Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav dancing with the ladies on the song of London Thumakda……………….Sushma signs Viplav when Dasharath comes there, but to their surprise Dasharath starts dancing with Sushma. Viplav dances with Shalu and Raja. Just then sketch artiste comes there holding Dhaani’s sketch and proceeds towards Viplav, but just then Kanak collides with him holding the mehendi in her hand, and the sketch gets ruined as the mehendi falls on it. Everyone looks at the spoiled sketch. Viplav says so it was a sketch.

Raj Lakshmi tells Badi Amma that they shall dance on the happiest occasion. Dhaani shyly smiles and sits wearing red color saree. Raj Lakshmi sings Banno Rani song………….Everyone smiles. Raj Lakshmi falls on Dhaani and her saree gets torn. Dulaari says it

is inauspicious thing to have happened. Badi Amma says things have changed and asks her not to have old mindset. Kanak shows Shalu’s wedding dress to her mum in law and is happy. Sushma calls servant. Viplav says I am here. Sushma asks him to tear his kurta as a part of rasam. Raja’s mum tells Raja that they will get their money, respect and everything with his marriage. Viplav tells Raja that he will do his clothes tearing ritual. Raja answers Viplav that he don’t want to do this ritual. Viplav looks on.

Viplav asks why you don’t want to do this ritual. Raja’s mum tries to convince him. Sushma says it is a ritual. Viplav says I will get a better kurta for you than this and tears his kurta. Raja thinks no problem, one day you will tear your love into two pieces, did you get only Suman to fell in love with? Dhaani says she wants to go to market. Dulaari refuses to let her go out because of yesterday’s incident. Dhaani says no abshagun/inauspicious thing will happen with her now. Mami tries to steal something, while Raja’s mum stops her. Viplav asks Shalu if she will not have delicious food? Shalu makes faces. Viplav says he is recording her in the camera. Someone asks Viplav about the groom’s family. Viplav says they are from Kanpur. Raja’s mum signs Mami. Mami takes woman to a side and tells her that they know that her husband was accused of scam. She threatens her politely and asks her to leave. Woman leaves. Mami tells Raja’s mum that they would have been exposed today.

Viplav talks to Dhaani and says she have mixed the haldi to be applied on her face. She applies on her face while being on video call. Mere Ishq Ka Rang………………Viplav smiles looking at her. Dhaani feels shy and blushes. Viplav kisses on the phone and says she is looking more beautiful after applying haldi. Dulaari calls Dhaani. Dhaani disconnects the call and wipes her face. Dulaari tells her that they are going out and asks her not to open door. She asks her to make kada for her. Badi Amma says why we are leaving Dhaani in the Ashram when everyone is going? Dulaari says she have to make food and we will come soon.

Viplav talks to Sushma and Dasharath and says all the arrangements have been done. Dasharath asks him to see if the groom is ready? Viplav comes to Raja’s room and tells Dhaani that he will show her groom’s face. He calls Raja and keeps the phone down, and goes. Raja comes to his room, picks the phone and looks at Dhaani through the video call. Dhaani is taken aback and shocked. She recalls Kanak telling that Shalu got a good alliance from a rich family. She recalls her fear that Shalu’s to be husband is the same Raja.

Dhaani comes to the marriage function of Shalu and Raja when the marriage is about to happen and declares that this marriage can’t happen. Viplav asks what are you saying Dhaani? Dhaani says 1 min Vakil Babu and goes towards Raja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Br mam me n my hubby had took some steps to help old aged people. At Chittoor there is one Ashram AmmaVodi vridhaarshram.we r donating for some funds to that home.
    This y bcs my hubby father died when he was 6 months mother in law handled her 3 children’s in single hand.n also while studying he was adopted by Americans for his studies.Americans helped him by giving him books ,uniforms,bags.its a simple thing but it also helped hubby a lot.
    So that the reason he was donating foods n other needs to helpless old people.
    But for me not only this we have do something good to society that will help helpless people.

    1. I m very happy by knowing dat such a gud persons r here
      I really proud of dis family.kabita,u,floeentina,br mam r really a inspiration to us

  2. Bravo Dhaani(dedicated to you at the time you beat Raja and at the same time to Raja too this 2 lines is dedicated on the behalf of this family ?)
    Mujhe hak hai
    Mujhe hak hai
    Tumhe hak hai
    Tumhe hak hai

  3. Hello everyone. I am new here.can I join?
    Swagat nahin karoge hamara?

    1. Kusanskar u r most welcomed here. Hum mehmaano ka swaagat itni acchi tarah se karte hai ki woh mehmaan humaari ikrs ki parivaar ka hissa ban jaate hai. Aapka bahut swaagat hai. Comment karte rehna

      1. Thank u..

    2. Ho kusanskar welcome to d family
      Wats ur real name

      1. Thank u.

    3. Ayo sanskar yeh bhi poochne ka bath hai kya.ur always welcome.keep commenting.

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      aap ka bahut bahut bahut swagat hain

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      you are welcome here..what is your real name yarr??

      1. go to fb will know that

    7. kusanskaar… i guess i knew you from the beginning…..i would be happy if my guess is correct

  4. Hi friends good morning! Even I saw the spoiler in which police had come n dhani was crying that she is innocent vip was talking her side but kanak was making him understand that she is a big culprit god knows what would happen next eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  5. Many people donate gold ornaments n money in various temples specially ar tirupati . I am seriously against it iam sorry if i have hurt someone’s feeling but in my opinion god is the one who is giving us and in token of respect instead of giving in temple one should donate to needy people like by giving food to hungry; warm clothes to deserving ones n some gold ornaments to poor families in which girls have to be married trust me ir is the true gift for god

  6. @Saras,i wasn’t aware that these type of social evils are still happending in India.yes i knew that many of Indian families are rooted on some superstitions but i thought that these widow systen ended years back.when IKRS started telecasting i did some research on this system and thus i came to know that widow system is still there and i was shocked as it is not popular here in our state.we Indians are really proud of our culture and heritage.but what about these evils which has the power to redefine and influence our so called pure culture.literacy is said to be increasing but is that really happending?literacy is the capability to understand the differfnce b/w right and wrong.if literacy is increasing why is people still superstitious and why is still crimes are taking place as part of these superstitions.our society should change,in fact it is changing,but its not visible as it ir happending in a slow pace.

    1. saranya the story I spoke was very old one.. today lot of widows are being remarried not because people changed the mindset but need of the hour no girls available…

      but the moment number of females increase all customs will fall back in place

      1. Bilkul sahi hai sara.that’s why i said our society is changing but its not that much visible bcz of its slow pace.

  7. Friends…. traditions and culture is not bad in itself but some people modify it and make others follow it to show their vanity and its ridiculous because those people pay no heed to others’ feeling and they don’t hesitate to show their fake greatness…just like DT……
    Each and every character of this serial may be found in some part of some country and this issue is so real….. am I right???

    1. 100percent right sujie…

    2. Perfect and 100%correct.what u said is a pure and raw fact, and there is another interesting fact,some superstitions have roots in science,do u guys know how?i can gave u example,there is a common belief in our state that,one should enter the house only after bathing if we visited a death house.what to be noted is that as per science,there is a negative aura surronding a death person and by bathing we can freshen up ourself and get rid of that negative energy.but no one will do it,as it is a scientific some intelligent people put that in a bottle of regelion and look how smartly is it working.people now blindly follows it as time changed this scientific fact to a relegious fact.there are many such things,i support these partially bcz we have a educated society,they shoule be aware of the truth behind these type of science turned relegious practices and on another side it is ok bcz atleast superstitious people can follow something scientific and empirical.

      1. yes…some people modify the fact for their benefit and play the game of. boasting about traditions and alll …..

      2. precisely This was what I was trying to tell ..
        There are lot of such customs which has scientific relevence..
        you know it’s not just about negativity abt death but also health reason.. incase the death was due to contagious disease you need to get immune. . you know in my native they make us eat raw leaves of lemon plant n raw musturds after bathing.. it seems it boosts ur immunity. . but it’s followed as custom..
        One more thing I believe is rituals to be followed during and after eclipse. .. I m sure it has scientific reason for that. . Some part of sun rays which kills germs n bacterias will not fall on earth during eclipse so it’s required you clean yourself n surroundings after eclipse… nothing superstition about it. ..
        like these there are lot of custons stated with right thought n intentions get modified n becomes superstitions n ill n inhuman practices…

  8. and another thing, instead of donating golds and other such ornaments, people can spend their time in feeding needy people and providing necessary supplements to the needy one like food clothes and education….
    For example… people go to shiv mandir and just do the abhishek of the shivling by water or milk but if the same water or milk is provided to the hungry kid that might be begging for some food, then showing respect by pouring milk to that shivling or something like that won’t make sense…. instead people should be fed and taken care of to the possible extent….

    1. Ya sujie I agree with u dear.but don’t know all people do this type of u know even if I go temple I don’t put change in hundi I just put dakshina in poojaries plate.we pray for god that’s common but without any hesitation n poojari will do pooja for us with patience so first thing is dakshina is given to poojari only.N also I don’t help any poeple who r good in health n having begging money I don’t like such people. I just help only old aged who r help less.guys u also don’t show sympathy on people who r good in health wise n having begging.

      1. Whenever i go to temple…i keep some fruits in my bag and give the needy ones…but when you give money to one of the beggers …then others will be prvoked and ask for money..
        .so instead of money i give them food and clothes whenever i go to temple 🙂

    2. Abhishekam to the statues (including Shivlinga) are doing to protect them from vagaries of environment it is one type of cleaning to give them long life ,each and every minute things have their own life span by doing Abhishekam the idols should have long life.

  9. Ishq ka rang safed is a dam good show.I love you Mishal Raheja. You are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  10. Guys I too thought tat widow system is unrooted from our society..I’M shocked to knw tat this system is still there especially in northern part of India…
    But I think we should respect them because they live life struggling all the difficulties…
    Guys think differently
    Take widows who are struggling under this system as our role models…
    Because they are light house of courage…
    They give up there likes only for there society…
    There (widow ashram people)unity is awesome..

    Soo think differently…keep smiling…
    Everything happens for a reason…


    1. U are right Shwetha,everything happends in our life have a reason.

    2. Widows system still exist in India at places more strict and in some not so serious but till today they won’t go near to auspicious occasions their dress may change a bit but not their thoughts and mind setup.

    3. Hey Raj,welcome back yaar,where was u,after a long are u Sid?

  11. Share your opinion my friends?

  12. Gud afternoon Varsha
    BR mam,Sonu,Shri,AM
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    3. Gud after noon saranya. Had lunch dear.

    4. Guys mishal fans club people also mention that y colors avoiding ikrs.there is no retelecast at all.very unfair. So people we have to go Twitter colors .com n have to mention that to retelecast in day times.
      First we ask to retelecast in night time.but instead of they stopped retelecasting in day times also. Very irritating colors.

    5. Good afternoon to you too saranya ?

  13. I think suman is not dhani’s name but psycho raja calls her by that name…
    If they try to change dhani’s name in future .. I will not tolerate. .
    hum hadtaal karenge. .

    1. don’t worry yarr….. our Dhani is exclusively Viplav’s Dhaani….that psycho Raja calls her suman but no tension…. raaja band baaja bajne wala hai ab… whatever he calls our Dhaani…. dhaani will remain Dhaani…. viplav’s dhaani 🙂 🙂

  14. hi guys can I join ur family?

    1. yeah …of course …

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  16. I was watching shivratri episode..
    it was so good n funny.. how nice v writer ji u have such good sense of humor.. thanjs for giving us nice episodes

    1. viplav calling dhaani as Parvati was funny and cute Saras

  17. Fake people , fake show

    1. Hi babes!

    2. Madam 4 ur kind info. this is a fictional show & not a reality show.Aap ka show kya sachi ghatnao pe adharit hai..may b that is inspired by ur story. Am i right?
      & what do u mean by fake? Pehle apna I’d card toh dikhao dear if u have one..

  18. need antivirus ….

  19. @suman this is especially for you …….
    Aap aaye hai hamare dar PE ….aap jaise FOOL khile hai gulshan gulshan….. Jyaada bakwass mat kijiye aap…barna ham nikaldenge machine gun…….
    GET WELL SOON Sumanji ……

    1. Lol You’re so funny?

  20. @Suman?,
    Hey people in our show are fake not only in our show but in all show people are fake..It is there acting which will give birth to tat characters…
    And in our serial all the characters were fake but there acting skill gave birth to these characters..
    How come you knw tat our serial Is fake one???This means you used to watch this serial,na??

    Be positive?
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?

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  23. From bottum of my heart i request the colors channel department that pleaseeeeee change the repeat timimgs. 3:00 To 6:30 ke bich ishq ka rang safed ko bhi adjust kar lo. Pleaseeeeee !!!

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