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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak refusing to become widow and tells Viplav that this is not the truth. Sushma breaks her bangles. Kanak cries. The guests who came to mourn taunt at Dhaani and says it happened as her reflection fell on Kanak. Dhaani cries hearing it. Dulaari looks on tensed. The pandit recites the mantras and they take Shambu for the last rites. Kanak shouts no and falls down. At the crematorium ground, Viplav does the last rites and recalls the moments spent with his loving dad. Pandit ji asks him to give agni/fire to the dead body of Shambu. Viplav gives fire to Shambu’s dead body. Kanak is brought there and looks at the fire. She angrily holds Dhaani’s hand and accuses her for killing her husband, and says since she came in our life, this has happened. She accuses her for

killing her first husband and then her husband, and asks if she is waiting to eat/kill Viplav. Viplav stops Kanak and holds Dhaani. Dhaani hugs him cryingly. Kanak says when will you understand Viplav, when she eats you. She says I will die, as my husband is dead and tries to go near the fire. Viplav stops her.

Dhaani runs from there cryingly. Kanak sits down crying. Dhaani comes to Ashram and recalls Dhaani’s accusations. Raj Lakshmi and Dulaari come there. Dhaani cries and says she is really inauspicious and shouldn’t marry Viplav. Badi Amma says Kanak doesn’t like you and that’s why said this. She says it is sad that Viplav’s father is no more. Dhaani says it is right. We got engaged and this has happened. She blames herself and tells everyone that she has a widow yog in the kundli. Everyone is shocked.

Dulaari asks what are you saying? Dhaani says she is saying right and that’s why refused to marry in the ring Shuddikaran ceremony. Dulaari says it is not right. Raj Lakshmi says Kanak doesn’t like you. Kanak comes to room and thinks things are falling off from her hands and this is all happening because of Tripurari. She thinks Dhaani and Viplav are getting closer and she couldn’t do anything. Tripurari tells Suwarna that she felt bad about Shambu’s death. Suwarna feels bad too, and tells that she has informed Durga and she said she is coming. She asks him to drink tea and says she will wash his clothes. Tripurari thinks of murdering Shambu and spills tea on his clothes. Suwarna comes back to take the tea spilled shirt. Just then Tripurari hides the clothes in the suitcase which he had worn on that day.

Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that Kanak hates you and says Viplav doesn’t believe in this superstition. Dulaari asks her not to say that and says she knows how is her daughter? Dhaani says my decision will take Viplav’s life, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. I really love him very much. Badi Amma asks her to tell how many times she read Gita. She says nobody can change the destiny. She asks her to do karma and says God will take care of the rest, asks her to stop blaming herself. She says you haven’t done anything. Dhaani hugs her and cries.

Dasharath cries and tells Viplav that his son is gone. He says people used to come to him with the prayers and calls him Prabhu. He says he couldn’t get his son’s life back from God. Viplav asks Sushma where is Kanak. Kanak brings her colored sarees and says she will burn it. Viplav asks her to stop her madness. Kanak says this is madness, and says just like you are mad after Dhaani. Dasharath asks Kanak to accept it as God’s wish, and asks her to stop blaming Dhaani. Kanak asks Viplav to move back and burns her clothes, saying she will show her madness. She cries. Viplav hugs her.

Later Kanak meets Tripurari and slaps him. Tripurari holds his hand and says I haven’t done it intentionally. Kanak asks if he is blind? Tripurari says it was dark and I couldn’t understand. Kanak says I hate this white color and you have killed my husband. Tripurari says you are saying as if you used to love Shambu, and says I did good by killing him. Kanak asks him not to interfere in her personal matter. Tripurari asks her to think how to separate Dhaani and Viplav. Kanak says she will think. She asks him not to meet her for some days. She says I freed you out of jail, but now will send you now. Tripurari plays the recording in which she asked him to kill Dasharath. Tripurari warns her and says if you send me to jail then you can’t stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage from happening. Kanak looks on.

Kanak accuses Dhaani again for killing her husband. Dhaani cries and bothers about kundli yog. Viplav tells Kanak that there is no widow yog in Dhaani’s kundli, and tells that Shambu was murdered. He adds that he is sure that Tripurari is behind the murder. Kanak looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    you can watch today’s episode here. ..
    it was yet another awesome episode…
    with lot of cute vidhani scenes also. ..
    I loved it

  2. precap isnot very nice.. idiot dhani isn’t understanding reality. ..
    I think it’s not that easy for viplav to prove tripurari’s involvement in shambu’s murder.. bholenath ko hi raasta dikhana hain. .
    dhani uss gadhi suvarna ki baat mat suno.. tum sirf vakeel babu ka bat suno aur unka sath do .. baaki sab theek hojayega. .

  3. Still not updated? Today’s episode? Lagta hain varsha ke nazar lag gayi 😛
    If someone watched today’s episode please tell me what happened I can’t wait till 2pm 😛

    1. lol …same thing I told varsha 😛 ….

      1. Lol I just saw that comment AM 😛 I knew it instanly when tellyupdates post both ff n also moderation very fast that dal me kuch kala hain 😛 u know the silence before the storm

  4. in short written update..
    episode starts with tripurari saying to kanak if she plans to send him to jail she will not be spared either. . not to forget dt is still alive n vidhani may end up marrying instead of worrying about me do something to saperate them..
    he says rishtey mein hum tumhare devar lagte hain naam hain tripurari.. priya bhabheeji n tries to speak a lil cheaply with her. ..she leaves. . he tells to himself I will finish whole of dasharath’s khandan n drown them in ganges..

    1. Uff so today’s epi was about these two nautankis

      1. no joyee I wrote scene by scene across ddifferent messages. . moderation taking time is posted now

      2. high speed moderation
        . Please comment. . where are u sonu. saranya joyee.. br madam .. rajee varsha n all ikrs family. . please comment

  5. next scene.. viplav sitting on the floor in his room feeling sad hos phone rings n its dhani.. she asks if ge had food he nods yes.. he says today they had cooked baba’s favorite food n looking at his chair being empty he was broken.. she asks him to take care of his mom. . as she needs him the most in this situation. . n she knows how it feels to go b through this situation. . he apologizes for his mom s behavior.. she says I m fine n asks him to take care of her. . he says he needs her the most in this juncture n alla her to come Tom for baba’s pooja.. she says ok n tells him she is with him always n she cuts the call n cries
    next scene will follow in next message

  6. at ayodhya all mourning in front of shambu’s photo. . durga n family come n pay homage. .. Next ashram ladies with dhani cone n when dhani comes to pay tribute kanak stops her n scolds her n tells I will never let u put flower to my husband’s photo. .. voplav stops her n says aatu least today don’t create scene. . she doesn’t care. . dhani says of u don’t want me to put flower no problem I will leave. . n all asram ladies cone out.. viplav runs to his room n cries I understand moms passion but what about dhani’s pain. .

    While leaving from compound dhani spots n says o will stay here only n wait out side all schools her but she Daus I love vakeelbabu n stays I will be here. . they all leave leaving dhani..

    its almost evening d dhani sitting outside the house feeling cold vip gets up from neat shambu’s photo n its about to go to his room hr turns n sees dhani from Window. .. runs to her n hugs her. .. hev says y r u waiting here? She says I wanted to ensure u r fine n says I will leave now. .
    he asks her to come inside she refuses then he says is u do like this I will be sandwiched bw ur n moms love. . n takes her inside. ..
    he covers her with his jacket in his room n gives her tea. .n asks her r u mad to wait from afternoon like this she say s.. I m mad just like u..He says thanks. . n apologizes again on his mom’s behalf she says I m fine n not to worry n she is worth him always he feels very good n they hold each other’s hands n comfort other. .

  7. morning dt is sitting in his room on floor with vip.crying n says dr said due to shock he got heart attack n says how can he be shocked etc.. n leaves..viplv finds a ring on floor n recollects its tps n goes to their house with police.. durga suvarna are v shocked.. vip says tumhe paasi par latkaake hi hum dum lenge n shows ring as proof. .. but tp already had sans ring on v his finger hevrecollects he noticing missing ring that night. .. n laughs saying it looks just like mine but is not. .
    suvarna ribs inside n calls dhani nv asks her to come. .

  8. episode start with TT and KT convo…TT said if I go jail then you will also go jail …” rishtey to hum apke pati ke bhai hae ..apke priye devar Ji, nam hae tripurari ” ….kanak stops him but TT said you should think about dhani and viplav marriage as DT is still alive ….then KT goes in anger …
    then in vip’s room viplav is sitting near the bed ..then dhani calls him and says if he had taken food or not …vip does not reply …then she asked about all …viplav says today all foods are papa’s favourite but seeing his empty he could not able to maintain him …dhani says it is not the time to cry ..keep should support KT because she needs your help this time …vip says Human’s are strange ..when a close persons is with us we could not sense the value ..after coming from Delhi I did not talk to him ..many things to share with him ..Dhabi consoles him …VIP says dhani to come in his father’s work …he need her help mostly in this situation …dhani says I am always with you …always …then they cut the call
    next day everyone come in the shambu’s work including safed gang ( 😛 ) …Dhani going to give shradhanjali but KT stops her and says after killing my husband you came here to give shradhanjali ..VIP says KT not to do tamasha ..then dhani says if I am not able to give shradhanjali then it is useless to stay …and she goes with the safed gang ..then VIP goes to his room and pal do pal ki hae ae jindagi song plays …
    when safed gang is going then Dhabi says that she will stay here as VIP need her help ..everyone says the you should not go there but Dhani does not agree …she says that she will stay outside …
    everyone is gone ..only vip was sitting in front of his father’s photo …when he was going he saw Dhani through the window …he hurriedly come out and call Dhani ….the he hug her and apologies for kt’s behaviour …she says its OK ….VIP says why you are here in this cold if anything happens to you …come inside ..but she refuse ..VIP says he is trapped between mom’s love and your love …took inside her …
    he make her wear his jacket and says if she gone mad that you stay outside from 12 pm to 7pm only to see him that he is okay or not ….Dhani says yes I gone mad like you …VIP smiles and apologies to her again …Dhani holds his hand …VIP bows his head on her hand ..
    next day DT was sitting in his room with VIP ….
    DT said something is wrong …shambu had no stress then how he got heart attack …then random kaka come and tell that someone has come to meet you …DT goes …when vip was going he saw a ring and remembers that it was TT ‘s ring ….in TT ‘s house .. TT says to durga that you should not think about shambu .hr very respect you …then VIP comes and drag him by holding his shirt front …police comes also …then everyone asked how he blame TT …VIP then shows the ring and says that this monster kill my dad .. TT remember about the fallen ring but he show his ring and says this ring is same but not his ….VIP hold him and says you made a duplicate ….then suw called Dhani. ….and ask her come here ………

    precap :- Dhani come there …then VIP hold dhani’s hand to come with him …but she frees her says that she will stay here …..then in car VIP is with KT and VIP says there is nothing in dhani’s Kundali was murdered …and I will prove that it was TT …

  9. I am going to my tution classes by train is a long journey for one hour …feeling bore so write this written update …but Sara already write it … 🙁 ….bye guys my station came see you all in evening …. 😀 …

  10. oh my dr sara tq so much

    1. you are welcome shri..

  11. Hey BR Sonu Saran Kavitha..Meghs..Gennie ..marees and others

    reply na

  12. Since i liked the episode wanted to share with all. . so tried wire the update with what I remembered at that time. ..
    am has covered which I have missed out like vip saying about his father that he is raising his value now he could not Even hug him . etc.. if was really touchy.. its universally true ..

    1. Thank u so much for the update Sara 🙂

  13. Honestly, speaking please don’t kill me yarar, I didn’t enjoy Ishq Ka Rang Safed episodes this week, too emotional yaar I can’t see Vidhaani crying yaar, to be honest I enjoyed Thapki Pyaar Ki episode more yesterday than Ishq Ka Rang Safed episode sorry 😛 only reason cause it was funny 😛

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