Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming home and asking Kamini if Viplav came home. Kamini says I am calling him, but he is not answering my calls. Dhaani says I will try and calls him. Viplav picks the call and asks did you wake up. Dhaani says yes. Viplav says I will come home. Kamini gets irked as Viplav haven’t taken her calls and tells Dhaani. Dhaani says he must be busy with his friends. Dhaani looks at the paper in which she has written Viplav’s name and smiles. Viplav comes home and tells that his night was restless as he was searching something. Dhaani asks what you was searching. Viplav thinks I was searching you and thinks she shall tell. He says he is having headache. Dhaani says I will massage your head. Viplav says no and lies down on the bed. Dhani asks him to share what is bothering

him. Viplav sleeps.

Dasharath greets everyone and welcomes for the charity function which is kept for widow’s betterment, and says he has chosen Dhaani for this. Everyone smiles. Dasharath asks Dhaani to sit in the weighing balance. Dhaani sits in the weighing balance. Asthana says I will start first and asks his servants to give the stuff. Viplav stops Asthana and asks Dhaani to get up. He holds her hand and asks Dhaani to get up. He apologizes to everyone and says my wife is not suitable for this charity. He says I have married her as I loves her, and not to do something for her betterment. He asks Dasharath to choose someone else. Dasharath says okay, and asks Raj Lakshmi to come. Raj Lakshmi sits on the weighing balance. Asthana keeps money and gold on the other side of weighing scale.

Dulaari asks Dhaani if everything is alright, and tells that Viplav came to Ashram. Dhaani is surprised and says Viplav didn’t tell me that he went to Ashram. Dulaari asks if everything is alright. Dhaani says yes. Dulaari says Viplav loves you a lot, don’t get angry on him. Dulaari asks her about Kamini. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Kamini is her good friend and takes care of her well, and even supported her when she had a fight with him. Dulaari scolds Dhaani for fighting with him. Charity function begins. Everyone keeps charity money and gold stuff in the balance. Dasharath says it is over. Asthana calls everyone for party, and says everyone is invited. He asks Viplav and Dhaani to come as well, and says he wants to honor Dasharath. Dasharath smiles. Dadi Bua says you are saying as if he has done a great thing and asks him to do puja of God. Asthana says he is honoring him because of his good thinking. He asks Dadi Bua to come. Dasharath says he has to do puja in the evening and can’t come.

Asthana says he kept party to honor Viplav’s wife. Viplav says Dhaani can take her own decisions, as I haven’t stopped her from going anywhere. Dhaani thanks him for helping Dasharath. She says people talk about betterment, and says widows should be given education and then only they can stand on their own feet. Asthana says Dhaani have a good thinking and says he is impressed with her. Dasharath tells Asthana that he will come with his family. Asthana says they will name temple on Dhaani’s name. Dhaani says no, and says temple should be named for widows. Dasharath says okay. Asthana says your bahu has good thinking. Viplav comes in his car. Raj says I have enquired everything. He sits in car and goes with him.

Dasharath sings the song. Pandit ji says you got the charity more than you thought. Dasharath is happy and asks if he calculated. He says yes. Dasharath asks Ram deen to lock the stuff in the box and give keys to him. He is happy. Dhaani looks for Viplav and thinks he was angry. Kamini comes and asks what happened? Dhaani says I have done a mistake by hiding truth from him. Kamini asks what happened and asks her to come inside. Dhaani says Viplav came to know about everything. She says he went to Ashram and knows everything now. She says I am doing this for his happiness, but he is unhappy. Kamini makes her drink water. Dasharath sees Dadi Bua standing and says I feel like someone made me drink amrit today. Dadi Bua says that money is of people and asks him not to use it and play with devotees emotions. Dasharath promises that he will use the money for the people’e betterment and will not use it for personal expenses.

During the party, Asthana tells Viplav that his wife Dhaani is a pr*stitute and often spends night in bahar gali. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • sunaina

      Actually it was updated very late..
      Plzz mam
      We are waiting for a live update…
      We will be more happy if its a live update… ☺☺?

  1. Arshdeep

    Todays episode wasnt much special
    Viplav not talking to dhani..dont like it at all..??

    Was once scared why viplav stopped that tuladan but relieved after whatever he said..was so lovely..even in so angry mood he do everything for dhani’s respect.. ?

    Good to see raj back..☺
    Hope he has brought correct news to viplav.

    Same precap as i was quite sure.

    Hope kamini dont make dhani dress up like her..!!

    I wish viplav after knowing the truth about dhani night school tries to sum up everything… VK replying for dhani about her whereabouts.. VK studying from him at night..flirting with him… And comes to a conclusion about VK soon.

    • Arshu viplavs ecpression displayed real anger frustration n seemed to be on verge of explosion. It was indeed good to see raj but he was looking weak n disturbed as if he is suffering from some ailment. Probably raj has found the night school n master must have revealed the truth a wild guess !! Cant waiit to see dhani dressed up by VK.??

    • Nimisha

      Hello. I quite liked it because Viplav looked angry but restrained. He still supported Dhani and wouldn’t let her sit on the scales and he has a desire to get to the bottom of dhanis lie which is really good to see. For a vakil he,s not all that curious so it was good to see him actually trying to get to the bottom of the truth.

      He didn’t shout at Dhani at all.

      She now knows he knows, but yet again, her mum tries to warn her but she Inists that VK is really good. Her naivety is … I don’t even know the word for it.

      The Precap was the same as yesterday’s. And you’re right the clothes and everything were in AN.

      My theory is Dhani will go to the party, slap judge, Viplav will get there in time to save her, then the next day, so possibly Saturday for us, he will accuse Dhani.

      I hope Viplav and Raj get to find the truth out and that they have MasterJi on standby to help Dhani.

      I keep wanting someone to throw water over VK to see if she melts like the green witch in the wizard of oz.

  2. Arshdeep

    Hahahah i was very sure that precap wont be coming today
    So now the show is following tpk precap style for trp????

    Okay so i will tell tomorrow most probably kamini will make dhani ready for party and that dori wala spoiler will be there. Ohh dhani is wearing a sizzling black saree..!!??

    And asthana will try to molest dhani and viplav will reach in nick of time to save her.
    So viplav will be blaming asthana and asthana will blame dhani as characterless.

    So most probably by 15th may we will have this precap as an episode where dhani will say she was going for night school and viplav will support her?

    And yesss kamini will be annoyed.????

  3. Anne

    Thankyou Hasanji,
    I’ve been out most of the day and missed you all.?
    Arshdeep,thankyou for interpreting Dasharaths interview,so useful .I’ve read the update and it looks a bit sad? I’ll watch tonight but precap looks the worse ever! How could anyone accuse Dhaani.. she wouldn’t even endure a hand on her shoulder when she first met viplav. He knows that ,he knows HER , so I’m sure he won’t believe anything.. Any how,the judge knows all about Kamini so that should be interesting!!!. Cup of tea now????☕☕☕☕xxx

  4. Arshdeep

    Tjh precap is a bit wrong
    Judge is accusing dhani not during the party. But at AN as all are wearing normal clothes. Also the widows..ashram ladies were not invited to party.

    • Hi annie?☺basically the blouse or topper is tied from back by a string called dori which holds fabric from both sides.

    • Today for first time found ĐB saying correct that a pandit should stay away from materialistic things. ??Also she was right for tuladaan which initially used to be done by salt. By the way have never seen her wearing the Mahapandits shawl which DT USED TO we.

    • Nimisha

      Thanks for explaining and asking. OK I AM SOOOO DIM sometimes. ????. I thought the dori would be the one for her underskirt that she wears u der her sari, but bras VERY confused as to how VK would undo that. ?????. My mind was boggling all over the place trying to figure that out. ???

      • Saraswathi.j

        Dori is attached to the jacket or blowse because now a days girls and women have very low back neck jackets are wearing so to keep intact the two ends of the jacket dori is used it is just like a thread.

  5. Anne

    Does anyone else think we are getting late updates because they are trying to control comments? Too many for them perhaps,so the later the update….the less comments.Or just me being paranoid? Lol xxx?

    • Arshdeep

      We are getting late update bcoz the show has low trp right now…not many viewers maybe

      Coz i saw another day hasan mam saying she will update some other show instead of vishkanya bcoz the other one was having more popularity..

      So hasan mam must be busy updating other show at 6.30

    • Nimisha

      The figures for the show in the uk are really low. But I do think this track up until two days ago would have put a lot of people off here. Hope they come back in their droves,

      Anne, also, I think Kasam which is doing well on TRPs is moving into the same time slot bit on rishtey. I watch and like that show too, but really don’t get the TRP’s as the story hasn’t moved in weeks. Nit much character development at all, so very perplexing,

      TRPs also dropped so hopefully the ph and channel will know the VK DB and now judge track has been a BIG FAIL!!!

  6. Anne

    OK talking to myself here, o are you Anne?, yes I am Anne,all in bed Anne? Yes Anne better be quiet then,Don’t want to wake them all up Anne ,Goodnight Anne.???xxx

    • Nimisha

      Hey Anne, that’s what I do.. You just do it more succinctly. Lol!

      Did you watch it? Let’s debate shall we ( in the voice of carline a hero doing that chat show with that woman) (Nimisha listens patiently to Anne) ?

      • Anne

        People are posting now,but my posts in a sad line awhile ago.Even posted 4 lines of dancing girls but went lol .Yes IKRS seems to be back on track.
        Mishal…what can I say..shades of Dutta my beloved Dutta Bhau.My heart used to start in overdrive about an hour before it started then I was transfixed.Watched repeats,the omnibus editions ,ha! Besotted Want a repeat .
        BTW Mahi is looking more than gorgeous in BV.?xxx

      • Anne

        The funny thing is,I was the only one I knew watching it,so thought he was mine, if you know what I mean ,when time went on and I found this site and connections to others .Then things got in perspective and I became interested inl other shows,but nothing compared to LTL .???xxx

      • Anne

        Or compare to Mishal ,nobody there , here , or anywhere has ever come close to him.He’s my baseline I compare others to,and they all lose.,xxx

      • Nimisha

        Agree with everything you say Anne.

        I have been ruined by Mishal/Dutta and now Viplav for ever. No Man will ever come close.

        I only discovered him in about September but OMGvtotally know what you mean about being besotted.

        LOVE him SOOOOO much! ???????????????

      • Anne

        Cos my version of doodling while waiting for some body else to turn up, moderators killed wait a mo.?????????????????????????xxx

      • Nimisha

        Aaaahhhh, yep I’m a doodler too.

        Except for me on here it just turns to typing even more words. I clearly have a lot to say. ??????

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I dnt like ? kamini..n no shame so call juge so openly displays his dirty linen??? I read sumwer it cum to end??????

  8. Amisha

    Today’s episode I only enjoyed seeing Kamini irk when Viplav was help Dhani getting up and when Viplav didn’t answer kamini’s call too.

    • Nimisha

      Ooh yes, loved that bit. Good on Viplav not taking her call and answering Dhani straight away!

    • Anne

      I love it when she has her nose put out of joint,I’ve noticed she’s stopped dropping on viplav,stopped molesting him ?

  9. Anne

    Obviously, Viplav has got Raj to do some detective work,so I think he knows a lot ,and is letting people run their evil course so they hang themselves in public so to speak.
    BTW didn’t Raj look rough?xxx

    • Nimisha

      Raj did look rough. They way they got him to turn around I was ooooh waiting and then he did and it was ?
      Love that Viplav called on Raj though. Xxx

  10. shanitics

    Whn u r happy u hear the music ? whn u r sad u’ll understand it’s lyrics….
    Good morning ?
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  11. shanitics

    Guyss.. Most probably tomorrow Viplav is gng to support… Dhaani tat means tomorrow our target ? 950+…
    Have got a game ? will share with you later.. Nw I have to leave for tea…

  12. shanitics

    Yesterday epi was a bit boring.. Bt Vip was looking awessomme on angry boy avatar…. Damn vk is gng to make up Dhaani… Omg

    • Nimisha

      Hey Swetha… It’s building up. Can’t wait to see Viplav low his top like a massive volcano that wipes out VK and judge.

  13. Zee

    Good morning friends!
    I didnt watch the ep. Doesnt seem very exciting.
    Anne, Arshi is right, the updates are slow bec of low TRPs and maybe H.Hasan has to update other more popular shows. But it was so much fun when she used to do those live updates.
    Nimisha, I think IKRS strategy for villains is more like The Matrix. Neo wd kill one Agent Smith and many more wd emerge. They removed Trips and 5 more popped up!!
    Have a nice day!!

    • Nimisha

      Love that ZEE. I’m sat here ????
      Very true!
      Btw Keanu reeves as neo was phwoar! Not at Mishal level of phwoar but all the same Phwoar.

      • Anne

        Keanu is v handsome but acting skills has he not ! !.Mishal can act him off the screen .xxx

      • Nimisha

        Gosh, no he can’t act at all, but looks nice doing it. And yes Mishal could act the socks off most of them, Bollywood or Hollywood!


  14. florentina moldovan

    i liked epi, at least thriller epi, if not romance epi!
    I can t wait this track ends, i can t bear anymore of Kamini….

  15. shanitics

    DB said right abt maha pandit… Raj is looking like sala kadoos…. Give him some leads..? He will look at least like an educated guy…. Now he is totally like alcoholic guy?

  16. prachi

    Gudmrng family.I saw d trishakti promo
    Thank God ikrs Is nt der.wat happened to colours every week der is a trishakti. Mahasangram etc etc.coming to d episode our king of expression mishal is excellent can know from his eyes wat he is thinking at d point of d tym..n whn he said “I marry to dhani coz I luv her nt to oblige a widow” its a master stroke of DAT scene.

  17. Anne

    Do you think viplav has set a trap for kamini and the judge?
    Raj has told him something important so hope .?xxx

  18. varsha(philo)

    hey guys wat happened to IKRS family just 56 comments where r u nimisha,arshdeep,renu,shanitics,saranya di and others come on guys
    where r u my little princess louella

  19. Nimisha

    Btw, you know I said I was dim, well…. I spent a while going through the thread from yesterday, read everything feeling a by deja vu like and was wondering why so quite.. No one has posted… What’s going on… Thane realised, (Palm face emoticon)

      • Nimisha

        I realised I was reading the thread from 2 days ago and not this one. ?

        I think it’s been quite today because posts are taking ages to get posted.

      • Zee

        You consider yourself dim, sometimes I think I can redefine the limits of dimness. I shd have understood wt you said it was written in your post 🙁 Sorry.
        Neo is indeed phwoar and his chemistry with Trinity was so strong and understated. a bit like Viplav yday.
        The slip of paper and the lipstick mark, yes I noticed. Also why was she writing on a slip of paper and not in her notebook. the paper flying out was also a bit unbelievable bec Banaras is not a windy city like Chicago. And falling right on top of Viplav’s head – I had given up by then.

  20. Nimisha

    Just noticed another oddity. In the previous episode Dhani kisses the paper with Viplav written on it. In yesterday’s she looks at the same note, but no kiss mark on it which was defo there before.

    It’s a bit like the handprint that Viplav left in the ashram that changed shape and moved all the time.

    Drives me a bit potty!

    • Anne

      I thought she lost the first one…viplav screwed it up and threw it away. Did she do another one….missed something derrrrr. Xx

      • Nimisha

        No she found it after he walked away, dusted it off and kissed his name leaving a ? mark,

  21. Nimisha

    My posts are very stuck today, lots waiting moderation. Usually as soon I I type that they get posted, so am typing this to test if that theory is true… ???

  22. Anne

    Been up since 6 so thought to take advantage n post .No point! Posts 3.5 hrs between not gone ..?

  23. Nimisha

    Anne, just watching that dance show on colours and Sanaya irani is on it. She seems so lovely! I am defo watching rangarasia soon!


  24. Anne

    The hero in Rangrasia was Ashish Sharma who played Rudra ,a major in Border Force Army ,Paro calls him Majorsaahib all the time like Naku did Dutta .It ran in 2014 at the same time as Indian Dancing with the stars.. Ashish was in that also and WON ,filming both at the same time.God knows how,but he really hurt his neck and wore a large black plaster back of his neck for weeks. He gets drunk and marries paro like Dutta did naku dragging her want repeat now!,?xxx

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