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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav saying Dhaani will learn adharm and dharm now, as she was teaching him dharm. He enjoys his birthday. His friends tell him, what did you do? This is not foreign, but Banaras. Viplav says lets see this Rakshas’s rakshasi……..His friends take him from there saying drama will happen here. Dhaani comes back to her pot and is about to pour wine on the shivling.

Pandit ji smells the wine and stops Dhani from putting on Shivling. He blames her for doing adharm and yells at her. The pot fells off from her hand. The Pandit ji says it is a adharm and drags her out from the temple. He calls her sinful widow and says how dare you put wine on Shivling. He asks did you do black magic etc. Dhaani says she didn’t do anything. The people standing there yell

at her and asks her to rub nose on ground. Pandit ji says today’s widow are very straight forward and drinks wine. Dhaani says she couldn’t do a sin. A woman says there must be some misunderstanding. Pandit ji says he has seen with his own eyes and asks her to keep quiet. The people go crazy and says lets beat her. The Police comes and stops them. Pandit ji complains to Police that she was about to put wine on Bhole Nath’s shivling and asks him to arrest Dhani else people will kill her. Dhaani is hurt and is clueless with the happenings.

Viplav comes home in a drunkard state. Dadi (Sushma) says your dada will be angry if see you in this state. She asks why did you come late and calls him Rakshas. Viplav smiles and calls himself Rakshas. He says he had fun a lot. He sings Happy Birthday song and goes to his room. He rests on bed and tells Dadi that he had fun with his friends and that girl. Dadi makes him sleep properly. Viplav says I taught a good lesson to that egoistic girl. Dadi asks what happened? Viplav tells that she refused to take utaran. The Pandit ji asks the Inspector to arrests Dhaani. The Inspector asks Dhaani, why did she put wine in the kalash. Dhaani says she knows it is adharam and added gangajal, but didn’t know how did wine come in it. Pandit ji says she is lying and asks him to arrests him, else people will kill her. The Inspector asks her not to lie and says you have to go to jail for this crime. Dhaani cries.

Shambu is smiling. His wife asks how am I looking? Shambu praises and compliments her. He asks where are you going? His wife says temple. Shambu says Dasharath likes this color a lot and asks her to go. She leaves. Everyone sit for breakfast. Viplav comes and sits for having breakfast. Dasharath blesses Viplav to be happy always. He have the food.

Ashram people are called at the temple. Kaushalya maa asks the Inspector to punish the girl. The Pandit ji tells that she did a crime. Dhaani hugs Dulaari Maayi and cries. Maayi warns to kill him if he accuses her daughter. Kaushalya badi amma questions the Inspector, why did you bring Dhaani without a woman constable. The Inspector says the crowd would have killed her if I would have waited for woman constable. Pandit ji says she is a kalang (black spot). She says insulting a woman means you are badmouthing about Devi. Dhaani tells she didn’t know how did the wine come in her pot and cries. The Inspector asks Pandit ji and the people to go. Kaushalya Amma tells that someone else have kept wine in her pot and asks him to check with the cctv camera footage. The Police checks and are shocked to see Viplav Tripathi putting wine in the pot. He says he is Mahant Dasharath’s grand son and it will bring bad reputation for him. The Inspector sends other Inspector to Dasharath’s house.

Dasharath tells his bahu that she is looking very beautiful. She smiles and says lets go. The Police comes there and tell that they need to talk to Viplav for his signature as he is going to foreign. Dasharath says okay and goes. Kaushalya asks the constable about the CCTV footage. The constable asks them to wait. The Servant informs Viplav that Inspector came to meet him. The Inspector asks Viplav to leave from Banaras. He tells about the incident. Viplav smiles. The Inspector tells that it is clear in the CCTV footage that you put wine on the Shivling.

Precap: Viplav comes and accepts his crime. Dasharath tells that the widow has done a crime so this temple will be closed for a year. Viplav comes to meet Dhani and tells her hi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg…this show is just really amazing…they pair up good….would u believe that dhaani’s age is 16!!!!!

    1. It’s TRUE are U sure I can’t believe it.

      1. Ya…her name is eisha Singh and in real life her age is just 16!!!

  2. But one doubt….just for viplav’s prank and since the old man says will the temple be closed for a year?

  3. Hate dashrath……alwyz doing ovractn….

  4. more viplav and dhaani scenes…………………….

  5. can anyone plz tel me d repeat tymin f ths shw…Othr Dan 10:30 pm…i mean in dy

    1. mrng 10.30 and nd noon 12.30……………

      1. Ty so mch dr 🙂

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