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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking the joker to remove her mask. Joker removes the mask and the man is Viplav. Dhaani says Viplav…you. You have burnt the crackers. Viplav says no, and says she has not done this. Vidha tells Dhaani that he hasn’t done this. Dhaani says I need an answer. Viplav says I asked Parshiya not to burn the crackers, then why I will burn. Parshiya asks why you are blaming me and says may be he came to kill us, and not to save us. He grabs his collar. Viplav asks him not to grab his collar again and says he will kill him, and don’t care to go to jail or get hanged. He tells Dhaani that when he asked Parshiya not to burn crackers then why he will burn it. He says Parshiya has kept the crackers hidden there and moves the curtains. Dhaani says there is no crackers here.

She asks why are you roaming like joker here? Viplav says he wants to attend Vidha’s birthday. Dhaani says I asked you to go then why you are here. Viplav says you will think me wrong always, and says everyone is right for you. Vidha opens her gifts and gets happy. Dulaari asks her to sleep. Vidha says I will sleep with the doll. Parshiya says this lawyer drama is too much now, either he will stay in basti or me. His friend asks him to calm down. Parshiya says I will not leave him. He has spoiled Vidha’s birthday and also burnt her hand. He says he is so stubborn, I will not leave him.

Parshiya is going to talk to Viplav. His friends say that they will also come with him. Parshiya says no, and says he will show Viplav what is Parshiya. His friends inform Dhaani that Parshiya went angrily to meet Viplav. Dhaani goes being worried. Viplav looks at the friendship band and recalls Vidha’s birthday. He recalls Dhaani’s rude words that Parshiya is right and asking him to leave. Parshiya comes to Viplav and asks who are you to trouble Dhaani? Viplav says if I ask the same question from you. Parshiya talks rudely and says Vidha, Dhaani and Dulaari don’t need you. Viplav is in tears. Parshiya says I kept Dhaani and Vidha happy till now, and asks where was you, when Dhaani gave birth to Vidha, she didn’t have money to have food…and says he was with them. He says Vidha said the first word Baba, and slipped on my lap. He says I was hungry, but made Vidha eat food. He says where were you?

Viplav says I don’t think I shall answer you. He asks him to go. Parshiya says you will go. He says I thought you belongs to good family, but I was wrong. My Vidha’s hand is burnt because of you. He asks him to leave and never come back to basti again. Viplav says don’t you understand, I don’t get affected by threats. Parshiya asks him to leave before he gets crazy. Viplav says I am hearing you as you have taken care of my wife and daughter. Parshiya asks him to leave him and pushes him . Viplav also pushes him and goes. Parshiya falls down, just then Tripurari hits on his head and calls Kamini and says that work is done. Dhaani and Parshiya’s friends come there. They take him to hospital. Dhaani asks Doctor to treat him immediately and there is a huge blood loss. Parshiya’s friends tell Dhaani that Viplav have put Parshiya in this condition. Dhaani says may be he is someone else. His friends say that Viplav threatened him.

Viplav is sitting in the bar. He recalls Parshiya’s questions. Parshiya’s friend come there with Inspector. He says Parshiya is in critical condition and asks Viplav to come with him. Viplav says Parshiya was fine some time back. Viplav says he met him 2 hours before. Inspector says someone had attacked him. Inspector asks Viplav to come. Doctor informs Dhaani that Parshiya is critical and asks her to take care of herself. Dhaani says she can’t let anything happen to him.

At the Police station, Viplav tells Inspector that he had a heated argument with Parshiya, then he left for Bar. Parshiya’s friend says he went to call Dhaani. Inspector asks who is Dhaani. Viplav says my wife, my ex wife. He asks where is she? Parshiya’s friend says she is in hospital with Parshiya. Inspector asks did you marry again assuming Dhaani dead. Viplav says yes. He asks why? Viplav says don’t know. He asks him to take Dhaani’s statement.

Other Inspector comes to Dhaani to take her statement. Dhaani tells Inspector that Parshiya helped her a lot when she came from banaras. Inspector asks where was your Viplav. Dhaani says she was not in contact with him. Inspector asks Viplav, if Dhaani wants to meet him. Dhaani tells Inspector that she doesn’t want to meet him. Parshiya couldn’t see her tensed and asked Viplav to leave. Viplav says he wants to attend his daughter’s birthday day. Inspector asks if Dhaani asked you to go. Parshiya’s friend says he was roaming as a joker. Viplav says there was a misunderstanding because of crackers. Viplav says I didn’t burn the crackers. Dhaani says I asked Viplav to go. There was an argument between Parshiya and Viplav. Viplav threatened Parshiya. Viplav says I didn’t know what happened after I left. Inspector says you had pushed him and then hit on his head. Viplav says I didn’t hit on his head. Inspector asks Constable to put him behind bars. Viplav says you are doing wrong. He says I will come. Inspector asks Dhaani, if she thinks that Viplav had attacked Parshiya. Dhaani says I think he can’t do anything, but as Parshiya’s friends are saying, he might have done this. Inspector leaves.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani and says he didn’t do anything to Parshiya. Dhaani says Parshiya gained consciousness for sometime and took your name. Viplav is shocked and says he is misunderstanding or lying. Dhaani asks him to leave from her Basti and life. Viplav is shocked to hear Dhaani doubting him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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