Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani wearing a blue color saree and looking fabulous. Kamini comes and says you can’t wear this saree. Dhaani says it is Viplav’s choice. Kamini says then you can’t wear this. Dhaani is shocked and asks why? Kamini says Viplav will feel you want to say him sorry, and asks her to surprise Viplav about her education. She asks her to wear black saree which she brought for him. Dhaani says but. Kamini asks her to wear it if she wants to win Viplav’s heart, and thinks you have to win many hearts today.

Raj and Viplav come to the night school. Bhaskar sir shows the paper and says Dhaani tried to write your name. He says Dhaani said she wants to write your name first, and wants to learn letter writing also. He says Dhaani is very handworking. Viplav smiles

and imagines Dhaani writing his name sitting on the class bench. Viplav holds the paper in which she tried to write his name. He imagines Dhaani in the paper. Dhaani says I want to surprise you as I love you very much. He imagines to hug her. Raj asks him to call Dhaani now itself. Viplav says she was learning to write my name and I…..he hugs him happily.

Dhaani comes out wearing black saree with revealing back. Kamini says wah. She asks Dhaani why did you cover saree everywhere and moves pallu to show her back. Dhaani says old saree was good. Kamini says your identity will sharpen with this. She says Viplav will get more attracted towards you. She teaches her to say I love you, and says I love you Viplav, smirks. Dhaani asks her to teach her to say sorry. Kamini teaches her please forgive me. Dhaani tries to say it.

Viplav tells Raj that Dhaani was trying to write his name and I was thinking something else. Someone throw trash on him. Raj smiles. Viplav says it is stinking, how I will go to party. Raj asks him to change clothes first and then say sorry.

Kamini brings Dhaani in the hall. Dhaani is very much uncomfortable. Kanak taunts Dhaani and asks if she is going to dance there. Dasharath says jiji..I am happy that you are coming with us. He says lets go. Dhaani says I will come with Viplav. Kamini says Viplav will come there. Dadi Bua asks why you are wasting everyone’s time.

Dasharath asks driver to take everyone to Asthana’s house and says he will come in sometime. Dadi Bua asks what happened? Dasharath says he has to go and bless Pandit Mukesh’s grand son. Kanak says but. Dasharath asks her to do as he says. Kanak, Sati, Kamini and Dhaani reach Asthana’s house. Asthana greets them. He says his party is sparkling because of her. Viplav reaches home and thinks everyone went to party. He thinks to jump inside through the window. Asthana says this party is for Dhaani’s honor, and asks everyone to contribute for the temple. Some Pandit says there are many temples in the city, then why this temple. Asthana says you said right, but this will not be an ordinary temple, and will be a trust who will take care of widow’s education and betterment. Dasharath opens the lock and comes inside secretly. Viplav hears someone coming and thief has entered home. Dasharath thinks anyone can see me if I switches on the lights and let the light off. Viplav thinks to catch him red handed. Dasharath comes to room and eyes the charity treasure box.

Dhaani is uncomfortable in the party. Asthana eyes her. Kamini comes to Asthana and asks him not to make Dhaani feel alone and asks him to ask Dhaani to drink. She stops the waiter and adds his wine in juice glass. She gives glass to Asthana and signs him to make Dhaani drink it. Dasharath keeps the gold ornaments and money in the locker. Viplav hears the noise and coms to room, but sees nobody. He thinks it might be my doubt. Asthana gives the drink to Dhaani. Dhaani refuses to take. Asthana says Viplav might tell that nobody took care of his wife. Dhaani thinks Asthana might tell about me.

Viplav comes. Dhaani gets happy, and says if I would have known that you will dressed up like this, then I would have come long back. He tries to kiss her. Dhaani asks what you are doing? She breaks the glass. It turns out to be Dhaani’s imagination and Viplav is still at home. Kamini asks Dhaani to go to washroom and clean the stain. She opens the cloth knot intentionally. Dhaani looks back tensedly. Kamini sends Asthana and says she has sign you to come. Asthana nods and goes. Dhaani sees the knot opens and thinks to call Kamini. She tries to tie it. Asthana comes to washroom and tries to tie the knots. Dhaani is shocked and asks what are you doing? Asthana says I know about your type. Dhaani asks him to stay far. Dhaani cries and shouts for help. Asthana says you was asking help that day, and asks him to say yes for once, says everything will be yours……

Asthana tells Viplav that Dhaani is a pr*stitute and works in red light area. Everyone is shocked. Dhaani is shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Zee

      Thank you H Hasan 🙂 What wd we do without you?
      Haven’t watched yet, but seems exciting and tomo super exciting!
      Arshi where were you today – missing in action?

  1. Arshdeep

    DHANI…DHANI… you looked gorgeous in that saree??
    But what was the need to wear backless blouse..????
    You are the bahu of former maha pandit..!!
    Why you do things when you are soo uncomfortable …???
    You know very well viplav loves you the way you are..
    Then why???????????????

    • Dhani indeed looked gorgeous but could not understand the shocked look of DT;DB; KT ON SEEING her dressed up. ?

      • Arshdeep

        Coz they have never seen her like that maybe

        But she also wore a similar type of saree when went on date with viplav

  2. Arshdeep

    Viplav has come to know everything as he was returning from night school
    And thats why he was saying that the garbage should fall on him…aww??
    Anyways viplav was smiling so he dont seem to be angry at all with dhani rather seems proud of her?? good to see that?

    OMG kamini mixed wine in dhani’s drink
    Thank god she did not drink it?

    And that judge…?????
    How dare he tried to touch dhani?????
    This right belongs to only and only to VIPLAV???
    Dhani slap him hard????? and run…you are marathon runner after all??

    And he didnt ask about viplav when tripathi family entered the party..he wouldnt have liked him to come there at all

    Ohhh DT choorrr…????
    Viplav peet dete apne dada ko???

    DT wasted his time..
    He would have reached to dhani early..??

  3. Arshdeep

    Dhani’s imagination was lovely??
    And mishal looked????????????
    Huhh that was only a dream??

    Hope we are going to get dutta bhau back in mishal again in next episode??

    • Ya arshu dhani’s imagination was fabulous. For one moment felt viplav has come in real. But good aspect was that the spiked drink glass fell off due to the dream else she would have drank! !

    • Nimisha

      Arshdeep. I need to have words with you. He is MY MIshal, OK!!! You’re younger and prettier so yes, technically he,d prefer you, but until that time hands off. Alright! ???

      You’re right though he was utterly and totally and completely GORGEOUS!

      • Arshdeep

        He is my MISHAL??????
        I am completely falling over him now❤❤

        Do not forget u r married…??? i can still have hopes??

        And me and prettier???itna jhooth
        Still thank you??

      • Nimisha

        “God help the mister, who comes between me and my sister, and god help the sister, who comes between me and my man!”

        Do you know that song?

        That popped into my head when I read your post!

        And yes you are def prettier and younger and cleverer and … Waaaaahhhhhhhhh. Where’s the chocolate ???

  4. Arshdeep

    2 questions.. share your opinion friends..!!

    What do you think who will save dhani?? She herself or viplav??

    Will dhani tell everyone out what happened with her or will judge blackmail her about seeing her at night and so she will remain silent????

    • surya

      Obvio…..our viplav will reach there on time…as he always does
      1. For vidhwa ashram case …whn he was in Delhi….and was about to miss flight….but he managed to come on time.
      2. When villagers where throwing stones dhani infront of ashram….who came??
      3. When she was kidnapped by tripuraris men ..who came on time??
      4. When villagers were to set her on fire….who came on time???
      5. When she fell unconscious near temple that…who came on tine??.
      6…list continues

      • Yes surya list continues like when she was chased by phoolchand then she hid in his car . When she was given a spiked drink then viplav took her safely . When tulsi was there …. it has no end?

    • Nimisha

      I posted down there somewhere that I think Dhani will save herself, with a slap. That’s why the judge arrives at AN to slander her name. Otherwise, Viplav would have sorted him so he wouldn’t dare.

      I think the judge calling Dhani that word ? Is in AN so I don’t think it’ll be Viplav saving her.

      I just hope it’s no VK in a continuation of her sordid little game of getting to Viplav by showing him how much she does for Dhani. VK has even convinced Dhani that she saved her from the kidnap goons, when Infact it was dhani who save VK.

      • Nimisha

        Infact I reckon she slaps judge or kicks him in the nether regions and that’s why he comes to AN to get his own back, ??

  5. Thanks mam,

    Request you to update the fast.

    I have a news guys for our IKRS fans.

    Shakti new serial Replaces Balika Vadhu.

    Yes its Confirmed Shakti Starts from 30 may mon-fri at 8:00 pm.

    and Balika Vadhu shifted at 6:00 pm slot.

    Please pray to God our IKRS will be continue at its original time and will be entertain us.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Dhani is si beautiful in dat black sari…not her fault she naive n dat kamini mde her eish I hate dat kami****Why do writers wana mk abusive to women scenes n dat too wit ugly old judge????? Vip pls pls hury n save ur lovedhani or dhani slap n show sum strength.
    Wen tis track end?
    Yes excited abt Shakti…coz I like Ayub Khan frm ek hasina thi?

  7. I had read interview of CEO OF COLORS N RISHTEY, Raj nayak n he has bluntly said that they would be happy to be at number 2 position with a higher profit rather than at no 1 position with lower profi. It clearly indicates that they would run all crap shows with higher Trp n howsoever the show may be good n influential but if trp is less then would not be considered.

    • Arshdeep

      Thats sounds good di
      I hope ikrs dont end.. i was trembling with fear when i got that news..???
      I was like Noooo it cant end???

      But why wikipedia would write like that??
      Not anyone can make changes there

    • Arshdeep

      Awwwww that was such a…. such a beautiful scene?????
      How could i miss it..?? Nonesense girl??
      Viplav and dhani both rocked it..!!
      And mishal killed it with his expressions????????

    • Nimisha

      He still doesn’t know about VK. That’s the one I want to see, I hope if she starts answering instead of Dhani that Viplavs shouts her down.

  8. Latha

    Thanks hasan mam. Ahh great relief finally viplav knew about dhani. Arshi u asked that who will save dhani. Our hero viplav ya. In imagination itself he saved dhani na. Mishal looked ahhhhh

  9. lekshmi

    todays ep was lovely.. i really liked both dhaani’s and viplav’s imagination scene..n raj is gud frnd… whenevr there is a prblem in vidha’s relation he wl there for them .

  10. Arshdeep

    Ohhh i missed the most important scene of today’s episode
    I watched it online and was forwarding it.. And i missed that part when viplav went to night school.. I watched from when viplav came back and garbage fell over him..
    Stupid stupid me.. 😛 😛
    Okay so will watch it now…thats sounds soo lovely scene..!

    • Arshu that is really worth watching when master shows him the papers on which dhani had written his name. That moment he dreamt dhani sitting slong with ithets n writing. The imagination was breathtaking truly adorable.?? The luv n affection on viplavs face on knowing truth ✌?

  11. Why DB IS playing dubious. On one hand she preached Dt about Mahapandits n that he should not be materialistic n on other hand she herself has taken every thing from Dt n is supporting in the bad deeds of VK . Isnt it ridiculous ??

    • surya

      Yes…renu.writers need to shape her role….actually she is a good person…she was manipulated by DT about dhaani….saying she was a bar dancer…..thats y she’s supporting kamini…

  12. VK CLAIMS to be modern n educated but the way she dressed up for party was …………. She had actually dressed up for a marriage function rather than a formal party n infact she looked as if she had to perform some dance track?

    • Arshdeep


      Maybe she try to dress up like dhani to earn praises and to mistaken viplav for dhani…

      Anyways she is much smaller in height than her
      I still wonder how viplav did not come to know when he hugged her

  13. Porkodi

    Thanks Hasan mam for the update. At last Viplav came to know abt night school. His imagination with dhani and background music was superb.

    Dhani looks so beautiful in black saree. Kamini is such a cheap girl…how can she mix the wine in Dhani’s juice… Dhani didn’t drink it…Viplav looks so beautiful in Dhani’s imagination…In dream also because of him only dhani dropped the glass..Viplav is always saviour for her.

  14. Nimisha

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the episode. Feels like Viplav and IKRS are back with a bang!

    Yayyyyy, MasterJi is a good guy! ????????????
    yayyyyy for Viplav and Raj getting to the truth of where Dhani was going! ??????????
    OMG! VIplavs purposeful walk to Dhani at the party. I swear I don’t know how Dhani stays standing sometimes, he was yrptterly gorgeous today.
    VIplavs dream at the night school, lovely lovely lovely!
    DHani being manipulated again by VK to wear the saree. I thought she looked stipe nine in the blue one.
    The hypocrites that are DB and KT giving Dhani evil stares when she was wearing what sanskari VK normally wears. ??????????
    I’d DTvtrying to pin the burglary of the Thuladaan gold onto DB? He seemed to hid it in his room. ????
    What colour was Viplav wearing? He looked utterly gorgeous in the full length shot in the classroom. ?????????
    Judge at the end ?????????????
    Same Precap but can forgive them as the story has been building. Can’t wait to see mishal in action tomorrow, He will rock it I’m sure.
    Can’t wait for Dhani to kick the judge, hard. She must get away which is why judge is back in AN in the Precap. I don’t think Viplav will save her this time. She will slap him or get away some other way.
    Hate hate hate VK ?????????

      • Nimisha

        Yeah I loved the colour, it reminded me of jamboora. My mum bought them once years ago. They’re a fruit but I’ve only had them once and they were that gorgeous deep colour and tasted so delicious. Honestly the best tasting fruitbive ever had.

        I will think of Viplav as my jambooro now. But not sure if that’s even the right word or if it means something rude! I hope not!

  15. Nimisha

    Helloooooo everyone by the way,

    Had a school thing on earlier and my daughter came home very tired but very happy. ?

    Hope everyone’s having a good day!

    • Nimisha

      Hello both. She had an amazing time. She’s very tired and a bit grumpy but so am I as I didn’t sleep well.

      But feel totally reenergised after today’s episode.

      Thank you both for asking. Xxxx

      Renu, hope your son and hung by enjoyed their joint birthday yesterday. Your son must have been the best birthday present you could have ever given your hubby! Xxx

  16. Arshdeep

    Awwwww that was such a…. such a beautiful scene?????
    How could i miss it..?? Nonesense girl??
    Viplav and dhani both rocked it..!!
    And mishal killed it with his expressions????????

  17. Guys,

    I have seen one bad news that IKRS Film Farm Production has mentioned IKRS final episode date : Jun-2016.

    This is so confusion created now. Sorry Guys but I had feel bad about our IKRS.

    Please pray to good for save our IKRS.

    • Don’t worry jain pls be cool n try to watch episodes of ikrs till it go off air.don’t think about it.if we go in that direction.the that’s it.dimag karab hojayega.

  18. vaishnavi

    thank god raj correct place le gaya vipu ko dhaani ke night school mein n i loved vipu’s expression when he know abt dhaani’s school
    n dhaani also looking stunning in black saree
    now just hope vipu will save her tomorrow

    • Ya vaishnavi me too same here.raj tho kaaml hi kardiya. He is the real friend. N also pankaj too bcs he married shalu n saved dhaani n shalu from raja.

  19. Arshdeep

    Okay i am proud of myself and many poeple over here.. but a bit angry with those who left??

    We watched ikrs in its good times
    We watched it even in its bad times…when everyone left… we were still here…commenting…maybe criticising but atleast commenting…never lost hope….
    So we are the true fans of IKRS…!!??
    CONGO to all the true fans here???
    Be proud of urself??

    Keep watching IKRS

    I ❤ IKRS

  20. Omg a girl in black.really today dhaani was pretty in full blacked Saree. Kuch tho hi humari Indian dressing style mein hai na.
    My diamond in black ur looking very pretty dear dhaani luv u so much.

  21. Hi frnds my god I can’t see viplav in such an expressions in yesterday’s episode.but to day he was superb his cute expressions in dream sequence was superb.
    Even dhaanis too when she wrote it was awesome n now when viplav realise dhaani writing type n all really great direction n editing of our CVS that make us pur fans happy.
    Wat u say frnds.

    • Saraswathi.j

      I do not think why our fashion designers think that deep backless jacket or blowse is so beautiful.In some places of our state there are some regions where women do not ware jackets or blowse simply topless they cover pallu on the top of the chest nobody see them it as a fashion.It is very common practice.

  22. Arshi deep I have answers for u dear did u observe the precap when that stupid judge insults dhaani viplavs reaction is going to burst like lava iam dam sure tmr that judge stry will be end.all of pls watch end of judging day tmr.
    My god iam waiting for it at the sm time I want that kamini track to be revealed by that judge only.wat frnds right na.

  23. Frnds gud nite everyone catch u tmr.
    If possible. But really I was missing my ikrs team yaar now a days.but catch u soon regularly. Bye dear ones gud nite take care luv u all.

  24. N frnds I too have seen the time slot but ikrs remain same time .but know that it will get end r not.but I saw in fb all ikrs team members said that they didn’t say anything about ikrs off be cool till we get confirmation n enjoy our ikrs every episode with vidhaanis scene.luv frnds.

  25. Zee

    The heart does not want to accept, but somehow the mind is beginning to believe that IKRS will be wound up sooner than we hoped 🙁

    • Arshdeep

      True zee
      But i want even if it ends.. it ends on a beautiful note..?
      A good message for society..
      Viplav and dhani for honeymoon??
      Kanak changed attitude towards dhani
      DT exposed in front of vidhani
      Dont think dulari maai background can come out in this short time

      • Zee

        Arshi I am also commenting a lot and it is affecting my studies.
        I will fix a time slot and check thrice a day – bas.
        What do you think?

  26. Anne

    Watched on line and tv later tonight. Oh what a fantastic episode viplav n Dhani so gorgeous.. Love them. Its all about the money tho,

    Film Farm have just about thrown ikrs away, why? ****

    • Zee

      Ok dekh liya. Episode was beautiful. But…
      Alcohol in a party for temple was a bit strange?
      Why was Dhani by herself in the party, she shd have been with Daadi then she cd hhave avoided the judge and Kam.
      Too many things happening in one episode -Viplav at the night school, Theft in AN, Dhani in trouble. They could have spaced it out.
      Finally the icing on the cake – Mishal IS so damn gorgeous!!
      I cant get over the party scene. Just when you think he is doing great, he just raises the bar again.

      • Nimisha

        I hope the speeding up of the story is as a result of the powers that be finally taking note of the fact that sooooo many of us have absolutely hated the bk/DB track. Lots of people have stopped watching, the U.K. Ratings last week were very low. I think of myself as a huge fan and even I wasn’t wanting to watch until after reading comments and still not looking forward to it. It was a sad time in Nim land ?

        Agree with you on the f…img gorgeous and raising the bar comment. I don’t know how any female wishing a 50metrevradius satya standing, I would be swooning, fainting and falling all over the place, he is the most group genus man I have ever seen! EVER!

  27. Arshdeep

    I think TU was much upset last time with our comments day
    I posted a commnt about next one for tomrrow two times but it did not get posted?

    • Nimisha

      Oh dear Arshu. We need a code word for comments day,,, but ssshhhh don’t tell the moderators. ?????????????

      Just kidding moderators. You know I love you.., not as much as I love Mishal, but you know,,, you’re up there ???

  28. Arshdeep

    Just cant get over myself how amazing was todays episode that i got so involved in it??

  29. Arshdeep

    Watched again that dhani imagination scene and that was Awesome…awesome…and an awesome one?????????

    • Nimisha

      It truly is awesome. I love this show sooooooooooooooooooo much. Really hope things pick up on the stupid TRP front so we can carry on enjoying it.

      Filmfarm Colors if you’re reading, pleeeeaaasssse keep IKRS going. I watch a few shows and this is BY FAR THE BEST!! You have started something that not only entertains but also addresses social issues. TV has the power to influence lives and make changes for the better, I believe IKRSbis doing that in spades.

      Even if your show helps 1 person that would be something huge to be very proud of.

      PLEASE Don’t let this gem of a show get sidelined. Thank you SO MUCH!

  30. Arshdeep

    Good idea zee
    A bit difficult but we can…or we have to do it..
    Fix the time and tell me too

    • Anne

      She looked Ill tho, pale lippy drained the colour from her face, wonder what was wrong with her?Just a ruse to get her out of the story for a while and leave the way open for Kamini n Dadibua.

  31. Anne

    I do think that the black saree was too old for dhaani, she looked so much better in the blue.
    That Kamini I!! She must be a person with no morals and is no stranger to the red light area.I think..

    • Nimisha

      I think her past is something to do it’s the red light area. But, I would not flame the Cv’s if he back story got added to the growing pile of unfinished tracks, at the very bottom of that pile, never to be seen or heard of again. Hope she’ll go pfffft! Soon!

    • Nimisha

      Agree, thought Dhani looked lovely I the blue saree too. Properly stunning! The black also looked nice but the blue was more our Dhani!

    • Saraswathi.j

      You are right Anne when you ware saree ,you ware it traditional way then only saree looks beautiful and elegant Dhaani very beautiful in Viplav,s choice blue saree , Dhaani now a days entirely in the grip of Kamini she is not behaving herself slowly she is losing her self respect once it is her strength .

      • Zee

        Yes Saraswathi, very true. In fact sometimes I think Dhani had the baba powder and is now totally in Kamini’s control.
        I think Dhani has a lot of awe and admiration for AN related ppl and tries hard to impress them. Since Kamini is the only one who pretends to show some (fake) friendship, Dhani agrees to all her nonsense. She used to really stand her ground if RL or Suvarna said or did something that was not right even if it was harmless.

  32. Nimisha

    Right then. So I’ll bid you all goodnight.

    Hopefully catch you all tomorrow.

    Gooooood Morning peeps! Today (well, technically still tomorrow but just go with it ok) Today. (Saturday in case anyone’s still not sure) Today is the day that we’re gonna see Mishal do what he does best I Think! Can’t wait! Not at all! He is going to be beyond AWESOME !!!


    Have a super duper Saturday! Xxx

  33. Saraswathi.j

    Why Dhaani accept Kamini,s suggestion of warring backless blowse and un comfortable saree she never used to it that to without her husbands wish once she said no to ware modern dress when Viplav offered her then Viplav told her you can ware whatever you like why Dhaani is not behaving herself,why she stands alone why do,t she be with Dadiji , Viplav himself make her to say “I love you”.,why she is still stumbling to pronounce it she is not that innocent,she slapped Viplav when he touched her during drowning in Ganga water ,why she changed her charecter like this now a days she is completely in the grip of Kamini writerji please make her again a self respectable woman then she looks nice what is there in the modern dress maintaining self respect is difficult do not make her falling from her original dignity. Once as a child we studied one story “kapadone ke Adar” in Hindi book one famous writer and reformer went to a meeting by invitation at the gate the gate keeper did not allow him to enter in to the meeting because he has with a simple dress not with suit,then another person pass by recognise him and scold the gate keeper he is the main speaker in that meeting and that meeting is for his honour , still I remember that story ,so what is there in the posh dress to maintain once originality is important face the society with dignity.

  34. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Today after so many days nice episode beginning was nice 🙂 loved the imagination part , and this kamini don’t have any other work? I hope Vidhaani will teach that Badtameez ladki a lesson soon

  35. Saraswathi.j

    Why that judge Aastana had an evil eye on Dhaani how he knows her ? why he is behaving like that,? and another thing how can Kamini know where is the wash room in that house ? Is she really a law graduate or bogus ,today she dressed like Dhaani and she make Dhaani like her with stupid backless dress ! Slowly Kamini make Dhaani to lose her original strength of self respect and make her weak !

    • Arshdeep

      I think it started when he first saw her out at night when her earing fell on road
      And then he was manipulated by kamini and circumstances were made that he was convinced dhani is that type of girl

  36. Sujie

    Good morning everyone
    Watched the episode…..loved when Viplav FELT his name as Dhaani had written it…….awwwwww….Viplav sawing its good that trash fell on him as he was thinking so many things about Dhaani….
    Viplav’s imagination
    Dhaani’s imagination
    lovely…… Kaamini ko toh maan karraha tha ki kachre ke dabbe main phek kar trash can hi bandh kardoon…aur kisi cliff pe kaake push kardu ……
    Viplav …..your lady love needs you….go there……
    Asthaana ki toh what lagegi ab…..usko kaun bachaye hamare Viplav ke guse se……. Loved watching Mishal and Eisha ….. 🙂

  37. amisha

    I loveeeedddd IKRS today!❤️❤️❤️ Dhani looked gorgeous with the black dress and Viplav looked ?? as usual.I hate kam ?

  38. Arshdeep

    Good morning everyone..!!

    Happy Birthday swara di..?
    God bless you??
    Come back soon

  39. Meghs

    Good morning everyone have a nice weekend ..
    Happy Saturday ..

    Wish u happy birthday swara…

  40. shanitics

    Yesterday’s episode was awesome…. Dhaani’s imagination scene was mind blowing…. In tat Viplav was looking stunning…? For a I Thought if I could get the role Dhaani for that scenes ?
    Whn Viplav fund out Dhaani’s night ? school and when he was happy I was shouting and if someone would hve been near me I would have kissed and hugged them…. Viplav’s dream sequence was too good… Viplav is such a good hubby… I too want a hubby…
    Opps!! Bhul gayi Dhaani was looking damn awesome and adorable in that black saree….

    If I’m nt wrong in most of the saree tat Dhaani wore is having that 2 strings,(naam nahi milla… Isiliye strings se adjust kiya?)na??

  41. shanitics

    Knowing yourselves is the beginning of all the wisdom… Soo keep knowing urself… And have a awesome vidhaani knok jhok wala morning
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  42. shanitics

    Yesterday we gt our Ikrs charm back… Yippee ?!!!!
    Yesterday after this epi I was just awesome.. I was in a good mood… It seems like my night mood is selected by ikrs epi?

  43. shanitics

    Day before yesterday we felt precap as scary ? bt yesterday we felt precap as daring.. Today we fell those scenes as adorable.. Isn’t???


  44. shanitics

    whn I pt my 1st cmnts.. I was in a normal mode bt after the 1st cmnt I saw the written update and again read the imagination scenes of bth and Smile burst out of my face again and my mood changed and again started to dance ?….
    Patha nahi mujhe kya hogaya.. I started to watch serial when I was in 8th bt this thing nvr happened to me…

  45. Zee

    Good morning friends!
    Arshi I will come here at 11.30 am. Trying to work hard so I can enjoy today’s ep. with no guilt and all fun. I am fully looking forward to it and dying to see Viplav in action.
    Florentina whrever you are pl send the good wishes dear!
    Have a great day and fun weekend all IKRSians!

    • Arshdeep

      Good morning zee
      So i will also study well now to enjoy the episode..
      I will be coming twice…once at 11.30 with you and then at 4.

      • Zee

        I am here Arshi and trying to complete a big chunk before evening. Racing like Dhani and not doing badly. Hope you are hanging in there. I was ambitious abt 3 times. I will be here at lunch time and again at 4 pm :/. See you all and keep commenting friends.

    • Arshdeep

      I find this site more addictive than fb even
      i shut down fb during my exams but i am unable to avoid this.
      From a few days i am unable to complete my daily targets so i will try to be nore strict with myself.
      Hope moderators help me whenever i am here

    • florentina moldovan

      Zee, i am always with you!!!!
      My soul is always here and i send you all my love!!!
      God IS giving you all the energy you need to realize all you want!
      You can study much, good, and be with us in your studying breaks!
      Our blessings will be always with you, those who are studying hard!

  46. shanitics

    Arshi di aapme sach bola we r true fans of Ikrs we cmnted here during all the good bad epi’s…. Every proud to be a fan of this serial and to be a part of this family ?
    Love u all

  47. shanitics

    Misha di.. Hws ur child??? Did she celebrated her trip??? And where it was to???? Bhul gayi?

  48. Genita

    Gud morning happybirthday swara…. Dhani was lookin damn beautiful in black sareee. Did dhani actually went to that area? Missd few epi dats y

  49. shanitics

    Asthana tries to go near Dhani and attempts to molest her but Dhani runs away.

    Dhani complaints about it to Viplav, Viplav supports Dhani gets angry at Asthana.

    Asthana then reveals about Dhani being a pr*stitute and seen in red light areas.

    This a news I gt whn scrolling through FB…. Do nt know hw true it is….

  50. Arshdeep

    Coming after 2 hours… Thought must have reached 200 by now
    And u have moved from 160 to 163 only..?? 🙁

  51. Maria

    Hi friends I was a silent reader of all the comments as I didn’t feel like commenting… But after watching yesterday’s episode I feel like staying on this page and keep commenting…

  52. Maria

    Yesterday Mishal rocked with his killer expressions…???

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode to see Viplav in action…. He looks stunning in angry mood also…???

  53. Arshdeep

    And zee make sure whenever you come..give a number of comments..
    As i love reading ur comments 🙂

    • Louella

      Good afternoon Maria. My day is going good as well as angry one also. While commenting my sister is coming and irritating me. Not even giving me to comment. I m going on shouting at her but no effect on her. Plz save me!!!!

  54. Louella

    Arshi di u called and I m here. Oh!! Another comments day!!! Excited for it. But when r we conducting it? And plz try to keep it this week itself from Monday to Friday. From 23rd I m not there for one week. This week also I m free only in afternoon and night. Morning I have swimming classes and evening play. On 23rd it’s my aunt’s birthday and also we r going Konkan in the morning. Not free at all. Also I have to post my ffs. Since two days I had not posted. In the afternoon I will post. So what special in this comments day???

    • Arshdeep

      I think it should be tomorrow itself..
      And u thot of any game??

      And where is konkan??

      • Louella

        No di. I don’t know any game. I m very lazy. And konkan is near Goa. We r together 24 ppl going there. And all my cousins will ve back of me. So no comments from my side. About comments day if we will keep it tomorrow it will be too early and no one knows about it. And also Sunday is a busy day for me. Most of the ppl don’t comment on Sunday.

      • Arshdeep

        Okay have fun dear and take care of yourself??

        We were saying actually coz most probablly today or tmrw we will see mishal in action so maybe many members will return
        No problem u decide and tell everyone whenever u find it suitable

  55. Anne

    Good morning everybody, have a great Saturday. Cant wait for next epi. Viplav will not believe the judge, i think hes giving them enough rope so they can hang themselves. Lol. Xxx

  56. Arshdeep

    I saw this just now??

    @filmfarmin @ColorsTV #IshqKaRangSafed ‘I’d walk a million miles, for one of your smiles,my Viplav’ @mishalraheja ?

  57. Louella

    The main reasons of my absence was less comments and my sister’s presence. Less comments was the most saddest thing which I felt yesterday. I was sad as well as shocked. No one was commenting and seeing the less number of comments I just lost my hope of more comments. Before we would reach 100 comments just in an hour and yesterday it took one day for us to reach 100 comments. A sad thing but yesterday’s episode was a big treat for us. I saw Viplav in night school but could not see the whole episode. But Mishal’s expression was a treat for me. Aww!!! He was looking so good in that smile.

    • Arshdeep

      I was absent coz i was studying and trying very hard to avoid coming here
      i am sorry i want to give a big contribution but have to study too

  58. Nima

    hello everyone, hw r u all? I’m good.
    yesterday’s episode was superb mind blowing . vidhani’s imagine was Fabulous. vidhani’s outfit also good they r looking more preety n handsome.Viplav go n save your Dhani all The best ?

  59. Nimisha

    Does anyone know what a jambura fruit is called in English?

    Not completely random. The outfit Viplav had on reminded me of the colour of the fruit, he reminded me of how delicious that fruit is, so now I want to find out about it.

    Thanks. Xxx

      • Nimisha

        No, pomelo are completely different, these ones are like Mishal, unique, delicious, moreish, sweet, yummy, ???????

      • Nimisha

        And they are the colour of his top that he was wearing in the classroom.

        By the way, my god, love Mishal in chappals. I can see his feet! ?????

      • Nimisha

        Google jambura. Then you’ll see the fruit I mean.

        So correction. Mishal is my jamburo! ?????

      • Nimisha

        Well that just shows how fickle you are. Some of us, I mean ME, Always love him. It’s true love. ?????????????

      • Arshdeep

        ?????you calld me fickle???
        I was just quoting a dialogue from YJHD..huh..????

        Anyways Mishal will understand my feelings??

      • Nimisha

        Ooooh, sorry, it was supposed to be a joke!

        Don’t remember there being a Mishal in YJHD ?????

  60. Zee

    For toady evening – I wish there was a giant screen and we were all physically watching together and cheering loud when Vips came on screen. Undoubtedly Nimisha will scream the LOUDDDDEST, but who will be second and third. I think Mahira and Anne?

    • Nimisha

      Yest BV was confirmed at 6. Today 630. Rumour mills are running in overtime! ??

      Don’t panic mr Mannering! ?

  61. florentina moldovan

    LOVE YOU!!!

  62. Anne

    So may finish? Or move to BETTER time,
    Y know Colours channel is awful, just don’t care!

    • Nimisha

      This is what they want. They haven’t announced it have they. IF makes me worry so have stopped following on there.

      I refuse to panic… ( lies and goes and buries head in sand again) (does my bum look big like this?) ?????

    • Nimisha

      And remember Anne, we get it at 8.30 so relaxxxxxxx! ????

      I keep forgetting that so just mentioning it in case you do too! ????

  63. florentina moldovan


  64. Anne

    The sun came out when you commented Florentina?
    Hope you are right about IKRS.Fingers crossed..
    Shopping now. Rushing to get back for info ✋✋✋✋✋xxxx

    • Nimisha

      Hi five Anne, didn’t wanna leave you hanging!

      What you shopping for?

      FLorentina is amazing! Xxx

    • Nimisha

      Renu! So happy to see you on TPK yesterday, roshni is hilarious!

      Hope you’re well! Xxx

      • Ya nimmy roshni at tpk is similiar to our saranya . 2 days ago she had posted about a bomb that was amazing ??

      • Nimisha

        She,s very very funny! I know Saranya is too but she posts more Hindi stuff which I don’t always get…but I’m learning fast!

  65. Hi swara wish u a very happy birthday. ???????????????May yr all dreams come true !!! Have a spectacular Fabulous memorable day. God bless u

  66. florentina moldovan




    • SARAS

      hi florentina. . my dear I m here only Thanks for remembering me. ..
      These days very busy with daughter’s vacation so I neither watched nor commented.. just reading wu..
      frankly current track really puts me off. . I feel really sorry for dhani’s inosence n kamini’s negativity…
      You take care dear n have nice time

      • florentina moldovan

        thanks for reply, saras!!!!!!! hugs for you and your sweet daughter!!!!!!!! i am glad you are ok, only busy!!!

    • Zee

      Hi Renu,
      You are calling everybody back so sweetly, like a mother calling her brood at the day’s end. I want to go away just so you can call me too.
      BTW how do you remember ALL the names?

      • Nimisha

        Yes Renu! You’re lovely!
        And yes again, how do you remember everyone’s names???

  67. Anne

    O just read Balika Vadu is on 6.30 from 30th,IKRS to move to 6 “for the time being”. Mmmm.

  68. Nimisha

    Ok…. Are you all ready for the next rumour???

    Apparently Garima is coming back ….

    I have asked her by tweeting her but no response yet. Apparently it was in an article. But a couple of days ago she answered a fans tweet and said she was leaving… So like I say it’s a rumour

    Take as prescribed with a very large pinch of salt.

    I will report back if she replies. Xxx

  69. Nimisha

    But… If she does, I will scream and I will be soooooo loud that she’ll hear me, 4500 miles away! At the moment I am calm but inside I’m ??????????????????????????

  70. Nimisha

    Is anyone else feeling super excited about all bpnervous about today’s episode. I am so excited to see Mishal roar today! He does that SOOOOOO well.


  71. Nimisha

    She is soooooo lovely. Just had a mini chat with her on Twitter! Love her SOOOOO much.

  72. Nimisha

    Cmon moderators please post these quickly. I neeeeeeed to tell all my lovely friends on her the awesome news! ??????????????????

    • Nimisha

      No not at all! It’s good news so sharing it also good. I reported back before I replied to her but mys posts went pfft!


  73. Nimisha

    Ok, tried to link to my tweet, but…

    Garima is staying in IKRS. Yihoooooo! Got a reply and had a mini chat with her on Twitter.



  74. Nimisha

    I posted about 4 things and they all Went pfft!

    Tis good news! Very very very very very good news!


  75. Nimisha

    Oh Anne, you beat me to it. My posts got stuck and then went pfft! Wwaaahhhhh!

    Such good news.

  76. Nimisha

    It’s just you an me Anne. Cool, more room to dance around til the other get here and join in.


  77. Saraswathi.j

    14th episode is outstanding
    Viplav,s action is marvellous , he saved his beloved Dhaani from that nasty judge and bring that judge,s shame in front of all the people in the party.

  78. Anne

    I’m all over the place today! Checking TU constantly n desi five n twitter WHILE trying to get some work done, so doing nothing very well..Got a date with Mishal at 8.30…..

    • Nimisha

      I had a sharp intake of breath of breath then, then I realised you meant the to. Was very well jel for a sec ?????

      • Nimisha

        Yeah I know you wouldn’t, but Mishal would… He tells me everything! Ner nerner ner ner ????

    • Hi annie viplav said that u are a big judge n when people would come to know about him as he is not a saviour but a destroyer. He wanted to hand him over to police. Dashrath was a bit afraid for legal proceedings. Pandit phoolchand saìd omg ďhani went to a school meant for pr*stitutes then dhani said school is a school where all people from different backgrounds can study. She said the place where u are standing is same land which leads to temples n pr*stitute corner that does not mean u cant stand on the land.

      • Nimisha

        Bunged up.(I don’t think they’d let me spend so much time on here if i was in prison,)

  79. Anne

    Watch the epi……omg omg (I shouldn’t be saying things like omg at my age ) omg love mishal.Duttas back!!!! anyway, loved the action. But do notknow what anybody said ! Why did viplav look shocked at Dasharath what did Dhaani say ??? Please Hasanji…..

    • varsha(philo)

      i am not sure about the precap but dashrath asks viplav to forgive asthana but viplav refuses and dashrath asks viplav to forgive asthana for his sake (i think i am right but i am not )

    • Nimisha

      I know Anne, I’m the same but OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! Just posted the same on Twitter before I came her and was thinking I’m toooo old for this really but OMG’d anyway!

  80. Nimisha

    Where are you allllllllllllllll????

    It a bit lonely dancing by myself


    • varsha(philo)

      because he heard tulsi speaking on her phone and she is a strangerso he didnt trust tulsi but now he trusts kamini as she helps dhaani and kamini knows dadi bua

    • Anne

      Viplav rescues Dhaani from creepy him up.
      Big shouting accusing scene in front of every body.
      But because of no updates I don’t know what any body SAID.?

      • Nimisha

        I was totally wrong, I thought Dhani would slap him and get away… But OMG!mthat was a very scary scene. Eisha is getting better everyday and she really did well today!

    • varsha(philo)

      hi louella dear the episode starts with asthana tries to molest dhaani and in tripathi house viplav was busy in searching the thief (dashrath) but dashrath escaped and viplav thinks that there is nobody in the house dhaani tries to a lot free herself from asthana atlast she came outside at that time viplav comes to the party he has some papers in which dhaani wrote viplav name suddenly it flew away when he was catching asthana comes and holds dhaani mouth dhaani hits a flower pot with her leg it fell down viplav sees that and sees up he sees asthana holding dhaani he shouts dhaani and asthana gets alert and tries to go out but viplav reaches there and beats him (super scene)

      • varsha(philo)

        viplav brings asthana down and ( they were talking angrily i dont understand so i will say the part which i understood) viplav is shouting at asthana and that precap scene happened viplav gets angry on him ,viplav says yes she wents to bar gali but to study and viplav says i will call the police phool chand asks him not to call the police

        PRECAP;dashrath asks viplav to forgive asthana for his sake viplav is shocked

      • One thing strange yesterdays precap didn’t come when asthana was putting allegations on dhani’s character where all ashram ladies were also there but today asthana was blaming n defaming dhani at party itself.

      • Zee

        Varsha you are as good as H Hasan. Thank you!
        Super scene when Vip caught Asthana – I fully clapped:)

      • Nimisha

        Yes Varsha, thank you. I popped the to on for the ratings, cause it felt like a good idea, but watched online so no subtitles, so appreciate the update very much!

  81. Anne

    Hi Renu thankyou for your update ,its very thoughtful and kind .I’ve been on pins waiting for Hasanji.
    So Dasharath wants viplav to forgive? !!!??
    Wish vidhani would get a place of their own.!?

    • Zee

      Yes H Hasan has kept us on tenterhooks for the update. Varsha and Renu have more or less covered everything between them. But the problem is we are still confused abt where to comment – here or for wait for the fresh update.

  82. Hi friends whère r u Arshu; nimmy; yetty; pjain; porkodi; kavitha; surya; sujie; nima; meghs; prachi; louella; phillo; zea; saraswati; meghs. ………

      • Nimisha

        Anne, when VK started shouting it reminded me of how kalavati did that in LTL. She was awesome as the villain in that. VK is just a bit oath ethic and always looks like she has wind issues to me. ???

    • Nimisha

      Dhani was good in that scene. She’ll still defen VK though… (Palm, face emoticon)

      Although when the judge said something yo VK after she started shouting at him, Viplav did have a look like a lightbulb came on… Hope he’s figured it out.

    • Nimisha

      That’s why she stopped her tho! How can a woman todo that yo another woman? She’s tried to role reverse and dressed like Dhani but she still looked like a villain.

      Dhani looked beautiful. The only thing was in yesterday’s dream sequence, when Viplav touched her hair at the party, it moved in a clump which kinda, only minutely, spoilt the bit. Lesson learnt : use less hairspray if you gorgeous husband is like to your hair.

  83. Anne

    Does anyone know who bolted the door when Dasharath couldn’t get out the house , strange hand from nowhere . A servant??

    • Nimisha

      It looked like a female arm, I thought… Hmmmmm who could it be..

      And OMG! HOW (insert swear word here) gorgeous did Mishal look. Loved that they even had his knuckles covered in judge creeps blood. He looked a bit sweaty but I,d happily mop his brow any day ????????????????

      But wow! What a phenomenally gorgeous man he is. And he’s getting more so by the minute, and he’s looking a bit more muscley these days, not overly so like Tripurari but really s*xily so like an Adonis! ????

  84. Nimisha

    Did you all here the news that Garima is staying? So we’ll see more of Dulaari Maaaiiiiiii and the ashram hopefully! Yihooooo!


  85. Nimisha

    And when Mishal walked up to the door inside AN did anyone notice there was a close up of his chappaled feet. I’m convinced the makers of the show read this forum as I sad just yesterday how much I love his feet and OMGbin chappal even better, and lo and behold we have a close up. Thank you makers of the show! ?????

  86. Nimisha

    Did DTvreakly ask Viplav to forgive the judge? To save his family honour? I mean why would he do that. Really hope Viplav starts seeing DT with slightly less rose tinted lenses from now!

    Also, half of Benares was at the party so who is he saving his honour from?

    Did DB suspect VK?

    And Arshdeep or Renu said earlier, how does VK know where all the washrooms were… Oh yes that’s right it’s because she’s a gutter snipe ???. Take that VK ???????????

  87. Nimisha

    Dear moderators, a lot of my earlier posts disappeared today so please look after these ones.

    Thanks so much,

  88. Nimisha

    Renu, so good to see you on Twitter. Send me a message when you Cana no we can have a natter. Can’t wait, ???

  89. Porkodi

    Waiting for the update long time.. still not updated …

    Thanks Varsha and Renu for the updates. Today Viplav rocked in his performance..

    • Nimisha

      Yes, Thanks so much both for the updates! Feel a bit lost without them so very much appreciated! ????

  90. florentina moldovan

    Hasan mam, i ll wait all the time you need for update!!!!!!!!
    i just read thapki update and it is …..very poor …..
    Mam, if i never told you, i appreciate a lot your work!!!!
    Hasan ji , the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Genita

    Guyzzz why is todays epi not being updated …. I missed todays epi… What happened today cant wait yaaar. Anyone pls tell me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.