Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav hugging Dhaani and says our plan worked. He says we have to do acting infront of all, and have to fight with each other. He says I have to win everyone’s trust so that they trust me and not Raja. Dhaani asks what are you going to do? Viplav asks her to just see. Kanak thinks Viplav have returned to her. Dasharath wonders why Viplav got angry and tensed. He asks Sushma to bring tea as he is having headache. He asks Viplav why you are fighting with Dhaani. He says Dhaani is your wife. Viplav says she has insulted my mum. Dasharath says but. Viplav says I have done so much for her, but she have insulted my mum. I used to follow her sayings, but she insulted mum. Sushma says she is part of family. Viplav says but she came from outside. Kanak says you have everything,

jija, sister, mum etc. Raja thinks something is wrong. Viplav apologizes and says I have realized my mistake. I will do something which I haven’t done before. HE says I want to take up all responsibility of home.

Dasharath says it is good that you want to take responsibility on your shoulder, but don’t spoil your relation with Dhaani. Viplav says I will just change my living, although I love Dhaani…I have to fulfill all my responsibilities. He goes. Dasharath tells Kanak that he will support Viplav. He announces that he will give his everything to Viplav after Navratri. Raja gets angry and tells his mum that Dasharath will make Viplav his heir. Raja’s mum asks him to impregnate Shalu. Raja says everyone will do as I say, if Shalu becomes pregnant. He says he will do this work tonight. Everyone wait for Dhaani. Viplav says we shall start aarti. Dhaani comes. Viplav asks where are you?

Dhaani says I was doing some work and knows everyone was waiting for me. Kanak asks how can you argue with your husband? Dhaani asks her to tell same thing to Viplav. Viplav asks am I arguing? Dasharath reminds them that it is temple. Dhaani does aarti. Raja’s mum signs him. He keeps medicine in his pocket. Sushma asks Dhaani to distribute prasad to everyone. Dhaani gives prasad to everyone and then Viplav. Viplav refuses to take prasad from her hand and says may be it might taste bitter. Dhaani asks him not to take then. Sushma asks what happened to you both?

Just then Dulaari and Badi Amma come there. Dhaani and Viplav greet them. Dulaari says we thought to give prasad to you as we are coming from temple. Kanak asks Servant to take prasad. She tells you both might have heard how your daughter have spoken to my son. She says my son have realized his mistake, and it is very unfortunate that they are married. She says Viplav is not blind in Dhaani’s love anymore and his eyes are open. Dulaari asks Dhaani what is she saying? Viplav says your daughter have misbehaved with my elders and says he will not tolerate her behavior. Dhaani says he couldn’t understand about my feelings. Kanak scolds Dhaani for insulting Viplav. Kanak scolds her. Dulaari says I will make her understand. Kanak asks them to go. They leave. Dhaani follows them.

Dhaani asks Dulaari to listen to her once. Dulaari says you will cut our nose, and asks Badi Amma to come. They leave. Viplav tells Dhaani that he is feeling bad as he acted accordingly. Dhaani says they will not feel bad when they come to know about the secret, and says it is good that our plan is working.

Raja looks at the medicine bottle, and says Shalu will not know what will happen with her tonight. Dhaani prays to God and asks him to give them success in their mission. Dhaani happens to see ladoo with the medicine and gets suspicious. Raja brings laddoo and asks Shalu to eat it before Kanak sees her eating. Dhaani also comes and asks Shalu to have laddoo. Shalu thanks her and says she don’t want her fake love. She says Raja have already brought laddoo for her. Dhaani is about o keep laddoo in the plate, but Raja stops her…He gets up and asks Shalu to ask Dhaani to leave. Just then Dhaani changes the medicine laddoo plate with good laddoo plate.

Raja’s dad comes home. Raja asks what is he doing here? Viplav sees a drunkard man talking to Raja and gets doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan



  2. Till when would i say dhani dhani n run after her, ?? nice dialougue to fool others but we know he will alwYs run after her.

  3. AM

    enjoying the episode ….that plan is good ..because we are tired of vidha romance all time so this nok jhoks are so sweet …but kanak ki bateh bhi kamal ki hae ….ae kya aurat hae 😛 😛 … but this time dulari and badi amma should know about their acting … bechare pareshan ho gaye khamakha ….

  4. Jack

    Haahaa!!!! High voltage drama… Now I think makers of IKRS will try to reveal the secrets of Dhani’s past life .. and hopefully uncompleted tracks as well…Superb acting by Mishal and Eisha..

  5. Nimisha ?

    Wow! You’ve all seen today’s episode. I am SOOOO jealous as can’t access it yet.

    Arshdeep, first again!!! You’ll have to win an award soon for always being tops! And thank you to your lovely mum for letting you watch it today.

    Just off to pick my kids up from school, but as Arnie would say… I’ll be back. ?

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe i will be so happy to receive the award.. 😀 like gpa for me 😛 gve it soon 😛

      And ya thanks to my mum.. I just asked her if i can watch my serial today and she said ok.. I literally jumped up as it was already 6.30 😀 😀

  6. shanitics

    Thanks Hassan ji for the bullet train speed update….

    Raja do not make our vidhaani’s room bad…. Its the only room in the tripathi mansion which looks gud..

    Vidhaani knok jhok awesome…

    KT peeping into Vidhaani room shame shame puppy ? shame.. VIP saw it hahaha

    Ditective Dhaani Advocate Viplav wow ?

    Raja fooled by Dhaani…iss se clearly patha chaltha hai Ki Raja ko easily fool kar sang the hai…

    Poor Dhulaari and Badi amma..

  7. audrey bitoni

    thanks sooo hasan mam
    and abt today epi really awesome
    vidhani going on right way
    so odds are in favour

  8. Arshdeep

    Seeing the two love birds fighting after a long time.. Dont like much to see them this way.. But still enjoying it !!

  9. Mahira

    The story is progressing, must appreciate the writers they way they are showing Viplvav and Dhaani’s acting to act smart. Lol. ?

  10. eshani

    Nice fights between vidhani but dont like d way viplav talking to dhani anyway its part of d plan so OK….best was KT peeping n viplav saying kab tak dhani dhani

  11. Raja yr stars r with u momentarily, u could befool everyone about rl, now u have received yr father n taken aside so that their secrets r not out but u know Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahu., get ready for the show.

  12. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the prompt update…. Wow vipu’s acting amazing in front of all …. Idiot raja wants to become father…. ?? nice episode …

  13. Dhani pl whenever u pray to god do it in yr mind n not aloud as even walls have ears n then yr plan wud be leaked out ????

  14. Kanak u dont know till date that prasad has to be accepted by folded hands u shud respect it n not illtreat behaving rudely n not accepting prasad is a sinn u have to repent later.

  15. Hi nimmy when today, i saw kanak i was reminded of yr comment dancing caterpillar brows n i laughed outven in a serious scene.

    • Nimisha ?

      I don’t think Shalu has a ten in days, what with all the worry, so maybe the non spiked ladoos will have the same effect. I seriously hope not, but all that sugar…

  16. Both dhani n raja had said same while offering ladoo to SHALU, have it , have brought hiding from maji, vow kanak so much terror. ?

  17. Arshdeep

    And viplav and dhani to give ultimate success to your plan please ye hugs apne room me jaa kr kra kro..?? wo bhi lock krke
    Kisi ne dekh liya to??

  18. eshani

    Thank god nobody saw vidhani hugging after dulari left….hope in future thy do it in room with door closed so thy won’t be caught

  19. Arshdeep

    Imagine guys if the show was not like as it going ..
    If it was shown that viplav and dhani are continuosly fighting.. without telling us the real motive of their plan.. what would have been our reaction…???????
    We would have written looong paragraphs cursing viplav for not supporting dhani.. cursing dhani for not asking sorry from viplav.. cursing the directors for separating them ????

    • Nimisha ?

      I already did Arshdeep. I’m very very very very very ashamed that I ever doubted our lovely Viplav. Sorrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee! ???

      • Nimisha ?

        Yes I do Arshdeep. A LOT. I wonder if Mishal knows… ???

        My other half … Erm yes… Maybe I haven’t told him about my mega crush… ??

        Hope you’ve had a good day. How’s the revision going? Is your next exam soon ?


      • Nimisha ?

        Honestly… I say all this in the safety of the Internet,,, if I was ever lucky enough to me him, I would be too shy to say hello, as I wouldn’t want to disturb him, or I’d be a dithering mess and wouldn’t know what to say. I’m all talk really. But I DO love him. Like totally! ???

      • Arshdeep

        You are such a sweetheart
        Want to meet you yaar..
        Never seen a bigger fan than you
        I wish that you get a chance to meet him once in your life atleast..

        Revision going well.. revision for 11th class seems more tough ??
        Next exam is this sunday 17th april of mgims wardha..
        Most probably wont be able to give a big contirbution to comments day but will try all i can..

      • Nimisha ?

        Hey again.

        You’re a sweetie too! Where are you again?? I’ll add you to my list of places and people to visit with ? I would really love to meet you too.

        Gosh, your exams sound like hard work. I’m really impressed that you manage to be so jolly and cheerful on here. I’d be a mega grump if I was told I couldn’t watch IKRS.

        Renu said she,d sat the medic exams and that they were really tough, so remember to eat well, sleep well and also take a bit of time out from studying so your not too overwhelmed by it all. I’ll be thinking if you on the 17th and don’t worry about comments day, just come back when you can… Hmmmm might give me a chance to top the comments list if you’re too busy hey?? ????????. Not really.

        Take care lovely Arshdeep. Sweet dreams and if you get the top spot again, I think you’ll defo be getting an award! The toppest topper on the IKRS thread award! ???

  20. Meghs(megha)

    Cutie when is hindhi clses going to strt as mention apr 11 was date but u didn’t say anything about it

  21. Nimisha ?

    What a good episode!

    GO Dhani. Love how she sneakily swapped the laddu plate.

    How can Shalu not see Raja is such a creep. She doesn’t really love him, she just loves the idea that he lives her.

    Poor Viplav, he looked so upset at having to say all that in front of Dulaari Ma and Baddi Amma. He’s a good man. But those poor ladies, I could have hugged them and said its alright. Dulaari Ma was quick to listen to Dhani and blame her which was disappointing but to be expected I guess.

    KT! You are evil.
    POor Dadi, doesn’t know what’s happening with Viplav and she seems troubled.

    LOved that Viplav and Dhani hugged but in the lounge!!! They’re doing so well but need to be more careful! Love the affection hare and show but if I was a teacher I would give them both 100 lines each saying ‘I must remember to close the bedroom door’ and ‘we must be careful when we’re pretending to argue, to not hug or talk about the plan within earshot of allllll the evil peeps’

    Mishal does angry man sooooo well. ????


  22. Sujie

    ViDhaani’s plan should be successful ……fingers crossed
    felt bad for Dulaari and Badi amma…but they will be happy when they would know the real motive of Buchiya and Bachwaji……
    Kanak was looking like a funtoos trying to peep in listening ViDhaani’s conversation….
    Raja awasthy and gang SWAAHA

    • Nimisha ?

      Sujie, I will read your fan fiction, didn’t get a chance yesterday. Hopefully today.

      By the way I love the word funtoos! What exactly does it mean?

      Thank you. Xxx

      • Sujie

        funtoos means someone doing silly antics Nimisha…. here KT became funtoos because she was peeping and listening their conversation

  23. Nimisha ?

    Oh, and if I was a teacher I would give myself ‘I must write shorter comments’ as my 100 lines!

    Gah, keep forgetting. Sorry folks!


  24. Louella

    Meghs I had already mentioned yesterday that we will start hms once after comments day is over. I think this will be more better.

  25. Anne

    Love this storyline and looking forward to rajas dads entry,new faces always move the story along

  26. Today’s episode was good.vidhani fighting was very cute although dey r acting in front of family
    N dhani also become very smart staying with wen she exchange d laddu was very interesting. Precap is very interesting. Again a new character appeared .let’s see wat ll happen.

  27. shanitics

    Raja’s dad is not looking gud….
    I think after a short span of time thy will give a super make over to Raja’s dad….
    I think with the help of Raja’s dad thy are going to disclose one of the mystery storyline….

    • Anne

      Hi Yetty , my day has been v busy with visitors surprising me, so all plans ended….. feel sleepy now and not even seen IKRS on telly yet ,but will watch.
      Got 10 mins to wait then.

  28. shanitics

    Guyss imagine if in this moment Viplav again thanked Dhaani….by
    Viplav ka thank u wala style and like @ tat time dadi came,this time KT comes….. Then IMAGINE

    May this scene may come into ur dreams and dreams may turn ur sleepy ? wala face @ morning in to a naughty-shy smile…..which adore ur face…
    Gud night ?
    May good dreams adore ur night

  29. vaishnavi

    Superb epi kafi dino baad vipu n dhaani ki cute nok jhok dekhni mili ha ha natak hain lekin hum toh full enjoy kar rahe hain

  30. surya

    Superb episode…m getting Goosebumps every second…vidhani is the best….luv u….luv u…
    Actually I thought dhaani will have the medicined ladoo without knowledge…..but that wont happen..

  31. Nimmy shalu is really blind n cant see beyond raja . initially rejected several times due to her obesity n then ram leaving after engagement she was desperate to get married n in that desperation cant see creepy raja

    • Nimisha ?

      I know. Is very sad, plus she probably has the confidence of an ant after the way KT has constantly told her she,s fat and that no one will marry her. And in walks raja with his weird trousers and slightly odd hands and she’s hooked. Actually…. No… No excuses fr her ever falling for him.

      Shalu is sweet though, when DT announced handing over everything to Viplav she had a lovely smile on her face and seemed happy for him.


  32. Yetty

    Good episode, Raja is acting annoying by using what he called seed of doubt .
    I hope this will not flop Viplav and Dhaani’s plan and will not cause missunderstanding between them.
    Viplav and dhaani should limit there acting, no love can turn sour just like that and that’s why Raja thought to himself that something is fishy.
    Kanak and DT are loving the act vidhaani is putting on unknowingly.
    Not my best episode but good, looking forward to a better vidhaani moments that will give me goosebumps.

    • SARAS

      exactly. . I also felt they doing bit too much… id they do so much overacting definitely everyone will get doubt. .

  33. Porkodi

    Hi prachi I send a friend request to u. Pls add me to the Fb group. My profile pic is my twin boys.

    I saw all u guys in the Fb. Happy to see Br mam,saranya,Prachi,shri ,Flora mam,kavitha and all. After seeing all , feeling so happy.

  34. SARAS

    good morning friends. .
    y no news about saranya from so many days…
    hope everything is fine with her

  35. shanitics

    Luxury is when u have something tat cannot be bought with money or anything
    Have a great day ahead
    Keep smiling?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  36. Hi frnds a very gud mrg n happy new year to all ikrs is Tamil new year n also keralians vishu.
    So happy tamil new year to all Tamil frnds.
    Tamil puthaandu NAL valzhthukal my dear br mam,Tamil,marees n all frnds.
    And happy vishu to my dear saranya,megha,varsha,genita and all Kerala frnds.enjoy the day.take care frnds.

  37. shanitics

    Happy new year to all Tamil frnds…
    Happy vishu to all keralites..
    May this year bring all the opportunities u were waiting for and may in this year all ur dreams come true

  38. Nima

    mere pyare pyare ikrs lovers good morning to all ?.kal ka episode kamal damal ka tha haina ☺vidhani k cute sa nokjhok. 1 request to our vidhani plz aap dono romance or plan apne room me jake darwaja band karke kundi lagake karna AN me aapke dusman bahoot hai kahi sun dekhliya toh ?

  39. shanitics

    If I got to c Mishal and shahid Kapoor on the some day then no wonder I am the happiest person in the world…

    Shahid Kapoor had Been my cousin brother….I will be simply happy happy

  40. Yetty

    Good morning to you all my friends, hope the night was good?
    I wish you all a lovely day , see you guys later?

  41. Sujie

    Good morning everyone…… have a great day ahead……
    One advice for ViDhaani,….aap dono darwaza band karke romance kiya karo….. aur plan bhi darwaaza band karke kiya karo…….

  42. Nimisha ?

    Goooooood Morning everyone. Have a lovely day!

    And Kavitha and everyone else, Happy New Year / Happy Vishu too!


  43. Louella

    Hey friends a reminder for all the members of ikrs family and also silent readers!!!
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  44. Louella

    AM yesterday I saw in the news that earthquake occured in kolkata. Happy to know u r okay. And plz take care of urself and also ur family.


    hello friends how are you all ?

    ” no need to cherish luxuries cause everything come and go ”
    friends so don’t expect more luxuries for you life

    • Louella

      Sharu happy to see u commenting being a silent reader. If u r a silent reader u may be knowing that tomorrow is comments day. So if u don’t mind can u tell me about urself so that tomorrow if u want to play the guessing game u can play it and also I will tell u about myself.

  46. Dr. Sweety

    hi friends how r u all???
    @ saranya wher r u dear come back soon
    don’t mind my stupidities i am also ur fan ok
    please come back with your comedy pack
    yes you are the one and only comedy princess of this family
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  47. shanitics

    @Misha didi, I hope ur husband know abt ur second love? MISHAL…lol

    I think he will be jealous of Mishal nowadays….

    I think Mishal’s gf,if any,is tgr she will be jealous of you

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Shanatics! If the truth be told, Mishal would be my first love. ????

      Happy to love him from afar. Unless he’s into older women, I have no chance. Sigh… I have no chance anyway.

      If was 15 years younger and not attached, I would be on a plane to India and would camp out just for the chance of a glimpse in person. I sound totally weird but that would be enough for me. In my dreams we would be best of friends, but that’s about the only place that’s likely to happen.

      It’s funny as when I first saw Mishal on IKRS, my first exposure to him, I was intrigued not by how he looks but by his acting. It was only when I watched LTL that I was blown away by his talent. Based on that role, I think he should be the next James Bond, Honestly, if they ever selected an Indian man for that role he would be awesome in it. So I totally started to love him for his talent and then sort of started appreciating all his other attributes. His ability to act through expressions without saying a word is phenomenal. And he seems like a totally lovely person too and very down to earth too.

      I’ve always been a telly/film addict and I can honestly say that for me, he is the one actor who has that gift of making me believe and feel and totally lose myself in whatever story is being told. If that makes sense, sometimes when I’m watching stuff I can feel myself getting really into it, my pulse races or I get teary or I forget I’m watching something that isn’t real. There aren’t many actors that have that effect On me, but he certainly does,

      I could go on and on, as you know, but I’ll stop. ?

      How are you enjoying your summer break from school so far? Is it very hot over there. It’s nice and sunny here. Love this time of year. Lots of plants and trees starting to blossom and it’s actually quite beautiful seeing colours again. This winter has been very long so it’s great that Spring has sprung, xxx

      • Arshdeep

        I gurantee you can write a book on mishal with 100 pages..each page with 1000 letters 😀 😀
        The title for book “MiSHAL RAHEJA- My Love” 😀
        And he must read that.. Only then he could know how much you adore him!!

      • Arshdeep

        I wish i get admission in mumbai..
        Then you come to meet me.. And we will go to meet mishal then
        You be ready with the book and words to say to him !!

      • Nimisha ?

        I loved Mumbai when we visited. So it’s a date Arshdeep baby! It’s a date. ???

        My convo with Mishal :

        Him : hi
        Me : Errrr, vo, ummm, errr, and then I’d faint. But it’s okay as then Dr Arshdeep will be there to sprinkle water on me to bring me round… And if that doesn’t work Mishal would have to give me the kiss of life ????????. Lol!

      • Arshdeep

        Hahaha i will give in advance energy pills so u wont faint ??

        Or else u faint and i will get the credit for the book ??

  48. Sujie

    worried for saranya…she is nowhere to be seen from so many days….. fingers crossed….hope she is doing well

    • Dr. Sweety

      dear sujie i think she angry with me so that’s why she not commenting on these day’s here
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    • Fatarajo

      Sujie I saw saranya online two days ago but for a short while I think she is busy due to exams

  49. florentina moldovan

    hi, my dear family, i was little busy these days and i did not comment a lot but…..TOMORROW NIGHT I WILL SPEAK IN COMMENTS ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!
    I love you all, i am here with you, you are always in my soul!!!!!!!

  50. florentina moldovan

    i hope we will write 1000 comments!!!! our voice must be loud so anyone knows how crazy in love we are with our couple VIPLAV-DHANI!!!!! ikrs rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Arshdeep

    Hi nimmy di..
    I live in panipat haryana..quite close to delhi..
    So whenver you come to india .. I can come to meet you at delhi airport.. Come soon and we will meet soon 🙂

    ya i actually do only 4 things a day.. And comment here whenever i am tired of studying..

    Sorry but would never like to give topmost space to anyone .. 😛
    Will try hard to maintain the position and get the award too !! 😀

    And for the exam being tough ..i feel its more difficult to crack bcoz of growing competition.
    Trying my best.. Lets see what god has decided for my future..
    And i seem to be cheerful here but i cry badly when i get less marks even after working so hard 🙁 🙁
    My mom is quite worried for my exams.. She keeps on saying to me not to worry if its not cleared.. There r many other lines to go for 😛 but me like no i only want mbbs 😀

    • Nimisha ?

      Arshdeep, us mums, we worry. It’s our job so you don’t have to.

      When you’re in thick of it, exams or studying or the latest craze, things can get very stressful, like a pressure cooker. All you can do is try your very best and as an older person I can say, had on heart, things ALWAYS work out for the best.

      Try not o be too hard on yourself. It’s great to have aspirations and by aiming so high, it shows you have conviction and courage, so just go for it and I’m sure whatever you end up doing, you’ll fly and be super at it.

      I also think crying is good, so when you feel the need let it out. It’s very therapeutic.

      Your mum sounds lovely by the way so you concentrate on studying and eating and sleeping and staying cheerful and let her do the worrying.

      I’m going to google your location now. We also visited Delhi, but the central parts were like. Massive building site when we were there as they were putting in the metro. Not such a good memory but loved it as a base for the golden triangle, ranthambore and we also went from there to shimla.

      If I ever get back to India, I will defo look you up. You are a friend for life I feel. ???

      • Arshdeep

        Thank you soo so so much.. ur comments keep boosting me up to study hard..

        The problem with me is actually lack of confidence.. the exam actually checks ur 2 years of hardwork within 3 hours.. the very idea makes me go crazy.. much often i lose my courage in exam hall and even do questions wrong from the topics which r on my tips only bcoz of no confidence in myself..

        Much worried that what will be my state on the exam day..!! ??
        Yours and all others best wishes give me relaxation.. will wait for all of ur best wishes for my 1st may exam.. thnks in advance..!!

      • Arshdeep

        And as for delhi… it has improved a lot…metro work is almost over.. only the last part towards our side is left…i think they gonna extend it soon upto far off places..
        otherwise well built flyovers…metro stations cover the city now !!
        But the traffic is as usual.. once u r in the city and that too at peak hours.. means your half time is already gone in that…
        If ever you want to see delhi…sight seeing must travel by metro..thats the best option..
        Dont know if u went there or not but akshardham temple is actually a wonderful place to visit and that too at evening..!!

      • Arshdeep

        I am living here from 11 years .. very close to delhi.. still had not seen delhi fully..
        Would love to see it along with you ?

  52. shanitics

    Misha didi yup njoying the super duper summer vacation… Its very hot here too Kerala is burning it seems but I have to say one thing tat it is very low hot here comparing to other south Indian states such as Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh…

    Talking to siblings,fighting with siblings and making a bucket full of stupid and wonderful memories of summer vacation and child hood memories….
    Child hood memories without fighting with siblings is like birds without having wings….

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey there

      How many siblings do you have ? Are you the oldest?

      I remember fighting with my sisters too but I am the oldest so got into trouble with my parents the most. We get in really well now though and I think the fighting is a part of that. Think of it as bonding.

      Glad to her your enjoying your vacation. Kerala must get quite steamy with all the waterways but glad to hear it’s not too bad. Such a stunning place to live.

      Is your school nearby or do you have to travel? I’m totally fascinated by how people live and what they do day to day. I think some people might call me nosey but I’m genuinely curious.


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    • Arshdeep

      Wow cutie i will be so happy to meet you ??
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    Hi everyone I couldn’t comment these days as I was busy but the next 3-4 days I m free 🙂 and happy New year to all 🙂

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    Louella a request to you.. please dont get angry on me.. i know you have said it a lot many times..
    Still 2 things want to confirm.. 1st is that what all we have to do tomorrow.. means we can change our logos..jumble our names..our own names or some other like we had put on 200th celebration??
    2nd question are we going to start it in morning on 14th april episode or evening on 15th april episode itself??

  60. Yetty

    Oh dear ! @ Nimisha, age is nothing but a number they say.
    We’ve seen Mishal taking care of the ashram babes, so no doubt he’s man enough.
    I will put in a good word for you, even if it’s for dinner lo!?
    To everyone writing exams soon, I wish you all the best and retentive memory to attain greatness.
    Oops ! My break is over see you guys later. One love

    • Nimisha ?

      Yetty, I think you just became my best friend. ???

      The thought of a dinner date with Mishal. ( swoon, wobble, faint… Thud) I’d end up dribbling or slurping my soup course I,m sure. He,d be thinking I’m eating with a properly old person. Lol!!!

  61. shanitics

    Misha didi,I am the youngest in my house… I am from a joint family ? soo I have 3 siblings…2 elder sis and one elder bro…. Most of my real fight credits goes to my bro..most of the fight is for TV ? especially during IKRS airing..?
    My school is situated 3-4 km away from my home…
    misha didi I am just happy to share my thoughts and views..

    I am fascinated by ur thoughts and views and vocabulary In English..
    Love u?

    • Nimisha ?

      You two are embarrassing me. ???

      You both are amazing at English. Love that you have the confidence to use it even though it isn’t your first language. I hope I can improve my Hindi in Hms. Then I can do Hindi walla with you all.

      Shwetha, your very lucky to have bros and sisters. I,m one of three girls, and always always always wanted an older brother. The youngest ones are always the naughtiest henna..? ? And the cutest too. My youngest sis is 10’years younger than me and was also the cutest.


  62. shanitics

    Misha didi whn u go to have date with Mishal u call me too so tat when u faint I can pick u up…? and with tat I can too meet him…. And I will ask him to make my misha didi his heroine for the next project he is looking for.. Wat u say… Hows tat idea???

    And when u faint down I will ask Mishal to wake u up.. Then u guyss go on talking and before you start to talk I will take some selfies and u go on talking.. Hope mishal have some connection with my dream bro Shahid Kapoor… So tat I can talk to my reason of my life…. My dream bro SHAHID KAPOOR

    • Nimisha ?

      My darling girl, if you could arrange that, that would be like OMG!!!

      I sound like a teenager don’t I??. I’m young at heart.

      But if I faint and if you have to ask Mishal to wake me up, just pop a mint into my mouth.. You know… Just in case ???????. And if he also ate the garlicky subji during our date, then make sure he has one too. ?????

  63. shanitics

    Yup me too Arshdeep…. Just like how we read a book to increase our English vocabulary we read misha didi’s comments

  64. shanitics

    Arshdeep ans to the 1st question just like we celebrated 200th epi using names of character same we have to day bt this time we have to put tat name as jumble words…
    Then we have to change our logos…too if you want u can give a clue to us in order to identify who u r.. The person who found the most persons will be winner of the day ?
    And the person who give most correct answer for jumbled words too will be the winner of the day ?

  65. shanitics

    Wat mishal and shahid Kapoor knws tat a gf and a sister is waiting respectively for them????

  66. Thejas

    Hi everyone, I’ve been looking forward to see Ishq Ka Rang Safed without fail daily and love reading all your views and comments. Each and everyone of you are Directors for this serial. Beautiful script and going even more interesting.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.