Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani sitting beside Viplav, just before Tania could sit. Tania tells Viplav’s favorite is Noodles. Dhaani says Viplav’s favorite is Zeera Aloo. Viplav says yes. Rachna and Ria tell Dhaani that Viplav was a charmer in the college, and every girl used to follow him.
Viplav says it was his talent. Dhaani gets irked. She refuses to eat the food and says she will eat the food which he likes. Viplav says okay. Tania gives her noodles. Dhaani tries eating noodles with the fork, but couldn’t get it how to eat. Viplav makes her eat using fork. Dhaani smiles. Raj tells Tania that Viplav has gone mad in Dhaani’s love. Ria asks Rachna to come and they go to get drinks. Ria says we shall get Dhaani drink wine unknowingly. Rachna refuses. Ria says

it would be fun and Dhaani should be habituated to drink it. Dhaani tells Tania that she felt bad when her engagement with Viplav broken. Tania says Viplav never loved me and asks her not to think this. Rachna and Ria give drinks to Dhaani, saying it is Nimbo Pani. Dhaani says it tastes different. Tania understands that it is drink.

Ria and Rachna make Dhaani have more glasses and smile. Kanak is very much angry and tells everyone that Dhaani went to meet Viplav late in night. Dulaari says I will call Dhaani. Kanak says Dhaani’s phone is inside the room, and says she didn’t take the phone also. Viplav asks bartender where is everyone. He says she must be here. Dhaani says Vakil Babu and says she is here. Viplav is shocked seeing her drunk and scolds Rachna, Ria and Tania. Dhaani tells him that she wants to dance. Viplav says you will fall down, and says no. Dhaani dances with him forcibly. She asks if he will leave her. Viplav says never. Dhaani asks Raj to dance with her. Viplav says I will dance with you. Kanak says it will be our insult, as our to be bahu left without informing anyone. She says if Dasharath comes to know about this, then what he will do. Dulaari and everyone are shocked.

Dhaani sits on Viplav’s car and makes faces. Viplav asks what you are doing Shikayathi Pudiya…..Dhaani says I won’t talk to you. Viplav asks what I shall call you. Dhaani says Rani. She says her dad used to call her rani. She says her dad have become stars and stays beside Shambu’s star. Kanak says what will happen? Chaya Kaki says it is very bad. Badi Amma asks her to keep quiet. Dulaari asks how can Dhaani go late in night. She beats up Raj Lakshmi for not informing her. Sita Maayi asks her not to worry. Dhaani tells Viplav that she wants broken star. Viplav says I will bring for you, but lets go home first. Dhaani says I want to ask something and says she misses her dad. she asks if you will bring my dad. Viplav promises her. He helps her sit in the car. Dhaani sleeps. Viplav looks at her. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays…………………….

He thinks he can’t take her to Ashram else he will get scolded. He takes her to his house and makes her sleep. Dhaani asks him to come closer and says she has enjoyed there. In the morning, Dhaani wakes up and asks Viplav where are we? She says we were in the Club. Viplav asks her to forget about yesterday and says I will leave you in the Ashram. Dhaani insists to know. Viplav says you drank wine yesterday, and was not in the condition to go to Ashram. Dhaani asks what happened here? Viplav says don’t you know what happened? Dhaani sits down shockingly and cries. Vilav says he was joking and apologizes. Dhaani beats and hugs him. Viplav says sorry and says he will not joke again. He says Tania and Rachna made you drink, and I haven’t taken you to Ashram in that condition. Dhaani says I have full faith on you. Viplav says I did a mistake by leaving you alone for sometime. Dhaani says how can I drink wine? Viplav says you had drank it mistakenly, and says you are pure and sacred as before. She asks him to go to his house, and says she will go to temple first. Viplav says okay, and says lets get out from here first. She comes to the temple and thinks about yesterday’s incident.

Just then she falls down on the stairs, as the crowd walk past her. Bihaan comes and saves her. Dhaani thanks him. Bihaan says he is Bihaan. Dhaani tells that she can’t let Mata’s chunari fall. Bihaan says you are good bhakt. Thapki comes to the temple and thinks if Bihaan sees her there then it will be problematic. Dhaani sees Thapki hiding and understands. She calls Bihaan and says I want to thank you again. Thapki thanks Dhaani for helping her. Dhaani says I read your eyes and it was clear that you was hiding from him, and asks why you was hiding. She asks her relation with Bihaan. Thapki says he is my husband and I don’t want him to see me in this dress. Dhaani asks why she is wearing servants clothes. Thapki says she is doing all this to unite her family. Dhaani tells her that she did a mistake yesterday night and came to temple to apologize to God. Thapki says God has given you answer and asks her to tell the truth to family without any fear. He says family member will forgive her.

Dhaani asks what I will tell them? Thapki asks her to tell them with love’s pat. Dhaani praises Thapki’s values and says you got a good family. Thapki says I have a good family, husband etc, but every relation is slipping from my hand. Dhaani says sometimes things are not same as they appear, but I am sure Mata Rani have thought something good for you. She asks her not to worry, and says your family will not break. They hold the lamp together. Dhaani makes Thapki wear Mata Ki Chunari, and says Bihaan will not see your servant’s dress. Thapki thanks her and says I am happy that I got a good friend in this temple. Dhaani hugs her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    What is the precap?? I did not see today epi pls yaar tell me and hello everyone saranya,varsha,brity,Tamil,BR mam and IKRS family members

  2. Riya

    Trp of week 5

    Coming to shows, Naagin rocks once again with 5.4 and 5.6 TRPs respectively. Kumkum Bhagya is placed at the second place with 4.1 TRPs and Saathiya with 3.7 TRPs.

    (Shows as per channel)
    Star Plus
    Saathiya 3.7 (3.4) [Sun 45 Min Ep 3.8]
    YHM 3.2 (3.1) [Sun 45 Min Ep 2.7]
    Diya Bati 2.8 (2.5)
    Siya Ke Ram 2.6 (2.7) [Sun 1 Hr Ep 2.2]
    Yeh Rishta 2.6 (2.4)
    Suhani 1.9 (2.1)
    Silsila 1.6 (1.5)
    Tamanna (New Launch)1.5: [1.8, 1.5, 1.6, 1.2, 1.2]
    Mere Angne 1.0 (1.1)
    Siya Ke Ram Rpt 0.8 (0.7)
    Mohi 0.3 (0.4)

    Naagin Sat 5.4 (5.6), Sun 5.6 (5.4)
    SSK 3.5 (3.4)
    Comedy Nights Live 3.2
    Thapki 2.7 (2.8) Sunday BB 2.2;
    KKK Launch (Sat) 2.1, Sun 2.8;
    Swaragini 2.5 (2.5)
    Udann 2.3 (2.3)
    Balika 2.2 (2.3)
    Ashoka 2.2 (2.3)
    Comedy Nights Bachao Sat 1.9
    MATH 1.6 (1.6)
    IKRS 1.3 (1.4)
    Krishdasi 1.0 (0.9)
    Chhoti Anandi 0.3 (0.3)
    Mission Sapney 11am 0.3 (0.5) & 6pm 0.5 (0.8)
    CCL 0.2 (0.1)

    Zee TV
    Kumkum 4.1 (3.9)
    Rishton Ki Kasauti Kumkum (Fri 9:00) 3.7
    Jamai 2.7 (2.7) Mahasangam with Yeh Vada on Mon 2.9, Tue 2.8;
    India’s Best Dramebaaz: Sat 2.5 (2.4), Sun 2.2 (2.1)
    Ek Tha Raja 2.5 (2.0)
    Tashn 2.3 (2.1)
    Sarojini 0.9 (1.1)
    Satrangi 0.6 (0.7)
    Rishton Ki Kasauti Tashn (Fri 8:00) 1.9
    Yeh Vaada 1.9 (1.7)
    Mahasangam with Yeh Vada on Mon 1.9
    Kala Teeka 1.2 (1.2)
    Neeli Chatri 1.2 (1.0)
    Meri Saasu Maa 1.1 (1.4)
    Lajwanti 0.7 (0.7)
    Fear Files 0.6 (0.5)
    Sindbad 0.5 (0.6)
    More data to be updated…
    (As per data provided by BARC subscriber)

  3. mangai

    I wish this time sushma daadi saves dhaani from kanak s evil plan n give her tight slap which ll shock everyone. like last time when kanak tortures dhaani in the market durga maayi saved her

  4. Rajee

    Huh…I cud not watch the initial part due to power cut..waiting 4 it to b uploaded online.. Then only will b able to comment.. Btw I am relieved that I won’t have to tolerate kt’s loud drama as I can skip it online..

  5. prachi

    Today’s episode is full entertaining. The hotel scene reminded me ddlj of saharukh.really mishal is d saharukh of small screen…n today both were looking so cute n performed brilliantly. After a long tym I enjoyed der scene with no interference of kanak.the second thing I lyk most is entry of bihaan in such a stylish way.n thapki is as usual both cute n pretty

  6. Hritya

    haiiiiiiiii,how r u all???????????i am missing my family……….happy hug day to all… todays episode ,Bihan gave a stylish entry and rushed towards dhani and saves her.but i have a small doubt how bihan knows dhani is in danger?i loved todays episode especially vidhani scenes.waiting for more vidhani scene…………..

  7. Very confusing they have tried to mix 2 series without any connection as i thought that dhani would go to noida but here thapki n bihan r in banaras above all yesterday thapki was shown grinding wheΓ t at home all of a sudden she goes to banaras in sevant clothing n again in start of thΓ pki she is shown grinding at home theΓ± how come dhani episode come in between

  8. Hi my dear ikrs my god wat a luvly episode yaar, after a long time I really really enjoyed the show. Every vidhaani scenes r superb,awesome,amazing oh don’t know how to express my feelings towards ikrs.
    Dhaanis drunken scenes r mostly happening.
    And our cute viplav really how he was managed her ,my god simple n awesome.
    And after dhaani wakes up from sleep viplav makes her affraid of dhaani that they made a mistake in her drunken stage omg today it was amazing show.
    And guys did u observe when dhaani was in drunken stage she used to talk about her FB should be revealed soon.
    And may be there is link between her father and her past husband .
    Because when knk tries to give gift as goats head did u remember that episode, dhaani recalls her past (tum kuni ho).so there is long chain of FB .
    and waiting for tmrs episode.
    Show tho abhi katham huye lekin mera man tho ikrs ko dekne keliye kal thak inthajar karna padegi.

  9. Meghs

    Hi Br mam.. Varsha .. Joyee… Sonu.. Sri.. Swasthi… Saranya .. Saras.. Rajie… Suiji.. Swara.. Kavitha .. Raj .. Akshay.. Louella .. Narendran n all ikrs fans ….

    Today i enjoyed vidhani scene was really enjoyed.. Especially vip caring dhani….
    N kanak part was middle i feel sad…kanak always backbites dhani….

    Wt say guys about today best part n wrst part

  10. And hi rajee.ya I also saw that engagement episode of shalu in which Tania n viplav dances but in that also I don’t have satisfaction with viplav dance .it was also a simple dance.sorry to disappoint to u but this my opinion.
    And I saw one show of viplav in zee TV that time also his dance is not satisfied. Sorry yaar.I know when I say he is poor dancer u will get angry on me.but sorry this my opinion.

    • ArShi

      I agree wid u Kavitha. Both Mishal nd Eisha r poor dancer. In the ngmnt crmny whn Dhaani danced, it seems to me jst lik puppet show.

  11. Swara

    Now new mystery dhanni’s dad……
    Writers are making list of mysteries. ..but they are not solving it…
    Instead of that increasing the number of mysteries. ..

    • Louella

      Swara I agree with u. These bullukad and suspense writerji r adding more and more suspense day by day. Dhaani’s past, her father, her husband all these these things r still to be revealed. But I think they will reveal all this soon after vidhani’s marriage. Just wait and watch

  12. Louella

    Today’s episode was so good. I was so satisfied with today’s episode. Dhaani was looking so cute and childish. She looks like a small girl when she cries

  13. Omg wat is our ikrs trp is so least .
    Guys wat to do to make our ikrs in leading.
    Kya kya karey
    Kya kya karey
    That stupid shows pathali.balika,and all unbearable.really I can’t bear this shows.only my n our ikrs is best always.

  14. Sujie

    awwww…. loved ViDhaani scenes…hello everyone.
    …….how dhaani hugged viplav….. :waiting for online upload πŸ™‚

  15. Louella

    Hi my dear friends. Saranya, Saras mam, Meghs, Marees, Swara, Fatarajo, Varsha, BR mam, Shri, Anne, Florentina Moldovan, Renu, Rajee, Raj, Akshay, AM, Kavitha, Kaviya, Sujie, Vinny, Zea, Sonu, Anisha, Ranaji, Hritya, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Prachi, Mangai, Riya, Tamil, Preeti, Sofe, Jyoti, Aish, Arshi, Subashini, Divya, Gennipher, Dilu, Gudiya, Nils, Rosid, Radha, Anisha, Ahana, Mirsada and all my ikrs family friends. Plz share ur opinion about today’s episode

  16. Louella

    Saranya, BR mam, Sonu, Fatarajo, Saras mam where r u all? Why not commenting. Today’s episode was so cute and nice. Plz comment

  17. saranya

    sorry guys i can’t comment for two days as my phone is under repair.a small fault on memory card slot.i hope after reparing i will get my favourite logo.bye guys.

  18. Hey saranya where r u I was watching Malayalam movie of mohanlal in our siticable network.I remembered u when isaw that film.
    I don’t know movie name.but in that movie mohanlal was illiterate,heroine restricts him she need a guy of at least he should pass tenth class.(tenth pass cheydhurinkunnu enda nirbhandamundu).

  19. Rajee

    OK OK OK…kavitha, arshi…OK but I like Mishal’s moves.. Jo bhi bolo..& I am not at all angry 4 ur opinion..i actually don’t get angry on any of u..but yes Eisha’s dance makes me laugh…

  20. Rajee

    Guys! Eisha has posted one cute pic of her with mishal in her insta a/c. Eisha is looking very beautiful along with dashing mishal. How can they look so cute & adorable!!!???when they r together there is something magical..they drive me crazy…

    • YA rajee I also saw that not only in eishas page its also posted in die hard fans of mishal raheja and our mishal is in album with hemnamalni was going on I think that was also was very nice .I saved every picture of vidhaani.

  21. Oh dear wat saranya just for logo ur missing in our page its not good dear.and today’s episode was killing performance of vidhaani pls comment karo yaar aaj ki show ke bare mein.u can change logo soon.

  22. SARAS

    Day by b day I love viplav more n more. .
    today the way he handled her was so so cute.. . lovely awesome. .

    mahamaitri was av flop show except bihan’s entry

    • Y Sara’s wat happened to our team yesterday rajee now u .u both r disturbed with knk chudail so pls take rest.I think after a long time today was best evg of ikrs.y ur not satisfied with this.
      U know the person who lives thirsty in desert for long period without water and suddenly if he saw water with pond means how he will reacts like that I was feeling now.that our ikrs is going good ya enjoy it.and our viplav as usual he was in stunning performances .so need to worry Sab teek hojayega.

  23. Yes Louella I agree that viplav is poor in dance but he rocks in his expressions, acting,emotions,romance he had killing performance .so no disappointments of viplav.
    I think without viplav our ikrs is like
    a coffee without sugar.we can’t sip coffee when there is that only if viplavs not there means we can’t watch this ikrs at all.that took this knks performance is getting bored n irritating everyone.

    • Sabita because of dragging only.even though the story n concept of ikrs is good but the story was dragging with only knks sadism .in which vidhaani scenes r less.the writer should cover the story from all sides then our trp will be in leading position.
      In Telugu one dialogue is there
      NAVARASAALU KALISTHENE NATANA that a darama should have all varieties of navaras.

    • Jyoti

      Last 2 or 3 week se serial ko jyada drag kiya jarahahai. Let’s see coming episodes will increase the TRP rate but it is depend on our director.

  24. SARAS

    oh chotu assistant louella. . from yday I m writing comment for vu n they r not posting..This is the third comment dear. ..I m actually fed up. .

  25. SARAS

    Today I went to ba function. .
    there I saw a girl like bijlee.. I was c about to ask her bijlee then realised I m not in ikrs… uff totally I have gone mad…

  26. Br mam where r u comments pls.
    Neenga appappo minnal madri vareengey vodaney poyidrengle.anaalum ungalodoya comments enguluku velicham kodukum.pls comment pannugaleyn.

  27. florentina moldovan

    OMG, THEY were so beautiful today!!! Eisha acting was very good! AND she was very beautiful today, even dressed in white! This couple is so ….PERFECT! they looks so good together!

  28. Guys pls go to telly updates vote for colors’ intehaa pyar ki’ go n comment on this page.that means best jodi in three couples 1 vidhaani
    2 thahaan
    3 swasan
    I have done my comments. But guys if everyone of our page will give comments for best vidhaani jodi means definitely we will win.frnds pls go on .till tmr we have to finish n win it.pls every one of u give comments there.go on fast.

  29. Anne

    At least Tripurari and Dasharath are on holiday,but seriously why do the ashram ladies let Kanak get away with all the rubbish she spouts?? I thought Badi Amma may stand up to her but she doesn’t. Dulaari seems to believe anybody and anything, she seems to be afraid of something and everything. She seems afraid that a secret will be found out. I itch to slap Kanak ,the week in the ashram is taking too long……..

  30. SARAS

    @kavitha.. hold on. . I said mahamaitri ie. The overlap of tpk n ikrs.. There was nothing substantial in it..
    suddenly y el thahan come to bsbaras temple just to b save dhani n go back? ? I did not tell anything about the episode. .
    may u didn’t read I wrote episode was super duper..

  31. SARAS

    hey guys let’s send a Switzerland holiday tickets to kajal n send her on a lo ooooong vacation.. so while sge is not around lets get our vidhani married. . what say?

    Anyway or family is very big so I’d write contribute we can at lay send her for twelve year vacation haha hahaha.. -:))

  32. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    Hi all I m back with a bang. Yesterday’s episode was cool enjoyed the part when Dhaani got drunk and her gestures and antics πŸ˜› Vidhaani and thahaan rocked yesterday’s episode

  33. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    And I totally agree that Mishal and Eisha are very bad dancers πŸ˜› I remember once in the apsaras something competition my family was like how is this called dancing and when Dhaani was declared winner my uncle was like heh! Someone please kill me XD but I must say VIplav nailed that episode with his expressions thatday

  34. Thanks to Tanya’s friends ,dhaani was able to open up and have a dance with viplav as well as share his feelings about his dad with viplav.

    • SARAS

      no problem kavitha… it happens I too do such things. .

      so nice to see cuties perform. . I love watching them.. stone times I start getting too emotional when cutie cuties perfoem n its so embarrassing. . -:))

  35. Guys I said u I catch u later but I can’t express in my sons cultural function my god small cute babies(Montessori students) r performing very awesome.really very cute.
    They were performing by class wise from Montessori to 6th class.
    My son is in 2nd class waiting for his performance.

  36. Nils

    I love viplav.. the way he loves dhani and takes care of her.. love the story.. tears were falling.. today’s episode was sooo great.. love u both viplav and dhani’s acting.. IKRS is the best!

  37. Yesterday I was on a river cruise and there I met a little boy aged 7 he is so cute, I ask him what’s his name he says his name is Mishal ,Another Mishal πŸ˜› n he won the first prize in games and my cousin Tahiyat won the second prize in games

  38. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    I was watching IKRS and then I realized that when they zoomed dhaai n thapki praying together it seemed that they both r wearing the same clothes due to the white dupatta πŸ˜› and my aunt was like u watch this show? I was like yes. She say she used to watch but she didn’t watch it for many days and then she also watched with me. and my cousin also could watch it with me thanks to the combination as she is a big fan of TPK show

  39. Rajee

    At last I watched yesterday’s Vidhani scenes &…hayyeeee…. So cute!!!
    Dhani was looking very beautiful & the way she was calling her vakil babu again & again near to her was so cute!!!!
    She called Viplav as pyara sa rakshas!! day they gonna make me mad with their cuteness… Awesome twosome!!!

  40. Rajee

    I found Tanya as a good girl..then why all the spoilers r spoiling her image??? & the actress playing Tanya is a very good actress..

  41. Rajee

    When Dhani grabbed the seat near Viplav it was very amusing. This girl became crazy abt Viplav & that noodles feeding scene!!!
    It was so sweet of Viplav to feed dhani…
    Thanx Tanya & co. 4 making dhani jealous & help her to open up to show her love for her vakil babu!!! Vidhani!!!! Cutie pies!!!

  42. Rajee

    But I am so scared of today’s episode!!! I wish we cud have a mahamaitri episode with naagin …at least naagin cud help dhani & us in killing our noisy chugalkhor kanak tripathy…

  43. Rajee

    DDLJ reprise scene was also very good!!!
    Whether anyone of u watched the video of dhani(eisha)&thapki( jigyasa) interview? Eisha was seen complaining abt mishal. She told that mishal always troubles her.he makes her laugh in between the shots & steals her chocolates too..he also pinches her hands in between shots…lol..naughty Mishal!!! Poor eisha!!! Their off screen chemistry also very cute & entertaining!! Love u both a lot…all the very best to both mishal & eisha for their present & future!!
    All the best to the whole ikrs team!!! Ikrs long live! Long live! Long live!

    • prachi

      Yes I saw DAT video. Eisha was so busy in complaing against mishal DAT she did nt allow thapki to say something.hahaha

      • Rajee

        Yes prachi this is called as our Mishal’s hunar. Eisha cud not stop talking abt him…lol… Kyun Sahi bola na???

    • Sujie

      Yes Rajee…i have watched that video..they are indeed very cute… their onscreen and off screen bonding is so good… love MiEisha and love ViDhaani…… πŸ™‚

    • Fatarajo

      Lol poor Eisha gets bullied πŸ˜› even Jigyasa couldn’t speak anything due to Eisha complaining Bechari Jigyasa πŸ˜› my cousin ask me what is Dhaani’s real name I said Eisha Singh she say oh I see she is Thapki’s younger sister in real life I sadis no she say oh I thought she is Eisha Singh n jigyasa Singh are sisters and then I say how can they be sisters just because share the same surname she say yes πŸ˜›

  44. Louella

    Hi friends. What happened about our hms. Principal mam ne saare students ko leaving certificate de diya kya. Aur saare teachers bhi school chodke chale gaye. Arrey mein idhar barbaad ho gayi

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