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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a couple coming to Mahant Dasharath’s house with a problem. The man asks him to solve the dosh/problem. Dasharath asks him to give some money for charity and do puja. The man agrees and gives money. Dasharath asks him to drop the money in the box. The woman touches his feet. Dasharath touches her with a bad touch. His bahu understands and takes the couple with her. Dadi looks on sadly. Dhaani is coming to the Ashram. The people on the way taunt her badly. Dhaani cries. Her Dulaari looks at her shockingly while she weeps. Dulaari closes the door and slaps Dhaani hard. She drags her and pushes on the floor. She curses her and asks why she didn’t die in her womb. RajLakshmi and other girl tell that Dhaani didn’t do anything. Older lady stops Dulaari. Dhaani tells her

that she didn’t get the color on her clothes and is innocent. Dulaari pours a bucket of water on Dhaani to clean the color. Dhaani cries nonstop. Dulaari tells that she has been teaching since a year, about the widow’s life and tapasya.

Badi Amma tells that Dhaani said she didn’t do any mistake, then why you are cursing her. Dulaari asks her not to interfere between them and tells color is a sin for a widow woman in a shashtra. She asks Dhaani to change clothes. Once Dhaani goes inside, Dulaari cries. Badi Amma tells that a widow should not get angry as it is written in the Shashtras. Dulaari goes inside. Shambu tells that it will be fun to have food, as there are variety of dishes in the food. His wife stops him and says Viplav didn’t come till now. Viplav comes and refuses to have food. Dadi tells that she made moti chur laddo with love, and asks him to open mouth. Viplav shouts and says he needs to freshen up. Shambu is about to eat. His wife calls him shameless to eat food when his son is hungry. Shambu says he was just checking the taste.

Dhaani comes and tells that she tried hard, but the color is not going off from her saree. Badi Amma says it is a genuine color and will not go. Dulaari worries for the worst. Dhaani tells that she didn’t give the prasad to the guy, who was drunk, and later refused to take his Utara. She asks Badi Amma to understand. Badi Amma asks Dulaari to make food. Dulaari says she didn’t want to have it. Dhaani says she is also not hungry. Badi Amma declares that no one will eat food if Dulaari and Dhaani didn’t have food.

Viplav is angry thinking about Dhaani’s refusal to take utara. His friends come there and inform him that Deepu/Deepika Padukone came to Banaras. Viplav gets excited. His friend says that she is performing in the royal club. Viplav goes to get ready. Viplav’s mum gives money to his friends and asks them to take care of him.

Dhaani tells Dulaari not to be hungry and punish her instead. She asks Shakuntala Badi amma to eat too. She says everyone is hungry because of me. Dulaari pushes her and gets shocked seeing Dhaani hurt. Shakuntala Badi Amma asks them to feed each other.

Later RajLakshmi and the other girl tell that the guy was handsome. She asks did you feel good when he threw color on you. She says you might also like to have a person in your life who loves you. Dhaani says he was a devil and she would never fall for him even if she was not a widow.

Viplav and his friends hang out in the open and sit near the bonfire. Viplav says they will enjoy all night before going to America. Dhaani comes to the temple and prays near the Ganga river. Viplav admires her smilingly. Jeevan Ka Rang Hain Safed plays…………..He wakes up his friends and asks them to see the morning. He says he have to do last thing before going to America and smiles. His friends try to stop him while he goes. He secretly adds wine in Dhaani’s pot and hides. He thinks it will be fun now.

Dasharath blames Dhaani and yells at her. Viplav comes to Ashram and apologizes saying he was angry and did that. Dasharath asks where is Viplav. His sister tells that he went to apologize to the widow. Viplav comes to Dhaani and greets her with hi. Dhaani tries to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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