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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shambu coming to Viplav’s room to talk to him. Viplav asks him to go. Sushma comes and asks him to say what happened? Viplav tells her that Dhaani has burnt his cycle and says don’t know why Dhaani is doing this with me. Shalu asks who is this Dhaani and asks why you are doing so much for that widow. She asks did you started loving her. Viplav looks on shockingly. He asks her to stop her nonsense and says why he will love her? Sushma says why he will love her and asks Shalu to go. Sushma says she knows Dhaani well and says there might be some misunderstanding between you both. She asks him to think with calm mind and comforts him. Dasharath tells Tripurari that he is happy with her work and says Viplav and Dhaani are separated for forever now. He says he want Viplav

to go back to Boston, but he can’t force him. He says he want Viplav to leave all bad memories here. He tells him that he will give Tulsi ghaat temple on his name and asks him to convince Dhaani for marriage. Tripurari gets happy.

Viplav thinks about Dadi’s words and starts thinking. He thinks Dhaani telling that someone ran away with the papers, then recalls getting Lala’s call and meeting him to get papers. He thinks Lala might be instigating women against him, and thinks to find out. Dasharath hears him and gets tensed. He calls someone and asks to hear carefully.

Viplav comes to Lala’s house and is informed by the neighbor that Lala went on a vacation with his family. Tripurari comes to meet Dulaari and greets her. He tells her that he is Dasharath’s servant and is poor also. He says that his respect is everything for him. He says he wants to talk to her about Viplav. He says Viplav told that he needs Dhaani. He asks her to save Dhaani from a flirt and says he is just acting to save Ashram. He says he just wants to get Dhaani and is saying the same day and night. He asks didn’t you have a doubt on her? Dulaari says she has a doubt on him, but everyone else trusted him. Tripurari says Dasharath is worried about you. He says that’s why he went to Ashram and asked for Dhaani’s hand for me. He says you did well by refusing for the alliance. He praises her and asks her blessings. He traps her by his words. Dulaari blesses him. Tripurari says my mum agreed for Dhaani and is praising her. She says Dhaani’s future is in your hands now, and says if you don’t get her married then Viplav will continue to trouble her. Dulaari thinks about his words.

Dasharath asks Viplav why did you go to Lala’s house. Viplav says I think this conspiracy is done by Lala and says he might have created misunderstanding between us. He says Lala said that someone is instigating him against widows, and he don’t want to take the Ashram. Kanak asks him to leave the matter and think about going to Boston. Viplav says he can go later, but right now he has to find out who has conspired against them. Kanak is annoyed. Dasharath tells her that Lala will not come back so soon and asks her to keep quiet. Kanak says I was asking if you want to drink tea. Dasharath nods. Kanak says okay. Dasharath thinks Lala will not come back.

Badi Amma tells that there is some big misunderstanding between Viplav and them. Dhaani says why you are sympathizing with him after knowing everything. Dulaari comes and asks them to kick Viplav out of their minds and says she has accepted Dasharath’s proposal. She says Dhaani will get married to Tripurari. She says I thought so much and his talk is right. She says I have accepted your sayings, Dhaani needs a life partner to live her life and I have chosen her life partner. I think this decision is right. Dhaani goes to her room cryingly. Suwarna is shocked and cries.

Badi amma tells Dulaari that marriage should happen, but not against wishes and shouldn’t be forced. Dulaari praises Tripurari and says he is far more good than Viplav. Suwarna informs Tripurari that she is pregnant with his child. Tripurari asks her to abort the child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate this episode bcoz vidhani scene precapla kuda illa. Thanks hasan

  2. Innaikavadu atleast orutharavadu(shalini) kettale did you love dhani?

    1. yah .. Tamil..

    2. Ya tamil… no scene vidhani scene… so sad..:-(

  3. I think 100 episodes celebration viplav realize his love for dhani.Hai adi,brity,ananya,BR how are you guys?

    1. Naanum Tamil…..ippa thaan intha serial pakka start panniruken…..

  4. Dhani viplav ! Thanks for update

    1. Ama … Tirupurari … Suwarna va ..than marry pannikanum …

  5. irritating dulaari.. anyone know whom dhaani ll marry ??? day by day the episode makes me restless .. many more misunderstanding going on !!!

    1. I read in spoilers tat Dhani will accept to marry trip for her mom. But at the tym of wedding, viplav comes to know suvarna’s pregnancy, so he will stop the wedding. I don know wat will happen, its gud if they clear misunderstandings between them.

    2. hey all of people hate dulaari xelent

  6. oh0 tripurari is so cheep .. Hw dare u…
    Nd mad dulaari..
    Vidhaani.. :.

  7. Wothe!!!!! #annoyed!!!

  8. Plz viplav think ur mind and also consider shambu words about dhaani. And also viplav find misunderstanding creater. I hope u fimd out the truth soon. Nice epi.

  9. Dhulari and Dhani are such ungrateful b*t*hes . How she was asking Viplav to save her daughter from the clutches of Tulasi, by falling at his feet. Now the same man has become a villain. How people change?Dhani deserves Tripurari for her ungreatfuness . Feather brained ladies & feather brained script writers. They can only make stereo typed serials.

    1. ths brings out the old saying ‘how grateful and helpful a person may be to others, he will always be remembered for his ill deeds’ … here viplav is being hated fr the bad thngs which he didnt do…..pathetic direction……the director shud she thngs frm all angles….hw cn ppl be so ungratefull…..DISGUSTING

      1. Absolutely. I agree with u. They have to add all disgusting things. They cant think straight and for once make serial with a different aspect. That is how to revoulunize the existing ideas on widows. Instead they have the same sterio type ideas.A villain , an idiotic maha Pandit. Etc.

  10. vaishnavi more

    aur kitna wait krna padega vidhaani ke cute scenes ke liye pata nhi but viplav think abt shalu’s words for dhaani n save dhaani from the rascal trip n i hope suwarna just talk to badi amma abt her preganacy bcoz she is only the women in aashram who have sense n also understanding person

  11. I hope Viplav & Dhani read all these encouraging comments.There are lot of telly actors but
    Viplav you have something unique which I can’t understand.You are fantastic.It is because
    you only people watch this drama.Hats off to sweet little Dhani.

  12. HI, TAMIL:ADI, ASHI PRAVEENA . ELLARUKKUM DIWALI NALLABDIYA MAZHIYODA NADANTHATHA.kavalai padaha tamil,viplov will save dhani from tripurai. viplov will see suvarna now come to know about dhani”s marriage and her status . i stop the marriage then only he realise his love .with dhani.

  13. now only i read the spoiler the thing happend . at the time of marriage viplov comes to aboutt suvarna pragnecy and stop the marriage. dulaari and dhani are ungreatful persons. viplav dont help dhani. dhani will go to hell.

  14. Love vidhani…

  15. Badiamma tells viplav that where he can meet dhaani..but dhaani gets kidnapped while on her way…who will be kidnap her n who will be save her..wait n watch…

  16. a.iyer is right on that day dulaari falls at is feet for help but today she is totally

  17. I hope misunderstanding vl get over at one point. But m not able to understand tat y viplav dint realise tat he s loving dhaani.

  18. Plz viplav find out the real faces of DT&KT…. Then only tis misunderstandings wil b solved… Nd tat dulaari s a ghost…..

    They are acting like f**king childrens. Do they not know about confrontation?! Instead of acting like know-it-all, they should gather all the facts.

  20. How suvarna so close to tripurAri anybody know

  21. Boring story.

  22. Thaks BR.

  23. while talking to Shalu Viplav abused her and was trying to kick her…. if the serial is about respecting all women then they should follow it… this behaviour is not proper …

  24. Viplav should have not treated shallu like this. Dhani is not able to corelate the things

  25. Illa BR nan kavala padala Thanks BR enjoy the diwali.Hai gaya welcome the team.adi why did not post comments?

  26. I didn’t like ekta serials so wathing IKRS

  27. Brother,sister fight it is common brother always fight cool guys.

    1. hehehe ur crct

  28. if viplav stops the marriage of dhaani then viplays I love you too its very good

  29. Brother’s and sister ‘s has to be like that, nothing wrong .. and we knw that they care eachother a lot

  30. hai tamil are u frm chennai

  31. Dhani r u mad

  32. I never liked tv shows before -true
    But i never missed a single episode of ikrs is also true.
    Very special

  33. Hai varsha,lifna,shri my brother always fight& care me.I am from tirunelveli.

  34. Hai varsha,lifna,shri my brother always fight& care me. Yes I am from chennai

  35. Please delete the comment my brother post the confusion comment

  36. i am also frm chennai i am so happy that many people r frm chennai

  37. Plz don’t spoil d story…actually it is a wonderful story…and naanum tamil thaan pa…from ooty

    1. hello gayathri my class mate friend name is also gayathri

      1. Nice to meet u varsha…happy to see u all…vanakam?

  38. Good story…but now a days it’s boring…naanum tamil thaan pa…

  39. My classmate friend also gayathri chellama gaya than solluven.My name is Tamilselvi or Raveena or latha.

  40. I love vidhani scene

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