Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling that Dhaani is out since night, and is shamelessly spent night. She worries about her respect and eats everyone’s brain present there. Badi Amma comes and tells that she searched everywhere, but they are not there. Kanak says they shall inform Police. Badi Amma says no. Kanak says I don’t want to stay in this Ashram for a min, but won’t leave until I ask Dhaani where was she and with whom? Dhaani comes to Ashram. Dulaari looks angrily and slaps her. Kanak smirks. Dulaari asks how can you go without informing me. She says I heard enough because of you. Badi Amma says Dulaari. Dulaari slaps her and asks if she sold her respect. Viplav comes and holds her hand. He asks her not to beat Dhaani, and says he called her to meet his friend. Then they got

late so he thought it would not be right to come at that time.

Dasharath tells Tripurari that Kanak will throw him like a fly out of milk. He tells him that Kanak will betray him. Kanak asks where was you? Viplav says Raj’s house was near so we went there. Dasharath shows photo to Tripurari. Tripurari sees his pic with Kanak. Dasharath says if this pic lands up in Viplav’s hand then see what he will do. He says it will be fun now, and says your boat will swim in the sand now. He asks him to repay for his blood debt as his life is in his hands. Tripurari gets irked.

Viplav tells he did a mistake by calling her there. He says your daughter is as pure as before. I brought her with all the respect. Dulaari says you did wrong today. She says do you have an idea what I have to bear because of you both. Dhaani asks her not to scold Viplav and says it was my mistake. I should have told you. Dulaari asks why you didn’t tell me. Viplav says I asked her not to tell you, as I thought you won’t permit her. Badi Amma asks Dulaari to leave her. Kanak says I know my Babu well. He can’t do anything wrong. She says dhaani was with Viplav, and he can’t do anything as he is having her values. Viplav nods yes.

Later Kanak meets Tripurari and says she can’t bear as Dhaani spent night with Viplav. She says she wants to burn the Ashram along with Dhaani. Tripurari asks her to burn Ashram. Kanak looks on. Tripurari thinks about Dasharath’s words.

Later in night, Kanak makes paste of lac and applies on the walls. Dhaani wakes up and sees Kanak. Kanak throws the brush and acts as washing her face. Dhaani asks why you haven’t slept till now. Kanak says I was sleeping, but felt hot, so came to wash my face. She asks if you are missing Viplav. Dhaani apologizes to Kanak for not informing her before meeting Viplav. Kanak says I didn’t feel bad and asks her to go and sleep. Kanak thinks I felt very bad, and you won’t be alive to do anything. Later in the morning, Kanak washes clothes as per the plan. Viplav thinks to surprise Dhaani and waits in the temple area. Dhaani is about to go to temple, but seeing Kanak washing clothes, she insists to wash clothes. Kanak agrees and gets up. Dhaani sits down and washes clothes.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words asking him to call her Rani. He recalls Dhaani calling him loving rakshas. Viplav smiles and thinks where is she? He thinks if Dulaari scolded Dhaani again after I left. He calls Dhaani, but her phone fell in the water and gets switched off. Dhaani says hello and sees it off. Viplav wonders why the phone is switched off. Kanak tells Dhaani that she is going to temple and will have breakfast after coming back. Dhaani nods okay and washes clothes again. Kanak comes back and lights the rope on fire. She closes the Ashram gate from outside and smirks.

Dulaari asks Dhaani why she is washing clothes early in the morning. Dhaani says Kanak was washing clothes so I said I will wash it. Badi Amma asks where is she? Dhaani says she went to temple. Kanak along with Tripurari stand outside hidingly. Kanak says lets see who saves the widows now. Badi Amma says I have faith that her thinking will change. Raj Lakshmi says it is good if she changes. The fire catches everywhere. Raj Lakshmi shouts fire. Badi Amma shouts. Everyone gather outside the Ashram. Dhaani shouts for help. The neighbors throw water on the fire. Kanak tells that she placed lac in the entire place and says fire will not set off with water. Viplav thinks why Dhaani is taking time. Dhaani and others shout. Kanak calls her chudail and says I am enjoying your shouts. Raj Lakshmi says we won’t be saved now.

Kanak tells Tripurari that Viplav’s life will have happiness after Dhaani dies. Viplav comes to Ashram and sees fire. He rushes out of his car. Kanak says if Viplav sees me outside the Ashram then he will doubt on me. I have to get inside the Ashram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    Yesterday’s episode was better than today’s , today only thing worthy was Viplav holding Dhaani’s hand uff this Dulaari is too over concerned and Kanak nothing to say I was watching IKRS today and my cousin was like pointing to Kanak why is she so creepy 😛

  2. I must admit one thing actually the Ishq Ka Rang Safed and Thapki Pyaar ki mahasangam have proved helpful for our show.
    Among all the shows we watch only two shows were common in our choices Zindagi Abhi baki hain mera ghost which ended yesterday 🙁 and Thapki Pyaar ki, and besides me no one watches Ishq Ka Rang Safed so due to the mahasangam they also got to watch Ishq Ka Rang Safed and have also started following n watching this show 🙂

  3. prachi

    Wen chudel kanak ll die den trp of dis show ll increase n I ll celebratedate DAT day wen kanak ll disappear from dis show

  4. Finally update is here.oh no today’s episode is really disgusting. How cheap was she (knk).at last she again started her game to kill dhaani.
    Its OK knk u don’t worry our viplav is there to rescue our dhaani.
    Don’t u have that much suspection if u do any harm to dhaani it affects viplav only.y can’t u understand this simple concept also.

  5. Louella

    Today’s episode no vidhani scenes. Feeling very sad. And this safed bhootni is really too much. She should be thrown in the fire. Friends plz share ur opinion about today’s episode

  6. Rajee

    I like Viplav & dhani supporting eachother when dulaari was scolding dhani…I loved their love & support 4 each other…excited 4 Monday’s episode as our hero already tea reached ashram to save his heroine & all his in laws…

  7. Anne

    Anyone know if Dhaani lived with her husband after marriage? Don’t speak Hindi so this info may have passed me by.

    • Rajee

      Anne no idea abt it but I believe that she had not stayed with her husband . reasons- in 1st episode itself when Viplav’s frnds asked him abt his dream life partner he told he want a girl who will b pure, completely untouched. Another reason dhani always feels hesitant to show her feelings 4 Viplav. She actually don’t have experienced such feelings b4. Hence my conclusion is Dhani is pure & untouched. She is made only for Viplav .

      • Anne

        Thanks,I agree. She seems too shy sometimes,Viplav treats her like glass.But unless he’s asked her !!!! I can’t see why he thinks she’s “pure”. As far as he knows she’s been a married woman. Probably one of those awkward questions the directors don’t want you to ask.x

      • florentina moldovan

        Dulari said in one epi that Dhani is pure like Ganga and no man touched her. I DON T THINK vIPLAV KNOWS what that means, he thinks only that Dhani fallowed the rules of widows after she lived a short time with her husbant….

    • Fatarajo

      I thought her husband died on the wedding day after they got married though they didn’t mention it in the show till now it seemed like this from the first promo don’t know

    • hai akshay i think viplav will save dhaani first because he can hold her easily in his hand
      and he can lift her easily

      but kanak is not like that he cant lift her (kanak fuggi) so i think viplav will save dhaani only

    • hai akshay but in the olv they said eisha said that viplav will be upset with dhaani for lefting is mom inside the ashram during fire

      then he gets food for the ashram

      dhaani will start to suspect something fishy

  8. It means now ashram has to be renovated as it has burt meanwhile viplav would make some temporary accommodation for them but kanak would now have to go back what a relief

  9. Just saw a video in which kanak said that on seeing viplav outside burning ashram she went inside to save herself from various allegations as per kanak she fell in pit dug by her as all others were saved n she was somewhat burned

  10. Hi gud mrg HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO U ALL.???????n for vidhaani.
    Guys Valentine’s day not only for lovers but this is for people who loves,so because I luv my ikrs family very much .luv u all.
    Have a happy Valentine Sunday.

  11. SARAS

    anne.. rajee n florentina ..
    we don’t know if dhani was living with her husband. . but even if she was.. still she is pure only. ..
    please cone on guys what r u telling… only when a person indulges in illegalities he gets inpure..
    if she has lived with her husband also she is very much pure.. I think viplav means that only. ..

    coming to the first episode. . what he said it’s he v wants a totally untouched girl which is definitely not available so I will not marry he had told

  12. Guys today I got an idea we know that viplav has an elder brother. Just imagine if viplavs brother will be another mishal.I mean dual role of mishal how nice na.double role of mishal double dhamaka .I think so if our directors set this as my wish it will be amazing.

    • Fatarajo

      Double role? Huh no way , I hate double roles it seems like so unrealistic and doesn’t make sense
      Shows like Beintehaa and rang rasiya lost it’s charm due to double role

  13. SARAS

    good morning friends. .
    have a nice Sunday. . today ikrs blockbuster? I don’t think so. .

    anyways I m very busy today

  14. Gud mrg Akshay definitely viplav give preference to knk (Amma) first because for every person mother is first n true lover of their he save first mother n then dhaani.its viplav side.but that knk don’t deserves it.
    I think for this reason only they set this asharm fire accident scene. In this accident knk only injured na.
    So thun vinai thanai chudum.

  15. But unlucky for me ,this day came on Sunday and today no college,so I will miss the fun ? and frolic we used to do on these day with friends ?

  16. Sujie

    I am still in Friday’s episode’s hangover …..
    waiting for Monday’s episode ….Viplav will surely save Dhaani….
    One thing that i can say about Kanak is that she is very selfish….after seeing Viplav there,she didn’t think about possibility of Viplav being injured… but she was busy thinking what if Viplav suspects her…..shamless Kanak

    Viplav should know Kanak’s truth…
    ViDhaani should get married

  17. hai guys i have posted my first part of my ff pls read that and say how is it i think that first part will boring for u all anywayys give me your opinion sujie had commented there already

    • Meghs

      Varsha don’t say it boring .. I liked ur stry so much..u r talented …. Its difficult to manage all character but u manage it that too give importance to all …. I liked it …

  18. Anne

    In real life Kanak would be a murderous psychotic and be in a mental hospital.AND she’s not that clever. She never thinks things through.

  19. Swara

    Guys…I am too sad….I can’t share it with near ones. …so think to say it here cuz here there are so many moms…..
    My mother is too careless about her own health…and after my insists she gone for scanning ….and now they found tumour. ….
    She is too depressed. .I know my mother is very much afraid of operation. …now I am too helpless. …

    • Swara take care of Amma .pls give her strength. N make her to be brave because now a days these tumoured operations r nothing.tell me if the operation is laproscopic or open type surgery.
      Laproscpic means need not to worry.
      Open type surgery means also nothing to worry but to take care of surgery parts that’s it.and Amma must be brave mentally.first prepare her mentally that she can bear the surgical thoughts.need not to worry for anything OK.first u be strong n make Amma also to be strong .take care dear.

    • Swara take care of Aunti Ji, and try to be with her as possible as u can. Don’t leave her alone and make her always feel happy
      Don’t worry everything will be fine soon

    • Meghs

      Swara take care of amma dr … Always be with her give her ur support … Don’t be sad… I have to encourage ur mom… Tell ur mom now all these operations r common …. Take care of mom n also u take care …

    • Rajee

      Swara take care of ur mom! Ask her to leave everything on god & feel relax. Rest he will take care! Wish for early recovery of ur mom!

    • reZmi -b'day girl [email protected]

      Dont worry swara.. prayers n love to our beloveds can do wonders.. dont lose hope…

  20. Fatarajo

    Haha Kavitha can’t imagine him in dual role 😛 but in some shows though I hate double role tracks I enjoy the acting a lot because the characters of the lead in dual role are just fab like Milan in MATSH, Raghu in Jamai raja but sounds so unrealistic 😛

  21. Hi frnds I saw news posted in die hard fan page of mishal.that is after fire accident of ashram vidhaani are going to marry.its hot news guys.a much awaiting scene was going to happen.nice na.

  22. prachi

    Guys der is a poll on Indian television magazine’breakout love story since last valentine’.u can check on fb of die hard fan of mishal raheha .comment der for best valentine. Multiple comments r nt comment from one id

  23. Rajee

    Mishal’s dual role!!! A complete no for me but hmmm….if eisha is also having dual role & cast agst the other mishal then I am ready…lol..this is too much yaar…but wht to do i won’t b able to c any other girl with mishal..

    • Sonu

      Yes Rajee, u r right dear. I also want if mishal’s dual role, then eisha also having double role. I won’t be see vipu without Dhani.

  24. Sonu

    @Rahul, hi RahulnPurple, after a long time nice to see here. Happy voilentance day to both of u..
    R u use the Purple’s id?

  25. Rajee

    What yaar very less comments? Sarany no comments!!! Mob not repaired???
    I am busy with lots of pending works. It seems all r busy…
    Today is Valentine’s day ,so I thought of posting a reprise of Vidhani scene in antakshari version… This is my contribution 4 today .I hope u like it…

  26. Sonu

    Hi Saru, where r u dear? Today your’s comment is not there. Wt happened? R u OK? Miss u dear….please make comment.

  27. Ya prachi I also saw that polling and also voted for vidhaani .no way for another jodi for me .twinkle twinkle little star vidhaani is superb star.luv u mishal n misha.wish u happy Valentine’s day dear.

  28. Sonu

    I saw on location shoot of ikrs, in that first vipu save all widows from fire. Then he remebers his mom, and rushes to fire. Dhani tries to stop him, but he enters inside of ashram. There he see TP lift the KT and takes her from outside, she is is in unconscious.

  29. Sonu

    Again Drama queen will ready to start one more drama. I hope vipu not get angry on Dhani for negligence or ignorance if his mom. Stupid DQ go to hell…

  30. Guys sorry I didn’t inform u.yesterday in my son tharuns cultural function 4,5,6 class students made drama n dance and that was dedicated to people who gave their souls in army in ice bergs that very hurting one .so after that show the students n parents every one stood up and claped.every parents, we all appreciated the school management for doing this drama and giving inspiration to children’s.

  31. reZmi -b'day girl [email protected]

    Hi gud evening everyone.. how r uall … am soo glad to cum back (eventhough for a lil time.) actually today is ma bday though itz a hectic time wid model exams n all…ma mom allowed me to read d updates..
    #A happy valentines day to all celebrating it like our rahul n purple..nd to dose who didnt find their valentine yet (hee hee like meh)..

  32. reZmi -b'day girl [email protected]

    Hey swara.. dont worry everything will be fine.. der is no other better medicine than love.. ur love to ur mom can do wonders… dont lose hope…

  33. And I thought to pls u guys pray to god to give peace for the souls of the people who fight for our safe life leading.

    • Rajee

      Yes kavitha the defense ppl r the real heroes. we salute them for their bravery,sacrifice & for protecting us.

      • Rajee

        The scene starts with dhani came to temple to offer a prayer. Viplav comes to her to say sorry for getting angry on her reg that CD exchange in court.
        Viplav- “gumsum ho kyun paas ao na,
        Ruthe ho kyun maan jao na.
        Dil main hai Jo,khulke kaho,
        Dil main chhupao na,
        Gumsum ho kyun…”
        Dhani is upset that Viplav is crazy & he always fights with her.
        Dhani-” aye haye re haye yeh ladka,
        Aye haye re haye,
        Karta nadaniyan kyun,
        Puchho toh haye,
        Kabhi yeh hamse ladta hai,
        Kabhi jhagadta hai,
        Koi paas iske na ana,
        Yeh ladka hai deewana hai deewana

        Dhani released her hand from Viplav’s grip & stood @ a distance.

  34. Hritya


  35. saranya

    sorry rezmie i couldn’t wish u already as my phone is still under repair.i remember ur birthday as u said it already here.any ways many many happy birthday wishes dear.i planned to give a surprize wish but my phone cheated me

  36. Omg I can’t bear this thapki n ssk today.really I Mis my show ikrs.colors pls don’t do this .we want ikrs on Sunday also.we ask u ikrs but u aired thapki n no
    We want ikrs
    We want ikrs

  37. Even my exams are starting tomorrow.
    But nothing to worry about it, as all my friends are in same class ?
    Kyu ki har ek friend jaroori hota hai
    (during exam time ?)

  38. Hritya all the best for ur practicals n exams don’t worry be cool.Sab teek hoga.all is well.
    And rezmie happy birthday dear.
    Saranya were ur we miss u from two days yaar.happy valentines day dear.

  39. Rajee

    Viplav is desperate to patch up with dhani.poor vipu he thought Dhani will agree easily & give him a hug.but no Viplav baba dhani is not so easy. Try some trick.
    Viplav-“ao na gale lagalo na,
    Lagi bujha do na, o Jane jaan,
    Tumne Jo agan lagayi hai,
    Toh chhuke Dekho na,kahan kahan,
    Dekho seene main kaisi hulchul machi hai
    O sajna…”
    After hearing this song rain turned to b the fire brigade. It understood that Viplav ke “jigar ma badi aaga hai..” & started raining to extinguish the fire burning in vipu’s heart..
    Vipu said I love u to dhani & then translated in Hindi too saying hum tumse pyar karte hain…
    but we guess she was not impressed with this..
    We(fans)-arrey vakil babu do something
    diff. Translate this to her in some more languages..may b she will b impressed!!!
    Viplav- good idea!
    ” angreji mein kehte hain ki I love u,
    Gujarati main bole tenu prem karuchoon,
    Bengali main kehte hain Ami tumake bhalo Paso,
    Aur Punjabi main kehte hain, ho
    Tere bina marry jaawan,
    Main renu pyar karna,
    There jaiyo naiyo labni,o sathi ho…”
    After this multilingual effort also the shikayati pudiya is not impressed….

  40. rezmi-b'day [email protected]

    Thank u soo much saranya.. @least u remember it na… am very happiee…
    N thank u akshay rajee n prachi.. for ur wishes…
    Nd can ny1 tell me wot happen to purple…?

  41. Rajee

    As rain started both Viplav & dhani got drenched in rain.
    Viplav-” bheega yeh badan tera pani main aag lagaye,
    Baby u just like a fish, kisi ke haanth na aye,
    And just do that,do that,do that
    Paani wala dance(2)
    Aja saath mere tu karle baby thoda sa
    Viplv blocked her way.Dhani tried to free herself.
    Dhani-“jaane do na”
    Viplav-“paas ao na”
    Dhani-“chhuo na chhuo na, mujhe chhuo na chhuo na,mujhe chhuona chhuona chhuona chhuona… ”
    Viplav is not ready to give it up.
    Viplav- “dilwar mere kab take mujhe ,
    aise hi tadpao ge,
    Main aag dil me laga dunga Jo,
    Ki pal main pighal jaoge…”
    Still Dhani not in a mood to forgive vipu.
    Then vipu sang Dhani’s fav song & which is their love song too..
    “Tune bhi besak mujhko kitna tadpaya,
    Phir bhi Teri har ek ada pe pyar aya,
    Aja Aja ab kaisa sharmana,
    Dheere dheere se dil ko churana,
    Tumse pyar hame hai kitna jane Jana,
    Tumse milkar tumko hai batana,
    Ho.. Dheere dheere se Meri zindagi main ana,
    Dheere dheere se dil ko churana”

  42. Rajee

    After hearing dheere dheere song dhani also melted dheere dheere.
    Dhani to vipu-“leja leja re mehki raat main churake sare rang leja,
    Raaten raaten main bhigoon saath main tu aisi mulaqat deja…”
    Dhani & Viplav lost in each other’s arms..
    Suddenly tp came there following viplav.
    We- omg vipu! Pehle Tanya, next RL, then dhani & now… even tp is also behind u!!!!
    This is too much..he is coming in ur dreams too…
    ” maa da ladla bigad gaya,
    Maa da ladla bigad gaya…”
    Tp to vip-” khaki pili khali pili tok ne ka nai,
    Tera peecha karunga rok ne ka nai,
    Tu mere agal bagal hai,
    Main tere agal bagal hoon,
    Tu mere agal bagal hai,
    Main tere agal bagal hoon …”

  43. Rajee

    Viplav felt like sandwiched in bet his hamdard (dhani ) & his sardard(tp).
    Suddenly he woke from his dream. He relaxed realising it a dream & tp was a bad dream only…
    Viplav 4 tp-“sapne main milta hai,
    O munda mere sapne main milta hai,
    Sara din sadkon pe khali rickshe sa ,
    Peeche peeche chalta hai..”
    Here the scene is over.

  44. florentina moldovan

    hI, MY DEAR FAMILY IKRS! HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL OF YOU! I SEND YOU ALL MY LOVE! I fell blessed to be in this lovely community! Happy birtday, Rezmie! May all your wishes come true!

  45. Swara

    Thank u so much frnds….I am doing my best to over come her fear .nd even I won for some extend..and ur words mean a lot to me..
    @kavitha I think it is open surgery. .
    And frnds sry for disturbing ur valentines day by my comment. ..
    I know u will be angry on me by reading previous sentence. …
    Guys I am not in my senses..
    And once again thank u so much

  46. florentina moldovan

    Swara, my sweet child,don t be scared of anything, God knows all the roads of our lifes, there is a reason of everything, every obstacle in our life is just a step toward our ascension! I belive that every disease has a spiritual cause, there is multiple ways to treat this kind of diseases. Do not be afraid, God will help you and your mother. Trust in God, pray a lot, forgive everything and everyone and be LOVE! I am with you and your mom!

  47. Anisha

    I cannot bear this Kanak anymore!! I m just waiting for Dhaani to slap her across her face!! Tab aayegi akal thikane!!! And please leave our Vidhaani alone you chudail!!

  48. Thank prachi ?for your opinion,I will try if nothing works there
    But the problems is there is no multiple choice questions ,only theory question and problems ?

  49. Sonu

    Hi Hritya, wish u all the best for your both Practical and theory exams. Be confident, don’t take stress..

  50. vaishnavi more

    hey guys colors golden oetal awards is back n our lovely show ikrs is nominated for best actor(mishal), best jodi(vidha) n best debut(eisha) n link is available on india forums so guys dont waste the time n go n vote for vidhaani

  51. prachi

    Akshay if der is theory den first paragraph n last paragraph u fill with ur subject n middle paragraph is optional.write wat ever u want..just kidding.don’t try dis.its risky

  52. Swara don’t worry now a days open surgery is also common thing .so u assure Amma towards surgery and pls take care of these things.
    First u must give medicines perfectly before n after surgery as suggested by doc.
    Then u must observe the reports that the reason n files r correct.
    Then pls take care of surgical parts with clean n hygienic.
    Give the liquid r soft solid food as suggested by doc.
    Apart from all these a person who is physically n mentally weak they can be treated with love n affection only.
    So u be strong n make Amma strong n be support to her.
    And don’t be hesitate to express ur feelings here because we all r frnds.a frnd can do anything for a frnd .so me n our famliy is there for u.god bless u dear.

  53. Guy’s here any one of u in Twitter .then we can make request to colors for ikrs on Sunday and at 11 pm retelecast. Pls who have Twitter account pls make a request frnds. I made it, now ur choice. go on guys.

  54. Hi hritya; akshay n all whose exams are scheduled in coming days;wish u all the best be confident study well eat weĺl n sleep well i know ikrs family has super intelligent students who would come with flying colours

  55. Hi swara take care of your mom n iam sure now a days all surgeries are painless so she should not worry n once we are strong determined from within then we are bound to cross any hassle

  56. SARAS

    happy bday rezmie.. god bless you with all happiness n bliss ..

    happy valentine day to all. ..

    @kavitha really appriciate the school for showcasing soldier’s sacrifice for the nation. .. its not just the soldier is his whole family sacrificing for v the main n fellow citizen’s wellbeing. .
    we sitting at home n enjoying .cant even imagine what kind of hardships the soldiers go through to keep us safe. .. I can’t explain in words what I feel for people in military. .
    jai jawan…
    jai hind. ..

  57. SARAS

    @swara.. Don’t worry dear. .. nothing to worry for just a tumor.. science is highly advanced n things will all be fine. . whatever it is. . I recommend you to consult one more dr before going for any surgical procedures..
    rajee care of her. . give her courage..
    infact of u r strong she will feel much better. .
    take care..

  58. Rajee

    Good morning to all!
    Thank u sujie & renu 4 investing ur time to read it….
    Guys! While I voting one msg is coming that voting lines will b opened shortly. R u getting that msg? Voting is closed or its having some specific timing as yesterday night I cud vote but today morning its not accepting. Any idea?

  59. prachi

    Gudmrng frnds.rajee I also rcv same type of msg.may b der us some specific tym fir voting. I ll inform wen it starts working

  60. Hi friends yesterday before thapki there was a promo for ikrs for 5 min in which they showed the scene of tanya’s entry; his friends asking about dhani is she the same widow then viplav inviting dhani to club:kanak telling about pooja viplav wearing black shirt n tanya reminding of her gift finally viplav calling dhani wyen she is busy in chowki amazing could not believe

  61. Shri

    Good Aftrnoon friends

    Hope all u guys r doing well..

    Sry was not able to watch the show or comment as my hubby ws hospitalized du to sme emergency & he’s fyn nw by god’s grace..

    happy to c ur comments today .. misd our IKRS & IKRS’s family a lot..

    Sonu gd that u still luk fr my comments ..i was speechless with ur comments.. tq Gelethi and hug u tight.

    Saran hwz ur health nw?? All is well?

    BR luking for ur comments

    Viplav & Dhani’s valentine spl ???

  62. Rajee

    Guys! My suggesstion is we should Mostly try to concentrate on the vidhani jodi as through this we can vote 4 both. Still 4 viplav &dhani also we hv to do…all the best to all of u!!!

  63. Just voted n checked that we are at 2 nd position n lagging behind 10000 votes surprising have never seen ssel but is it that good

    • Rajee

      Arre renu which vote u r talking abt??? Don’t vote there. That pole is over. Vote for colors golden petal awards. The vote is only 4 colors programs. Don’t waste ur votes…

  64. florentina moldovan

    hi, friends! I tried a lot voting but it can t…maybe because i am from a different country??

  65. Guys I watched the romantic scene of our luvly vidhaani on SAS bahu beteyan show .it was really cute .that was viplav gets angry on dhaani and dhaani also angry on viplav then viplav comes ashram to convince dhaani there is a romantic shoot had done.really it was was on set scene .u can watch it on YouTube also on SBB show.

  66. Swara

    Hi…frnds I am too happy today…my amma is back with her smile which I miss for last few days….
    Today when we came back to house we saw a naughty elephant in the road and when we reached home she started to imitate the way of walking of that elephant. It is her hobby to imitate others. .but today I am very happy that I got my amma back…
    Thnk u frnds 4 ur support

  67. Really swara u did good thing and iam very happy for Amma that she is trying to divert her mind.and pls take care of her.have a nice improvement. Take care dear.

  68. Really swara u did good thing and iam very happy for Amma that she is trying to divert her mind.and pls take care of her.have a nice improvement.
    This is my msg to Amma pls take care Amma we r all with u.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.