Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asthana telling Dhaani that he kept big party for her. Dhaani says you are a cheap man. Asthana asks her to cal yes for once. Dhaani asks what are you telling? Did you know? Kanak asks someone about washroom’s direction and is about to go. Kamini stops her and says she will take her to other washroom. Asthana asks Dhaani to agree to him and follows her while Dhaani runs from him. Dhaani shouts Viplav. Asthana asks her to stop her acting and says it is enough of your drama. Dhaani closes herself inside. Someone locks the door at Dasharath’s house. Dasharath thinks he has to go from backside window. Viplav changes his dress and comes near door. He sees door locked. Dasharath tries to go from back side window. Asthana asks Dhaani to agree and open the door, and says he

will give her money which she demands. He manages to come inside the room. Dhaani is on bed and asks him not to come near her. She shouts Viplav and calls him cheap man. Viplav is still at home as hears the noise. Dasharath hides from his view. Dhaani continues to shout for Viplav as Asthana tries to molest her. Dasharath manages to climb out of the window. Viplav hears the sound and thinks who might be the person.

Kamini increases the music system sound and comes to Dadi Bua. She asks where are you? Dadi Bua says if this is jalsa or mental asylum. She asks where is Sushma? Sushma comes. Kanak also comes and asks where did you go? Dadi Bua says she was outside. Kamini smiles. Dadi Bua says where is Dhaani? Kamini says she might be here and asks them to dance.

Asthana asks Dhaani to agree and offers to give her whatever she asks for. Dhaani asks what are you saying and shouts Viplav. Asthana holds Dhaani by her hairs and makes her fall on bed. He tries to force himself on her. Viplav comes holding papers in which Dhaani has written his name. Suddenly the papers fall from his hands. Viplav bends down to pick it. Dhaani sees God’s pendant in Asthana’s neck, and pushes him. She manages to escape from the room and comes to terrace. Asthana follows her and asks why are you acting? I am seeing that you are not agreeing to me although I am trying to convince you. Viplav picks the papers. Asthana keeps hand on Dhaani’s mouth so that she couldn’t shout. Dhaani manages to kick the plant pot from the terrace. Viplav is going inside and sees pot falling on ground. He looks up to see Asthana misbehaving with Dhaani.

Viplav shouts Dhaani. Asthana gets scared. Dhaani asks Viplav to save him. Viplav goes there and beats Asthana. Asthana apologizes to him. Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav hugs her and covers her with his coat. Dhaani says he is a cheap man. Viplav beats Asthana and asks will you make temple. Dhaani cries and asks Viplav to leave Asthana, as he might die. Viplav says I will expose you infront of everyone and takes him. Phool Chand asks Dasharath where was you? Before Dasharath could say anything, Dhaani comes and tells Dasharath that Viplav might kill him. Dasharath asks what? Viplav drags Asthana there, and threatens to kill him. Dhaani gives him promise and asks not to kill him. Everyone is shocked. Asthana apologizes again. Viplav says you don’t know what he has done. Phool Chand asks have you gone mad? Viplav says will you keep quiet if anyone tries to misbehave with your wife. Viplav says you are threatening me. Asthana says sati savitra, devi. He says just enquire about your wife’s doings. He says Dhaani goes to that defame bahar gali daily at night and says once I gave her lift and return her jhumkas which she lost on the road.

Viplav angrily asks Asthana to mind his tongue, and asks him not to take his wife’s name with his mouth else he will forget who is he? Dasharath asks Asthana to mind his tongue. Asthana says truth is bitter, I had saved her from police raid and says she is a pr*stitute in that bahar gali. Viplav gets very much angry and says yes, she goes to bahar gali..She has informed me. He says she goes there to learn and shows the paper. Kamini thinks Asthana might reveal my truth. She says you saw Dhaani in bahar gali and thought she is a pr*stitute. She says at one side, you are making temple on her name and at the other side you are misbehaving with her. Asthana says you are lying. Kamini says what do you mean that I have planned this. Viplav asks Asthana to stop it. Kamini acts innocent and says I thought he is a nice man and I tried to help him in his good work.

Phool Chand says I can’t believe what he has done, and will throw her out of community. Other Pandit says Dhaani is at fault too and says if she can’t study at day time. Viplav says yes, you said right, and says if I misbehave with your mum or sister, will you say same thing. He says these kind of people don’t wait for night. Phool Chand says I will support you and asks Viplav about her night school name. Viplav says Bhaskar night school. Phool Chand says pr*stitutes study there, and says cheap things, says he wants to die. Dhaani apologizes and says I am not knowledgeable like you, and says different types of people come to school. She says this land has bahar gali and chor gali, if you will not step on this land. Phool Chand says there is a way to live. Asthana says she has learnt enough and is now giving lecture to us.

Viplav says you are a judge, and asks did you learn what is equality in society. He says a teacher is teaching everyone and trying to make them have a place in society and you are speaking badly about him. He says you people are silent knowing what Asthana tried to do with Dhaani. He takes Kanak’s phone and says I won’t be quiet as Police will take a decision now. Phool Chand asks Viplav to leave him, and asks Dasharath to break his maun vrat. He asks if your widow ashram will permit you to go to that night school. Dhaani says I don’t care. Dasharath folds his hands and says I do care. He says Judge is punished for his sin, and tells Viplav that he has done right, but his respect will be ruined if they go to court. Viplav asks what are you saying? What is our crime? We haven’t done anything. He says Asthana will be ruined. He says I will tell everyone that he is not rakshak, but bhakshak. He says I won’t sit silent, and asks Dasharath not to feel pity on him. Dhaani says he thought a woman weak, and says now he will understand that the law is stronger who supports a woman. Asthana looks on.

Dasharath folds his hands and asks Viplav not to dragged the matter. Viplav says this man has not only insulted Dhaani, but also our family. How can I leave him. Dasharath says it is a matter of our respect now and asks him to apologize to Asthana for his sake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 03rd question… Crack it my frnds..

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      1. R u taurean??

      2. Well, I would chose Eisha. As Mishal is toooo busy with the rest of you! And Maria… I am blushing reading your posts!!!

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    4. Obviously Mishal but i would also love to talk to eisha because we share the same age and she is very sweet also so i want to be friends with her. And with Mishal i want we both to be lovers

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      3. Mishal for dessert ?

    5. Hahahaha.very simple.choose Eisha and chat with her about Mishal.we only know Mishal through interviews,talk with Eisha,she can give a perfect picture of Mishal to us.afterwards we can chat with Mishal with a clear picture of him at our mind.then only we can understand what’s his weak point and what’s his likes.he will be impressed by u if u know him atleast 80%.ok bye.

    6. I would choose Eisha. She is just 4 years elder than me. I would chat and eat with her. But Mishal I can’t because he is so elder than me.

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    1. NO contest! MIshal Alll the way! Every time! Xxx

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