Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Kanak requesting Raja and his mum not to go from here. Dasharath also apologizes to Raja. Raja’s mum tells that they were insulted in the house and have bear enough because of Shalu. Kanak tells Dhaani that Damad is a avatar of God and you have insulted our God. She asks Dhaani to bend her head infront of Raja and apologizes with folded hands. Dhaani cries. Kanak says nobody will say anything now and asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani recalls Raja torturing her when she was married to his brother. She is about to fold her hands. Viplav stops Dhaani and says Kanak that dhaani will not apologize to anyone, as she has not done any mistake. Dhaani thinks she can’t let Shalu’s life to be ruined. She folds her hands and apologizes to them for her mistake and asks them not to leave

house. Raja says I will not accept the games which you are playing with me. He says I will not bear my mistakes again and says I hope you have understood what I want you to understand. Dasharath asks them to go to their rooms. Viplav is in is room and angry.

Dhaani comes to room and says Viplav. Viplav asks why did you bent down and apologize to Raja. Dhaani asks him to hear her once. Viplav says I didn’t like your behavior, and says I will kill him. He says Raja was acting to be innocent. Dhaani says he is very clever and is always a way ahead of them. Viplav worries that Raja and Shalu are in the room, and thinks if he does any thing wrong. Dhaani says I can’t let him to go as Shalu would have gone with him. Now we can keep eye on him. Raja hears them and thinks about Dhaani’s words. Dhaani tells Viplav that Shalu will not let Raja get closer because of the doubt. Raja gets thinking. Dhaani asks Viplav to come out and cheer up.

Raja and Shalu are sitting in the car already. Viplav and Dhaani sit in car. Shalu says our mood is also off, that’s why we thought to go out. Raja tells Dhaani that our relation is not going smooth since few days and asks her to start afresh. He calls her Suman….and says his bhai named her Suman with so much love. They come to the icecream shop. Raja orders icecreams. He brings vanilla icecream for Dhaani. Dhaani says I felt good seeing you taking care of Shalu. Viplav tells Dhaani if she would like to eat Pan. Dhaani says no. Raja asks why are you forcing her and says Suman Bhabhi/Dhaani don’t eat Pan. Viplav goes angrily. Dhaani follows him.

Dasharath tells Kanak that they will have food after kids come. Just then Viplav, Dhaani, Raja and Shalu come home. Viplav goes straight to his room. Dasharath asks Raja what happened? Raja tells he was trying to make relation with Viplav, but….

Dhaani comes to kitchen. Kanak asks why did you come to kitchen..and says I told you many times not to enter. Dhaani says when I made food for maha bhog, you didn’t have any objection. She says I have equal right as you have in this kitchen. Viplav hears her and takes her to hall. He asks her not to give reply to Kanak if she tells anything. He says when I am not happy, how can I keep you happy. Dhaani goes cryingly. Viplav follows her and locks the door. Kanak tries to hear them. Viplav wipes her tears and says our plan is working. They hug each other.

Dasharath asks Viplav why he did he shout on Dhaani? Viplav says he has realized his mistake and couldn’t bear his mum’s insult. He says he wants to take all responsibility on his shoulder. Dasharath announces that he will give his everything to Viplav. Raja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


      • Arshdeep

        Actually mom doesnt allow me to watch tv bcoz of studies so these updates r my last hopes to know whats going on in ikrs

      • Nimisha ?

        Oh Arshdeep. Not even half an hour??

        Hopefully you can catch up online after your exams. Mind you, H Hasan’s updates are brilliant and very detailed and accurate.

    • Arshdeep

      No di not for half an hour even.. sometimes i see tv only when i am taking lunch.. but that time no repeats of ikrs ?
      And for watching it online i better dont want to waste time so wu are left fr me.. but thats ok.. as u said they are brilliant with complete description.. ?

      Will watch it freely after my exams..?

    • Nimisha ?

      Yayyyy!!! Brilliant. So pleased it went well. Now for the nail biting wait, but hopefully you have some time to relax before that. Well done again! Xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      I know Renu. I know. Maybe I need to go there and show them how to close their bedroom door. Mind you Viplav did in the end. Phew!

  1. today i dont have anywords to say about the episode totally a flop dhaani u r an stupid today u really behaved selfishly u want to earn good name u dont even respect ur husband kya patni hai tum

    hi louella u forget me to add in u r student list i am ur old student na [;-(

  2. Raja babu u can try yr best to split vodhani but would never make it
    U think u would make viplav jealous by her past but all efforts would go in vain.

  3. ahana

    Hlo all ikrs family members luckily I became free before 15th………. so wat is the opinion of today’s epi….. Raja kab bajega tera baja…… plan by vidha……. hmmm seems interesting………

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Ahana.

      I asked yesterday but the posts were not getting posted so can I ask again, what does your name mean? I think it’s lovely! Xxx

  4. Louella

    I will not tell anything about today’s episode. I couldn’t see today’s episode and will not be able to see everyday. The reason is that my friends summer vacation have started and also mine so everyday we will play in the evening as well as morning. But never mind I will see ikrs episode at 3:30 am.

  5. Arshdeep

    Guys i hadnt watched todays episode
    Want to ask something.. as dhani said our plan is working.. did that plan consists only of that kanak scene or that raja scene as well..whether they were purposely speaking to make raja hear it???

  6. Ofcouse halwa would be made but occasion is not differences in vidhani but rajas stay in ayodhya niwas is reducing dsy by day. ?

  7. Louella

    Aish sorry I will not be able to come in fb as I don’t have an account and even I m just 12 years old. My mother is ready to give me fb account now only but I will open my fb account when ikrs show will come to an end. This is my decision. But if u want to teach hindi u can teach it in fb but I can’t teach it in fb. Sorry

    • Nimisha ?

      I also don’t have a Facebook account so can I still be a student on here with you Louella? Please?


  8. Louella

    Saras mam I didn’t understood what u told. Which scene we teachers have to comment on. I think u r talking about vidhaani scenes right?

    • SARAS

      not necessarily vidhani scene dear aby scene. . eg. today kt vs dhani in kitchen .. we have to explain word by word dialog. . n students will have to learn those words n usage n comment using some of those words…


    • Nimisha ?

      I think her tears were genuine. I imagine she feels the pain that Viplav is feeling. Also she had flashbacks of what creep no 1 did to her in her past.

      I can’t imagine Dhani faking her emotions. She’s not that devious.

  10. AM

    what an episode !!!! superb …viplav and Dhani tumlog to kamal ke nikle …Dhani to kamal ki acting karti hae ..wah re viplav wah ….

    louella and saras mam I will be a part time teacher of HMS .
    guys follow Eisha Singh’s official twitter account ..she opened it today …all accounts of her is fake …only this one is genuine …here is the link

  11. Sujie

    Hello everyone
    Thank you Hasan ji for super fast update….
    Don’t wanna talk about Raja……
    Happy seeing the last part…. happy happy….. ViDhaani made for each other…..
    After few days ViDhaani rock…evil idiots shocked….
    AND TODAY ALSO ViDhani rocked…
    Raja Awasthy bada aayo dhaani ki pasand napasand bataane wala…

  12. eshani

    Thank u for d super fast update….this raja was so irritating didn’t allow vidhani to enjoy ice cream also n thank God it was vidhani’s plan to fight….this KT n DT reaction was worth watching n wonderful all wealth to viplav

    • Hi pjain. Dont get disheartened as nimmy ssaid colors r promoting NARI SHAKTI It is due to this. Saw promo of TPK , ONLY thapki was shown, in SSK only simar shown, though I don’t see ssk, in UDAN ONLYCHAKOR SHOWN.

  13. Louella

    Swetha ur idea is good. But I have one more name. It’s JUMBLE COMMENTS DAY. Actually we will comment also and also with jumble names. So I have kept this name. If u all don’t like this idea plz ignore it.

  14. Sujie

    somewhat upset because of current montage of IKRS… why is Mishal not there….rangeela walon ko kya problem hai….till now all the montages had MiEisha aka ViDhaani together…but why not now??

    • Sujie

      hope they come with a new romantic montage soon having MiEisha aka ViDhaani in it???
      what say guys??

    • Nimisha ?

      I noticed ion TOK also that they just have Thapki. But on Kasam they have both male and female leads. No idea why, but there’s a lot of tweets about adding Viplav back in. I’m sure they will. Soon.

  15. Louella

    Kavitha ur point is correct but we have to give at least one clue after we change our logos. But the choice is ours whether we want to change our logos or not. If u don’t want to change ur logo, no problem. And thank u for liking my idea

    • ahana

      Let us change our logo and give clues then it will be fun dear……. then our comments will also increase na?……. wat say frnds

      • Louella

        Ahana my opinion is that who wants to change their logos they can change and who don’t want to change their logos they will not change, that’s it. We can’t force anyone to do the thing what we r doing. So choice is ours. But this should be a suspense whether we r changing our logos or not. Or everyone will come to know easily. This game should be little hard as we have to choose our winner also na

  16. shanitics

    Epi was a powerful and superb one..
    Alas shouting @ Dhaani was a plan…
    Dhaani’s acting was superb @last …
    Crying and transforming tat cry to smile was a nice one…
    I wanna say a bog thanks to camera man because he captured every moment perfectly…nice work …
    Y tat shalu ruined the upcoming ice cream romance… Y can’t she go with her hubby in his car….and Y can’t she take Raja and go somewhere with tat ice-cream…aahhh how didi thy finished ice-cream soo fast… If it would be me there @ Shalu’s space eating ice-cream I might have stated to eat the ice-cream.?
    I was thinking when vip bought 3 ice-cream tat Vidhaani will share and eat the ice cream….and I can c romance…then again shalu and Raja…

    When Raja told suman I remembered then virus suman do not knw why…?

    Vanilla ice cream ? yummy..? my fav

  17. Guys,

    Please comment when I saw the new promo of IKRS without VIPU. I think without VIPU the IKRS promo would not be completed.

    Guys as you know our IKRS is Vidhani and Vidhani is IKRS we cannot imagine without both of them at all.

    I saw other serials promo also that the both man and female lead are with in the promo. why not VIDHANI is with in the promo.

    But I think Colors & Mishal has not been matched with them. Request you to raise your voice to IKRS team for showing the promo with both VIDHNI.

    Guys please request you to raise your voice & comment for both VIDHANI promo

    • Sujie

      i also mentioned this in my comment pjain…don’t know why colors did this….. the montage would be incomplete without Mishal ……

    • Nimisha ?

      TPK is the same with just Thapki and Bihan, Manish Goplani, won the male version of the award that Eisha won so I suspect it’s just them pushing the female leads possibly due to the trishakti episodes where they’ve tried, nit very well, to empower the women characters.

      Who knows.

      Lots of tweets tho, asking for Viplav to be added back though,

      I think it’s sad to think that Colors has some issue with Mishal. From what I understand he was treated badly by them during the LTL days, but he is a phenomenal actor and they should be very grateful to have him on board. I remember in an interview that Mishal said he doesn’t hold grudges, so I really hope no one at Colors does either. Mishal doesn’t deserve that. Xxx

  18. Fatarajo

    I almost got a heart attack when I was reading the updates but I knew viplav will never do like this dhaani got a relieve after seeing the last past.
    Dr, sweety if I got heart attack I would have needed u 😛 happy birthday anyways

  19. Nimisha ?

    Good episode. Still don’t like Viplav shouting at Dhani like that. It obv hurt her as she had proper tears. Sooooo pleased that it’s another plan.

    Raja and Shalu… From now own Rallu, as Renu said, are a couple of idiots.

    KT is a hypocrite.
    DT is an evil snake.
    NIce to hear Dadi speak for what seems like the first time in ages.

    And yet again, Dhani didn’t close the door, so creep no. 1 heard them plotting again.

    But thank goodness Viplav did close the door for the last scene, which was lovely.

    Good precap. How can creep no.1 seriously be expecting DT hand over the family’s finances to him. I mean, he really is a stupid oik!


  20. Louella

    Sweety u r also welcome to our hms my sweet doctor sahiba. So u want to be a student, right?

  21. Louella


  22. Louella

    I wish that on comments day all the members of ikrs family will come including the old as well as the members. I hope even silent readers come and comment and make my day special.

  23. Nimisha ?

    Anne… Fill her maang ??????? LOL ???????????

    My carry on humour means I’ll be giggling at that for a very long time.

    Fill her maang. ???????? hilarious.

    I know exactly where you were going with that! ???????

      • Anne

        Because i misunderstood some hindi words and thought they meant something very rude in English. Lol
        I’m not explaining what…. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Phew… Glad you got it. I would never have been able to explain it otherwise! Thanks Anne! Xxxxx

        (Still giggling about it though ?)

    • Anne

      Glad you saw it Nimisha, i was really boggled as they say. Have to be careful in phraseology lol.
      Just watching lkrs epi. Like a smirkathon.
      God they picked the right actress, if ever a face needed a thump it’s. Rajas mum. Its also clear at last what Dasharath wants, hes not changed at all. AND wheres Rajlakshmi, shouldnt someome see if shes ok? ^_^ xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Anne, I love that ‘they picked the right actress, if ever a face needed a thump’ SO TRUE!!!

        By the way, not sure how to explain my silly carry on humour to Arshdeep. Can you donate honours please? ?

  24. Episode is going gud.vidhani s planing is succeeded gradually. From today’s episode one thing is CLR dat.anyone can make fool to DT n KT easily if dey act family is fool n mad except vidhani

  25. Hi my dear ikrs family a very gud evg frnds.
    Today’s episode is superb n especially vidhaanis drama were awesome.
    I don’t like raja irritating vidhaani I think he has gujli ka powder in his mouth that’s y he can’t keep quit .if I was there in viplavs place means I’ll give nice kick then I’ll face shalu to get from AN.wat u say guys.

  26. Dear Louella kutti no no I’ll change my logo my logo is very bright everyone can recognise easily. So I’ll change my logo n everything let’s see who will recognise .
    Ur idea might be fun but how can we know that new members baby if silent readers attend means .

  27. florentina moldovan

    guys, i saw the video from gpa on die hard….and i noticed that the actrice who plays Ragini had a very strange face when saw that Eisha won the award! please see it and tell me if i saw wrong…i am very disappointed on her!!!! i know that there is competition but i know that there is also fair-play!

    • Arshdeep

      I saw that too… maybe she felt bad bcoz lakshay did not win the award.. she was seems
      But dhani dance was hilarious..i could not stop laughing seeing it ?????

    • Nimisha ?

      I think it must have been genuine disappointment, they’re not as well practiced as at the moavie show awards or oscars.

      I think one of the cast and crew for another show, also forgot their poker faces when their show wasn’t announced as the winner. They all just dropped their shoulders and were very obviously disappointed, in a way quite nice to see a genuine reaction rather than the Botox faced ones at the oscars where everyone smiles and claps but are cursing under their breath, lol!

  28. aish

    @louella, I want to suggest that we use ikrs fb page or create a fb group, my reason is that it will be easy for me(us) as student to be able to go thru wat u have learnt so far and so for easy reference

  29. Hi sonu aka soumya iam fine I was in native for one month after later I’ll reach blr.may be after 15may .
    But I’ll attend our tu at least once.I can’t leave u also.

  30. Porkodi

    our viplav is acting with dhani. Relived so much.
    Irritating raja and his mom. precap sounds interesting.

    All r commenting day time for me that time is night…..not able to join a discussion.
    and I want to join as a student in Hms .So add me as a student Louella.

    Happy birthday sweety.

  31. Porkodi

    I want to join in Fb telly updates group. Prachi can u send me the link.

    For that all r using ur personal Fb or u guys created a new one. want to know.. .

  32. Nima

    @ louella, mujhe English se jyada Hindi aati hai sujie ki tarah bachpan se hindi channels, films n songs dekhkar sunkar badi huyi hu toh aap batao kis categories me rakhna pasand karengi ☺

  33. keerthi

    First Thanks for the super fast update…:-) 🙂 🙂 Todays episode was awesome… I felt equally bad for Dhani.. as viplav made her cry… And Viplav for his angry and his plan got flopped… And the Viplav’s such a kind of behaviour is not good as Dhani said 😛 😛

    And.. I wanna Join Hindi class.. teachers Help me out 🙂 :-)…

    Thank you guys… Good night

  34. aish

    @louella, aiit no problem, so how is the class going to be.
    As regards not opening fb account, I guess u don’t want us to see how beautiful, cute and s*xy u look

  35. Louella

    Good morning to all my friends.
    Be happy.
    Be different
    And most important thing
    Enjoy every moment of ur life.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  36. sh@/\/i+ics

    Have a good & healthy day ahead…
    Good morning ?
    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?
    Keep smiling ?

  37. shanitics

    Lols on comment day 1st we have to find out the correct word from the jumbled words and then who the person is,is it????

  38. aish

    Good morning br mam, florentina, meghs, saranya, rajee, louella, prachi, nimisha, yetty, nima, natty, Anne, kaviya, kavitha, shanatics, ranaji, fatarajo, sujie, Maria, sonu, renu, mirsada, AM, VARSHA, DR SWEETY, isha, Josh, arshdeep, keerthi,pjain, enemy(anjum), arshi, ahana, other friends and all silent reader. I LUV U all, STAY BLESSED AND STUPENDOUS DAY. ENJOY

    • Nimisha ?

      I’m very well thanks. Have a slight pesky cough but back to my normal self again. My days has just started really. Just dropped the kids off to school and had some breakfast and am working my way through a pile of washing. Fortunately the washing machine does the work which means I can be on here. ?

      How about you lovely? How’s your day so far? Xxx

    • Dr. Sweety

      yes dear itwas simply superb party i m fully enjoyed it
      always i dont like big celebrations

  39. Elle irrespective of others changing logovor not ú HAVE TO DEFINITELY CHANGE AS IT IS BRIGHTEST N CAN BE EASILY RECOGNIZED. ITS AN ORDER????

  40. Louella

    This is the names of the teachers and students in our hms.
    Saras mam

    BR mam
    If any names r left plz inform me and also who want to join hms. Don’t miss this chance.

    • Dr. Sweety

      hey laila varsha asked that she need student seat in our hms
      but you listed she as a teacher.i dont know tht im right or wrong but i think…so you need to ask once again from her

  41. Louella

    Guys I want to ask u all one question. The question is that now my and my friends summer vacation is started, so we play everyday in the evening. But we r bored playing the same games. So I wanted to know that in ur childhood what games u would play and how it was played. Plz tell at least one simple games as 2 children r small. And we r only 5 of them. Plz if u have any idea of some games plz tell me.

    • Nimisha ?

      When I was younger, many many many many moons ago, we used to play things like

      Hopscotch, all you need is chalk and a few stones,
      Rounders, maybe a but tricky with 5 but you could have it more like cricket and have 4 fielders and 1 batting
      Skipping, two turning a long rope and the other jumping in and out. We used to have silly songs.
      Skipping with two ropes going in opp directions.
      Jacks, small bouncy ball with some start shaped pieces but you could easily use small stones. You throw the ball up and catch it but you have to catch it But the ball can only bounce once and with each turn you also pick up a stone. So first throw the ball, and grab one jack/stone and catch the ball. Put that stone to the side. Next go bounce the ball and grab two stones and catch the ball. And so on so next Ho 3 jacks, then 4 and so on.
      It, where one person tries to catch the others. When the person who is IT touches another person you can either join forces or transfer the IT to that new person.
      KIngy, with a small tennis ball. A bit like IT where one person catches the others, but you this time you try and catch them by throwing the ball to hit them below the knee. If they get caught then you join forces where you can throw the ball between you to catch the others until you’ve caught everyone.

      Hope that helps. Can’t wait for our weather to get better here so I can play with my kids.

      • Anne

        I used to love jacks,they used to come in a whitish cotton drawstring bag,and the ball was v small with lots of bounce haha takes me back to pavement play ,All

    • AM

      I maximum time play cricket that time and in winter badminton is fav ..but cricket ka batt hi alag hae

    • Anne

      I used to like Statues, children would line up with about 1metre between. One child would stand about 4/5 metres away with back to line of children .
      The children would try to creep silently up to child with back to them.
      Who would turn round suddenly and randomly , the creeping kids then have to “Freeze” ,any movement or wobble means they take turns .to be the kid with back turned.??xxx

  42. shanitics

    Hey lols so on jumble comments day we have 2 announce 2 winners isn’t???
    One who found the most of the jumbled words and other who found the person…

    • Louella

      Swetha u r right. There will be 2 winners on comments day and this we will decide on the second day of comments day, okay? And remember that the first day will be called jumble comments day and the second day will be comments day

  43. Nimisha ?

    About comments day… Do we need to make sure this is okay with the moderators? I’m sure it will be but just wondering how it will work if comments don’t get through moderation quickly. Some days mine post in real time and on others it can take a good hour or two. Just an idea, but might be nice just to make sure they,re okay with the potential volume of posts. Xxx

  44. Hi gud mng nimmy . u have great writing skill. Childhood games well explaoned, even i used to play hide n seek, stapoo, poshampa, n tje one u explaoned jacksbut i dont think if children play all these as most of the time they r hooked to video games, PlayStation, facebook , n if thru play its just cricket

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Renu. I’m glad it made sense. I forgot hide and seek. Used to love that too.

      To younger kids, raheja ones we used to play must seem like very old fashioned games, but my kids like to play things like that. They are definitely of the gadget generation but fortunately will have a go at things. As a family we also love jigsaw puzzles, a great way to pass time on a rainy day, which we get a lot of here, or if it’s too hot outside, which isn’t often.

      I also like colouring in. I’m not at all artistic but find colouring very therapeutic, so sometimes we all sit and do that.

      I probably sound quite boring, but we honestly all love it.

      Hope you’re having a lovely day. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Not sure how raheja got in there…oops… My obsession with Mishal is taking over… Lol! ???
        I meant to younger kids, THE ones we used to play…

    • Louella

      Renu u r right. Today’s children r just busy in phones but I want to play with my friends in this summer vacation. But in our building most of them r boys and these boys r just disgusting. They give even bad words. So we stay away from them and I made an own group of ours. It’s fun to play in the evening with all friends. I m just waiting for evening when my friends will come to call me.

  45. Nimisha ?

    Arshdeep and Renu, Happy Baishakkhi to you too.

    Is this another of the Navratri festivals? Renu, I think you explained this a few threads back, so apologies for asking again, I couldn’t find the previous one. ?


  46. Louella

    Renu u r telling that children r always behind phones and all that accessories and this is true. My cousin brother is just in his phone and in play station. Before he was so naughty and childish but now he is so serious for small small things. He even has a fb account in just 12 years of age! I m really sad seeing all this.

  47. Louella

    Nimisha don’t worry about moderation. If comments r getting posted late, no problem, we have 2 days. The only thing we have to do is commenting. Just go on commenting and don’t think of moderation, okay?

  48. Louella

    Kavitha if silent readers r there they can’t play the game. At least they they can introduce themselves and comment. So no worries about silent readers

  49. Louella

    Saras mam r u ok? What happened to u? U mentioned in ur comment that u were crying. Plz tell us what happened.

  50. Louella

    Oh sorry Dr. Sweety I m very sorry. Varsha I m extremely sorry. U r in my student list, okay? And thank u my majnu ji.

  51. Nima

    ɦʟա ռɨʍɨsɦa, sօʀʀʏ ʄօʀ ʟatɛ ʀɛքʟʏ…. ɨ ʊsɛɖ tɦɨs ʄօռt ʄʀօʍ ikeyboard app….?

    • Nimisha ?

      No worries Nima. I was just being nosey. Thanks for the info. It’s very different to anything I’ve seen before.


    • Nimisha ?

      How lovely, a very important festival I bet. I hope it’s been a bumper year for crops for everyone.


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