Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tulsi keeping gun on Dhaani’s head for trying to fail her plan and asks everyone to stand far. Viplav asks her not to do anything to Dhaani. Tulsi asks if Dhaani is your daughter, sister or……..Dhaani cries. Everyone is shocked. Tulsi calls her gang and asks them to come at Ashram. She asks them to stand at a corner and asks Dhaani to stand as well. Sushma wakes up from sleep calling Viplav’s name. She asks Dasharath to call him. Dasharath tells her that it was just a dream and asks her to sleep. Sushma requests Dasharath to call Viplav.

Tulsi and her gang tie Dulaari, Viplav, Dhaani and others. She asks Dulaari about the idol. She refuses to tell her. Viplav says life is not more than anything. Viplav’s phone rings. Tulsi asks him to pick the call.

Viplav picks the call and tells Dada ji that he will go to Dwarka in the morning. He asks him to attend Pankaj’s marriage. Dasharath wonders why Viplav is talking like that. Sushma says surely Viplav is in trouble. Dasharath says I will enquire if my son is fine. Viplav asks Dulaari to give the idol. Tulsi asks her gang to tie Viplav to a side and close her mouth. Someone knocks on the door. Tulsi and her gang get tensed.

Badi Amma and others looks on with the hope. Tulsi comes to Viplav and asks him to open the door, and not try to be oversmart. She keeps gun on Dhaani. Viplav goes to open the door while goon lady keeps gun on his head. He opens the window and sees Inspector. Inspector asks if everything is fine inside. Viplav asks why you came in the night, and breaking our sleep. He asks him to do some work. Rachna shouts suddenly. Lady goon closes the window. Tulsi slaps Rachna and asks them to give idol. The Inspector says there is something wrong inside and asks his team to call control room. He asks Tulsi to open the door else……..

Tulsi shouts and tells Inspector that she will kill widows if he tries to break the door. She asks him to let her gang leave, else no one will be alive. Other Police officers reach there. Inspector calls Dasharath and informs that Viplav and the widows are kidnapped. Kanak says I will commit suicide if anything happens to him. Dasharath says this kidnapping must be related to theft in the temples. Tulsi asks Dulaari to tell them where is the idols hidden else she will kill her. Viplav asks them to inform her. She hurts Dhaani.

Viplav says you have to pay for this. Tulsi asks Rachna, where did she kept the idol and slaps her hard. Dasharath reaches the Ashram with Tripurari. Inspector says everything will be fine in sometime. Dasharath asks him to break open the door. He says his grand son is inside and in danger. Inspector says all widows are with him. Tripurari says we will make the gang do parade in the banaras. Dasharath asks him to use brain and not strength. He asks Inspector to call Minister.

Tulsi says she will count till 5 and will kill Dulaari first. Dulaari says no one will tell anything and asks her to kill her. She curses her and asks her to kill her. Police team throws smoke bombs. Everyone starts coughing. Tulsi and her gang see widows and Viplav missing when the smoke is cleared. Viplav brings the widows out through other Ashram door. Tulsi wonders where did they went and asks her gang to search them. She searches for the idols. Dasharath sees Viplav coming with widows and is relieved. Tulsi searches for the idols and jewellery.

Dulaari tells Viplav that Dhaani is inside. Dasharath and Kanak ask him to come home. Dulaari folds her hands and asks him to save Dhaani. Inspector says police force will rescue Dhaani. Viplav recalls Dhaani and the sweets moment spent with her. He is tensed. Dhaani is seen sitting in the room. Tulsi keeps gun on her forehead, and says you will help us in eloping from here. Viplav goes inside again. Tulsi pushes Dhaani on the ground. Viplav secretly enters and hides. Tulsi asks Dhaani to call everyone. She asks where is the idols. Tulsi refuses to tell anything. Lady goon reaches upstairs and Viplav holds her.

Tulsi tells Dhaani that your life is colorless and useless, and asks her to tell where did she keep the idol. Viplav throws smoke bomb and manages to rescue Dhaani. He asks her to go, but Dhaani forwards her hand asking Viplav to come. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays while Viplav smiles and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wowwww…..what an episode!…..loved it….but something tells me either dhaani or viplav is going to get hurt (gun shot on shoulder or something)…..precap: viplav tells dhaani to go ahead because his leg is stuck and can’t come out…..I hope it comes out fast!!!!

  2. ViNi is sprb…..
    Precp is awsm….

  3. Wowww … What a precap!!!!! Mind Blowing… Episode… Love is in AIR…

    1. Hm tomo epi wl so gud…:):) FingerCrossed…:):)

      1. Waiting… Huh… You watch Thapki also???

      2. No Brits, just saw some scenes while having lunch dats it… So commented…:) I feel Tapki, Swaragini, Meri ashiqi tum se hi, Ashoka, Simran ka sasural r meaningless serials

  4. Rocking…

  5. late but thanks for update…love the precap…<3 Vidha rocks…thanks God that tulsi and her gang drama will finish tomorrow…

    1. Just be thankful someone was nice enough to post it. Sheesh

  6. woow wooowwwwww #excited….
    I cant w8 tmrw epi…
    So cheweet of viplav…

  7. oh chalo viplav ne sab ko bacha liya ab woh dhaani ko bhi bacha lega n then unki love story start hogi i am waiting for that moment when they realize their feelings…
    ishq ishq

  8. Nice episode. I like it….

  9. Yahoo….lovely scenes of Vidhaani happy to watch ishq ishq ♡;)

  10. The best promo…..

  11. I’m a die hard fan of Barun Sobti aka Arnav frm IPKKND 4 his natrl actng & xprsn spclly eye xprsn.

    Bt aftr watcng IKRS, I bound to accpt Mishal Raheja is king of xprsn. I’ve no ward to dscrb his actng skill.

    Mishal u r jst adrabl…… I lik ur smil vry…vry…cry much…….

    1. yes i agree barun sobti and now mishal. both are awesome.

  12. Wow what a precap…lovd u so much vini….the music ishq ka rang safed on precap waz superb….???

    1. I downloaded dat Female Ishq Ishq song but finding Male singer song.. pls if any found dat pls inform me.. i really needy… Its so so romantic…:):)

      1. me too…..googled everywhere bt cudnt find it

  13. Super…..

  14. Arshi., those are my words too…. Its mishal for me after Barun …. Love them both

    1. janaki its same for me barun then mishal

  15. Wonderful…viplav think about sweet moment of dhaani…then surely love started for dhaani.viplav saved dhaani.

  16. Wow nice episode finally ishq came between dhaani and viplav very nice

  17. nice episode… Nd wow….. Precap s fantastic♥♥♥

  18. Sema……sema

  19. Anyone Pls share precap link

  20. very sweet episode everything is perfectly organised. thank god its not ekta’s serial otherwise you can understand

    1. #gurjeet, it’s Ekta’s sirl.

      1. No its not Ekta’s serial… Its film fam production, Uttaran popularity…:)

      2. If its Ekta’s serial den Viplav wud have married Tania, den afr marriage nd all, he realise he loves Dhaani nd there flashback as der was 5 marriages of Dhaani bfr widow nd some double role of her first husband appear…
        so at end v all become fool of watching dis serial like v became on case of Yeh Ashiqi tum se hi…
        so thank god that Ekta is not part of this serial…

  21. exactly.. after barun oly mishal can able to give passionate expressions.. wen viplav smile, i smile unknowingly..

  22. Viplav ‘s smile in the precap was awesome.he just kills with his lovely cute smile

  23. I like it yaar

  24. Agr ekta ka hota to meri ashiqyu typ hi kuch hota isme b

  25. Some one ask precap

    Viplav ko koi award milega jise lene k liye wo sab vidhwao ko stage pr bulaega apne saath or is pr sb shocked ho jaege

  26. At what time is the retelecast of this serial,can anybody please tell me,I mean day time?

  27. veena it’s 10.30 , 12.30 n 3.00 am all r day tym

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