Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav checking the laddoo and says there is something wrong in it. Dhaani says today I managed to ruin his plan, but don’t know what he will do. Viplav says there is nobody in his family who can speak his truth. Dhaani says there is one person…She says Raja’s Bauji who was a good man and took only truth’s side. Viplav asks where is he? Dhaani says I don’t know. A drunkard man comes to Viplav’s house and insists to meet Sakku. Ram deen tells that there is no Sakku here and asks him to go. Raja comes and asks what happened? He sees Bua ji and asks Ram deen to go. He asks Bua ji what is he doing here? And asks him to come. Viplav hears him. Dhaani comes out. Viplav says he saw Raja taking some man from here who called some Sakku. Dhaani says he was Raja’s Bau

ji and he used to call Sakku to his wife. She says we have to find him as this is our last chance. They leave in the car. Raja brings his dad to wine shop. Dhaani and Viplav follow them. Raja asks someone to take him inside and gets him drink. He asks Bau ji not to come again there. Dhaani and Viplav see them from far. Viplav asks Dhaani to wait for him and goes inside Bar. He gets inside and sees Raja’s dad saying Raja didn’t let him meet Sakku. Just then he collides with someone and sees Raja’s dad not in his place. Just then Raja’s dad asks him if he has any problem.

Dasharath tells that he is very happy that Viplav is very responsible and capable. Raja thinks what this old man will say? Dasharath says I will handover my everything to my son and will go in God’s way. He sasy Navratri is the best day for this. Raja thinks this will not happen. Viplav thinks Raja’s game will end.

Raja comes infront of Dasharath’s car. Dasharath asks what is this misbehavior. Raja shows him chain and says you are crossing the limits now. He says you have grown old and have bad memory. He makes him recall their first meeting. A fb is shown, Raja is caught by goons who asks for their money. Dasharath gives them money and asks the goons to leave. He asks Raja to marry Shalu. He says I know you are related to Dhaani’s past and asks him to separate Viplav and Dhaani. Raja says okay, what I will get if I marry Shalu? Dasharath says you will get share in my property and wealth. Raja asks but why you are asking me to marry Shalu. Dasharath says daughters are paraya dhan, and says he don’t care what happens with her in the sasural, as he cares for Viplav only. Fb ends. Raja reminds Dasharath and blackmails to tell everything to everyone. He says only I can run your business, as Viplav is not like you. Dasharath laughs and says you can’t harm me, and calls him useless fellow as he couldn’t separate Viplav and Dhaani. He says that widow Dhaani is still doing tandav in my home. He says my only heir is Viplav. Dasharath asks him not to blackmail him again. He goes. Raja says I will see how Viplav becomes the heir and sit on that place. Viplav determines to expose Raja with the help of his dad and share his plan with Dhaani. Raja says tomorrow morning, your respect will be ruined and then you will know who is Raja Avasthi.

In the temple, Dasharath asks Viplav to pick the kalash. Viplav picks it. Raja smirks. Everyone gets wine smell. They get angry and is about to beat Viplav. Dhaani protects Viplav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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  1. Today i was reminded of ramayan when dashrath announced his heir as ram n kakaye had problem similiarly rajas mom is looking.

  2. Silent reader


  3. So poor dt for yr grandson u sacrificed shalus life, knowing raja still u forced shalu in hell n say that it is girls fate shame on u

  4. AM

    ae dashrath ji to kamal ke nikle …main mastermind …what a plan balloon ji … balloon ji jyada mat uchlo raja agar apko ek mare to fut jaoge 😛 😛 … sikari balloon ..sikar raja beta ….sikari raja …sikar vidha ..but viplav ko kam mat samjho ..main hero of serial …he will definitely win 😛 …. areh precap mae hero ko mar rahe ho but kyu …. ae jyada hogaya thora 😛
    I am writing my comment mostly in Hindi because I am proving myself an eligible teacher of HMS 😛 😛 ..hahaha …

  5. History repeats first dhani was blamed for keeping wine in kalash n now its viplav who is blamed , know it has been planned by raja.

  6. Cunning dt u luv viplav a lot n for him u resort to all evil means but do u know one thing if VIPLAV comes to know about yr bad deeds then he would not spare at any cost.

  7. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan. xxx
    This is a shock to me, Dasharath is behind Rajas marriage to Shalu?
    What an old crook!
    Well done writers,you keep me

  8. mangai

    super track going on :))) wahoo .. excited for new track.. it is same old ikrs track .. no matter what.. hope good rating ll come out next week :)))))

  9. Louella

    Dashrath can stoop so low. He is thinking that girls r paraya dhan. He is so cheap and also does cheap things. So all this love for Shalu was just a drama. So cheap.

  10. Keerthi

    What an episode… Superb twist…. When viplav comes to know about dasarath… Then he will understand… Hasan jii…. Thanks for such an fast update… Really loved it…. Viplav u r amazing….. Becoming die hard fan of you… 🙂 :):):)

    And missing vidhaani scene’s…

  11. shanitics

    Thankss Hassan ji for the fast update…

    Shame on u Ballon… Trying tu ruin ur grand daughter life….
    VIP is looking awesome.. Must appreciate his talent of acting….
    His acting after finding Raja’s dad his sigh of relief acting… Superb
    Os this Raone…. Villain more powerful than the hero…
    But must notice tat Vidhaani is fighting against 4 enemy… KT DT Raja Raja’s mom
    This means Viplav’s brain is 4 times better than his enenmy’s

  12. AM

    trp of this week of ikrs is 1.0 ..drop by .1 ..all 6:30 pm slot had a drop … but krishnadasi trp increased …all evening shows had a drop ..very sad for our actors of IKRS … but don’t care about it …because our show is superb … current track also very good …. keep enjoying 🙂 🙂

  13. Anne

    Raja looked like the thug he is,treating his own Father badly as well.
    With a wife and son like that I would be drinking too.??????xxx

  14. Louella

    Guys this is the LAST time I m explaining about the comments day, okay?
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    Now think that u have changed ur name and u comment but remember that u have to change ur email id and comment and this will change ur actual logo.

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    I hope this is understood by all. Don’t think that I m angry on u all as two or three ppl asked me to explain this game again. It’s nothing like that.

  15. vaishnavi more

    DT u r so disgusting shalu is also ur sons daughter i am surprised today coz dt dont care abt shalu
    bechari shalu
    n i dont like precap i cant see ki vipu ko koi mare

    n guys bad news trp of ikrs is 1.0
    i cant understand why the trp is decrease i just hope trp will be increses nxt week

  16. Guys,

    I think something is wrong with IKRS where the treatment received from Colors Channel & TRP rating agency related.

    I have checked both channel & Rating agency has done and doing negative work, Double Standards not properly publicity of IKRS.

    I have also checked there is so much FAN following lots of respect & love for our Mishal (VIPU) for his amazing acting talent.

    Even though Colors Channel does not give proper response to IKRS for repeating telecast & giving proper precaps and promotions of IKRS.

    I have seen so man society sites that without Mishal and Eisha (Vidhani) we cannot imagine the IKRS for such a good serial and a great subject of our civil society for Widows remarriage with a great message for rural parts of our Indian country where Widows life is really hell in 21st Century.

    Guys I have gone 2-3 times to Mathura where I have seen 2-3 Widows Ashram where the Widows life is such a difficult & They live their life is very much in difficult situations.

    Request you all to raise your voice for IKRS serial for such a great subject for Widows remarriage.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Pjain.

      I wonder if the trp war is fought on between shows that have prime time slots and repeats. It’s a shame that Colors won’t promote the show or give many of you the repeats you’ve been asking for. It can’t just be because of Mishal? That would be crazy. I wonder if it’s because of the subject matter and they are trying to not make it too ‘in your face’ for the masses as I can imagine widow remarriage is a very polarising subject. I mean if the attitudes on the show itself are anything to go by, is that a representation of society at large? Maybe Colors are doing this deliberately to deliver a social conscience message with a softly softly approach?

      Just wondering really.

    • Fatarajo

      Mayb it’s due to Time slot because same thing happened with colors previous show Shastri sisters which was also aired at 6.30pm after time slot change,
      In beginning also I thought IKRS got so high fan following online how is t posibble but when I went to my country for holidays I realized most have no idea about this show they do know other shows especially Swragin but they have no idea about IKRS

    • Yetty

      Hey pjain,
      I don’t understand how this trp rating works especially here in London .
      Ikrs is telecast 3 to 4 times daily here and I know a lot of my friends that watch the show and love it.
      Maybe if we can get across to colors, they will have a better explanation to how they run their programmes and how the ratings are.
      I don’t want to believe that they will obstruct any show because of feud between them and any actor/ actresses.
      Their interest should be on the kind of messages the show is send to the viewers.

    • Porkodi

      hai pjain

      Me also thinking the same. First they should change the time slot. colors should give ikrs to the prime time 9.00 .I wondering , this is the good show portraying well abt windows and having good amazing talented actors.. but not getting Trp. This is the fault of colors channel .They r not giving promos and repeated telecast. In hindi serial I m watching only this show. we should rise our concern to channel.

  17. Louella

    Arshdeep and others a very good news for u all. I had requested tellyupdates to submit my ff and they have replied to me that they will post it very soon. I m so so happy. Too happy.

  18. Sujie

    Hi everyone….
    Thank you Hasanji for the update
    Only one thing to say for DT….. a shameless hypocrite…. he is ready to sacrifice Shaalu’s happiness for separating Viplav and Dhaani…..chi chi…. now I can say that KT is better than DT…i know she has done a sin like while trying to kill DT she ended up killing her own husband…but she is not dual faced like DT…. i guess she does not want her kids get hurt by any means….. when she will know about all these tactics by DT…then she will surely create a havoc….. Shameless balloon ko toh jutte se maaro….. hawa nikaal doh uss balloon ki…..And creepy Raja Awasthi….

  19. florentina moldovan


  20. Sujie

    Shame on all those hypocrites like DT…..
    Betiyaan bhi toh insaan hai….jeene ka haq unhe bhi hai…apni jindagi ke decisions khud leke jindagi mein aage badhna unka adhikar hai…. jiss se marzi shaadi karwaado aur picha chudao…aisa thodi hota hai…… maanti hoon ke shaadi karke ek din ladki ko apne in laws ke yahaan jaana padhta hai…but that does not mean ke koi bhi aire gaire se shaadi karwaado aur bhej do…. apne kartavya se muh modne wale hypocrites …..shame on such people….

  21. Nimisha ?

    OMG!!!! Just watching and had to pause to come here and

    1) I literally laughed out loud when Viplav lost the man in the bar… Who was sat in the corner ???

    2) DT ????

    That is all…. I’ll be back.

  22. Louella

    Anne plz don’t tell like this that I will become a prime minister. I really get scared. Bcoz I know how many works a prime minister has and I m so lazy specially in summer vacation. Even if I become a prime minister I will leave this position in one day

    • Anne

      I was just complimenting the work that you have done in your comment. You don’t seem lazy at all! ?xxx

  23. Nimisha ?

    O, so I,m back.

    Thank you to H Hasan for the speedy update.

    I always wondered where the awasthis came from, how raja knew to bring the shivalingum to the mandate on that dreaded day he entered the show.. And now we know. One mystery ( of many) solved.

  24. Nimisha ?

    DT, I knew he was up to something. I knew he didn’t value Shalu and would do anything to rid himself of Dhani, but even I am shocked but just what a lowlife he is. I think he ties with raja for the title of creep no. 1

  25. Nimisha ?

    The episode had revelations but a bit too much screen space given to the two big creeps so not so enjoyable to watch, for me anyway.

  26. Hi jainp ur right our ikrs is an marvellous show.I think colors (rangeela) didn’t realised it till now.we must go to then we have complaint .we all given there but no response.
    So after this comments day one we all make a complaint day and attack on colors channel to retelecast n promote our show.
    Our ikrs is rockstar of colors channel. Don’t y don’t realise it I was too worried about it really.

  27. Nimisha ?

    I was hoping when DT turned up to see Raja that they would beat each other up at the temple steps, fall in and drown, but alas that wasn’t to be.

  28. Hi jainp ur right our ikrs is an marvellous show.I think colors (rangeela) didn’t realised it till now.we must go to then we have complaint .we all given there but no response.
    So after this comments day one we all make a complaint day and attack on colors channel to retelecast n promote our show.
    Our ikrs is rockstar of colors channel. Don’t know y don’t realise it I was too worried about it really.

  29. Nimisha ?

    I didn’t understand why Viplav said to Dhani they have one chance left… To expose the awasthis?.. Did he mean one chance with raja’s dad? It’s a shame he had to be an alchoholic as it’ll be easy for them to discredit him. But can totally understand why he,s an alchoholic… Probably the only way to get thru life with that evil wife of his.

  30. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode was okay but I hate to see that Raja Awasthi’s face , in precap I felt so bad for Viplav Bechara Viplav when he did wrong nothing happen and now when he didn’t do anything he is gonna get punished so sad

  31. Hi a very gud evg to all my dear ikrs lovers.
    Wow wat an episode.I thought to decrease the love towards ikrs but while going watching really I can’t control watch ikrs and to give comments here.really it was an sleeping pills for me before going to bed.without coming here I can’t even sleep peacefully.

  32. So DT was director,editor,producer for past some episodes. Bcs he made raja to act n marry cheap DT ur shame on u.
    Guys I think our director shown a right thing.bcs this was happening now also in some places showing priority to male child n dominating female child.I saw some people too.I think they show against of these type of characters n raise voice towards them so that only this was shown here.superb director of ikrs ur really creating sensation.

    • Nimisha ?

      Kavitha, I think the show makers and cast and crew are brave to be part of a show that deals with such topics esp in a country where things like this do still go on in some places. India has moved forwards in so many respects and is a great nation but still there are definitely entrenched views, in some parts of society, and I think shows like IKRS are a bit of a trailblazer in raising awareness of things like this.

      This is just my opinion and I don’t mean any offence to anyone. But I do admire the team of IKRS.

      The shows that top the trp ratings don’t deal with real life situations, they are more your typical ott saas Bahu dramas , or about shape shifters who turn into snakes, or ghosts and other such fantasy non reality topics.

  33. Anne

    SO, DT must have investigated Dhaanis past marriage and then brought Raja to marry Shalu knowing it would cause trouble.
    This was done in hopes of splitting Vidhani up.
    That didn’t work very well..
    Now raja is going to try to kill Viplav so he can inherit.
    Poor Viplav when he finds out about his family esp.DT ,as he already knows his Mother is awful (( apart from her killing his dad and trying to get Dhaani killed that is )) he is going to be a little upset to say the least
    Waiting for the day he finds out !!!!!!
    But I’m worried .
    This track will end in weeks so what then? I hope they don’t split vidhani up or get her kidnapped(yawn) OR have a huge forgiveness scene like they did in Rangrasia and end the series.
    Having said that I’ve developed respect for the writers who keep surprising me.??xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Exactly Anne, poor Viplav indeed when he finds out about DT, which I sincerely hope he does soon. Maybe when he gets the keys to the safe , he’ll discover that cd that KT hid that he found.

      I’m also curious where the story will go next and like you think the writers are good at keeping me on my toes.

      The angry mob revelation on the spoilers had me imagining something completely different to Viplav being ‘mobbed’ in the mandir by a bunch of pundits led by phooljun! Viplav looked lovely in that pink top though. ??

    • Yetty

      Hey Anne, that’s exactly what the old goon had done.
      And that explains why he has been so calm thinking he’s in control of everyone’s life.
      What happened with laced ladoo?

      • Anne

        Raja had a long wait ..
        Sleepy yet?
        No why?
        Oh ??
        There’s a word for what he was trying to do
        Any way,what if he’d succeeded and Shalu was pregnant?
        The poor girl would not know what was happening to her.
        He’s a baaad man.

    • Saraswathi.j

      The story is not moving fast and the lawyer Viplav is not up to his mark it is better to close the serial with Subham.

  34. But poor viplav ur also facing same prb of dhaani kalash mein sharabwala scene very disgusting.
    Ab koun bacheyega DT aapki pyara viplav potha ko humari dhaani hi kahan chalegay tumari maryadha ,parampara n etc n all stupidity.
    Viplav we all know u luv dhaani very much but ur dadaji is very cunning pls stay away from him.

  35. AM

    yes u r right pjain ..such a great concept and such a fabulous actor ..but what they get ..low trp … I started watching this show only for the concept …a strong message they are giving ..widow remarriage …such a revolutionary show it is !!! …hats off for the concept …well executed …. raise your voice …

    I tweet colors many times … but they just ignored it fully

  36. Nimisha ?

    Oh and when Viplav and Dhani left the house to follow creep no 1, they left the front door open this time. Seriously guys, CLOSE The DOOR.. Please! It’s driving me a bit potty! ?

  37. Yetty

    Who could have imagined DT to be this dirty, discriminating between girls and boys .
    Using and twisting shalu”s life like it means nothing.
    Kanak is a useless mother with no maternal instincts to protect her children
    with.( where was she when DT is playing
    with her kids lives)
    I hope vidhaani will be able to use this new twist to achieve their aims and expose both Raja and DT.
    Well done writers, I didn’t see this twist coming at all.
    I love ikrs

  38. Now a days I can’t see viplav as in serious mood in that position he looks like same Dutta Sriram Patil.I don’t like that getup n face cut of mishal.he looks cute when he smiles.he was adorable in his smile.
    Pls directors sir we want our hero back with cute smiling face.
    And pls don’t give him such type of beatings from others he was an hero he should take beatings he must give nice kickings to others not him .
    Kabi dhaani se kabi unki maa se aur knk se aur ab logon se kya humari viplav ko maar katheyhi rahna pdega him sab nahin sahen sakthi.pls change this type of stories.

  39. AM

    and producers shows every backdrop of Banaras society …. they raise their voice against it …. which show give that kind of things …. thapki ..concept was good but dragging …. ssk .. horror show 😛 …. udaan ..good ….ashok ..historical show …swaragini ..don’t want to say about it …. kasam ..reborn story (nothing worth to watch) … krishnadasi …………………….
    so IKRS is a great show ..but colors treating ikrs as adopted child of her adopted son 😛 …they stopped repeat telecast …. that is really too much …

    • Fatarajo

      Hahahahahahha AM absolutely correct analysis of all the colors show according to me currently the best show is IKRS followed by Udaan. and Swaragini Hahahahaha no words really.

  40. Hi Anne that raja was gone when dhaani exposed him on first time marriage step with shalu only. After that DT went to raja n asked him to marry shalu.poor shalu Bali ka bakra bangayi.lekin yeh baath knk ko patha chalega tho woh kya karegi DT ko.woh bhi nahin chahthi apni beti ki rishtha kisi raja like culprit se hone ka.
    Let’s wait n watch how knk will react to this hearing about shalus n raja background director is DT.very interesting na.

  41. Butterfly

    Hey I’m surely gonna comment 2morrow. And if anyone is out of topics to comment on just ask me. I am not boasting but I am really good at it. And today’s episode was a great revelation, it was a disappointment, and a ray of hope.

  42. cool

    hi guiys i think viplav will die r the director may make some
    twist like vip died then he retrns after a long years
    because this serial is ikrs it means only white no color
    so dhanni maynt have permanent color in her life
    then tis is my imiagination not anyy news
    so fffans dont scold me im also 1of the lovabel person of ikrs
    then im one adict to tis

    • Fatarajo

      It’s okay cool I won’t be surprised if the makers kill Viplav’s character due to the title, but if they really do so IKRS trp will definately drop to 0

  43. Guys I think I this rajas track our vidhaani forgot to romance also yaar.
    But iam waiting for the day when dhaani wear that outfit gift given by viplav n must give surprise waiting for it.but our directors was trying to expose rajas original character but he is not coming n our vidhaani will get tired to come out from this.
    But its request director sir pls complete it soon n show another tracks of ikrs parts.
    We can’t see pur viplav in such conditions.he was the engergion for ikrs show.wat u say guys.

    • Nimisha ?

      I’m sure on one of the recent olv’s Mishal said they had recorded two song sequences so I’m sure there’s more Viplav and Dhani romance on its way.

      They do however need to complete this current raja track, hate the awasthis.

  44. Anne

    And I want to go back to the ASHRAM……!!!!!!
    Explain to Dulari and Badi Amma and see if Rajlakshmi is OK… !

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too Anne. Poor them. I hope they start coming back into the future track. Love those ladies. Xxx

  45. Butterfly

    I am scared. B’coz the track is SO GOOD I fear that ikrs will …. I don’t know what…. I have a funny feeling.

  46. Hi Louella kutti I’ll comment tmr as per ur condition of comments day but I can’t recognise others .iam very poor in all these u I’ll just give com as per the game rule.that’s it.sry I apologize first I can’t do it.but I’ll enjoy urs all com .
    Guys can we give any promotion of this comments day so that everyone know about it and see how we r going to enjoy make ikrs memorable.wat u frnds pls give me can we promote it.




  48. Nima

    thank you hasan mam for the live update….?
    sharam Karo DT balloon jake churlum var paani mein doob maro apne aapko MAHANT kahlaate ho bete n beti mein farak karte ho ?

  49. Meghs(megha)

    Dt i never thought u stoop so low
    How can u do with ur granddaughter disgusting
    U did many way to separate vidhani but it is too much u played with ur granddaughter how can u…

  50. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the fast update. After watching today episode , dt is the real culprit who brought raja to his house .
    I never think he can stoop to this level. He is not considering about shalu.
    Poor shalu. She is thinking that her dadaji is good. If she comes to know abt his dadaji where he can keep his face. Disgusting.
    Now I m thinking that kanak is also involved this or not?
    Now our ikrs entered into the thrilling track. waiting to see tomorrow’s episode.
    But our Trp is not increasing .I don’t know why.

  51. wasranu

    Hey guess me who i am?! Happy comments day to all of you. I am the one who came some time before. I am neither very old member nor a new member of this family 🙂

  52. Arshdeep

    Good morning everyone…!!
    Its already 1 am here in india
    Uth jao sab..
    Game start ni krni???

    • Mishani ?

      Hey Arshdeep, glad you liked your we award. Well deserved.. But we have a challenger to your crown… Who will win the next one….

      Goodnight lovely ! Sweet dreams and sleep well.

  53. Anne

    10 pm here in UK so about 3am in India. Hi Sleepyheads.
    I want to be one of the first to say…

  54. Naiahd

    I love ikrs, I don’t comment much but I tried to give more than one comment a day. Who can guess who I am

  55. rupitarir

    Good morning friends
    I recently joined irks page.
    From my name u can easily identify my state.
    Who am I ?

  56. ismhla

    hiiiii …good morning to all …
    guys change your logo also ..that will be more fun …
    guess who am I ???? ..
    some clues are
    1. may be fourth youngest member in this page
    2. old member ( nearly 6 month)
    3. bass itna clue kafi hae ….guess guess …

  57. Nima

    good morning my dear ikrs lovers ?
    happy comments day to all ???
    sorry ?suddenly bg hona pada hai ?
    meri comment with jumble name post to huyi thi bt dikh nahi rahi pata nahi kaha chhupi hue Hai ?
    chupkese time nikalkar aane ki koshis karenge tab tak have a good day to all love you all ????

  58. Hsikytiaaupadiu

    Hello everyone
    Good morning

    I am an old member of this family…not that much old…..
    I have been a silent reader since the beginning of IKRS…..
    I have written fan fictions too……
    itna clue sayad kaafi hai…… mujhko pehchaan lo!!!!!!
    have a great day ahead

  59. Hsikytiaaupadiu

    now …pehchaan kaun???
    -not a very old member of IKRS….silent reader since the beginning of the show…….
    i write fan fictions tooo……
    ab batao main kaun hoon????

  60. Tiagwabh ivde

    Hello everyone…..!!
    First of all i wish you all a very happy jumble comments day….!!
    All the best to everyone 🙂
    Lets go for it and rock tellyupdates !!!!!

    Okay so coming to the clue i am young little girl…not so little actually.. whose name misleads many people about my gender… I feel its an easy clue.. So guess fast who i am????

  61. Idanha

    Hi frnds good morning
    Guess who am i
    Clue all of u know me even though i am irregular
    Guess me ..

  62. bhale boba

    I am not an old member, not a vry new member……… I was present in the purple controversy………. I write ff’s……..

  63. Sims ntncoine

    Anyone knew me…..its my nick name given… frnds knew it….come on guess me….
    One more clue….
    Nowadays I’m not regular

  64. Haaidn Piavvl Piihratt

    Hi friends. Happy comments day to all of u. I m the one who was going to start an ff but it did not get posted. But now again I m starting it. I was a silent reader in December but I could not stop myself and I commented. The last clue is that I m always regular.

  65. Eshani

    looks like comments day is going on well….waiting for more and more comments…..sorry ppl i cannot comment d way you ppl wanted to have it as u ppl dont know we welll and cannot identify me….but i will keep commenting and make this day memorable….i love this IKRS family

  66. ahsmli

    Hey Peeps! Morning! ?
    Happy Comments Day! ?
    So here.. i’m a new member, didn’t interacted much with you guys. So, you can just guess the character name.
    And yes, i’m the one who said that i’ll be soon writing a fan fiction of IKRS. ?

  67. marened

    Happy welcome to jumble comments day to all?? Safed hai MERE nam ka MATLAB?? hasti hoon MEIN sare SAWERE par?? awasti PARIWAR hai MERA dushman?? nach NACH kar KHELU Mein?? ISHQ ka RANG safed??

  68. Porkodi

    Hi friends post r not getting posted. I tired of checking it. For me it is night 10 o clock. catch u all in the morning.

    @Louella , pls don’t forget to post the winner name.

  69. Eshani

    thank you for the fb link prachi but my there was some problem in my fb account am not able to login will get into it soon and start a conversation….

  70. Eshani

    so many comments my time is going in reading all….wht is d theme was this jumbled one anyone plz help

    • Ishani u take any members of ikrs characters n write in jumbled manner n give a clue abt DAT every one ll guess who u r n wats d jumbled name

  71. Anhash

    I think by evening all should individually reveal their names..
    And each one should tell who guessed their jumbled letters correctly and who guessed them..
    Everyone must check the time of comments posted so that only the first to guess is the winner
    Then it will be easy to analyse the result
    Is it ok louella??

  72. AM

    everyone is back in their real name … guys don’t forgot our game ..but who will decide the winner should our judge ….

  73. Fatarajo

    I am not Dhaani I m Fatarajo. The one and only Fatarajo. (I still haven’t scrambled my name yet :P)

  74. badi amma

    @sujie,porkodi, shanatics, AM, Saras and Maria. U all guess right and I gave a good clue. I love the game buh won’t guess, I’m sorry for that.

  75. Mishani ?

    Morning lovey lovelies!!!

    Gosh you all got to 359 so quickly.

    And yes you guessed my jumbled name so easily!!! Lol!

    And Nima, you can call me MIshal Ki Mishani anytime. ???

    Right, I’m going to try and guess a few more.

    muuuuuaaaahhhhhh!!!! To you all!


    • Naiahd

      Hey Nimisha, how is it going? The Brain teaser is hilarious, I couldn’t guess one. See you later

      • Mishani ?

        Hey… Now I’m intrigued… Your jumble name is Dhaani, but who are you….

        Are you Yetty???

  76. shanitics

    Yup tats was me shanitics….
    And tat jumbled words are not renamed…. I was wondering why are saying Renamed then I noticed the name lol ? Thanks for the new un noticed name by me.. But it’s not Renamed … Who in our serial renamed…
    So find out the renamed hidden person in it

  77. shanitics

    Wow nice to c many new silent readers commenting here….
    Haha ? my idea of jumbled words worked so….

  78. shanitics

    Misha didi Just for imagine mishal and misha…. Tats means ur combination is called Nimishal… Wow nice name…..
    I think our name matches our dreams look Nimisha and Mishal
    Swetha and shahid…. On process siblings ?

  79. Mishani ?

    Well done Louella and Shanatics. Comments day is going well so far.

    The award for the most guesses will probably go to our lovely Arshdeep, but who will get the most correct…. Oooooooohhhh. The tension mounts….. Oooooohhhhh!!

    It won’t be me as I’m nit very good at guessing, but will keep trying.

    This will be me today ?????????????

    • Arshdeep

      Ohhhh i dont really think m going to win
      I think i only made less corect guesses..i came late maybe
      I won for prokodi renu di..swara..prachi di..

  80. shanitics

    Misha didi Is it?? Is our Vidhaani acting for 2 mote romantic songs….
    If its true huue romance ?

    • Mishani ?

      Yes, the olv where he asked the journey who made her a journal he said they’d recorded two song sequences. I wondered one was the net scene in the kitchen. But that was to Isha vishq so I assumed there might be two others.

      But… I could very easily have dreamed seeing that. Not that I dream of Mishal … Errr. No.. No ways ???

  81. Rajee

    Wow wow wow!!! What a twist??? Fully faltoo,bakwas,pakau,irritating, rubbish,out of syllabus…?Dashrath tripathy brought Raja to separate vidhani??? What the hell? Then why raja was unaware abt Viplav’s love interest? Why those dramas? Once again memory loss for the writer..?…its a super flop twist..if dadaji already knows abt raja then what is the use of all these jasoosi by vidhani…arrey yaar Viplav & dhani leave this detective job & go for ur honey moon. That will b better?

    • Diamabma

      Perhaps DT didn’t even tell raja his plans.
      Just arranged his marriage to Shalu knowing what would happen when Dhaani saw him.
      But where was he when he paid off rajas debts? Confused…..

      Or he arranged every thing after Dhaani stopped the marriage…got together with raja ..
      But rajas mum is plotting as well …..
      Are they plotting together or separately?
      Oh well,time will tell I hope?xxx

      • Nucremberepeno

        I think he got together with raja before Dhani stopped the marriage. Well before.

        DT is the puppeteer and raja is his puppet. Although he’s more like a muppet really!


  82. Rajee

    Oh god ..not again…horrible precap… I think ikrs is in love with wine..its name can b switched to ‘mere kalash mein sharab’…
    Precap was as irritating & funny as the episode… Up govt should also ban wine just like Bihar govt…sply in Banaras..
    I used to like this creepy raja track but this sudden twist is testing my patience..totally irritating..
    Dear Saras! Amritanjan plz!!!

  83. bhale boba

    Some more……. try to guess them
    1. Sakal Kira
    2. Shaie
    3. nakaka
    5. Silut
    6. Thipatri
    8. Ashwa Alsthiu
    All the best friends………..

  84. bhale boba

    Just realized kanak name is the same reversed…….. late realization na????
    😛 amazing….. enjoying this game of jumbling names guess we should come up with some more games like this what say? Hmmmm I have an idea…..
    Lets play ‘scenes’
    Just aelect ur fav scene and give one hint about it and the others must guess it……
    Like: This scene is loved by all…… most special day….. two souls united secretly……. (something like this)
    Ans: Vidha marraige

  85. Rajee

    Hi pjain! To voice for ikrs to colors is like bhains ke agey been bajana & colors bhains nahin..yeh toh horrible stubborn saandh (bull) hai..I don’t have any hope on colors channel. It can’t handle & give justice to its existing shows but still bringing 2,3 more shows… Greedy..
    I am totally fed up with colors.
    AM ! U said it right- adopted child of adopted son…but colors is giving ikrs sautela treatment. My only suggestion is ikrs should shift its base to some other
    channel. I can’t bear this injustice to my show & fall in trp is painful.

  86. pmaiatianrv

    arre #IKRS k diwano mujhe pehchano, kaha se aaya main hu kaun?????

    good afternoon my dear #IKRS family….happy comments day to all….?

    I’m active from SHIVRATRI…
    I’m a teacher in HMS
    guess who AM I???????

  87. Mishani ?

    I’ve got another one…

    What does TRP stand for…

    Totally Ridiculous Points
    TOtally Random Points
    Television Ratings (are) pathetic


  88. shanitics

    Thanksss to all u enjoyed my idea of jumbled words I think it has played a crucial role in increasing number of comments… Thankss once to all those who agreed to my idea of jumbled words….
    Misha didi Mishal + Nimisha=Nimshal…
    Sounds nice,uh????
    And how this sounds… Shahid,Sanah,Swetha.. Nice uh??
    Sounds like siblings,uh???

  89. Maria

    I am enjoying this game to the fullest. It is a super hit. Thanks louella and shantics for this wonderful game…

  90. Louella

    Dr Sweety and Arshdeep r having tough competition. Ab dekhne waali baat hai ki koun jeetega pati, patni ya woh.(friends don’t take it seriously. I m just joking.)

  91. Louella

    Points kamaneka aasaan tarika. Yeh naam pehchaan lo aur points kamaa lo.
    Arja Stawaih
    Tais amyia
    Pehchaan lo aur points jald se jald leke jao.

      • Mishani ?

        Are you calling me a creep no 1?

        Just kidding, yes it was me. ???

        I tried a new one but all my posts hit stuck and list so am back to my first name for today.

  92. shanitics

    Lols do u think this jumbled words will work tomorrow too… I think we have to find a new game for a tomorrow

  93. Arshdeep

    A big big thanks to louella and shanatics
    Loved the game
    Whoever may win.. but i really enjoyed it !!

  94. SARAS

    Our comments day going sooper dooper good. .. kya idea diya louella n shanticks ne.. aur.. am arshadeep. . our sweet dr sahiba aur baki sab participate karke ise sooper success banadiye…Well done guys.. I m so proud of you all

  95. kasuk

    Sukku is right… I have commented here by the name you knw me…. U really me…. Guess who AM I???

  96. shanitics

    Kusuk(Sukku) It was me shanitics….

    Lols do u think this plan will work 2marow…..
    Today jumbled words was a fresh plan but it will not be interesting to play the same tomorrow too,na???
    So I think we have to plan something else.. For tomorrow some funny type games… Games are loved by all the people so even the silent readers would be loved to play the game and and we can catch most of the silent readers…
    Wat u say lols

    • SARAS

      hey shanticks lot of us have not jumbled names today. . preserving it for tomm. . so let it be same no???
      Same people can again participate Tom with different names too

  97. So happy ramnavami n also SPL comments day to u all.
    Its going crazy to read all of ur comments n also fun.but I don’t do that guessing.I will get tired of it.
    But u must guess me.

  98. giaihehssn

    Good afternoon ikrsians, happy comment and jumble word day. I’m not really new or too old, formerly a silent reader. I’m addicted to IKRS and also a manan fans. Guess who I am

  99. Louella

    Everyones name is hidden in the above comment. The one guessing most of the names above is the winner. Tell me tell me who r the ones in the above comment. I have mentioned everyone’s name.

    • Louella

      Humaare ikrs page mein aap padhaare hum dhanya ho gaye. Lekin aapke pair mujhe dikhaai nahi de rahe hai. Voh dharasal aapke aashirvaad paana tha na. Koi baat nahi. Aapne do line likhne ka mehnat toh kiya wahi mere liye bahut hai. Aapke do line se humari comments bad gaye. Vaapas jaroor aayega.

    • Nima

      arre oh SUMANWA tum fir aa gayi tumko kauno laaz saram nahi hai kya? jab v dekho muh uthake chali aati ho…..nywy hum log #ikrs k fans hai bahoot dildaar hai tum v kya yaad rakhogi…. sujie ne kaha hai khana khake jana… agar bored ho gayi ho toh 1 2 jumble words khelke Jana bahoot maza aayega promise ???

    • Sujie

      Hamari aankhan aapke comments dekhkar pabitra hogaye…… kaha thi aap itne dino se….sayas kaam mein busy hongii….aaja yaad aai hamari….hamko toh roj yaad aati hai aapki….. thank you…aate rehne okay…..

  100. Diamabma

    Nimisha ,I’ve checked weekend viewing and as far as I can tell IKRS is replaced by Shaadi Vaadi on Saturday and is on later on Sunday as Nsagin is on for long time before .
    Double edged sword xxx

    • Nucmberepeno

      Hey Anne. I thought shaadi gaadi was on rishte at 830. Same time as IKRS over in colours.

      Thank goodness for my TiVo box as I’ll record birth and watch both kater as am out tomorrow from the afternoon til late.

      Oh, and I noticed that the 1.30 afternoon repeat of IKRS seems to have disappeared as they’re showing India git talent instead.

      Do you know if there is a uk specific ratings thing? Curious to know how IKRS is doing here?


    • Mishani ?

      Hi Anne

      I though shaadi vaadi was on Rishtey and IKRS on colours both at 830.

      I’ll be recording both as am out tomorrow, but will defo double check. Thanks.

    • Naiahd

      Hello Anne, does that mean no ikrs on Saturday or are they showing it at different time.
      In as much as i really want to watch shaadi vaadi because of Mishal, I think colors shouldn’t have tampered with our show.
      Hope you are enjoying the jumble comment day hun xxxx

  101. Louella

    Wow only ten comments for 550. Friends we can reach till 600. Come on friends. Today we will make it to 600.

  102. Louella

    I have a request to all those who had changed their logos and also their names so that I may announce the winners. There r two winners one for jumble words and one for guessing the members. Plz tell me right now as at 5:00 till 8:00 I m not available.

  103. Louella

    Swetha I think tomorrow we should play another game. I have an idea. The one to comment the most will be the winner for tomorrow. What u say?

  104. Louella

    I think everyone enjoyed a lot today. But unfortunately I couldn’t comment more. Now summer vacations then also I m not free as my friends r always behind me. Aakhir mai unki bhi toh laadli hu. So enjoy ur rest of the day by watching vidhaani scenes and I will enjoy my day by playing instead of watching ikrs.

  105. Louella

    I to inform u that today two more awards will be given. U want to know which. Okay I will tell u. It’s a suspense. Just wait and watch friends bcoz today the winners r getting a surprise.

  106. Nucmberepeno

    Nit sure why. My comments are getting stuck but others come through. Is that because I’ve used a not real email id???

  107. Mishani ?

    Not sure why but my comments are getting stuck when others are coming through, is that because I used a made up email address???

  108. Mishani ?

    My comments under my jumbled I’d weren’t posting so have gone back and as a result have lost lots of posts. Sorry,

  109. Mishani ?

    I feel like I have a personality disorder now. All my posts have appeared again and I don’t know who I am any more …. Waaahhhhhhh ??????

    • Mishani ?

      My first attempt at Hindi….

      Tu mujh pe hasrahee hai??? Mein bimaar hoon? Mujhe batha nahin Mein kaun hoon?

      ????. How’s that swetha? Feel free to correct me? Practicing for hms school.

  110. Mishani ?

    So Arshdeep, about the Delhi metro OMG!!! We visited in 2003 so that’s been a really long project if it’s still running! I bet it’s made a massive difference to everyone’s lives. The roads in Delhi were busy at all times of the day so it must be so much better if you can use the metro to avoid that.

    I really hope to come back one day soon and when I do I,ll take you up on your offer to sight see together! Thank you.

    • Arshdeep

      Ya ofcorse it helped delhi people a lot
      A new system of odd even started ..if u know?
      But thats going to trouble me a lot on 17th ??

      • Mishani ?

        No Arshdeep, nothing is going to trouble you on the 17th. You are going to do amazingly well and will get to and from your exam with no problems at all.

        No more worrying for you now young lady. Tikh hai. You leave the worrying to me. ???

        And no, what’s the new thing that’s just started??

      • Arshdeep

        Haha theek h didi ji?
        But trouble is how will i reach my centre
        Odd even system started in delhi.. in this only odd no. Cars can move around delhi on odd days like tues thurs sat.. while even no. Cars on even days
        Problem is my car has even no. And going by bus to delhi is not easy.. we could get lost there fonding the exam centre
        So now how to go??

      • Mishani ?

        Oh NOOOOOO. Sounds like a mad plan! How can they police that?

        Anyway, can you get a taxi to take you? Or metro?

        I see your predicament! Do you know anyone who has an even no car who could give you a lift??

        Or can you stay with someone near the exam centre overnight?

        I remember once having to drive to college for an exam when there were rail and bus strikes here. I had to drive through London which I don’t like and then park on a meter which is expensive. I put in loads of coins and went off to sit my exam. Got to the the building which was locked. Turned out the exam had been postponed due to the strike but they’d forgotten to tell us.

      • Arshdeep

        Sorry i explained a bit wrong i think
        Even odd acc to date like 17th so odd cars will only go
        Thinking either to go one day before.. but dnt have much close relatives there..
        Planning to better go by taxi only.. lets see

        That must really be a bad experience for u ?

      • Mishani ?

        It wasn’t bad really. I think it made me laugh. I was miffed about having to put so much money into a meter, but relieved to get extra time to revise.

        There’s Always a silver lining, ?

  111. shanitics

    Yipee grossed 600+ comments….
    Thanks to all those who participated in this game and made this game ? interesting…..
    Thanksss on the behalf of louella too

  112. Mishani ?

    So back to the episodes, now that we have ha ethics revelation are the next few episodes going to be mostly about Dashrath and raja?

    I wonder how Viplav and Dhaani will use raja’s dad to help expose raja?

    Is KT already in cahoots with DT. She hasn’t ever really valued her daughter much so it wouldn’t surprise me…

    And finally the biggest burning question I have….. Will Viplav and Dhaani learn to close doors.

    Tune in later to find out ?

      • Mishani ?

        Have had…

        Right fed up with myself so giving myself lines. Posts going missing too…

        I must learn to type without typos
        I must learn to type without typos
        I must learn to type without typos
        I must learn to type without typos
        I must learn to type without typos
        I must learn to type without typos

  113. Naiahd

    This is so much fun, I feel young again.
    Even though I couldn’t comment much, I read all your sweet, funny, glad I’m here comments, lots of them made laugh out loud.
    Good guessing to all of you that got it right,
    I couldn’t guess one right but no worries, still found the game fascinating.
    Well done guys, love you all

    • Mishani ?

      I still don’t know who you are. Reveal pleeeeease .

      Dhaani is the jumbled name, but who my dear are you..?.???

      • Naiahd

        Nimisha darling,( Queen’s accent) I really want you to guess who I am, you almost got the last but you’re not sure hena!
        Say it with confidence.
        I’m waiting

      • Mishani ?

        Okay… I’ve just been through all the comments.. Nope not cheating… Just researching and my only guess is Yetty.

        Take pity on an old woman and tellllllll meeeeeee nowwwwwwwww! Please…..


    • Mishani ?

      And another Dhani. But who are you? ( I said that in the style of Kareena as Pooooo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham when she sees hrithik pull up in his red sports car. ?)

  114. giaihehssn

    No one was able to guess who I am. wat a pity. Arshdeep just said eisha sighn buh unable to say my name

  115. Mishani ?

    Arshdeep, just going back over allll the comments and you got dancing caterpillar eyebrows.

    You are a superstar! Well done!

  116. Mishani ?

    Anne, where are you?

    I neeeed tour help.

    Who else is here in the uk? Trying to figure out who Niahad is. She’s being very cryptic and I neeeeed help. Any ideas??

    You can have the point for guessing, I just neeeeed to know.

    Thanks very muchly,

  117. Sujie

    Had listed names of most of the members out of 60 members jinka naam jumbled form mein louella ne diya tha….that post disappeared…… 🙁

    • Mishani ?

      I think Arshdeep also lost a post. I think she said she had guessed 45 names.

      Sorry that happened. I think tellyupdates must be tired after all our commenting.


  118. Mishani ?

    Thank you to the wonderful moderators for helping us today. You are supremely awesome. I got a few posts stuck but it’s been a great fun thing to be a part of so thanks for making it possible. Stellar work! ?????????

  119. Mishani ?

    By the way, comments day has made me realise I talk to myself when I’m confused,,,,

    Which basically means I talk to myself ALOT!!! Lol.

  120. Sujie

    Guys you remember …….. on ViDhaani’s wedding and that cottage wala scence comments crossed 600 …. 🙂

    • Mishani ?

      Hi Sujie, I wasn’t here then, sob sob sob…

      But I remember that scene well, the cottage walla one. My favourite bit was when Viplav gently leaned Dhani back onto the upright bed frame and then leant into her himself. Still makes me go all weak in the knees. How Dhani managed to stay standing I don’t know ??????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.