Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath telling Viplav that he is proud of him as he has done so much for the widows. Suwarna comes to Tripurari tells him that Dasharath brought alliance for Dhaani and not her. Tripurari says there might be some misunderstanding. Suwarna asks him to talk to his mum. Dasharath tells Viplav that the widows are of no use, and convinces him to go abroad. Viplav says time has come for me to go Boston. Dasharath gets happy and says he will celebrate Diwali. Suwarna cries and tells Tripurari that she wants to marry him. Tripurari says everything will happen as you say and asks her to go. Viplav asks Tripurari about the woman as she has covered her face with shawl. Tripurari says she was a beggar. Suwarna hears and cries.

Dasharath tells that he can’t wait for

Viplav anymore and asks to start the puja. They do Lakshmi mata puja. Dhaani also does the aarti of goddess Lakshmi. Viplav along with kids burn crackers. Dhaani comes out of Ashram and asks him to go home and burst crackers. Viplav says this road is of govt and says he is having fun by bursting crackers here. Dhaani is irked.

Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav says you want to show favor on me by letting me stay here. He says I made you independent, fought your case, helped you in every way. He signs on the cheque and gives it to her for the favor which she did on him by feeding him food and for his stay. He says you came home for money. He asks Dhaani to reply. Dhaani asks him to stop and goes inside the Ashram. She brings cycle out of Ashram and throws it. She throws his stuff etc. Viplav asks have you gone mad? What is this? She pours kerosene oil on it and burns it. She says it is enough of your drama now. She tears the cheque and puts it in fire. She says my heart is feeling light now and I can celebrate Diwali now. Viplav says I don’t want to see selfish people to you. Dhaani asks him to go and calls Rakshas again. Viplav is hurt.

Dhaani closes the Ashram door. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..He sits down and looks at the burning photos, cycle and other things. Dasharath and his family celebrate Diwali and burn crackers. Viplav comes back to Ashram and is still hurt by Dhaani’s words. Dasharath asks him to come. Viplav puts hand on the cracker while all the family members ask him to move his hand. He sadly walks inside the house. Dasharath takes his name. Dhaani comes outside and thinks about Viplav’s words. She gets teary eyed.

Dulaari asks Ashram ladies to remove Viplav from their mind. She says she has accepted Dasharath’s proposal. She says Dhaani will marry Tripurari. Dhaani and Suwarna are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. aur kuch baki reh gaya kya ikrs walon…..acha hoga viplav ko boston bhej do, dhani aur tripurari ka shadi karwa do aur ikrs ko band karwa do.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. IKRS, plz bandh kaar do. Ghashi phithi kahani dekh ne ki koi soukh nehi hain mujhe.

  2. oh god.. I m losing interest on t show.. day by day the episode s depressed.. I feel like stop watching t show 🙁 🙁
    really felt sad for viplav 🙁

  3. I thought misunderstanding increased day by day. But i like this every misunderstamding then dhaani viplav gets more closer. And dhaani gets married viplav not someone.

  4. This dulari is a crazy women…how can she accept the proposal??? Rubbish

  5. I will stop watching this serial. Dhaani who the hell are u? insulting viplav everytime. I hate this dhaani. viplav let her go to hell.

  6. I hope script writter does not spoil the script. Viplav and dhaani together scence happen to merriage epi. Whatever i really like this.

  7. Sad episode but viplav shows his eyes love,hurt,pain.semma acting konnudan.feeling bad for viplavdhani.

  8. Rakshasnu dhani sollum podu viplav feels so hurt .I like scene problems must be unit vidhani.

  9. y r dey draggin this?? just hoping atleast by nxt week some changes will reflect…

  10. I read some spoiler dhani says sorry viplav but dhani knew the dt&ask viplav sorry someond tells that.

  11. This show also became crap like all the shows such a irritating dragging pls don’t drag such a nice concept

  12. Oh shitt……. Stupid dhaani again nd again hurtng viplav….. Plz be together soon…. Waitng for ishq ishq scenes♥♥♥…. Thanks for the quick update hasan ji..

  13. by Saturday’s episode Viplav should do something

  14. Yakk…. Isse Achcha to tulsi track tha….

  15. Wonderful epi.

  16. I like mishal acting everyepisode.Adi,Britty missed your comments

  17. woow.. Viplav nd dhaani seans ssuprb….
    Bt precap waz vry vry shock,.yaaar,..

  18. vaishnavi more

    omg very dangerous precap how can she accept that proposal pls viplav do something yaar

  19. i feel the pain with which viplav is now going through is much more hurting than dhani’s pain which she earlier faced…….anywys viplavs n dhani’s marriage track will take tym to come

    1. exactly viplav’s pain is unbearable.

  20. I hate dasharath , kanak, tirupurari and dulari …. And dhaani person should understand more abt him very fast jump in conclusion I think suwarna is pregnant tats y she keep on pushing tirupurari get married Dulari accepted tirupurari proposal stupid lady

  21. Don’t like dhani hurting viplav again & again. Dhulari can’t accept Tripathy for dhani.

  22. Nice episode

  23. Cassian Baliarsingh

    Yaar Dhaani is suposedly a widow.. hw can u ppl show a wid with some much of anger and outrage whereas she kept numb while kanak insulted her, u r unnecessarily using her to scold viplav.

  24. Cassian Baliarsingh

    Don’t ruin the show by again making it with two husbands and two wives bullshits etc like other daily soaps like swaragini and sasural simar and all colors serials

  25. worst episode by day evil is growing in this serial as like other serials.. i stopped watching d serial but now i decided to stop reading the updates.. not able to tolerate the story..

  26. I lik tdays epi. When Viplav xatch Dhaani’s hand-it’s anzng.
    Bt my xpctns was dffrnt abt tis srl. By watching promos I thght IKRS will show Viplav’s 1sid crzy luv 4 Dhaani who will unwre abt it & will bg wid her work(puja). Viplav will fit agnst old custms to get Dhaani. Bt it shows smtng dffrnt.
    I hop Dadi will do smtng 4 Viplav. At least she can talk wid Dhaani abt Viplav’s pain. Dhaani will trst Dadi.

    1. yes i too want dadi to do something…….and wat the hell this dadi is doin at home….cant she hear nything this DT n kanak r talking abt and their intentions…comon dadi do something

  27. vaishnavi more

    i think suwarna ko dhaani se baat krni chahiye abt trip becoz dhaani understand suwarnas emotion for trip n then dhaani kisi ko to batayegi na is ke bare main i hope suwarna thoda smartness dikhaye
    just waiting for ishq ishq scenes

  28. hi arshi I agree with u . dadi will inform to dhanni about vip lov condition . dadi and badiamma will do something /. narathar kalakam nanmaieil mudium. DT kalakamum . yanai than thalail manai vari potduntapalai. Viplov is very rich . he need not tolerate the insulted and hurt him self if he is in love . IN REAL THIS is NOT POSSIBLE. I think so .

  29. In the upcoming episode I think viplav with stop the marriage as he realizes that he loves dhaani.. And then thre be drama … Dhanni with be shocked to hear..

  30. I read spoiler dhani is kidnaped.bediamma ask dhani meet viplav .so dhani go for the way and kidnaped.I think must be tulsi or ?

  31. I really hate u dhaani.,

  32. If Dhani is stupid , then Dhulari is fool to accept maha Pandit ji’s proposal. She never cares for her daughter . She says onething does another thing. Fickle minded Dhulari. I hate her. Now I will stop seeing regressive serial.

  33. this episode so sad to see viplav side plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it clear theyrs misundustanding soon plz plz plz [ from sri lanka ]

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