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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector coming to meet Viplav. The Inspector talks nicely with Viplav and asks him to leave from Banaras for sometime. He says he respects him a lot and can’t see him prosecuted. He says he will burn the CCTV footage and put the blame on Dhaani. Viplav looks on. Other Inspector tells Shakuntala and Maayi that there is nothing in the CCTV footage. Dhaani is about to be taken in the lockup. Viplav comes and says she is not at fault. The Inspector asks the constable to bring chair for him and asks why did you come? Viplav says he added wine jokingly. He tells Dhaani that he got angry and added wine in a joke, and his intention was not serious. He asks the Inspector to let her go. Viplav is going, Dhaani stops him and asks what do you think? This matter ends here, you

have poured colors on me, and now added wine in my pot. She says people cursed me and my Maayi. She asks are you a small child, to take everything jokingly.

Maayi asks her to come? Dhaani says why you are putting your sin on my name. She says I am joke for you naa. Viplav says what is the big deal? I am ending the matter and you are insulting me. You are saying dialogues like a filmy heroine. He asks her to go home and not lecture him. He asks what is your problem? Shakuntala says let it be, these people don’t care about other’s pain. He already said that he is a God. They leave. The people standing outside the police station wonders why the Inspector left Dhaani. The Inspector asks Viplav to go. The Other Inspector tells that they will burn the footage and puts crime on Dhaani’s name. Viplav is driving the car and angrily thinks about Dhaani’s words.

Shambu’s wife gets Chadawa from the temple. Dasharath tells that people are giving less chadawa, as compared to previous years. She tells people gave more gold this time and indirectly asks him to give gold from Chadawa items. Dasharath understands and gives her gold bangles.

Maayi and Dhaani argues. Dhaani says how can he joke with me. Maayi asks her to follow widow customs. Dhaani says she will not keep quiet and will reply to Viplav. Maayi gets angry and tells her that Viplav saved her else she would be still arrested in the lock up. One of the Inspector informs Dasharath that Viplav added wine in widow’s pot mistakenly, but the Police handled the matter well. Viplav comes home and tells he is tired. Shambu tells that he must have done something outside. Raj Lakshmi praises Dhaani for her bravery.

Viplav’s sister comes to his room and massages his head as he says his head is paining. She styles his hairs and asks did you like it. Viplav gets angry and scolds her. He says she didn’t think that I might be pained. Dadi says there is a thin layer between joke and pain. She asks him to think about Dhaani’s pain and feels sympathy. Viplav says he went to free her from police station and got insulted by her. Dadi makes him sit and says people waits for chance to insult a widow woman. She asks him to apologize to Dhaani. Viplav refuses. Dadi says until you apologizes her, I will not talk to you nor forgive you. Jeevan Ka Rang Safed Plays…………..Viplav makes her sketch and throws the dart on her sketch. Viplav asks Dadi not to get angry with him. Dadi says you have done a sin and asks him to apologize to her. She holds his ears and asks him to go.

Viplav comes to temple and thinks from where to get Dhaani’s address. Shakuntala and Dhaani try to get work at a flower stall, but the man refuses to give work. Viplav says he is going to apologize to Dhaani. Dhaani requests him and he agrees for a less price. Viplav practices to apologize to Dhaani infront of cow. Shakuntala asks her to go to temple and she will come. Viplav notices her and follows her, but the woman is someone else. He thinks he will tell Dadi that he apologized to her. He sees Dhaani again and tells her hi. Dhaani goes from there. Viplav tries to stop her. Dhaani stumbles and the flowers fall from her hand making Milk falls on Viplav’s head. Dhaani smiles.

Dasharath is shocked to know that Viplav went to apologize to Dhaani. He instigates the people to punish widow Dhaani. They barged in the ashram and threatens to burn it if Dhaani is not handed over to them.

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