Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11thSeptember 2016 Fan Fiction


Viplav(thinks smilingly)- If its your wish Dhaani then definitely I will fulfill your wish,(takes a deep breath)I will forgive maa and Dadaji.
He goes to his room where Dhaani is sitting. Viplav goes and sits besides her and keeps his hand on hers.
Viplav(smiles)- I will fulfill your wish, I will forgive maa and Dadaji.
Dhaani(looks at him teary eyed)- Sacchi?
Viplav(smiles)- Sacchi mucchi.
Dhaani in happiness hugs him tightly.
Viplav gets shocked as well as happy. Dhaani(still in hugging position)- I m so happy Viplav, now our family will be complete.
Viplav(breaks the hug and caresses her face)- Yes, now our family will be complete, now come we will bring Maa and Dadaji.
Dhaani nods and they both leave for police station. They sit in the car and Viplav starts driving, soon they reach at their destination.
Viplav stands in front of the policestation with teary eyes.
Dhaani(notices this)- Viplav..
Viplav(wipes his tears)- Nothing, was thinking how everything changes with time, yesterday I was not ready to forgive them but see today…
He smiles and seeing him smile Dhaani also smiles. They both enter the police station and go to the police constable.
The police asks them to have a seat.
Police- Yes, how may I help u?
Dhaani- Woh actually we have comehere to meet Kanak and Dashrath Tripathi and soon we will remove them out of this jail.
Police- But u can’t do this, its too late.
Viplav(shocked)- What do u mean?
Police- They have already left to be shifted to another jail in Delhi, and now I think u can’t do anything.
Viplav gets angry.
Dhaani(worried)- But how can u do this without informing us.
Police- Madam we had already informed it to u the last time u had come to meet them.
Dhaani realises that he had said this.
Viplav gets very angry and he leaves angrily while Dhaani follows him.
Viplav is standing near his car angry as well as sad. Dhaani comes near him and keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Viplav(turns to her)- This time also something stopped me from meeting them.
Dhaani(tries to console him)- Don’t worry Viplav, we will do something.
Viplav(angry)- Its too late Dhaani.
Dhaani- Its not late Viplav, we will go to Delhi.
Viplav- Delhi?
Dhaani(smiles)- Haa Delhi.
The episode ends.

Precap- ViDha to go to Delhi to meet Maaji and Dashrath.

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