Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Viplav that she prays for him always. Viplav says he will go, but forgot one day and kisses on her forehead. Dhaani too kisses him on his forehead. Ishq Ka Rang plays……………Shalu stands outside Raja’s room and stares him. Kanak comes and scolds Shalu for seeing the groom before marriage. Raja’s mum comes and tells Shalu that Raja brought saree for Shalu and asks her to thank Raja personally. She says she is very open minded woman and world have changed. Dulaari asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani refuses to go to Mathura. Dulaari asks have you gone mad and says don’t you know about Raja’s evilness. Dhaani says we will not run away from here and will face that Raja as I haven’t done anything wrong. She says she is sure that Viplav will support her.

Dulaari asks her to promise and asks her not to step out of Ashram. Dhaani promise her. Dulaari hugs her.

Raja is still holding the rope and sitting on chair. His mum comes with Shalu. Raja hides the rope. His mum asks him to look at Shalu as she is wearing saree brought by him. Raja doesn’t look at her, but says she is looking like an angel landed on earth. Shalu gets shy and runs to her room. Raja’s mum tells Raja that once he married Shalu, then he will get Dasharath’s all well. She asks him to praise Shalu to strengthen his relation with her.

Dasharath comes to Viplav and tells that Shalu is getting married in 2 days, and asks him to select a girl for himself. Viplav agrees with him. Dasharath says he will match the kundlis and yog and want to see him married fast. Viplav gets happy and says girl will not change now. Raja’s mum brings mehendi and gives to Kanak saying it is for Shalu. Kanak takes it and goes. Mami praises Raja’s mum for doing magic on the family and taking them all on her side.

Viplav compliments Raja and says he is looking good. Raja’s mum says mehendi should be applied on bride’s hand. Viplav says he will write Raja’s name on Shalu’s hand. Dhaani writes Viplav’s initial on her hand, while Viplav writes Dhaani’s intital on his hand ( in hindi alphabet), Mere Ishq Ka Rang safed plays. Dhaani calls Viplav through video call. Viplav smiles and says he was missing her, and was about to call her. Dhaani says I want to show you something. Viplav says the same. They argue about showing the thing. Viplav says we will show at the same time. They show their names initial written with mehendi on hands. They get happy. Dhaani feels shy. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………..Viplav says even our thinking is same, it is like two bodies and one soul. Dhaani asks about the mehendi function. Viplav says everything is fine, and misses her. He says we will be together soon. Dhaani asks her to show Shalu’s mehendi ritual. Viplav says not now, will show you later when the song and dance programme start.

Raja thinks about Dhaani’s words that she would have slapped him before. He unknowingly writes SUM with mehendi on his hand. His mum asks if you have gone mad? Kanak comes and says she wants to see Raja’s mehendi. Raja’s mum wipes SUM from his hand and writes Shalini. Kanak sees it and congrats them. Badi Amma tells sita Maayi that Dhaani told her that one gets relieved from headache if mehendi is applied on hairs, and that’s why she has applied. Sita Maayi says I am also having headache and applies on her head. Kanak asks Viplav if he has written something on his hand. Viplav says no. Raj Lakshmi tells Badi Amma that Dhaani have written Viplav’s name on her hand and just make an excuse to them. Badi Amma tells Dulaari that Dhaani joked with them. Viplav calls Dhaani and says you wanted to see Mehendi ceremony and is about to show the function. Dhaani eagerly waits for see the groom, but just then Viplav receives a call and tells Dhaani that he will call her later. Dhaani says okay. Viplav tells Raja that sketch artiste is ready with the sketch and tells about the case. Raja thinks Viplav will get against his own lover and smirks.

While everyone is dancing, sketch artiste comes holding the sketch of Suman. He comes near Viplav. Viplav dances, but doesn’t see the sketch. Suddenly the sketch falls down shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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