow … When you will update today’s episode …???

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