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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari thinking how he tried to kill Shambu and thinks all plan is backfired, now Kanak will not leave me. He sleeps beside Suwarna ( to prove that he was with her all night). Doctor tells Dasharath that Shambu got a heart attack. Viplav says how can it be possible. Doctor says anyone can get heart attack and asks them to have strength. Sushma cries. Kanak recalls asking Tripurari to kill Dasharath. FB starts. Tripurari says what? Guru Dev….you are asking me to kill Guru Dev. Kanak says yes, and says he is the reason for the problem. She says that the more she tried to separate Dhaani and Viplav, the more Dasharath tried to unite them. She says if you kill him then revenge will be fulfilled as you are illegitimate, and also my revenge. She says Dasharath went out

now and will come in the evening. She says I will let the window of Dasharath’s room open so that you can enter easily. She says Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage will not happen with Dasharath’s death. FB ends. Kanak is in shock.

Dasharath cries. Viplav tells him that his father will be alright soon. Doctor comes out and informs Dasharath that Shambu has slipped into coma, and says we have to wait for 12 hours then only we can say anything. He says he had a heart attack, but it seems he had a fight with someone. Dasharath shouts and asks what do you want to say? He cries and says why this has happened to my Shambu. He haven’t done anything to anyone. Viplav asks him to calm down and sits down tensed. Dhaani sits beside him. Viplav says sorry, and says all have happened suddenly. He says you are seeing me like this for the first time. I tried to hold on my strength, but seeing Dadi, Dada ji and Maa like this…..He says what to do? I don’t understand. Dhaani says everything will be fine. Baba will get well, I will pray to God. Viplav says he was alright in the morning.

Dulaari tells Badi Amma that she has a fear about Shambu and says we shall go and see him. Sita Maayi says it is late now. Dulaari says since Dhaani’s marriage is fixed with Viplav, these things are happening. Badi Amma asks her not to connect this with Viplav and Dhaani’s alliance, and says they will go in the morning, asks her not to let these thoughts come in her mind. Suwarna wakes up Tripurari and tells him that Shambu was found unconscious in Dasharath’s room. Tripurari acts to be shocked, and asks her to make tea, then they will go and see him.

Viplav asks Doctor if they can meet him. Doctor doesn’t reply. Badi Amma and others come and asks about Shambu. Viplav says Doctor haven’t tell anything now. Tripurari and Suwarna also come there. Kanak looks angrily. Tripurari acts and tries to sympathize with Viplav. He says he came to know about it in the morning and he came running here. Doctor comes. Dasharath folds his hand and asks how is my son? Doctor says we couldn’t save Shambu. Shalini cries. Everyone is in shock. Tripurari gets tensed as he looks at Kanak. Dasharath cries badly. Viplav stands in shock while everyone go to see him. He is leaving. Dhaani asks where are you going? Viplav says you said that you will pray for Baba. Dhaani says I prayed….Viplav says then why did God have done this with him. Dhaani asks him to come inside. Viplav says I can’t see baba like this, and I won’t go. He cries hugging her. Shambu’s dead body is brought out of ICU. Dasharath cries looking at his son. Viplav gets up and looks sadly. He hugs Dasharath and cries. They take the dead body of Shambu home.

Everyone gather for the last rites of Shambu. Tripurari thinks Dasharath’s destiny is good, he was the target, but poor Shambu died, God give peace to his soul. Dasharath asks Sushma to take Kanak inside. Sushma tells Kanak that Shambu is no more, and it is nature’s call. We have to follow the customs. She gives her white saree. Kanak throws it and says she can’t wear this saree. She says I am not like these widows. I am Kanak Tripathi, and can’t wear widow saree. Everyone looks on.

Sushma breaks Kanak’s bangles and she cries. Viplav asks where is Maa? Kanak comes out in white saree and says she will burn her clothes. She burns her colored sarees while everyone looks on. Dhaani is about to give Shraddhanjali to Shambu, but Kanak stops her and says she will pray that Dhaani will never come back to their house. She blames Dhaani for Shambu’s death. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That white saree doesn’t suites vampire.and u know guys,dhani managed to get a border white saree in b/w all these.nice na?

  2. But kanak doesn’t look nice without that make up, designer Saree and all that things when I saw the precap I was shocked to see Kanak in white Saree without make up. Actually Sonu I agree with u she deserves to wear black Saree

  3. Everything happends in all of a sudden here.look how vipu’s fractured hand became alright with his anger.and kanak got a full sleeve with perfect size.dhani too got a border!

    1. Lol Saran very good observation 😛

  4. Thanks Sofe and Sonu.and i also wish u a happy makar sankranthi and even i am also celebrating sankranthi as tmrw is the closing day of our sabarimala temple.

    1. Are u a Hindu saranya u will also wear that Mala re

  5. But there is no download option on that fb page AM ,even no options to watch it online.

    1. just tap on it if you are using phone ….I am using opera mini browser so I tap on it and download option came ….if you use Facebook app then tap on it …you can see it online ….I only know this

  6. Happy bhogi friends

    1. Wish u Happy Makara Sankranti or Bhogi Kavi..

  7. Happy pongal and sankranthi to all my dear friends.

    1. Same to u

  8. @ BR, Illa mam avattu hogodikke aagolla…, Don’t worry mam naanu hostenalli irodalla, illi annandira joteli irodu. Take care love uuuuuu…

  9. BR mam neevu Purohita braminsaa? I mean Devastandalli yella nimm maneyavru (YOUR’S HUBBY) pooje maadoda?

  10. sonu ,,, nanna grandpa pandit thumba veda othithavaru , namma appa thodapa elluru veda othithavaru mathu teachers n namma appa thodappa nanu thodaopana makkalu nanamanaiv my father in law the 15 members teachers my hub grandpa judge ,,,, now third generation 20members M,TECH ,M,S M,B,A , C,A ,, ARC,,, SCIENTIST,,, AND SO ON , MY DAUGHTER BE, M,S , OFFICER BUT IN MY FAMILY 3 GENERATION AND 4 GENERATION, MOSTLY LADIES AND GENTS R WORKING ,,,3GENERATION STRICTLY FOLLWING OUR RULES ,, IN MY FAMILY MY4 SISTERS R FOLLOWING OUR CUSTOMS STRICTLY ,,,,,,, ,MY HUB SIDE LAND LORDS , MY MOM ALSO NOW NO LAND

  11. hi friends happy sankranti to all. .

    sorry I couldn’t comment .. Did not watch ydays episode. . feels very sad. .
    though kt is a vampire n she herself is reason for her husband’s death.. It feels really bad to see anybody going through all those rituals.. god knows why such things followed as custom. .

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