Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asthana telling Dhaani that he kept big party for her. Dhaani says you are a cheap man. Asthana asks her to cal yes for once. Dhaani asks what are you telling? Did you know? Kanak asks someone about washroom’s direction and is about to go. Kamini stops her and says she will take her to other washroom. Asthana asks Dhaani to agree to him and follows her while Dhaani runs from him. Dhaani shouts Viplav. Asthana asks her to stop her acting and says it is enough of your drama. Dhaani closes herself inside. Someone locks the door at Dasharath’s house. Dasharath thinks he has to go from backside window. Viplav changes his dress and comes near door. He sees door locked. Dasharath tries to go from back side window. Asthana asks Dhaani to agree and open the door, and says he

will give her money which she demands. He manages to come inside the room. Dhaani is on bed and asks him not to come near her. She shouts Viplav and calls him cheap man. Viplav is still at home as hears the noise. Dasharath hides from his view. Dhaani continues to shout for Viplav as Asthana tries to molest her. Dasharath manages to climb out of the window. Viplav hears the sound and thinks who might be the person.

Kamini increases the music system sound and comes to Dadi Bua. She asks where are you? Dadi Bua says if this is jalsa or mental asylum. She asks where is Sushma? Sushma comes. Kanak also comes and asks where did you go? Dadi Bua says she was outside. Kamini smiles. Dadi Bua says where is Dhaani? Kamini says she might be here and asks them to dance.

Asthana asks Dhaani to agree and offers to give her whatever she asks for. Dhaani asks what are you saying and shouts Viplav. Asthana holds Dhaani by her hairs and makes her fall on bed. He tries to force himself on her. Viplav comes holding papers in which Dhaani has written his name. Suddenly the papers fall from his hands. Viplav bends down to pick it. Dhaani sees God’s pendant in Asthana’s neck, and pushes him. She manages to escape from the room and comes to terrace. Asthana follows her and asks why are you acting? I am seeing that you are not agreeing to me although I am trying to convince you. Viplav picks the papers. Asthana keeps hand on Dhaani’s mouth so that she couldn’t shout. Dhaani manages to kick the plant pot from the terrace. Viplav is going inside and sees pot falling on ground. He looks up to see Asthana misbehaving with Dhaani.

Viplav shouts Dhaani. Asthana gets scared. Dhaani asks Viplav to save him. Viplav goes there and beats Asthana. Asthana apologizes to him. Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav hugs her and covers her with his coat. Dhaani says he is a cheap man. Viplav beats Asthana and asks will you make temple. Dhaani cries and asks Viplav to leave Asthana, as he might die. Viplav says I will expose you infront of everyone and takes him. Phool Chand asks Dasharath where was you? Before Dasharath could say anything, Dhaani comes and tells Dasharath that Viplav might kill him. Dasharath asks what? Viplav drags Asthana there, and threatens to kill him. Dhaani gives him promise and asks not to kill him. Everyone is shocked. Asthana apologizes again. Viplav says you don’t know what he has done. Phool Chand asks have you gone mad? Viplav says will you keep quiet if anyone tries to misbehave with your wife. Viplav says you are threatening me. Asthana says sati savitra, devi. He says just enquire about your wife’s doings. He says Dhaani goes to that defame bahar gali daily at night and says once I gave her lift and return her jhumkas which she lost on the road.

Viplav angrily asks Asthana to mind his tongue, and asks him not to take his wife’s name with his mouth else he will forget who is he? Dasharath asks Asthana to mind his tongue. Asthana says truth is bitter, I had saved her from police raid and says she is a pr*stitute in that bahar gali. Viplav gets very much angry and says yes, she goes to bahar gali..She has informed me. He says she goes there to learn and shows the paper. Kamini thinks Asthana might reveal my truth. She says you saw Dhaani in bahar gali and thought she is a pr*stitute. She says at one side, you are making temple on her name and at the other side you are misbehaving with her. Asthana says you are lying. Kamini says what do you mean that I have planned this. Viplav asks Asthana to stop it. Kamini acts innocent and says I thought he is a nice man and I tried to help him in his good work.

Phool Chand says I can’t believe what he has done, and will throw her out of community. Other Pandit says Dhaani is at fault too and says if she can’t study at day time. Viplav says yes, you said right, and says if I misbehave with your mum or sister, will you say same thing. He says these kind of people don’t wait for night. Phool Chand says I will support you and asks Viplav about her night school name. Viplav says Bhaskar night school. Phool Chand says pr*stitutes study there, and says cheap things, says he wants to die. Dhaani apologizes and says I am not knowledgeable like you, and says different types of people come to school. She says this land has bahar gali and chor gali, if you will not step on this land. Phool Chand says there is a way to live. Asthana says she has learnt enough and is now giving lecture to us.

Viplav says you are a judge, and asks did you learn what is equality in society. He says a teacher is teaching everyone and trying to make them have a place in society and you are speaking badly about him. He says you people are silent knowing what Asthana tried to do with Dhaani. He takes Kanak’s phone and says I won’t be quiet as Police will take a decision now. Phool Chand asks Viplav to leave him, and asks Dasharath to break his maun vrat. He asks if your widow ashram will permit you to go to that night school. Dhaani says I don’t care. Dasharath folds his hands and says I do care. He says Judge is punished for his sin, and tells Viplav that he has done right, but his respect will be ruined if they go to court. Viplav asks what are you saying? What is our crime? We haven’t done anything. He says Asthana will be ruined. He says I will tell everyone that he is not rakshak, but bhakshak. He says I won’t sit silent, and asks Dasharath not to feel pity on him. Dhaani says he thought a woman weak, and says now he will understand that the law is stronger who supports a woman. Asthana looks on.

Dasharath folds his hands and asks Viplav not to dragged the matter. Viplav says this man has not only insulted Dhaani, but also our family. How can I leave him. Dasharath says it is a matter of our respect now and asks him to apologize to Asthana for his sake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Genita

    Atlast the updates.., i really wished to see this epi bcz z i always liked to see the way vipu is suppporting dhani. Guyzz any retelecast

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe just now read all ur previous comments
      Sorry could not take part along with you all yesterday

  2. Amisha

    Genita, Viplav wasn’t only support Dhani and also his fam reputation too. It was nice seeing Viplav rushed to hug Dhani❤️

  3. Amisha

    Genita, Viplav wasn’t only supporting Dhani but also his fam reputation too. It was nice seeing Viplav rushed to hug Dhani❤️

  4. Genita

    I think iam the first to comment today… Anyways gudmorninig all.., wishing u a happy sunday.,,

  5. Arshdeep


    Mishal Back in action today
    He is best in everything but
    I think he does these roles the bestest..!!

    The way mishal held his collar…his head tightly…his anger was worth watching…??
    Ohh i loved it..???

  6. Arshdeep

    Dhani one line…will quote it soon…when she said that we are standing on same land and all that..and the bg music was just superb??
    Loved that part

  7. Arshdeep

    Dhani was awesome today
    The way she protected herself from that evil judge..her expressions everything was amazing????

  8. Arshdeep

    Did anyone notice DB expressions as she was completely unaware about kamini plans to molest dhani..
    And she looked very surprisingly at kamini..

  9. Saraswathi.j

    One of the action packed episode Viplav saved his wife ,the execution of the episode is excellent ,Viplav rocks,appreciate ,the way Viplav punish the judge without feat we need such type young youth to our India cvs please promote this type of cleaning our society now this is the need of India.

  10. Arshdeep

    VK knows all washrooms bcoz…
    Remember she came to his house one day before too…so she checked complete house…ki dhani ko kaise fasau..??????

  11. Arshdeep

    I had to bear my angry angry mom…to watch ikrs on tv..

    But still i watched it right at 6.30…?

    How could anyone miss MISHAL?????

  12. lekshmi

    i am so happy with today’s ep….love it ..keep rocking DT will stop vidha from proceding the case…hope viplav wll stand against DT this time…

  13. Genita

    I searched on online many times iam not getting it. I dont know is there any prob with my net or in youtube… Yesterday i didnt sleep bcz i waiting for 3:30 s repeat but they didnt show

  14. Arshdeep

    Good morning everyone..!!
    How are you all feeling after yesterday’s episode???
    Must be on cloud 9..??

  15. Arshdeep

    My whole family watched the episode yesterday… And my didi was like volume tez kar..sun nhi rha..!!
    She is actually never interested in my show… Tpk fan :/

    • Sujie

      Kartik….everyone has their own choice…. Don’t compare things and force your opinion upon others…
      You know what I also like these songs..both IKRS and YHM .but I never did like this….. Sabki Apni ek pasand hoti hI….so don’t do this kind of thing again

  16. Arshdeep

    DT must be asking to stop calling police not because of his respect but because he has taken a lot of money and jewellery at tuladan from him… so he will have to return that…
    Money minded person????

  17. Zee

    Good morning friends!
    The ep was blockbuster – much to say and ask, but later. For now…
    H Hasan – bahut der kar di meherbaan aaate aaate
    Arshi – hope ur studying well. I did in the first half but post lunch 🙁
    Renu – when do you sleep?
    Have a nice Sunday and keep commenting!

  18. vaishnavi

    what an epi yaar n mishal eisha u r just amazing aap dono ne kamal kar diya
    eisha u perform very well n mishal u too
    aaj toh meri nazare hat nhi rhi thi misha se
    but ek baat se upset hu kamini fir se bach gayi

  19. Sujie

    Hello everyone…… A very very good morning……
    Mishal Mishal Mishal…….. Aaj hum keh dena chahte hai Ki hum apse pyaar karte hai ……. Mishal aka Viplav you rocked…….. Superb performance…… Power packed ……. Loved the ViDhaani hug… Caring Viplav and Dhaani relieved in his arms…….. Bola tha Asthaana Ki what lagegi….. Kaamini’s turn is also coming………
    Feeling pity for DT 😀 :p …..apne hi Gharmai mein chori…..usko Apni ijjat pyaarI hai….

  20. shanitics

    Behind every angry women stands a husband who do NT knw what he did wrong? Have a joking Sunday….
    Keep on smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  21. shanitics

    And guyss to night thr will be sme romance …. Seen an olv… Viplav kissing ? Dhaani on her forehead… And going via her notes

  22. shanitics

    Misha di.. Whr u r”?? Ur posts are missing… U too on my track uh!! Posting on nxt day mrng!!

    • Arshdeep

      Studies not so well 🙁
      Mishal is distracting me 😛

      And didi exams are over..B.Sc she is now at home

      • Nima

        Arshi 1st you should concentrate your study then Mishal ok. ☺
        BT kya kare kehana jitna aasan hai vul pana utni hi mulkil hai na. khate,pite,sote,uthte,baithte har waqt. ab to dream me v aane lage ???????

      • Arshdeep

        Sachi yaar
        kehna jitna aasan hai..karna utna hi mushkil

        still try krungi..
        Mishal ne to apni life bna li..mujhe abhi apna future bana na h 😛

  23. Genita

    Kamini wears some kind of ornament on her hand. What is it called. I dknt like kaminis dressing style

  24. Nima

    @Genita, if have fb account then go n search Die Hard Fans of Mishal Raheja Video’s .
    all episode is there .enjoy☺

  25. Arshdeep

    Just now watched that olv
    Dhani is still in that black saree..
    Both are looking sooo sweet??????
    Could not hear anything but thats ok…will wait for todays episode to hear that??

  26. saranya

    La la la la la
    La la la la la
    La la la la la
    This time for Asthana
    A judge honorably recieved his valuable and deserving gifts from a junior but senior lawyer Viplav Tripathi.
    What a great news na!wow.even i bought a beautiful gift for that history Man Asthana,a beautiful flower bunch with a label on it RIP-REST IN that noone will try to molest or misbehave with a girl even in dreams.

    • Zee

      Ha ha ha. I love your gift ideas Saranya. Once you were gifting printed pyjamas to Raja :). Ppl call you comedy princess, that you are, But you are also the Gifting girl of IKRS!
      So what is your gift for DB, Kamini and chor DT? I actually have a suggestion for DT – a pair of handcuffs. Wt do you think?

      • saranya

        Hahahaha.a new title for me,The Gifting Girl of IKRS.just loved it yaar.thank u so much.and ya,u are right,handcuffs are ok but i would love to see Mr.Balloon in a flower printed green Pyjamas with a red t-shirt with a writing Banaras ka Balloon on it.cooling should be there hanging on his collar.And shoes must be yellow flower print.then only he can walk in style with handcuffs on his hand singing “gori tore naina”.

      • Zee

        ha ha ha…lovely get up for chor baloon, the best part is the song :).
        Wt will u give DB and Kamini?

      • Nima

        hahahaha….Saranya I can’t stop my laughing u r too good thats why l love ur comments ☺???

      • saranya

        Arey are u trying to make title song competition idiot Virus.then i am telling ikrs will only win.u wrote ur song in our page now its our turn
        “jeewan ka rang safed hai yaara
        Jeewan ka rang hai safed
        Jis rang mae sab mil jawe
        Jis rang mae sab mil jawe
        Kabhi kare na bhed
        Jeewan ka rang safed hai yaara
        Jeewan ka rang safed
        Sukh dukh mae jeena saku
        In mae karo na bhed
        Jaise gaawe geeth bansuri
        Jaise gaawe geeth bansuri
        Uss mae kitne ched
        Koyi na dekhe mere aansu
        Chup chup ke me ro lu
        Jeewan se har rang ruta
        Jeewan se har rang ruta
        Phir mae kaise bolu
        Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara
        Ishq ka rang safed
        Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara
        Ishq ka rang safed
        Ishq ishq rang rang
        Ishq ka rang safed
        Ishq ishq rang rang
        Ishq ka rang safed
        Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara
        Ishq ka rang safed”

  27. Porkodi

    Today arshi is in full form.Today I m seeing mostly ur comments only. Enjoy and increase our comments.

  28. Porkodi

    Arshi study well and prepare for the exam..Don’t get deviated…All the best for the future Dr

    • Arshdeep

      Thnku porkodi

      yes i am studying too..

      Thode din me mujhe gusa aa gya..maine bilkul band kar dena h yaha aana..

  29. Louella

    Good morning everyone.
    Have a great Sunday!!!
    Keep smiling and increasing our comments!!!

  30. saranya

    Situation Song To Viplav for today’s epi

  31. Louella

    Missed yesterday’s episode!!! What I did!!! But today I m not going to miss it. I have already told my mother that today I m not going to play. She said today we will watch ikrs, tpk and naagin together. I m very excited for today’s episode. Just waiting for it.

  32. Louella

    Wow! Today vidhani romance!!! Will not miss it anyhow!!! How many of you r waiting for today’s episode??

  33. Genita

    Thank u nima for the links… But in my place it is taking a lot of time to load… Dont know what happened tiday

  34. Louella

    Swetha di u had a game na. Plz tell us na. But now I m going out. Will play with u all later. But before I come u all should at least make it to 150 comments so that in the afternoon I bring monsoon of comments over here. At least 500 comments we need today.

    • saranya

      Yes Geni,i am commenting rarely na,its bcz of our IKRS only.i mean IKRS made me a comedy Princess na,now i am getting a lot of offers in films based on comedy scripts.that’s why i am little busy.just kidding yaar.i am a little busy,that’s why.

  35. Louella

    Arshi di if u will comment now then when u Will study ha? Accha bahana mil gaya comment karne ka.

  36. Louella

    Meghs di, Marees, Anisha, Anjum, Nimisha di, Zea, Swara, Avijit bhai, BR mam, Vaishnavi, Naty, Raj, Rajee, Akshay, Tamil, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Saras mam, Ahana di, Fatarajo, Pjain, Kavitha, Kaviya, Aish, Arshi and all those who r not commenting. Plz come back. We all need u.

  37. Mishalian❤

    Hi friends! 🙂

    Meet the new silent reader! ? Can I join? Of course I can! ? Lame joke! ? Btw, wish you all a Very Good Morning! ?

  38. Saraswathi.j

    In lost Dadi bua accept Dhaani as her bahuria and leave all her properties to Viplave and left for teertayatras.

  39. Nima

    hello again ☺
    yesterday’s episode was awesome tha hai na. Mishal’s angry looks OMG? I’m going to die now really jab Mishal Angry dekhte hai na aur v HANDSOME? dikhte hai??

  40. Mishalian❤

    Yep! Arshdeep, have done intermediate. Doing bsc. 🙂

    Hi Folrentina! ? Pleased to meet you too!

  41. So yesterday day was another mind blowing episode.. Excellent acting by mishal..hope to see his angry mood again n again.luv his way of acting in every situation. Again u proved DAT u r a phenomenal also eisha rocks in black saree..both d actors r superb
    Eisha is growing to b a perfect actress gradually. U both rocks.luv u ikrs team

  42. Nima

    good morning Florentina, n love you too.yes, who cares about time we care only our show n Mishal ???

  43. saranya

    Thank u all,Nima,Arshi,flora,Zee and everyone who enjoyed my comments.And i will try to comment everyday from today onwards.

  44. Maria

    Yesterday Mishal rocked his expressions omg ???
    Superb performance by eisha also…

    Loving their chemistry day by day…

    And the hug yesterday.. I was like awwww, that tight hug was needed..???????

  45. Nimisha

    Helloooooooo everyone!

    Welcome back comedy princess, Saranya! Lol at the image of the balloon! We missed you! Xxx

    Welcome Areeb! Xxx

    Soooo many comments, just caught up! I commented lots on yesterday’s thread.

    Episode was the most Awesomewalla one ever. Unfortunately VK seems to have got away with it again. Really hoe the CV,s bring her truth out soon as I cannot stand to look at her for 1 more second! Be gone you witch!

  46. Nimisha

    Arshdeep, if you live Mishal’s angry avatar, then when your studies are finished you MUST treat yourself to LTL. From the beginning if you can. I only watched it until he left the show, but OMG!


    • Arshdeep

      I used to watch it…not watched fully but many of the episodes..
      Will watch it all again after my exams
      Thank you

  47. Nimisha

    Swetha, hey lovely, I am here. Slot of my posts went missing yesterday, esp the one about Garima! Such exciting news.

    Hope you’re well my dear. Any luck with Twitter?

  48. Guys,after a long time i watched full episode. Now Ikrs is back on old colours again. Guys i had good news to you that dulari mai story will be revealed soon.we request her to see more action of aashram seen and nok jhok of our vidhani again.

  49. Nimisha

    Renu, hello, I sent you a message on Twitter. Let me know if you get it ok. When you can!


    • Sujie

      did you forget me??? Nimmy we had a deal right???
      How much I love Mishal no one knows…. Love you Misha Raheja….. And always willl…. I wanted to put heart wala emoticons here…but can’t put……. Anyways LOVE YOU MOSHAL……..MUAAHHH MUAAH…. A FLYING KISS FOR YOUR KILLER LOOKS….PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE….AND FOR THE REAL YOU….

  50. Nimisha

    Mishal, Mishal, Mishal, Mishal, Mishal, Mishal, Mishal, Mishal,

  51. Arshdeep

    Am i speaking a lot of non sense today…??
    If yes then i will shut my mouth ….i think so.. But not sure if i will be able to shut or not.. 😛

    • Nimisha

      No, never stop.

      Love reading your comments??????

      (and besides it distracts everyone from my constant stream of conciousness) ?

      • Nimisha

        I poured my heart out for my love of Mishal and also my love of Mishal’s feet on yesterday’s thread and feel I need to say it again, just in case he misses it! Lol! ?????

        LOVE YOU MISHAL!!!

      • Arshdeep

        Hahaha i read ur comment on mishal’s feet..

        I bet directors read specially ur comments..first they have shown ramdeen with VK..and now mishal feet

      • Nimisha

        I knowwww, right!

        I belieeeeeeeev that is the case.

        And they are going to introduce a new character too, a good person, called Nimisha!

        You wait, they will you know! Xxxx

      • Arshdeep

        Ohhh keep mentioning this thing again n again so that it is highlighted and they notice it??

        But say to introduce it in a positive character too….

        I hope they will listen???

    • Nimisha


      I Soooooo wish I lived in India! Xxxx (with Mishal )

    • Nimisha

      Yes of course with you, butvseriouslybif there was an option with Mishal then of course I would have to choose him, wouldn’t I? You understand.

      I realise it only be as his housekeeper, but… You know, sometimes.. Kuch Kuch Hoya hai might happen with him and ……

      I have obviously spent FAR too much time thinking about this.

    • Arshdeep

      Better than can be personal secretary of mishal
      Dont let any other girl meet him???

    • Nimisha

      That’s such a good way of describing it, a hangover. But a good one!

      Hello Sujieeeee ???

      • Sujie

        Dhanyabad Nima…. And let me tell you mero hridaya bhitra ..there is Mishal only…….besides all those arteries and vein pumping blood in and out 😀 😀 :<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  52. Sujie

    From yesterday i have started to think ki girls should get a husband like Viplav….ultimately like Mishal( sujie is blushing and has gone really really pink……..)……
    yesterday besides Viplav’s support for Dhaani ..another message for the society is that people have the rights of getting themselves educated…… Mana ki jos night school mein dhaani jaati hai….some pr*stitutes come there to study…but iska matlab ye nahi ki use bhi pr*stitute kehne lage…..
    Mishal’s dialogue was really welll…. HAA WO JAATI HAI BAHARGALI….HAME PATA HAI WOH JAATI HAI BAHAR GALI……. Mishal Eisha….love for you is growing each day….. Love you Mishal….muaah muaaaah muaaaahhhh( sujie is hiding her face as she is shy) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  53. Louella

    Now I m back. Arshi di, Maria, Nima and Nimisha di on a competition. Even Sujie has made an entry. Was reading all ur comments and I wad laughing. Nimisha di u r really jealous!! Maria pyaar ka hizaar kar hi diya!! There r so many ppl in competition here. Nimisha di I also wish u could be in India as my neighbour. I, u and my granny would sit together and watch ikrs with some snacks. It would be so fun.

  54. Louella

    Yesterday’s episode has made a magic over here!!! Everyone r in full mood over here. But Maria and Nimisha di r all set to make Mishal theirs. If Mishal will read all our comments he will go mad. Mishal if u r reading plz don’t get angry on our madness on u. We all love u so much. But Maria and Nimisha di remember that in ikrs Mishal aka Viplav is only of Dhaani’s and not urs. If u want Viplav u will have to go against Dhaani and she will start her marathon race and will chase u and u both will never come back again. Ohh!! I just can’t stop myself laughing.

  55. Louella

    Nimisha di and Maria r having a big war only for Mishal. Let’s see who wins. Nima, Arshi di and I r just watching the drama. Arshi di and Nima have been defeated and r now sitting and watching the drama with me. Dhaani be ready your soutans r coming. and not only one but two two r coming.

    • Arshdeep

      Hahaha ???
      I was never a part of it
      I love him but dont want to get him
      I believe sapne wo dekho jo pure ho??

    • Maria

      Haahha louella you made me laugh but I love only Mishal and we are not Dhàani’s sautan becoz she loves Viplav not Mishal 😉

  56. Louella

    Arshi di has given a good lecture to the moderators. Looks like the moderators r now posting our comments quickly. Go on Arshi di. Our comments r getting posted now.

  57. Louella

    I wish Mishal reads our comments and specially today’s comments. The upper ones. He will go mad. Nimisha di and Maria don’t fight so much or because of u maybe Mishal will never

  58. Hi arshu nimmy iam back☺☺had gone to sons hostel in morning n came some time ago only. At home wifi us there so had not realised that mobile data of phone was not working. Missed u ??

  59. Hi arshu i think all of us love mishal ???????????? even i love him to the core of my heart but never expressed ?☺

    • Nimisha

      I did Renu. I’m still laughing at my misreading your post. ????

      Thank you for your help. Blackberries here are totally different.


  60. shanitics

    U guyss all give ut names and I will pick a name.. And that person will get a chance to met mishal?

  61. Louella

    A new participant has entered in ‘Mishal is mine’ competition. So put your hands together for Renu Verma.

  62. Louella

    No arshi di he is the son of Ramdeen and Kamini. Ramdeen kept his name Rampura. Lekin yeh pura Ram nahi pura Raavan hai.


  64. Arshdeep

    So competition me abhi tak itne naam aye hai


    Nima ??

    Limited period offer..jaldi names submit karwao??

  65. Anne

    OK try 3rd time.
    Hello IKRS fans waiting for next epi…?
    I think Dadibua bolted the door ,she was asked where shed been at the party.?
    H.HASAN,update is superb thankyou?
    Here goes ….post comment….


    • Sujie

      Good point Renu……. YHM was good till a point….but meaningless drama spoiled it…..
      and viruses have come to us with the comparison of IKRS and YHM ……
      I want to ask these viruses….if they are saying YHM is best on this basis
      Whatever happens heroine is blamed…hero is brainless
      …heroine is a superwoman …can fight with terrorist…… Drive a bus with a bomb inside it….. Come out of the building destroyed by the earthquake without any major injury….. Does ghost drama to prove that villain is a villain…… Fight with crocodile and survive…… Is injured by bullet but can dance with full energy in the PINGAA with other dancers as if she was there teaching them dance all by herself …..
      Look idiots…. I don’t have any hard feelings for any actor of YHM…..they are doing their job..and are good …….but people like you make othe people hate these serials because of your silly comments……so I warn you morons to stay away…….
      Ham IKRS dekhenge….we will enjoy it…chat here with people …….. Kuch na karsakoge tumlog
      You won’t be able to do anything…….

  67. Sujie

    A song for Mishal from we fans who are commenting here continuously to make Mishal theirs……
    Mishal meri ankhon mein hai…..
    Mishal meri saason mein hai…..
    Bani bani bani re bani…
    Mishal Ki deewani bani….
    Ab kya kare dil deewana????
    I think I have gone crazy…… Love you Mishal Raheja……
    Even if making you a life partner for me is almost impossible……. The love and respect for you and your skills in my hear(our heart) will not get less in years to come……
    Love you….. 🙂 ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????

  68. Louella

    Aaj sab log mood mein hai. Arshi di go on with ur competition. Now again I have to go out. Tell me the winners of this competition.

  69. shanitics

    Okay so my game.. Here starts… Question 01:-
    If u saw mishal in front of ur house whn u open the door… Thn wat will be ur 1st question and 1st expression??

    • Arshdeep

      1st question- rasta bhul gye the kya????
      1st expression- pinch me plz is it a dream?????????????

    • Mishalian❤

      Will love to check on your account. ? Btw,
      Nima you can just call me Areeb. ? HAHA!

    • Louella

      My question will be nothing. I will be shocked. Then how will I ask a question. But if I sit chatting with mishal I will ask his phone no., his residency, a selfie, an autograph etc etc.

    • Viplav

      swetha good question!!!
      i won’t give any expression and i won’t ask him a question……… 🙁
      because at that time i will be unconscious in the floor….. 🙂 😉 seeing him

    • Sujie

      If that happens…….. 1st expression would be (chimatnu ta malai ekchoti….that means pinch me once please in Nepali)……..
      I might faint as well…but would love to faint for 1000000000 times if Mishal would take me in his arms and make me rest………

      • Sujie

        And after he makes me rest…I would ask him for a coffee…..take a selfie with him …and an autograph in a Tshirt jo mein autograph leneke baad jindagi bhar nahi dhoungi

    • Nimisha

      OMG!!! I would faint.

      Then he would gather me up in his arms and carry me into the house ( admittedly he,d struggle a bit but he,d manage)
      Then he would have to pop a mint and give me mouth to mouth!
      And then I would ask him if he’d like a cuppa
      And then we,d chat
      And then he,d say ‘come away with me Nimisha, for I love only you’ and he would add.. I am not interested in Maria, or Sujie, or Arshdeep or Renu or Anne or anyone else, only you!’ And then we would shar an eye lock and Ishq vishq would play


      • Mishalian❤

        Lol! It was about your reaction n t Mishal’s love confession for you. ?? Anyways, you just made me laugh out loud. ?

      • Nimisha

        Seriously though and very honestly. If he did know at my door, knowing my luck I’d probably be out or on the LOO and he would go thinking there was no one in.


      • Nimisha

        Oh yes Sujie, I remember our deal! How could I forget it!

        I love the way a minute after my post, you posted the same thing about having a cuppa with him. We know how to partyyyyyyyyyyy! Me with my cuppa tea and you with your coffee. ????????

  70. Arshdeep

    I am not going to participate in the competition
    I do love him??
    But i will support nimisha didi..
    Cheer leaders bhi to chahiye??

  71. Nimisha

    LouellaI LOVE YOU,!,!

    That is the best comment ever!

    Just trying to tidy up, but just checking in. I will be back later!

    renuuuuuuuuuuuu ?

    Maria, I’ll arm wrestle you ??????

    Now e have to also wrestle Sujie and Renu.

    Ok ok, because I love you all ( and because I know I have no chance) I will step away and will quietly love Mishal from afar. Like Naku and her chand dialogue. ???????????


  72. Mishalian❤

    Arshdeep you asked me about bsc. Well actually doing it from college. 2 year program. Will later go for MSc in Zoology or will study Medicines.

    After intermediate I gave the entrance exam of a uni, got selected in Microbiology. But then I slightly changed my plans and left the seat.

    What you are studying?

    • Arshdeep

      Okay i ask manyy questions
      Thanks for tolerating me and answering??

      You will be shocked if i tell u what i am studying??

      • Mishalian❤

        For now i’m just having tough time with this comment section. So many comments! Feeling lost at times! ?

        HAHA! Go on tell. Don’t create Suspense.

  73. saranya

    Arey Arey,yeh kaun hai,an old entry again in a different problem President of ALL TV VIRUS FANS AND WELFARE ASSOCIATION.we all here na,we will give a gud treat for u.what happend,ur yhm has only few lines as title song,oh no,too bad too bad.if u have courage go learn our title song fully.we have three versions of title song and other sub songs also.but we don’t want to insult ur yhm song by putting a competition for that,bcz u have nothing to submit for a competition atleast.And one more difference,u are a Virus and killer of ur show and we Are Crazy fans of our beautiful Banarasi show,Ishq ka rang Safed and our lovely Vidha.samjhe ya samjao.

  74. Louella

    We Have held a competition ‘mishal is mine’. Here all those who love Mishal will have a tough competition. If u want to participate u r most welcome. I and Arshi di r the judge.

  75. shanitics

    Lols In ur competition I am gng to support and cheer misha di and the one who win?

  76. shanitics

    Okay thn lets jump to 2nd question…
    02:- u see mishal in a hotel and u are gng near to him to take a selfie… Bt a girl came and askd mishal to come and thy went….. Wat will be ur reaction and reaction towards tat girl??

    • Sujie

      So here goes my answer….
      For Mishal: I know you will come back to me…apka intezar rahega mujhe….
      And for that girl who takes him away……
      Khasmaanu khaane tera table hole lage..Teri Kursi toot jaaye….. ????????????????

    • Maria

      I hate you I will scream loudly, they will look back, mishal asks what, I will say I hate anyone who comes near u other than me, because I love you. Mishal will say really? I love you too…??? and we both will run towards each other and have a tight hug????

    • Mishalian❤

      I will sit on floor crying hard. Will cry louder & louder till the girl gets irritate and she buzz off from there. ?

    • Nimisha

      i would take the snap of him with said girl and then photo shop it with my face on it!

      Tbh, I’d be toooo shy, yes really… Too shy to go up to him. It would have to be a covert selfie op! Or I’d faint in which case he’d see the furore, come over, gather me up in his arms….. And the rest like my first answer.. But this time I would say, but I have to share you with Maria, and Sujie, and Viplav, and Renu, and Arshu, and Anne
      And he would say, it’s okay baby, i can handle that no problems.


  77. Nima

    urgent works come out so sorry Arshi can’t participate in competition BT I love Mishal to the core wo meri Nash Nash me, meri sanso me, meri dil ki dhadkan me, meri juban pe, meri nido me, meri palko me, meri khayalo me, meri sapno me, raat k andhere me, din k ujyale me, khate,uthte,baithte,sote har waqt, har lamha oh my Mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal?? mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal?? mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal?? Mishal??

  78. shanitics

    It’s raining ☔ here and cool breeze is hugging me… I love whn it rains!! Especially I love the smell whn it rains.. Smell of wet sand!!

  79. Arshdeep

    Right sujie di..thnks for ur commnt…??

    Areeb i am preparing for medical entrances..

    I commnted a lot today…maybe thats why i had to listen the most from those bashers?
    A bit uneasy rite now?
    Sorry frnds

    I love you all soooo much

    Will return after sometime after i get back to normal?

  80. shanitics

    03rd question… Crack it my frnds..

    U can have chat with either of one lead and tallk with othr.. Who will u choose for talk and eat?? Eisha or Viplav…

    • Mishalian❤

      Mishal Mishal Mishal!!!! ???? I don’t think I will be able to talk, will just stare him listen him. ???

      • Nimisha

        Well, I would chose Eisha. As Mishal is toooo busy with the rest of you! And Maria… I am blushing reading your posts!!!

        Just kidding! Love everyone’s!


    • Sujie

      Of course I’ll choose Mishal……. We will get lost in each other’s eyes….. Romantic talks……. Pyaar Bhari baatein karta hui Sujie so jaegi…then Mishal will give that killer wala smile and caress her face….kiss her forehead…… Then Mishal will say I love you Sujita….. She will open her eyes….and smile……then reply love you too……

    • Maria

      Obviously Mishal but i would also love to talk to eisha because we share the same age and she is very sweet also so i want to be friends with her. And with Mishal i want we both to be lovers

      • Maria

        On that date a table for two will be set. When we enter the place, flowers will fall on us, Mishal would pick me up in his arms awwwww and he would place me on the chair, we will have dinner, he will feed me and i will just keep looking at him, he would kiss my hand awwwwwww blushing now cant write more!!! too much of sweetness… 🙂

    • saranya

      Hahahaha.very simple.choose Eisha and chat with her about Mishal.we only know Mishal through interviews,talk with Eisha,she can give a perfect picture of Mishal to us.afterwards we can chat with Mishal with a clear picture of him at our mind.then only we can understand what’s his weak point and what’s his likes.he will be impressed by u if u know him atleast 80%.ok bye.

    • Louella

      I would choose Eisha. She is just 4 years elder than me. I would chat and eat with her. But Mishal I can’t because he is so elder than me.

  81. florentina moldovan

    OH, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
    IKRS ROCKS!!!!
    IKRS FANS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. florentina moldovan

    HASAN JI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. florentina moldovan

    please, do not question me things….i still try to read all you have commented!
    hugs for all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. shanitics

    Next question… In a mall u saw in one side Mishal and othr side ur anothr love.. Eithr Bollywood actor or singer or anyone…. U can one catch one!! If u catch mishal u will lose the chance of meeting the othr one.. Who will u choose??? And be honest…

    • Mishalian❤

      If I got a chance, on the other place I will put Atif Aslam and would run to him! ? If Atif is not available then Fawad Khan! ? And if he is also not there then, Will think of Hamza Ali Abbasi! ? And if none of them then will go to Mishal! ?


    • Sujie

      No no….. MISHAL ONLY…. Misha ke piche padjaaungi…. When Mishal is there in front of my eyes…then my eyes honestly do not need anything…….
      I wish……

  85. Maria

    I think I am commenting too much today all of a sudden… If you don’t like please tell me…

  86. Anne

    Just watched epi,and the torture isn’t over it looks like.
    Will know more when updated. Dadibua. What was she saying?

  87. Arshdeep

    Comments got deleted??
    They are less now but atleast the ones we will love to see

    Thanks to moderators and nimisha didi??

  88. Louella

    Arshi di even I had complained an hour ago. And the comments got deleted. Thanks to me and Nimisha di.

    • Nimisha

      Yes Louella! Well done! Did you ask them to remove them from your fan fiction page too?

  89. Kartik kumar

    Sry to all for my todays misbehaviour dont know what hppnd today
    i am really sry by heart arshi i am so sry i commennted on yur studies i felt guilty
    when reading yur cmmts i said a lot bad wrds but yu didnt said
    some pple were saying right i am sry for today so so sry arshi nimi soije anne santitcs
    As yu all know
    Ek galti toh sabse hoti ek galti ke liye toh bhagwaan bhi maff kar deta hai
    i am really saying it by heart please all forgive me
    Its my real sry yeh hai mohabbatien ki kasam
    if if possible please forgive me
    Arshi i hope yu top in neet 2 and become a good doctor god bless yu
    and make yur every wish possible
    ek galti toh viplav ne bhi ki thi maff kar diya tha na
    please please
    sry sry a hundred times sry

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.