Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to Viplav and says I told you already that you are my everything. Whatever I own is yours. Kanak comes there. Dasharath tells I feel that you don’t respect me and lies to me. He asks why? Viplav apologizes to him. Dasharath says I am sad that you went to that Ashram even when I stopped. Viplav apologizes and falls on his feet. Dasharath asks him to promise that he will not go to the Ashram nor will go to that lane. Viplav is about to promise, just then Tania comes and says Dada ji, he is not listening to me. I told him to take me for Banaras tour, but he is busy in his work. She says Atithi Devo Bhavo.

Dasharath asks him to take Tania for site seeing and they will talk later. Raj tells Viplav that Pankaj told everything to Dasharath when

he gave Bholenath’s promise. Viplav says it is okay, he says Dada ji will not understand him. Tania comes and takes a selfie. Kanak comes to Dasharath and asks if she is looking beautiful. Dasharath says you are looking good. Kanak asks if you have thought about Tania. Dasharath thinks about Pankaj’s words. Kanak tells I don’t like her. Dasharath goes without talking to her. Tania comes to Viplav and says she needs to talk something important. She says I need to talk about Dhaani.

Dulaari asks Dhaani, did she talk to lawyer? Dhaani says new lawyer is asking 20000 Rs. Dulaari says from where we will get the money. Tania tells Viplav to think about all the widows and says they are disowned by their families. She asks him to take up the case again. She says you will earn self respect and respect in this case. She says we will get their blessings and will be a good start.

Dasharath comes to Tripurari and tells I don’t know why you lies to me so much. He says yesterday night Viplav was with Dhaani and you said he was not near the Ashram. Tripurari says Viplav baba was not near the Ashram and I kept eye on that door. Dasharath tells I would have kept a dog if I wanted to keep eye on Ashram. He says this is my mistake that I trust you. I did a mistake. He says you have no qualities of Durga in you. He says you are just my dirtyness. Dulaari asks Dhaani to talk to Viplav again about the case. Dhaani refuses and says he told already that he will not fight our case. Dulaari insists. Dhaani says he will not help us and makes us fool. Viplav comes and says I will fight your case. Dhaani is surprised. Tania smiles. Viplav says I will work hard for your Ashram. Dulaari asks you? Viplav says I told that I will not fight your case, but…..Now I have decided to fight your case. Raj Lakshmi asks again. Viplav says I have a condition, everyone should say that they have no objection with me. Dasharath says you are not a son of that mum and is dirt of my body. I hate you. Kanak hears him. Tripurari goes angrily. Dasharath calls him useless.

Dulaari tells that it all happened because of that file. Viplav says I know, and that file made me a big Rakshas. Tania tells them that Viplav didn’t have that file, and they will try to get the duplicate file. Dulaari thanks them. Viplav says they are waiting for Dhaani’s approval. Dhaani says if no one has objection then I also have no objection. Ashram is more important to me than my hatredness towards you. I don’t have any option and I say yes being helpless.

Durga scolds Tripurari and says I am his dirt. He says Dasharath will die and he will be responsible for his death. Durga says whatever we are today is because of him. Tripurari says he brought us with his money. Durga asks what you are going to do. Tripurari says I will not do anything to ruin your respect. He says Dasharath asks to accept me and you infront of society else I know how to snatch the rights.

Dulaari asks Viplav to sit. He asks about her relation with Dhaani. Dulaari says Dhaani is her daughter. Raj Lakshmi apologizes to him. Viplav says past is past and asks for water. Raj Lakshmi gives him water. Tania says we have taken tomorrow date for case. Dhaani says we don’t have papers. Viplav says they will get the duplicate papers. Dhaani says from where we will get it. Viplav says from halwai shop. Tania says we will take duplicate papers from respective depts. Dhaani says I understood. Viplav thanks her and says we have to leave now. We have to get the papers also. Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani to go with them. Viplav agrees to take them. Dulaari thanks him. He asks Dhaani to come fast.

Viplav gives chocolate to Dhaani. Dhaani gets happy and tells Dulaari used to give her chocolates. Viplav says atleast you have taken something from me and have not objected.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ViNi jst rockz……

  2. Sooo cute Precap…
    Looks like lost Moments are getting refresh to Dhanni..

  3. I think Dhanni and Her family was a respected family once.
    And Dhanni was quite restless and talktive girl.
    Her husband was a chain smoker and a also drinks a lot.
    That’s why he died after some days of their marriage.
    Now this makes Dhanni a Clam widow…

  4. Always cute … Villaav and dhaani .. Why update is late ???

  5. Viplaav*

  6. Dhani u r so cute

  7. Omg thank to Tania….she safe Viplav from promised to tat oldguy. Hope tat Viplav understand Dhaani bter soon….& Tania understd both n back to Dehli soon….ishq ishq.

  8. Yup Brity…..may b u r rite….& once after got to knew abt Dhaani past life then oni Viplav wil fallen to her deeply….i think……ishq ishq ♡♥;)

  9. I just want to know that how Viplav will fall for Dhaani

  10. awesome !!luking forward fo d new love story of VINI love you guys ur just supereb

  11. love u viplav… killing acting.. I lyk ur smile …. am waching only for u …. viplav…

  12. Wow wow wow!!!! Amazing serial… viplav love u love u love u….

  13. bth of them r lukng so cute 2gthr<3

  14. I think Dhani’s marriage was Baal Vivah… Nd she is virgin yet… Nd beutiful too so Viplav may attracted towards her…

  15. I love this show very much it’s my favourite serial ever.
    And Eisha n Mishal r looking awesome in this show.
    But my friend eisha is acting very good.I told friend b’coz she is my class so and pls tell her that she is my favourite ever.

  16. Yeh dhaani tho kuch jyada hi attitude dikharahi hai

  17. insaan se galthi ho jatha hai. Viplav ne galthi kiya aur maafi bi maan li.ab tho dhaani kyun viplav ko baar baar disappoint karthi rahthi hai

  18. I have a question from writer..this serial daily shows at 6:30 why we get their updates to late?

  19. Really Eisha is too too gud… This serial is more harmful than drugs… Strongly addictable…;( I have IAS exam in dec but cant resist from wtching this serial…

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